Scott Walker

Scott Walker Thinks He Might Want a Wall on the Canadian Border Too (UPDATE: Or Did He Misunderstand the Question?)

You know, just in case


Scott Walker escalates the border-control rhetoric:

If you just stick to land walls, we're only half secure.
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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), a staunch advocate of beefing up security on the southern border, said Sunday he is open to building a wall on the U.S. border with Canada as well.

The Republican presidential candidate said the idea of building a northern wall was brought up to him during a recent town hall in New Hampshire.

"That is a legitimate issue for us to look at," Walker said Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press."

That's fine if you're in Wisconsin, but who will be the first candidate to call for a coastal wall? Can the homeland truly be secure when any terrorist can wash up on our Atlantic and Pacific beaches? WHO WILL PROTECT US FROM THE ISIS SHARKS?

Addendum: Some people are suggesting that Walker didn't actually intend to flirt with a northern wall:


Is Hounshell right? Maybe! Here's the transcript:

CHUCK TODD: Why are we always talking about the southern border and building a fence there? We don't talk about a northern border, where, if this is about securing the border from Isla— from, potentially, terrorists coming over—


TODD: Do we want to build a wall north on the border too?

WALKER: Some people have asked me about that in New Hampshire. They've raised some legitimate concerns, including some law enforcement folks, that brought that up to me at one of our town hall meetings about a week and a half ago. So that is a legitimate issue for us to look at.

On the page, that sure looks like Walker was calling a northern wall a "legitimate issue for us to look at," and that's how a bunch of media outlets are presenting it. (Including Meet the Press itself, which posted the exchange under the headline "Northern Border Fence 'a Legitimate Issue.'") But if you watch the video, you'll see Walker was chafing to break in throughout Todd's question; he could plausibly claim not to have caught the bit at the end about building a wall. In that case the "legitimate issue" would just be the broader subject of border security up north. And while I think Walker is overly fearful about that, there's a difference between calling it a legitimate problem and calling a fence a legitimate solution.

Thus far, Walker's reaction to the uproar over the interview has been to issue these tweets:


Kind of a Delphic response. But if he wants to clarify his position, I'm sure he'll have plenty more opportunities.

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  1. ISIS Tornado.

    Shit, I’d watch that.

  2. What an ass. Let’s wall ourselves off from Canada! Them damn Canuckistanians are going to sneak into the US! Does this include the Alaskan border? Wall around Hawaii to keep scary Polynesians out? Oh, and wall off the great lakes because Canada.

    1. I had hopes for this guy, but that’ll teach me to have hopes for any politician….

      1. Yeah, me too. But, he’s losing me fast. His plan to “reform” Obamacare is awful, also, as well, too.

        1. Also we need a wall (ceiling-style, roof-style) over our heads, over the whole sky (holes or doors left for authorized airplanes, rockets, ICBMs, etc.) to keep out the ILLEGAL SPACE ALIENS!!! HOW in the Sacred Name of Government Almighty, could we forget the DASTARDLY SPACE ALIENS?!?!?!?

        2. Wait, HnR folk are really falling for this? Holy crap, that’s lame.

          It is pretty clear that the wall option was not a factor in his response, it was the “what about terrorists coming in from Canada” part. And you can’t claim it isn’t a legitimate question, because we’ve actually intercepted real, live terrorists trying to infiltrate via Canada.

          Not that any of this should be taken as an endorsement of Walker or his positions on immigration or anything else. I’ll be smugly voting Libertarian in a Quixotic effort to change the system by doing something pointless and absurd.

          1. Oh fuck off, dipshit. That’s not what he said and he’s had the chance to clarify and he’s failed to do so. Go take your statist-sucking mouth back to Canada.

    2. It’s worth the price if it keeps out only one cytotoxic.

      1. Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

    3. “Seem like good idea me”

      —Li Zicheng

    4. Remember: the media is telling you this.

      What do you know about the media?
      1. It lies.
      2. It’s in the tank for Democrats/Progressives.

  3. But what about the damn Mongorians? We need a shitty wall for them!

    1. Technically that wall worked.

      1. When I was in China, I asked the guide how the Mongolians defeated the wall. He shrugged and said ‘they bribed some official’.

      2. IOWs, it ‘worked’ as an employment vehicle.

  4. A great northern wall to protect us from wildings, huh?

    Somebody needs to cancel his HBO.

    1. You win the internet.

  5. How many known Canadians do we have just here at H&R? Ruining the place with their 200 words for snow and shit, fucking everything up. I say, not only do we need a wall, it’s long past time to nuke Canada. Fuck Canada.

    1. Warty 2016: running on a platform of American greatness, no apologies, and hating on the puckhead and snowback rapists who come across our northern border willy-nilly!

      I still want that Shepard Fairey “HOPE” poster of you but instead it says “RAPE”. I’d not vote for you. I’d not vote so hard.

        1. IT’S PERFECT

          This time, why not the worst?

          1. This time, why not the worst?

            WARTY/NICOLE 2016: She has a nice, respectable, cloth coat.

            1. How can she be the worst if she’s only in the VP slot?

                1. Now that is a winning ticket. How much do I need to “contribute” in order to get top-level access and favors?

                  1. $30 bucks outh to do it.

                    I’ve heard they’re pretty cheap whores.

    2. *sobbing* I know when I’m not wanted! *continues to sneak across the border for cheap shit*


        1. When I see a BC license plate, I have to pull over to let the rage subside lest I open fire on them. God damn moosefuckers!

          Oh hey, I was going to stop at Tim Horton’s and get some double doubles and some Timbits, you want some?

          1. British Columbia. It’s like they’re ashamed to be American or something. FUCK CANADA.

            1. They have beavers and wombats on their coins. What kind of country puts beaver on their coins?

              1. Don’t they have a fucking donut coin or something? Seriously, fuck Canada.

              2. Well, if it’s a nice beaver

                1. Leslie Nielsen…Canadian actor.

                  *drops microphone*

          2. BC license plates? Still can’t be worse than Illinois drivers. FIBs.

            1. Ah, a cheesehead in the mix.

    3. When do we get the Great Canuckistan Internet Wall we’ve been talking about?

  6. I’ve been a lone voice in demanding a northern wall for years. This man might have my vote!

    1. NH needs a wall on their southern border, not the one with Canada.

  7. You know who else wanted to build a sea wall on his coast…

    1. The Byzantine emperor?

    2. Walter Ulbricht?

    3. J.M. O’Rourke?

    4. That dude with the cabin on Lake Superior whose shorefront kept encroaching on his yard?

  8. You bastards, first you make us have to have a passport to cross, now you’re treating us like we’re goddamn Mongrolians. How the fuck am I supposed to buy cheap ammo now?

    1. Why do you buy ammo? To look at it?

      Cause I KNOW there are no guns in Canada.

      Well, except for Natasha Henstridges arms…..rawwwwrr….

  9. Jesse clearly fails to see the ideal policy compromise between coastal Shark Nets and Common-Sense Border Defense Structures.

    …in other words, the policy we’ve recommended since Day One = Shark Moats.

    Our coastal shark populations have clearly been over taxed and need gainful employment – and what better service could they provide than maintaining a vigilant presence in a shark-filled Border Trench?

    There are those who say that the climate of the Great White North and the Rio Grande are unsuited to large populations of man-eating fish, but these people are clearly rejecting Science itself… which has demonstrated that species adapt and evolve when provided changes to habitat and food supply.

    And we believe no sharks will be happier than those regularly feeding on Border Hopping Mexicans and Canucks. And while some suggest that Canadian Ice Skaters will cut a shark-evading path across the moat, we believe developments in Shark Laser Technology will soon be sufficient to even keep their best skaters at bay.

    Americans were first to the Moon. America should be the first to be 100% Shark Protected.


    1. What if we build the wall and then bury it under the moat? That we get the benefit of both technologies!

      1. I need a billion dollars to do a proper study of this idea.

      2. This is great until the Cubans start parachuting down in Kansas a la Red Dawn.

        Fuck everything: America needs a DOME now.

        (Preferably a retractable dome so that we can open it on nice days.)

    2. Alligators could be used on the southern border as well. As far as the northern border is concerned the Greenland shark is very cold tolerant.

    3. Americans were first to the Moon.

      CS Lewis, Jr. says we can do better.

      1. +1 God’s America

  10. I refuse to believe this so-called “Canada” even exists.

  11. “but who will be the first candidate to call for a coastal wall?”

    Billions and billions of gallons (literally oceans of it) of toxic liquid already acts as a wall.

    Really reason should get off the “walls are expensive” gig on hypocritical grounds. You guys already support government funding of NPR, PBS, stem cell research, and planned parenthood on moral grounds (mah feelz) and I am pretty that funding is more expensive then a wall.

    Note: I want funding cut for all the above including walls. Best to be consistent.

    1. :”I am pretty that funding is more expensive then a wall.”

      You *are* pretty! so pretty

    2. ” You guys already support government funding of NPR, PBS, stem cell research, and planned parenthood on moral grounds (mah feelz)”

      Stop lying.

      1. This is especially funny given that Reason was just running articles about how Sesame Street going to HBO shows it can be done by private organizations.

          1. Shorter:

            Detroit: A town so awesome, the government has to pay people to film there.

            1. “Hung” told the story about a middle-age high school basketball coach in Detroit who turns to prostitution to make money after a divorce.

              Why would taxpayers not want to support such a worthy endeavor? Philistines!

        1. “Romney’s needless reference to the defunding theater Walker described was a low point in a strong debate performance.”


          1. “Second, whatever “educators across the country” say, there’s no evidence that PBS programming is responsible for significant improvements in educational attainment. The number of high school graduates per 100 17-year-olds fell sharply [pdf] in the 25 years after the Corporation for Public Broadcasting was created in 1967, and both verbal and math SAT scores [pdf] are lower now than they were in 1969, the year Sesame Street went on the air. Maybe in some less measureable sense television is making kids smarter than they were back in the 19th century, when 14-year-olds were able to improvise pages of Latin verse in imitation of Horace without consulting a library. But there is no basis for Burton’s assertion.

            “Finally, Big Bird doesn’t need the taxpayers at all. Burton has worked at PBS, but he worked more prominently (and I would guess, for a lot more money) at Paramount. He should ask his former co-worker Dora the Explorer, or maybe the Little Einsteins over at Disney, how you can put out quality educational children’s programming without public funding. Believe it or not, it’s being done all the time.”

            When you cherrypick one sentence out of an article and the rest of the article contradicts your point, you should really reconsider whether or not what you’re saying makes any goddamn sense.

            1. Kicking Romney in the nuts cuz the cuts would not be big enough (nevermind that state run news is pretty damn big qualitatively) was a pretty shitty move.

              Seriously Romney actually said one fucking thing that was remotely libertarian and that is what Jesse chose to cream him on.

              Note: plenty of reasons to shit on Romney back in 2012. Cutting PBS/NPR is the exact fucking opposite of “it”

              1. You are so full of shit. He criticized Levar Burton more in that article than Romney and basically annihilate the argument that PBS needs federal funding. He did not ‘cream’ Romney, he mildly critiqued his argument:

                “Third, Romney deserves criticism for threatening Big Bird, but not for the reasons Burton thinks. You could get rid of all federal funding for broadcasting, the arts, and so on, and the resulting dent in the annual deficit would so small it would not even count as a rounding error. Romney’s needless reference to the defunding theater Walker described was a low point in a strong debate performance.”

                So he said Romney had a strong debate performance but pointed out that the issue of PBS funding is so minor that it literally does not matter. And everything about this is right.

                1. Oh, and i see you’re in the comment section over there criticizing Cavanaugh for using a ‘team blue argument.’ Sorry, I wasn’t aware an argument is good or bad based on whether or not Democrats are making it.

                  1. ‘team blue argument.’

                    Shows I am consistent. I am sick of reason writers aping the left in their criticism of the right especially when those same criticisms are aimed at us (racists, sexists, old people eating dog food etc) and even more so considering there are ample libertarian criticisms of the right to choose from but are ignored.

                    And yes “PBS is sooooo very cheap, only pennies compared to everything else” is a team blue argument.

                    1. “””PBS is sooooo very cheap, only pennies compared to everything else” is a team blue argument.”””

                      I would hesitate before granting “Rational Perspective on the Proportionality of Spending ‘Problems'” entirely to one political party while denying it to others.

                      Stomping your feet and huffing self-importantly about every perceived deviation from the CUT EVERYTHING-libertarian-dictum doesn’t make you “principled” so much as hysterically irrational.

                    2. “I would hesitate before granting “Rational Perspective on the Proportionality of Spending ‘Problems'” entirely to one political party while denying it to others.”

                      I think i said it back in 2012 either in comments of cavanaughs article or Jesse’s article linked in cavanahs article. (if i didn’t then here it is for the first time)

                      I do not disagree cuts to PBS would be small in amount of money but a libertarian criticism of big government is not just the size in money but also in size in scope. News produced and broadcast by the government is huge in scope and to dismiss it cuz the money is small is exactly what I hear every pledge drive for NPR/PBS.

                      As to “team blue” yes it is a comment i made in 2012. Even then I knew team red are big government spendthrifts as well and even then i was diminishing focus on one party. today it is almost entirely diminished and only came up cuz the 2012 comment was brought up from 2012 and I used the term in 2012.

                      “Stomping your feet

                      hysterically irrational.”

                      Just so you know your reading of my mood, emotions, state of mind is way off. I am sitting around on a lazy Sunday smoking smokes reading shit on the internet without a worry in the world. Not hysterical, not stomping feet.

                      I am fine with you characterizing me as such. Sometimes you actually make good comedy with them. But just in case you actually believe i am huffing around my house in a rage over comments on reason, stop. It is not what is happening.

                    3. ok. Just that the Ice-T thing did seem like you were in the depths of a meth-binge.

                    4. The Ice-T incident just came off as Corning looking for something to complain about and just making up Walker’s motivations as he went along. When in reality it was just him making a joke that he decided to share.

                      I’m a guy who shits on Richman regularly for being an utter embarrassment that actively destroys Reason’s credibility on foreign policy. I don’t have a problem shitting on Reason writers, but I criticize them for things they actually said, rather than their imagined motivations. I might disagree with Walker’s assessment of say, the bias in the Hugos, but I don’t assume it’s because he’s secretly a SJW PROGRESSIVE!!!!!!!

                2. “A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon you’re talking real money.” ?Everett Dirksen

                  I hate the “too small to matter” argument. Every little bit counts. Now, if cutting a dollar costs more than a dollar, OK. But lots of little savings can add up.

                  1. “I hate the “too small to matter” argument”

                    I was pointing out that using examples of these “very small” issues to demonstrate some kind of glaring fundamental hypocrisy @ Reason was pretty weaksauce.

                    To use my father’s favorite expression, its “chickenshit” arguing. Turning PBS into the locus of an crucial ideological battle is fucking retarded. Particularly when people like the Kochs cover half their bills. While it would be nice if it were 100% funded by private endowment, making it into a bigger-problem than it is makes people look stupid.

                    There are some people who think libertarianism is more about reinforcement of their ideological self-perception than it is an approach to public policy. For those, being on the “right side” of every issue is more important than how policy is addressed. Purity-trumps-pragmatism.

                    For people that care about policy, that attitude is mostly counter purposive, because all the bitching about PBS merely distracts people from legitimate arguments about things like…i don’t know…. things like the ACA, the likelihood of ‘even bigger’ federal college subsidies, the F35, the EPA’s carbon-regulation insanity… etc. things that are symptoms of a government run completely amok. You’re not going to win any battles on these issues if you’re wasting energy pissing on PBS.

                    1. Good points, G.

              2. Seriously Romney actually said one fucking thing that was remotely libertarian and that is what Jesse chose to cream him on.

                I see your reading comprehension problems extend to bylines as well.

                1. “I see your reading comprehension problems extend to bylines as well.”

                  fair enough.

                  (insert criticism of Jesse’s cat’s incomprehensible writing as it walks across his keyboard here)

                  Your mom also wears army boots.

            2. “you should really reconsider whether or not what you’re saying makes any goddamn sense.’


              1. Still wondering why the hell Jesse equated Ice-T with Reason’s racist of the week: Trump on a subject he finds boring.

                1. “Still wondering …”

                  “when in doubt – have an irrational meltdown!”

              2. *GILMORE*|8.28.15 @ 10:17PM|#|?|filternamelinkcustom

                I now follow 2 people on my twitter account.

                Iowahawk, and Ice T.

                i call that progress.

                (as of july it was only The Donald. I unfollowed him because the joke stopped being funny)

                reply to this

                Now that is not true. The joke will only get funnier when he’s president.

                1. It’s not as funny when the joke is on you.

        1. Regarding ENB:

          “Yet GOP efforts to cut back on PPFA funding will likely provide little comfort to libertarians, either. Some Republicans have been proposing that the funding not be cut but simply transferred to nonprofit “crisis pregnancy centers,” which provide things like pregnancy tests, counseling, and baby clothes to pregnant women but do not offer abortions (or any sort of medical care).

          Further complicating things is the fact that much of Planned Parenthood’s funding comes in the form of Medicaid reimbursement. To stop Planned Parenthood from getting that money, Congress would have to bar Medicaid patients from visiting there for generally covered services such as contraception, sterilization, and HPV vaccines. Ostensibly, Medicaid patients would go elsewhere for these services, saving nothing overall while imposing an arbitrary restraint on patient choice. ”

          So she’s not saying what you claim she’s saying either. And the Bailey article wasn’t published in Reason. So you have two pieces published in Reason which you’ve willfully misrepresented and one by a Reason writer which Reason did not publish.

          Try harder.

          1. Sorry dude when Reason writers lament spending cuts they are being hypocrites.

            Also there is a reason article from Bailey saying the same thing. The examiner article I found first then stopped looking for obvious reasons.

            As to ENB why the fuck is she even criticizing a sideways cut if not to defend government funding of Planned Parenthood? How is a sideways cut anti-libertarian?

            It is pure “mah feelz” and nothing else.

            Never mind that money is the most fungible commodity on the planet.

            1. You’re a massive fucking moron who can’t write anything based on analysis. You are all feelz all the time.

    3. Why don’t we just cut a massive trench along the Canadian border from the Atlantic to the Pacific, then after it’s flooded, fill it with sharks.

      We can call it the Poutine Canal.

      1. But then it will full of curds.

        1. Those goddamned curds need to stay in Iraq and Turkey….

    4. Was it a big stroke or a series of small ones?

      1. I was going to ask if you found Jesus.

        When did you of all people become the comment referee?

        1. You have gone completely loony, dude. I hope you see that someday.

          1. After I rape your sheep with a woodchiper from orbit I shall sue you for defamation!!!!

          2. Seriously though here are my comment “sins” to recent date:

            Used the term “cuckservative” in a sentence
            Argued that calling Trump a sexist racist is wrong
            Bitched about reason writers being hypocrites
            Stated that I don’t think Journolist left Reason when Weigel did
            Called Gilmore an SJW (intentionally to piss him off)

            Is it just my tone? Cuz those things not only don’t seem very controversial to me but also seem consistent with arguments I have made in the past.

            1. Those are mostly pretty crazy things to do.

  12. Scott Walker Thinks He Might Want a Wall on the Canadian Border Too

    Been sayin’ this for years. Damn Canadians, with their beady little eyes and flappin heads.

    1. “All the Baldwins are dead!”

  13. We need a wall to keep out the chemtrails. And Epi.

  14. We must wall in the entire country so that one day we can beseech single party controlled government appproved Presidential Candidate Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky ( Hilliary’s grandaughter) to Tear Down This Wall !

    Since she will be the only candidate allowed on the ticket she will say in a loud and shrill voice “FYTW” and still get 97% of the retrospectively approved votes, even getting 130% in some districts where a government paid Democrat party worker got a little over enthusiastic during the Official Retro Vote Approval Process Executive Action Lawmaking Pen on Glorious Leader President Obama’s last day in office.

    I tell everyone of my friends and family that walls work both ways and they should be careful what they wish for. Not many of them understand what I’m saying.

    1. “…walls work both ways and they should be careful what they wish for.”

      No. Shit.

  15. So wall-building is basically a huge, government-funded, “shovel ready” jobs program. Hmm, where have we heard that scheme before? Walker and the T-man have far more in common with Obam and Krugman then they might care to admit. How about LESS government instead of more just once?

    1. A trench, or moat is the most shovel ready project you can have. Down with walls! Up with with trench-moats!

      1. Or we could put a moat on top of the wall. I need two billion dollars to study this idea.

  16. OT:


    Contains the words ‘addiction to food.’ I also like the fat woman who starts talking around 5:00 who has an immensely obese daughter and is making excuses about how it’s not a big deal. She got told that her daughter was fat and that she should go see a dietitian and the mom’s reaction was to be sad that her daughter might be told that she should watch what she eats.

    Everyone talks bullshit until Peter Hitchens comes in at 10:47.

    1. “I also like the fat woman who starts talking around 5:00 who has an immensely obese daughter and is making excuses…”

      Whut? You can understand that garbledy garble barbaric babbling? She should learn English.

    2. I’d say that a fat fuck who has trouble getting out of bed is disabled.

      Also, if addiction can be said to truly exist, then there’s a good case to be made that sugar and shit food shares many of the biochemical characteristics of, say, nicotine. A fat fuck’s body adapts to the constant stream of sugar to the point that their bodies almost “forget” how to metabolize fat for energy. So if you take their Ho-Hos away from them, they experience for a few days or weeks something that is quite a bit like physical withdrawal from a drug.

      That said, I blame the government and its absurd lipid hypothesis almost entirely for the fact that every fuck is a fat fuck.

      1. “You look like crap after a pile of crap ate a second pile of crap and crapped out a third pile of crap.”

        1. “Wait, which pile of crap am I?”

          “The last one.”

          “What!? That’s the worst one!”

          1. “So yeah, technically I was dumped, but the real headline of the evening was, ‘Dumb guy eats bread, gets fat, the end.'”


              1. “BoJack Horseman makes me sick. He voiced his opinion, even though it was unpopular, and that’s the most cowardly thing a person can do.”

      2. I’ve read a paleo diet book by a weight loss specialist (Robb Wolf I think his name was) that claimed he had a customer quit crack cocaine cold turkey but couldn’t shake the carb cravings.

  17. Let’s face it, a wall at the border probably would have quarantined Bieber Fever in Canuckistan before it could infect otherwise healthy American citizens like myself.

    1. Every winter we put our old folks on ice flows and push them out to sea up north. And our shitty pop singers down south.

      You’ll be our Cultural Garbage Dump and like it, America!

      1. We got Shatner and Donald Sutherland out of the deal so the occasional pop “singer” is just a small price to pay.

        1. That’s still a shitty deal for you guys.

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  19. The terrorists and criminals sneak in through Canada too. I don’t see any reason to be snide about a real issue. It’s just kind of stupid and irresponsible.

    1. Uh oh, we have a live one.


      1. Yup. Not any Muslims in Canada.

        Except the ones who live in government subsidized Muslim only apartments.…

    2. I know, just look at Shatner. BIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  20. One of the problems of living next to the Canadian border is that during hunting season all the deer move north. A multi-billion dollar fence would mean much better hunting! Ummm. Tasty, tasty, venison.

    1. And we could build catapults (veni-pults?) into the wall so that when the deer get close to the wall they’ll be flung through the air and you can use a shotgun to hunt them like John Kerry did.

      I need three billion dollars to study this idea.

  21. Fuck it. Just build a metal dome and be done with it.

    1. “It is I, Doctor Mobius! Transmitting from my DOME-SHAPED…..DOME…in the forbidden zone! A zone that is, yes, FORBIDDEN to you!”

      1. “Let’s see if these Canadians can handle my ROBO SCORPIONS!”

  22. America’s transition to hermit kingdom will take at least a few decades. But we’ll get there.

  23. I fully support building a wall on the California border. Oh, Canada you say? Nevermind..

  24. I mean, why stop at a wall? Those yellow bellied Chinese stopped at a wall. I’m an American, and Americans win, so let’s beat China. I propose that we dig a giant trench around the entire country, and we fill it with lava. The lava might not be enough though, we need to get innovative if we really want to make America great again. What we need to do is round up all of the evil Asian birth tourists (although some of them are good people), and we need them to work their super Asian math powers to create a fighting force of super powered robot Velociraptors to patrol the border. These will not only be capable of running up to 30 miles an hour to catch any potential illegal, but will also be able to shoot lasers out of their eyes, or their, whatever.

    1. Scientists working for Project=Shark Moat conducted extensive research into the Pro-Lava-Trench theory and found it highly unrealistic and impractical

      However, we believe the Robot Velociraptor concept bears further examination.

  25. Wait, why would WE pay for this?

    Why not simply tell Canada to build a wall at their expense and if they don’t…economic sanctions followed open warfare?

    It’d work. It’s done so well in the past.

  26. Someone should ask Wanker his position on the abortion of Baby Carrots.
    The sign at the produce department says they are cut and peeled!

  27. Shit! Where’s the edit function? I meant Walker! Sorry Snott!

      1. They are also alike.

        1. Pretty much identical, too. Also.

  28. A wall won’t be any help when the sharknado hits.

    1. It will if we BUILD IT TO THE MOON.

  29. Ok Scott. We’ll give you your damn wall.

    BUT as long as it’s on our terms.


    1. Pfff – carbon fiber (spelled properly, ya goddamned English fops) or GTFO.

      1. I’m sorry your linguists took too many blows to the head and are now incapable of properly writing the Queen’s English.

    2. How about a wall made out of Tim Hortonses.

  30. Granddaughter came over last night so grandma and daughter #2 could have a Girls Night? (dad was outta town on bidness). So, I’ve taught her how to stomp around the wood floor (or the deck) and go “ARRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!”. And she loves the dogs, and they’re very good with her.

    Working on responding to adults with, “YOU’RE a towel!” and my work will be done.

    What a cutie!

    PS She’s one. In about another 6 months she heads with me to the gun range….we’ll start her with the 1903, I think….

    1. Granddaughter’s first school paper: Me and my crazy grandpappi.

    2. I suspect you are joking, but seriously, I taught my son to shoot when he was 4. I held the gun for him, of course, but by the time he was 12 he could shoot almost as well as I can with a Smith&Wesson; 586 and a Kimber 1911. At that same age I taught him to hit clay pigeons with my 6″ K-22.

      It is a shame his interest didn’t hold, he could have had olympic level skill by now.

      Me to Suthenboy Jr.- “What are you going to do with all of my guns after I am sitting on a cloud playing a harp?”

      Suthenboy Jr. – “Dad, I would love to hunt and fish and shoot all the time. It is a lot of fun but it just doesn’t pay very well, and I am all about getting paid. Honestly, I am going to sell them.”

      The boy is 23 years old and already makes around 100k/ yr. I don’t mind bragging, he is fucking amazing.

      1. A neighbor took his 7 year old out to the woods to learn to shoot a .22 when they were back home in Maine this summer. That lasted a very brief second until he pointed the gun at his 5 year old brother… “We’ll try again in a few years” was the quote from dad as he retrieved the gun.

        It used to be a lot easier to take your kid to learn to shoot his first gun. By the time I was 7 I had heard “don’t ever point a gun at anything you don’t intend to kill” about a million times – along with all of the other life-lessons about gun safety. Every adult male around you would have a gun and would repeat the mantras. Every time they handled a gun they’d show you how they were avoiding letting the muzzle sweep across a person – even when the breach was open.

        Now we are raising our kids in the urban suburbs and there are no guns to be seen. Unless we head home to Grandpa’s place, they are never exposed to the hunting/sporting culture – other than fishing.

        So in a futile effort to instill proper discipline, I won’t let my son point any gun at a person – even his nerf guns. Silly, yes, but he needs to have that little voice in the back of his head that says “guns are dangerous – be very careful where you point them”. Because Grandpa will be wanting to get the extra tags come deer season as soon as my boy is of age. And Grandpa’s deer rifles will definitely make a hole in anything you point them at.


    *knocks over table in rush to change the channel*

    1. “Pain don’t hurt…”


  32. The FTA seems like such a distant memory now.


    I will bulk up our military! 54-40 or FIGHT!

    /pays Ralph Lauren polo at outlet cash.

    1. Some people say that Rufus’ counter-wall proposal goes too far, I say it doesn’t go far enough! We require laser polar bears and a boiling maple syrup defense network!

      John Titor 2015- Let’s keep those filthy, uncouth colonial rebels where they belong.

      1. John Titor’s plan will cost taxpayers billions upon billions. It’s completely irresponsible that he would even suggest that. Our plan is much more reasonable. Build the fence with hockey sticks, have Inuit Rangers patrol the border with bibi guns against vicious Yankees looking to steal our water and with the money we save we can build the world’s largest Canadian Tire.

        It’s revenue neutral not to mention common sense. THAT’S a plan.

        VOTE RUFUS.

        1. Rufus would like you to believe he doesn’t plan on secretly giving Canada to the Italians, but he’s never gone on record saying he won’t. Why do you think he’s so obsessed with making the border wall weak? Imagine the future Rufus wants. Italian as the third Canadian language. A critical tomato shortage. Montreal ran by the Cosa Nostra. Everyone driving Vespas. How much more grease can we really tolerate?

          John Titor 2015- Son of a half-breed squaw and a Dutchman, WORKING FOR YOU.

          1. John misrepresents my intentions. First of all, Cagivas not Vespas I would force everyone to drive. I would ensure all Canadians dress sharp by having Zegna fit us all. And it sure as hell won’t be those Sicilians running the Mafia.

            It would be the Calabrese in ‘Ndregheta.

            Don’t you know I’m doing it for Canada for your own good?

            1. Is this a Prime Minister? Does Rufus understand that his plan to allow the Italians to take over will result in our enslavement in the spaghetti mines? You know who else allowed the Italians to take over? The Gauls. Ever met a Gaul? Exactly.

              1. The options are simple Canada. Vote for this bozo or that clown!

  33. Jesse Walker’s sarcastic and idiotic claim that we need coastal walls indicates
    that we won’t be getting much in the way of border securityknowldge from his peabrain.
    I fully anticipate terrorists coming from the northern, not the southern border, as the folks who gave us 9/11 did. Perhaps Jesse disremembers 9/11. Nor can Jesse really make a plausible case that Walker is steadfastedly in favor of a wall. per se. He made no such indication,only Jesse the
    enthusiastic liar put those words in his mouth. How about a sabbataical for Jesse ? He’s starting to see (and hear) things that aren’t really there..

    1. What would a wall have accomplished in stopping 9/11?

      1. 9/11!!1!!!!! WHAT ARE YOU A COMMUNISTS!!

      2. /revert to sane person

        all the 9/11 terrorists had student, tourist, or business visas.

        But really, if there’d been a Wall? It would have totes been really intimidating and stuff.

        1. all the 9/11 terrorists had student, tourist, or business visas.

          Which sounds to me like a good argument that even legal immigration is too lax. I know, as a practical matter we can’t just say “no visas for Muslims,” but I think we should be more restrictive. Certainly not taking Muslim refugees would have prevented the Boston marathon bombing.

          1. Certainly not taking Muslim refugees would have prevented the Boston marathon bombing.


            If we kept all Jews out of the U.S. we would have stopped a few deadly bombings in New York city in the 70’s too.

            But, it’s not like jews had any thing to flee from, nor is it like the contribute anything to goy society!

            1. If we kept all Jews out of the U.S. we would have stopped a few deadly bombings in New York city in the 70’s too.

              Not equivalent. AFAIK they were not refugees, and I certainly know that their religion is not suffused with violent, ant-Western, totalitarian religious/political views.

              1. Really? The Jews fleeing Europe into the US and Israel weren’t refugees?

                Or are you saying that there are few moslem refugees?

                And, if you don’t think the Old Testament isn’t suffused with anti-Western and totalitarian religious/political views, you might want to brush up on your comparative religious studies.

                Or actually watch the news.

                1. You wrote “in the ’70s.” AFAIK no Jewish refugees in the ’70s committed any terrorist acts.

                  1. Int he 70’s there were plenty of Jewish refugees – all originating in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union where they were persecuted. The Jewish Defense League engaged in a spree of bombings designed to call attention to Soviet antisemitism. The bombings culminated with a couple of innocent people being killed.

                    They set off more bombs than the Tsarnaev brother’s did, with far more property damage (albeit with a much lower body count).

          2. Maybe you should hack off your nuts to prevent testicular cancer. Sounds like you don’t have much use to them, being a pants-shitting coward and all.

            1. Ah, the erudite and gentlemanly prose of Cytotoxic. What would we do without it?

              The point, which you of all people around here should be able to grasp, is that Islam is on the march, and has as a basic tenet a belief that they are destined to create a worldwide Islamic theocracy.

              To say “Oh, that’s only some of them!” is to miss the point. The brilliance of the Islamic strategy is that it’s a form of good cop/bad cop writ large. The UK or Sweden or Italy or France let in millions of Muslims as immigrants or refugees, and inevitably many thousands turn out to be terrorists or terrorist sympathizers/supporters.

              We didn’t take in refugees from Japan or Germany or Italy while we were at war with them. We certainly would have been idiots to say: “Oh, we support free movement of people” and take in Japanese, Germans, and Italians who were “moderate” supporters of the ideologies we were at war with. (Or as the UK, take in as “persecuted refugees” people whose Islamism was too extreme for their home countries.) And whether you acknowledge it or not, Islam is at war with you. Not every single Muslim, true. But enough to matter.

              1. So…build a wall around Canada?

          3. Too much stupid in one day to digest.

      3. Why do you want the terrorists to win Paul? Why?

    2. “border securityknowldge from his peabrain.’

      Hmmm. Do you also suppose the MexicanGovernment aims to gain Politicalpower via massimmigration? Perhaps someone should ask politicians tough questions and post their answers to youtube.

      1. Just tell me which candidate is the most racist. I’m voting for him!

        1. Jesse Jackson’s not running this year.

      2. Looks like LoneWacko changed his handle.

    3. I really want to know what exactly is going on in America that is rendering so many of you into gutless whiners. The fact that you think anyone should take your childish fear-mongering seriously is stunning. OH NO, NOT 9/11, A EVENT CAUSED BY PEOPLE LEGALLY IN THE UNITED STATES THAT WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN STOPPED BY A WALL. TERRORISTS, GUYS, TERRORISTS! BE AFRAID!

      Degenerate cowards, willing to throw their freedom away due to their insecurities. Disgusting. Screw liberty, screw American pride, screw American exceptionalism, I’M SCARED.

      Seriously America, what the fuck happened to your balls?

      1. The definitive American is buoyed by power and privilege he didn’t earn, reduced to an infantile lashing out at any challenge to it.

        1. ^^^THIS!!!!!!

          God! The whining by hoplophobes in the wake of the Virgina murders had me wondering how so many people can stay children into physical adulthood.

          Some bloke was even comparing guns to asbestos in the previous thread!

          1. Well, if I inhaled my guns into my lungs, they’d prolly kill me like asbestos, so…NOT THAT FAR FETCHED!!

      2. Some U.S. officials tried to pass off 9/11 on lax Canadian border security. I mean, we like to travel to Plattsburgh but that was ridiculous.

        You have the most powerful military on the planet with arguably the best trained soldiers not to mention a gigantic surveillance apparatus and agencies like NSA, CIA and FBI and you want to build a wall on the Canadian border? THE WORLD’S LONGEST AND MOST PEACEFUL BORDER?

        1. Some U.S. officials tried to pass off 9/11 on lax Canadian border security

          Yes, the people who came into OUR country to inflict 9/11 are the fault of CANADIAN border patrol. The crafty bastards!! Reverse psychology or something….

          US politicians and bureaucrats are the Nicole of politicians.

        2. The funniest thing is how goddamn arbitrary it all is. I have a friend who’s family used to go back and forth across the border regularly. The amount of time it takes them to cross the border is dependent on the questions they ask. If they ask “where do you live” the answer is “Toronto” and they go right through. If the question is “where are you from” the answer is “Kenya” and suddenly it takes a lot longer.

          1. Yeah – this and the confiscation of ivory bagpipes are the reason I stopped going to Canada after 2006. It got to be such a pain in the ass, I just couldn’t take it any more.

            Although I just purchased a set of Gibsons – “imitation ivory” (AKA “plastic”) ornamentation instead of ivory, sooo…..

            I may be playing with a Canadian pipe band again sometime soon. We shall see…

          2. Canada.

            Scott Walker actually fucken said a fence on the border.

            How far we’ve come since Mulroney and Reagan singing ‘These Irish Eyes are Smiling.’ Funny how Americans weren’t in fear of Russians coming to kill them during those years via Canada. They simply had a mutual defense entente with Canada and that was that.

            Amazing how full of shit they can be regarding their fears and security with terrorists and Mexicans and now apparently, Canada because…?? Terrorists can slip in? Or Mexicans who came here but realized it was too cold? Give me a break.

            If America is gonna try and make a false enemy out of Canada, then they have bigger problems in the head than we thought.

            1. Funny how Americans weren’t in fear of Russians coming to kill them during those years via Canada. They simply had a mutual defense entente with Canada and that was that.

              And it’s also not like Canada hasn’t vigorously supported a lot of America’s anti-terrorism policies. Sure, Chretien kept us out of Iraq, good for us, but it’s not like Harper’s been massively critical of anti-terrorism policy. We’re on your side, you idiots.

              1. Exactly. Canadian foreign policy has a portion of it that is already a fait accompli because of the United States.

                What can they possibly gain by antagonizing Canada?

            2. He didn’t actually say that. The author inferred it, incorrectly. Sure did stir up people around here though. The way everyone got whipped into a frenzy over something the author made up is reminiscent of mother jones, not (at least I thought) thus site.

              1. “He didn’t actually say that”

                You suggest it is “incorrect” to infer that this statement

                ….“”So that [canada border wall] is a legitimate issue for us to look at,””

                is supportive of said border wall.

                Well, its certainly NOT saying, “A border wall is fucking stupid”

                Because a border wall IS fucking stupid.

                If he’s not instantly saying, “people need to put some pampers on and quit shitting themselves stupid about fucking immigrants”… then he’s pandering to morons.

                Which i presume includes you.

                1. If he’s not instantly saying, “people need to put some pampers on and quit shitting themselves stupid about fucking immigrants”… then he’s pandering to morons.

                  This. The fact that walls are even being entertained as a legitimate option in American politics just shows what a fucking joke it all is.

          3. The bastards try and trick you on alcohol questions too.

            We should be allowed to bring in as many bottles as we damn well choose. I don’t give a shit they’re trying to *protect’ Canadian liquor – mostly because they’re run by provincial boards anyway.

            What’s to protect exactly? A monopoly? A scam?

      3. I left my balllllllls
        In some doc’s office
        Transgendered life
        Is what I need.

        I left my balllllls
        In some doc’s office
        Caitlyn Jenner’s
        my new name….

      4. I really want to know what exactly is going on in America that is rendering so many of you into gutless whiners

        This is the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. This is how they show how brave they are.

        1. You guys are so brave with other people’s safety. Kind of like how socialists are so generous with other people’s money. Did you guys know some of these pussies lock their doors, and carry guns. Guess they don’t have big balls like us.

          1. You guys are so brave with other people’s safety. Kind of like how socialists are so generous with other people’s money.

            Yes, instead, we should allow massive wastes of money and further statist expansion because of the hysterics of paranoid morons. What was that about being generous with other people’s money? Apparently those of us with a spine have to subsidize those who lack them.

            A nation has never improved on the advice of cowards.

          2. You guys are so brave with other people’s safety.

            So helping you to protect yourself is something I owe you now?

            Kind of like how socialists are so generous with other people’s money

            Who is paying for this security, again?

            Did you guys know some of these pussies lock their doors, and carry guns. Guess they don’t have big balls like us.

            You have every right to own a gun and put a lock on your door, and moreover to defend yourself from aggression. What you don’t have is the “right” to force me to provide your security for you.

            It’s not just socialists who are generous with other people’s money (and liberties).

  34. I was wondering who the hell is this Walker creep, figured he must be a drug czar. Now I see it’s a Republican (same diff), and from Wisco?osin… like, who else would fear godless Canada?

    1. Wisconsin has a huge moat.

      1. or as they say in Canada, a moot.

    2. This all started in 1987 when the 78th Fraser Highlanders pipe band from Toronto became the first non-Scottish band to win the World Pipe Band Championship. Since then, Simon Fraser from Canada (BC), Vic Police from Australia, and multiple Irish/Northern Irish bands (Field Marshal Montgomery, St. Laurence O’Toole) have won it.

      Shotts and Dykehead (from…Shotts – and Dykehead – Scotland) won it this year for the first time in a decade. But the damage has been done.

      And it all started with a CANADIAN PIPE BAND IN 1987…those bastards

      PS Fun fact – that was my first year in the Grade 1 pipe band scene, playing with the MacNish Distillery band from St. Thomas, Ontario. We didn’t go to the World’s that year. Heard about our pals winning it when we were at the beer tent at the Sarnia Highland Games…..and we knew this was the start of what would become the rise of the Power of Poutine, the monster that is and contniues to be….Canada…..

      1. Another fun fact: Simon Fraser plays collegiate football not in the CIS but NCAA.

        1. I did not know this.

          *throws in the garbage with the other useless information*

          And a friendly hello to all our Canadian friends this fine Sunday!

          1. Yeah. More importantly, I see the Trivago guy wore a jacket for his last commercial.

            1. That guy creeps me the hell out.

          2. “And a friendly hello to all our Canadian friends this fine Sunday!”

            Isn’t it Thanksgiving up there?

            1. I mean, it’s getting close to winter, right?

              1. October.

                1. Jokin’, Rufus…

                  1. I don’t TAKE CHANCES ANYMORE.

                    1. And I don’t blame you!

  35. We should build a wall across the Straights of Magellan. Keep all those filthy Pacific Islanders out.

    1. They would just go around the Horn.

  36. So it’s OK for China to build a wall to keep the Mongols out, and OK for the Romano-British to build a wall to keep the Celts out, but not OK for America?

    1. Is this a serious question?

      Personally, I prefer something like the Maginot Line.

    2. So it’s OK for China to build a wall to keep the Mongols out

      How the hell is ok to build a wall where they sealed workers inside in some moronic delusional that it would make it stronger?

      If these are serious questions: Are you a moron? Are you paranoid enough to pretend that Canada is going to have thousands of horse archers come across the border? Immigration and historical militarized migrations are not the same thing.Is this what you imagine when you think of Canadian immigration/border crossing?

      Note that the Britannia and Qin/Song China of old are dead and gone. Their walls did not save them.

      1. “.Is this what you imagine when you think of Canadian immigration/border crossing?”

        In my dreams!

        I’m gonna hope what all this is about is not about Canadians per se but the fear of terrorists coming into America via Canada.

  37. Can’t he just offer to co-sponsor the fence the Canadians are building?

    1. NO! Walker will build a wall across the northern wastes and make the Canadians pay for it!

  38. On the page, that sure looks like Walker was calling a northern wall a “legitimate issue for us to look at,”

    Of course its a legitimate issue to look at.

    How are we going to protect ourselves, our *sovereignty*, if, when we build the wall between us and Mexico, we leave the northern border wide open? What good is it going to do to set up security to the south if we leave the north exposed to Canada’s lack immigration and border security policies?

    Sure, its slightly more difficult to sneak in – now you just get a tourist visa and fly to Canada from Mexico and *walk* across the border into the US.

    There is *no* way to secure ourselves from the dangers of illegal immigration short of a border wall around the country, manned and armed, along with beefed up patrols of the coastlines and a staged set of interior checkpoints coupled with internal passports mandatory ID.

    Anyone who is not willing to go the distance is just wasting time and money.

    1. The thing is, no one is fleeing Canada. It’s a stable country. There really isn’t a reason to leave unless you have better job offers or just feel you can do better in the USA. You’d figure this fact would be discounted (thought I think it is overall) among politicians like Walker.

      Other than that, Canadians are perfectly happy assaulting America on vacation trips and shopping excursions while keeping up resident here.

      Mexico is a different cat altogether.

      1. You don’t understand. People will be flying from Mexico to Canada and then walking south to get to the United States!!!11!!!

        Terrorists people!


        That’s why we need a large military – the US won’t be safe until the whole world is under our control. The wall is just the start.

        1. And I bet a few Mexicans who thought they’d come to Canada with the intent of going to America actually end up staying in Canada. And here’s my theory why: According to CATO, Hispanics like big government regardless of generation. They’re Democrats. Canada has ‘big government’ and a social-welfare apparatus Mexicans probably didn’t know we had. They like it and they end up staying.

          Unless, they absolutely want to be in the United States.

  39. There’s really an “uproar” on this? C’mon, we all know it’s a political non-answer. “We need to look in to that” is arguably the most vacuous statement in the political playbook. Of course we would have preferred him to be honest and reasonable and say that a wall with Canada is a ridiculous idea, but it’s not worth much serious scorn.

    1. I’ma go with this.
      The guy’s not trying to attract the H&R commentariat, he’s searching for the talking points that might make him the R candidate. This goes up the flag pole and his ‘people’ count those saluting; no more, no less.
      My vote is unlikely to go to any R candidate, but this would not scare me off if I were tending that way.

  40. Scott Walker is the only leader who will protect us from the threats from above. Saskatchewanian wildings, pop stars, poutine, ice spiders as big as hounds.


  41. Rebuild the Maginot Line or GTFO.

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