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Watch Ed Krayewski Talk Garry McCarthy and Chicago's Police Problem on HuffPost Live at 2pm



I'll be on Huffington Post Live today in just a few minutes (in the 2pm ET hour) to talk about Rahm Emanuel firing Garry McCarthy, the killing of Laquan McDonald by a Chicago police officer who has now been charged in relation to the incident.

Here's what I wrote yesterday:

It's unclear how McCarthy's firing will either improve police accountability or lower crime. McCarthy was the police superintendent throughout Emanuel's first term, and the chief of police he held on to through his ultimately successful re-election campaign. Now, Emanuel says, McCarthy "has become an issue rather than dealing with the issue."

Yet, nothing's changed about the situation in Chicago other than the optics. Police were just as brutal and unaccountable before video of the Laquan McDonald killing was released, and gang violence was a major problem in Chicago before and after the Tyshawn Lee killing.

And, on police accountability at least, McCarthy has been consistently resistant to it since first coming on board for Emanuel. Earlier this year, he argued criminally charging cops for fatal shootings created a "safety hazard" for them. The comments came after Dante Servin, a Chicago police officer, had been charged in relation to an incident where Servin shot his gun while it was over his shoulder at a crowd of people behind him while driving the wrong way down a one way street.

McCarthy is the man Emanuel put his trust and confidence in to lead the Chicago Police Department, for nearly five years. The city spends an average of $1 million a week resolving lawsuits against police officers. Nearly 18,000 complaints were filed against police officers in the last four years.

 "Our goal is to build the trust and confidence with the public," Emanuel said this morning. If McCarthy's failed, then surely so has Emanuel. He should be resigning as well.

And read Scott Shackford on the Laquan McDonald killing here and here.

Watch live!

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  1. Kind of short notice, Krayewski. What is Reason trying to hide?

    1. You.

      Your mom.


  2. Apparently Kray-Kray went to the local elementary school to make his appearance.

  3. Krayewski is from New Jerksey but now lives in Filthadelphia? YOU’RE NOT MAKING YOURSELF ANY MORE CREDIBLE.


    Gun control advocates are losing a well-placed and vocal ally in Garry McCarthy, the Chicago police superintendent fired Tuesday over the department’s response to a police officer’s fatal shooting of a black teenager.

    As Chicago’s top cop since 2011, McCarthy presided over a city with one of the highest municipal murder rates in the country and made efforts to control the city’s black market for guns. In October, McCarthy announced he was assigning detectives to trace every gun recovered in some districts, to help identify people importing weapons for sale on Chicago’s black market.

    McCarthy also called for stricter national gun control laws, supporting mandatory background checks for all gun purchases, including private sales.

    It’s a dadgum tragedy, it is. Another good man gone before his time.

    Victim of the WAR ON COPZ!!

  5. To the lawyers out there – are there no possible federal charges that can be brought against Chicago executive branch employees, whether that be the prosecutor or Rahm? I mean, it’s at the very least a conspiracy of some sort. If the decision to charge or not charge is based entirely upon the successful suppression of evidence, as seems clear here, then it’s a perfect example of a case where the Feds should properly step in.

    I don’t expect Obama or Lynch to do anything, but if there’s an actionable crime here then the political pressure is going to make Obama’s head explode. How can any Dems persist with the BLM nonsense when their Agitator-in-Chief won’t do anything about a mayor/prosecutor/PD that was prepared to keep a murder under wraps?

    1. They are looking for 3 white males dressed in military gear.

      1. White hispanic or white-white?

    2. “Police in San Bernardino, California are responding to reports of an active shooter at a public golf course. There are 20 victims, according to the fire department. The location is around the corner from a Planned Parenthood. “

      Well that settles it = a racist golfer who hates babies.

      1. So they meant to shoot up the Planned Parenthood Office but mistakenly shot up the golf course next door? Is that going to be the media’s final answer on this?

        1. Firefighters are now setting up a triage center to assist the victims shot in the mass casualty incident, KNBC reported.

          Law enforcement agents are working to evacuate people from the Inland Regional Center, Doug Saunders tweeted.

          There are 12 fatalities so far, sources told KABC.

          Not good.

          1. Horrible. If there were three shooters it is likely terrorism. if one, probably the typical lone nut pissed off about not getting laid or God knows what.

            1. ” If there were three shooters it is likely terrorism.'”

              I think that is a correct assumption.

              The retarded paper we were perusing the other day about “Right Wing Terror” confesses in various places that – sadly – 80% of right-wing terror was conducted by “loners” who were “unaffiliated” with any identifiable cause…. however that of course made them no-less-political acts, according to the author.

              But the point was that anytime people do things “as a group”, it is *far far* more likely to have a political motive. Or at least that seems to be an obvious conclusion drawn by ‘experts’.

            2. If there were three shooters it is likely terrorism.

              Or a police action. They like to beat on the developmentally disabled in SoCal. RIP Kelly Thomas.

          2. CNN’s link

            CNN affiliate KABC reported that the shooting took place at Inland Regional Center, a facility for people with developmental disabilities.

            Inland Regional Center’s Facebook page says it employs nearly 670 staff at its facilities in San Bernardino and Riverside counties, providing services to more than 30,200 people.

            It aims to “work on a personal, one-on-one basis with people with developmental disabilities to make their lives better as they define it.”

            1. OMG Retard-Terrorists?

              1. I was going to say “war on retards” but I figured I would be classy. Thanks for breaking the seal.

                1. Maybe the Aspys decided they were not taking anymore shit from the Down’s kids or something.

                  Is it not classy to speculate that?

        2. No silly, they were shooting through the golf course at the PP location. It all makes sense.

          1. Through the course and “around the corner”? Those are some pretty cool bullets they are using.

            1. They have a thing that goes up, I’m told.

            2. Back… and to the left…

      2. Check me if I’m wrong Sandy, but if I kill all the golfers, they’re gonna lock me up and throw away the key.

        1. +1 Big Hitting Lama

  6. It’s unclear how McCarthy’s firing will either improve police accountability or lower crime.

    You keep firing Chiefs of Police until the accountability improves. The next time a rogue cop shoots an unarmed person (pick your race) if there’s a lawsuit payout (an admission of culpability) and that officer remains fully employed, carrying a gun and interacting with citizens on the street, you fire the police chief. You keep doing that until the message gets got.

  7. I have a problem with Chicago’s attempt to look like UK police.

    They’ve got the vests and the “high-viz” chequering on their hats… but their just a few they’re just a couple of silly helmets away from looking like the Keystone SWAT-team

    But i suppose if you’re going to be incompetent and corrupt, at least look the part.

    1. What on Earth is the purpose of doing that?

      1. What, the hi-viz hats?

        presumably so as not to be run-over in traffic. That’s also why they wear the day-glo yellow so often.

        1. Put on a reflective vest if you’re standing in the middle of the fucking road. Or don’t stand in the road. But no, I was referring to looking like a bunch of Brit cops in general.

          1. I don’t know. Chi-cops are proud of their steez

  8. The only upside of this whole sorry affair is watching Rahm Emmanuel finally get his. It is hard to think of a more sorry prick in public love ever the last 25 years than Emmanuel.

    1. a more sorry prick in public love

      Your errant autocorrect has to be sentient at this point.

      1. That oddly makes sense. Public love or public life. Either one works.

  9. OMG Retard-Terrorists?

    Trump voters.

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