North Carolina Poll Shows 40 Percent for Trump, 38 Percent for Clinton, and 9 Percent Supporting Deez Nuts

Trolls within trolls, Bendreth.


I decided to go with a G-rated image.

One of the hundreds of Americans who have filed to run for president is, according to his FEC paperwork, an Iowa-based independent named Deez Nuts. Public Policy Polling, which loves to troll people, decided to start including him in its surveys. The results:

another declared independent candidate, Deez Nuts, polls at 9% in North Carolina to go along with his 8% in Minnesota and 7% in Iowa in our recent polling. Trump leads Clinton 40/38 [in North Carolina] when he's in the mix.

This is particularly impressive given that Mr. Nuts does not actually exist.

If you want a detailed history of Deez Nuts jokes, Know Your Meme has you covered here; if you want to know how they thrust themselves into the presidential race, The Daily Beast has the story here. But the short version is that Brady Olson, a 15-year-old kid, was inspired by the news that a cat named Limberbutt McCubbins is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination. Olson filed the appropriate forms in Deez Nuts' name, and in the process he accidentally invented a way to measure how many people would support a Generic Independent. Or, alternately, how many people are just messing with the pollsters. You be the judge.