Police Abuse

Leash Law


The Peoria, Arizona, police department is investigating an officer caught on tape apparently beating his K-9 partner with what looked like a leash. A department statement said they want to make sure "all policies, protocols and training were followed in this incident."


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  1. At this point we are still investigating what occurred. Examining every aspect of this incident will take time and for this we thank the media and the community for their patience. In the meantime, we appreciate the concern the community has expressed for our K9 partners. Due to the fact we are in the midst of an internal investigation we are declining interviews with our officers for the moment.

    First of all, they’re training dogs to be aggressive and putting them in harm’s way. That’s abuse. Secondly, it doesn’t take the time they’re taking to investigate. Interview the officer, interview witnesses and review the video evidence. Have the dog examined by a veterinarian. All of this should happen quickly while wounds and memories are fresh. Let’s not pretend they’re doing a usual thorough investigation. They’re negotiating with unions on how to bury it until everything blows over.

    But as long as internal procedures were followed, the public has no cause to concern itself who the goddamn fuck police are beating.

    1. A peasant on camera committing a crime; authorities ponder which of a dozen felony statutes to heap onto him. A cop on camera committing a crime; authorities ponder if there were any administrative infractions to send a strongly worded letter to his union rep about.

  2. And nothing else happened.


  3. #blackdogsmatter

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