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Another 150 Classified Emails Found in Latest Hillary Clinton Communications Dump

Actually, there is classified material.


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Here is what Hillary Clinton said back in March in response to questions about whether there was any classified material on the privately run email account she exclusively relied on while serving as Secretary of State: "I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. There is no classified material. I'm certainly well aware of the classification requirements and did not send classified material."

There is no classified email. 

Clinton indicated that she would be turning over some 55,000 pages of email from the privately run server she used. Those emails would, over time, be made public. 

There is no classified email. 

The State Department is set to release another 7,000 pages of Clinton's emails around 9 p.m. tonight. They were initially supposed to be released earlier in the day, but according to Fox News, the release has been delayed because, as the Associated Press reports, about 150 contain classified information that has to be redacted. 

There is no classified email. 

All of the classified material scheduled to be released today falls under the category of "confidential," rather than the more protected classificated of "top secret," according to the AP. Previously, however, at least two emails that were part of the group that Clinton turned over were ruled top secret

There is no classified email.  

In recent weeks, as it has become clear that there was in fact classified material amongst Clinton's emails, the Democratic presidential candidate and her campaign allies have changed their story, with a campaign spokesperson earlier this month saying, in one of the most weasely political excuses in recent memory, that, "[Clinton] was at worst a passive recipient of unwitting information that subsequently became deemed as classified." 

There is no classified email.  

Two days later, Reuters reported dozens of emails found on her server had been classified from the very beginning.  

There is no classified email.  

As Clinton's excuses have started to break down, her campaign has begun to question the very essence of what makes an email classified, suggesting that disagreements between agencies about what constitutes a classified communication render it difficult and perhaps even impossible to know for certain. The status of any given email exists in a state of epistemological uncertainty. 

There is no classified email.  

Last week, Clinton, who had joked awkwardly about the emails, shifted the tone of her response. She says that she takes "responsibility" for the decision to exclusively use her personal, private email account while at State, which she admits was not the best choice. "I want to be as transparent as possible," she said. She also added, "I'm confident that this process will prove that I never sent, nor received, any email that was marked classified." She's confident! The process will be transparent! And provide proof that she did the right thing, and has nothing to hide. 

There is no classified email.  

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  1. These are apparently not the droids you are looking for.

    1. Yeah, except when you try that on Watto you look like a dumbass.

  2. Take responsibility means prison time, or hell any kind of action. I mean literally any kind of action. At least wear a hairshirt for one day.

    1. Will an uncomfortably sweaty polyester pantsuit suffice?

      1. Is it blaze orange, with a serious-looking number stenciled across the back? And does it come with leg irons? Then yes, an uncomfortably sweaty polyester pantsuit will suffice.

    2. No, no, you dope. Take responsibility means you say “I take full responsibility” and then do nothing else. Jesus. It’s like I’m speaking to a child.

      1. you forgot to mention how seriously one speaks into the camera when you say it. If you can out a steely jawed frown that’s even better.

  3. “Responsibility”

    You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

  4. Hillary’s attitude seems to be that if a law actually applies to her, it would have her name on it.

    1. Do inmates in federal detention facilities have their names stenciled on their orange jumpsuits? Because if they do, then I think it might reasonably be said (well, at least jokingly) that the law has her name on it.

      1. Orange in the new pantsuit

        1. ^is^

      2. I believe they use numbers, not names, but I’m not sure.

      3. *Because if they do, then I think it might reasonably be said (well, at least jokingly) …

        *takes Karl’s sunglasses off*

        … that the law has her name on it.

  5. Phake Scandul, you ratbagging teafuckers!!1!

  6. suggesting that disagreements between agencies about what constitutes a classified communication render it difficult and perhaps even impossible to know for certain.

    Which is why you put the email server behind a fucking federal firewall and limit access to the server.

    1. Note, Clinton’s excuse is bullshit. But if you assume for a moment that the excuse wasn’t bullshit, then it’s one of the strongest arguments that she should have never set up a private email server.

  7. The chief argument will be that it was “all classified later”. Which is total fucking bullshit if you know anything about classified material. Unfortunately, this total fucking bullshit argument will be her teflon.

  8. Will she survive this? Billy did an excellent job surviving all the times he was outed as an abject liar, but she doesn’t have his skills or likability. So I dunno.

    1. They can bring out so many people who lost clearance, or rank, or their jobs, or were put in prison not securing classified information, so I cannot imagine that she survives this. However, I highly doubt she will serve time.

      1. I have already changed my mind. Of course she survives it because “fake scandal” and she can create any policy position she wants and gets credit for it. I am sure she will eventually be all about legalizing marijuana, or a similar popular policy decision, which many media members will give her credit for while ignoring the fact that she was Super Drug Warrior in the past.

    2. Well, she still has the media on her side, and there is a good percentage of Democrats who will support her even if it is revealed that she sold military technology to the Chinese. So I’m guessing she survives.

      1. Does anyone really like her, or do they just hate Republicans? Billy inspired psychopathic loyalty, but I don’t get the sense that Hil-Dog does that.

        1. Only among those predisposed to psychopathic team blue loyalty. She does however pick up nostalgia voters who liked Bill’s presidency and think they’ll get the same with her.

    3. But the Clintons have spread their loyal progeny widely in government and the media. There’s no way they let her be punished for this.

      1. Surviving it to the extent she wins the nomination? Or surviving it such that she wins an election. These aren’t the same thing.

    4. Will she survive this? Billy did an excellent job surviving all the times he was outed as an abject liar, but she doesn’t have his skills or likability. So I dunno.

      Certainly the fact that she’s a cold, hate-filled, unloved sociopath makes it harder for her to skate out of a situation that Billy might have no trouble with. Of course, how many of Billy’s peccadillos were serious federal crimes? Hopefully, that’ll prove to be the difference for her.

      1. He got a blowjob. She put fucking classified documents on the fucking internet – maybe got an Ambassador killed.

    5. Her defense will be that she did not knowingly violate any crimes.

      Mens rea – it’s only for the well-connected

      1. But isn’t “knowingly or unknowingly” specifically spelled out in the CFR, effectively negating that as a defense?

        1. Does it matter? It’s a loophole that she will use and will get by on.

      2. “I’m just too stupid to protect national security! Elect me President!”

        Hmm. Maybe not her strongest move at this point.

        1. Really what it boils down to. She has to act the dumb southern belle.

        2. And yet…she might pull it off. Never overestimate the intelligence of the average voter. Example A: the Trumpeteers.

    6. Bubba Clinton was JFK, with half the charm and a third the smarts. Shrillary is about half a Bubba for either.

  9. suggesting that disagreements between agencies about what constitutes a classified communication render it difficult and perhaps even impossible to know for certain.

    That is so much crap. We have watermarks on our communications as well as designations in the subject line.

    1. disagreements between agencies about what constitutes a classified communication

      Maybe on minor things. A lot of things are pretty fucking obvious.

      1. Like:
        “NSA intercepts of Angela Merkal’s emails quote her as saying the Secretary is a “Uber Beeyatch.
        Translators are continuing work.”

        I joke but that is a SCI level classified since it indicates methodology of interception = big fucking secret.

  10. What difference, at this point, does [breaks down sobbing]

    1. Of course she’s a sociopath so the crying would be (badly) faked.

      1. No, I’M the one crying.

  11. Hillary Clinton: “It all depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”

    1. question the very essence of what makes an email classified,

      so it all depends on what the meaning of classified is. never saw that one coming.

  12. “I take full responsibility in a symbolic, ‘let’s not talk about this again’ way that has no connection with any accountability or consequences.”

  13. “With the exception of me, everyone in the higher levels of government can recognize classified information.”

  14. I’ve long thought that her opponents should run a commercial based on her fibs. Keep it simple with audio clips of her on top of the contradicting visuals. “We took sniper fire” over the video of her and Chelsea being greeted on the runway, “baseless bimbo erruptions” over a photo of Bill & Monica being chummy and another of the blue dress, her denials of the emails over headlines of yet another trove of classified emails discovered, etc. Ridicule and humiliate her with her own words.


      1. The best one, IMO, would be to cut between her screeching “WDATPDIM” and the pix of the bloody handprints smeared on the walls at Benghazi, footage of the bodies being brought home, etc.

    2. The ad I want to make would involve her long-ago successful defense of a child rapist, a feat she accomplished by sliming the victim. Hilary is on tape just a few years ago laughing about it. And the victim is still around and still upset about it.

      1. The Clinton clan is the living embodiment of the fact that the SJW do not actually mean any of the things they say. Bill has admitted to sexually harassing a subordinate employee. He has more likely than not raped women. HIllary has ridden to success as nothing more than the wife of a powerful man. And her contribution to his power has consistend in no small part of blaming the victims of his harassment and assault.

        Every self-proclaimed feminist should be engaging in some serious self-reflection on how their stated values regarding the treatment of women jive with their revealed values of supporting the Clintons. But they don’t. Oh how they don’t.

      2. Don’t forget- the whole concept of a “vast right-wing conspiracy” was due to accusations that Bill was getting blowjobs from an intern- and she went on the Today Show to peddle that lie.

    3. Lytton, the Repubs could have beaten Obama like a tin drum if they had done that with him last time.

      They didn’t do it in 2012, and they won’t do it in 2016, because they are both brainless and ballless.

  15. I give Suderman lots of shit (though mostly in my heart and not on the boards, what was it that Catholics call that?), but that was a thing of beauty. It will make no difference but by the gods, I’m glad someone had the balls to simply show her for a lying, soulless thing she is.

    1. What was it that Catholics call that?

      Thoughtcrime, or perhaps thoughtsin.

  16. It’s fascinating to me that she’s been violating Rule #1 of scandal management: get it all out, so that it doesn’t dribble out and stay in the news. Which tells me that there really is something to all of this…..

    1. She certainly is showing the best of Bill and Obama’s scandal-management techniques–deny it ever happened, use your flacks and shills in the media and PACs to provide top cover, and then delay, delay, delay until the news cycle moves on to something else, after which you claim that “this is all old news” and of no importance any more.

      Notice that functional retard PB echoes this methodology every time he shills for both Hillary and Obama.

      1. Sounds like that could be Sir Humphrey’s style of scandal management?

    2. Why does that surprise you. She’s working on the (reasonable) assumption that the media has her back on this deal.

      1. But it’s killing her in the polls. The media can only do so much for her on this.

  17. Listen, you can’t expect a stupid, simpleton woman like Hillary Clinton to understand technical things like email and classifications. Stop being a misogynist.

    Hilary, 2016: It’s a vagina’s turn now!

  18. Oh FUCK HER! on second thought, never mind.

  19. Then: There is no classified emails……
    Now: …..depends on what the meaning of “is” is.

  20. as the Associated Press reports, about 150 contain classified information that has to be redacted.

    Help me out here, by ‘redacting’ emails already send and read by 3rd parties unknown, does this mean we send a followup email to those parties, alerting them to the classified nature of the email previously send, and then ask them to please delete any copies they have of it? Or do we send them a list of phrases and words that they should delete or black out from their own personal copy?

  21. id like to think that this would be it for her, but im already seeing people on left wing websites complaining about how republicans are making too big an issue out of it. im not a republican, and i dunno if it’s really a big security threat or not, but the bald faced lying should finish her. it won’t though

    1. maybe people are just being resigned to having a liar as president.

  22. The AP is already peddling the lie that the emails weren’t classified as the time, and are even gaming it by saying “censored” instead of “classified”. http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry…..a9633a1143

    Jesus, these people really do have the media in their back pocket.

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