Donald Trump

UPDATED: Donald Trump on SNL: That Giant Sucking Sound Isn't Job Loss to Mexicans

The billionaire candidate's hosting of SNL is a reminder of the show's long, weak (WEAK!) history of political satire.


UPDATED 5:00 P.M. ET: However funny/not funny his episode might have been, Donald Trump's hosting of SNL delivered boffo ratings. Entertainment Weekly reports that he gave the show its biggest ratings since 2012, when Charles Barkley, the "round mound of rebound," and Kelly Clarkson appeared. The Donald's hosting increased the audience for the Hillary Clinton/Miley Cyrus episode by a whopping 47 percent, proving that while he may not be funny or coherent, he can bring the crowds.

Before Ben Carson's fabrications and exaggerations and Hillary Clinton's willingness to reschedule pot came to light, Donald Trump's appearance on Saturday Night Live promised to be THE big story this week.

Instead, his SNL gig, like his candidacy, is starting to feel a little bit like an after-thought. A shame, too, especially since Trump is often off-the-cuff funny in his campaign speeches, though always in a bullying, mean way (there's a place for that in American life, if not electoral politics)

So how did the Donald do in his second turn hosting SNL?

Judging from his opening monologue and his first skit—which is all I can take, folks—the show is a reminder that SNL has never really been great on political satire. Trump was flanked by two other Trumps, tossed out some weak (WEAK!) Rosie O'Donnell material and then promised a historically great show.

Part way through the first sketch—a sort of clip reel of Trump cliches about winning, the Apprentice, getting Mexico to pay for a border wall—that giant sucking sound wasn't the wages of NAFTA, it's SNL's inability to do meaningful political satire.

This isn't surprising. Folks such as Dana Carvey did a great George H.W. Bush not simply by exaggerating speech patterns but focusing in on 41's presumed fears ("no one-termer," Carvey's Bush prayed on the eve of the '92 election). Norm MacDonald's Bob Dole was as funny and mean as we all believed Bob Dole hisself to be. But by and large, SNL's poltical satire has been safer than milk and never straying from predictable, pat-on-the-back sensibilities. With Trump, it's safe to say at 11.55, that the milk is spoiled.

The show is far too self-satisfied and at the center of things to really be funny when it comes to politics. And the politicians who appear on it? Come on, we all know going in that they're not going to put themselves or their images at risk. Cutting-edge American mass culture moved on from SNL a long time ago, which is not necessarily a good thing or a bad thing. It's just a thing, and it means this episode will quickly vanish down the memory hole.

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  1. SNL was OK when I was a kid and couldn’t drive. The “political satire” was Chevy Chase doing pratfalls as a Jerry Ford impression. A few years later they jettisoned the original cast and the good writers but John Belushi came speedballin’ back to make a guest appearance after achieving much success in Hollywood. I tuned in just for the musical guest. That show was pretty good.

    1. SNL was OK when I was 10 and Adam Sandler was doin silly voices and singing goofy songs. And Daryl Hammond as Clinton.

      *bites lip, thumbs up*

      1. Pattern: SNL is for kids.

        1. Seems to be the case. I really got into it for a short bit when I was a young lad. Nowadays, though, meh…

    2. I don’t even have to click the link to know who the musical guest was. Apparently the punks trashed the entire place, not just the on set stage.

      Lee Ving would later go on to play Angela’s former high school crush on Who’s the Boss. He is one of my idols.

      Oddly enough Ving shared Belushi’s love of blues, and Belushi shared Ving’s love of punk rock and proto-trolling.

      1. i am a huge Lee Ving fan.

    East coast privilege.

    *spits on ground*

    1. “East coast privilege”

      Racist. Why do you hate White people in Portland?

      1. This comment is troubling, because the subtle humor suggests that you may be becoming self-aware.

  3. After that one redeeming late episode John Belushi fucked up his speedball dosage and timing resulting in his death and the guest host Donald Pleasance went on to appear in the greatest motion picture in the history of cinema

    1. Belushi didn’t fuck it up, his drug dealer/groupie Catherine Evelyn Smith did. She injected him.

    1. It was pretty good when I was 14 and there were only 5 channels on the TV, no internet and it took 2-4 hours to earn enough to buy a vinyl record.

      1. Pfft, okay gramps. I bet you still have mp3s playing on ye olde iTunes, too. AS IF.

        *kickflips hoverboard, zooms off on a cushion of ionized air*

      2. 5 Channels??? HOLY FUCK HOW OLD ARE YOU


          1. *DuMont network. Knew I should have looked it up first.

            1. Thx for the corrected spelling. Ernie Kovacs’ ghost will stop haunting you now.

      3. Me too. And my parents had a big ass antenna on the roof. 5 channels ..maybe 6 with tin foil *watching doctor who on pbs thru static*.

        Now excuse me I’m gong back to my Betamax

        (I’m 44)

        1. “Me too. And my parents had a big ass antenna on the roof. 5 channels ..maybe 6 with tin foil *watching doctor who on pbs thru static*.”

          Whoa, you had my child hood. (46) And just for the youngster’s, we had ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and one independent station.

          1. Same age and channel configuration here. Getting that independent station in 1979 was like Christmas, New Years, and my birthday rolled into one.

            1. Ha! I remember getting our first TV with…UHF. I tuned into WJRJ-TV and watched Bullfighting from Mexico (spoiler:the bulls die!). That was Channel 17 just before some entrepreneur bought it and got the call letters changed to WTCG after his billboard company, the “Turner Communications Group”. He had the great foresight to send his signal up into orbit where people who lived outside broadcast range of terrestrial TV stations could watch it with the aid expensive reception equipment.

      4. Vile. Yes, TV was real good until Norman Mailer f’ed it up and they put on “Good Times” Amirite, hunh, Hitler Youth?

    2. Racist. I bet assholes like you thought the show was good until they put Eddie Murphy on the show. You are a racist twat.

      1. Interesting that a socialist thinks comparing someone to a women is an insult.

        1. I don’t even know what his stupid strategy is today. “You’re a racist huh huh huh.” Guess he didn’t appreciate having his actual racist statements thrown back at him.

  4. Haven’t watched it much since Akroyd / Belushi. We literally : ) shut off the music for this.

    1. Anti-Semitic. How surprising, given this crowd.

      1. Coming from a socialist who has proven he hates women…..

      2. I think AmSoc has finally blown a gasket.

        1. He’s certainly incoherent at this point.

  5. Wouldn’t it make. Ore sense to beat up on Trump AFTER his appearance? Or is Reason’s dedication to Trump bashing so great that Nick needed to get in a quick shot beforehand?

    1. It’s an unofficial livetweet event for which they farmed out the livetweets to the reason commentariat.

      1. I farted.

        Did that just go on twitter?

        1. I felt a disturbance in the twitterverse…

        2. Racist and gassy. Your house must smell like cheese and 1950s Southern politician.

          1. Now there you do tow the official lion, by insulting all southerners.

          2. I think AmSoc is attempting “humor”, something he has read about in his parents’ books.

    2. Or is Reason’s dedication to Trump bashing so great that Nick needed to get in a quick shot beforehand?

      Gotta signal, man, gotta signal. Not only against Trump; SNL is far too unhip for Nick to miss taking a poke at.

      I just wonder who the best musical guest would have been for the Hipster Hate Trifecta. Kanye West, maybe?


      1. Isn’t it a valid question? Doesn’t calling it lame after you have seen it make more sense? Maybe it doesn’t if the whole point is to pose. Otherwise, not so much.

    4. Why not do both?

  6. The only times I really enjoyed SNL was when Justin Timberlake hosted, and my (long since) would get very excited, because the sex afterward was excellent.

    1. Oh, and the beardy guy from the Hangover movies was kinda funny.

      1. Zack (greek last name that I can’t pronounce) sucks.

        1. His opening monologue was okay. Everything else except the bidet skit was completely forgettable, since I can remember nothing but the bidet skit.

          Oh, and Louis CK. CK’s okay.

    2. Ugh. My (long since) ex would get very excited…

      I’m quite drunk.

      1. I think we have the same (long since) ex.

    3. The only times I really enjoyed SNL was when Justin Timberlake hosted, and my (long since) would get very excited, because the sex afterward was excellent.

      That’s just because she got all revved up thinking about Justin’s dick-in-a-box……

      1. Hey, believe me, I get it. JT is a sexpot.

        1. The best thing to come out of SNL in recent years is The Golden Rule.

          Your mom says hi!

          1. Glass house resident.

  7. So Goth Fonzie didn’t appreciate the political satire from SNL? Well, at least it was better than watching Bill Maher and his Prog guests and audience shit all over him.

    1. “Goth”

      This is discrimination against an underrepresented class. Why do you hate minorities?

      1. Why do you hate women?

      2. This trolling is your worst to date.

  8. Lindsay Graham would make a much better SNL host.

    1. I’d have tuned in for Graham.

    2. Potentially the most flamboyant. If he let it all hang out.

      1. +1 pair of Lenny Kravitz’s leather pants

  9. Sadly virtually NOTHING that comes out of most New York or Cali based MSM media outlets is cutting edge or even remotely qualifies as satire. Too self satisfied,smug, and inbred. The dull intellectually poor aristocracy at the center of what they imagine to be the political and cultural center of the universe. To make genuine cutting edge satire requires both a certain level of curiosity; where you are actually capable of questioning the popular narratives and status quo, as well as the humility to identify with the rest of the human race that lives outside of “Capital City”. Qualities notoriously lacking in the typical aristocrat. There are elements of “The Hunger Games” depictions of this type that immediately resonate with many Americans on some level as brilliant satire. Bordering on documentary.

    1. I despise how narcissistic New Yorkers are about themselves and their city. Given how blighted it is , and the batshit stupid electoral choices New Yorkers make, they should feel great shame and spend their time apologizing for themselves. Seriously, these are the assholes that elected DeBlasio.

      1. 17% of New Yorkers voted for him. The rest of us, not so much thank you.

        1. Pthat statistic also doesn’t improve my opinion of New Yorkers.

    2. “MSM in New York”

      It’s probably because their all Jooos, right?

      “Hungar Games”

      Everybody knows that book is a fascist parable about a brave rural underclass overthrowing an out-of-touch and effete urban over class so it’s no wonder that a goose-stepper like you enjoys it. Seig Heil!

      1. You think the people rebelling are the bad guys in those books? Wow.


      2. Yeah, that’s not it’s theme.

        You do know in the end rather than execute the fascist president Katniss puts an arrow through the skull of the revolutionary leader, right?

        1. SPOI….eh, who am I kidding, you saved me 90mins.

      3. AmSo, go pay your fucking mortgage you deadbeat

      4. Hello, American National Socialist. A serious question. Are you claiming that Individualists and Libertarians are philosophically and politically closer on the Venn diagram to Fascism than your fellow travellers the National Socialists (secular socialism) or the Communists (pure socialism). Just curious. As an aside, I don’t know of any Individualists or Libertarians that I have ever met that view a persons race,religion,sex,hair or eye color,sexuality,left vs right handedness,ear lobe shape,favorite band or any thing else along these lines as being anything other than completely irrelevant trivia. Your underlying philosophy and honesty on the other hand, as well as its inevitable conclusions, is something that is taken very seriously. And for very good reasons I believe.

    3. Yeh I did find Fey’s portrayal of Palin had more to do in believing Palin was an idiot than anything else. But hey, people ate it up. Even the local sports station filled with usual lefties would do their lap slapping routine about how much of a genius Fey was. It was annoying.

  10. South Park though, knocks it out of the park in this department. By which I mean actual, real, cutting edge, politically relevant satire. And more often in a typical month than SNL does in a typical decade. And this, inexplicably is on the same network that brought us The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

    1. I used to watch South Park, but I stopped doing that after this racist clip…

      1. Thanks for sharing – I’d almost forgotten that. Mighty white of you!

  11. “Safer than milk”

    That’s racist, nick.

    1. You’d have an expert opinion on how to be racist, wouldn’t you, racist?

      1. This is racist… “ben Carson’s exaggerations and fabrications.”

        1. Yes. Progs cannot handle a black man with strong opinions contrary to theirs.

          1. Exactly. It’s the modern Fugitive slave act.

            1. Carson apparently raised three million dollars this weekend because of this story. Maybe the Carson campaign was behind it.

        2. You probably taunt random Asian people by saying “ching chang chong” whilst pulling back your eyes. God you disgust me, you racist.

      2. Socialism and racism intersect (see NSDAP) and both lie entirely inside the Collectivism circle on a Venn diagram.

        1. Lenin once famously said antisemitism is socialism for stupid people. What he left unsaid was that all socialists are stupid.

  12. Al Smith would have us look at the record. Trump has had no potheads executed, has never voted for back alley abortions, never once voted to raise taxes, tap our phones or bomb mohammedans back into the… the… paper/scissors age. He would be preferable to the smarmy politicians, all of the politicians among them more obnoxious than he. The fact is the Nixon anti-libertarian antichange law subsidizes the campaigns of decoys placed on the water by Dem and GOP parasites. There were 17 candidates for president when Nixon lost the debate to Kennedy, and no one here can name three of them. This use of tax money to fund incumbent looters and fake candidates strangles genuine political parties whose platforms run on less coercion.

  13. OT – how did everyone celebrate National Love Your Lawyer Day?

    1. I threw a little chum off the dock.

    2. I didn’t know it was self-serving dick day.

    1. Thank you for putting thousands of grimy men out of work. Thank President Obama for making this evil, racist, consumption obsessed country poorer. Thank you for ensuring that the US trades for its oil with Iran and not Canada.

      Your Prog faithful.

      1. Oh, is that what it was? It thought it was Elizabeth Warren’s family reunion.

    2. Our PM has much to strive for and I fear he will match and surpass Obama’s remarkable talent for inane gibble-gabble talk.

      Dolt and Dolter.

    3. Hahahaha oh man they are insufferable. OK now that the earth is healed I guess they can pack up and go home.


    According to Vox, the solution to the Democratic Party’s loses at the state level is to lose the Presidency in 2016. Is this Vox preparing the faithful to endure the unendurable?

    1. Of course.

      1. But losing in 2016 is impossible. It is a woman’s turn and the Republicans are a dying regional party of hateful old southern white men. How can this be?

  15. Which hippie cosmotarian activist said this:

    “Ultimately, he said: “I believe the government should be out of the marriage business altogether. We can comply with the law while protecting our citizens’ rights to freedom of religion simply by separating the religious covenant of marriage from the legal, contractual relationship established by marriage as recognized by the state.

    “”The two are separate and they should be treated as such. Two consenting adults should not need to ask for permission from the government to enter into a contractual relationship ? a license should not be needed. As with other contracts, the government’s role should be limited to recording, interpreting, or enforcing such contracts in times of dispute.”

    “He said in the interim, marriage license templates should be posted online so people can download them, fill them out and file them, “just like a mortgage, a lien, a deed, etc.””

  16. Before Ben Carson’s fabrications and exaggerations and Hillary Clinton’s willingness to reschedule pot came to light

    In this framing I see Nick’s battlefield prep from: “Hillary is awful.” to “I’m gonna go ahead and vote for Hillary because Trump and Carson.”

    My prediction is Nick eventual votes for Hillary.

    1. Better the Neocon you know.

    2. If Nick wants to contrast Hillary’s newfound willingness to ease back on the drug war to Carson’s commitment to it, he should. Assuming you can believe anything Hillary says, and yes that is a big assumption, it is a pretty important contrast between the two. Carson’s positions on the drug war are lousy. Instead of doing that, however, Nick just repeats the latest media lies about Carson’s “exaggerations and fabrications”.

      Why does he do this? There are plenty of legitimate criticisms of Carson available. Yet, Nick insists on repeating the complete bullshit ones put out by the hack media. If Nick doesn’t want to be called a Dem hack pretending to be a Libertarian for a paycheck, why does he do things like this? He constantly gives his critics ammunition for this charge by repeating Dem op media bullshit in place of other truthful and meaningful criticisms.

      1. There are plenty of legitimate criticisms of Carson available. Yet, Nick insists on repeating the complete bullshit ones put out by the hack media

        It reminds me of when many Republicans focused on the birth certificate crap with Obama. That petty shit is embarrassing, regardless of who is doing it.

    3. He didn’t vote for Obama, but he’s definitely going to vote for Hillary. Sure.

  17. SNL: 90 minutes. 30 minutes commercials. Maybe 30 minutes ok in the form of opening skit which is topical and sometimes funny, opening monologue which is often ;cute”, musical guests which are the highlight of the show, Weekend Update which has always been my favorite comedy segment usually due to the “guests” more so than the “anchors”, and maybe one other silly sketch that is at least entertaining. The other 30 or so minutes usually seems like a lame afterthough. So with DVR watchable, without forget about it.

    1. I haven’t seen it in years. At one time it was very funny. They had three truly great ensembles; the original cast, the Eddie Murphy, Joe Pisicpo lineup, and the Phil Hartman Dana Carvey lineup. It has been over 20 years since the Hartman Carvey days. Will Ferrell had his moments, but who else was on there with him? Maybe I missed it, but have they managed to put together another decent ensemble since then? If they have, I haven’t heard about it.

      1. I don’t think it’s changed all that much. Even in the “glory” years of Belushi, Akroid, Radner, Curtain, etc it pretty much followed the same scripting as I described above. Most of the skits were lame as hell, a third of the show is commercials, and a few segments were passable. There was the occasional moment of hilarity. There are some good cast members McKinnon is consistantly good and Leslie Jones Weekend Update spots are pretty damn funny.

        1. Yes. It is impossible to come up with funny material week after week. For every skit that worked, there were two or three that didn’t. That is the nature of doing sketch comedy. The problem is that when it has been bad, and there have been plenty of times when it was, none of it was ever funny. Even when they had great ensembles it was hit and miss. But when they didn’t have that, they were lucky to have two funny skits a year some years.

          1. It’s always been mostly adolescent humor, which is why I think people always remember it as being funnier back in the day. Youth and intoxicants.

            1. Yeah. Some of the early stuff was pretty funny though. John Belushi doing Joe Cocker was pretty damn funny. Eddie Murphy killing Buckwheat was pretty damn funny. Or Eddie Murphy as the prison poet with the fawning white fans. “Kill My Landlord” was pretty damn funny. And so was the “Long Lost Ending to It’s a Wonderful Life”. I like adolescent humor if it is done well, which over the years it often has been on SNL.

              1. I think one of the big issues with SNL is that they become married to bad skits and bad characters. Once that happens, you have to see the same bad skits and bad characters every other week for the rest of the season.

            2. *sighs wistfully*

        2. Leslie Jones Weekend Update spots are pretty damn funny

          I hadn’t seen this new cast before last night & she was certainly the highlight for me.

  18. How could you mention Bush 41 and Dole parodies without the best two – Darrell Hammond as Slick Willie and WilL Farrell as Dumbya?

    1. The Clinton/Bush/Perot debate was pretty good.

  19. Please note the hilarity above as Commie Kid keeps trolling for a response while nobody engages him; he also doesn’t know the difference between Norman Mailer and Norman Lear.

    1. He seems to have gotten pathetically desperate. And not knowing the difference between Lear and Mailer is comedy gold.

      1. Wait a minute! Norman Mailer didn’t produce “Good Times” ?

        Shocked SHOCKED!

      2. A women-hating racist gay basher like you certainly would know the difference, amirite?

  20. Yesterday my partner the government sanctioned as my wife had on some generic radio station (I think it was Virgin in Montreal) and the host wanted to know what people thought of Trump hosting SNL. A guy called in, God bless him, and said along the lines of, “Why not? It’s supposed to be a satire comedy show why are people asking if he should be on? He’s human just like the rest of us.” For a mainstream radio show that’s pretty sane and reasonable. But the host had to chime in and let her lefty colors shine. She went off on about why Trump was “not” a good fit (I honestly can’t remember because it was a forced reason on her part and rather childish) and then connected with a ‘it’s the same as Hillary because it was more off the cuff’ crap.

    People. Pft.

  21. Ben Carson’s fabrications and exaggerations

    Getting duped by the lewinsky press scammers at politico is a possible sign of aging.

    Or in Suderman’s case, a sign of the confirmation bias that comes with too much exposure to mcardlite establishment apologetics.

  22. SNL did a special on the 1992 election: Indecision 92 and Dana Carvey did a smacking hot impression of Ross Perot.

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  24. I make up to $90 an hour working from my home. My story is that I quit working at Walmart to work online and with a little effort I easily bring in around $40h to $86h? Someone was good to me by sharing this link with me, so now i am hoping i could help someone else out there by sharing this link… Try it, you won’t regret it!……

  25. SNL wasn’t very funny when I watched it in the early 90s. Back then it had Dana Carvey, Mike Meyers, Chris Farley and so forth. And everyone complained about how much less funny it was THEN than it was in the 1970s when it had Gilda Ratner, Dan Akroyd and Jon Belushi. I can only assume the downward trajectory has remained the same.
    It was already trading on cultural capital it had built in the late 1970s, so these days it must be like watching a rerun of a rip-off of Three’s Company.

    1. A lot of Hartman’s stuff was gold. Sketches like ‘The Simtra Group’ are still memorable. Or the one where he was the 5th Beatle.

    2. It hasn’t been a downward trajectory

      It’s just selective memory

      It’s always adhered to the 90% of anything is crap rule

      We just tend to forget all the crap and only remember the good stuff

      The early episodes were filled with unfunny tedious crap just like today

      It’s the kind of show that looks awesome in ‘best of’ compilations

      It’s like those movies that look hilarious in the ads, because they show the 5 minutes of hilarity not the hour and a half of crap

      1. It’s the kind of show that looks awesome in ‘best of’ compilations


      2. I was also high a lot of the time in the olden days, so it seemed a lot funnier.

        That said, Darryl Hammond’s announcing is just horrible. He is barely audible. A big let down from the late great Don Pardo.

  26. Sounds like some serious busienss dude.

  27. SNL has always had a very low wheat:chaff ratio

    We remember the ‘good old days’ fondly because we remember the occasional/rare hilarity and not the bulk of it – which has always sucked

    Like with music, and everything else, time allows us to selectively forget the crap and remember the good stuff – Farley’s dancing on The Chippendale (or whatever) audition being an exemple

    Van down by The river
    Chopping brocolli
    Samurai chef (Boring after a while)

    Even a lot of the good stuff, like Coneheads or Emily Litela (sp?) could be gratingly boring

    It’s just not that good a show, talent notwithstanding

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  31. Donald could have been funnier but his handlers told him to cool it. He needs to look presidential not as a comedian. But the high amount of views is what he wanted, he got lots of exposure.

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