Ben Carson

Watch Matt Welch Talk Ben Carson and Guns on MSNBC's All in at 8:30 pm ET

Would losing the 2nd Amendment be more 'devastating' than losing innocent lives?


As Jacob Sullum pointed out earlier, GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson yesterday wrote on his Facebook page the following about the Oregon shooting:

There is no doubt that this senseless violence is breathtaking—but I never saw a body with bullet holes that was more devastating than taking the right to arm ourselves away. 

As Sullum also pointed out, this has sparked outrage within the liberal media. So it is no surprise that MSNBC's All in with Chris Hayes, featuring guest host Alex Wagner, will be talking about this issue tonight. I will be one of the panelists commenting on the doctor's remarks, at roughly 8:30 p.m. ET. 

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  1. MSNBC plays its role as Stalin.

    Welch plays the role of Trotsky

    Who will reign superior?

    1. Don’t we already know how that turns out?

      1. 20 quatloos on the icepick!

        1. Apparently none of the 1/2 dozen viewers also read Reason, or are unwilling to give us a recap.

  2. In the last century over 100 million people were disarmed and subsequently murdered by their own governments. Gun confiscations have resulted in skyrocketing crime rates in almost every place they have been tried.

    Gun confiscation is the precursors to a bloodbath. So yeah, Carson bombed on the delivery but his sentiment is 100% correct.

    1. Precursor.

  3. I’m curious if walking into the MSNBC building makes Welch sick to his stomach. I guess I’ll ask him tomorrow.

    1. It’s that fresh-faced Chris Hayes what makes Reason’s singular Angels (RIP) fan sick to his stomach.

    2. I think he gets more respect from MSNBC than he does from Fox, so I don’t blame him for going where he’s wanted.

      1. Not respect, just recognition for a job well done.

        Toadies don’t get no respect.

    3. “the MSNBC building “


      I think they have some rooms somewhere in the Comcast/Rockefeller Center HQ

      1. I think they are in Secaucus.

        1. In the middle of the fuckin weeds

          1. Secaucus is truly hell. My company had an office there and I had to work there one day – nobody liked working there, even the Jerseyites used to dealing with suburban office park deserts.

  4. Speaking of the commie news channel does anyone know the history of it? Did Gate’s anti-trust case have anything to do with him throwing in with the proggies? I always suspected that he set up MSNBC to keep the evil proggies from skewering him for being too rich. Just pure speculation on my part.

    1. SB,never thought of it just that way yet but … shoe seems to fit.

    2. SB,never thought of it just that way yet but … shoe seems to fit.

  5. Libertarians are the hobos of the television circuit.

  6. Wow man that sounds like one heck of a plan dude. WOw.

  7. this has sparked outrage within the liberal media

    I imagine they are almost as upset by this as by Carson’s assertion that America shouldn’t elect any of the Muslim candidates that aren’t current running for President.

    1. Amazing how any criticism whatsoever of The Light Bringer is obvious racism because black, but any conservative leaning black running for office is excoriated, baited, libeled, scandalized, blackmailed, etc. and that is A-OK.

      The racism accusations from the left ring very hollow and reek of projection.

    2. They are most upset that he is off their plantation and their random fits of babble will continue until he is properly silenced.

  8. Individual rights are apparently an outdated concept to some people.

    Alex Wagner is much nicer to look at that than Chris Hayes, although I assume they share a similar amount of muscle mass.

    This is one of my favorite pieces about her.

    Wagner also owes a lot to dad. Her father is Carl Wagner, a longtime Democratic operative who helped run Ted Kennedy’s 1980 presidential campaign, who served in the DNC, and who co-chaired Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign. A highly successful consultant, for a time Carl Wagner ran the Entertainment Express Corporation, a California cable company that, ironically enough, was bought by Comcast, which now employs his daughter. Alex Wagner grew up in Northwest D.C., went to Woodrow Wilson High School, and matriculated at Brown. She is an only child. When she graduated from college in 1999 she moved to Los Angeles, where she worked at music magazines. After a few years, though, and a stint in Amsterdam where she tried to write a novel while living with her mom, “I wanted to switch gears.”

    1. Goddammit Crusty. Three sentences into the second paragraph I threw up in my mouth.

      1. She has been through the struggle and gets what the poors are going through more than you.

        Also, that was written by the guy that married Bill Kristol’s daughter, Washington is so fun! He is a snarky shit, though, so I kind of like him.

        1. “…been through the struggle and gets what the poors are going through more than you.”

          It is fine to win the genetic or heritage lottery but the proggie bubble that she lives in described in that article really does give me a visceral feeling of disgust.

          I will keep my life just like it is. I spent the better part of the day with my step-son’s three year old. I took him to the bayou this morning so he could throw rocks in the water, we shot the bb gun, we picked the last tomatoes and peppers from the garden and then we stained a coffee table that I just finished building. Yes, he got stain on his arms and face despite my best efforts and his mom fussed at me. I also re-started work on a 10 foot long celtic dragon facing board that I have been carving on and off for a couple of years.

          I like this life. She can keep hers.

          1. I linked it to show the bubble she lives in, and there are many like her.

            Also, I need to hangout with you.

            1. “…and there are many like her.”

              I see them all of the time. Ran into a flaming proggie in the grocery store that used to work with my wife. The guy has had everything handed to him his whole life, performs exactly zero function at his job and collects a hell-of-a paycheck. The arrogant bastard knows exactly how everyone else should live. When I shook his hand I noticed his palm was as soft as my wife’s cheek. I had to repress the reflex to jerk my hand away as if I had accidentally touched a turd.

              In contrast I ran into a cardiologist in the gun store earlier that day. He had grown up poor but now was pretty successful. He was buying about 7500 dollars worth of guns…christmas gifts for family and for himself. The dude paid in cash and despite having just met me he recruited me to help count. In spite of his profession he had hands like a carpenter. We spent an hour talking guns, hunting, reloading and fishing. I liked that guy.

              1. I just have an issue with people born into privilege who either cannot understand that they have been given advantages, or those who feel guilty because they have them. It seems to me like those types are the ones who try to control everyone else.

                1. I have an issue with people born into enormous privilege telling me about all the privilege I have because of my skin color.

                  Fucking racists.

          2. Sounds like paradise, Suthen. I lift my vodka to you. Cheers and good health!

  9. It was back to D.C. Wagner met with Democratic mastermind John Podesta?”an old Washington neighbor” whose relationship with her father was longstanding. Podesta gave her a job at his new think tank, the Center for American Progress. Which led to a job in New York City at Fader magazine. Which led to the job with George Clooney. Which led to a gig covering the Obama White House for the now defunct Politics Daily. Which led to MSNBC. Her agent is Ari Emanuel, brother to Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel and to Dr. Zeke Emanuel, a frequent guest on her show. “Wagner talks about the series of events that brought her from that Los Angeles pay phone to MSNBC’s soundstage as if it were the most natural progression in the world,” Elle magazine noted a couple years back. Of course she does. It was natural for her

  10. MSNBC? Prepping with rum as we speak. Weapons grade stuff coming. Derp not rum BTW. As a side thought I was thinking of family and divorces and the whole lot today and it did occur to me we might be entering that point now. 50 independent states.There is no shame in a mutually beneficial and agreed upon divorce. Lets just part as friends please. It would be to the benefit of all parties involved. Obama says he is tired of lecturing us on how mad he gets every time we keep saying “Thank you,drive through!” to his brilliant plans to de-tooth and de-fang that annoying Bill of Rights thing. Everyone in my part of the Union, which would be rural SW Idaho,Owyhee County, is getting WAY TOO TIRED of this semi-annual Chancellor for Life speech from the DC public servant/Party apparatchiks who deign to pretend that they have the authority or even our permission to lecture us on our right to protect our life liberty,and property. Or our self ownership for that matter. Can we just separate or something ?..I mean I will keep the house and properties ; obviously..,but it’s not like you can’t keep the multi-trillion dollar Greek styled estate properties where you live at. And you can keep your servants/subjects/slaves in line any way you wan’t. Just don’t ask to borrow money after you go tits up. Or be pissed off at me if I eventually sell them things that they might need that you don’t want them to have.

    1. “But we can still be friends, right?”

      You kill me! *laughter*

      “There will be no loyalty except loyalty to the Party. But always there will be the intoxication of power. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who’s helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face, forever. “

  11. But we can still be friends,right?

  12. This be teh honest tru-tru hermano. Spect the same
    in your house.

  13. Suthern; your numbers probably a skoshi south of the reality.,in point of fact. 200 million would be a conservative and generous understatement. Cause NO ONE actually keeps track of,or advertises these kind of numbers on the top of warm piles of bodies. As seems to be the fashion of late. You can regressively look back and deduce. Yo Mao/(or any other philosophical co-traveler),seems to a shit ton of people missing here? For all the people subjected to excessive FB derp on this (latest- random- attention- whore- loser- fucktard- who- just- only wanted the world to hear and know off his passing). 1) Yeah clean off a few “friends”,Bro no one needs 2,800 friends. and yeah number 2) Drop the number just before you de-friend 100-200,000,000..? We don’t really know but we do know we are in the fucking park. A few proggy leaning types did find me later after some Google-Fu on there own part,and where like WTF? Yeah real numbers people. It’s just a fact. Ignore or use at your own risk and or discretion.

    1. “Suthern; your numbers probably a skoshi south of the reality.,in point of fact. 200 million would be a conservative and generous understatement.”

      Agreed. I use the 100M number because it is the one most often accepted, but yes, I have heard estimates as high as 250M.

  14. Any link to watch it on the phone? No access to TV right now.

  15. And if we are just for a minute retardedly reading tea leaves and astrology like the higher paid gov econs Keynes,Krugnuts assorted other over-compensated nutters-I am sure there are a few with a K in there. Alliteration; Under rated.(yo at least we aint hip hop dog)..something,something multiplier effect. Well I am sure there is a multiplier some where in the mix. It was either the rum or that other thing. Yeah definatenetly 7X7= something.

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