Jim Webb

Is Jim Webb About to Drop Out of the Democratic Presidential Race? (UPDATE: Yep, He Just Did)

A Fox report says he might run as an independent, might be gone for good.


Fox has a scoop:

Let's get this cake out of the rain.

Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb will announce Tuesday that he is dropping out of the Democratic presidential race, Fox News has learned.

Webb is said to be disillusioned with the Democratic Party—as well as the Republican Party—and how the political parties are being pulled to allegedly extreme positions by the huge amounts of loosely regulated money fueling the campaigns….While Webb is thought to be weighing a possible independent bid, he is not expected to launch an independent campaign for president Tuesday. Rather, he's expected to take some time after his announcement to talk with people from across the political spectrum before making a decision.

Webb's press conference is scheduled for 1:00 this afternoon. We'll find out then whether Fox's sources are right or wrong; the story is certainly plausible. [UPDATE: It's true. At the press conference he said he's withdrawing from the Democratic race and "thinking about all my options." Asked whether he still considers himself a Democrat, he replied, "We'll think about that."]

I watched last week's Democratic debate with my Twitter feed open, which means I got to see a bunch of people asking some version of the query Why is this guy a Democrat? (This was especially common after he delivered his defense of gun rights.) Of course, if Webb had run in the GOP, it wouldn't take long after the first abortion question before Twitter lit up with people asking Why is this guy a Republican?

We'll never have that recipe again.

The conventional wisdom has it that Webb is "more conservative" than Clinton, but that isn't exactly right; his politics don't really fit on the conventional left-right spectrum. In another year, pundits might have looked at his opposition to the Iraq and Libya wars, his early support for criminal justice reform, and his invective against plutocrats, and declared him a challenger from the left. That wouldn't have been any more accurate than the Webb-is-a-conservative narrative, but it wouldn't have been less accurate either. Earlier in this campaign cycle, struggling to find the right phrase for Webb's ideological mix, I called him a "left-wing paleoconservative"; while this did not, strictly speaking, make sense, it did have the advantage of indicating just how inadequate the traditional political labels can be.

Webb's combination of views—a supporter of both gun rights and abortion rights, skeptical of military intervention but not a full-fledged dove, an economic populist who also dislikes the IRS—isn't especially unusual in the country at large, but there's enough dealkillers there to keep him from being the standard-bearer of either major party in its present incarnation. And while he may be thinking about running as an independent, it's hard to imagine him catching fire that way this year either: A serious independent presidential campaign requires a lot of money and energy, and Webb hasn't really been rolling in either.

I've got plenty of disagreements with Webb—the man has defended conscription, for heaven's sake—but he was easily the most interesting candidate on the Democratic end of the field this year. And now he may be gone. That's 2015 for you: a year when the "interesting outsider" niche has been seized by a self-infatuated real-estate tycoon.

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  1. So very, very off-topic:

    I googled “georgia beers” last night to see what they have there. The first link is to lesbian romance author named Georgia Beers.

    Georgia Beers is a Lambda, Foreword Book of the Year, and Goldie award-winning author of lesbian romance. Born and raised in Rochester, New York, she still lives there with her wife of twenty years, their two dogs and a cat.

    1. her wife of twenty years

      A twenty year old wife? because I don’t there’s been gay marriage for 20 years now.

  2. his politics don’t really fit on the conventional left-right spectrum

    I like him already.

    1. He really was probably the least worst Democrat option.

      1. He seems a bit confused about A-1
        “and how the political parties are being pulled to allegedly extreme positions by the huge amounts of loosely regulated money fueling the campaigns”

      2. How about Lincoln Chaffee?

  3. A serious independent presidential campaign requires a lot of money and energy, and Webb hasn’t really been rolling in either.

    I do not think he will be taken seriously even if he was energetic, which is unfortunate. He has tasted the blood of another man, and that is weird/ick/creepers, and that is what matters.

    1. His answer to that question and the pathetic terrified response to it by the Dem media was the highlight of the debate. Hillary gets up there and says 45% of the entire country are her sworn enemies and she is most proud of this fact and they think it is great. Webb says his only real enemy was the communist foot soldier who tried to kill him and the Democratic media reacts in shock and horror.

      1. He’s a white man who happily acknowledges killing an ethnic minority (by American standards). Of course he’s a horrible militant white supremacist colonizer imperialist.*

        1. Also, Democrats love commies now

            1. Okay, they openly love commies now.

      2. Behold the Obama-era Democratic party

        Which reminds me. There was an uncharacteristically thoughtful article by Matthew Yglesias on Vox yesterday about the horrible state the Democratic Party is currently in, but that the party leaders are smugly in denial about it. It’s worth a read.

        1. I saw that. Did Vox hire someone to write his articles for him? He is about a year late in noticing those facts but you have to give him credit for doing so.

          If the Democrats don’t figure out a way to convince the country Biden isn’t dangerously stupid or drag Hillary’s sorry ass over the finish line, they are going to be completely out of power in 2017. Thanks to Harry Reid and Obama, having a 40+ vote minority in the Senate won’t mean squat.

          1. I had to double-check the byline to make sure I hadn’t misread it.

            Seriously, though, if the Democrats lose this time around, who do they even have going into 2020? Probably 2/3 of the current crop will have died of old age. I guess there’s Warren, Julian Castro (the Party’s token Hispanic)…Wendy Davis, maybe? Her pink sneakers weren’t able to get much traction outside of super-liberal Austin, even with the highest profile gubernatorial bid in two decades.

          2. Welcome back. You were missed.

            I’d think convincing the country that Biden isn’t that stupid, wouldn’t be that hard. TPTB have already convinced people that he’s a ‘man of the people’ instead of one of the biggest stooges of banking interests that the Senate’s ever seen. And, representing Delaware, how could he not be? Make Warren his running mate, and wink/wink-nudge that he’ll leave at some point in his first term, and I don’t see a GOP candidate that beats that ticket. All of Hillary’s positives and none of her negatives.

            I really liked Webb back in 2008 and I can’t figure out why he didn’t want to run then. I agree that he doesn’t seem to fit in either party these days. Too bad. Watching Webb vent his temper by sparring with a GOP-dominated Congress would be great comedy.

            1. Warren would be terrible. She seems like a control freak

              1. I didn’t say I wanted her as a candidate, just that I think a Biden/Warren ticket would win handily.

                What happens to the Obamas if Hillary wins? Does she hate the Obamas (and vice versa) as much as rumored? Does Obama fear what will happen to him if Hillary gains the power of the Presidency? If so, how can he possibly let her get there? I mean, it may be that both Hillary and Obama have sufficient dirt on each other that neither can allow the other to come to harm, but if that’s the case, why has this DOJ investigation of her gone on so long?

                Assuming Hillary gets indicted on a few felonies relating to classification (and, hopefully, emails that show that the Clinton Foundation and her tenure running State are the 21st Century equivalent to Teapot Dome), the Dems will be left with Sanders and, now, Biden. Biden’ll be 74 when inaugurated; Sanders would be even older. Reagan was the oldest when inaugurated, and he wasn’t even 70. Doesn’t a vote for either of those guys really mean a vote for them and their veep?

                1. Sorry i know you didn’t…i was just adding i think she would be a control freak. I agree with what you are saying.

                  Sanders, Squaw and Clinton all scare me

  4. Webb’s combination of views?a supporter of both gun rights and abortion rights, skeptical of military intervention but not a full-fledged dove, an economic populist who also dislikes the IRS?isn’t especially unusual in the country at large, but there’s enough dealkillers there to keep him from being the standard-bearer of either major party in its present incarnation.

    Web was clearly never going anywhere in the Democratic Party. I do not see how his views would disqualify him from the Republican nomination. In fact, every one of those views are held by at least one of the GOP Presidential candidates, sans abortion rights. So, I don’t see why someone holding all of them would not at least have a shot. I don’t think being pro abortion is a deal killer. There are still pro abortion Republicans.

    Webb would never make it in the GOP today because he left the party and cast the deciding vote for Obamacare, not because of his views. His views taken apart from his personal history would make Webb an excellent GOP establishment crap weasel candidate.

    1. There are still pro abortion Republicans.

      Yeah, but they don’t get their party’s presidential nomination.

      1. Yes they could. The only non negotiable is late term abortion and public funding of abortion. And I am pretty sure Webb is one of the moderate no public funding no late term abortion guys. He could totally finesse that issue, especially if he came out for cutting off planned parenthood from the public tit.

        1. Yes they could. The only non negotiable is late term abortion and public funding of abortion.

          Citation needed, dude. They have exactly one pro-choice candidate this year, and he’s polling around 0%. Pretty sure it was the same last go-round. I think it’s a dealbreaker for the R nom at this point and it’s pretty shitty.

          1. It is at this point pretty much impossible for a pro-choice Republican or a pro-life Democrat to get onto their respective parties’ national tickets. It’s a shame, but it’s true.

            1. What we need is a party that recognizes abortion rights AND gun rights. Where could I find such a strange creature, a political hippogriff?

          2. Considering that you think abortion any time before the child goes home from the hospital should be legal and claim to endorse non existence as a preferable state of being, i am sure it is to you.

            That being said, the things I list are the only policy options that are actually doable. So it would be very easy for a pro choice candidate to fines the issue.

            1. It’s probably shitty to a lot of people because there’s literally no reason to think everyone who is relatively fiscally conservative is also anti-abortion. And the policy options you listed are not, in fact, doable for R presidential candidates.

              1. What do you mean not doable? How is it not doable to cut off Planned Parenthood and end late term abortions? Large majorities of the voters support those things.

                1. What do you mean not doable?

                  I mean, as I said, that no candidate okay with first- or second-trimester abortions, or even only first-trimester abortions, is getting the Republican nomination any time soon.

                  It is absolutely a dealbreaker for their ticket.

            2. So it would be very easy for a pro choice candidate to fines the issue.

              How? You have roughly a third of a country that thinks that abortion is literally murder and a third of the country that believes that not allowing abortion is literally slavery. These positions aren’t reconcilable. Like, at all.

            3. Just say Nikki asked for some citation, any evidence to support his claim, John replies with ad hominen. Nice to know things don’t change while one’s away.

              1. Oh Tulpy-Poo, you were waiting for John to come back because you missed easy trolling! You are so wonderfully, spectacularly pathetic, it’s almost cute. Almost being the operative word.

                1. Tulpa’s as cute as a drowned puppy. And approximately as smart, too.

                2. More of this? Looks like it’s not me that’s been waiting for someone to come back…

                  1. Yeah, do it, Tulpy-Poo! Utterly predictable, super unoriginal, it’s all the stuff that everyone has been…uh…not missing at all?

                    I could literally write a script to do your lines. You should be proud. Oh, and that script would also be able to do address parsing…unlike you.

                    1. Given your repeating yourself every time you interact with me that’s pretty meta.

                    2. So Tulpy-Poo, you’re going to continue to–without fail, pause, or stutter–do your “whatever you say to me I will accuse you of right back like a six year old” routine. Yeah, break that mold, Tulpy-Poo! Don’t ever do anything even remotely, slightly different. You really are a jack of all trades, aren’t you. Such range! Such repertoire!

                      You literally define tedium.

                    3. Whenever I show up it’s you that are predictable

                      Epi: You’re Tulpa!!!!

                      Me: Reply

                      Epi: Oh, Tulpa, you’re so predictable.

                      You’re the DJ 3000 of this site.

                      Look at your Deep Insight down below, it amounts to ‘Look at those clowns in politics again!!!’

                      No wonder you’d like to dominate the discussion here into your usual silliness.

                    4. So your response is–literally–“nuh uh you are!”

                      Don’t ever change, Tulpy-Poo. I mean, I know you can’t and are stuck in the horrific prison that is your mind, but hey: that’s just fitting. It couldn’t happen to the more appropriate person.

                    5. My response is clear, if anyone is on script here it’s you. And a mighty short script.

                      But look, I get it, you’re not trying to say anything but rather the internet equivalent of shouting someone down so you can have your sandbox back in your mind. Have at it.

                    6. Well, here’s the alternatives:

                      1. Deeply Asperger virgin.

                      2. Tulpa sock.

                      So if you insist on denying #2, then I am terribly sorry for the ordeal that your right hand has to go through six times a day.

                    7. While I am not convinced of the TUlpa theory and I don’t think John has anything directly to do with it, it is quite odd that John and Bo reappear on the same day.

                    8. I suspect that whoever is running Bo masturbates considerably more than John does. And has fantasies that would puzzle normal people.

                    9. And has fantasies that would puzzle normal people.

                      Dude, that describes everyone here.

                    10. “Puzzles,” not “disgusts.”

                    11. Says the Old Man With Candy.

                    12. Ok, so when describing the range of likely normal-person reactions to fantasies (expressed or unexpressed) of Hit’n’Run commenters, puzzlement is an acceptable lower bound; we’ll have to consult De Vermis Mysteriis to determine the upper.

      2. They do if they just say what people want to hear, like Romney.

        1. So they do if they say they are pro-life?

          1. Yes. I think you are right. No pro-legal-abortion Repubican is getting the nomination.

    1. The controversial novelist, Jim Webb.

      Something to Die For (1991)

      “Fogarty ? watched a naked young stripper do the splits over a banana. She stood back up, her face smiling proudly and her round breasts glistening from a spotlight in the dim bar, and left the banana on the bar, cut in four equal sections by the muscles of her vagina.”

      1. I am pretty sure he stole that scene from one of Bernie Sanders’ college essays.

        1. If the next paragraph is an assertion that regularly Kegeling a banana to pieces helps prevent cervical cancer, you may be onto something.

        2. I thought it was a plagiarism of one of Lynne Cheney’s lezbeen romance novels.

      2. That’s supposed to be wild? You hear that story from every young guy who visits Amsterdam.

  5. Well, bye.

      1. Thanks, man. I made it back from the break room ok.

        1. You could have at least claimed to evade sniper fire.

          1. I thought that part was understood.

  6. He could serve the next administration as SecState or SecDef. He would be known as The World-Wide Webb.

    1. [Rolls eyes]… “No soup for you”

      1. Either narrow your gaze, or have your heretic eyeballs plucked from your skull

    2. Or he could forget about politics entirely, move to Hollywood, and direct Spider-Man movies.

      Oh my god that already happened!

      1. Ha, a Sam Raimi joke…oh wait.


          1. Not really. That ship sailed 20 years ago. Right now, I’m enjoying Scream Queens.

              1. No, True Blood is (or was) the gay show. Nothing gay at all about Scream Queens. Really.

            1. I wasn’t planning to watch that because I didn’t like the season of American Horror Story that Emma Roberts was on, so I figured SQ would be “more of the same, just campier.”

              But it has been surprisingly amusing so far. “My parents forgot to call me on my birthday because they were too busy hosting a fundraiser for Jeb Bush!”

              I also like Carrie Fisher’s deep-voiced daughter …… but it’s too bad they killed off Deaf Taylor Swift so early.

              1. Someone had to die. In fact, multiple people had to die. Also, Chad’s necrophilia is hilarious.

  7. I don’t think Webb has the fire in belly.

    He ran for senator here in Virginia but once he won, he seemed to run out of steam, I didn’t hear much from him, not even the stuff mailed from his Senatorial office and then he announced he would not run for reelection.

    1. I only visited VA for a few days while visiting D.C., but I think part of Webb’s running out of steam as a Senator stems from Congress being all about compromise and horse-trading. Webb in public life hasn’t been known as a horse-trader or particularly politic or tactful, but rather an egomaniacal, pugnacious guy who would get fired instead of getting along. See, his stint as Secretary of the Navy. Such an approach might work as a chief executive—or at the least, be entertaining as hell to watch—but might be the reason he got tired of the Senate.

      I’ve never worked for him, nor for anyone who has, but that was my impression of the rumor mill.

  8. Webb is the sort of Democrat that went extinct following the 2010 election and has no place in the modern party. The talking heads wax poetic about the loss of this type of politician pretty frequently, but they don’t actually want them. Rather, they want the other side to have them.

    1. I don’t see Webb is so disliked for his views as much as that few outside of his home state know who he is. He’s polling next to O’Malley who has all the ‘right’ lefty views.

      1. It’s not that he’s disliked, it’s that “moderates” have no place in the current party. The left likes to talk a lot about compromise and reaching across the aisle and such, but what they actually means is that they want Republicans to do those things.

        1. With all due respect, you have seen nominating campaigns before right? They usually don’t run to the middle, and that’s true for both parties.

          1. They usually don’t run to the middle

            Mitt Romney

            that’s true for both parties.

            Point to where I claimed otherwise. That’s irrelevant to the discussion.

            1. Romney didn’t run to the middle during the nomination, in fact all he did was try to sound like a bona fide conservative to make people forget his once ‘moderate Republican’ image.

              1. And btw-, I only point out how this goes on in both parties to reinforce my point that running to the extremes is not some new thing but normal.

                Now, I’ll grant you that the Democrats have run to an important extreme in this nomination process: the first openly socialist major candidate. That is quite an important Rubicon. But the general dynamic of moderates that seem intent on sticking to their moderation in nominating processes getting washed out is, I think, a general one.

                I thought the most important part of the Democrat Party debate was when Hillary Clinton gave her defense of capitalism. Sure, it was full of ‘we have to save it from itself’ FDR-ism, but it was a watershed moment of her rebuking Sander’s open embrace of socialism. I know it’s hard for people on the other side to hear it, but Clinton has staked herself out as the moderate in the Dem race, and that leaves little room for lesser known versions like Webb.

                1. Both parties consistently run socialists.
                  Sanders is an in the closet communist not an out of the closet socialist

  9. Meanwhile, down at the unDemocratic National Committee…

    At the same time, her motives were called into question, most aggressively by O’Malley, who accused the DNC of “rigging the process and stacking the deck” in Clinton’s favor. Given the desire of the other candidates for more debates, the insistence of the Clinton team on fewer, and Wasserman Schultz’s status as a long-time Clinton ally (she was a co-chair of Hillary’s 2008 campaign), the accusations carried a distinct whiff of plausibility.

    Too many candidates, too many debates.

    Just anoint Hillary.

    1. Four debates instead of eight. That’s the issue causing “insurrection.”

    2. Yeah, it’s well known that Debbie Was-a-Man Schulz has been tinkering with the rules on Hillary’s behalf since she stepped into the position.

    3. I thought O’Malley handled himself fine in that debate, but is still sitting at 1%. More debates aren’t going to help.

  10. That’s 2015 for you: a year when the “interesting outsider” niche has been seized by a self-infatuated real-estate tycoon.

    Well, that’s actually wonderfully apropos considering how the presidential race continues to (unsurprisingly, of course) devolve (evolve?) into basically American Idol meets The Apprentice meets So You Think You Can Dance meets The Bachelor. It’s really all about entertainment for most observers.

    Bread and circuses, baby!

    1. Look, Epi, at least they have dancing on “So You Think You Can Dance.”

      Then again, I don’t want to see these losers dance.

      1. But I do!!! Imagine Trump whirling Carly around the stage! Or better yet, Trump whirling Rand Paul around the stage!

        Slightly on topic.

        1. You don’t even know the difference between “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing with the Stars,” do you?

          1. I know enough to know I don’t want to know more. Satisfied?

            Wait, do *you* know the difference? If so, why?

            1. Dude you know the kind of shitty TV my mom watches. That’s why I’m surprised you’re not up on this.

              1. I do, but you know I block this shit out. If I didn’t, I’d end up muttering to myself on the couch while eating pork rinds and watching The Millionaire Matchmaker. I’ll die first, Nicole. I’ll die first!

    2. American Idol meets The Apprentice meets So You Think You Can Dance meets The Bachelor

      IT’S ON

    3. The GOP race is definitely the Apprentice. But the Dem race is Weekend at Bernies where the entire party and media prop up the Hillary Clinton’s dead body and pretend she is an actual Presidential candidate.

      1. Aaaaaaaand it’s John! From the top ropes! With a folding chair!

        Missed you, man.

      2. It’ll be that much more embarrassing for the Republicans when they lose handily to Clinton.

        1. I didn’t say the election wouldn’t be Weekend at Bernie’s. And remember, there was a Weekend at Bernie’s II.

    4. All the wisdom of the DJ 3000

      1. TULPA/BO 2016



        2. Looks like those clowns in Congress did it again!

  11. Gluten free bread, clown free circuses.

    1. There are still plenty of clowns in Washington…

  12. Gluten free bread, clown free circuses.

  13. When he was my Senator, he managed not to offend me (though I never voted for him). So, there’s that.

    1. Lucky you! I got Boxer and Feinstein.

      1. Boxer and Feinstein!!!!!!

        Isn’t there something in the Constitution about Cruel and Unusual punishment?

      2. Soon to be Feinstein and Harris.

        Feinstein is a fucking zombie and will never go away.

        1. No she was really replaced by the Reptillians a decade ago, look at her closely thats not wrinkled skin, ITS A HUMAN SUIT!!!!
          …on a latter note; Mr. Lizard, why would any of your species want to look like Feinstein? is it a punishment?

  14. Which is worse: that Tulpa is so boring, or that he’s still alive? Think carefully.

    1. I like how Warty was on this ‘Bo is Tulpa’ kick for a very short while, then backed off it, but when his handler Episarch started to obsess about it he felt he should switch back. I always wondered who would pull the strings there.

      Come to think about it, Warty followed Playa Manhattan on his failed ‘Don’t Talk to Bo!’ Crusade too. Some people need to please.


        Oh god, perfection incarnate. Thank you for being perfectly, unbelievably predictable, Tulpy-Poo. You literally are incapable of disappointing me in this way. Thanks for being the unparalleled loser that you are.

        1. “unbelievably predictable”

          Again, this is some really meta stuff (it’s like the third time you’ve said this in these comments alone).

    2. Be careful, Warty, he’s going to say something about you briefly not believing in him or something. Seeing as he does that every fucking time, I think we can count on it.

      1. Well, that was dumb of him.

        1. Did you expect anything else?

          1. I expect nothing of Tulpa except boredom.

            1. Well, he certainly delivered.

  15. OK, back to Jim Webb. An independent Webb candidacy is not good for the LP. When you have weak and unlikable major-party candidates, as we do in this election, overall voter turnout is lower so the third-party and independent candidates tend to do better percentage-wise. Also, there’s the “fuckit” factor – people who show up to vote on non-presidential races and decide “fuckit, I’m voting for the libertarian guy, whoever he is.” The LP could break 10% and ensure debate participation in 2020. If Webb runs as an independent he will siphon off enough “fuckit” votes to keep that from happening.

    1. I’m with you on it not being good, but…

      The LP could break 10%


      1. Will have to wait until later to watch that, Wartster. And I did say “could.” I realize that would be a longshot. For that to realistically happen you’d need both a charismatic and well-known LP candidates (someone like RP) AND two lackluster major-party candidates. A fellow can dream.

        1. Oh, it’s just Wayne suggesting that monkeys might fly out of his butt.

        2. If the LP had someone charismatic and well-known like Penn Gillette, they could achieve 10%. But they don’t, so they won’t.

    2. I’ve volunteered on several LP candidate campaigns, so I’m not suggesting they’re futile, but the only way the LP could get the numbers you’re talking about is if they somehow got someone with very good name recognition and or a personal fortune they could parlay into some kind of organizations. There’s too many structural barriers pushing in the other direction for it to be otherwise.

      1. “structural barriers” doesn’t sound like Tulpa. Bo has that leftist rhetoric down pat.

        1. Of course I’m not Tulpa. It’s just the latest nonsense attempt by that crew of people to ‘own the sandbox’ or police their ‘online community.’ And look how desperately they, especially Episarch, seem to need it.

          But as to the phrase, I don’t care where it comes from, I don’t know how else you’d describe the reality that elections mean more about organization, networks and interests than they do persuasion and ideas.

          Webb’s a bright guy, but he’s making this kind of mistake. He obviously styles himself as more of an intellectual than a politician, writing books and white papers, reading treatises on foreign policy and such. But that’s not what wins big elections. He’s got no organization, no donor base, no ready made groups to be contacted to engage in GOTV or appear at rallies or work caucuses. That’s why he’s polling so low, it’s got little to do with his ideas imo.

      2. Sure you have, Tulpy-Poo. Tell us more about your DONDERROOOOOO escapades, I’m sure your fantasy world is as fascinating as it seems.

        1. I’m sure any actual political involvement must seem as fantastical to one such as yourself, what with your insightful ‘look at those clowns in DC, it’s more like a TV show than anything else!’ observations.

          1. You should try and do whatever I did to get him to completely ignore me. He’s an insufferable idiot who talks in cliches and tired above-it-all narcissism but thinks he’s the smartest one in the room.

    3. 10%

      woah – whatever you’re smoking I want some…

      1. OK, but only if you fire up the tube amp and crank some really good tunes.

      2. Dude, make the drive over here for our next house concert.

    4. Meh. 2012 was the year of weak, unlikeable candidates, and the Libertarian Party couldn’t even hit 1%. Seriously, we had an incumbent over a weak economy, a foreign policy in shambles, the NSA revelations, and the extra-judicial assassination of an American citizen and the LP couldn’t get 1%.

      1. That’s a hard truth, but a truth nonetheless.

        I think the best thing the LP can do is to find some celebrity candidate who could essentially run a one issue campaign, maybe around marijuana legalization at the federal level, and maybe get enough votes to set up the party as getting a regular place institutionally for a few cycles after that, where maybe more regular libertarians can persuade lots of people to the brand.

        1. Drew Carey!

        2. The best thing the LP can do is dissolve. It’s been sucking the effort of too many libertarian activists down the drain. See the links from the bottom of http://users.bestweb.net/~robgood/political.html

  16. That time a senator thought James Randi was a psychic:

    A similar event involved Senator Claiborne Pell, a believer in psychic phenomena. When Randi personally demonstrated to Pell that he could reveal – by simple trickery – a concealed drawing that had been secretly made by the senator, Pell refused to believe that it was a trick, saying: “I think Randi may be a psychic and doesn’t realize it.” Randi has consistently denied having any paranormal powers or abilities.

    Another deep thinker from the Reality-based Community and the Party of Science.

    Pell was known for out of the ordinary beliefs and behaviors, including wearing threadbare suits, using public transportation and purchasing low-end used automobiles despite his wealth, and interest in the paranormal. He also wore his father’s belt as a memento, despite the fact that Herbert Pell was stouter than the rail-thin Claiborne Pell, requiring Claiborne Pell to wrap the belt around his waist twice to make it fit.

  17. Why is it taking him so long to figure out he isn’t like most of his party. Anyone paying attention knew it when he ran for the Senate.

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