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Narrative Falters: Threat That Shut Down University of Chicago Targeted White People, Cops

Always be skeptical


University of Chicago

New details have emerged regarding the anonymous online threat that caused University of Chicago administrators to cancel class on Monday: the threat was made against white people, and white cops, in revenge for the wrongful shooting death of Laquan McDonald, a black man, last year.

According to The Chicago Tribune:

A student from another school, the University of Illinois at Chicago, has been arrested in connection with the threat. A statement from the FBI said charges were pending.

As the University of Chicago was eerily quiet Monday morning, more information emerged about the imminent threat, detailed in a police report obtained by the Tribune. On Sunday morning, a New York resident called the FBI to report a comment he saw on the websitewww.worldstarhiphop.com, posted in response to a video clip from the 1995 movie "Panther."

The commenter threatened to shoot and kill students, staff and police on the campus at 10 a.m. Monday and then kill himself, citing the fatal shooting last year of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald by a Chicago police officer. The officer, who shot McDonald 16 times, was charged last week with first-degree murder.

These details complicate the narrative that the U. Chicago threat fit with a pattern of escalating, violent rhetoric and growing harassment against students of color in response to the recent campus protests. That said, we probably shouldn't make too much of this. Pro-cop people say some crazy, awful, criminal things; anti-cop people do, too. Partisans love to associate crazy people with causes they despise as a means of delegitimizing valid perspectives. Both conservatives and liberals do this—thus the race to always figure out a mass shooter's race, religion, and politics.

It could even be the case that the originator of the Chicago threat is a troll—someone who actually sympathizes with cops and is trying to make it seem like their critics are all murderous lunatics. Indeed, so-called campus bias incidents sometimes—though not alwaysturn out to be mistakes or outright hoaxes. This is why I remain skeptical that the people who put tape over the mouths of portraits of black Harvard professors were perpetrating a racial offense; as one of those professors, Randall Kennedy wrote in The New York Times:

The identity and motives of the person or people behind the taping have not been determined. Perhaps the defacer is part of the law school community. But maybe not. Perhaps the defacer is white. But maybe not. Perhaps the taping is meant to convey anti-black contempt or hatred for the African-American professors. But maybe it was meant to protest the perceived marginalization of black professors, or was a hoax meant to look like a racial insult in order to provoke a crisis, or was a rebuke to those who have recently been taping over the law school's seal, which memorializes a family of slaveholders from colonial times. Some observers, bristling with certainty, insist that the message conveyed by the taping of the photographs is obvious. To me it is puzzling.

The murder of Laquan McDonald is horrible. It's an indictment of modern law enforcement; just one of the myriad injustices that result from having an unwieldy, unaccountable police force fraught with racist attitudes. These things remain true, regardless of the intentions of the crazy person who made the threat against Chicago.

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  1. UIC? I vote class war.


    1. Nigger – please.

    2. Needs more kneejerk collectivist thinking!

  3. “Nothing to see here, folks! It’s just a black man threatening to kill random white people! It’s not the horrible scourge of racism that we talk about endlessly!”

    In other news, the new Pirelli calendar sucks, unless you want Patti Smith on your wall. And Amy Schumer’s stomach folds.

    1. When did the SJWs take over Pirelli?


    2. I don’t think it will sell a lot of tires.

      1. Amy Schumer may receive trademark-violation complaints from Michelin

        1. +4 or 5 rolls

      2. I think I’ll be buying a set of Yokohamas instead. They at least still have some hot “grid girls” at races. Don’t know if they put out a calendar or not though.

        1. I like Brimstone Tires. They go like hell.

      3. It may not sell tires but I have no doubt it will inspire millions of mechanics to remember the date while looking forward to next month only to have their dreams crushed once again.

    3. Jesus Christ – this is why I run Goodyears on my cars and Dunlops on my motorcycles….

    4. Amy Schumer’s nude –“She’s so brave and strikes a blow to the male gaze.”

      Victoria’s Secret model nude– “Inappropriate!!”

      1. Nudity is always appropriate.

        Schumer wouldn’t look terrible if she were in a more flattering pose.

        1. Is it just me or does her photo in the ‘making of’ photo look photoshopped?

        2. I find Schumer strange to look at. Strange in that she’s got the body of a 38 yr old woman and the face of a 9 yr old girl.

          It’s not her fault, but it kinda creeps me out.

          Especially because she keeps doing ‘sexual’ stuff. In that ironic “look how silly doing sexual stuff is… but I’m doing sexy stuff, but ironically, but I’m still sexy… or am I? Or am I just kidding?” *pouty face*

    5. This is why clothes were invented.

    6. In other news, the new Pirelli calendar sucks, unless you want Patti Smith on your wall. And Amy Schumer’s stomach folds.

      This is really a ‘WTF!?!?!?!’ move. A good portion of these women are notable for a lack of real achievement or pretty decidedly known for the men they sexually/socially/professionally associated with.

      At least, if I were Amy Schumer or Serena Williams, I’d take being honored as a ‘woman of achievement’ beside Yoko Ono or George Lucas’s wife as an insult.

      1. I noticed that all but two are in the entertainment business. We can’t find any other inspirational women outside of the entertainment industry?

        1. You wanna see Liz Warren naked?

  4. Oh snap! Worldstar, worldstar!

  5. “Indeed, so-called campus bias incidents sometimes ?though not always?turn out to be mistakes or outright hoaxes.”

    I’d take “usually” over “sometimes”.

    That’s what happens when you’re fighting a hysterical culture war against something that doesn’t really exist. Lies, lies, and more lies.


    1. *checks privilege – confirms it’s intact – resumes ruling the world through TEH WHYT PAYTREEARKY!!!111!one!*

      1. *Communicates with Almanian using White Telepathy to coordinate collective action against the Others*


    The threat came from that site and no one thought to rein in the rhetoric?

    1. I am aghast that there was threatening rhetoric on that website.

      1. I know, it’s normally such a peace-loving place.

        1. My only familiarity with their brand is from the occasional stupid youtube video…which, last i checked, were mostly things like ….”Babys Momma Throwdown @ McDonalds 4AM

  8. fit with a pattern of escalating, violent rhetoric and growing harassment against students

    Who try to ignore the protests?

    1. Who run Barter Town?

      1. Wait – did Auntie Entity also ignore protests?

        1. Only after her hired out-of-town strikebuster killed half of the picketers

      2. Who run Barter Town?

        Goddamnit… threadwinner. Straight up pimped this thread.

        I laughed out loud for a full 90 seconds.

  9. “”That said, we probably shouldn’t make too much of this””

    Seriously? What, no tweet-campaign to get a professor fired for not cancelling classes for White People? I thought Making-Too-Much Of Stuff was the entire point of college.

  10. What should you expect when Augusto Pinochet is your school mascot?

  11. Some observers, bristling with certainty

    That pretty much covers it.

  12. So all of the people at Mizzou and Yale that are claiming they got death threats?

    Um, yeah. I don’t believe them. I don’t even think their supporters believe them. It’s just a shared lie for the cause.

    This is what actually happens when death threats occur. They tracked this guy down, and he’s in court as we speak.

    1. I bet a lot of the supposed threats are “die in a fire” or things along those lines. IOW, typical internet bluster and hyperbole.

      1. That, or fabricated entirely. The next time I hear that claim, it had better be backed up by an arrest report.

      2. Or woodchippers

        1. Yes, that should have been the obvious go-to example.

  13. The suspect’s first name is Jabari.

    So I think he’s a white irishman.

  14. “Indeed, so-called campus bias incidents sometimes?though not always?turn out to be mistakes or outright hoaxes.”

    The pattern is that the hoaxer is a left-winger trying to stage an incident to make it look like the act of a stereotypical right-wing racist.

    In this case, if it was a hoax, it was different from previous hoaxes in that the guy was posing as a *left* wing racist.

    Or maybe the guy was serious.

  15. What actually blows me away is that anyone thinks things posted at “WorldStar Hiphop” are supposed to constitute “credible threats” to the U Chicago campus.

    What next? Will ISIS be releasing their next ‘terrorist demands’ @ Cat Fancy magazine now?

    This sort of thing simply feeds the crazy @(#*()@# people who want to start shit by calling the FBI and sic them on people. How many woodchippers will have their blades ground flat before this sillyness stops?

    1. Well, here’s the (possibly edited) text of the threat, which goes way beyond woodchippers:

      “This is my only warning. At 10AM Monday morning, I’m going to the campus quad of the University of Chicago. I will be armed with an M-4 carbine and two desert eagles, all fully loaded. I will execute approximately 16 white male students and or staff, which is the same number of time McDonald was killed,” the Chicago Tribune reports. The message continued, “I will then die killing any number of white policeman in the process. This is not a joke. I am to do my part and rid the world of white devils. I expect you do the same.”

      1. and two desert eagles

        And that’s how I knew it was a bad joke.

        1. Probably a minor.

        2. The first one would jam. This is actually smart thinking.

      2. Fair enough.

        I’d hope the media and the FBI would at least bother to note that the fact it was posted at “WorldStar Hiphop” lends the impression that its probably some stupid blowhard mental case rather than an actual legitimate threat.

      3. Yeah, when someone cites a specific time and place, you kind of have to take it seriously, even if it is on World Star Hiphop, just in case it turns out to be a real threat. If you ignore it and the person follows through on the threat, then everyone’s going to be pissed that no one did anything.

        Although the reference to “two desert eagles” is pretty laughable. I wonder if they were going to be chrome plated too? Also, how about giving your idiotic threatening rant a grammar check? Seriously, is it too much to ask that these internet “tuff gais” not sound like barely literate retards?

      4. “same number of time” McDonald was killed.

        must be a white college student with a fake ebonics accent ?

  16. We never seem to make too much of it–when it’s a threat to white people.

    There are never any shrieking crowds, never any crying activists shouting through megaphones that they are silenced.

    There’s just always that mob of people saying how we shouldn’t take this seriously.

    Just let it slide.


    Oh, the idiot who can’t tell that the tape over the professors’ mouths was to protest their being silenced/marginalized needs to pull his head out of his ass.

    1. We never seem to make too much of it–when it’s a threat to white people.

      Agreed, I got so tired of all the gory details, protests, protracted taking-to-tasks, and general sausage-making surrounding the Umpqua Community College shooting.

  17. I’d love too see some evidence that CPD is ‘fraught with racist attitudes’

    Reason is the first to call out unjustified broad brush characterisations – except with cops

    As Heather McDonald and others have pointed out – multi year study

    Approximately 40% of cops shot are shot by black men

    Approximately 40% of those shot by cops are… Black men

    I have yet to see any evidence of INSTUTIONAL police racism that trumps this fact

    If cops (alleged racist ) attitudes and bias manifest in UOF, you would expect a disparity, but there is none

    Cops disproportionately shoot people based on OOW birth rates (when you account for OOW birth rates – racial disparity largely disappears), religion, gender, age etc

    At almost the exact same rates as they are shot BY such demographics

    Reason never addresses this

    Cops shoot men Far more often than women

    Let’s compare the rates at which men disproportionately shoot cops

    Oops … Disparity again disappears

    Curious that!

    1. Compared to the rest of the media, Reason is, I believe, less likely to focus on the race-baiting angle with police abuse, in that Reason does cover abuses against non-blacks, and even whites!

      1. But this illustrates the retardation of the race-baiters, because it’s fairly easy to refute them. Even dunphy can do it.

  18. The murder of Laquan McDonald is horrible. It’s an indictment of modern law enforcement; just one of the myriad injustices that result from having an unwieldy, unaccountable police force fraught with racist attitudes.

    There’s at least a thousand reasons why that pig shot Laquan McDonald besides racism. Unless there’s some evidence – a racist manifesto published on Stormfront by officer Van Dyke, a KKK membership card found in his wallet (not a real thing I know), a documented history of racist statements – I’m more inclined to believe that Van Dyke was a sociopath with an itchy trigger finger who was just looking for an excuse to gun down someone, and anyone unfortunate enough to make him “fear for his life” was going to end up dead.

    The same can be said for the pig who choked Eric Garner to death, shot Tamir Rice, etc. The more people jump onto the “OMG RACIZM” outrage bandwagon, the less likely anything will be done to fix the real problems with modern policing, which is the complete lack of accountability that cops operate under thanks to the special privileges their unions have negotiated, the militarization of police forces, and the overly permissive “ROE” of the War on Drugs.

    1. If there is any kind of racism involved, I’d guess that it’s much more likely to be the common sort of bias toward assuming that a young black man is a threat, which is certainly not uncommon, and not some raging racist just waiting for the chance to gun down a nigger.

    2. “The more people jump onto the “OMG RACIZM” outrage bandwagon, the less likely anything will be done to fix the real problems with modern policing”

      Do you think Obama would get on the outrage bandwagon if it would solve the problems with modern policing? Endanger the police unions, for example? No way.

      1. On the contrary, it diverts potential reformist energy to race-baiting retardation and – while certainly discouraging police from routine patrols of “minority areas,” will let them keep their powder dry for gun cases, crowd control, etc.

        1. Oh, and choking white homeless guys.

          1. They don’t choke white homeless guys, they beat them to death after threatening them first. Apparently white homeless guys make really good punching bags.

            1. My mistake.

  19. I would love to see what perceentage of the quick to shoot cops have recent military combat backgrounds.

    I have a fishing buddy who is a local cop. He tells me stories of some of their forced entries.

    There is one cop on the force that all the others refuse to be in front of during a forced entry. That cop spent a couple of tours in combat.

  20. Ah, another story about raccoons and hot lava…

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