Hillary Clinton

State Department Reveals 'New' Clinton Emails to Benghazi Panel

Nearly 1,000 new emails to be handed over for investigation.


The State Department previously claimed to have turned over all of Hillary Clinton's Benghazi-related emails for investigation. However, on Friday the State Department informed the House Select Committee on Benghazi that they would deliver approximately 925 new Clinton emails relating to Benghazi and Libya that it had overlooked. 

Luckily for Clinton, Remy's DC Matic may have a solution to her email woes.

Originally published March 13, 2015. Original text below:

Do you run a government agency but hate complying with the law? Then you need DC Matic, the Hillary Clinton-approved email server!

Here's how it works:

First you select the government business you'd like to conceal from the public. Then, simply use DC Matic's proprietary privacy controls to fix the problem. Simple as that! 

Having two email addresses is confusing and a terrible idea. And gone are the days of destroying hard drives or creating a fake male alias to secretly conduct business. You Need DC Matic!

Written and performed by Remy. Video directed and edited by Meredith Bragg.

Approximately 1:15 minute.

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  1. Look, I think we can stop talking about all the Rethuglican created fake scandals now !!!1!

    1. I’m amazed it has gotten this far. It’s supposed to be common knowledge that Obama wants Bidedn elected as to carry forth his great legacy and not undo all the executive actions Obama ruled under. However I can’rt see how he can let this stuff dribble out like this without pissing Clinton off and you can damn sure bet she knows where some, at least, of his skeletons are buried. He was claiming Benghazi was about a movie as well as she if nothing else.

      1. The whole movie-nobody-watched thing was the real scandal.

      2. Supposedly in a semi private meeting with Obama, Hill-dog told Obama to call off his dogs.

        To which Bammy responed There’s a legal process in motion, I’m not going to interfere with it. This problem is your own damn fault, from you’re dishonesty.

  2. “The State Department previously claimed to have turned over all of Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi-related emails for investigation. However, on Friday the State Department informed the House Select Committee on Benghazi that they would deliver approximately 925 new Clinton emails relating to Benghazi and Libya that it had overlooked.”

    The SD “overlooked” them. Why is that? Were they disguised as cute kitty vids?

    1. It can’t be a coincidence that this comes right after the FBI leaked that they recovered HIllary’s hard drive. This smells like State itself covering its ass for defying a Congressional subpeona, especially because they found the “overlooked” emails within days of the Bloomberg piece (why did they even revisit them in the first place?).

      State was only working with 30,000 emails total, and has only gotten thru maybe half of those – it’s simply not possible to overlook 1,000 even when the standard is “work related”. It becomes a ludicrous excuse when not only are they work related, but specific to Benghazi.

      1. The HD is irrelevant. Official State Department emails must by federal law be backed up and stored off site. If there are not backups, then there’s your problem.

        1. Except State revealed that almost no one’s emails were archived as they should have been. So the HD is very, very relevant. Prior to this, the HIllary lawyer at State that’s in charge of determining what’s personal or work related was the gatekeeper. Now she can’t bury anything or she risks her own ass.

          1. “Now she can’t bury anything or she risks her own ass.”
            We can hope.

        2. And somehow she lacked the resources to locate and contract with anybody that possessed the necessary skills to do the job right.

          1. My suspicion is that what she simply wanted was someone inexperienced, inexpensive and easily intimidated.

            The mistake was that really, it doesn’t take a triple-digit IQ to know, or figure out, that handling government information is inescapably going to be subject to government oversight, and potentially, interference.

            Add to that, that she’s a cheapskate. The Huma Abedin scandal, really, is simply money. Abedin could have taken a salaried position outside the State Department, and retained whatever clearance she had, and been granted an advisory role (paid) with the Clinton Foundation. The problem was, as I see it, that Huma just had to get her Hermes bags paid for by the taxpayer.

            And really, let’s face it, Hillary’s always been a “demand forgivness, rather than ask permission” person. She’s managed to crush all attacks on her in the past, and her hubris led her to believe she’d be able to brazen anything out.

      2. What was the Bloomberg piece ? I missed it.

        1. http://www.bloomberg.com/polit…..ton-server

          Note that it was published on 9/22 and, lo and behold, State announces on 9/25 that they just happened to have been re-reviewing the emails and made a big oopsie.

          1. Dunno if you are old enough to have watched Nixon being hing by own petard, but the script was similar.

          2. This is just all so fucking lame. There are NO fucking missing emails. All of this is backed up, off site, and if it’s not, why the fuck is this hag not in prison for violating federal laws for destroying official State Department information? The Obama administration is running cover for Hillary so as not to damage the Democratic brand anymore than it is already damaged.

            Seriously, fuck this shit. The American public are not this damn stupid, are they? If so, we are really so fucked.

            1. “Seriously, fuck this shit. The American public are not this damn stupid, are they? If so, we are really so fucked.”

              Duuno about the pub, but what passes for news sources seems to be lacking in curiosity.

            2. Probably 35-40% of the electorate won’t begin paying attention to anything political until next summer. And the main issue on half of their minds will be how cool it would be to have a president with a vagina, even if it’s decrepit.

            3. The Obama administration is running cover for Hillary so as not to damage the Democratic brand anymore than it is already damaged.

              Obama doesn’t give a damn about the Democratic Brand. He’s dripping this out to force Hill out of the race at the worst possible time for her and to ensure that his man or wife becomes the inevitable replacement.

              1. That’s certainly possible, but it’s seemed for a long time that BO has no control over the various parts of his administration. Right now State and Justice are at each other’s throats on this issue. BO could have torpedoed Hillary in lots of other more effective ways and chose not to.

                My money’s on the DOJ being forced to put politics aside by the intelligence community, which is still mostly apolitical and absolutely furious at Hillary for mishandling classified material.

      3. And longtime Clinton apparatchik Patrick F Kennedy, Management Undersecretary of the State Dept (not to be confused with Patrick J Kennedy, the drunk-driving pot-prohibitionist former Congressman) is now demanding that the FBI tell them what they’ve recovered from the server.

        On the John Batchellor show the other night, John said this is evidence that Clinton’s own people are turning against her.

        John isn’t very bright sometimes. Kennedy is obviously more interested in what they HAVEN’T been able to recover, and thus is safe to keep secret, and will presumably pass the information he gets on to the Clintons so they can conduct better damage control.

    2. Were they disguised as cute kitty vids?


      1. Q, I thought that was gonna be the ‘ceiling cat’ image…

        1. I never even want to consider even the possibility of imagining seeing either you or HRC masturbating. No offense.

          1. sugarfree wrote a story about that I think.

            something about her labium oozing out of her panties like dough from a broken pillsbury cinnamon rolls can.

            1. Ceiling Cat gouges out his own eyes with his SO CUTE! kitty claws!

    3. cat pictures

    4. OK, hold it. The State Department is run by the kind of dolts who go to Harvard and Yale and major in International Relations. It’s entirely believable that they couldn’t find a bunch of e-mails if they were even slightly concealed.

      For the last hundred years, the State Department has only rarely been able to find its own dick.

      1. “It’s entirely believable that they couldn’t find a bunch of e-mails if they were in a system designed to the specs such dolts would give by someone such dolts would hire.”

  3. Sounds like Hillary should have used something better than a cloth to wipe her server.

  4. What do you think the Mars Mystery is?

    I hope it’s not life on Mars. I can see the environmentalists and other usual suspects killing off space exploration if it is.

    1. Life on Mars will be declared proof of climate change and patriarchy.

      1. There’s actually not anything that does not prove man made climate change, so yeah.

        1. Don’t forget patriarchy. Patriarchy is the climate change of the 21st century and beyond.

      2. It will be the freakiest show.

      3. Wouldn’t Martian global warming be a good thing?

      4. Called it
        “But something happened,” said NASA astrophysicist Tom Greene.

        “Mars suffered climate change and lost its surface water.”

    2. Some type of proof of water once existing on Mars. All of Nasa’s major announcements are totally boring. For instance:

      1. We’re going to Mars by 1980!

      2. We’re going to Mars by 1985!

      3. We’re giving up going to the moon and Mars and deep space exploration in favor of fucking around in low earth orbit for the next 40 years.

      4. Staying in low earth orbit for the last 40 years, was a mistake because everyone is calling us morons and imbeciles and just another worthless government bureaucracy.

      Next: There ‘might be’ liquid water on Mars, or at least it once could have existed! Give us more funding!

      1. I thought there already was proof of liquid water on Mars based on erosion patterns?

        1. I think this is the announcement.

          1. I’m thinking of something older, though I’m drawing a blank. I blame the beer I’m drinking.

            1. What you drinking, bro? I had come good lager at Niagara Brewing Company couple days ago. Just drinking Heineken and Molson tonight.

              1. I just finished a bomber bottle of Clown Shoes’ Extremely Angry Beast. It was good.

                Shall we move the booze thread over here from the other thread?

              2. RE: Heineken: My first time flying through Schiphol Airport I arrived at 5 AM local time. After clearing Immigration, I went over to the area with the gate for my connection. I saw two bars open and pouring Heineken. I was tempted, but I decided on coffee instead.

                1. Not sure what it is that people don’t like about Heineken. It remains my favorite beer until this day.

                  Speaking of immigration, I just folded time from Canuckistan and I left my passport at home, lol, that was interesting.

                  1. There is a beer carried by my local liquor store named “Holland Import”.

                    I tried one and it is identical in taste to Heineken as far I can tell.

                    I suspect it is the leftover batches that weren’t sold under the Heineken label.

                    It was $4.99 a six pack therefore superior to Heineken.

                    1. I’ll buy all of it.

                  2. Yeah I’m not a beer snob so I like Heineken just fine. Though I do have a preference for German beers esp. Spaten.

                  3. The Canadian border guards searched my car and my stuff on my recent trip to Canada.

                    Three of five times I’ve gone to Canada and been hassled by the border guards. I intend no more trips to Canada.

                    1. I can no longer contribute. I’ve moved on to Miller Lite.

                    2. Dear god what the hell is wrong with you.

                    3. I can do only so many heavy beers. I suppose I could break open my 1792 but I don’t think so at this point.

                    4. There are non-heavy beers the AREN’T Miller Lite.

                    5. I’ve stopped drinking, which is better than drinking Miller Lite.

                    6. “I’ve stopped drinking”

                      Most excellent choice.

                    7. “I’ve stopped drinking, which is better than drinking Miller Lite”

                      My buzz says you’re wrong:)

                    8. I’ve stopped drinking, which is better than drinking Miller Lite.

                      …for a magazine called “Reason”…

                      This is like the worst chatroom, evar…

                      It was better when Postrel was here

                      There’s three for you.

                    9. “I’ve moved on to Miller Lite”

                      If you want to go to a more pure form of water, Coors Lite will do it for you.

                    10. I hate Coors Lite. It’s almost as bad as Corona.

                    11. Corona pretty much sucks ballz. But I hate all lite beers. Heineken lite is actually the best, but as far as I can tell, none of them have any alcohol in them.

                      I remember one time I was having a backyard cookout. A friend of mine came over and he was supposed to bring the beer and had a case of Coors Lite in his cooler. We drank a couple and then he got a phone call and said he had to leave and would be back soon. This was like 5pm. The 2 other guys who were supposed to show up, never showed. I had no other alcohol in the house and so I’m drinking this Coors Lite. My friend finally came back at around 9pm and I had drank all of that beer, all of it. And I could barely feel any effect from it at all. I told him go to the liquor store and get some real fucking beer, with alcohol, and come back and I’ll cook some more food.

                    12. When I was an undergrad, I joined a couple of friends at a bar. We wanted Yuengling. One of my friends went to the bar to get a pitcher. He comes back with a pitcher of Bud Light.

                      I asked him why.

                      He said the bar is out of Yuengling, but they had a special on pitchers of Bud Light. He decided to get the pitcher of Bud Light because it was so cheap he didn’t see how we could go wrong.

                      I couldn’t finish my glass. I insisted on going to a bar that had Yuengling. After my friend that bought the pitcher finished the pitcher, we did.

                    13. I insisted on going to a bar that had Yuengling.

                      I had 2 glasses of it couple nights ago because I was in PA and they had it on tap. It’s definitely a lot better than Bud.

                    14. Thursday I need to go the lcoal sports bar to catch the Stillers game. Last time I got Sam Adams, but this time I think I’ll ask for Yingling, or however they spell it.

                    15. To some degree that’s the whole point if lite beer. I can drink it all day and never get drunk. But I’ll be in good mood. I can tell you if I kept drinking that Victory Twelve that I started the evening with (that taste a milllion times better than this), I’d be full and shitfaced.

                    16. The Canadian border guards searched my car and my stuff on my recent trip to Canada.

                      Really? I actually forgot my passport. So I pulled up to the stop and there’s this woman… I think that was a woman. It was sort of man like, but I think it had breasts or something. Anyway, I told WomanBearPig that I forgot my passport. So the only thing she seemed to be interested in is how many weapons I have. I said I don’t have any. So then she seemed to be interested about how many weapons I own back home. I guess because all Murikans are gun crazed maniacs. Anyway, so I get to secondary inspection. Guy asked me like 3 questions and told me ‘enjoy your stay’. On the way back into Murika, no questions about my passport, they just let me pass with my drivers license. Of course that’s because I do actually have a vaild passport.

                    17. Really?


                      The woman that first interviewed me (and she did look like a woman, though a bit on the chunky side) asked, among other questions, if I was travelling with firearms. She did not ask if I owned firearms. I told her no.

                      Sometime during the questioning, which was business-like, not rude, not polite, business-like, I noticed she was looking in the back of my car and she was writing something down.

                      When she finished questioning me, she handed me back my passport and handed me a slip of paper. She told me to park my car under a particular awning and to take my passport and that slip of paper to the counter inside the building.

                      I parked and went into the building.

                      There were several bored border guards in the building. I approached the one that held eye contact with me the longest. It helped that she was cute.

                      She had a few questions for me, some of which were repeats of the ones the first guard asked me. She asked a couple of different questions. For one of the different questions, she gave me a funny look and asked, “Is this your first time visiting Canada?” I told her no. She asked when I last visited Canada. I told her I couldn’t remember, maybe two years ago, maybe a year ago, but I remember the trip was to Quebec. She asked a few more questions. At some point she scanned my passport. Then when she was done questioning me, she asked for the keys to my car.


                    18. She searched my car and my stuff. When she was done, she came back in, handed me my passport and keys, and sent me on my way.

                      I mentioned this to a Canadian coworker who has family in Canada living near the border crossing I used. He told me that the Canadian border guards at that crossing had, just a few days before I went to Canada, busted a smuggling ring. He said the guards get jumpy after that. In fact, a day or two after my crossing, his family members took a trip to the US. The Canadian border guards searched them when they returned to Canada.

                    19. DEG, that sounds very similar to my experience, except that they didn’t touch my car. The guy in secondary was really polite and I think he asked me ‘where were you born, how long are you staying, where are you staying’. That was it, it was like 30 seconds and I was out.

                      Keep in mind, I didn’t have my passport with me. I think if I would have, I would have just been waived through.

                      The seeming obsession about guns was strange.

                      I’ve noticed over the last few years that American border guards have been getting consistently nicer when I return to the US. I think too many complaints. And of course, they cannot deny an American citizen re-entry for any reason whatsoever.

                    20. I’ve noticed the US border guards have become very business-like over the last few years. Not polite, not rude, business-like.

                      I’ve had rude US border guards, but those encounters were all a few years ago. I’ve had very polite and friendly border guards, but those encounters were all in the early 00s.

                      Interestingly enough, this is the only time a Canadian border guard asked me about guns.

                    21. Oh yeah, they do that now.

                  4. Because Heineken usually tastes skunky

                    1. I expect that for the bottles. Green glass.

                      From kegs it is better.

                    2. Heineken is so high volume sales in the US now, you will rarely get skunky beer. Just look for dust on the bottle, if there is any, don’t buy it. I haven’t had skunky Heineken in probably 10 years.

                    3. It doesn’t need to have dust on the bottles to get skunky, since it’s a light thing. A beer in a clear or green glass bottle can get skunky before it can even get dusty. Even a beer in a brown bottle can go bad before it can get dusty.

                      Statistically, I’ve read it’s almost up there with Corona for propensity for skunkiness. Although green bottles are slightly better than clear, they still don’t prevent UV light like dark brown.

                    4. “It doesn’t need to have dust on the bottles to get skunky”

                      I still haven’t had any skunky Heineken for at least 10 years. And rarely any beers these days.

                    5. OK. But you did ask…and I used to be a bartender and I have all this extra information that I don’t use anymore, so there you go.

                    6. One of those experiences involved serving a decidedly non-dusty but moldy bottle of some wheat beer to a customer, blech. I made sure we had a system after that.

                    7. Not if it’s fresh it don’t. I have had some like that a long time ago from low volume stores. Not for a long time though.

                      My wife and I were at a bar last night in PA and they have Stella on tap. Damn it was good and I was also helping her drink her margaritas. I got shit face drunk. I don’t even remember going to bed. My wife has this cheetah leopard spots thingy she wears to bed sometimes and I guess I called her Pebbles and was laughing and she’s still pizzed, lol.

                    8. I woke up this morning and my wife is looking at me asking ‘what is pebbles’? And I was thinking ‘oh holy mother of bejeebus, wtf how much did I drink last night’? And I said ‘ummm, what’?

                    9. Bamm. Bamm::)

                    10. I remember telling a Belgian Army Major how popular Stella was back in the States and his went “Pfft! that is peasant beer”. Apparently it is the Pabst Blue Ribbon of Belgium.
                      Of course, Belgium is the olny place in the world that can even look us in the eye about beer, so I just nodded and looked serious.

                      anyhoo, back to my giant glasses of shiraz and playing my Aisa “Alpha” tape on the old Walkman I just found….

                    11. Man, do I love “Open Your Eyes”


                    12. “I remember telling a Belgian Army Major how popular Stella was back in the States and his went “Pfft! that is peasant beer”. Apparently it is the Pabst Blue Ribbon of Belgium.”

                      When we were in Amsterdam, the barkeep referred to it as ‘wife beater’. But then most Euros based their opinions of US beers by what was offered at the PX at the local military base: Bud.

                    13. Stella is better than any American made lager, as is Heineken, and pretty much all lagers made in Europe. Embarrassing, but apparently a problem that cannot be solved.

                    14. Yeah Saisons are amazing.


                    1. Mommy?

      2. Low earth orbit has been very useful for scientific research. Sending humans any further is utterly pointless when robotics can do almost as much as a human (and in some aspects, far more) at a tiny fraction of the cost. Something that should be foremost on the mind of someone who claims to be a friend of the taxpayer.

    3. “What do you think the Mars Mystery is?”

      That NASA has determined that “The Red Planet” is offensive to American-Indians, so they have decided to officially declare its actual hue “Grey/Blue

      1. Then that makes it racist. Civil War racist!

      2. That looks an awful lot like clay…

        Clay is made by biological processes right?

        1. No – mostly geological processes. It comes from the constant weathering and erosion of various types of rock and minerals through the action of wind and water.

          1. To be a bit more precise – slightly acidic water or carbonic acid.

    4. NASA is going to send a man to Mars by 2030 ?

      By 2030 it would be a huge waste of money to put a human on Mars when there will be robotics that could do a better job for a lot less money.

      1. NASA is going to send a man to Mars by 2030?

        Yeah, they were also going to do that in 1980. And 1981, and 1982, and 1985…. and … oh, we’re still stuck in low orbit….

        Fuck NASA. Just another worthless government agency since around 1975.

      2. The only reason you would want humans to go is to get your foot in the door for colonization.

        The problem with colonizing Mars is that the interior of Antarctica is a paradise of hospitability by comparison, and we can barely maintain one tiny outpost there (which is frequently resupplied from the coast).

    5. Mark Watney is alive.

      1. “He’s stuck out there. He thinks he’s totally alone and that we all gave up on him. What kind of effect does that have on a man’s psychology?” He turned back to Venkat. “I wonder what he’s thinking right now.”

        LOG ENTRY: SOL 61 How come Aquaman can control whales? They’re mammals! Makes no sense.”

        1. Is that a real quote from the book?

          I have mostly avoided it cuz of some of the shits who promoted it ie Gawker, Boing Boing

          But that makes it sound pretty good….

          Much better then the toilet paper know as “Ready Player One”

          1. Yes. Read it. It’s a fun and funny book.

      1. Als, Damn yu o key.

    6. All the more reason to kill off NASA funding.

    7. What do you think the Mars Mystery is?

      It is water. It is always water…

      But not really water. More like really strong evidence of liquid water in Mars’s past.

      1. There could be water, or there might be water, or maybe there was once water, but we really cannot prove it yet, although the evidence is better now! And, we’re going to send a team of scientists in 2022… err… I mean, 2035… well, at least by 2050… I mean robotic probes… more of them, because humans… someone might get hurt, they could and I would have to give you your money back… not me, someone from Heineken would maybe give you your money back.

      2. No, it’s ice – ice in the form of frozen beer.

  5. I imagine content such as:

    Whose Ben Gazi?

    We have a consulate in Libya?

    Did this Chris guy donate to the foundation y/n?

    No, we shouldn’t escalate the violence.

    Can somebody DVR the coverage for me?

    This is more the CIAs prob.

    1. RE: Benghazi

      When Cheney was President (with W pretending to hold the office), MORE THAN FIFTY Americans were murdered in terrorist attacks against US Embassies in foreign countries. Just FYI.

      1. Ohhh!!! The old ‘Boosh did it too!’ tactic. Gee golly garsh, we’uns ain’t never heared of that one befur!

        1. No, it’s not the “Boosh did it too” tactic; it’s the Boosh did it MORE tactic.

          From a libertarian standpoint (and I voted Libertarian before most of you were born) Republicans are worse than Dems in almost all respects, even in financial policy. It’s true that Reps support tax cuts, but almost all the tax cuts go to the extreme upper class, people who obtained most of their money in ways which are forbidden by libertarianism: government-enforced monopolies, government contracts, and political favors. Also, the Reps never balance their tax cuts with spending cuts; they finance them by increasing public debt, which is a big libertarian no-no.

          There is no such thing as a true Republican spending hawk. Even Phil Gramm (remember him?) the self-proclaimed king of spending hawks and anti-pork crusaders, voted for the Superconducting Supercollider, a hugely expensive, hugely wasteful science boondoggle whose results would have been meaningful to fewer than 200 scientists in the whole world and would have had zero practical or profitable applications, because the Feds proposed building it and spending the money in his state. Pure, unadulterated pork.

          1. Hmmm…..doubling down on tu quoque despiting having argument demolished on its own terms by others, claiming superlative libertarian bonafides, all while servicing a Democratic politician…where have I heard this before?

            Shrike, that you?

      2. They must not have done nearly as good a job of covering it up though.

        Were they the result of a movie as well ?

        BOOOOSSSHHH + !11!!1

      3. ” MORE THAN FIFTY Americans were murdered in terrorist attacks against US Embassies”


        You’re wrong on at least a few dimensions.

        (1), that “50+ Amerians” were were killed in (2)”terrorist attacks” on (3) “US embassies”

        The data you are trying to cite conflates a whole bunch of stuff trying to create the impression that Benghazi style events were common.

        They were not. In fact there’s no comparable example.

        1 – very few american diplomatic figures have been killed
        2 – of a wide range of attacks – mostly not terrorism related – a few isolated terrorist acts killed a fairly large number of non-American personnel
        3 – the few American personnel killed occurred in situations completely apart from ’embassy attacks’

        to wit =

        “If you only count those [attacks] at embassies and consulates proper, the number of deaths drops to 66.

        We should note that the vast majority of these deaths were not Americans. We counted 63 deaths that were either of non-Americans or of people whose nationality is unknown. Another three were U.S. civilians

        So there are actually ZERO comparable examples of US diplomatic figures killed in terrorist attacks on US embassies

        You’re either incredibly stupid, or dishonest. Which is it?

        1. Obviously, a lefist troll. Lying, distorting facts, deflecting and obscuring the truth, and just downright making shit up is what they do, because they have nothing else.

          This sort of reminds me of a conversation I not long ago had with a leftist over the email scandal where the guy tried to say that other Secretaries of State set up personal email servers to be used for official State Department business when in reality it is an easily verified fact that this has never happened. Then the idiot asked me how I can really prove this since ‘do I have any idea how many Secretaries of State there have actually been’? So then I asked him if he’s trying to say that maybe John Jay and Thomas Jefferson set up email servers?

          Leftists are liars by nature.

          1. re: “liars by nature”… I’d probably go with =

            “they don’t understand the difference between a purely rhetorical argument, and actual use of reason + facts to draw conclusions”

            as the retard-above shows… the ‘facts’ are not so much the attempted point – retard does not know the facts, nor does retard care about the facts. the thing they want to try and communicate is entirely *rhetorical* = “BOOSH let people die too!!”…

            ….as though that’s some sort of *emotional* exculpation of the blatant lies / cover-up by Obama/Clinton for the death of Ambassador Stevens et al

            Because – So #@#(& What? if ‘some other’ president also committed horrible indiscretions? (even if it were true) How is it even relevant? The existence of Stalin does not make Hitler a “good guy”. There is no ‘relativity’ in criminal misconduct.

            There’s no logic to it at all. And there’s no attempt at logic. Its just a emotional splurt that (in their feeble minds) “sounds like” it makes Obama & Co. seem better by contrast.

            its so dumb it feels like wasted effort even dealing with it. Because they never evolve beyond that sort of stuff.

            1. So, about those manned moon landings…

              1. Filmmaker says we didn’t have the video technology to fake the moon landing.

                1. They took all of that stuff up there with them and did it with mirrors!

                  Yes, I was actually told this once by one the ‘church ladies’, the proglodytes of my youth.

                  So I asked her ‘up where’?

                  And she said ‘God won’t let no people go to no moon’! and waved her bible at me in a threatening manner.

                  Right now, her granddaughter is on a college campus accusing some innocent bloke of rape and carrying her mattress to class.

                  1. “They took all of that stuff up there”

                    sooo they made a moon landing to fake a moon landing?

                    “So I asked her ‘up where’?

                    And she said ‘God won’t let no people go to no moon’! and waved her bible at me in a threatening manner.”

                    Holy fuck this is going to drive me mad.

                    I hate your story Hyperion. Hate it!

                    1. Everyone hates my stories, because they’re the best!

                  2. so the church ladies’ granddaughter pays guys to fuck her on camera to prove she’s a victim?

        2. Maybe Intelligent Mr.Toad is too intelligent for his own good.

          1. Look, he’s a toad. Frankly the fact he can write and use the internet is pretty damn impressive, and requiring him to do more than regurgitate talking points is a little demanding, don’t you think?

            1. Yeah, it’s not like he’s a lizard or anything.

            2. So. like the dog that walks on its back legs?

            3. It’s downright ‘reptilianist’

            4. Fuck, you should check out an internet poker game some time. Harf the players is dogs. The other harf, babies.

      4. Intelligent Mr Toad|9.26.15 @ 8:12PM|#
        “RE: Benghazi”

        Nice to see you again!
        I see you’re as full of shit as you were last time you were here. Please leave again, and take your bullshit with you.

      5. Bush pretended to be President? That’s some trick.

        I wonder what Obama is doing.

        1. Hoping not to be mistaken for Bush III.

  6. OT: I’m trying to recollect who it was who, while stumping for a seat in Congress in the late eighteenth century, stopped by a farmer and asked what the farmer thought of his candidacy. The farmer ostensibly launches into a story about a house fire somewhere in the county and condemns the Congressman’s appropriation of funds to provide for the family. Does this ring bells for anyone?

    1. I think it was Davy Crockett.

    2. Davey Crockett I think.

      1. Was Davey Crockett every really a farmer ?

        I can’t picture him staring at the ass end of a mule all day.

        The reality of a farmer in those days doesn’t jibe with the image of a swashbuckling King of the Wild Frontier.

        1. Ooops !

          Beer is good.

          Posting is good.

          Beer + posting not so muuuuch .

          1. Beer + posting not so muuuuch .

            Yeah, you do have to be a bit careful.

            Or you could just channel Agile Cyborg.

          2. Beer + posting not so muuuuch

            What? Beer + posting is like America and apple pie. Why do you hate apple pie?

            1. “Be wary of strong drink. It can make you shoot at tax collectors… and miss.”

              Similarly, you might engage a troll and stoop to its level.

        2. I thought he was a hunter. Went out hunting into the frontier and got in trouble with the Indians on occasion.

    3. I think it was Daevey Crockett.

    4. I poked around the Intertubes to find some citations for the story to see if it was real or apocryphal. I found this that claims the story might have been made up.

      1. That’s good to know. It looks pretty apocryphal. Good story, though.

  7. It’ll be a nice touch when, after all 60,000 emails eventually become public, not one of them will have anything to do with yoga.

    1. Well, I heard that yoga cures cankles, so obviously, no.

    2. I heard some of the E-mails were “Pantsuit Grannies do America with their teeth removed”.

      1. You into double wide pantsuits, cankles, and removable teeth? 1-800-CALL-HILL.

    3. Als? als? wik|9.26.15 @ 7:51PM|#
      “It’ll be a nice touch when, after all 60,000 emails eventually become public, not one of them will have anything to do with yoga.”

      And 59,999 were classified as “secret”.

  8. Ricochet Crockoshit works with the state department and is part of team Hillary.

  9. So if NASA actually do announce something really shocking like they found proof of life on Mars, the Tony’s of the world will go fucking batshit insane (not that they aren’t already) and say that this proves them right about everything, ever, forever. I have no idea what that means, but they will.

    1. They must be taxed!!!!

      1. Of course, and since Martian bacteria cannot be forced to pay taxes, you’re going to have to make the sacrifice and pay their fair share.

        1. Well, I saw what was on your e-mail server….so do yourself a favor and pay the tax for you and me.

  10. The Clintons love these “scandals”. They make their opponents appear trivial, vindictive, petty, vapid, and out of touch with the country’s real problems. It’s the Clinton rope-a-dope trick, same as Muhammad Ali did to George Foreman. The opponents wear themselves out chasing the Clintons around the ring, trying more and more desperately to land a punch. I bet Hillary is arranging for these revelations to come out drip by drip in order to lower her own approval numbers, so that she can stage a comeback when the number matter. Remember the 1990s, how Bill’s approval numbers were always low except when he needed them to be high?

    Remember: who was the only politician who lost his job because of Monica Lewinsky? Newt Gingrich, that’s who.

    1. That’s all over now. Hillary is just a bitter old hag who no one likes. It’s over.

    2. You can’t compare Hillary to Ali. That’s just disrespectful. Ali told the gov’t in other words to stick their bullshit war up their ass.

      Meanwhile, Hillary wants gov’t up the assess of everything……except her email server.

      1. If only Cassius Clay had the courage of Ali.

        1. He thinks his wits are as tall as a redwood tree, but I’ll knock Austrian Anarchy out in three.

            1. I’m a bad man, I’m purty!

              1. I done wrestled with an alligator, I done tussled with a whale; handcuffed lightning, thrown thunder in jail; only last week, I murdered a rock, injured a stone, hospitalised a brick; I’m so mean I make medicine sick.

                1. RAP ISNT EVEN MUSIC

                  / John

                    1. I was referencing Muhammed Ali as one of the great Proto-Rappers

                      Self-Aggrandizing is pretty much 1/3 of what rhyme styling is about. In the case of some of the early greats, it comprised entire songs.


                      “Party people in the place
                      Embrace the bass as I commence to pick up the pace
                      And make you motivate, and accelerate
                      Cause like Tony the Tiger, I’m greeeat!
                      Always seem to come off, hard for you somehow
                      I mean, me being wack, oh come come now
                      That’s quite ridiculous, so just admit you was
                      Thrilled, it’s on your face, and it’s conspicuous
                      Not that you’re on this, but my performance
                      Is rather exquisite, so hard is it
                      Or supremacy, that’s the perfect definition
                      But rappers keep wishing to be in my position
                      Know good and damn well they ain’t no competition
                      Huh, I gotta give it to you kid, that’s ambition
                      For you to perpetrate the role of me, the Big Daddy
                      The Big Father, nah don’t even bother
                      Cause that would mean you would have to teach
                      Each and every one idiotic son
                      Trying to make it, you can’t fake it
                      The rhymes I recite are fully dressed and yours are butt naked
                      Your speech is weak, while my mine stands strong
                      So, all hail the man that’s here to live long

                  1. I miss John! There I said it.

                    Come on, he wasn’t that bad

                    1. I kind of like the diversity of personalities among Reasonoids. John filled a niche, now it’s empty.

                    2. John was once an interesting contrarian, but about a year ago, something snapped.

          1. Lew Alcindor handles my light work.

    3. Intelligent Mr Toad|9.26.15 @ 8:01PM|#
      “…Remember: who was the only politician who lost his job because of Monica Lewinsky? Newt Gingrich, that’s who.”

      Damn. Still here with your crap? No one here gives much of a crap about Gingrich and take a look around; you seem to be lost.
      The sewage treatment plant is down the end of the road.

      1. Some weekend, you might pass the time by compiling a list of all the H&R regulars who are, like, total imbeciles and fucktards. Based on your best judgment.

        1. Notorious UGCC|9.26.15 @ 9:50PM|#
          “Some weekend, you might pass the time by compiling a list of all the H&R regulars who are, like, total imbeciles and fucktards. Based on your best judgment.”

          Ya know, eddie, you’d do a lot better dealing with the fact that adults who have imaginary friends really aren’t very bright rather than blaming the messenger who told you so.
          That way, you wouldn’t be an asshole along with an ignoramus.

          1. Sevo, I bet that deep down, you’re really a nice guy.

            But I know you wouldn’t want that to get out, so your secret is safe with me.

            1. Eddie, I bet deep down, you’re really an ignoramus. And it’s no secret.

              1. *smooches*

                1. Passive-aggressive would be a condition I’d expect.

                  1. Bless your heart.

                    1. Passive-aggressive would be a condition I’d expect.
                      Are you a dunphy sock?

                  2. Sevo – Lighten up, Francis.

                    1. Swiss Servator|9.26.15 @ 11:44PM|#
                      “Sevo – Lighten up, Francis.”

                      SS, let’s see what happened:
                      1) I called a lefty troll on obvious bullshit.
                      2) Eddy asked why I haven’t included him in a list of obvious assholes.
                      3) I pointed out, in so many words that the piece of shit is stalking me and is somewhat mentally imbalanced.
                      4) The piece of shit then embarks on a passive-aggressive campaign in the hopes that, I guess, someone will assume he’s not a raging asshole.
                      And now you propose, exactly what?
                      I’ll be happy to listen, so let’s see it.

    4. Wow. You’re some piece of work.

      About the last sentence, you bragging about it points straight to your moral compass. As if that’s a *good* thing a serial womanizer continues to have his dick stroked by retarded remedial sycophants.

    5. Hi, Toad.

      I just googled “Hillary Clinton rope-a-dope” and got about a billion hits, most from recent news commentary.

      If you’re just going to shamelessly cut-and-paste your thinking, could you at least provide a citation?

      1. Yes, recently a lot of news commenters have been making the “Clinton rope-a-dope” point, but I was making it long before they were. I was comparing Bill Clinton to Muhammad Ali in the early ’90s. I am pleased that my analogy has become mainstream!

    6. Everyone acts like the Clintons are political geniuses or something. Let’s examine their electoral history.

      Bill won the Arkansas governor elections facing farmers and random businessmen as opponents in what at that time was a very blue state, failed to get a majority in any of his presidential election wins, and cost the Democrats their decades-old congressional majority two years into office, which they would not win back until he was out of office. He also pissed off enough of his own party to make them vote third party, costing his veep the 2000 election.

      Hillary also helped lose that congressional majority, and won two Senate elections in a hand-picked deep blue state and no internal party opposition, then proceeded to lose a presidential primary she had no business losing.

      1. Clinton is a genius because the dot com bubble was awesome, and because he didn’t get kicked out of office for raping interns (rape as defined by SJW).

        And that’s all you need to know that Clinton was a genius.

      2. No, the Dems’ loss of the House majority was not Bill’s fault. It was because of the erosion of the political factory-labor-union machine.

        1. No, we saw two years of Bill and HillaryCare in the news every day and said “fuck that” (although, using that word in the same sentence as Hillary, maybe not)

  11. And gone are the days of destroying hard drives or creating a fake male alias to secretly conduct business.

    FFS, I’ve been drinking too (Belgian inspired farmhouse ales with 4 course dinner) but I’m the only one to catch this?

    1. fake male alias

      You stop with your Caitlin bashing! Caitlin’s a man, I mean a woman! And and … he… she’s … he’s …. she’s the most beautiful woman in all da murl! Hate monger!

      1. On our recent trip Shania Twain I Feel Like a Women came on radio. My wife is like do you think Caitlin Jenner relates to this song? I’m like who gives a fuck?

        1. Dude looks like a lady… or in this case, lady looks like a dude.

    2. A female EPA Chief named Lisa Jackson used “Richard Windsor” as an e-alias

      1. Did she have a more powerful imaginary friend, Dick Cleveland who drove a Mustang?

        1. Yes. And Dick had installed a defeat device to get the Mustang past inspection.

  12. If this was Condelizza, the media would have turned this into Watergate x 9/11 x 1000.

      1. I read somewhere that England has progressed to “was” while Americans are still stuck on “were”.

        1. Yeah, I’m always behind the times:)

          1. By the way, I never get the difference between “that” and “which,” though to some people making an error in this regard is worse than calling someone a [bleep] or a [bleep].

            1. By some people, you mean Nicole right?

            2. That which weren’t wasn’t weren’t which that.

            3. I just use whichever one sounds better. There may be a rule but I have never looked into it – despite being a linguistics nerd. I’m sure HM will be around in a while to explain it to us 🙂

                1. Restrictive: “I don’t want you fooling around with that there Higgins boy.”

                  Nonrestrictive: “Feel free to have some of the pie which I’ve left in the fridge for you.”

                  1. Very Restrictive: “See that gun that I am holding? That means that if you come a step closer I’ll shoot you so that your momma wouldn’t recognize you.”

                  2. Although I use ‘which’, I’d use ‘that’ in both of your examples. ‘Which’ just doesn’t sound correct in the second. I’d even leave out the word altogether, as in “some of the pie I left in the fridge”

            4. I don’t get the difference between “but” and “and”.

        1. I think there is only one e. I’m on my smartphone. Keyboard sucks like you can’t imagine. I have to correct every other fucking word so I end up missing some.

          1. I used to have to misspell words of my own volition but now I have a machine to handle that for me. What wonderful new technology we have.

  13. Poured tons of sugar on Remy and was satisfull.

    1. So that’s why he hasn’t posted a new song in a while.

    2. AC, the last bit with Shrill ‘telling a joke’ really worked well.

  14. More Peep Show. Tonight’s highlight:

    “She’s taken my sperm! And sperm is like lending someone less than a fiver. You can’t really ask for it back.”

    1. They did “awkward funny” better than anyone else, IMO.

  15. If the pope was a couple of fucking years younger and female and sat on a solid oaken chair deftly piled high with the finest furs of animals since hunted to extinction in an age where popes swung staves with a concentrated eye glance unleashing any number of fucking very difficult to comprehend in scope tortures in a past age where wrinkles equaled the amount of limbs you ripped off for Jesus… Hillary would be this. And all the little girls and boys with the shrunken brains in the colleges rippling with self collated never ending cum in the face forever places like MIT and Berkley. May Jesus through Hillary Priestess just collapse those hell arms into broken pieces no fucking shitty doctor can fix. Like fucking college arm slinkies. all the bitches be piling down the fucking stars like swerving ohms on a circuit haunted by satanic rats.

    1. Get this guy a cable TV show!

    1. “”Officer Dandurand should not be demonized for one unfortunate incident in which several factors played into the outcome,” Williams said.”

      I bet the cops frequently give “civilians” a break on precisely those grounds.

      “We caught him on a bad day, he’s generally an upstanding citizen, what say we let him go?”

  16. I seriously cannot hurt myself more than all this shit whirling about my head and shit. I could eat jeeps and goats and not even get close to the shit fucking stabbing my fucking jello palace. Like fucking truncated cable tunnels boiled like squid and shit and poured into the hole drilled into my prancing slippery vectors and all that shit gets leaky and crap and and add the mags and voices and vices and calls and shrieks and blogs and poltegeists and notes and all and a man has to pause and then simply explode into a billion bits of blood speckles dripping with hellish cum.

    1. So speaking of Poltegeists. At work I kept hearing this shit that sounded like that girl talking from that that tv. I’m like wtf, am I going crazy? This went on for a while. I finally was able to trace the sound to these fucking minion dolls some dude had at his desk. WTF is up with this dude having Minion dolls that sound like Polterguest girl?

      1. Which is how those movies really should be, right? Creepy bullshit occurs, guy goes to investigate, creepy bullshit turns out to be bullshit, guy goes back to whatever it was he was up to. The end.

  17. I love NOT.

    1. NOT is an odd name

      1. “NOT” is just her initials.

  18. Bill Clinton Blames GOP, Media For Hillary Email Uproar
    “”I have never seen so much expended on so little*””

    *…How tall was Monica?

    For a guy impeached for lying about fingerbanging an intern, he’s really got a depth of perspective on “ruining one’s career over some really dumb shit”

    1. I respect him for standing up for his wife.

      1. Uh, he’s hoping that’s his meal ticket in not too long.
        Besides, you think he wouldn’t get his ass tossed out the front door if he didn’t?
        All he missed was “TVRWC!!!!!”

        1. I apologize for no /sarc on that, but that fucken guy…

          1. Ooops. I apologize for a faulty sarc gauge. I’ll send it in for calibration…

    2. And if they do, they’d like her as mangled up as possible.

      Bill’s lack of self awareness is legendary.

    3. It’s all just another “vast, rightwing conspiracy” – right, Billy Boy?

  19. So ENB’s name dropping gamergate in her article got me thinking.

    He premise was that small government groups like gamergate are not true libertarians because they are not ideological libertarians and therefore libertarianism is safe for feminists whom she conflates with all women or some bullshit.

    The funny thing about that is gamergate from the start is comprised of left leaning liberals and as it evolved over time began talking about civil libertarianism in regards to free speech and freedom of expression and how free markets do protect free expression by routing around gatekeepers such as a corrupt ideology pushing press.

    At the same time the femisists SJWs and press who oppose gamergate have only expressed disdain for free speech and free markets and even before that evolution of gamergate into what Allum Bokhari calls cultural libertarians the SJWs feminists and press were already criticising gamergate as being right wing libertarians.

    ENB’s claims have it assbackwards gamergate is ideologically libertarian at least on social issues and it is not hostile to feminism so much as the ideology of feminism which hates free markets and hates free speech is hostile to libertarianism and therefore hostile to libertarian movements like gamergate.

    *Allum Bokhari calls cultural libertarians


    Note: Back in the day reason would have been all over reporting about an article like Allum’s.

    1. Most gamers that I know are very libertarian when it comes to free speech/ free expression. So, yeah, civil libertarians for sure, or at least leaning hard in that direction.

    2. The first pic is of Bill Maher.


      1. “The first pic is of Bill Maher.


        I agree

        But no more fail then Reason’s love affair with him from a few years ago.

    3. All I know about gamergate is that the feminists are probably wrong, because they usually are.

      Even if they say something like, “that Bluebeard, he sure was a sexist,” I want to double-check.

      1. This is my feeling too. I am still not totally sure what Gamergate was about, but I tend to mistrust feminists with a prominent social media presence.

        1. Gamergate is essentially a bunch of feminists associated with the gaming world whining that men and male-dominated institutions need to defend them from mean words on the internet.

  20. “True ignorance is not the absence of knowledge, but the refusal to acquire it.”

    Did this guy know Tony personally?

  21. Hyperion|9.26.15 @ 10:47PM|#
    “True ignorance is not the absence of knowledge, but the refusal to acquire it.”

    H, I’m gonna use that to segue into an OT.
    Now, Oakland is a hell-hole. Not all of it by any means, but it’s bad enough that when SF residents want to feel a little bet better, they look east, sigh, and think: ‘At least it’s not Oakland!’
    Well, SF RE costs are high enough that the marginal utility line of the Bay Bridge commute is now somewhere east of Yerba Buena Island, and Uber has decided to headquarter in OAKTOWN!
    YAY!, right? Well, not so fast:

    “Oakland residents freak out over news of new Uber headquarters”
    “Some were happy to welcome Uber, but many others decried the gentrification and impact on already-rising rents. See some of the reaction below:”

    “Uber will change Oakland, but will Oakland change Uber?”
    “Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf called Uber’s decision to move 3,000 techies to a renovated downtown department store a “game-changer” for the city. Perhaps it will be for Uber, too.”

    Both paywall (the latter written by a particularly smelly piece of lefty J-school excrement), but you get the point. Oakland is definitely going to extract a pound of flesh if Uber wants to be there. Hell, these folks are stupid enough to push the marginal utility line to somewhere east of Reno if you give ’em the chance.

    1. How cute that a sanctuary city is pissed off at the prospect of wealthy, well-educated people crossing its borders. I guess they prefer welfare-sucking unskilled migrants.

      Same dynamic as BO’s meeting with Xi Jinping — no doubt they’re commiserating about how hard it is to rule a country with a big middle class.

  22. Ok new plan. Take last innocent part of soul and place it into a newborn orphan child.

  23. Nigella Lawson in college, 1981

    I shoulda gone to Oxford instead of State U.

    1. Yeah, she’s sexy.

      1. They should all age so well.

  24. Oh

    “Obama, Beyonce part of Global Citizen fest all-star lineup”
    “First lady Michelle Obama introduced a new campaign focusing on education for girls, Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai earned loud applause for her striking speech and Beyonce was energetic during her live performance at the 2015 Global Citizen Festival.”

    ‘Up With People, 2015’!

  25. Be prepared to meet strange people in bars late at night with russian Belarus NSA accents// in the FUCKING middle of goddam nowhere….

  26. Met some dudes here in fucking nowhere ville… strange fucks…

  27. Met some dudes here in fucking nowhere ville… strange fucks…

  28. Or first depends on what coast you’re on.

  29. Picks for Sunday and Monday night for the W:


    -I think I got about a 90% prediction rate on this one. Fuk ESPN

    1. I’ll change the last one to Green Bay. BTW don’t ever mix Tequila and pineapple juice. Shit taste like Mexican baby food. *shiver

  30. War on cops, by Dunphy!


    “As he steps from his car and approaches you, he must at least briefly entertain the remote possibility that you will pull a gun and try to shoot him. You may therefore note that his demeanor at first seems brusque, or that he seems unduly alarmed if you fail to follow his instructions as quickly and as precisely as he would wish. To put it in terms currently fashionable, his life matters, and he must behave accordingly.

    Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/…..ops-danger“

    1. I spent over $11 for breakfast at McDonald’s this morning. I could have spent less at one of the hipster places and gotten decent coffee, but I would have had to talk to hipsters.

      1. I spent over $11 for breakfast at McDonald’s

        Wait, what?

        1. I got a steak and egg sandwich combo plus a mcmuffin.

          1. A man with good taste. Though around here they have a 2 for $3 special so you can get that combo plus 2 S&E mcmuffins for under $9.

        2. I spent the equivalent of US$15 at a McDonald’s in Brisbane, Australia for a Big Mac meal. The Big Mac was the same as in the US, but the soda and fries were smaller.

      2. In the DC metro area, hanging with the Sunday morning crowd at McDonalds can be a surprisingly good move for networking.

      3. Sausage egg and cheese biscuit, or a chicken breakfast burrito at Chik-Fil-A, both around $2.75.

        Or a steak and egg burrito grande, with cheese and grilled onions and peppers (nearly a pound) for around $5 at Sheetz

  31. Today, our ally, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is going to enact a sentence passed four years ago upon a 16 year old kid for participating in peaceful protest against the Saudi monarchy. (The government claims he threw rocks at police officers, though no evidence of such has been given.) “Charged with treason, by the time you read this, Ali al-Nimr will have been beheaded and his corpse gibbeted upon a cross in a public square, as per the dictates of sharia for the crime of fitna.

    Oh, did I mention he’s Shia as well?

      1. Having the Saudis on the UN’s Human Rights Council: Myopic or trolling?

    1. Who cares about such macroaggressions when we have people being offended and outraged right here at home?

    2. Ali al-Nimr, the nephew of firebrand Shiite cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, faces execution by beheading and an additional rare punishment of “crucifixion,” which means publicly displaying the body after death as a warning to others, according to Saudi state media.

      Who did the Saudis hire for that translation? Say what you will about ISIS, but at least they understand what crucifixion is.

      Plus, displaying a headless body kind of goes against the point, doesn’t it?

  32. US up on Scotland 13-8. Good Rugby.

    1. 13-6 sorry.

  33. Taxing the shade in Italy. Link in Italian. If your cafe or bar awning casts a shadow on public ground, pay up. Should call it La groundhog tax.

    1. So, what if they rig a mirror to reflect sunlight and “enlighten” the shaded spot?

  34. Ay but what say Pope Francis and Kareem Jabbar about it?

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