Election 2016

Watch Matt Welch Talk Campaign 2016 on Tonight's Kennedy at 8 p.m. ET MIDNIGHT*

Republicans for Hillary, Americans against monarchy, and the lack of a Democratic Plan B are among the topics


I will be serially panelizing on Kennedy's Fox Business Network program tonight, along with the very tall political comedian Ben Kissel and anarchist he-witch Michael Malice. Aside from the topics listed above there'll be bits on Arnold replaing The Donald, and a sure-to-be-confusing conversation about gender and sexual-identity categorizations.

* UPDATE: The 8 p.m. showing got bumped, because some short-fingered vulgarian running for president was barking live in Texas. Watch the brilliance unfold at midnight instead!


NEXT: Uber Progresses in New York and Sarasota, Florida

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  1. How does one plaing another? The struts and straps would have to be sturdy I’m assuming but the radiation. How does one account for that fucking radiation. Especially at that height. I’d be worried about the goddamn stardust burning my skin.

    1. Do they have a red start penalty for partying kinda like drag racing.

      I guess I’m complaining because you are hitting your stride while I’m still on my first beer.

      …or do I just suck?

      1. Suck.

        But, reptilian-style.

        Like a Gorn.

        1. Reasonators never suck- they fucking differentiate. Like a line of butts you want to fuck. All angles and shapes. Lights flowing differently and exquisitely upon the flesh geographies but you know your cock is about to fuck a line of butts and like little toads jumping around after a July shower the party is on and shit is about to get hoppy.

          1. Thanks player, and now I’m a little buzzed

            ***doesn’t take much for reptiles***

            1. Mr Lizard, you are now awarded the Lizard Comet award. A brilliant man became a Lizard that got lost in space and was bum rushed by a comet hence Mr/ Lizards Lizard Comet award.

              1. Actually my people have successfully mined a comet before

                1. I have learned to believe in worlds beyond my own love.

  2. Hopefully Kissel uses a piano ? la Mark Russell.

  3. Who’s her audience now?

    1. Not really snark – maybe 1/4 snark – but I *am* curious.

      1. I’ve been away for a few days. Did someone fix/update Reasonable in my absence, or create something else for those of us who use Chrome to go on H&R? It had just gone bad before I left.

        I really miss the shaded posts showing me what’s new, and the easy link function.

        1. My only experience with Reasonable is being blocked with it.

          1. The creator of fascr uses me as an example of who to block when using that function.

        2. You need to go into greasemonkey, and in the options/script settings for “Full Reason”, change https://reason.com/* to Https://reason.com/*

        3. oh, sorry, I thought you were asking about Greasonable

          1. Dang, I would have thought with all the tech wizards who post here, someone could update the Chrome ‘Reasonable’ extension for the greater good. But OK, libertarians, who’ll do it for money? I’ll pay for you to fix it — it may be as simple as changing the app from http to https, but of course that’s over my head.

            Trade will benefit us both — I’ll have a more sane HnR experience, you’ll get some money. If only the socialists could understand such a system.

            1. How far are you willing to go?

              1. (bites fingertip, grimaces at camera)


  4. and a sure-to-be-confusing conversation about gender and sexual-identity categorizations.

    There’s nothing, and I mean NOTHING confusing about sexual-identity categorizations.

    1. Agreed. Like music genres, they are unambiguously vague and useless.

      1. But how do I know I’m listening to Country, Alt-Country, or having sex with a tranny?

        1. That’s just it, Paul. Those artificial categories limit your experience of the world. If you enjoy the experience, who cares if the music on your phone is country or the woman you love has a massive dong?

      2. Hugh is a public school teacher in Sweden?

    2. I am whatever you want me to be, sailor.

      1. Your avatarious organization of letters elicit a slew of mental images from a hoary businessman who in the distant past juggled tons of shit related to his career, an aged circus athlete resorting once again to actual juggling on the streets next to some of the beaches and oceans where superduper humans gather to have coinage ladled into their helmets and cleavage, a mature sophisticate male simply clever with terms of endearment strategically typed to evoke the shit my fingers are typing in the minds of those who view said assemblage of letters similarly. The fucking story rolls on…

        This is the evocation of mind through two words. The ethos of clever arrangements. The magic of shuffled fonts.

  5. You’ll be panelizing?

    Sounds kinky.

  6. Time for a booze thread in preparation for the show.

    Angry Orchard to start for me.

    1. “It’s no good…I still remember it.”

    2. Angry Orchard is opening up some sort of tasting room (it is 15000sq feet so I assume it is more than a tasting room) in my area, so I should start investigating their products.

      Which one are you drinking, DEG?

      1. I thought they only had one. I’ve only ever seen one available in southern NH.

        Crisp Apple.

        1. I believe there are many more than that, but I do not know how many are considered seasonal. The fact that you are drinking one makes it seem promising. I always that hard ciders when I was younger, but I like Not Your Father’s Root Beer, so maybe my taste has matured.

          1. Are you guys those mythical female libertarians that I’ve been hearing about?

            1. No, they’re all played by an overweight, balding, old guy living in his mother’s basement.

              1. In my defense I am not that old.

                1. You are an amazing global master of youth and zapped maestro laser machine gun shit, Crusty.

                  1. You just aged him 20 years with that laser. Next time wear goggles.

          2. Not Your Father’s Root Beer is available in NH now, but I haven’t had any yet.

            1. but I haven’t had any yet.

              Rectify that.

              1. A part of me tells me I should hang my head in shame for not having Not Your Father’s Root Beer yet. I like root beer.

                1. It tastes more like a sarsaparilla to me, but YMMV.

                  1. Good enough for me.

    3. Have you had Ciderboys? So much better.

      1. No, it’s not available in this part of New England.

        I see it is available in the Philly area. Next time I’m down there visiting my relatives and friends there, I’ll look for it. Thanks!

        1. Sure, I especially recommend the Peach County (peach apple) and Mad Bark (cinnamon apple) and I normally don’t go for fruity or sweet alcoholic drinks, but they’re extremely well done

          1. Thanks. Peach isn’t my favorite, but I like cinnamon. I’ll keep Mad Bark in mind for when I’m in Pennsylvania.

    4. Round 3. Big guns because I’m on vacation and that ass Trump preempted Kennedy. Founder’s Imperial Stout.

  7. OT: Netflix has a pretty good drama called Bloodline.

    I’ve watched the complete first season and can say it’s well done. Really fine acting and good writing. It’s a drama so if that’s not your thang, skip it. It starts slowly but builds in the second half.

    Any recommendations? What are you watching?

    1. I just finished watching all of Housos.

      1. Wut is Housos?

        1. Someone posted a link to one of its episodes a while back. It’s about Aussies on welfare living in subsidized housing.

          Here’s the first episode.

          1. Yay, Housos! The creator, Pauly Fenech, has a new series called Dumb Criminals which features true stories about well, dumb criminals. It’s pretty good. Also, if you like his work, his earlier series Fat Pizza and Swift & Shift should not be missed. Here is Pauly’s YouTube channel.


        2. Ok. The Australian version of Shameless.

    2. I am about to re-watch season 2 of The Americans, which is on Amazon Prime (the show normally airs on FX). I think it is a spectacular show.

      1. The Americans is fantastic. Shocking that it has gotten zero Emmy love.

      2. If you’re feeling generous and ambitious sell me on The Americans.

        Why is it good?

        1. The writing and acting are phenomenal. The writers know how to build tension, and there is a lot of tension. They do a good job of incorporating everything about the time period (the show takes place in the early 80s), especially the music. A downside (to some) is that the show is deliberate, but I like that.

          If you can get into the show’s premise, that the main characters are Soviet spies in the US who find a way to have a lot of free time to engage in sex and espionage while wearing funny wigs, and if you can believe that Keri Russel is an ass-kicker (she is hot, so I do), then it is a great show.

          1. A coworker of mine told me about this series. He likes it.

          2. I want to check that out. I watched Deutschland 83 which just finished recently and loved the hell out of it, and it was favorably compared to The Americans – similar premise, same era, the music, etc.

            1. The main character in Deutschland 83 was way cuter than anyone in the cast of The Americans.

    3. Before I answer, I’ve never claimed that I have good taste. I like what I like.

      The Mrs. (who ISN’T a McCoy) and I went through 2 seasons of Broad City in less than a week, and 4 seasons of Veep in a week and a half. She started Downton Abbey, which appears to be a soap opera with funny accents. I choose not to partake.

      1. Your wife may like Poldark if she like Downton.


        Adian Turner is hawt.

        1. YOU’RE a salad spinner of FUCK!

          1. Whatever, jolly green jizz-face.

        2. Best political show ever. It’s a documentary.

        3. The scene where Amy explodes at Selina is worth the price of admission

      2. Fucking Downtown Abbey is fucking awesome, you Crusty Juggler escort fucker. Me and hot blonde Mrs. Agile Cyborg watched every fucking minute of that shit and even fucked an ebony girlfriend of ours during the show where that rich boy shockingly killed his own dumb English ass racing down the gravel road. Luckily we all finished our orgasms before the fucker died. Sadness is not an emotion I appreciate after fucking two women.

        1. Fucking manners, bro! No spoilers!

          1. Well this a truism. Mountainous fail. Told some shit like I was crawling under a house and a rat bit my leg.

            1. AC is apparently my pimp, so if you all want a piece you better pay up.

                1. A foreskin?

                  [ducking and running]

        2. I do like Downton Abbey too. It’s a soap opera but the acting is better and it takes place in a different time period, which automatically makes it more interesting in my book. A similar thing is going on with Star Trek except substitute historical time period with outer space. Soap opera + tribbles = watchable

          1. I think it’s the British accents. David Beckham sounds intelligent, for fucks sake.

    4. I’m not watching anything, I , being a smug bastard,, and better than the rest of you,, don’t have the Television, am reading “Where Dead Voices Gather.” which someone here mentioned a while back and If you are that person, thanks, I am enjoying it.

      1. Normally I don’t watch anything. No TV, cable internet but no cable TV, but I couldn’t help Housos and thanks to the Internet, I can watch it.

        I’m reading this.

        1. Yes, I hate fucking cable Tubes mainly because the screen is a gigantic asshole that always shits elephant turds on my lap. But, that fucking monstrous failure of fucking brain killing parasites has some serious fringes that produces decent clap trap like an entertainment laser. Just gotta dig in the muck and fucking mire and classics can be found produced by a few brilliant teams working the midnight oil. Books are awesome but I only read philosophy and graphic novels and a magazine I buy because I want ENB to eat Chipotle.

      2. Haven’t heard of that book. Will have a look at it. I really enjoyed this one recently.

    5. I haven’t subscribed to Netflix in about a year, but if Peep Show is still on, watch that. Imagine if Reason commenters were half as funny as they thought they were. It’s pretty funny.

      1. and it’s not have-to-be-a-perpetually-high-man-child funny like some of the recommended comedies around here

        1. You couldn’t possibly be referring to me. I’ve never smoked weed in my life.

          1. We don’t know what the McRib is really made of. No one does.

            1. I know. I just don’t care.

                1. I would like to eat a single McRib made from a captured Playa Manhattan running for its life in a field.

                  1. Not til December, you won’t.

      2. Imagine if Reason commenters were half as funny as they thought they were.

        I prefer to imagine myself as being twice as funny as I think I am, thank you very much.

        1. It’s called expectations management.

        2. The most unintentionally funny award goes to cytotoxic. Although come to think of it, I don’t know if he’s ever been intentionally funny and two times zero is still zero

          1. Someone’s jealous of my swagger and charisma.

              1. This seems like an apt point to make a joke about my humorlessness that came up in the other thread. *Sets up the shot for Playa*

          2. MNG was the most unintentionally funny person to ever comment here. He was a casualty of commenter registration.

    6. I’m rewatching the X-Files, waiting for Vince Gilligan to show up.

    7. I’ve been watching Rectify, the little Sundance show about a guy getting off death row. It’s very good and quite different, though I wouldn’t say it’s the best thing on TV as some critics and fans do. The early episodes are nicely balanced in that it doesn’t get too heavy-handed about the psychological effects of being on death row for 20 years. But there are still some haunting and moving moments.

  8. Matt Welch, Kennedy, Michael Malice … throw in Kmele Foster and

    WE HAVE THE INDEPENDENTS AGAIN!!!!111!1!!!111!!!

  9. Jerry Brown says wildfires are much worse than the computer models predicted … because CLIMATECHANGE!!! … which is based on those self-same incorrect computer models …


    1. Fucking billionaires on the oceans next to the fucking studios emptying the water fucking table watering lawns they never and rest assured the fucks are all socialists with tongues that flap about the poverties and spoils of the rich. I just want Jesus Christ to jam his cock into my forehead and cum god sperm into my brain. I can not even fucking do this shit.

      1. No water tables here. Our water comes from Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah. California water flows to the sea unused because the environmentalists want it that way.

        1. No groundwater at all?

          1. None pumped here. Santa Monica tried, and they pulled up some stuff that was contaminated with MTBE from a leaking gas station.

            I’m close enough to the coast for salt water incursions into the table.

            1. Yuck.

              Bermuda has a well for drinking water and you’re never far from the ocean there. They use extensive purification though. Private wells are only for washing and similar uses.

        2. No water tables here.

          We are still getting a lot ground water in the lower Los Angeles basin. Many towns near your area have yet to open an MWD connection or an intercity connection. I’m not sure whether you hail from Manhattan Beach or Playa del Rey but your water agency will publish a report each month that quantifies import water.

          I suspect it will be zero. Up the hill, like in Altadena, the wells are dry, but not in your dungeon just yet,

    2. And amazingly, 500 years ago there was a drought this bad. How could that be without evil industrial society to blame?

  10. Fuck… the live stream works but it’s showing a Trump rally.

    1. Ahh.. .wrong live stream.

      1. You know who else mixed up their streams?…

          1. I’m glad somebody nailed that softball I left hanging over the plate

            1. Founder’s helps.

    1. Wait, the Trump rally preempted Kennedy? So I had the right stream?

        1. I might need a round three of Founder’s Imperial Stout.

          1. I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

            1. I started Round Three. Founder’s Imperial Stout.

      1. It’s what she gets for hitching her wagon to the Fox horse.

  11. People can’t make a fucking deal, whores. That’s what ballistic boy screams.

  12. “Build a wall”. Berlin Wall take 2.

    1. Hungarian boogaloo

  13. OT Local popularity contest winner gets pays a few bills, gets a little of the intercourse. Insinuate lulz are had


    1. “Her arrest made national news when a child in her care became ill after ingesting a piece of crack cocaine. ”

      Do not store it with the cheerios. I can’t stress that enough, people.

      1. I forgot to give notice of a Florida man firing mechanism initiator

        1. Mr Lizard should tickle Florida Man.

  14. Ballistic boy should wear a cape and attach cables to his body and fly up and over the podium and have these fucking lasers shoot from his wrists metaphorically zapping into a metaphorical death a huge pile of Mexicans paid probably 9.50 an hour to pretend wrack their bodies to superTrump electrical discharge whilst the crowd screams USA USA USA.

  15. Trump can get millions of dollars of tax payer salvation from his failed shit because Mr. Righteous does what all the other fuckers do but he fucking worries about the fucking Mexicans stealing millions?

    Mexicans are like a million Trumps, bitch. So America can only handle a single fucking shitty white fucker stealing millions and millions from tax payers to pay for his fucking failures? GO TRUMP SCREAMERS!!!

  16. Trump is ultimate fucking loser propped up by tax payers. MOST businesses fail into oblivion when their decisions calculate wrongly or sadly. TRUMP makes decisions no matter what the goddamn angle and FUCKS tax payers up the ass and he gets richer. PRAISE AMERICAN CAPITALISM! The fucker with the goddamn weird face and the hair waterfall on his goddamn head makes decades of fucking bad deals and gets tons of gold and millions of imbecile evangelicals sucking his cock hole with their smarmy tongues

    1. I’m with Agile. Cronies don’t have to consider their decisions too much because they have access to tax dollars through their connections.

      1. Yeah.

        Trump is a fucking thief. A civilized society would have run him out of town long ago. It is a poor reflection on the Republican Party that he is their front-runner.

        1. A poor reflection? Have you been watching the GOP the last few decades? Crony capitalism is right up their alley.

          1. Crony capitalism is a poor reflection on the Republican Party, just like it reflects poorly on everyone else.

            1. Yet the Democrats do it while saying “Down with the rich! We’re for the little guy!” with a straight face.

  17. Trump is the tax payer rapist. Bitch fucks us all up the ass to save him billions. FUCK this brain brillo while he screams shit out his ass mouth.

    And he pretends to fucking play nigger gangsta CRIP with American douchebag corporations (which I’d like if he was Fiorina or Paul) but I don’t believe a single fucking word the bitch states. TRUMP is the ultimate internationalist who utilizes cheapest labor ever and breaks the backs of all small and local communities to get his fucking billionaire ways.

    1. To be fair, Fiorina’s basically a right-wing Wendy Davis.

      1. “An Error Was Encountered

        The URI you submitted has disallowed characters.”

  18. “Trade deficits”: Yes, we know you are economically illiterate.

  19. Mexico’s going to pay. Really? How are you going to pull that off?

    1. Send a monthly bill through the US Mail?

  20. To be fair, Trump actually said a few decent things related to levels of regulation and taxes. However, he’s short on details and he’s still a fucking thief.

    1. DEG TRUMP IS AN EXPERT ON THE REGS AND TAXES BECUASE HE HIRES DEMONIC ATTORNEYS who were former government tax bureaucracy employess!!!!!!!! He’s been forgiven of millions as a result from failed business deals that would have destroyed MOST small business free market people.

      Billionaires have NOTHING to do with free markets. BILLIONAIRES manhandle the cocks and vaginas of the cities they have sex parties with and I’m all for fucking sex parties- but don’t turn your fucking sex party into a tax payer rape fest. Jesus fucking CHRIST

      1. I know a lot about Trump. I grew up outside Philly. Trump does a lot of business in Atlantic City, which is in the Philly media market and metro area.

  21. Twisted Sister?

  22. Mark Cuban is a hideous demon portal with legs.

  23. Mark Cuban is a serpent mouth with arms.

  24. Tail end of Kennedy.

      1. Motion carries.


    1. Sad.

      This might call for another drink.

      1. It will be reshown for the West Coast (why bother?) at midnight EDT, apparently. You can try that.

        1. Hmmm… I am on vacation.

    2. WE watched her fucking show you goddamn turncoat shitheel hellacious demon spawn!!!!!! FUCKING FoE, a FUCKING holocaust waiting to happen. watch that boy, reason.

      1. HOW DID YOU WATCH IT? Only Satan has this power.

  26. On another thread, someone, maybe it was Crusty Juggler, mentioned that some choreography in Men at Work’s “Down Under” video was better than anything OKGO produced. I finally watched an OKGO video. I agree with whomever it was that made that comment.

    1. Crusty Juggler is a twink, man. Brother twinkie Crusty superman Juggler will wear a cape and mount your cock like a Dahmer muffin.

      1. Problem: I’m not bi.

        1. Dahmer muffins don’t care… he just collects plastic barrels and drill bits.

        2. OK GO are fairly well-known for their silly dancing, which is why I compared them to the dancing in that video.

          Also, AC is my pimp, and he is just trying to make us a buck.

          1. No, he actually was just trying to impress any hipster girls that may have wandered into the thread by mistake

            1. That’s one hell of a mistake.

              1. Or one hell of a girl!

          2. I am Crusty Juggler pimp… I love his fucking ass and agile will sell his powerful cock and pussy for tons of DEA favors…. well.. hmmm I don’t think Crusty would like this because normally the DEA likes to tie down their paid human flesh and then all the DEA boys do tons of sweet Cartel cocaine for like hours and then the meth from the mehilo villages on the coke makes the DEA parties super human drugheads and I’d like this for real except all the DEA trippers will rip Crusty’s asshole a new asshole and his mouth will be filled with several DEA agent cocks tripping on cocktails Bond would be fearin”’ CRUSTY JUGGLER= I’m about to kill all these FUCKING DEA BOYS if they don’t stop RAPING ALL YOUR HOLEs… bitch, we are deep in MEXICO- I’ll kill these overboard fucks and send them off to pancho that decapitated that white boy on the motorcycle…. the white boy didn’t deserve it but most definitely the DEA agents do…. sigh, ,… I just orgasmed….

            1. This is not going to end well.

  27. OT: The Progressive Left has always viewed the Constitution as a hinderance to the implementation of their policies. What’s so crazy is now they are openly advocating getting rid of it or at least making some changes suitable for their agenda.


    “The Framers do not seem to have understood this particular flaw of mixed monarchy. But then, neither did they express absolute faith in their own wisdom. “They were incredibly conscious of the fragility of what they were creating,” Nelson says, “that it depends on forbearance.” The Constitution was an experiment, and its signers believed that its success was contingent on the willingness of varied constituencies to work together.

    When politicians today praise America’s system of checks and balances, they seem to understand it as a self-correcting mechanism: When one branch pushes too hard, the other branches must push back, preserving equilibrium. That understanding actually encourages politicians to overreact, in the belief that they are playing a vital constitutional role. It also encourages complacency, because a system that rights itself requires no painful compromises to preserve.”

    1. The author seems to favor a Parliamentary form of government – think of Prime Minister Boehner and his colleagues supervising Parliament and running the executive – and argues that Presidential government has a much worse record throughout the world.

      But the author isn’t clear about whether he wants to amend the Constitution to turn the U.S. into a Parliamentary system. So his solutions are vague.

  28. I don’t understand why boys don’t love Kennedy…She is a woman among us men and women and created by the reason lightnings… I SUPPORT FUCKING ALL FUCKING products created by this company. I can bet reason doesn’t dig Agile. Doesn’t matter. I DIG the Reason WORLD. I LOVE the rings placed on my doors and soon the REASON will carry the lives away into….

    last couple lines owed to my god George Jones….

    emotion is a sweet lovely rain on the hearts and minds of the poetics and expositors and commentors I so love… goddamn I love the infinity of alphas pissed on my face by the boys and girls and writers in this cloud of filth and risen saviors.

    1. Who doesn’t love Kennedy? She’s a classic example of a woman who gets remarkably better with age. And I love women who get better with age.

      1. I like Kennedy.

        1. DEg is broken well a pretty blonde stepped into and died because the well was in that weird place in fucking areezona and dah mines.

          sorry babe.. my mind is the opry and a fucking cunt shifter… paul got lucky.

          1. A pretty blonde stepping into me means I got lucky.

            1. DEG, you deserve a hot cunt misting for your cock brother…. ever see a hot cunt steam for cock.. most haven’t. Because most fucking men are narrow-minded hunters who SHOULD FUCKING STOP for a second and experience the ambiance of female arousal… NOTHING on the planet is so special…. NOTHING.. no million jack offs to porn flicks or erotic stories for you girls ( I’m watching you all) can capture this…

              The ambiance of female arousal is a vapor of female sexual warriorism or a vulva wolverine where she spreads her legs and all the muscles of her power emits an ACTUAL power that makes an alpha fall back in respect I fall back with my fat cock dripping lust but every fucking light and atom of her sexual being controls even the blink of my eye and I fall into her sexual mystique and my cock is seized by a million angels but I see a single beautiful pussy wrapped around my hard cock…

              1. I FEEL a million angels but I see one darling arching into me she calls my name but it isn’t agile cyborg- it’s ‘baby’ baby baby I thrust into her angelic thrusts and my thighs are lost in her forest and I seize her bounding sexual flesh ass while I die that night into her screaming and bellowing like an ape dying on her curves with a severe muscle tornado of love between her legs man and i am culled and left wasted my cum spilling from her vagina while she rolls her eyes toward my love and lowers her knees and I stagger with shaken foundations and grab and towel and clean her vagina and legs and she pulls her legs back and I see my cum drip on the floor… our love is strong after 22 years.

              2. Steam? No. Dripping with excitement? Yes.

      2. Paul is a neon warrior fucking slashing goddam shit and all with his fucking sword

  29. Looking at the candidates, you see (a) Rand Paul (yay!), (b) first-tier Senators (remember, they’re among the *best* the Senate has to offer, isn’t that encouraging?), (c) second- or third-tier businesspeople (who are still the equal of the first-tier Senators), and (d) someone who had such a great record as Secretary of State she didn’t even document it properly – or legally.

    1. Rand Paul will NEVER EVER be at bottom of agile’s list. EVER. I love Rand Paul. BUT I want ENB to remake Fiorina. The powerful women of REASON need to bring power to FIORINA… I love powerful women that aren’t fucking retarded and I love Rand Paul.

      Fuck me and may America get this shit… goddamn

    2. So Carly?


      1. The ugly stick had quite a workout with *all* the candidates.

        Fiorina was lightly smacked with it.

        Certain *other* candidates fell out of the top of the ugly tree and smacked into every branch on their way down. Then they climbed back to the top and fell off again.

        1. So, Carly then?

          I’m guessing that, or Jindal in a bustier?

        2. In all the threads I have known the sweet NOT GKC he has been sorta mean lately……

        3. NOT. are you going through a hard time, brother?

          1. not used to NOT GKC being so tough… and I love him being, well, tender and sweet….

            NOT GKC… shit goes down here in all the bobbles and wangs but every single one you guys and the girls have their distinct natures…

            this isn’t discussed much here BUT every single name and avatar in this place has special dynamic- which is why I will never ever change my fucking avatar.ever. I love this bar.

            NOT GKC is NOT GKC…. a special man… please go back to your original avatar…
            or offer agile a solid reason for the uptick.

        4. NOT GKC did you stop loving yourself today?
          Brother agile is sort of hung up on NOT GKC being nasty to our girl Fiorina…
          I’m not happy about this since you and I have a history most of the brothers might not know about….
          NOT GKC is being called out like he has called me out when i was fucking losing my mind on certain drugs and NOT GKC like a lovely man checked in
          but he is using this weird ‘ugly’ stick on a woman agile cyborg would happily fuck becuase she is powerful and amazing and my cock will be happy in her vagina as long as she agrees with the master of the universe fucking her pussy… some of us boys with super powerful women have to allow the fucking of the pussies of our lovers with outside outlaws that fly in spaceships called the Silk Road Pirates..

        5. The ugly stick had quite a workout with *all* the candidates.

          Are you insinuating that cheRubio DOESN’T look like a baby angel!?

      2. I think Carly is sexy… I would place her placid consensual self next to my hot wife in the deepest of nights under the murals and glows in my bedroom and the wife would wear her light thongs and the music would play lustily and Carly would walk into the door way consenting to be loved by a man and woman- I assume Mr. Fiorina approves- Mr Cryborg has… these things of pleasure occur more often than is realized and I offer love to Mr/ Fiorina… you can love my wife, sir with Carly….I am making love with my lovely wealthy blonde hottie with a presidential female and may she enjoy this… we love both powerful women and men… slide between us honey, mama blonde will caress your ass under the lights of sensuality and papa cyborg will gently lick your shoulders and nipples….mama cyborg slides her fingers between your sweet legs feeling massaging and gently exploring the lovely curves of Carly Fiorina while agile slides his hands on the sides of a powerful woman thighs and sucks her nipples into his mouth and his fat cock rises for permission to enter the galaxy of between the pyramix of Fiorina…

        1. So you were never an HP stockholder?

          1. QUIN! I might own that shit I don’t know. I am only the fucking artist dad father slut drug user in the fucking family, man! The wife tracks that shit, QUIN!

            1. No worries. But agreed, she is the hottest of current presidential candidates. Her second was Rick Perry rocking the nerdlinger spex.

              1. what happened to our brother NOT GKC, brother QUIN the brushmaster?

                1. He’s being clever and catholic, and recalibrating in the shadows.

                  *Cue nefarious music.*

                  1. quincy paint a humongousfuckingraffito on the facials of a millions spaceships that float on the rions…. agile loves quincy artesmo

                    1. Orion. Believe me, its being built. There’s a girl with long legs and fine tits depicted on the nose cone. Did I paint it? No.


  31. I think NOT GKC should be as sweet and loving as he always is… I love this about NOT GKC. that has a strange new name or whateva fucking shit…

    I love NOT GKC and he should always be his special sweet self and never change. ever

  32. NOT GKC has called me out on shit and I loved him for this. not that I changed anything but I developed a love for NOT GKC…

    Notorious, I guess Agile Cyborg will be one of the rare ones who changes his shit- I won’t ever but I respect your decision… but I guess I can’t call you NOT GKC anymore…. sigh

    what a loving world in this deep night world, reason.

  33. doesn’t matter how fucked up my shit is or how horrible the comments I fucking posit in Nick Gillespies world as much as I love Nick Gillespie… I will never ever NOT be agile cyborg the dude who loves Bertrand Russell and oak groves and high gravity booze and cocaine and great fucking marijuana in my nostrils and brains making geometric santas on my fucking nimble curves and shit…

    christmas seems to be a theme this night with jingle bells and shit and fucking goddamn santa everywhere… i just want to slit my wrists.

    1. I am off to bed.

      Don’t slit your wrists Agile Cyborg. Have some high gravity beer instead, like a Founder’s Imperial Stout. Christmas shit gets old quick. I’m consoling myself with the thought that Oktoberfest 2015 starts in four days and twelve hours, and then the Wiener Philharmonikers New Year’s Concert comes up quick after that. I just skip over Christmas, or at least, I try to.

      1. i love you dear, DEG. Amazing DEG. Marked for eternity.

        1. Thank you Agile.

  34. an atheist under the grace of a dying george jones the most genius pulling voice ever created since manking crawled from the pools as dumb ass fish…..
    twas grace that brought us safe thus far and grace will us on…
    NO ONE should ever question the love and deep devotion of the lovers of christ…
    I fucking hate atheists and their rejection of the soul and I am an atheist and I revel in the beauty of the voices of written songs offered to my tears and pulled spirit.

    ever experience a pulled spirit? as an atheist? PULL your blueness and your heart breaks from your
    body and most all of you will reject this but I’m a drughead… I understand the deepness of fallen spirit and tight calls and rainbows calling my to own altars because I am tripping more than most religious alter seekers for planets not heaven, brother….

  35. Let’s let the Germans rule!

      1. Quincy if a sweet german girl wanted to lick your jordan and pull your band of angels in her mouth and then Quincy swung low and bowed down at the altar the sexy female german woman while quin cock dribbled little elijah chariot bullets…. I’m thinking racist posts would not be fore on my brother Quins mind? Yeah… sweet german girl licking the nasty fat enjesus head of Quincy head cock…

    1. Buttlicking will forever rule, widget. PLEASE< DON”T WASTE a butt hole, widget… PLEASE, try your butthole, widget… always bow down and ask with humility and fuck the butt hole of your girl. german ruler… make the german ruler cum in her sweet butthole

  36. time repeats itself over and over… and if you notice culture is at a standstill.

    watch enews- dead.
    watch the twitter- nothing new
    watch facebook- a million shits living the same life pooped in the mansion of a fucking jewish fuck who just want to NOT be living his life as a douche
    watch Drudge- we all love drudge but light? light and watthefuck, drudge?
    Maybe worst Drudge connection to any presidential cycle ever?

    we need to find ourselves as families, lovers, and friends without these boxes and fingered connections…. I don’t know any of you in real life which mighty be great because Agile Cyborg is an eccentric man, but if the rest of you can identify please connect in human flesh….

    I don’t think the internet is necessarily beautiful because we are tripping so deep agile can’t even think?

    1. Night, night. I’m out.

      1. well, no, you are NOT out, a german girl up above is licking your cock head and shit so… lord I pray…

    2. and fingered connections
      A finger won’t do it.

      1. That’s ok- what you need to do is to appreciate agile cyborgs cocaine and bottles of wine and that fact that I am a friend to jesus and his angels, widget.
        so lie down, widget, wherever thou art…

  37. I’ll bet not a single fucking person even the christians on this site know how to worship living. How the depths of the heart fall so pleasurably at the altar of cosmic love… where you let go of hate and love and meanness and the present and the future and fly on the present managed on bottles of wine

    1. In tribute, Le Mellotron Feat. Tajima Hal.


      Improvising with my Korg…


    2. I’ll bet not a single fucking person even the christians on this site know how to worship living.

      -Well AC why don’t you clue the rest of us in since were so ignorant. I’m pretty sure the Christians spend most of their time not worshiping living. I’m sure they have a whole book on not worshiping living.

      1. ok. fine. you actually want to fuck with my worship ideas?

        You want to break the human spirit in a general sense with no acid with Agile, fine…

        Play George Jones singing Amazing Grace….. be drunk and on your second bottle of wine….

        Man this is agile cyborg early on every night without the fucking acid and shrooms and visits to the temples….

        FUCKING play George Jones, hurts…

        1. THEN play George Jones singing In The Garden….

          Never do too much cocaine at this point because Jesus will rise above the green terrace and glittery like swash his hands with glitter and shit and christ I’m just fucking going all poetry and fuck and hallucinations are sending all sorts of fucking shit my way and all wists.

          1. At this point you have maybe even started tripping on mushrooms which is perfect
            and then Play GEORGE Jones singing Why Me Lord?

            Your atheism can stand strong but fall peacefully to the beethoven of the country pull of genius like a pile of rich fucks swooning to Pavaroti…. song breaks the spirit so pleasurably like a powerful bitch whipping our balls….

      2. Fucking dumbass…

  38. I love the fucking rockets from mars.

  39. Stars cry.

  40. the deep gardens don’t just happen here and we are so arrogant to believe that we pull the fallen disclosures..
    but underneath every waterfall is a caustic and disturbing tale,
    outside tall brick walls near the edge of rich walls witness turns of genetics,
    and sailboats that skip the stars at the edges of the oceans and
    if the brothers and sisters fall on times so tremulous I wish the powers of the oceanic and galactic loves upon you and if your sweet chords ring from the Tetons and lost underground valleys and tree-filled hills of disappointment… stand tall, look into yourself, breathe the air of the universe and never be dominated by any fucking thing or person. ever.

    1. goddamn frax fantasio

  41. the face is an altar of expression
    tears are helpful transitions
    waves look for human smiles to
    crush them with outcast
    i understand the pain of the songs
    and the clouds that invert and force
    people to flee but when that damn fucking
    drastic shit creases the fuckingroll out…
    Peace out, Paul.. love yo, triggah

  42. the face is an altar of expression
    tears are helpful transitions
    waves look for human smiles to
    crush them with outcast
    i understand the pain of the songs
    and the clouds that invert and force
    people to flee but when that damn fucking
    drastic shit creases the fuckingroll out…
    Peace out, Paul.. love yo, triggah

  43. Paul broke out the fucking draz…
    head was truppin on ancient altars…
    but let’s relief deeper edm..

  44. edm is super fucking awesome for molly but my trip is not repetitive dwona dwinga blubbb brubba and repeto…

    agile is about direct spiritualitiy… and booze and a few pills a line… but super peace out Paul maestro. have don molly and meth but tonight i’m rolling tighter and down home protract…

  45. certain things are sun reflected and angles escape the boundaries of the fucking things where spies party and the lonely rocket deflects the knowing societies like a magazine of bullshit written by fucked up dudes like agile coming down on all his fucking drugs and shit but fuckit Jesus fucking christ the trip was fairly predictable and insanely awesome even though I should stop fucking penning this crap live like I am fucking retarded enough to do…. Prob time for agile cyborg to disconnect

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