UPDATED! German Stadium Evacuated After Reported Bomb Threat



Updated at 3:50 P.M. ET: The stadium was evacuated after an ambulance packed with explosives was found outside the venue.

The Washington Post and other sources are reporting that a soccer match between the German and Netherlands national teams in Hanover has been canceled and the stadium evacuated 90 minutes before kickoff.

German media is reporting that police received "concrete" information about a bomb threat.

"Dear followers, the game has just been cancelled. Please go home swiftly but without panic," the Hannover police said on their Facebook page. At the stadium, police asked that people evacuate by foot, as all trains moving away from the stadium were stopped. Only a few spectators were inside the stadium when the evacuation was announced.

Agence France-Presse says police called off the game at 49,000-seat HDI Arena because of "security reasons," without elaborating on the specifics.

More here.

Whether this has anything to do with anything…well, noboby knows at this point.

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  1. Whether this has anything to do with anything…well, noboby knows at this point.

    Oh spellcheck.

    Also, this is the internet Gillespie, and I have no problem rolling out my “jump to conclusions” mat and blaming a combination of Edward Snowden and Israel for this threat.

    1. It’s always the Jews. Those poor, poor Germans.

      1. They are a nefarious people, that’s for sure.

        1. And they clothe their women. Disgusting.

          1. In clothes even !?!?!

          2. It’s the 94th Rule of Acquisition.

  2. A simple phone call or internet post just shut down a 50,000 seat venue. Cost-effective terror.

  3. Whether this has anything to do with anything…well, noboby knows at this point.

    It definitely has nothing to do with Islam. That would be just absurd. Crazy I tell you.

    1. Certainly, non-muslims never call in bomb threats.

      1. There are no BLM’s chapters in Hanover are there ?

      2. I said it has nothing to do with Islam, what more do you want?

  4. The press conference with the German interior minister (and future chancellor) de Maizi?re has already been delayed for half an hour, so that can only mean the ambulance they found was indeed packed with explosives.

  5. If this wasn’t a pure prank, I’m betting it was either the Presbyterians or the Hindu nationalists who called it in.

    1. My money is on the Anabaptists. Don’t let their hats and cute horse drawn carriages on Pennsylvania blind you; they have an incredibly violent past in Germany.

    2. I bet it was some Poles, jealous of how Germany now no longer loves them. Maybe Russians or Ukrainians.

      1. That’s just what those damn Austrians want you to think.

        1. Oh, shit, it was, I forgot about them. They are literally Nikkis of the Teutonic race!

  6. See something, say something

    Four passengers were taken off a Spirit Airlines Inc flight at Baltimore on Tuesday after one who appeared to be Muslim viewed what another passenger thought was an Islamic State video, a government source said.


    “A passenger alerted a flight attendant of a passenger engaged in suspicious activity on board,” it said. The plane returned to the gate, and police removed the four.

    The government source said a female passenger who appeared to be Muslim was watching a video on her phone that another passenger thought was from Islamic State. The militant group has claimed responsibility for the attacks in Paris on Friday that killed 129 people.

    Pants were shit.

    1. A woman got up and went to the back of the plane with a small child as the plane was preparing for takeoff, said WJLA, an ABC affiliate.

      the kid had to shit his pants so everyone else did it for him.

    2. All passengers were deplaned and the aircraft and luggage cleared. Flight tracking website FlightAware.com said the plane later took off at 9:27 a.m. EST (1427 GMT), about 3-1/2 hours late.

      Were the four on it when it eventually departed?

      1. All passengers were deplaned

        “Deplane, Boss! Deplane!”

    3. It can get hilarious. I used to work with a guy who’s family and him got implicated in one of these OMG terrerz! from Durkadurkastan incidents a few years ago. He was the nicest, most harmless guy you can imagine. But all it took was him and a few of his family praying while the plane was on the runway for some housewife to get the vapors.

      My coworkers and I were like, “Him? He’s supposed to be some terrorist? That’s ridiculous!” Nobody asked us though before TSA dragged his family off the plane.

  7. For all the pants wetters out there who freak out over the well-undocumented threat of refugee fifth-columnists, here is how you sow panic with no need for suicide — phone in a zillion bomb threats all day long. Buy a burner phone, steal phones, call in as many bomb threats as you can in five minutes, text in a few … toss the phone, repeat.

    You are all reality-challenged if you think refugees really are a security threat.

    1. Refugees themselves are less radical than their children and grandchildren will tend to be. A large Muslim minority is more of a long term problem rather than one that instantly ignites.

      1. [citation needed]

        We have so many radical Irish and Italians now, they need to be all deported!

        1. [citation needed]

          citation granted

          Pew Research (2007): 26% of younger Muslims in America believe suicide bombings are justified.
          35% of young Muslims in Britain believe suicide bombings are justified (24% overall).
          42% of young Muslims in France believe suicide bombings are justified (35% overall).
          22% of young Muslims in Germany believe suicide bombings are justified.(13% overall).
          29% of young Muslims in Spain believe suicide bombings are justified.(25% overall).

          There are some other polls out there that break up the overall levels of support for radical positions among age brackets. 2nd and 3rd generation Muslims tend to be more radical than their parents, regardless of the country you survey. Islam is getting more Islamy.

          1. And how many Christians thought it was proper for the abortion doctor to be murdered?

            You can phrase anything anyway and get whatever answers you want. After a captive audience has had it beat into their brains for generations that the Christians and Jews are out to get them, backed up by crusade stories and family memory of all the Western interference in colonizing, drawing borders, regime change, etc, and it wouldn’t be hard at all to get answers supporting death for apostates.

            1. So, I guess we’re just not going to take survey results as evidence that Muslims either do, or do not, support the nutters.

              Any suggestions on how we might get some insight into this?

              1. Surveys are quite amenable to goal-driven questions. You ought to know that by now.

                Insight? How about the fact that most humans are, well, human, Instead of assuming that Muslim humans are somehow different from everybody else, or Western humans are different, why not start with the idea that they are similar and work from there, see where it leads you?

                Instead of assuming the goal, guess at a start and see where it takes you.

            2. And how many Christians thought it was proper for the abortion doctor to be murdered?

              Around .0000000001%?

              Abortion clinic bombers and doctor murderers don’t get wide support from Christians–even pro-life ones.

  8. Update:

    DW Sports
    ? ?@dw_sports
    BREAKING: Hanover chief of police: “There was a device intended to be detonated inside the stadium.” #GERNED

    1. White racists KKK guys from Missouri, that is what my money is on.

      1. What is the Bader-Meinhof Gang, chopped knockwurst?

  9. The terrorists have fucked with the soccer.

    Now the shit is going to hit the fan.

    1. Soccer Hooligans vs ISIS Jihadis.

      Sounds like something you would have seen on Spike’s Deadliest Warrior (majorly underrated show, BTW).

      My money might be on the Hooligans. ISIS has high-power explosives but Hooligans are powered by vast quantities of alcohol, which makes gives them high pain tolerance.

      1. There aren’t many good hooligans at games anymore – it’s too expensive since all stadiums were converted to all-seaters.

        1. So recruit them for the bars. I simply cannot believe that there is a lack of belligerent, drunk, possibly racist European soccer fans. Maybe the transaction costs of linking them up are high. Seems like a market for a plucky tech start up to get into. The sharing economy comes to warfare.

          1. I thought the best hooligans could aspire to was melee?

          2. uberhooligan?

  10. I was going to DVR this but I think it was only on stupid Spanish ESPN or something.

  11. Updated at 3:50 P.M. ET: The stadium was evacuated after an ambulance packed with explosives was found outside the venue.

    Jesus, you pants-shitting yokels. It was clearly outside the stadium, not reason to evacuate!
    Fuck Germans, such racist cowards.

    1. Pantshitters. This was probably Orthodox Jews or Taoists if I had to bet.

    2. And, odds are it wasn’t Islamonutters anyway. I mean, we just saw the study saying that most people killed in Europe and the US by terrorists yelling Allahu Akbar aren’t killed by Islamic-Islamic terrorists.

  12. Wait, could this be all about soccer? The Germans are the reigning World Cup champions.

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