Brussels on Third Day of Lockdown, France to Intensify ISIS Airstrikes, NASA Not Ready to Send Astronauts Into Deep Space: A.M. Links


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    Brussels entered a third day of partial lockdown as authorities hunt for suspects in the Paris terrorist attack as well as an unspecified planned attack, while the United Kingdom will join France in intensifying air strikes against ISIS.

  • Migrants in Greece called for a hunger strike and blocked cross-border rail traffic as they demanded to be allowed passage to Western Europe.
  • Chris Christie is not willing to challenge the claim by Donald Trump that he saw Arabs in New Jersey celebrating 9/11 on television.
  • Sixteen people were injured in New Orleans after two groups at a crowded park started shooting at each other.
  • The inspector general for NASA says the space agency is not ready to send astronauts into deep space.
  • A Pepsi smartphone is being crowdfunded in China.
  • The Golden State Warriors have tied an NBA record with their 15-0 start.

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