Politicians, Leaders Stoke Division; Ordinary Americans Lead on Healing Racial Divides

"Instapundit" Glenn Reynolds explains why he's optimistic about the future.



In the age of Donald Trump and the Rev. Al, of racially motivated killings by white supremacists such as Dylann Roof and black TV reporter Vester Flanagan, the media is thriving by whipping up frenzy and panic.

Writing in USA Today, Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit reports on how "ordinary Americans" are moving in the direction of racial healing.

Last week saw 20,000 people show up for a multiracial "All Lives Matter" march in Birmingham, Ala. It could be the largest such march there since MLK. Glenn Beck and Chuck Norris were there, but that's not all. AL.com reports: "Alveda King, a niece of civil rights activist the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., marched in the front row. Bishop Jim Lowe, pastor of the predominantly black Guiding Light Church in Birmingham, co-organized the march with Beck and marched with him at the front. As a child, Lowe attended Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, where the march started, a headquarters church for the civil rights movement in Birmingham. Lowe and his sisters were in the church when a KKK bomb blew up the church and killed four little girls on Sept. 15, 1963." (Note: One of those girls was a childhood playmate of Condoleezza Rice.)

Once again the national news media, noted Washington Post blogger David Weigel, "was largely absent." No time for positivity where race is concerned, I guess.

He concludes:

From hate to healing: That's what's bubbling up from the American people, even as our political leadership sows division. Which will win out? That depends on what we all do next, doesn't it?

The American people have a strong spirit of egalitarianism and kindness, one that shows over and over again. But our political class (and, it seems the news media) sees more gain in promoting hatred and division. Who will win? If we're lucky, our "leaders" will follow the people on this.

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  1. ‘In the age of Donald Trump and the Rev. Al, of racially motivated killings by white supremacists such as Dylann Roof and black TV reporter Vester Flanagan,…’

    mmmm I think you might want to rephrase that.

    1. Nah.

      This is Reason’s new thing. Awkward sentences and association to insinuate that that everyone is a racist.

      I am surprised Nick didn’t suggest that Glenn Reynolds be Trump’s VP choice for daring to criticize the press. An improvement I guess.

      1. If by “new”, you mean that this is the direction they’ve increasingly been going in for the last seven or eight years.

      2. New thing?

        They throw the race card all the time.

        Brown people this, brown people that. War in Iraq? Want to bomb brown people. War in Libya? Want to bomb brown people. Oppose the Iran deal? Want to bomb brown people.

        Never mind that those 3 people all look completely different, to Reason (and many commenters) they are simply “brown people”

    2. Well, they are both believers in white supremacy. It’s just that one believes white supremacy is a good thing and one believes it’s a bad thing.

      1. Trump is a white supremacist?

        Looks like Suderman did his job as Reason’s Janeane Garofalo.

  2. Well certainly they must foment division: The media loves racial divide as a source of “news” and a mechanism of promoting their agendas [perpetual victimization] while politics thrives on an “us vs. them” paradigm as a means of whipping up support for their respective parties and candidates.

    Get your facts elsewhere, because the so called “Fourth Estate” abandoned that role a while back.

    1. The only thing that gets me watching tv news is riots. Race riots are the best.

      1. It’s why I still have a 1961 Philco television – everything gets presented in black and white and even the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade can look like a race riot if you squint just right.

  3. Tom Brady suspension vacated; some erroneously opine that court overreached.

    1. In other news, football fans outside of New England howl in rage while fans in New England smugly pat themselves on the back.

      1. “Pat” themselves?

        Did I just see what you did there, or was that just a case of being a poet but not knowit?

        1. Yes.

          1. I am giving Dollar Park Yen the benefit of the doubt….clever.

    2. BS special treatment of Goodell’s pet, per usual. We lost Sean Peyton for a season because he encouraged the defense to hit people. Brady is implicated in yet another cheating scandal and doesn’t get jackshit.


        *No, not a Brady nor a Patriots fan

      2. Wait a second, I just caught that. You play for the Saints?

        1. Using “we” in the fan sense. Sorry for any confusion.

      3. Listen to the Federalist Hour podcast on this. I came away thinking that the suspension would be overturned. (Packers’ fan here, fyi)

  4. Peace sells, but who’s buying?

    You know, some young enterprising band ought to make a song about that.

    1. What do you mean I hurt your feelings? Didn’t know you had any feelings.

      1. Whaddy mean I don’t support the system? I go to court when I have to.

  5. I’m reminded of the days following the Charleston shooting. The professional grievance-mongers on both sides were railing about how all whites are racists, no all blacks are racists, guns should be banned, the Confederate flag somehow caused this, etc., etc., etc.

    Meanwhile, in South Carolina, the members of the congregation and the family members of the victims prayed with members of the community, white and black, and pushed a message of forgiveness and peace.

    So yeah, fuck the punditry and fuck the progtards on the Twitter. These people don’t get their identity from moral preening and politicizing everything. More power to them.

    1. There’s a reason why journalists are constantly harping on the need for EVERYONE to be involved in politics.

    2. Yeah – my cold, cold heart was greatly softened by the reaction of the congregation of that church. They were exceptional and magnanimous and it made me feel good. I sure wonder if I could react the same way if something like that happened at my church. Prolly not…so – respect.

      Thanks for that, congregation!

      1. It is amazing how great the country really is. It is full of really great people. If you just pay attention to journalists and politicians, you start to think the entire country is full of lowest form of scum imaginable. No, the country is just fine. Journalists and politician on the other hand really are the lowest form of scum imaginable.

        1. It’s natural to project one’s own sense of values and virtues on one’s countrymen, that is, to assume that they think much like one’s self.

          Politicians and journalists are not exempt from this tendency. I’ve no data, of course, but I surmise that they tend to do so more than most. Now politicians and journalists are intensely interested in politics, so their values and virtues largely revolve around politics. Since politicians and journalists are mainly scum, they think that everybody else is scum, which also informs their political ideology. (By the way, this is fully bipartisan.)

          Almanian is absolutely right about the people of that church: their conduct was one of the most admirable demonstrations of genuine Christianity in this century.

          1. “Since politicians and journalists are mainly scum, they think that everybody else is scum, which also informs their political ideology”

            ^^ So much this. And since they *regard* themselves as morally superior to the rabble, they are honestly shocked and incoherent when they see that normal people actually behave decently to each other.

          2. He is right. It was amazing. I honestly think that while amazing that church is not out of the ordinary. I have been almost everywhere in this country. And I have uniformly found the people in here to be very good people. The country is nothing like the politicians and the journalists think it is. And it is mostly that way because as you point out, most people don’t give a shit about politics. The more you care about politics, the worse person you generally become.

        2. The ‘good people’ are too weak to matter.

          1. How would you know? You are not one them.

    3. yeah last time I was down in South Carolina it didn’t seem like a hotbed of racism – the shootings there frankly shocked me.

  6. The media sows racial division because it is the only thing keeping the Democratic Party viable. If the Republicans got even 30% of the black vote, the Democrats would have not have won a Presidential election since 1964. I am not kidding. Go back and look at the numbers. Without a complete stranglehold on the black vote, the Democratic Party would not be competitive at the national level.

    At the same time a good percentage of blacks hold fairly conservative views such that if they were anything but black would almost certainly be Republican. The media is at this point an arm of the Democratic Party. As such one of its most important jobs is to convince blacks to keep voting Democrat. It does this by constantly sowing racial division. This forces Republicans to respond to the interests of its white supporters and allows Democrats to convince blacks Republicans hate them and are racists and there is no alternative to voting Democrat.

    It is a very effective game. It is also one that has allowed both parties to completely ignore the interests and welfare of the black community since both sides know that black voters are not going to switch sides no matter what they do.

    1. 100% agree. And just look at what’s happened with Rand Paul. A libertarian-ish Republican starts talking about serious criminal justice reform. The first reaction is to try to paint him as a racist for questioning the constitutionality of the CRA. When that doesn’t destroy his career and some black communities actually started listening to what he had to say, there was a sudden epiphany by Barry and Holder that mandatory minimum sentencing is bad, m’kay?, and we must do something NOW!

      1. At least some good came of it.

    2. Well said.

    3. Virtually the entire democratic democratic party and “mainstream” media of today is the product of Saul Alinsky, who wrote the instruction manual for them on how to pull this off.

  7. Semi related: BLM supporter arrested for saying he wanted to murder all the white people in La Plata, Maryland.

    This is a free speech violation, isn’t it? There’s no way saying ‘KILL ALL WHITE PEOPLE’ is a true threat, otherwise every person posting on Stormfront should have been arrested by now for making similar statements.

    And a guy in the comments points out the charge can’t possibly stick since this isn’t a true threat so the Breitards claim it definitely is a true threat because unrelated black people have killed cops. Herp.

    1. Does he own a woodchipper?

    2. Probably yes. But weren’t you and Tony on the other thread claiming that people only think BLM protestors are nuts because the evil right wing media makes it look that way? At what point do the 99% of the BLM protestors who are nuts finally give the other 1% a bad name?

      1. No, what I actually said is that there’s no way to tell what percentage are like that because there have been no polls taken of the movement and every individual story gets blown up out of proportion by the right (such as some random dude spouting off on Twitter getting on the front page of Breitbart) so there’s literally no way to know if this is common or if it’s made to appear more common than it is because right-wing media wants to paint the entire movement that way.

        By your logic, I could take random comments from the Breitbart comment section and say “THIS IS PROOF ALL CONSERVATIVES ARE CRAZY.”

        Saying we can’t know =/= saying it’s a guarantee that it’s an invention of right-wing media.

      2. That story is about the actions of one person.

        1. Sure. And every Balko story about a coop who shoots a dog is a story about one cop. Somehow that doesn’t stop you and a lot of other people from making conclusions about the police community at large. And rightly so given the number of cops shooting dogs out there.

          This is not exactly the first instance of this kind of shit. Yet, here you are saying “it was just one person”. No, this was just one person but he is not the only one.

          So i ask you again, at what point do the 99% of the BLM protestors who are crazy give the other 1% a bad name? Are you just that afraid to be called racist?

          1. I wouldn’t call the BLM protesters crazy. Though I would call them racist.

          2. Where do you get 99%? A poll conducted by the inside of your ass?

            1. I don’t. It is called hyperbole. It went right over your head. But regardless, show me one sane thing they have ever done? You are really telling me a group that thinks talking about anyone but black people being victimized by police is racist is some sane reasonable group? A group that has gone after liberal Democrats for having the nerve to claim “all lives matter” is not crazy?

              You tell me, do all lives matter or only black lives? Is anyone who claims anything but black lives matter really a racist? You don’t find that idea nuts?

          3. 99% of the BLM protestors who are crazy

            “Guys, I was just being hyperbolic! Over and over again!”

            1. It’s hyperbole all the way down

            2. Sure. Maybe it is only 80%. But again, maybe it is a hundred percent. Tell me Rywyn what exactly is “sane” about a group that openly attacks and shouts down anyone who says “all lives matter”? I would like to hear that. Show me all of these reasonable non crazy members of BLM. Feel free to provide links.

              Do you think they are sane? Are you done with the idea that saying “all lives matter is racist”? Or are you such a nutless weasel when it comes to these issues you lie and refuse to tell the truth for fear of being called racist?

              Yeah, they are leftist assholes and nuts. Worse they have highjacked the debate on police brutality and ensured that nothing is going to get done about it. Since that issue is something that is very important to me, I don’t have very many good things to say about BLM. I guess since you care more about posing and not looking RACIST!! than you do about police brutality, you feel differently. That is too fucking bad.

              1. Here’s a link. Maybe if you didn’t get your talking points from townhall you might find some reasonable ideas there.

                You’re like my lefty friends who just know how the Tea Party is nothing but a bunch of racists.

                1. So they have a nice website. I bet if I went to the FOP website, it would look pretty reasonable too. Gee I guess police brutality isn’t an issue. I mean the FOP website is so nice.

                  Did this not really happen”


                  or this


                  Is that just townhall talking points. Is anything you don’t like just something the evil right wing media invented?

                  Yeah, and it is not that I disagree with you. I just get all of my information from some fucking website I have never heard of or if I have forgot it the day after I heard it. Yup. And I am such a fucking cop lover too. Everyone knows I am right there with Dunphy on those issues. It can’t be the BLM is a bunch of assholes. Nope. I am just a Townhall reading cop lover.

                  1. Farrakhan is your best example? WTF? When did he join BLM?

                    Sorry, pulling crazy quotes from random black people doesn’t cut it.

                    As for your second link, unless you have proof that “pigs in a blanket” is the group’s official policy, all you’ve got is a bunch of angry people at a protest letting off steam.

                    Try again.

                    1. We are not talking about BLM. Read the thread. Irish pulled some comment that called for Farakahn to be arrested. I pointed to Farakahn calling for a race war to refute Irish’s claim that the call for him to be arrested was some kind of horrible statement akin to calling for a race war or demanding all political dissenters be jailed.

                      You missed the context. Sorry it wasn’t more clear.

                    2. And read the Tribune article. The first link was put there by mistake. No. I am not pointing to Farrakahn. This was the link that was supposed to go there


                  2. “Nope. I am just a Townhall reading cop lover.”

                    Doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

                    1. That is because you are stupid and are not paying attention Muich. I am anything but that. Few people on here are harder on cops than I am. So if BLM lost me, it is because they are crazy.

                    2. I don’t doubt there are crazy people in BLM. I just don’t like attempt to collectivize.

                    3. Example 40899 of John being certain of what he doesn’t and can’t know.

                    4. Can we call Black Lives Matter SJWs?

                      Briana Wu seems to want to join them and they did talk Sanders off the stage.

                      Also their whole bullshit that you can’t say All Lives Matter because magical unicorns or something makes it racist really mimics a lot of the SJW bullshit.

                      As to their desire to kill all the white people there are SJWs who use the hashtag #KillAllMen.

                      I have little doubt those people do kind of want to kill all men…and are just totally incapable physically and mentally of killing anyone under an circumstances. They just day dream about it then make posts on the internet about them.

                      Again this makes them look like SJWs as no one is actually being killed from their murder calls as far as I know.

    3. “Hayek ? 31 minutes ago
      Hopefully he gets lost and makes a wrong turn finding himself in the skinhead section of the prison
      12 ? Reply?Share ?

      Kel’Thuzad Hayek ? 14 minutes ago
      That’s if he survives the “rough ride” to the station.
      1 ? Reply?Share ?”


      1. Gee, running around saying how you want to kill people causes those people to say bad things about you. Who possibly could have foreseen that?

        1. You’ll have to explain to me what the difference is between spouting off angrily on twitter with a threat you almost certainly don’t intend to actually enact and spouting off in a comment section about how you want someone to be murdered by cops.

          Oh, I forgot. When right-wingers do it, you forgive sins you would never forgive if it came from the left.

          Also, supporting someone being thrown in jail for what is clearly not a legitimate threat is objectively worse than making an angry tweet about killing people, since in the first instance someone is actually having their lives fucked with and potentially damaged. Therefore, I’d argue the sub-literate scum writing in Breitbart’s comment section are worse people than this dipshit.

          1. For example, here’s another charming Breitbartian:

            So when are they going to arrest Louis Farrakhan, “reverend” Wright, Al Sharpton, a might host of mooslim clerics, new black panthers, and many many other hate fomenters on the left? It’s about time.

            Let’s throw everyone I don’t like in prison! These people are just as bad as the people in BLM. If given the opportunity, the people who comment at Breitbart would gleefully start sticking their political opponents in camps.

            1. Louis Farrakkan recently called for 100,000 volunteers to stalk and kill white people.


              And you are shocked that a few white people take him seriously and want the government to do something about it.

              Tell me Irish, are you such a racist that you just think black people are children such that no one could ever take anything they say seriously or do you actually agree with Farakhan?

              1. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

                Apparently Bo thinks I’m a racist because I hold blacks TOO accountable for their actions and you think I’m a racist because I don’t hold blacks accountable for their actions! I’m like Shrodinger’s Racist – you never know why I’m racist until you’ve opened the box and examined me.

                Anyway, you missed the point entirely. This guy is arguing that Farrakkan should be jailed for saying that, even though there’s no chance it will happen. He’s also arguing that random Muslim Imams should be jailed and that Al Sharpton should be jailed.

                Saying ‘Farrakkan is a shithead’ is different than saying ‘we should throw him in jail for speech.’ The second statement is what the Breitbart guy is saying, which is why he’s a shithead who is just as bad as Farrakkan or the dude who spouted off on twitter.

                That’s the point. The type of person who comments at Breitbart is indistinguishable from someone like Farrakkan when it comes to his desire to see his political opponents wrongfully punished and persecuted. You give the conservative a pass but you don’t give the leftist a pass. Why?

                1. yeah Irish, and saying someone calling for a race war and asking for a hundred thousand volunteers to start it should be thrown in jail is totally the same thing as calling for people to be thrown in jail for having different political views.

                  Is Farakahn’s statement protected under the 1st Amendment. Probably. But anyone who thinks otherwise, while misinformed is not exactly calling for people to be thrown in jail for political differences. They just don’t understand how hard it is for speech to be considered a criminal threat.

                  But you of course can’t see that. You are such a poser and so terrified of making a judgment or being seen as anything but “pox on both houses”, you let yourself become stupid. You are actually claiming that someone calling for a race war and the extermination of the white race is equivalent to someone who says that person should be arrested for saying that.

                  It is just sorry. You shouldn’t let your ideology and your worry about being seen as “RACIST” or not being in the middle make you stupid.

                  1. It’s time to stop now, Irish. John has gone into cake mode and now he can see into your soul. He IS going to have the last word, even if he has to keep tabs on this until midnight. Just make a dumb joke then leave him to stew in his soiled underwear.

                    1. Yes Sparky. Our natures are often revealed by our actions. But in fairness, Irish might not be afraid of being called a racist. You are right. I only assume that is the reason because I don’t believe he is really this stupid. You are, however, correct, I don’t know for sure. I can’t read his thoughts. So yes, he may really believe this and be that dumb. I was just being polite and giving him the benefit of the doubt. My mistake.

                    2. No, you’re being a retard and refusing to engage the point.

          2. You’ll have to explain to me what the difference is between spouting off angrily on twitter with a threat you almost certainly don’t intend to actually enact and spouting off in a comment section about how you want someone to be murdered by cops.

            There is one big difference in that the people in the comment section are wishing death on someone who wished death on them first. I don’t quite understand why you find it interesting or surprising that some guy who vowed to kill all white people would in turn cause a few white people to wish him ill in police custody. If some white guy were arrested for saying that no way in hell would you be on here shocked that black comentators on the story were hoping the Crips killed him in prison. That is called human nature.

            You are such a fucking nutless toady. My God, are you really this afraid of being called the RACIST? Really? Of all the hills to die on you are going to die on the hill defending the crazy dude who claims to want to kill all the white people and attacking the people who hope he dies first? It never fails to amaze me how bullied white people are by the general culture when it comes to race.

          3. The tweet sounds like an incitement to imminent lawless action.
            Your examples of “the right does it too” aren’t comparable.

            1. Imminent lawless action. Dude’s sitting at home talking shit on Twitter to his 1000 followers about something he will supposedly do 6 hours later and you think this meets the legal standard for incitement to riot.

              How is this different than someone saying ‘that judge should be shot’ on H&R and then getting Reason unfairly subpoenaed?

              1. I will give you one more chance. You honestly think that someone saying “we need to murder all white people” is exactly the same thing as someone who after seeing that thinks, “man I hope that guy gets his in prison”?

                That is your final answer? You think both of those things are totally equivalent?

                Are you trolling? Drunk? Have you become a comedy act?

                1. The tweeter said he and others should go kill a specific group of crackers, at a specific location, at a specific time. That’s much more of a clear incitement to imminent lawless action than just “we need to murder all the white people”.

              2. Seriously, see my comment just above.

                1. How am I looking into his soul Sparky? I am asking him if he thinks that. Do you think that? What do you think? Are you down with calling for the mass extermination of an entire race? Think that is no different at all than wishing someone harm or even death in prison?

                  1. I’m calling card the mass extermination of the human race. Only then can Mother Gaia begin her long, slow healing process. And you can’t trick me into your stupid game, I have my leaded crystal glasses on so you can’t look into my soul.

                    1. Seriously you stupid fucking phone, how do you turn ‘for’ into ‘card’?

                    2. Sparky,

                      You have a great future in the environmental movement. I wish you luck with it.

              3. How is this different than someone saying ‘that judge should be shot’ on H&R and then getting Reason unfairly subpoenaed?

                You’re illiterate.

                “I’d like to see… Should be… Deserves to be” vs. “Let’s go kill these crackers tonight!”

                1. Both sides must forever be equally bad. So if some BLM guy said that he wanted to kill every white person on earth, there must be someone from the right who is just as bad. There has to be. The cosmic order depends upon it.

                  1. Arguments over which group of people most deserves to be painted with the brush of collective guilt are often aimless, in the end.

    4. Louis Farrakhan can call upon “10,000 fearless men” to “rise up and kill” “our 400 year old enemy” without arrest. He can say, “Stalk them and kill them and let them feel the pain of death that we are feeling.”

      BTW, he delivered this unabashedly unchristian sermon to the packed Metropolitan AME Church in Washington, DC. I suspect he had orders of magnitude more exposure than some malcontent’s Twitter account.

  8. “Mayonnaisse” is just the fraudsters opening salvo in the war on truth and food

    Branding non-dairy cheese substitute as “Real Cheese” is the goal.

    Tetrick says he has to wage this battle. If he can’t call it mayo?a product consumers instantly identify with?he can’t sell it. He figures most consumers will eschew products with labels that scream the differences between plant-based mayo and the regular stuff. “When you start presenting things as alternatives,” Tetrick says, “the only people who are going to buy it are in San Francisco and New York.”

    1. When you take part in a niche market, you really shouldn’t bitch about only being able to sell to a niche market.

    2. What an asshole. I’m going to sell kale and call it “steak”.

      1. I’d rather sell steak and call it “kale.” That would be like shoving sand into their collective vaginas.

        1. Ow!

          1. The successor to Red October.

    3. It’s whatever we feel it is! If we feel that it’s mayonnaise, then it is mayonnaise! Feelings trump everything!

    4. “Bawww! Why won’t you let me deceive people!”

    5. Way to light the Bo signal SIV.

      1. I thought Bo was a fat slob. Of course he loves real mayonnaise. He puts it in his coffee.

        1. You missed Bo and Sloopy’s “epic” mayonnaise/ketchup fight from a few days ago.

          1. please don’t link to it.

          2. LINK PLZ!!!!

            *pats inner shite-stirrer on the head*

            1. Don’t listen to Mr. Hot Cocoa here!


    6. The Bloomberg piece makes it clear that Hampton Creeks whole business model is fraud and deception. There “libertarian” defenders are dupes and useful idiots.

      1. “their”

        And the implication that their private sector opponents are BIG AGRICULTURE while they’re just a little hippie organic collective of Silicon Valley billionaires represented pro-bono by ol’ country lawyers Kathleen Sebelius and Heather Podesta.

        The FDA was fine with their fraudulent mayonnaise marketing but they went to far and claimed a jar full or rapeseed oil and pea was “heart healthy”

  9. That story is about the actions of one person.

    If I cannot recklessly extrapolate the deepest fears and desires of thousands from the words or deeds of a single individual, why go on living?

    1. why go on living

      So you’re threatening to kill anyone who doesn’t think like you?

      GET ‘IM!!!

    2. That cop who shot your dog and terrorized your children is just one cop. How could you possibly extrapolate his actions onto the entire profession of law enforcement?

      Gee Brooks, I had no idea you and Dunphy were so close.

      1. He’s just one cop made untouchable by a vast system.

  10. ” noted Washington Post blogger David Weigel, “was largely absent.” “


    that said, at least he got his “3 words” in Reynolds piece. His best work, i think.


      The computer containing the unfinished first draft of his shitty Rock and Roll book?

      1. shitty rock & roll book

        Where’d you get the inside scoop on that?

        and did it have a narrower focus, or was it about ALL “Shitty rock & roll bands”?

        Because i could see there being a book-idea about bands like Starship, Warrant, Green Day, Blink 182, Creed, and Godsmack

        1. I can also see bands like that being the core of Dave Weigel’s record collection.

        2. Dude, you forgot Nickelback. Any book about shitty rock bands must contain an entire chapter on Nickelback alone.

          Oh, and Rush sucks. (Or they are the awesome! Whichever gets people more pissed off!)

          1. I threw in Godsmack as a replacement. Someone here once sincerely tried to argue that Nickelback “isn’t all that bad”. I didn’t want to have to deal with that again.

            Also, I think Sugar Ray should probably have replaced Green Day, just for sheer awfulness.

            1. What about the Red Hot Chili Peppers?

              1. See, i feel like they were a GREAT band that progressively dug themselves into a pit of “suck” gradually over time.

                I mean, i even liked One Hot Moment, Californication didn’t make me vomit…. but everything after that just kind of…. no, i’d rather not.

    2. Dave Weigel, or as I like to call him, Dunce Weasel, seems to report about a lot when he is not spending time posting here. He is a hard worker!

  11. So you’re threatening to kill anyone who doesn’t think like you?

    Be vewwy vewwy quiet. I’m hunting hewwetics.

  12. It’s a heartbreaker, but some people go into a physiological abyss in their late teens and early 20s. They could be perfectly normal until some insulation in their brain wiring gives way. And then he’s on water tower with a rifle.trytng to start a race war.

    Politics matter, but I don’t think this human anomaly falls squarely on the political domain.

  13. My pessimism is grounded in the reinvention and outright abandonment of liberal principles.

    “Tolerance” now means directing hatred, scorn, and preferably government coercion against anyone who dares to say anything insensitive. And never mind your civil rights–it’s even worse when they’re talking about your property or your economic freedom.

    And I think those kinds of attitudes are predominate on both sides of the aisle.

    I wanted to think the new division was going to be between one party devoted to personal freedom and the other one against it and for the collective good–but it looks to me like it’s working in the other direction. The part of economic freedom isn’t embracing personal freedom; if anything, it’s abandoning economic freedom, too. And the party of central planning is just as hostile to economic freedom as it ever was–it’s just that they’re abandoning personal freedom, on behalf of the greater “good”, as well.

    I think things will need to get really bad before they get better. It’s not enough for people to hear the arguments about how freedom of all kinds is better, and it’s not enough for them to experience the benefits of freedom in their personal lives or their economic well being either. Seems like they have to experience the downsides before they get it. I was hoping we were smarter than that. I was hoping we wouldn’t have to shoot ourselves in the chest before we realized that was probably a bad idea.

    1. Tolerance means righteous intolerance of anyone who disagrees with you.

      [Social] Justice means using government to commit acts of injustice on your behalf.

      Freedom means using government to force people to do things for you.

      Yeah, we’re fucked. It ain’t gonna get better because there’s no place to escape to.

    2. I do not plan be in the convalescent home with Ken and Gilmore wondering who burnt my toast.

      A stroke could get me there, but otherwise I will off myself first.

      1. WTF? how did i get into the old people home!? I’d be first in line for Cyborg Conversion. Transhumanism FTW!

        1. +2045 Singularity

        2. Just make sure you follow the Rule of Six.

        3. Transhumanism? I’m more for getting off the planet.

          There’s a big universe out there, and it’s still got a good hundred billions years in it before it all goes dark. There must be a place for libertarians out there somewhere.

          All we have to do is build an interstellar ship to go find it–and the ship doesn’t even need to have a warp drive. Life aboard the good ship Libertopia just needs to be better than what you’d experience in, say, New York City. And how hard can that be?

          Life is a journey rather than a destination anyway, right? And if life aboard ship is better than what people can reasonably expect to experience in New York City, then the ship can be our destination. In fact, how ever many generations later, when our ship bound descendants find a suitable new homeworld, I bet there will be some who would rather stay on board and keep traveling…

          We’re talking about a hell of a ship…with Ayn Rand books to read and everything!

    3. State GOP parties seem to be improving.

  14. OT: I would like one of you city guys to go investigate this Fuku chicken-fried steak, and report back to us. You will be rewarded with good vibes. Thank you.

    1. There’s a steak in there somewhere? Do I need to squint, and it will emerge in 3D?

      1. Excuse me for trying to add share food porn.

        1. Yeah, but its like someone put a burka on the hottie. Is it the thing under the garlic and basil? aw. its cute?

            1. Steak shaming is not cool.

              1. Notable = Lugar’s steaks are also ‘fried’. Cooked in a pan, inch deep in dutch butter. That’s what’s slopping around the bottom of the plate there…with the delicious *blood*…. butter..blood…aaaaaggghhhhhhhqqqqq(drool)

                1. First, I have heard over and over again that bigger is not always better, and that saying also applies to steaks.

                  Second, no one wants to hear about your elitist, Brooklyn, hipster steakhouse of choice. I have been to Peter Luger’s, and I would only give it a 9.5 out of 10. At the most.

                  1. Did you try the bacon? I’m guessing no or you would be singing a different tune.
                    They use thick cut (roughly 3/16”) and cook it in the Salamander for 35 seconds at 1300?. It is the best bacon on Earth.

  15. You guys are all a bunch of nutless Democrats in libertarian sheeps’ clothing. Pathetic dupes of the State Run Liberal Media Machine, you are.

    1. Except as you’re being a mouth-breathing pack of ultra-conservative right wingnuts.

      1. Except when*

        Fucking phone…

        1. Your phone appears to suck as much as mine.

  16. I’m more interested in Sexual Healing. I’m not Gaye, though.

  17. “the media is thriving by whipping up frenzy and panic.”

    You don’t say…

    Maybe you should tell race-bating Suderman that Nick.

    1. Suderman? That’s like calling white bread spicy.

    2. ….


      ok, what did they do this time?

      Seriously. Cause I missed it.

      1. “Seriously. Cause I missed it.”

        You didn’t read Suderman’s “Trump supporters are nativist racists” article?

        It is great. He even quotes Weigle in it.

        1. Trump supporters ARE Nativist racists.

          Or did i miss Trump’s free-market economic reforms and non-interventionist foreign policy ideas…?

          1. Not being a for” free-market economic reforms and non-interventionist foreign policy” makes you a racist now?

            Does that mean Obama is a nativist racist?

            I am sure glad I am a libertarian otherwise I would be an automatic nativist racist…

            *reads pretty much any article about libertarains and or Rand/Ron Paul in MSM

            Oh well….I guess being a libertarian also makes you a nativist racist.

            1. Now you’re just making crazy talk

      2. Nothing. Corning is just a liar.

    3. So, Suderman is a race-baiter and Walker is a SJW?

      1. AND WEIGEL IS A….. uh….. White…. boring…. dork….

      2. Hmmm…

        I may be using the term “race-baiter” incorrectly.

        Suderman called everyone who supports Trump a racist. Is that race-baiting? Don’t know. It is bad either way.

        I called Gilmore an SJW not Walker.

        Walker I called slime and a member of JournoList 3.0…I was on target with the slime remark. I may have been reaching with JournoList 3.0…i guess we will probably find out someday.


          1. I doubt both those things.

            Still don’t make him or his supporters nativist racist.

            1. Yes, well perhaps you should take your crusade to defend their reputation over to HuffPo where the topic seems to have more currency

              1. Really?

                Jesus HuffPo? Might as well link Gawker as your “proof”.

                1. That wasn’t “proof” of anything… just that your whining about H&R is misplaced.

                  If the world needs a Defender of the Integrity of the Trump-Faithful, maybe you should go where your work is needed

              2. By the way here is HuffPo calling the Tea Party Racist:


                They even made a link called “tea-party-racism”.

                I am not at all surprised they used the same cherry picked race-baiting where they quote or fabricate quotes of the worst possible people then claim it represents all supporters.

                1. Lulz


                  They have a “donald-trump-racism” link already up.

      3. Reason are total race baiters on the immigration issue. They call anyone who has any objection to immigration a racist. They have never once made an honest argument in defense of open borders. They forever poison the well by playing the race card and pretending no one could ever have a good faith objection to immigration. Their behavior on the issue is shameful.

        1. Nativist and Xenophobic is also popular.

        2. “They have never once made an honest argument in defense of open borders.’

          Yes…. this magazine has never bothered to ever make a sound, reasoned argument based in free-market principles why free movement of labor is in the best interests of our economy.

          No, they just beat up all the calm, dispassionate, and logical opponents of Immigration (legal and illegal, who are extremely honest about their use of data and statistics to support their claims that….

          sorry, that was getting a little *too* silly to continue. You were saying?

          1. I disagree with John on this sentence: “They have never once made an honest argument in defense of open borders.”

            Everything else above he gets completely right.

            It is pretty pathetic that you can’t even see that. You have seen Reason’s non-race-baiting arguments. Why are you not the least bit upset that they have recently abandoned them all in favor of blanket race-bait bombs?

            1. All I hear is a few people like you whining perpetually about everything.

              I mean for fuck’s sake = do you really expect to ever be taken seriously after moaning that “Making fun of ICE-T was a sign of ‘corrupt, conspiratorial left-wing journalism”?

              1. “All I hear is a few people like you whining perpetually about everything.”

                Pretty sure for the past couple of weeks you “find” search my name in comments Gilmore.

                Don’t play coy. I love you too cutie.

            2. Good to see more red-blooded libertarians waking up to the cosmotarian menace.

              1. “red-blooded libertarians”

                My blood is black from inhaling the charcoal ashes of my monocle shining orphans.

              2. The problem we have right now is clearly one of idiot yokeltarians turning the comments into a shitshow.

                1. “idiot yokeltarian”

                  OK so “Cuckservative” is forboden spoke, but I do wish to greenlight the word “Neocanuckservative”

  18. Boys Scouts of America?

    1. Boy Scouts of America? So you’re saying that girls don’t matter, that foreigners don’t matter? For shame! As much as #BlackLivesMatter seems to be #BlackDeathsMatter and, if you’re gonna wave the bloody shirt, well, somebody’s gonna have to bleed, I don’t see where lecturing BLM that all lives matter is much different than lecturing the American Association for the Advancement of Science that reading matters, too. I suspect the movement got hijacked by the race pimps about twelve seconds after it was founded, but saying that ‘black lives matter’ seemed to be something that needed to be said, nobody much gave a crap what sort of police state urban blacks live in because it wasn’t something they had ever seen or experienced. Of course, lots of people are offended by blacks saying “you’re blind to what’s going on” because they’re not blind to it, they were only blind to it up until about 5 minutes ago. And to the extent that you were blind to it up until about 5 minutes ago, well, fuck you. There are people who’ve been trying to call attention to this for about 40 damn years, how about giving them a chance to be heard before you jump in there with your newly-discovered power of sight and give your analysis of what you see?

  19. Sammy So So is not going to liek that at all.


  20. I’m calling card the mass extermination of the human race. Only then can Mother Gaia begin her long, slow healing process. And you can’t trick me into your stupid game, I have my leaded crystal glasses on so you can’t look into my soul.

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