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Pyramids, rap songs, intensive & inconclusive investigations into childhood events from a half-century ago, etc.


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It's been a weird day for the Ben Carson campaign, and not only because a chunk of the political commentariat has been busy debating the archaeological history of the pyramids. Today was the day that Carson also released a new rap song, which is attracting some attention (strangely, not all of it positive). And this morning, CNN published the results of interviewing nine of Carson's childhood acquaintances about whether they remember the rough incidents from his oft-regurgitated narrative of transforming from a violent juvenile to a God-fearing young adult. The takeaway?

[T]hey have no memory of the anger or violence the candidate has described.

That person is unrecognizable to those whom CNN interviewed, who knew him during those formative years.

All of the people interviewed expressed surprise about the incidents Carson has described. No one challenged the stories directly. […]

CNN was unable to independently confirm any of the incidents[.]

I'll be on MSNBC at 6:30 p.m. talking about some combination of the above.