These Teens Kept Their Sexting Private, But Cops Found Out. Now They Face Sex Offender Registry, Jail.

Is it possible for two teens to sexually exploit each other?



Fayetteville, North Carolina, cops have charged 17-year-old Cormega Copening with sexual exploitation of a minor—his girlfriend, who is the same age—because the couple sent each other nude photos of themselves during their relationship.

There's no evidence the photos were ever sent to anyone else, and police only became aware of them because they searched Copening's phone for unrelated reasons that haven't been specified. Even so, the teen—formerly the starting quarterback at his high school—faces decades on the Sex Offender Registry and up to ten years behind bars if convicted. He's also been benched from the team while Jack Britt High School investigates the matter.

Copening's girlfriend—who remains unnamed in the news articles—is also facing charges, ABC11 reported.

These teen-sexting witch hunts are almost always outrageous; they conflate child pornography with something far less sinister. It's perfectly normal—and wildly common—for kids to express an interest in sex. Should authority figures discourage underage sexting? Sure. Should they ruin kids' lives for doing it anyway? Absolutely not.

But Copening's situation is more outrageous than most. As far as I can tell, the pictures weren't shared with anyone else—this isn't a case where a boy texted a girl's nude photos to all of his friends and caused her some considerable public humiliation. The photos were private, and remained that way, until the cops got hold of them. If there's public humiliation here, police intervention is the cause.

Consider as well that Copening reciprocated with photos of his own. Does not a mutual, voluntary exchange of photos undercut the notion that "sexual exploitation" is a factor here? It's more than a little ridiculous to accuse these two of exploiting each other—although this is precisely what the authorities are doing, I presume (the specific charges against the girlfriend were not reported).

Lastly, it bears repeating that these teens were 17. If they had waited until they were 18 to send the photos, no crime would have occurred. Eighteen-year-olds are recognized as fully-autonomous sexual adults. Kylie Jenner, who just turned 18, has been inundated with requests to make a sex tape (indeed, filmmakers began making these requests even before she turned 18). The law, by its very nature, permits no nuance: you are 18, or you're not. But it's ridiculous to think that teens are magically transformed into adults on their 18th birthday. Many of them—perhaps Copening and his girlfriend—might be ready for mature relationships that involve sex (or, at least, sexy pictures) prior to the government's randomly-selected date.

There's one more disturbing angle to this story. If Copening is too young to send pictures of his own body, is he not also too young to be made a social pariah? Don't news agencies often withhold publication of the names of crime victims when they are underage? Copening is a crime victim, according to the police, but multiple local news agencies reported his name and the full situation. They reported on his suspension from the high school football team. They showed his headshot. They pointed out the likelihood that he will have to register as a sex offender.

The criminal charges and possible jail time are the worst consequences of the police investigation, but the smearing of Copening's name and ruining of his high school experience are also unfortunate outcomes—each of them much worse than the harm from a nude photo swap that would have never come to light if the cops had minded their own business.

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  1. (*&^$@&^!@&*($#^*%#&^@#(*(~!!!

    1. This outrageous article questions one of the most basic premises of our great nation’s criminal justice system: that the letter of the law must be applied to all criminal conduct, so that we can populate our penal colonies with men and women of all ages and from all walks of life. The author makes much of the fact that these culprits were almost 18 years old. But they were not 18, and so must be punished for any and all crimes that they may have committed. No one, for example, would dream of excusing a devious, and highly inappropriate, act of criminal impersonation on the grounds that it was “almost” satirical. Such acts are either clearly satirical, or they are not, in which case they cross the line into the rankest form of criminality and must be punished with forced labor and internment. See the documentation of America’s leading criminal satire case at:

  2. God, I miss being a teen and being exploited by Lori R – a Junior who molested me when I was a freshman. Yes, I still remember – it was THAT good…

    1. Of course, we didn’t have the cell phones and the sexting….she actually had to physically…do things. Nasty, naughty, wonderful things. To me. In person.

      It was….memorable.

      1. And this inspired your life’s work as a cougar hunter, right?

        1. You know me too well, HM

      2. Your confession is appreciated. The police will be along shortly, you monster.

      3. It was….memorable.

        All 6 seconds of it?

        1. Well, the girl crying in the bathroom for half an hour afterwards while saying her Hail Marys definitely stuck in his mind.

          1. How’d you know she was RC??!!!

            1. They always are, it seems. FACT: Naughty Catholic girls are the worlds oldest meme in continuous use.

        2. Probably a good 2 minutes, over five times in a ten minute period.

    2. I remember the first time I got molested by another 17 year old. I suppose just remembering is the functional equivalent of looking at child pron.

      1. Yes.

    3. Lori Rothman? If so, you’re one lucky bastard.

  3. Copening’s girlfriend?who remains unnamed in the news articles?is also facing charges, ABC11 reported.

    Vagina privilege

    1. Copening found an opening, amirite?

      1. I assume that you are correct.

    2. No. It’s because Cormega Copening is not white and it’s possible his girlfriend is. This is NC afterall.

      1. There have been many white boys prosecuted for this nonsense. He’s being persecuted for being born male and then behaving like a typical male.

      2. She’s not white either.

  4. Does not a mutual, voluntary exchange of photos undercut the notion that “sexual exploitation” is a factor here?

    It does not matter one whit to these authoritarian assholes.

    1. In Mexico the age of consent is 12, as is the case in most of Latin America. You would think with the increasing Hispanic influence in this country, perhaps the laws would be evolving — but, knowing the Obama administration record, they’re probably more likely to raise the consent age to 26.

  5. *Checks picture of accused*

    Oh, I get it now.

    1. I realize Cormega is black; is his girlfriend actually white? Do you have a link?

      1. It took me 15 seconds to find his girlfriend!

        You should be able to do that!

  6. In 1967 Butler was hired with the State of North Carolina as a probation/parole officer and was promoted to branch manager in 1975. Sheriff Butler retired from N.C. Probation and Parole in 1994 when he was elected Sheriff of Cumberland County.
    Sheriff Butler is a registered Democrat. His civic and social activities include Masons, N.C. High School Athletic Officials Association, Knights of Pythias, Board Member of the Myrover- Reese Home, N.C. Probation Officers Association, N.C. State Employees Association, American Correctional Association, Region M Council of Government, N.C. Sheriffs’ Association, National Sheriffs’ Association, and Southern States Correction Association.

    Sheriff Butler was appointed to the Governor’s Crime Commission in 1997. He was elected as Second Vice President of the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association in June 1999. In June 2000, he became the First Vice President of the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association and in June 2001 became the President of the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association. Currently, Sheriff Butler serves on the Executive Committee of the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association.

    Sheriff Butler is a member of Massey Hill Baptist Church. He has held the offices of Sunday School Director, Deacon, Trustee, Sunday School Teacher, and Adult Department Director.

    1. His civic and social activities include Masons, N.C. High School Athletic Officials Association

      I have to wonder if maybe this is a move to eliminate the starting QB of a rival HS?

      1. My observations of people that belong to that many organizations and hold positions within them have led me to believe that they are almost always assholes.

        1. That too, I just noticed the HS athletic association membership and wondered if maybe there was maybe a conflict of interest there.

          1. High School Athletic Officials Association

            He’s a sports official – umpire, referee, or similar. Certainly sworn to objective enforcement of the rules of the game.

            1. IOW a cop for HS sports. I guess he can’t get enough AUTHORITAH boner in his day job.

  7. If the cops don’t charge them with something, how can they argue that they’re legitimately passing the photos around to each other?

  8. Kylie Jenner, who just turned 18

    The link points to file:///C:/Users/Robert/Documents/Custom Office Templates 🙂

    1. mkay, I Sugarfreed it myself but still, what sort of files do you keep on you hard, I mean hard disk?

    2. Now if he would just share his IP addresses and router password I’d be able to see his link.

    3. He told Microsoft his first name was Robert?


      2. It’s probably the IT folks who did that.

    4. He goes by “Robert” with his own PC? That’s awful formal.

  9. “Is it possible for two teens to sexually exploit each other?”

    Teens hope so.

    1. But of course they’re motivated by hormones. What motivates the overcharging in cases involving teenagers only – repeat, no adults involved?

      1. What motivates the overcharging in cases involving teenagers only – repeat, no adults involved?

        The need to get one’s AUTHORITAH boner on?

    2. As a teen, I once had an offer to be exploited by two females teens. But a male teen friend and I had to agree to the two of us each exploiting the female teens together each first.

  10. How dare they be sexually aware before their 18th birthday.

  11. In my day we used a Polaroid.

    1. I could never get decent reception on mine.

      1. They made radios?

        1. My camera. I could never get reception on it. Cameras are supposed to take calls and connect to the internet, right?

          1. Camera with a built in printer. It was ahead of its time.

    2. In mine, it was fingers.

  12. “Cormega Copening”

    OK, that right there should be a dead giveaway that this is just the plot of the next Thomas Pynchon novel

    1. Or a bad comic, in which CC is actually the real-life indentity of the supervillain attempting to create the Omega Opening.

      Or maybe there is just a really dirty joke about “opening” around here somewhere.

  13. Except for the stupid laws, why should 17 year olds be discouraged from sending nudie pictures? Seems like a fine idea to me (as long as they accept the significant chance of the pictures getting out to a broader audience).
    And teenagers should be sexually exploiting each other. As long as it is mutual, a little exploitation isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    1. Because any sexual picture of someone under 18 is child pornography! Child pornography! As in pornography of children! And if the image is transported anywhere then it’s trafficking of child pornography! The children! Think of the children! Ohhhh! The children!


      1. This is all so fucking stupid it boggles the mind.

    2. Why should they even be allowed to see themselves naked?

      1. OMG!!!!!

        We need to throw any parent who has a gay teenager living in their home in jail if they dare to have a mirror in the bathroom!!!!!

      2. Exactly! They might get excited and molest themselves! Self-abuse!

        1. “I hear that. I spent most of my teen years loving my body. ‘Course it was tough love, but…”

          1. +1 A & D Ointment

          2. No one wants to hear about your ding-dong.

    3. And as as long as they are neither fattys or uggos.

      1. ahem! it’s “NOR” !!!

        1. Don’t be a pedantfile.

  14. Cops are necessary but sometimes they just lack imagination. And memory. When we were young we’d brag about what we “got” with a girl. “Did you get BT?” etc… now the kids probably want proof. Remember “Carnal Knowledge?” “Bullshitter!” was the cry. Now they have a means of providing proof we would have used, had we been able to convince a girl to pose (“Of course I love you” usually worked). Kids are kids. Sex is sex. I wish they’d leave them kids alone. The dual exploitation of minors is particularly idiotic.

    1. The cops probably remember not getting any, and are acting out of jealousy.

      1. The sadism and cruelty of these absurd prosecutions honestly leaves no other conclusion. Nothing else makes sense, other than some kind of incredibly childish, petty jealousy and envy. It’s repulsive.

    2. ” “Did you get BT?””

      Christ, you bragged about your diseases?

      1. Butt Turds are a disease? I thought they were how you took responsibility for the sin of eating.

    3. Cops aren’t necessary in the way we have them today. What’s needed are services that provide physical security, investigation, dispute resolution, property reclamation, and tracking of wrongdoers. There is no reason at all this needs to be done through a tax-funded near-monopoly system.

    4. I wish they’d leave them kids alone.

      Because all in all, we’re all just bricks in the wall.

    5. The fuck is BT?

      1. Yeah. This is what happens when the kids stop playing baseball and no longer equate further advancement to bases on the diamond.

      2. Bull Tits?

  15. I thought it had been ruled by the courts that nude photos of children as long as they were not posed in a sexually suggestive manner where not illegal pornography. I think Reason had an article years ago about some parents who got reported for taking pics of their toddlers in the bathtub.

    1. That’s how it should be, but it all comes down to the discretion of the cops and the prosecutor. For instance, if the sight of your infant child in the bathtub gives the DA a chubby, then it’s automatically sexual and YOU will pay the price.

      1. Now I know how to get revenge when my mother shows people my baby pictures.

      2. And the DA gets to set up a private server at home to archive the aforementioned pictures for ………….future reference.

    2. I guess the idea was that because they were a romantic couple, the pix were supposed to be sexually suggestive.

      Of course if they’d simply seen each other nude, posed sexually or not, that wouldn’t be child pornography, because no -graphy. Doing it over a distance using writing technology made it illegal. If they’d done it over a distance using telescopes, OK. If they’d been playing doctor (or doing some club initiation thing or challenge) & sent each other nude pix w/o the romantic involvement, then OK, it’s child graphy but not porno.

  16. “I never sent or received any exploitative texts/pics. The exploitative designation was added on later.”

  17. People really need to learn (and this poor kid is learning the hard way) that there are a lot of people who take certain jobs specifically because it allows them to fuck up people’s lives. That’s what they want. They’re just looking for targets. And there is little better than a job in government, especially in law enforcement, for doing just that.

    This is why, just to protect yourself, you should avoid cops and prosecutors and like at all costs. Shun them. Do anything you can to never, ever have contact with them.

    Because they’re not all like this. But since you can never know when they are, and therefore there is a significant chance of encountering the bad ones, you have to treat them all that way. And they do nothing to change that (by weeding out the horrible ones in their midst). Which is probably an indicator that the bad ones are the majority.

    1. Then there are assholes who want Chris Christie for Chief Executive/Prosecutor.

  18. Remember, kids- sexting will ruin your life.

    1. It’s like I told my stepson who is entering high school. “Stay away from drugs, kid. Not because drugs are bad. All the stories they’ve told you are lies. Thing is, if you get caught then it can ruin your life.” Then I listed off a bunch of the shit that follows someone around for the rest of their life when they have something drug related on their record. Also I reminded him that that shit about your record being sealed when you turn eighteen is also a lie.

      Think we need to have a similar ‘talk’ regarding sexting.

      1. Yep. One of my business partners has a son in HS so I am constantly inundating her with articles about drug war horrors. She is, at this point, satisfyingly terrified of the popos.

        Her son, however, wants to go into criminal justice, so that may have back fired.

        1. You work with Miss Cartman?

    2. “I learned it from YOU!”

  19. This is why I believe cops increasing get no respect and are seen as evil bastards by one and all.

    On how many police cars have you see it … “To Protect and to Serve”. Who is being protected? Who is being served?

    Guess we should be glad the evil bastards didn’t shoot them. What happened to the idea that the police might warn a violator with a minor transgression? Black, white, blue brown, green, or yellow, the police are now the enemy of the people and the shock troops of the new police state.

    1. They protect and serve the public, which is everyone except any particular individual with whom they deal with at any given time. So when they do this shit they do it in good conscience because they’re protecting and serving everyone except the person whose life they ruin.

      1. They are in general, protecting and serving the government, which may or may not at any given time benefit the public.

        This is why, when a cop gets killed, my gut reaction is “what did he do to cause this”, or “he probably deserved it”. Unfortunate, I did not always feel this way.

    2. They Protect and Serve themselves, for their pensions. That’s all they care about.

    3. 1. Their job.

      2. Their interests.

    4. Heck, generations ago they were seen as evil bastards to be avoided. How much worse could that attitude have gotten?

    5. “To Protect and Serve” is a cookbook. It’s a cookbook!

  20. I’m having trouble accessing the link to Robby’s computer…

    1. Try “Password = NOTOKAY1234”

      1. hairgod

    2. Fixed. Thanks

    3. Did you try “Guest” as the password?

      1. NAMBLA.

        I betting its NAMBLA.

  21. So let’s be clear about this. By age 17, you are mature enough to make the decision to enlist in the military to go kill and be killed, but you cannot take a naked picture of yourself or someone else because it’s exploitation.

    1. But committing a crime as a minor ‘magically’ transforms that minor into an adult who is fully accountable for that crime. No amount of good behavior will enable a minor to be treated as an adult–but one ‘wrong’ action will.

      1. Gah. Stop making it worse.

      2. That is a good point.

  22. “We seized his phone and while our investigators went through the phone they saw there were photos of himself and another person on the phone,” said Sgt. Sean Swain with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office.

    And, by investigators, they mean everyone in the department. Fucking perverts.

    There needs to be an app that auto-records and uploads any unauthorized use of your phone.

    1. There’s no mention of what led to the phone being seized. Somebody ratted them out.

      1. From the linked article, ABC11 reported:

        Officers took his phone while investigating another incident.

    2. our investigators

      Oh I bet. Probably had to go out and purchase a brand new 4k monitor in order to better view the “evidence” with.

      1. And some lube……..just because.

    3. There also needs to be a security app with three pass codes. One for letting you into the phone, one for a “privacy” mode that shows no personal information and hides significant files, and one that automatically wipes your device entierly and shuts down for 24-48 hours.

      1. Great idea. But that would probably only work for Android phones since Apple would likely capitulate to the government and remove it from their App Store.

        1. You are probably right. But, stil, one more thing to hate about Apple, as far as I am concerned.

    4. search warrant anyone?

      even if they have a valid reason to seize and search someone’s PC, it’s not a fishing expedition. I’d arguing the evidence was illegally obtained

  23. I think the 18 year old age of consent is one of the dumbest laws currently in existence in America. The age of consent in Germany is 14 and last I checked you didn’t have some terrible outbreak of child molestation in Germany a result. I don’t think that’s turned Germany into some kind of child rape den.

    The primary thing keeping people from having sex with 14 year olds isn’t the law, it’s social opprobrium and the fact that adults aren’t generally attracted to girls that young. These laws seem to fuck over far more innocent people than they help given the frequency with which 18-20 year olds get put on sex offender registries for the horrible sin of having sex with a 16 year old girl.

    Germany’s age of consent law actually makes perfect sense to me – it’s set at 14, unless someone over the age of 21 has sex with a 14-15 year old and that 14-15 year old personally lodges a complaint. That’s a good law – it stops people from getting screwed over for having sex with someone only 3-4 years younger, it protects actually children from molestation, and it removes the ability for the state to punish someone for a ‘crime’ the ‘victim’ doesn’t even have a problem with.

    1. I hope you know that it’s illegal for any US citizen to have sex with anyone under 16 anywhere in the world.

      1. Is there an actual law? I know there was talk of implementing such legislation to stop the ‘explosion’ of sexual tourism, but never heard it was enacted. Would Google it myself but I’m at work and don’t want it being logged.

        1. It’s part of the Protect Act. I’ve only seen one instance where it was enforced, years ago, and that was against a Russian-American businessman who went back to the homeland and consorted with a pair of 13 & 14-years-old prostitutes. (Which may have already been illegal under previous anti-prostitution laws.)

      2. Well of course, for the same basic reason the entire world hates our guts. We go worldwide to inform other countries our laws supercede theirs if a US citizen is involved. Then we use our muscle and influence to pressure them into compliance if they resist.

        Our government is dedicated to making the British Empire look like a bunch of pussies. Oooo are they going to bust it off in our ass one day.

    2. But the cops and prosecutors don’t give a shit about actually protecting people or having good, sensible laws.

      They care about power. That’s it.

    3. “I don’t think that’s turned Germany into some kind of child rape den.”

      No, that was Austria

    4. But, without the ability to punish someone for no reason, what will those poor prosecutors and cops do?

    5. and the fact that adults aren’t generally attracted to girls that young find young people irritating as shit.


      1. That’s the point. We oughta be glad there’s such a thing as pedophilia. It’s a byproduct of the fact that children are adorable, and if they weren’t adorable, we’d kill & eat them, because they’re generally a nuisance.

    6. Oh, the age of consent is lower than 18 in many states — there are a lot of places where it’s perfectly legal to have sex with a 16-year old, but it’s still a child pornography felony to take or possess a naked photo of said person you’re legally having sex with.

      1. or to contact them via electronic means to discuss sex

  24. Nothing can save you.

    Justice is lost, justice is raped, justice is gone.

    Pulling your strings, justice is done

    1. That is a shitty hiku…

  25. the teen?formerly the starting quarterback at his high school?faces decades on the Sex Offender Registry and up to ten years behind bars if convicted. He’s also been benched from the team while Jack Britt High School investigates the matter.

    He must not be a very good quarterback, otherwise the whole thing would have been swept under the rug. Not that it should matter either way how good a football player he is. The matter should have been dropped either way, but if there’s one thing our “betters” love it’s ruining people’s lives because FYTW.

    1. I do like how the “OMG He was captain of the HS football team!” is still retained as a kind of vestigial symbolic Americana “Good Ol’ Boy” bona fides….. proof of a person’s special-value and possible inherent sainthood, as though we live in a Rockwellian (norman, not… the other one), Archie-Comics universe where the captain of the football team goes on to be a war hero and then the president, while the bad kids were Greasers who drag raced cars outside the sock-hop and stole kids ice-cream money.

      I doubt if the kid were the president of the chess club it would be considered noteworthy… but oooooh, he throw football!? CUE THE NATIONAL ANTHEM

      1. proof of a person’s special-value and possible inherent sainthood

        When in reality it should be taken as proof of a person’s douchebaggery, based on the typical douchiness of most HS football players.

        1. That’s not what i was suggesting… and i think that’s probably equally false. That’s the reverse “Revenge of the Nerds”-stereotype, where the Jocks are all dicks, and the computer geeks and the skaters are all actually the ‘cool and interesting’ ones.

          I’m not saying there’s never any legitimacy to stereotypes. just that the idea that the highschool QB is self-evidently a “good kid” is probably overly-prevalent

          (there’s probably a similar, negative stereotype applied to defensive lineman as “bullying dicks” which has more actual basis in reality… but in general, it should be avoided)

          1. I used to work with a guy who played D-line all through high school and did a few years at Auburn after they got their sanctions in the early 90s. He was the kind of guy who used to get in trouble in high school for picking up the bullies and throwing them in the trash.

      2. Prez or star player of chess team was double-edged sword. Actually he did have a little of that football-hero school-spirit cachet (minus the sexiness), but chess was also associated w Russians. So chess star was not drag racing greaser, would not get the girls, might’ve grown up to be president, but then could turn out to have been agent of Kremlin!

    2. Or he’s fucking somebody important’s daughter.

  26. Kylie Jenner, who just turned 18, has been inundated with requests to make a sex tape

    I’m surprised her mom hasn’t set something up already.

    1. With someone named Bruce.

    2. She’s kind of cute, but she’s gonna end up homely like Kim Kardashian. Did you see her on the VMA? Butterface with a massive backside is not attractive.

      1. Just make sure her face never leaves the pillow.

        1. +1 “ass up face down”

      2. Did you see her on the VMA?

        Not enough drugs in the world to make me want to watch the VMAs. I’m not sure I would even recognize if she were standing right next to me.

  27. I need to have a conversation with my grandsons. Remember, you can fuck them when they are 17, but NO PHOTOS.

  28. In a tort based system they would have to sue each other for damages.

    1. How is the gubbermint supposed to make any money and/or tighten its control over the citizenry that way? Come on, underscores, get it together!


  29. Statutory law is the best we as a civilization, can do. I’m told.

  30. By age 17, you are mature enough to make the decision to enlist in the military to go kill and be killed and where you will be required to take group showers with persons of your own sex who may find your nakedness sexually stimulating, but you cannot take a naked picture of yourself or someone else because it’s exploitation.

    1. where you will be required to take group showers with persons of your own sex

      For most of us, that happened in gym class at the age of 13. When a government employee demanded we strip down and shower or face disciplinary action. As a modest person who had never been undressed in front of anyone, I found the experience traumatic. Where were the SJWs back then?

      1. *wets end of towel – snaps Antilles in the ass*

        1. That was you? Damn you, damn you to Hell!

      2. Same here. Everyone else had pubic hair except me as I was a late bloomer. It was amazingly traumatic.

      3. “you will be required to take group showers with persons of your own sex who may find your nakedness sexually stimulating”

        These charges are completely unfounded. Those were part of shower-preparednness exercises.

  31. Should authority figures discourage underage sexting? Sure.

    Can’t we just leave the authority figures out of this one, Robby. Why don’t we just let the parents handle it like they used to: The girl’s dad shows up at the boy’s house with a shotgun and an ultimatum.

  32. Daily reminder that the largest collection of child pornography is owned by the government.

    1. pics or it didn’t happen!!!!

    2. The government collects a shitload of stuff that it’s “banned”. Interesting how people never think of that and what incentives it puts forward for people with certain interests.

  33. What you peons fail to understand is this:

    Both 17 year olds are hardened sexual criminals. The victim is the state. We need to destroy their lives to protect the weak, innocent state from these dangerous malcontents!

    (They actually believe some version of that. This is further proof that Justice is repayment to the victim, not any third party.)

    1. Let the Strong Odor of Anti-Sex Puritanism Waft Across the Whole Country!

  34. It’s only a matter of time before consenting adults get prosecuted for this. For some time all porn produced in the US requires documentation to prove the performers are of legal age (I’m sure you’ve seen the disclaimers). This requirement technically applies to ALL forms of pornography, even amateur. And it doesn’t matter if you can prove the subjects were of legal age afterwards, it’s a crime to NOT have the proper paperwork. Maybe I’m being paranoid, but there’s nothing to stop this kind of prosecution from happening right now.

    1. For those who think I’m making this up:

      Link to Wikipedia. Was too long to paste as-is.

  35. I bet anything that if this does go to trial, that the fact that the girl sent pictures and was also charged will be inadmissable in the boy’s trial. Otherwise, how could the prosecution possibly prove exploitation? How can two people “exploit” each other??

    1. He bullied her into doing it. Girls are perfect, delicate flowers and would never do anything wrong unless a boy made her. That’s why girls can never be held to the same standard as those horrible boys.

  36. Another reason to keep your phone password protected.

    1. And encrypted.

  37. I’m going to be dealing with these linkbait-style headlines for the next 25 years until the next generation starts writing them, aren’t I.

    And then they’re going to get worse.

    1. And You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

  38. Copening’s girlfriend?who remains unnamed in the news articles?is also facing charges, ABC11 reported.

    Except in the articles that name her.

    1. “investigators found five sexually explicit pictures that he had allegedly sent to his girlfriend. For each photo exchanged, Copening and Brianna Benson, 16, face one charge of sexual exploitation.
      The exchange of sexual images of a person under 18, even with another person under that age, constitutes a crime in North Carolina.”

      So, he exploited himself by sending a pic of himself? Selfies are felonies?

  39. Fucken asshole cops.

    1. + asshole legislators

      1. No, in this case the legislators aren’t at fault?at least not for a sin of commission. I’m sure nobody anticipated the kiddie porn statutes would be used like this, or they’d’ve made an exception for self-porn. It is a sin of omission that no such exception has been written into the statutes since then, but there’d be a lot more pressure on legislators not to appear soft on crime by making such a loophole in existing legislation than there would’ve been to craft such an exception by those passing the legislation in the 1st place.

  40. Copening’s girlfriend?who remains unnamed in the news articles

    Not in a lot of them. I haven’t found a picture of her yet, but her name is easy to find.

    1. Not in a lot of them. I haven’t found a picture of her yet, but her name is easy to find.

      The only image I did find was uh…good for him.

  41. If they can charge two 17 years olds then why isn’t John Derek in jail? Olivia D’Abo was 15 (FIFTEEN!!!) when he filmed her nude in Bolero. Trust me on this. Don’t look it up or you might go to jail.

    1. Artistic nudity (even of minors) is not automatically considered pornography. As long as her parents gave permission, no laws were broken.

      1. Yes, there is the “art” exemption issue but it’s hard to take an NC-17 film as serious art.

        Perhaps a more interesting questions is: What were her parents thinking?

        Looking back I think it underage nudity used to be more common in Hollywood: Olivia Hussy in Romeo and Juliet, Michelle Johnson in Blame it On Rio, Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby, and probably a bunch that I don’t know about. Maybe directors/producers are more afraid to go there these days.

        1. Heck, they even put brightly colored swimsuits on children showering or bathing in TV & print ads for soap, toys, etc., or unrelated products now, which they would not have done 30+ yrs. ago. Back then those would’ve been considered bizarrely unrealistic scenes. They might in some cases have worn flesh-colored clothes inconspicuously, but nothing to deliberately call att’n to the fact that the children were not actually nude.

  42. So I guess if you really want to look at kiddie porn and not risk punishment, become a cop?

    1. Pretty much.

      Also, +1

    2. A few years ago some cops in West Virginia got in trouble over their busting of a massage parlor doing prostitution, as they decided to have sex with the girls first in order to prove the transaction.

    3. Or become a cinematographer – see the comments above on the “art” exemption for child pornography.

  43. Exactly, the government bums, including police, prosecutors, and judges are always above the law! Same for IRS and other state and federal agencies.

  44. According to an article linked above they searched his phone because he busted her windshield. He says accidentally. Why the fuck did they have the right to get into his phone? What does that have to do with anything? Did they also get a warrant to search his bedroom or his parents’ house?

    1. He’s only 17. He probably didn’t know the police required a warrant to search his phone, or that anything on it would destroy his life. Kids need to be taught that police are not their friends.

    2. All police and prosecutors ever want is to search everything for possible victimless crimes, since those are the ones with the greatest potential for asset seizure, non-violent resistance, and multiple charges. Victimless crimes are a cornucopia of goodness for the authoritative class, that;s why Tulpa loves it so much.

      Murders and burglaries on the other hand allow no asset seizure, and involve a probably-violent perp. So the police tend to tread lightly on those crimes.

    3. they asked for the phone, mom gave permission, they went fishing

  45. The violent arm of the state at it again. But but…. The government needs to have teh monopoly on violence cause ChaOS!!!!

  46. Seems as if the police agency or agencies involved in this really sterling bust don’t have any real work to do, a situation or possibility that I seriously question, what with people exceeding speed limits, parking in No Parking Zones and soon. Given that the police have real work to do, WHY AREN’T THEY DOING IT is a question that looms large. Oh, by the way, re police search of the young man’s phone, what might they have been looking for and pardon me for raising such a minor technical point, did they have a proper warrant? My meager engineering background leads me to raise such bothersome “technical” points.

  47. Per Chrissakes, kids, don’t be foolish. Just f**k like rabbits and have abortions, and you’ll be OK.


  48. Stupid PUNK cops, go find some REAL crime to deal with.

    1. When you’ve lost the spammers, you’ve lost America.

  49. “Should authority figures discourage underage sexting? Sure.”

    How about ‘no’ instead of ‘sure’.

  50. The law certainly has “nuance” when it comes to adulthood. It’s just one way, though. It won’t surprise me to learn they get prosecuted as adults for sending pictures of a minor (themselves). These are the same kind of mentally diseased, evil twats who charge 12 year olds as adults…

  51. WHEN will this madness end? What will it take for the public to demand an end to the sexual witch hunt that threatens not only a pair of hormone driven teens but works against every single state that values rehabilitation as part of its criminal justice system. The public sex offender registry, which will destroy the lives of this young man and possibly his girlfriend, likewise destroys the chances of everyone on it to re-enter society as a valued, law-abiding citizen. We must, from somewhere, have some legislators with the courage to demand that our laws be based on facts and evidence and work toward increased public safety rather than against it.

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  53. The only way it could be more ridiculous would be if only one teen had sent nude selfies, and that teen had been charged with sexually exploiting him/herself.

    1. Wasn’t there just a story like that?

      Thought so.
      “Teen Boy Will Be Charged As Adult For Having Naked Pics of a Minor: Himself”…..ult-for-ha

  54. Are there serious attempts at a detailed justification for these laws? I would greatly appreciate sources, because this is beyond ridiculous, to me.

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  56. wow, I guess this is too much, they are literally pressing charges against two love birds. Let’s face it, if we had this kind of technology, we would be in big, big trouble. I guess the only thing we can do to prevent it is monitor kids’ online usage ourselves. There are many different software available. I googled is a descent app for mobile monitoring, as for PC I don’t know but I definitely need one now, any suggestions?

  57. Just for giggles, has there been any even half assed attempt at explaining why the penis’s name and crime made the papers, but the vagina’s did not?

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