Who Would Make Cut if First GOP Candidate Debate Was Held Today?

Trump, Walker, Bush, Paul, Rubio are top five; clusterfudge at bottom of latest poll.


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The first debate among Republican candidates for president will be held on August 6 on Fox News, which has said it will limit participation to the top 10 hopefuls according to a variety of polls. It's somewhat safe to say that if you don't make that first cut, you're likely done.Which is bad news for Carly Fiorina, Rick Perry, and a bunch of other folks.

Above are results from the latest Fox poll, taken between July 13-15. These are responses from people who identified as "likely Republican primary voters." John Kasich is listed in the 10th slot, but that's probably because his last name comes alphabetically before Rick Santorum, who is also pulling 2 percent.

Other interesting findings from the poll include:

  • 64 percent agree a system should be set up so illegal immigrants can become legal (30 percent want to "deport as many as possible."
  • 54 percent agree with the statement "I dismiss [Donald Trump], he's just a loudmouth" while 34 percent agree with "I admire him—he's got guts."
  • 53 percent think Donald Trump is "basically wrong" regarding Mexicans being a problem in the United States, while 44 percent agree with him.
  • 58 percent think Hillary Clinton is more likely the "hide the truth" rather than tell it.

For full poll results, go here.