NRA Slammed for Not Supporting Law Giving Attorney General Arbitarary Power to Deny Rights [UPDATED]

Daily News sees "sick jihad" behind not letting an unelected official deny rights largely at will.


The New York Daily News had a colorful headline today accusing the National Rifle Association (NRA) of conducting a "sick jihad" for opposition to a proposed law, one the News asserts they are to blame for not passing, that would give the Attorney General carte blanche to deny both federal firearms dealer licenses and the ability to legally buy a weapon to pretty much anyone he chooses, under the rubric of those who give "material support" to terrorism and whom she believes is a threat.

Daily News

The Daily News's pants-wetting coverage, in part:

The NRA — and their gun-loving Republican cohorts — are refusing once more to stop terrorists intent on getting armed in the U.S.A.

A legal loophole allows suspected terrorists on the government's no-fly list to legally buy guns, but a bill to fix that will likely wither on the vine. The federal Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act, even in the wake of last week's terrorist killing of 129 people in Paris, remains a long shot due to its rabid pro-gun opponents….

While the bill remained a nonstarter, more than 2,000 suspects on the FBI's Terrorist Watchlist bought weapons in the U.S. over the last 11 years, according to the federal Government Accountability Office.

Here's the text of the law, excerpts:


"The Attorney General may deny the transfer of a firearm pursuant to section 922(t)(1)(B)(ii) if the Attorney General determines that the transferee is known (or appropriately suspected) to be or have been engaged in conduct constituting, in preparation for, in aid of, or related to terrorism, or providing material support thereof, and the Attorney General has a reasonable belief that the prospective transferee may use a firearm in connection with terrorism.";

Yes, it has the words "reasonable belief," but for some constitutionalists that might not be reassuring enough. Leaving the politics of the NRA out of it, it could be that principled people for reasons other than a bloody desire to facilitate mayhem might object to giving the A.G. arbitrary power to declare anyone ineligible for a core constitutional right (the Second Amendment) connected to a core human right (self-defense).

See some previous Reason reporting on how far that "material support" idea can be stretched, including making journalist Carl Bernstein a material supporter and thus subject to restrictions and punishments under law for giving a speech, and Harvey Silverglate's take on the dangers of vague statutes.

Jacob Sullum on the bad 2010 Supreme Court decision upholding egregious applications of the "material support" provisions, in Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project:

The activists challenging the statute feared prosecution for encouraging the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, both of which appear on the State Department's list, to pursue their goals through nonviolent means. As described by the district court, the plaintiffs wanted to "train members of [the] PKK on how to use humanitarian and international law to peacefully resolve disputes," "engage in political advocacy on behalf of Kurds who live in Turkey," "teach PKK members how to petition various representative bodies such as the United Nations for relief," and "engage in political advocacy on behalf of Tamils who live in Sri Lanka." The Supreme Court's ruling (PDF) says the activists were correct to worry that such projects, though speech aimed at promoting lawful activities, would be considered "material support," which includes the broad categories of "training," "expert advice or assistance," "personnel," and "service." But in the view of six justices, this restriction on freedom of speech is justified as part of the fight against terrorism.

One might think a newspaper could recognize the problems in this here constitutional republic with giving one unelected executive branch member the power to pretty arbitrarily deny rights to whoever, for what can be the vaguest of reasons. But people who think that don't, clearly, actually consider the Second Amendment any right worthy of respect.

UPDATE: Hadn't seen this before writing the original post, but this issue of passing this law to empower the A.G. is more than just a Daily News dumb headline bugaboo, but a key part of the Democrats' planned post-Paris legislative stategy, reports Politico.

And presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tweets in support of the Daily News.

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  1. The headline had my head spinning for a second, but now I get it.

    1. Plus, holy-shit.

      Drudge is lit up like a Christmas tree with headlines about:
      Al Qaeda

      and various permutations of above terms.

      1. I was going to make some sort of “joke” last night about the Middle East migrant boats getting diverted from Greece to America but…


        Ha oh well.

      2. Don’t forget that the terrorists in France were confirmed pot heads. That’s what made them do it, THE POT!

        1. were confirmed pot heads.

          I hate Le Creuset snobs.

          1. But they’re so attractive, you can use them to serve!

    2. ..for a Second?
      Don’t worry, some people are trying to get rid of that!

      1. Sonofabitch! The link I posted was a youtube link, not the NYDN link?!?


        1. This was supposed to be the link.

          Disregard my entitlement claim…

  2. And who is the author of the utter piece of shit proposed legislation? None other than Peter bend-me-over-for-the-IRA King.

  3. Really, the Daily News isn’t worth paying attention to, given their floundering around for a buyer and imminent collapse. At this point they’re just trolling us.

  4. “The federal Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act, even in the wake of last week’s terrorist killing of 129 people in Paris, remains a long shot due to its rabid pro-gun opponents….”

    With a name like that, I guaranfuckingtee it will make it impossible for you or me to own anything more powerful than a pop-gun…

    Yep, now I read just a bit further, and it clearly says that if an AG decides I can’t have a gun, well, tough shit!
    Count me amoug the gun-loving whatevers.

      1. Denying Explosives to Real Perpetrators.

        1. Making Sure All Right-Thinking Americans Are Safe – MSARTAAS. Nope….
          Let’s try the other way:
          FUCK; Freedom Under Clinton Koncepts
          OK! How about that?!
          I know Derpy can do better.

  5. A legal loophole allows suspected terrorists on the government’s no-fly list to legally buy guns, but a bill to fix that will likely wither on the vine.

    The “loophole” being that it hasn’t been made illegal.

    1. “The “loophole” being that it hasn’t been made illegal.”

      Like the tax “loophole” that lets you keep some of what you earned.

      1. + 1 unfunded tax cut


  7. BTW, I’m getting a banner-ad for “Feeding America”. They must have gotten tired of being called on the bullshit ‘one in four’; now it’s ‘one in SEVEN Americans face hunger’. Whatever ‘facing hunger’ means.

    1. It means they’re having trouble deciding where to order GrubHub from on their smartphone.

  8. The fact that the terror watch list exists and is used to deny people liberties without a lick of due process is a stain on this country, and these pants-wetting idiots want to make it worse. Fuck them. Fuck them hard.

    1. All you need to know is that it was introduced by Rep. King.

      1. Rep. King deserves to be the first one in the woodchipper. Feet first, and it should be on the slowest setting.

        1. “Gerry Adams should be permitted to own as many firearms as he pleases.”

          1. Well Gerry Adams was just responding to the violence of RUC, Loyalists and the British Army and the UK dictators with violence, right?

  9. God Bless the NRA. If only we had orgs even half as effective fighting for the rest of the Bill of Rights.

    1. 3rd amendment association kicks ass.

  10. Fortunately this purposeful false equivalency will only play with the small minority who already want to ban guns.

    1. For once, “the right DOESN’T do it too”.

  11. The credibility of a rag that uses the term “gun nuts” in its headline?

  12. Spoken from a position of radical authority these bummer scribes. I guess their paintball games in syrupy vegetable oil aisles in lonely fucking shitty New/New/NY/Jois boxes of clacking frustration on the odd tall face with a neon painted logo behind miles-long steel buildings on rotting roads littered with very fucking old cars and wizened smokers leaning on decorative cinder block from the fucking building boom in the mid-90’s is how these quirky no-nothings grasp a religious essence of the gun and its wizard god the NRA.

    Mohammed poop is sold as ice cream in these angry corporate gathering holes and from what I understand that shit is awesome with a taco.

    1. Hey borg.

      You might have noticed that nobody responds or yells “right on” to your gibberish rants anymore. I’m not sure why.
      Myself, I’ve never been a fan, so it marks no change for me.

      However, I’m a fan of your posts when they are coherent and make a point.

      Anyway, if you are publishing this psychedelic diarrhea to entertain us, you can take a break anytime.
      However, if you are venting for your own entertainment/health…. keep on truckin’, dude.

      1. Lol, ditto. My favorite is getting to a post with 100 or so comments and finding out the back 50 are just word salad. Scroll, scroll…

        1. *Finishes scrolling*
          In other words, just like this thread

          1. “In other words, just like this thread”

            yeah, I kind of lucked out, because when I wrote my l love letter to AC, i hadn’t scrolled down to his numerous posts below.

            It’s nice to have my comment nested inside a giant example of my point.

            Hey, AC. Love you, buddy. The Dude abides.

        2. Steve G|11.18.15 @ 11:25PM|#
          “Lol, ditto. My favorite is getting to a post with 100 or so comments and finding out the back 50 are just word salad. Scroll, scroll…”

          Here’s the problem.
          If someone has a comment germane to the subject, most folks aren’t gonna scroll all the way through in the hopes of finding it buried in the AC poetry.
          AC, how about just replying to yourself and leave the left lane open to the issue?

        3. Lol, ditto. My favorite is getting to a post with 100 or so comments and finding out the back 50 are just word salad. Scroll, scroll…

          This is why I had to add Agile Cyborg to my mute list. I have no issue with his gibberish, just the fact that it floods out other content whenever he stops by.

  13. OT: And I thought Obama was thin skinned:

    Clinton Goes after Laugh Factory Comedians for Making Fun of Her

    In what appears to be a first for a serious presidential contender, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is going after five comedians who made fun of the former Secretary of State in standup skits at a popular Hollywood comedy club.

    A video of the short performance, which is less than three minutes, is posted on the website of the renowned club, Laugh Factory, and the Clinton campaign has tried to censor it. Besides demanding that the video be taken down, the Clinton campaign has demanded the personal contact information of the performers that appear in the recording. This is no laughing matter for club owner Jamie Masada, a comedy guru who opened Laugh Factory more than three decades ago and has been instrumental in launching the careers of many famous comics. “They threatened me,” Masada told Judicial Watch. “I have received complains before but never a call like this, threatening to put me out of business if I don’t cut the video.”

    Most of what they said was pretty mild (by H&R standards, anyway).

    1. I posted this earlier in another article. And yeah, they went really easy on her compared to what we do here. She’d really shit her depends if she read what we post. But she’s so out of touch, I’m sure she can’t even imagine it.

    2. And this is who America will send to the White House. A bully who actually believes that she is above criticism. All that’s left is to get a Che to instill fear in the opposition.

    3. On the bright side – she’s probably lost the comedian vote.

      1. And ruin all that potential material through 2024? I doubt it.

        1. Uh, if Hillary’s demanding comedian identifications BEFORE she gets elected, imagine how bad she’ll be after she gets elected. Those comedians would never get a chance to use any of the material she would generate as POTUS, if they don’t want to be targeted by Lois Lerner types or disappeared outright…

    4. This is based on alleged phone call Masada got from a person claiming to be in the Clinton campaign. It’s possible that the caller was lying about their identity or that Masada made the thing up to get publicity.

      1. Oh, I should have thought about that possibility. Let’s just say the story is important if true.

      2. Oh, c’mon! The story is truthy and if that’s good enough for Dan Rather it’s good enough for me.

    5. So she should divorce Bill and marry another woman (technically known as a b____), she hasn’t had a period since the previous century, she dresses like Bruce Jenner after his surgery, etc.

      In other words, the guild-required jokes every comedian has to make.

      To a certain kind of prog, the only thing they find amusing is contemplating the suffering of their enemies, and the only jokes they find funny are cruel sarcasms aimed at said enemies, or at the people who work for them.

      The idea of actually appreciating a *good* joke, or even one of the more amusing *bad* jokes, is beyond their comprehension.

      So if someone jokes about them, they simply lack the ability to make a quick comeback (“well, my last period may have been in the late 20th century, but the last time your comedy club was funny, disco was popular!”). They have no sense of humor in the normal sense.

      This is the kind of human material among whom fascists recruit.

    6. The first comment after the judicial watch article was pretty good:

      Summary: The comedians and club owner will still end up voting for Hillary.

      1. It’s fascinating watching fascism bloom before my eyes.

        For years now, Hillary and other fascists have pushed to criminalize (at best) or marginalize (at least) speech which they deem to be offensive or insulting.

        Now, she is taking the big stick out for a test drive.

  14. Freaky timing… With Bob and David was released last Friday, and the second episode opens with the idea that Hollywood is taken over and run by imams. There’s noticeably less laughter from the audience.

    1. At least they won’t be Christfags like Joe Breen, right?

    2. The show isn’t funny, so it has a likeness with Islamism going for it.

  15. New York has a hometown newspaper and NYC’s special box of shitty scribes piss in their mouths every fucking morning when they wake up. And this piss is the ammonia culmination of creativity that serves as the arc of their pee hole nature scribbles. Scribbles strike like lost lightning from the airy collective of darned fountain pens dipped in special Daily News writer piss and then ascribed hither and so much shitty yon like a fucking rainstorm of bullshit unleashed on a lonely pile of buffalo crap in North Dakota that not a single fucking human should ever goddamn give an eye glance to.

    Piss from beans and cocks has been elevated into bluster form and this piss spews as angry letters into the abyss of fucking faces on the busiest and loneliest streets on earth, under the pouring rains of emerging milleniums. The piss writers join forces seek vengeance on those millions outside their pissy concrete oaks and shiny steeples. And not a single fucking bro in the woods with a blunt gives a motherfucking shadow of fucking care what the goddamn world-worms with tophats think in NYC.

  16. Well the proggies don’t believe in Due Process for College Students, how is depriving you of your 2nd Amendment right without your day in court any different?

    Same goes with the no-fly list. But good luck getting that overturned

  17. How many known terrorists have sauntered on down to Cabelas to buy weapons? Has this been an actual problem?

    1. “Has this been an actual problem?”

      I’m Mohammad the Terrorist. I have a choice of legally buying, oh, a semi-auto pistol with a, what, 12-round clip, and illegally buying a Kalashnikov with how many ever clips I want.
      But one’s legal, so *of course* I’ll saunter into my nearest heavily-regulated gun store and press my thumb right there!

      1. I do ask the tough questions.

        1. And I’m happy to answer them!
          Now we need to work up a riff on Shrillery tweeting support to a check-out-counter tabloid.
          “I’m Hillary Clinton and I support arbitrary denial of the 2nd Amendment”? Naah, too technical…
          “I’ll pander to your readership!” Too honest…
          “Charlie Sheen HIV and Denying Guns to Terrorists!” Do I have it?

  18. Will the 10,000 Syrian refugees Obama wants to bring to the United States be allowed to purchase a firearm?

    1. Well, they wouldn’t be able to is the Republicans would let us pass common sense gun control, duh!

    2. This is why the democrats want gun control. They’re about to let 25,000 jihadis into the country. They’re not idiots. The democrats, I mean.

      1. I think the chain of causation should be flipped. They want the jihadis to help them enact gun control

    3. Well, it depends. What would happen if those 10,000 Syrian refugees had their names on the no-fly list? They might not even make it here to purchase anything, let alone a firearm!

      (Knowing Obama, however, I suspect that in addition to “carefully” screening them, he’s going to hand them complimentary rifles and explosive-padded vests. Government competence at its finest!)

  19. Mike, I like to stand on the edge of baptisms, love, and hold the hands of the saved over the fucking years and see them fall into goddamn messification and then in secret log onto fucking Yourtubes and watch them write angry crap about whores and shitty fucks that crap their brains out on the digital swarm of losings. And I like to remember these angels’ comments and I look above their lives of desolation while they hate on Sheen and his ilk and a million exposed losers online and I see into their lives and realize that for every motherfucking public hellish loser or hollywood failure there exists a million nobodies to match this devastation in the alleys of unmowed lawns, trailers, farms, and suburbs with green-swept lawns across American and the circle of the world.

    humans are so goddamn fucking self-righteous in their seedy boxes and not a single motherfucking journalist or scribe or writer can escape this.

  20. I just saw the update…are the Democrats TRYING to throw the election? They’re making it awfully hard for the Stupid Party to wrest defeat out of the jaws of victory.

    1. One would think so. Except that they have a champion in Trump.

    2. This is probably going to be a winning position for them. They’ll saturate the airwaves with claims that the Republicans want terrorists to have guns, and low info voters (i.e. most voters) won’t ever consider the details of how this bill purports to keep terrorists from having guns.

      1. Not on this issue. Gun control is a losing position outside of a few urban enclaves. It cost them the White House in 2000, and it will cost them again in 2016 if they keep pissing on that third rail.

        1. The line will be that this doesn’t affect law-abiding citizens or responsible gun owners, only terrorists. Low info voters will eat it up like hotcakes.

          1. They’ve tried it before, and it backfired before. Most of the people who would normally fall for the “but terrorists!” line happen to be conservatives who are pro-2nd amendment and are exceedingly unlikely to support it. So the only people who end up falling for it are the people who are already anti-gun, and there just aren’t enough of them to win elections in most places.

            1. Wasteland Wanderer|11.18.15 @ 11:03PM|#
              “They’ve tried it before, and it backfired before.”

              I’m not sure it’s a result of what WW claims, but it seems to hit a skeptical wall every time it’s been tried.
              I just wish freedoms in general were so obvious and so secure.

    3. They’re making it awfully hard for the Stupid Party to wrest defeat out of the jaws of victory.

      You’re underestimating just how stupid the stupid party can be.

      1. I didn’t say they weren’t up to the challenge, just that the Democrats were making it harder.

  21. Fucking humanity is a tsunami of self righteous bullshit from the penthouse to the alley that one has to goddamn wonder WHAT THE FUCKING GODDAMN FUCK is wrong with this ocean of human bones.

    1. It ends well or it doesn’t. Your humanity is intact, depending how far you stretch your affiliation.

  22. UC San Diego’s ‘Che Cafe’ in need of bailout

    It may offer the best political science course on campus, but the lessons are lost on bureaucrats: UC-San Diego’s fabled “Che Cafe” is awash in red ink and in need of a bailout.

    Students have run the restaurant, named for Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara, for 34 years, but they’ve steered it into the ground. Boasting of “exorbitantly low” prices, the vegan co-op and concert venue that once hosted an up-and-coming Nirvana has cost the student body nearly $1 million over the years, and isn’t kept up to fire or safety codes. The ragtag band of volunteer staffers, who call themselves a “collective,” faced eviction in March, but have persuaded the school to save their beloved stronghold.

    “I would say the current students have gotten a lot more involved in the Ch? since all this started,” Fabiola Orozco, a fourth-year psychology major and Ch? collective member, told the San Diego Reader.

    Orozco was involved in talks with school Chancellor Pradeep Khosla, who is in talks to have the school pay for a new fire suppression sprinkler system, a fire alarm pull system, tempered windows, and a “travel/exit path evaluation” — all items needed to bring the building up to code.

    See? Not all news is dreary.

    1. Pretty sure “mass murderer” isn’t spelled “revolutionary”.
      And I’m also pretty sure the use of taxpayer money is suspect here; is this a ‘charity’?

      1. Charity, no, living in their delusions about the communist revolution in Cuba is an entitlement.

      2. is this a ‘charity’?

        No, it’s a laughingstock.

    2. Oh man are they gonna freak out when they get evicted. And then it’s gonna be all protest capitalism insanity.

    3. you forgot to quote where one of the defenders described the place as “celebrating” the murderous dictator.

      Freaking rtards!

    4. and isn’t kept up to fire or safety codes

      Oh the irony.

    5. Just needs a new name…

      Pol Pot Perk?
      Stalin Joe to go?
      Mocha Mao?

  23. Fucking cops are corrupt. Goddamn pastors have no fucking business preaching anything. Fucking progressives are too stupid to try. Goddamn religious fucks love prisons. Fucking whores are just trying to pay the goddamn bills. Fucking politicians are sucking massive international space cock and taking head so deep their little ass cracks pee blood and I guess we all vote for these sellouts and give praise for voting rights and shit right under the goddamn orange sinking sun.

  24. more than 2,000 suspects on the FBI’s Terrorist Watchlist bought weapons in the U.S. over the last 11 years, according to the federal Government Accountability Office.

    How would they know this when the information about a federal firearm background check can’t be recorded past 72 hours?

    1. The security “experts” are once again saying that the FBI is overwhelmed, so my assumption is that a known terrorist would pass a background check anyway.

    2. “How would they know this when the information about a federal firearm background check can’t be recorded past 72 hours?”

      And if it is somehow bureaucratically ‘true’ and we haven’t had 2K attacks, doesn’t that mean they’re recording false-positives left and right (if you’ll forgive me…)

  25. I just fucking wrote some crap off my fingertips and fucked that crap so hard it grew spaceship cum and I am so fucking wondering about the goddamn planet animals that crap will devolve.

  26. I just fucking wrote some crap off my fingertips and fucked that crap so hard it grew spaceship cum and I am so fucking wondering about the goddamn planet animals that crap will devolve.

    1. goddamn duplicates

  27. Remember kiddies the Golden Rule of law making:
    Anything can be amended, insofar as you get it into law in the first place.
    This law would be a wet dream for -people- tyrants to slowly erode the rights of you away.

  28. If Congress can let the AG ban people he designates from buying or selling guns, why can’t he issue, say, orders forbidding people he believes to be terrorists from being quoted in the media? I mean, the apartheid South African government did it.

    If the Second Amendment can be subject to this sort of arbitrary edict by the Attorney General, why not the 1st Amendment, too?

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    1. But I the tiny fucking shelf sliver of crap had tiny jacket bottles on it and I had 2 choices ‘i love dogs’ or ‘cheap baseball logo’. I chose cheap baseball logo and turned that fucking crap inside out and I hate dogs except for my own japanese spy ninja shiba inu fucking yoshi.

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  32. A legal loophole allows suspected terrorists on the government’s no-fly list to legally buy guns

    And by “legal loophole” they mean the phrase “… the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    1. Not to mention the right to due process being violated by list in the first place…

    B.S. JIHAD!!




  35. The way to keep terrorists from getting guns is to outlaw illegal firearms.

  36. If I was a little boy living in Obama town I’d kill all the adults and buy a motherfucking jet filled with assassination tools and fly away from that crap. I’d flip Obama the bird because he is stupid and I am just a little boy, right?

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  38. BTW American black marketeers helped win the Battle of New Orleans.

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  39. in 1988 I worked for a fucking wonderful man with huge hair and lovely eyes and I was still in school but I so goddamned alley gifted under the lowest radar of lowest radar in the poor lonely Toledo art talent that not a single eye will ever see but for coy connections among the very small businesses struggling to pay their bills. And I found brooks and he found me. A lovely fucking man. so goddamn intelligent and lovely. But I was also. lovely and intelligent and he was twice my age and he hired me in the late 80’s before machines, man. When hand lettering was a gift and billboards will still hand painted by artists. all gone now and since displaced by fucking dimbulbs who can’t place a font if jesus threatened them with ass rape by Satan.

  40. These stories are dark alley long gone forever lost crap that maybe agile cares about on a moment this late night and the letters wisp away forever to be damaged by the moon into lost memories like millions before like many of our hearts..

  41. I loved brooks. He was a bright man and so forever a mystery now. But his simple house on Western Avenue held a basement of thousands of lost black records and his first floor held every single copy of Playboy and his heart held my love. I worked for him when the snow would fall and my fingers were so cold in his garage pressing One-Shot against the MDO boards listening to Andy Williams croon Mona Lisa, brother. And after a while I would call Bambino’s down the street for a pizza sub and just before it came I would cum to some 60’s playboy angel on the second floor. After I blew my young load I would go downstairs and bicycle down to Bambino’s for my pizza sub and then come back and go down in the basement and listen to very fucking old records with singers that no internet service can remember and neither can i but I remember my mouth loving my pizza sub and my mind loving the lost voices in that basement under the snow on western avenue in an american city so fucking forgotten and lost by all of life but my love.

  42. the kisses of the streets
    don’t have to kill, brother
    they are knife tunnels to meadows
    pushed away by angry potholes.

  43. the youth of our cycles led to picnics
    on blossoms so distinct to you and i
    our wheels rolled so organic into the
    lowly gods of our sunset hearts, man

  44. “This issue of passing this law to empower the A.G. is more than just a Daily News dumb headline bugaboo, but a key part of the Democrats’ planned post-Paris legislative stategy””\


    Its a race to climb on top of dead parisian bodies and scream that this is why opposition to [income inequality/climate change taxes/gun control/trans-sexual-only schools, etc] is letting Terrorists Win.

    I mean, what…you wanted them to wait till the bodies were cold? ppppppstttttt no fun

    1. well so this gilmore. A lovely tramp of space under the bridge of comets. I always give sandwhiches to gilmore.

  45. the cracks in the built ways
    led to dreams that were not imagined
    but as boy we blindly adventured into the jungle
    of our lost violins and felled conscience
    because mom of our age was an aging paragon
    and time trapped that time and time now released
    only memories, love

  46. so it comes to this the spells of the old dank lost self…. where we play with our goodwill purchased Star Wars figure in 1984. The little boy smells his goodwill Han Solo plastic crap and it smells like tired dog and beaten child and I threw Han Solo over the fence and the invisible dog behind the fence when I was small and shitty and insignificant and that creature ate Han Solo. and puked out his head under the fence. In 1984 I buried Han Solo’s head in the dirt behind that horrible shitty place where I have a million tales to tell.

  47. Completely OT, but a measure of what a major city ‘news paper’ find important:…..-a-secret/
    Let’s start with the question of whether Charlie’s health issues matter to those other than Charlie and his family; I’m guessing no.
    Now we also wonder why him spending $10m to deceive people makes him somehow ‘sympathetic’; again, no.
    Finally, there’s the screen shot of him looking angrily at whoever is speaking with him; intended I’m sure to indicate his bravery!
    Sorry, you engaged in sexual activities that you knew full well were dangerous; you are a very wealthy man from spending you career pretending to be someone else. And now you pretend to bravery because you admit to porking any and all?
    I’ll have my orphans find my sympathy face after they finish with my monocle.

  48. The governor of Connecticut was on CNBC this morning spouting the same line. He was invited on to talk about whether his state would accept Syrian refugees. Instead, he went off on the NRA. Sadly, none of the talking heads on CNBC asked him something along the lines of ‘well then if a terrorist could not get a gun legally would that really stop them from getting one illegally.’

    1. “He was invited on to talk about whether his state would accept Syrian refugees. Instead, he went off on the NRA.”

      Pretty sure that’s spelled “pandering”

  49. The terrorist “watch list” (which expanded significantly in recent years) isn’t a database of known terrorists or those who actively collaborate with terrorists. They include folks who sort of seems suspicious or MIGHT do something.…..have-guns/

    As indicated by the article, this rather long list (or no fly list) was openly mocked by the left because it included the likes of Ted Kennedy!…..97/no-fly/

    Got that? You can create a massive database of terrorists that might amount of racial profiling, but it if can aid in the restriction of 2A, it’s justified. Whew!

  50. Weren’t the lefties the ones pissing and moaning about how the No-Fly List is a big racist George W. Bush conspiracy to ruin the lives of innocent brown-skinned people? Now, all of a sudden, it’s a perfectly reliable metric for determining who should be prohibited from exercising their Constitutional rights?

  51. The left on actual jihad

    “Not all Muslims, mumble mumble, something about rational approach, Islam peaceful. mumble mumble”

    The left on tea party and NRA

    “The American Jihad!”

    The left do not fear ISIS. They don’t loathe their presence. They don’t. When they kill innocent civilians, they sigh and immediately think to themselves “this is going to give ammunition to the far right and republicans.” If ISIS members beat the vetting system and killed 40 people tomorrow, their first reaction will be something along the lines of “Did they get guns from red states” or “We have to protect refugees from right wing attacks”.

    But a KKK member waved a confederate flag at a college campus, they’ll piss in their pants and yell at people about acting and starting a conversation.

    1. The left (and many libertarians, the sort that write at Reason) thinks that the only evil in the world are white Christian males.

      Anything that opposes that is therefore good.

  52. Here are some Syrian refugees for you:

    Honduras arrests 5 Syrians with stolen Greek passports headed to the US.

    Tegucigalpa (AFP) – Honduran authorities have arrested five Syrians intending to make it to the United States with stolen Greek passports, triggering alarm Wednesday in the wake of the Paris attacks launched by Syria-linked jihadists.

    The Syrians were arrested on Tuesday as they flew into Toncontin airport serving the Honduran capital and failed to make it past airport security checks, a police spokesman, Anibal Baca, told reporters.

    1. I assume they weren’t widows and orphans

  53. You like to go one about stadiums, but what about Zoos?

    Here in St. Louis, the local zoo wants to raise home owner taxes so they can afford to buy Grant’s Farm from the Busch family

    And they have ensured potential taxees that yes, Grant’s Farm will continue to give visitors free beer.

    Meanwhile, the only non-scumbag member of the Busch family, Billy Busch wants to buy the place personally and continue to run it (and presumably offer decent free beer, as he started his own called Kraftig which is really good) and even continue to pay taxes on it

    The place apparently runs at a $1-2 million a year loss, which is why the other Buschs want to sell it.…..lly-busch/

    Say what you want about stadiums, at least usually they are paid for hotel taxes and the like, not by local homeowners. In this case, it’s like $35 a year for a 100k home

  54. The only extremists I see here are the dickheads at NYDN.

    Liberty. It’s true you have to be vigilant and fight for it.

  55. if the Attorney General determines that the transferee is known (or appropriately suspected) to be or have been engaged in conduct constituting, in preparation for, in aid of, or related to terrorism, or providing material support thereof, and the Attorney General has a reasonable belief that the prospective transferee may use a firearm in connection with terrorism

    For leftists, that description pretty well describes how they view the NRA. I’m guessing they’re expecting that this will be selectively enforced against “gun nuts”. If it ends up being applied to actual terrorists they’ll shit their pants over “disparate impact”.

  56. What’s their reasoning for how it would “stop this madness”? Has any law ever stopped anything, ever?

    Of course, the answer to practically-unarmed Paris getting targeted is to make EVEN STRICTER gun laws. You can’t make this shit up.

  57. So, the same person who wants to import 65,000 refugees and downplays any risk, wants to turn around and ban firearms from an arbitrarily long list of people, “just in case”?

  58. The NYDN apparently has no use for the 5th Amendment when it is cited to support the 2nd Amendment, to wit, “…nor be denied life, liberty or property without due process of law;”.

    Funny how ‘progressives’ just MISS that little technicality.

  59. There is a simpler way. Outlaw illegal guns.

  60. What a “loaded” headline. From the headline, to the wording in the article, to the timing of the article they lead you to believe this is about Islamic terrorists. But they will never use the law that way if it passes. This is about declaring domestic political opposition groups as terrorist threats. Then those who lend any type of support or suspected support to them can be denied guns. Followed by confiscation I’m sure since they will find the authority to make this retroactive in the original “intent” of the law.

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