Pope Francis

Watch Matt Welch Talk Pope, Trump, 'Cyberbullying' and More at 3 a.m. on Red Eye w/ Tom Shillue


Nothing wrong with men crying. Just politicians…. |||

In the wee small hours of the Pope's sweet sleep, you can watch me and fellow sinners Joe DeVito (comedian), Paul Oddo (ditto), and Joanne Nosuchinsky (fox) join with host Tom Shillue on the Fox News program Red Eye in talking about House Speaker John Boehner's multiple devotional tears while flanking Pope Francis on his historic visit to the United States. There will be other topics, including Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and much mirth, and it will be well worth your time!

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  1. Watch.

    1. OBEY

    2. OBEY

  2. I tested my thesis that comedians aren’t as funny as they think they are. I looked at excerpts of some of their work.

    Actually, the DeVito guy was kind of funny. I’m not sure you can have the name DeVito and *not* be funny.

    That Paul Oddo guy wasn’t quite as funny, but I saw him give a good libertarian-ish analysis of how government works.

    Joanne Nosuchinsky used to be Miss New York, so I guess she doesn’t have to be funny.

    By the way, I thought this woman was Miss New York.

    1. I’m just kidding, that was a computer graphic of what Joanne Nosuchinsky will look like in 50 years.

      Fap away, dudes!

    2. “so I guess she doesn’t have to be funny.”

      If you’re ever bored, and if your papist, pointy hatted “morality” permits, you might google her swimsuit competition photos.

      She doesn’t have to be funny, ever, at all. Though she is, mildly, by attractive female standards, which is roughly two standard deviations less funny than CBS sitcom standards.

    3. that donald glover “weirdo” special on netflix actually made me laugh out loud a few times, which is really not my usual reaction to standup. all in all though, you can’t beat george carlin

  3. Or watch it the next day at my leisure on the website. Or not at all! The world is filled with options.

    I watched a few with Shillue hosting and it’s not awful. I do miss Greg’s touch, though.

  4. “Joanne Nosuchinsky (fox)”

    You’re a married man, Welch.

    (leave something for the rest of us)

  5. Joanne is cute, that show is fucking lame, find some other places to get your SAG dollars, Welch. At this point CNN would be better. Wait…that there is any doubt is disturbing.

  6. Just about every picture I’ve seen in the past week where John Boehner is in the shot, he’s got some stupid face or looking off at something else or crying….

    Hat tip to the photographers. HA!

  7. It isn’t the first time in history that the right has gotten a massive victim complex and demanded that its politicians have more of a will to power. As obnoxious as SJWs are with their mean girls bullshit, they’ve got nothing on that — if they ever tried their hand at actual violence, they would be destroyed. Trump himself might just be a pompous asshat, but the support he’s drawing is very concerning indeed.
    converse jack purcell

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