Why Is the Authors Guild Supporting Publishers Against Amazon—And More Than It Supports Authors?

Because guilds don't like competition.


Techdirt asks that interesting question, and helps remind us how the sort of new(er) market entrants making things better/easier/cheaper for both producers and consumers will be vilified and fought when they start chopping away at easy livings available to the powerful and influential before the newcomer came along.

Nick Gillespie wrote the best account out there about how, in a war between Amazon and the traditional publishing industry, both readers and writers ought to be on Amazon's side.

But Techdirt wonders why the Authors Guild takes publishers' side over Amazon's, which generally means over actual authors:

How does the collective voice of American authors, the supporter of working writers, the advocate for the rights of writers, go about fighting for that living wage? Especially given that publishers are making more money from digital booksthan ever, and sharing less of that money with authors than ever.

… the moment when the Authors Guild had maximum leverage over legacy publishers to extract some actual digital royalty and contract provision concessions — during Hachette's contract standoff with Amazon — the organization surrendered that leverage and threw all its Collective Voice of American Authors weight behind Hachette. Even though Hachette's positionwas costing authors money; even though Amazon had repeatedly offered to compensate any authors who were being harmed by the standoff.

What's doubly bizarre about the Authors Guild's reflexive anti-Amazon animus is that Amazon stands for so much of what the Authors Guild claims to want. A pristine example: as I write this, the organization bleats on its home page that "Half of Net Proceeds is the Fair Royalty Rate for E-Books," while two lines down it calls on the government to investigate Amazon…for paying exactly that fair royalty!…

If the Authors Guild really wanted to "advocate for fair contracts," it would support self-publishing, which even more than Amazon publishing is empowering authors with the first real competition the industry has ever seen — a 70% digital royalty rate (four times the lockstep legacy standard); control over packaging and other business decisions; faster time to market. Yet there's nothing on the Authors Guild website about how to use KDPKoboNookPressSmashwords, or any other self-publishing resource…..

Now look, there's nothing wrong with lobbying the government on behalf of big publishers. The First Amendment guarantees the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances, after all, and it doesn't say those grievances can't be self-serving or even that they have to be sane. I just wish all these organizations pretending to advocate for authors would call themselves something a little more honest. Power in publishing is already horrendously lopsided. Publisher lobbyists masquerading as author champions only makes things worse.

Much of Amazon's benefit to writers and readers is in the ease, and profit margins, with which it puts the tools of self-publishing in every writer or would-be writer's hands. I wrote back in June about some of the more insane attempts to act like this is a bad thing for authors or for culture. (Hint: it's Ayn Rand's fault!) More writers out there acting like entrepreneurs sucks, because, uh, Ayn Rand was an individualist and this system is individualistic for would-be authors!

Which helps explain the answer to Techdirt's naive question about why the Authors Guild would not be on Amazon's side: The Authors Guild is a guild. And guilds don't tend to like it when it is easier for newcomers to compete with the already entrenched.

Lucky for all of us, writers and readers, Amazon doesn't have to care all that much what they think. Except of course when they are leaning on government to punish Amazon for its practices that make life better for everyone except entrenched publishers, and Guilds.

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  1. “Why is the Authors Guild Support Publishers Against Amazon”

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    2. Hello AC.

      It is much easier to self publish nowadays, but the old ways sometimes die hard.

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  7. There is a local, lefty (surprise!) columnist who jumps on this bandwagon about once a month. He’s truly an econ-ignoramus; when gas jumped in price, oh, 10 years ago, he immediately claimed price signals ‘don’t work’ because people didn’t abandon their SUVs beside the road the week the prices zoomed. I sent him a note, explaining how those choices are made at the margins and got back a nasty reply. Two months later, when you couldn’t give an SUV away, I sent him a NEENER, NEENER, NEENER, YOU FUCKING IDIOT! note and was promptly banned from his in-box. Guy doesn’t take reasoned argument well, I guess.
    Anyhow, he’s absolutely certain that Amazon holds a “monopoly” on book distribution now, since his local book store closed some time back, so Amazon is a big nasty KORPARASHUN that needs government regulation now.
    I’m sure he was also up in arms about the socialist bookstore closing because of the higher minimum wage in SF, but I seem to have missed that column. Hey, Jon, on the off-chance you read this: NEENER, NEENER, NEENER!

    1. Solution of course is $20 minimum wage.

    2. Left-wing writers are the worse to send notes to.

      I did that mistake years and years ago to a left-wing American draft dodger turned Canadian sports writer.

      Think Sad Beard writing about sports and knowing fuck all about that too.

      1. Sorry. The response was something along the lines of ‘take it to someone who cares’.

        What a douche barf bag.

      2. Rufus J. Firefly|7.31.15 @ 11:17PM|#
        “Left-wing writers are the worse to send notes to.”

        Not when you get to write: NEENER, NEENER, NEENER YOU FUCKING IDIOT!

      3. Rufus J. Firefly|7.31.15 @ 11:17PM|#
        “Left-wing writers are the worse to send notes to.”

        Another circumstance:
        Another lefty wrote a blatant lie about O-care; I called her on it and got a reply saying she would forward my note to letters-to-the-editors.
        I did send one more asking if that meant her editors allowed her to lie regularly. Notes after that have been returned.

    3. Sounds like Talton, you are in Seattle, amirite?

      1. Nope. SF.
        Jon Carrol is the idiot; SF Chron writer.

  8. I love Amazon. I am not a writer. I buy everything from there. Month ago maybe we were steaming a movie through Amazon Prime. Lots of buffering issues which is not the norm. A couple days later get an email from Amazon saying hey noticed you were having trouble with a movie you were watching the other day. Sorry about that, we’re crediting you the full amount. We had never contacted them about it, they reached out to us to credit us. WHO DOES THAT!

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    1. The couple of times I’ve had to deal with their customer service it’s been a very professional experience. They credited me both times courteously and efficiently.

      Unlike Sears.

    2. I’ve had that happen a couple of times. Amazon has great customer service. There have been a few times where the delivery person just placed a box on the street outside my office saying nobody was there. I told amazon my delivery never came and they simply sent me another item, no questions asked, and apologized for the inconvenience.

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  15. Joe Konrath rips these assholes into shreds regularly.

    Plenty of other links at the blog post.

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  18. “Why is the Authors Guild Support Publishers Against Amazon”

    Because the Authors Guild is dead, but it’s mostly dead in the twilight zone and so doesn’t realize it’s dead?

  19. Eh. Amazon is bad in the long run, because it might be 70% now, in the future when they have destroyed all competition, it will be much less.

    1. JeremyR|8.1.15 @ 12:41AM|#
      ‘Eh. Amazon is bad in the long run, because it might be 70% now, in the future when they have destroyed all competition, it will be much less.”

      Try again to make the first of the sentence not contradict the last of it.

    2. So helping sellers sell things is bad because someone else wants to sell things?

  20. I’m guessing you are a simpleton, JeremyR, but tell us more.

  21. I was on that edge where it was still the kiss of death to self-publish. Learned how to make ebooks before Smashwords was online. (I broke Smashwords in beta testing. Twice.) Made them in all the different formats. Learned how to set type. Learned how to be a publisher that doesn’t do returns (THE HORRORS!) and doesn’t take shit from indie bookstores who hate indie authors. And romance.

    Turns out, I’m a lot better ebook formatter and typesetter than I am a marketer. (Some people even think I’m a good writer. Some don’t. That’s okay.) It doesn’t matter so much what you write or how well you write, as long as you can market and ride the wave.

    So as for author services, I was doing very well the second Smashwords put its hat in the ring and self-publishing was all about the rebels, man. (Gee, ya think?) But the pioneers take the arrows and I took my share.

    Amazon made traditional publishing the ghetto, turned the whole schmere upside down. The indie authors have control and the ones who know how to market do very well. The thing that keeps authors on the hook for traditional publishers is the need for validation, for “The Call” from a publisher to say, “Hey, we like your book. Now you may have the privilege of being able to say you ‘have a publisher’ and you’re going to pay for that privilege. Bend over. No lube.”

    1. This the Authors Guild’s attempt to stay relevant (if they ever were) in an industry whose blockbuster fiction days can no longer support the midlist or literary fiction.

      So I got a whole new career, between Smashwords and Amazon. It wasn’t the ebooks so much. It was the Kindle, the Whispernet, instant download, no messing around with those icky USB cords.

      Amazon has its issues, I’m not going to lie, but if Barnes & Noble could’ve gotten off its ass and bought a few IQ points to figure out how to compete (or even if they wanted to), this conversation would be different.

      Remember, these are the same people who were bitching about Barnes & Noble and Borders B.A. (Before Amazon).

      They lack imagination.

  22. Any of you booknerds read The Martian: by Weir yet?

    I assume it’s been covered, already but I am enjoying how it’s getting non-scifi people in to those kind of stories. I think it’s amazing and don’t care whether or not they screw it up with the movie.

    1. I read it in an afternoon and sat there literally agape with joy that the book existed, but with tears in my eyes that it wasn’t real.

      Seriously. I sat there and said, “This motherfucker just wrote about amperage for three pages and MADE ME LIKE IT.”

    2. I read it in an afternoon and sat there literally agape with joy that the book existed, but with tears in my eyes that it wasn’t real.

      Seriously. I sat there and said, “This motherfucker just wrote about amperage for three pages and MADE ME LIKE IT.”

    3. Martian is a great read. Lots of science for people who like it, but it is all so accessible, you don’t have to be a physics nerd to comprehend what is happening.

    4. It was an enjoyable book, for sure.

  23. As those of you who’ve been subjected to my shilling of my books know, I am published through KDP.

    What strikes me is that no one has yet mentioned Kindle Unlimited. I know it’s not central to the argument of the irrelevent old fogies versus the future, but I’ve become rather pleased with it. A lot of people over in the KDP community were bitching and moaning, but these were the same people who complained they were going to lose money when KU was introduced. For some odd reason they all seem to be in the opt-in program and are now bitching and moaning that the change is a way to cheat writers out of money.

    What the change did was reward people who hold readers’ attention. To get the full borrow value of your book the reader had to read to the end. If your readers abandon your work, you get less. If you write five page pamphlets you get jack shit. (Under the old system a pamphlet was worth as much as a full-length novel and triggered the ‘borrow’ condition the moment it was opened. So scammers flooded the market with them to skim off the KU fund.)

    I like the new system for two reasons – my books are on the longer side, and people tend to read them all the way through. If the estimates by the community are correct, a borrow under the new system could be worth more to me than a purchase. But we still don’t know the value per page, since that data comes out on August 15th.

    This just makes me more pro-Amazon.

    1. That’s how I read your books… was meaning to ask how the payment scheme worked

      1. Every month, Amazon sets up a fund of $X . At the end of the month, that fund is divided by the number of ‘shares’ of the fund generated by reader activity. In months past, a share was a discreet borrow. As of July, a share is a page read. The author gets an amount of money equal to their number of shares times the value of the share. This means the value changes month to month based upon the readers, but it is not a very large range. Amazon does try to tune it so that everyone is happy because they need the content creators to keep the customers to make money, but they also need to make money to keep the scheme going.

        1. Stupid question… do you get more through KU than you do from a direct $2.99 purchase? I have loved KU so far, I’ve discovered loads of new writers and books I’d never have taken a chance on otherwise. And it feeds my voracious reading appetite.

          I gather the $X fun is $9.99 * the number of KU subscribers/month?

          1. And… I just re-read your original comment, where you already explained that the new KU scheme could make you more than the purchase price.

            Let me know how that works out, so I’ll get your books by whatever means benefits you more.

  24. I’ve made some decent cash off of Amazon – though their search functions – as of late – seems to have pushed my books further off of the search engines. Or maybe the limited popularity of my works is to blame.

    Either way, these days I sell more through Barnes & Noble via Smashwords.

  25. After reading Agile Cyborg’s material in this thread, I am very tempted to change my username to Fuck That Fucking Lion.

    1. I think you should do it:)

    2. Would “I clean my woodchipper with lions” fit?

    3. Is there an explanation for AC somewhere? Perhaps on the wiki? Where is the wiki, anyway?

      Damn, I’ve been away too long.

  26. Author’s Guild-ed Cage

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