Watch Matt Welch Talk Trump, Bezos, and Sorority Babes at 3 a.m. on Red Eye w/ Tom Shillue


Never not relevant. |||

If you are a night owl, insomniac, or just someone who actually knows how to operate a DVR (I think it's called), then you might enjoy my appearance at 3 a.m. ET tonight/tomorrow/275-minutes-from-now on the terrific Fox News program Red Eye w/ Tom Shillue. There I will discuss such topics as:

* Donald Trump telling some kid "I am Batman."

* The New York Times publishing a yawner of a hit piece on the workplace culture at Amazon.com.   

* Some hot sorority gals at University of Alabama taking heat for producing and starring in a cheesy/cheesecakey recruitment video.

* Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison taking away his kidsparticipation trophies because "sometimes [trying] your best is not enough."

* Teens (correctly) concluding that talking on the phone is gross.

* De Blasio's New York apparently bringing back naked gals to Times Square.

Among the things I may or may not mention are Steve Carlton's 1972 season, the structural advantages of being born on July 31, and the suggestive shape of Donald Trump's mouth. Also, please indicate in the comments how much you approve of my shirt.