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Rand Paul: 3rd Quarter Fundraising $2.5 Million; Feuding with Cruz

Money raised less than half of Ron Paul's 3rd quarter 2007 cash. More signs of trouble for Paul campaign?


Rand Paul's third-quarter fund raising numbers are out: $2.5 million, a big drop from his second-quarter $7 million. Momentum is slowing, for sure.

Some context as reported by David Weigel at the Washington Post:

[Paul's better second quarter] was slightly more than his father, former Texas Congressman Ron Paul, raised in the comparable period of his 2012 bid. But in the second quarter of that campaign, Ron Paul raised $8 million.

For even grimmer context, and remember that this is in fact better seen as Rand Paul's first run for president rather than Ron Paul's third, Ron's third quarter 2007 take was $5.8 million, a 114 percent increase over his second quarter take. Ron Paul first time around was a train gaining speed, Rand so far losing it.

Edward Crane, whose PurplePAC was planning to support Rand but has for now ceased raising or spending money for him, thinks insufficient libertarianism on Paul's part is to blame. As far as I know we have no polled data about specific reasons for "used to like Rand Paul, now I don't" so that's just speculative, and there is always a chance we hardcore libertarians are doing some self-vaunting in believing a more libertarian Paul will be a better polling Paul.

But doing something to stand out in a crowded field can't hurt. If Paul can just not drop out, the crowded field part will take care of itself by Iowa voting time next year. (And I do believe that if voters are paying attention, Paul has distinguished himself from the GOP pack on foreign policy and criminal justice.)

The Paul campaign is not saying out loud that anything is wrong to the Post:

"Not only are we in for the long haul but we've seen an uptick in crowds and support," said Paul's spokesman Sergio Gor. "Since the last debate we've raised $750,000."

Weigel reports the Paul campaign as having $2 million cash on hand. Matt Kibbe of Paul-supporting SuperPAC Concerned American Voters told me in an interview on a different topic this week that his operation has raised around $3 million, going to get out the vote efforts in Iowa.

Paul also has been getting attention for poking at perceived top rival for roughly libertarian-ish Republican primary voters, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. 

Some context on that mini-controversy from ABC News, which demonstrates that the two Tea Party-ish senators used to be pals and supporters of each other, but now that they are fighting for the presidential nod and Cruz is very explicitly grabbing for old Ron Paul supporters to endorse him, Rand got a bit fed up apparently:

"Ted has chosen to make this really personal and chosen to call people dishonest in leadership and call them names, which really goes against the decorum and also against the rules of the Senate, and as a consequence he can't get anything done legislatively. He is pretty much done for and stifled and it's really because of personal relationships, or lack of personal relationships, and it is a problem," Paul told Fox News Radio on Tuesday. "I approach things a little different. I am still just as hardcore in saying what we are doing. I just chose not to call people liars on the Senate floor and it's just a matter of different perspectives on how best to get to the end result."

Cruz continues to call Paul a friend and a good man, but:

"The attacks he directed at me are not terribly surprising particularly given that Rand campaigned for Mitch McConnell and then Mitch McConnell in turn has endorsed Rand for president," the Texas senator said. "But I have no intention of responding in kind to Rand's attacks."

Taylor Millard at Hot Air thinks the media is making too much of this, and that encouraging a Paul v. Cruz narrative is bad for the liberty Republican brand in general:

the media and the establishment would love to see their supporters start tearing at each others throats. It cuts at the "freedom and liberty" coalition Paul, Cruz, and Utah Senator Mike Lee have fought so hard to maintain. Paul supporters are already mocking Cruz and vice versa for some of the steps they've taken. One Cruz supporter accused Paul of just being an establishment hack because he's friends with McConnell, while a Paul supporter slammed Cruz for hiring Bob Barr to do outreach…It really puts the "freedom and liberty" coalition at risk when infighting takes it down. A splintered movement is what the establishment and the left want. Don't give in to it.

Both Cruz and Paul want a smaller federal government. Both Cruz and Paul have issues with Republican leadership. Their strategy is just different…Don't give in to the madness Paul and Cruz supporters! It's not worth getting into a fight with each other when both sides should be allies.

Perhaps, but they are both fighting for a constituency in the presidential race that only one of them can get. The situation will likely get worse until it gets better until they are both just liberty coalition senators again.

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  1. Feuding with Cruz? I say do it. Make it a proper rap-style beef, with posses of aides, and standoffs at DC crosswalks, and drive-by spitballings. Then have a big, teary reconciliation masterminded by Amash. That’ll take wind out of the Trumpboat. Trumpship. Trump of the line. Some kind of large, sail-powered conveyance representing Trump (Hindenburg-class airship?).

    1. Trump hot-air balloon.

      1. +1 dirigible

  2. Why wouldn’t a disappointing squish have trouble raising money?

  3. Ron Paul ran heavy on restricting immigration, that probably got him more support than his libertarian leanings. Poll-leading Trump is doing the same and he’s way more vocal about it than Ron Paul ever was (outside his district).

    1. “Ron Paul ran heavy on restricting immigration”

      I really doubt that.

      1. Oh, there you are.

        So you’re just fine with this?

        1. Are you?

          Remember, the biggest losers are those losers who want to don a uniform and the imprimatur of Caesar on their chests.

          Their is nothing honorable about feeding at the public trough – particularly if you are a cop or a soldier boy.

          1. There’s nothing wrong with being a soldier, as long as the legions are used for defense, rather than for empire.

            1. As long as the soldier is not a conscript, is not paid by a nation state, and is truly in defense of individual liberty.

          2. Some of the men and women in the U.S. military (particularly younger folks, sometimes from rough neighborhoods, or who didn’t have a happy family life growing up) joined because it was the best they could get. The military has good medical/dental benefits, and offers housing.

            I also don’t support military intervention of any kind, unless we’re attacked, but your comment comes across as uninformed.

            Some folks just needed a job, you know, and it was the best route for them to take.

        2. Uh…no. What are you bitching about? What did this have to do with your original bitch? Are you capable of honesty?

    2. Uh-huh. That’s what got people fired up in summer 2007. Ron Paul’s immigration stance. When asked direct questions, he’d try to tie his answer into his position on… immigration.

      1. Eh. He did say he’d take troops from overseas and put them on the border.

        1. Hasn’t Rand said something similar? He’s pretty hawkish about securing the border, IIRC. And both are against the 14th amendment granting citizenship to illegals. Nor was Ron Paul the anti-immigrant candidate in 2008; voters had plenty of “tougher” options.

          The point is that people were excited about Paul regarding the war and the Fed. Those were what got all his new fans and donors excited.

  4. Again with the picture where Rand looks like a sad villain. I’m not sure what to believe but some people really want Rand to drop out. I think he should just go full libertarian and be an annoying prick to the bitter end. Full disclosure: I donated a pittance to his campaign and think that being Rand better piss some more people off so I get my dollar’s worth.

    1. Aw come on, he totally looks like Number 6 from The Prisoner in that shot. Don’t you want him to find out who is Number 1?

      1. Now that you mention it. Hey…yeah! That’s not a bad libertarian Halloween costume idea either.

        1. Oooh…and if you have the build for it, it serves an important function of both being a costume, and still being a nice-looking set of clothing. Looking good, following the spirit of the season, and a Conversation Starter/Filter, all in one.

    2. You say sad villain, I say classy as hell. Dude is rocking that charcoal.

      1. No.

        Mock turtle + Sportcoat is a look appropriate only for Child Psychologists / Game Show hosts

  5. I highly suggest to Cruz and Rand that they be friendly to one another. I love both of them to death and are great choices for lovers of liberty. It’s interesting though to see Ted Cruz aiming at former Ron Paul supporters and libertarians. Most recent one to jump onboard was former Representative Bob Barr who was the Libertarian Party nominee in 2008 and ran for Congress again in 2014 losing to now now-Congressman Barry Loudermilk who’s done a decent job so far.

    1. Jonathan – wake the fuck up.

    2. Why do you love Cruz? He’s an annoying incoherent political hack. Why any libertarian would consider voting for him is beyond me…

    3. Rand just likes to suck up to the Republican establishment for some reason, while Cruz constantly calls it out.

      Cruz might be a conservative instead of libertarian, but Rand is becoming an establishment squish

      1. This rumor of “establishment squish” seems to feed on itself. What’s the evidence? What kind of std. are you comparing him to?

    4. Cruz is terrible for liberty, he’s just less terrible than the rest of the field. Rand is the only one I’d vote for in the primary and frankly he’s borderline.

      1. How’s Cruz compared to the avg. person in the world? Or just to the avg. American? Norm everything to the avg., & you’ll have a more realistic ydstick.

    5. Ted Cruz is a lover of Ted Cruz getting attention. Nothing else. He will only be friendly to someone to the extent that it helps him get the spotlight; once it becomes useful he will turn on them.

      You did catch the fact that Cruz was accusing Rand of supporting McConnell in this matter just so he could get a tepid endorsement from a guy the base hates?

  6. The news is even worse. If CNBC holds to its own guidelines for the next debate (average polling numbers at 2.5% as the cutoff, and Rand is at 2.3%), then Rand would be relegated to the kids table, where he would be alone because the likes of Jindal and Pataki don’t even qualify.

    1. That’s not so bad. Rand will get the stage to himself and can say stuff without all eyes going to Trump and other derpy nonsense. That’s how Fiorina got to where she is.

  7. Ugh Rand’s hit on Cruz is dumb politics. In a contest where people are flocking to anti-politicians, don’t criticize the guy perceived as a ideological sibling for pissing pols off! DUMB DUMB DUMB

  8. I still think Trump is pulling a lot of FUCK THE ESTABLISHMENT voters that would have gone to Paul and Cruz. It will be interesting to see where they go once the hairpiece drops out.

    Come to think of it, at the next debate somebody should try to rip Trump’s hair out. Seeing bald Trump on national TV would be epic.

    1. More likely their support will go to him when they drop out. What kind of funny inverting lens are people looking thru here where the front-runner’s the underdog?

      Bizarre how people here looking so much at politics have developed so little political acumen compared to just avg. folks. Trump is for real; it looked like a fluke for a while, but now it should be obvious it’s not. Rand P. isn’t running badly, it’s just that it’s hard to get a major party nom. for prez; most candidates don’t, after all! (Remember that: The expected outcome is to lose. So don’t judge the losers harshly.) So even though Trump should be considered the favorite at this point, or at least close to it, nobody should be considered odds-on to win.

      1. Trump is at 23% right now. Even if he holds on to every one of his current supporters, he is not going to win the nomination without winning over voters currently supporting other candidates. There’s no evidence he can do that, and a lot of evidence that it’s going to be nearly impossible.

        1. People said the same thing about Romney four years ago.

        2. I think you’re underestimating the effect of delegate selection in magnifying the advantage of a plurality. Plus, if they go into the convention w no majority, nobody yet has denied Trump has the deal-making ability he vaunts.

  9. I blame it on the black turtleneck.

  10. So – I’ve finally gotten around to watching ‘Pacific Rim’. Is there any point where the movie stops being stupid?

    1. Hell no.

    2. It also never stops being awesome!

      Spoiler: it’s not that stupid for the simple virtue of not bother with a sappy love story.

      1. Its stupid.

        And I’ve not seen any awesome yet.

        1. The stupid stick fight

        2. Now ‘Dinosaurs were kaiju’? But the atmosphere wasn’t right? But ‘we’ve practically terraformed it for them’? Because of barely detectable pollution?

        Did anybody *read* the shit the script’writers’ were vomiting on the paper before filming?

        So far it has a halfway decent scene at the beginning – the fight – and so far (50 minutes in) its been ‘Lucas’ levels of dialogue.

        I understand this is an homage to the kaiju movies and, to a lesser extent, big robot manga like Tranzor Z – but that stuff was great because you were, like *8* when you saw it. They do not stand up to an adult viewing.

        1. Stuff I thought was awesome:

          -Idris Elba’s character and his arc
          -The ‘we’re fucked’, ‘celebrity Kaiju fighter craze’, ‘ho hum kaiju’, ‘OMGRD WE GUNNA DIE’ recap at the start (like I said, that movie would have been so much cooler, AND you could have a sequel)
          -Design of the mecha
          -Idea that you need two pilots to not die
          -The Russian couple (fuck, they were in the movie for what, 30 seconds, and they still came of as total badasses I wanted to know more about)
          -Australians being Australians
          -Kaiju trashing Shangai (or was it Hong Kong – one of them Blade Runnery places)
          -Ron Perlman’s character

          1. This. That hypothetical first movie should have included those Russians. A lot of lots potential, unless prequel.

          2. 1. Idris Elba is (along with Perlman) badass in pretty much everything. even Prometheus.

            2. Its a thing, but I’ve never like this sort of mecha. I prefer things like this


            Its a smaller one – *only* six stories tall.

            3. I don’t mind the two pilots thing – though its just handwaving to add in a plot complication, same as the mocap cockpit. This is because a ‘realistic’ interface would have them strapped into a chair and disconnected from their meat bodies – which would be boring to watch. This allows you to inject some Japanese wangst into the story

            1. And since the squirrels cut off the end of that comment:

              I don’t like wangst.

            2. This is because a ‘realistic’ interface would have them strapped into a chair and disconnected from their meat bodies – which would be boring to watch. This allows you to inject some Japanese wangst into the story

              Not saying you’re wrong on Pacific Rim, but you just described Evangelion, a.k.a. Japawangs the Series.

              I swear to god, one of these days I’ll force myself to finish it. It’s only been out for 20 years….

              1. Japawangst

                Japawangs sounds like a Warty Hugeman Adventures title…

              2. Never seen it.

                I still find it hard to believe that I loved Robotech as a teen.

        2. 1. That wasn’t a fight, it’s a kind of testing.

          2. IIRC, the dinosaurs were wiped out by the Kaiju and some attempt at terraforming. That was a pointless part of the movie that should have been cut.

          If you can’t find awesomeness in the movie then you’re dead inside. Also, calling it ‘Lucas level’ is unfair. There’s no fucking gophers or fridges as far as I can tell.

          1. 1. Still a stick fight to ‘test compatibility. The fight itself is ‘meh’ its the whole *thing* around him, Mako, and Idris that comes off more as annoying than character- or world-building.

            2. According to Charlie, the dinosaurs *were* kaiju and all of aour OMG! pollution has made the Earth ripe for colonization. These are some daaaaaaaaamn patient aliens to wait 65 million years. I’m pretty sure 2 farmers and a dog could terraform mars in less time.

            You’re right that that bit should have been cut out – its just plain ridiculous.

    3. No. But it only gets more stupid once or twice (anti-CGW propaganda painfully inserted, for example).
      The stupid part is really the prologue – why a two minute narration on what should have been the first goddamn movie in the series?!

      1. Great point.

    4. ‘They’re both out of alignment’

      ‘Both of them’?

      They’re aligned with each other – if *one* is ‘out of alignment’, by definition the other is also.

      1. And then the mission control guy gets on the mike to tell them that. Dude, they know already. They knew as soon as you did.

    5. OK, now she’s powering up the plasma cannon in the hangar – and everyone is just standing around like ‘hey, is that supposed to happen?’ instead of, you know, looking for an exit.

    6. It’s a giant rubber monster movie made by Guillermo del Toro, how could it be anything other than stupid?

    7. “Is there any point where the movie stops being stupid?”

      Absolutely. Watch until the credits stop rolling. It starts there.

    8. Yes. When you turn off the TV.

    9. Wait, they have ejection pods?

      So why didn’t Idris and the Aussie use theirs?

      1. Apparently Mako doesn’t know CPR.

  11. Texass GOP poll:

    Trump 21%
    Cruz 15%

    The poll, conducted by the non-partisan Texas Lyceum, shows an early snapshot of Texas that resembles national polls: Carson is polling at 12 percent; former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush at 10 percent; former business executive Carly Fiorina at 6 percent; and U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, of Florida, at 3 percent.


    1. The poll also tallied approval ratings for Gov. Greg Abbott, 56 percent, and President Barack Obama, 52 percent.

      1. What the hell does that have to do with anything?

        1. It shows that a majority is pretty well satisfied w the status quo, or at least think approximately the right people are in. It seems to say something when 52% of the Texas GOP approve of the job Obama’s doing, doesn’t it? So that’s interesting background to the poll of the preferences for prez in 2016. For instance, it seems to show that a “Fuck the Establishment!” milieu is not responsible for Trump’s popularity, nor Cruz’s or Carson’s.

          1. The approval ratings were among all voters, not just the GOP.

            1. I have a lot of family in Texas (various areas), and friends from all different walks of life. Obama is not highly regarded among even Democrats down there.

              I think he’s hated less than Hillary, though.

    2. The Austin Un-American Statesperson now presumes to lecture us on what is “partisan”? I almost choked on mah Chee-tos with that one! Oddschecker.com will show you where the money is riding, and it’s the same old machine-politics horse race. Trump is more like the girl in the bikini walking around the Octagon with a card telling the drunks in teeveeland what round is coming up after this word… The main difference is he’s ugly and rich. (Pay no attention to those political parties behind the screen!)

  12. And the ‘failsafe is not responding!’

    1. Its not a failsafe, its an emergency cut-off.

    2. Not much of an emergency cutoff if a single pilot, acting erratically, can keep it from working.

    1. ‘Her connection is waay to strong!’

      What, is this done by wifi?

  13. OK, Perlman’s coming up now.

    1. ooh, now she’s going to cry.

  14. Body of teen missing since 2008 found in chimney


  15. Maybe this is the way to deal with Rand Paul downer* columns…movie reviews in the comments.

    *or, and Trump columns

    1. Dang it….”or, any Trump columns”

    2. OK, here’s my movie review. The Loft is beyond stupid. I can’t believe I watched the whole thing.

      The writer(s) have no concept of how humans actually interact.

      1. I, uh….never saw it.

        /slinks aways

    3. Andy Weir imagined casting Aaron Paul as Mark Watney.

      “I’m going to have to science the shit out of this, bitch.”

      1. That would have been vastly better.

  16. Tom Woods has a guest on giving a sympathetic, to King George, history of the Stamp Act. Maybe not exactly sympathetic, but not an interpretation I had heard before.

    1. The only case I am aware of is that England wanted the colonies to repay the cost of the French-Indian war in which England footed the bill for the defense of the colonies. That was the justification for the taxes.

      1. Yeah, the colonies wanted protection but not the cost is the argument.

  17. OT: Montana increased its highway speed limit from 75 MPH to 80 MPH this week.


  18. Great. I see another gimme your guns event has happened. Shooter identified?

  19. Agile Cyborg, where are you? I’m entering your realm any moment now.

    1. Do tell…

      1. A mushroom. The other time I did it, back in February, I could only manage a single post.

        1. Ah, mushrooms. That incident I was ignorant that there was a wait time for them to take effect. So I kept eating them like Cheetos.

  20. They need to team up, reinforce each other’s points during the debates, etc. Then, sometime before the nomination, decide which one is going to be president and who’s gonna be veep. Well maybe not veep, gotta use that to draw in the conservatives. How about Secretary of State?

    1. Also, buy movie review:

      District 9 was totally awesome. I know it’s a few yrs old, but if you haven’t seen it, do! In fact, watch it twice so you get all of it. And it you have seen it, watch it again!

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  22. This entire thread is a level five kaiju.

  23. Dude thatts gonan be really cool. Wow.


  24. You may have noticed that in 2007 the Iraq War was at its hottest and the economy was teetering into the Great Recession, and all of RP’s opponents were falling over each other to talk about how great the then-current president and his policies were. A very different situation from what his son faces this year.

  25. Good thing Rand followed the advice of the peanuts and went all Cosmo on Trump.


      1. That’s more coherent than your typical postings, Cyto.

        Finally passed English 101?

  26. Wowww $2.5million..

  27. Cruz is a Trump mini-me, a slick, creepy Harvard lawyer with a wife who works for Goldman Sachs.

    Rand Paul is trying to build a broader, new majority coalition. Libertarians should grow up and understand that, support that. There is no point in just redoing his dad’s campaigns.

    If Republicans, libertarians and conservatives cannot find common ground on individual liberty and limited government, Bush III, Rubio, “Hillary” or Sanders will be the next President.

    1. I could stand having Rubio, but yeah there is little difference between Bush and Hillary. Sanders, as genuine as he may be, is a socialist which is everything that I’m against except for a few things.

      Since the Republican party has went way to the right, the chances of libertarians having any real voice is pretty damn low. Principled, fair and moderate conservatives are almost a thing of the past.

  28. How many antiabortion candidates does the GOP need? Libertarian candidates are happy to get votes from pro-choice, pro-freedom and pro-reason (and thus genuinely in favor of life worth living) voters.

  29. This is going to be a long race. I could see a scenario where both Ted Cruz and Rand Paul go all the way to the convention. Not highly likely but possible. Rand Paul will win a bunch of caucus states for sure. And everyone having low expectations, MIGHT turn out to be a good thing, provided he can keep exceeding them as the campaign rolls on, also a very possible outcome. Satisfaction is equal to Reality divided by Expectations S=R/E. The opposite is true of high expectations. One has to live up to them just to break even (The Most Interesting Man in Politics etc etc)….it’s a long race. Rand Paul 2016!

  30. The presidential race can provoke a lot of situations and many facts can be revealed. This means that all candidates have problems that can impact on the result of this game. However, today money plays a great role in the game, so people should be aware about all the possibilities and instruments that can be used in order to win the game. However we should also pay attention to the financial situation in the country, when people have to check online loans companies, in order to get necessary monetary support, while so much money is spent on a politician games and attempts to make a good impression.

  31. The take-away may well be that the Prohibition Party STILL has a stranglehold on God’s Own Party–still terrified of prohibitionist spoiler votes. No way will libertarians line up to force women at gunpoint to overpopulate the globe. Since that is the only sine-qua-non GOP position, better to scrape some votes off the dry Klan and anti-acid John Birchers, individual rights be damned. The only people I’ve seen happy to hear the ravings of Jeb Clampitt, the Mexican Drug Cartel candidates and Ross Perot Donald Duck, and the other antichoicers are Dems and CPUSA activists. London bookies are putting their money on the usual sophists: Monica’s rival has the best odds, and Ross Perot Donald Duck is in 5th place next to Bernie van-der-Lubbe.

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