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Delaware Police Shooting of Armed Man in Wheelchair Caught on Tape

Police in Wilmington were responding to a call about a man with a possibly self-inflicted gunshot wound.


Police in Wilmington, Del., shot wheelchair-bound Jeremy McDole to death yesterday, saying he had a handgun on him when they killed him. Police say they were responding to a call about a man with a possible self-inflicted gunshot wound, but haven't yet released any more information. McDole's uncle says his nephew's death was an "execution." A portion of the incident was caught on cellphone video, which you can watch below:

The Delaware Department of Justice will be investigating the shooting, the standard procedure for police shootings that involve injuries or death. McDole became wheelchair bound after being shot a decade ago, and later spent time in prison, being released a year ago. He lived in a nursing home near the scene of the shooting.

Protesters in December called for an independent agency to review police shootings, saying prosecutors in the attorney general's office were too close to the police departments they were investigating. The attorney general's office described the process this way:

Tim Mullaney, chief of staff for Attorney General Beau Biden, defended the current system, saying it is far more than a cursory review. It is a full investigation, he said, with Department of Justice investigators who have arrest powers and who go to the scene of incidents and sit in on police interviews and create their own independent report.

The investigators are usually from the fraud division of the Attorney General's Office and generally don't have day-to-day interaction with police like employees in the criminal division, said Mullaney, a former U.S. Marshal and Dover Police officer.

Mullaney said if the use of force is justified, he writes up a short, usually two- to three-page public report explaining the finding. If the use of force is not justified, then the officer would be arrested and it would proceed through the criminal justice system like any other case.

An independent agency could be fairer than the attorney general's office, but a discussion about outcomes somewhere between clearing officers and charging them criminally in cases of fatal police shootings that are arrived at systematically would be useful in reducing the fatal use of force as well, by Polmaking it easier to remove problem cops from police forces without the burden of proof, and stakes, of criminal cases.

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  1. Delaware Police Shooting of Armed Man in Wheelchair Caught on Tape

    The taxpayers of Delaware should all be hung for this! /Nikki

    1. I thought you said you were going away.

      1. I thought you and Nikki would be scissoring by now, that is if you’re not the same person. In which case; go scissor yourself.

        1. Jesus Christ i will turn this comment section around so help me.

        2. You’re terrible at insults. It’s because you’re a moron, right? Is that why you’re so bad at insults? Because you’re a fucking moron, and you’re terrible at insults, and I think the things might be related. What do you think? Oh, wait. You don’t think. Because you’re a moron.

          1. Oh god warty thinks I’m a moron. I hope he doesn’t think I’m a butthead too.

    2. What percentage of taxpayers in Delaware do you think want a police force?

      1. Little 5 year old Johnny went down to the store and bought himself a candy bar. But alas the sales tax on that candy bar goes in part to law enforcement agencies, so little Johnny needs to be made an example of.

      2. You’re much too respectful to this stupid sack of shit.

        1. You’re much too respectful to this stupid sack of shit

          So if I drag my knuckles and debate like an angry child, she’ll like me as much as she likes you?

          1. You do, though. You gigantic whiny baby. How’s that working?


    3. Just the taxpayers of Wilmington will be fine. Taxpayers shouldn’t be hung, put if the taxpayers want summary executioners to patrol their streets, then by all means, they should pay for it.

  2. Police say they were responding to a call about a man with a possible self-inflicted gunshot wound…

    And realized that no one but police are authorized to put bullets into anyone and rushed right over.

    1. They have eminent domain over that kind of thing.

      1. It’s like prima nocte, except with shootings.

  3. This is just all kinds of disgusting.

    1. Less than 2s between ‘Show me your hands!’ and shots fired.

      A full minute between the first shot fired and the 15-20 round fusillade.

      From either perspective, this is horrible.

      1. Recall that by showing them your hands, that’s a furtive movement…

        1. Once they decide they’re going to kill someone, then they’re going to kill someone.

          “I ordered him to show me his hands and he didn’t, so I had to kill him.”

          “I ordered him to show me his hand and he made a sudden movement, so I had to kill him.”

          Heads they shoot you, tails you get shot.

          1. Heads they shoot you shots are fired, tails you get shot bullets are discharged into you.

            You forgot to use passive voice.

            1. A bullet-involved shooting.

            2. An officer-adjacent firearm discharge.

            3. The secret is to go beyond the passive voice and use a participle to turn the action into a subordinate clause added to a sentence in the passive voice.
              “Mr. McDole was shuffled loose his mortal coil in an officer-adjacent firearm discharge”

      2. “Show me your hands” is the new “Stop resisting”.

        They are magical words that trigger policies that give the cops absolute protection. Doesn’t matter if you give people time to show their hands, whether you can already see their hands, whether you are already beating them when you tell them to stop resisting, or anything else.

        Magical words. Absolute immunity.

  4. That looked exactly like a fucking execution. I didn’t see him raise his pistol at anyone, or even make any of that “furtive movement” bullshit.

    1. No, he clearly reached for something at his waistband.

      This is a training problem. They did exactly as they are trained to do. If they have their weapons drawn and any sort of reaching happens – like reaching under a seat, or into a bag, or into a pocket – open fire immediately. They will easily be cleared of this shooting.

      They stone cold executed that guy, no question about it. But the executioner wasn’t the guy who pulled the trigger. It was the people who trained them to open fire at the first suspicion of a weapon. It used to be that you’d hear about “drop the gun” until the weapon was actually pointed at someone. Or maybe even fired. Now simple reaching in a suspicious manner is justification for shooting.

      They have a well thought out list of reasons for this. A weapon can be pointed and fired before a bullet can stop him, so you have to be proactive…. yadda-yadda…. The bottom line is that current training procedures are designed to allow a certain amount of non-police to be killed unnecessarily in order to prevent a handful of police from getting shot. Plain and simple, that’s the fact of the matter.

  5. First off, kind of wished I hadn’t watched that. Secondly, that first cop stumbling around was about two more donuts away from the story being Cop in Mobility Scooter Shoots Man in Wheelchair.

    1. You need to call it what it is:

      Cop in Rascal Shoots Man in Wheelchair.

    2. I was going to post similar thoughts. The video does not end well, and I assume the first cop was pregnant.

      1. Plus size! There’s an obesity crisis, and it’s causing police shootings… it’s easier to shoot the guy than run after him.

    3. Good, now I don’t have to watch to further confirm my belief that cops are fat.

  6. Not watching that video nope nope nope.

    1. Unfortunately, it’s vertical video that keeps moving away to everything but the subject.

      1. Or maybe I should say “fortunately”.

        1. Regardless, my balls are sore enough.

  7. McDole became wheelchair bound after being shot a decade ago, and later spent time in prison, being released a year ago.

    Aha! So he was a filthy ex-con, was he?! He might have relapsed into criminality! The officers could have been in serious danger!

    Seriously though, fuck these pants-wetting bluecap scum. Rest in Peace, McDole.

  8. Well that was an unpleasant watch.

    1. That’s what i said the time your mom locked me in her closet when your stepdad came home.

      1. And you were lying then, and I’m lying now.

        *looks around, unzips pants*

  9. The Delaware Department of Justice will be investigating the shooting, the standard procedure for police shootings that involve injuries or death.

    You know what else is the standard procedure for all police shootings that involve injuries or death?

    1. Early retirement with full disability for the officer involved?

      1. Well he is the real victim here. HE ALMOST DIED or something.

        1. Look, he could have had a heart attack from all that sprinting light jogging.

      2. A fucking paid vacation.

    2. Hitler?

  10. For those who watched the video: did Officer Stay Puft shoot him with a beanbag round? Is that what that was?

    1. The first shot is fired off camera. The weapon looks like an MP-5 to me.

      1. My mistake, could be a shotgun just watched it again blown up full screen.

        1. And he cycles the action…

          1. Yes, it is surely a shotgun. I was just curious if you gun guys could tell whether or not that was a beanbag round by sound, because the man looked like he was bleeding a lot before they shot him.

            1. Welp! I’ve learned from my mistake, shoot first and then figure out what gun he has.

  11. Sorry, won’t watch another execution by police.

  12. Obey or die.

  13. At some point I might have to stop watching these videos.

  14. New cop policy: better for you to be shot than for you to accidentally shoot a nonthreatening person. Now, who wants to sign up?

    1. that’s exactly what policy should be. it’s sick if it isn’t. who wants to sign up then?

      1. i really don’t know how that’s not policy. i would think risking your life is part of the job.

    2. You should be promoting the private production of security Tony. I know it goes against your ideology of force, theft and coercion…..but it’s worth it instead of regurgitating “reform”.

  15. If the use of force is not justified, then the officer would be arrested and it would proceed through the criminal justice system like any other case.

    *Larry the Cable Guy impression* “That’s funny right there, I don’t care you are, that’s funny.”

  16. Here’s a thought. If a cop says put your hands up, put your hands up.

    1. Can I set the brake on my wheelchair first? If I have a debilitating injury is it okay to take a second to raise my hands?

      Dude was armed so, arguably shot in self defense. On the video, unarguably committed no crime punishable by death except obstructing an official bullet. I almost wonder if you couldn’t call in a police hit squad on some poor bastard you didn’t like and get away with (conspiracy to commit) murder.

  17. Our training for police absolutely sucks donkey balls. Everything they did in this video is wrong, wrong, wrong. And it is probably right down the line by-the-book.

    Everyone keeps advancing on the guy in the wheelchair. Why? It isn’t like he has a hostage. Take cover and negotiate for Christ’s sake. The justification for opening fire on the suspicion that he is about to pull a gun and start shooting is that they are in close proximity and could easily be shot before they could stop him. So don’t get so effing close if you don’t have to.

    Second, once they are in close, they fail to take advantage of their proximity. The guy is clearly in distress and pushes up in his chair a couple of times. From 15 feet away you could have easily taken him down before he could do anything from that position.

    Also, you have a call about a possibly suicidal guy with a gun. What kind of idiot runs in guns drawn, yelling commands and opening fire from the jump (even if that was a bean-bag round). Don’t you normally try to talk someone down who is suicidal (while moving to reduce the threat to innocent bystanders – evacuating the area)?

    I really can’t fault the officers in this scene – I’d be willing to bet that they performed pretty close to exactly the way they are trained. The dickhead who taught them to shoot mentally disturbed people at the first “furtive movement” needs a swift kick in the nards though.

    1. Also, all three officers visible on the video move from a position of cover to directly in front of the shooter. WTF?

      If he really is dangerous, you just made it easy for him to plug all three of you.

      Also, if the first guy had maintained cover behind the vehicle, he could have moved around the back of the vehicle and been in perfect position to attack from behind and up close – protecting his fellow officers who theoretically could have been negotiating from the front.

      1. This and much more. Good takedown Cyto.

        I would add that I do blame the officers to a degree. 15 rounds for a guy in a wheelchair is excessive by any measure except the ‘hopped up on krokodile and headed right for us!’ mentality.

        I can’t imagine at least one of these guys hasn’t been hunting and I can’t imagine their prey jumping out and them ventilating or disintegrating it like that. Even with zero regard for human life, you’ve spent 5 rounds to do the job of one.

  18. No amount of training is going to help the problem that is the existence of a violent coercive police force that is funded through extortion, and who’s agents are bestowed with qualified immunity.

    The private production of security, and the disbanding of the arm of the state is the only way liberty can be respected. Soon I hope individuals start hiring security to protect them from the violent state.

    The private security companies need to know they vastly outnumber uniformed (costumed) police. When they step up and offer protective services against the state and it’s aggressors is when the peaceful revolution can start. The state mind you, is not peaceful, and will probably aggress against those peacefully revoking their consent to be extorted and robbed, and enslaved by the state.

    1. Agree. Until the bad cops are held responsible and fired there will be no increase of respect for all cops.

  19. In the spirit of Blackstone’s “It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer,” police should generally not fire until fired upon. If you can’t accept dealing with that risk, you should find another job, because justice is clearly not among your priorities.

  20. “An independent agency could be fairer than the attorney general’s office, but a discussion about outcomes somewhere between clearing officers and charging them criminally in cases of fatal police shootings…”

    As opposed to what? the Delaware Department of Justice clearing them of charges or….giving them time off with pay and reinstatement with a hefty bonus for their trauma?

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