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Donald Trump is Exaggerating His Wealth by 100 Percent: Forbes

The only thing missing from "the Idiocracy candidate" is a Mountain Dew endorsement deal.


According to Forbes, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is exaggerating his wealth by 100 percent.

Yes, the bar for integrity and honesty among presidents has been pushed down into the deepest regions of the Mariana Trench over the past couple of hundred years, but this is pretty stunning.

Donald Trump started with what Forbes believes is a whopper. He claimed his net worth was nearly $9 billion. We figure it's closer to $4 billion—$4.1 billion to be exact.

This discrepancy is noteworthy, since Trump's financial success – he put his fortune at exactly $8,737,540,000—is core to his candidacy. "I'm proud of my net worth. I've done an amazing job," said Trump at his circus-like announcement, before referencing his autobiography. "We need a leader that wrote 'The Art of the Deal.'"

Much of the discrepancy is related to differences between The Donald's brand and the man's assets himself. As Erin Carlyle explains before tallying the numbers in very concrete, persuasive terms:


We break down what Trump says he is worth v. what we at Forbes estimate he is truly worth. The major difference: his brand. Trump claims that his brand and brand-related deals are worth some $3.3 billion. We value his brand at just $125 million; we give him another $128 million in management fees for Trump-branded hotels. Another major discrepancy is golf courses: Trump has been advocating for a valuation for his chain of American golf courses as high as $800 million. Independent valuation experts tell us our figure of $200 million is much closer to the mark. The other difference is properties under development. Trump claims nearly $300 million here; we don't give properties full build-out value until they're actually fully built and running.

Read the full article here.

Donald Trump is, in Matt Welch's evocative phrase, "the Idiocracy candiate." About the only the thing missing in Trump's bid is a merch deal with Mountain Dew and even more slagging of ethnic Americans.

But to the extent that any folks momentarily taken with a man whose greatest negotiating tactic is to tell his counterpart that his breath stinks, perhaps realizing that Trump is an even bigger blowhard than you can imagine might cause the scales to drop from your eyes.

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  1. Reason,

    Your whining is starting to make me like Trump, and I fear that I am not alone.

    1. Agreed. We’re going off the cliff anyway – we might as well have a few laughs on the way down!

      1. Yep

    2. I seriously doubt that. You had a man-crush on Trump already, and now you are looking for dumb reasons to rationalize it.

    3. One article a day pointing out the man is a clown and/or an idiot is fine by me. Let alone if it manages to say something new (say, idea that he’s trolling for Hillary).

      It’s when half the staff decides they want to post on the same day that it becomes excessive.

      1. When the Hillary email and contribution scandals were hitting the fan, weren’t there an equivalent amount of pieces by Reason writers about her? I don’t remember all the complaining about the focus on her from so many then though….

        1. Oh Tulpy-Poo…lonely again today? Don’t you know they have sites for pathetic lonely fucks like you? Try eHarmony. You won’t find anyone, but the rejections will let you know why. We already know why, but you seem loathe to listen to us.

          1. I’m no more Tulpa than you are Warty.

            1. Whatever you say, Tulpy-Poo. Whatever. You. Say.

              1. No cure for crazy.

                1. My sentiments exactly, obsessive stalker sockpuppeteer. Does having stalking H&R as your whole life make you question your choices, Tulpa? Clearly not. Oh man you’re amazingly pathetic.

        2. Perhaps the difference is that the Hillary stuff was interesting to read?

        3. Those involved

          a) former Secretary of State
          b) a leading candidate for President
          c) breaking the law

          Have someone of equal stature on the GOP side break the law in the same manner – say, Walker or Bohner, and I’d expect the flurry of articles.
          Trump is more equivalent to having a flurry of articles on Biden when he claimed GOP will put blacks back in chains.

          1. Actually, the Biden one is not apt, is it? Trump’s comment wasn’t just generally outrageous, it was also contrary to the long standing position on immigration held by the staff here. So it would be similar to some outrageously demagogically statement by a Democrat like Elizabeth Warren’s ‘You Didn’t Build that.’

            1. Or Hilary Clinton’s “Don’t let anyone tell you corporations create jobs”?

              Which also didn’t have a flurry of outraged articles, come to think of it.

              1. I remember quite a few articles about Elizabeth Warren back then.

                1. Do you, Tulpy-Poo? Do you really? That’s fascinating. Please give us more of your insights.

                2. You remember wrong


                  Best she did was four articles in four days (one apiece). Trump… trumped that.

                  And this was on an issue before the Senate, so something she actually was involved in, not on bloviation.

              2. good point, the H&R staff are really slacking on the Hillary-bashing

          2. THIS.

            The Hillary articles were addressing an ongoing development involving a potentially criminal practice intended to obstruct the public’s view of her professional correspondence which happened to dovetail rather interestingly with her foundation racket. And Hillary was and remains the odds on favorite for not only the democratic nomination but for the presidency itself.

            It’s much different than addressing someone who’s not a serious candidate daring give voice to thoughtcrime and hurt people in the feelz.

            1. Just admit it already, you only wanted to see Clinton persecuted for some misguided but innocent choices about email retention. Really, who hasn’t occasionally stumbled in maintaining a corporate employer’s onerous communication policies? But the real story is whether Trump is worth nine billion dollars or barely half that.

    4. me like Trump, and I fear that I am not alone

      The closet door just opened a crack…

    5. I get that since your thinking tends to be ‘what is the mainstream against, well that I’ll be for!’

    6. Trump said some stuff about illegal immigrants which got lots of people noticing that not all border jumpers are honest hardworking family oriented libertarians.

      The resultant public questioning of Gillespie’s deepest personal faith vexed him sore and he is off on a jihad against the infidel blasphemer.

      1. “Trump said some stuff about illegal immigrants which got lots of people noticing that not all border jumpers are honest hardworking family oriented libertarians.”

        You mean his demagogic collectivization of Mexican immigrants (“when Mexico sends it’s people…”)?

      2. Yes. I’m sure that’s exactly what’s at play.

      3. Man there’s a lot of projection packed into that comment. Well, that’s the case with pretty much all your comments.

    7. Yes, please vote for Trump. STICK IT TO THE MAN

    8. Your whining is starting to make me like Trump, and I fear that I am not alone.

      Turning on your TV long enough to hear him speak should cure you.


        1. I love how these whiners are basically admitting that they don’t actually think, they just look at who they hate hates, and therefore they like that person now. Amazingly, astoundingly partisan.

          1. +1 best comment in a thread about Trump yet

      2. Even then. Yeah, he’s nauseating but I like to go against the grain for the heck of it from time to time.

        Not that it matters since I can’t vote.

        1. I can and it still doesn’t matter

      3. To be clear, when I say I like him, I do not mean that I support him, but I am beginning to appreciate him for the vitriol he inspires, which is similar to why I appreciated Palin.

        1. Additionally, there is a socialist running for president and that receives less attention, other than the standard “see, now Hillary has to run to her left” which is appalling.

          1. That’s the thing that bothers me – somehow, socialism is not good, really, but at least it’s not….distasteful.

            1. One senses a bit of that “Not our kind of people, Bunky” thing here now and then. Few are completely immune to it.

    9. Yup.

  2. Waitress: Well, there’s egg and bacon, egg, sausage and bacon, egg and Trump, egg, bacon and Trump, egg, bacon, sausage and Trump, Trump, bacon, sausage and Trump, Trump, egg, Trump, Trump, bacon and Trump, Trump, sausage, Trump, Trump, Trump, bacon, Trump, tomato and Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, egg and Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, baked beans, Trump, Trump, Trump and Trump.
    Choir: Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! Lovely Trump! Lovely Trump!

    1. I DON’T LIKE TRUMP!!!

      1. Sshh, dear, don’t cause a fuss. I’ll have your Trump. I love it.

        1. Shut up!!! Baked beans are off.

          1. Well could I have her Trump instead of the baked beans then?

            1. +1 Viking longship rowed by multiple Trumps

  3. I recently got my subscription renewal for Reason… I think I’ll pass.

    /not a Trump supporter but go and beat another drum

    1. well, shit. now they’re surely going to stop writing about what the entire rest of the media world is writing about.

    2. Yeah. I never forgave them for overlooking Lou Reed’s comeback concert tour.

  4. Donald Trump is, in Matt Welch’s evocative phrase, “the Idiocracy candiate.”

    I’m aware you guys think this is quite clever smear, but come on. Ignoring the fact that President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho would probably be an improvement over Trump, he’s clearly meant to be a shot at the stupidity of ‘poor’ people (beer drinkin’ idiot on a bike painted like America) rather than the stupidity of the ‘rich’ (the Mexican government is out to get me). Secondly, Camacho is never anti-immigrant at any point, in fact his name pretty heavily implies he’s a product of immigration. Where Camacho fails is (not surprisingly) in planned agricultural economics.

    If you must tear into Trump for the next couple weeks, level up your insult skill beyond ‘dur dur he stupid.’

    1. Plus, he liked electrolytes.

      1. It’s what plants crave.

  5. Anyone taking this idiot seriously is part of the problem. What an embarrassment.

    Of course, I guess this sort of thing is to be expected during the inevitable decline of the “free shit” society. Aw, fuck, let’s get it over with…


    1. Biden for Pres, Trump for VP. Ticket for strong (or at least entertaining) America!

    2. “Anyone taking this idiot seriously is part of the problem. What an embarrassment.”

      Is the Reason staff who take him seriously enough to keep writing about him also an embarrassment?

      1. Reason and 100% of the MSM. The difference is, Reason and Jerry Doyle are the only ones berating him.


    warning: may cause bizarre hair.


    I don’t understand WHAT AT ALL people find admirable about this guy.

    1. People get their knees all a-jelly for populist fools. It is the way of things.

      1. Crucified on a wig of gold.

    2. He went fake bald for a promo for his Comedy Central roast, and he looked a million times more human. I don’t know why he doesn’t do that. The fact that nobody around him is comfortable telling him he looks ridiculous is, well, one of many many pieces of evidence for his pathology. But I don’t find it annoying really. Kind of endearing in a way. Just don’t find yourself working as his PA, I guess.

      1. I think the hair is intentional – sort of a personal trademark.

        1. The primary evidence that it actually grows like that and is not a wig is that his son has the exact same hair.

      2. Huh, I hadn’t seen that. It is actually a better look for him. Although it makes him a little Lex Luthor-ey.

        1. He actually looks like he could pull that off.

          1. He’d ruin it with a touring cap.

            1. I thought he was already wearing one?

        2. Speaking of that, why the fuck is Katana a part of the Suicide Squad in the upcoming movie? At worst, she’s a mild antihero.

    3. “I don’t understand WHAT AT ALL people find admirable about this guy.”

      He speaks THE TRUTH to cosmos and SJWs, what more is there?

      1. Oh Tulpy-Poo, you are such an astounding idiot. Keep it up, guy.

      2. He speaks THE TRUTH to cosmos

        Hey, Agile Cyborg did it first!

    4. I see the appeal, basically the discourse has devolved to the point to anyone raising concerns about immigration, no matter how misplaced they are, is labeled a racist. As someone who has worked in construction, I can tell you first hand that people see Hispanics as competition willing to work for a smaller wage and be a hard worker as a threat to their livelihood. Nobody is willing to speak for them.

      1. He also speaks in a way that is understandable and relatable to blue collar individuals.

        1. and he has a known name that crosses into popculture for people who don’t normally follow politics.

      2. So… he speaks for the lazy and overpaid? I thought Hillary had that covered.

        1. True. Can never have to many people promising cake.

      3. You might want to consider that if foreigners who barely speak English and have little to no education are able to work harder and cheaper than you that you are not cut out for that industry. Get a different job.

        1. That’s fine, and I would agree I was just trying to explain what his appeal is.

        2. Native workers aren’t allowed to work for the wages the other guys are. If they do the government will find out and fuck them over for it.

    5. Apparently, what they find admirable is that several reason writers seem to think he’s an idiot. That sure seems like a pathetic way to decide which piece of shit you want to cast your utterly useless vote for, but hey, if it’s something you can whine endlessly about too, why not?

      1. For the record, I think Trump is an idiot, is the Idiocracy candidate, and wouldn’t vote for him. But if, as you say, a ballot is utterly useless, why do you bother banging on at those who might vote for him?

    6. All that money and still has a bad hair restoration doctor, eh?

    7. I don’t understand WHAT AT ALL people find admirable about this guy.

      You obviously just HATE WOMEN!!

      Wait, who?

  8. I like money. It’s so weird that you like money too.

  9. As bad as he is, Trump is still better than Hillary or Bernie or Warren….

  10. But, did he claim to stop the oceans from rising?

  11. Well this thread is a shitshow. I’m pretty sure you’re all Tulpa

    1. Your face is better than Tulpa.

      1. That’s not saying much, but thanks

  12. … About the only the thing missing in Trump’s bid is… even more slagging of ethnic Americans…

    Illegal aliens are now “ethnic Americans”!?

    1. Weird. I heard they were “new Americans”.

    2. Don’t expect Nick to be honest on this issue.

      1. if anyone doubted that Nick is a dyed-in-the-wool cosmotarian, they need look no further than his rhetoric about immigration

    3. All minorities are scofflaws, according to Reason.

      This is the awesome strategy to appeal to them. And using Loving v. Virginia comparisons to say blacks are equivalent to gays.

      In conclusion, Bob Barr 2016.

  13. Donald Trumps Reason! Yearly subscriptions down!

  14. He’s incompetent and would completely antagonize both parties. He’d be unable to pass any laws and make a mess of of the Federal bureaucracy.

    I like him already.

  15. Does he have, like, 1/2 the number of facial muscles as a normal human? Because when he talks, he looks like a guppy.

    1. Too much “work” done on ‘im?

  16. “Trump is an even bigger blowhard than you can imagine”

    Blowhard?? Dear God, not *one of those*. (looks around fearfully) They spread disease!

    I realize now that my concern that the 2016 election was going to be about the last, desperate gasp of Establishmentarian Party Candidates (Clinton v Bush) was wrong: in reality, its going to be about FEARING THE COMING TRUMPOLOLYPSE

    Because someone somewhere might vote for him. And then the skies will turn red, the oceans will boil, your dog will start chanting latin in a baritone voice and society will be consumed by an orgy of spontaneous gang-rape and arson. For Trump is but the harbinger of Zuul.

    1. “Choose. Choose the form of the Destructor.”

  17. Blowhard?? Dear God, not *one of those*. (looks around fearfully) They spread disease!

    ONLY if they are not vaccinated! Get ’em vaccinated an’ they’ll quit spreading disease.

  18. Everything I know about economics I learned from the Lone Biker of the Apocalypse:

    Price, it’s not what you say it is, it’s what the market will bear.

  19. Gay marriage now!

    Commenters: Well yes it seems fair, but some of us are concerned about freedom of association and- Homophobes!
    ——————————- Here’s a good law that will allow Medicaid to pay for abortions

    Commenters: I not sure how forcing me to pay for abortions is Libert- SEXISTS! PATRIARCHY!

    ———————————– Borders should be open to allow as many undocumented workers who want to come to America

    Commenters: There are definite benefits to open borders, but there also some down- RACISTS!!!!1111111!!!!!eleven!!

  20. I’m honestly baffled as to why Reason’s staff are getting so worked up about this guy. Are they really that worried that his anti-immigrant, anti-free trade positions are going to have any sort of long-term mainstream appeal? If they don’t have that appeal, then why all the fuss?

    That the media in general is so bent out of shape about Trump is one of the more astonishing spectacles I’ve ever seen. He’s been in the public spotlight for 30 years and it’s not like his dirty laundry is any big secret, so anything short of photos with a young boy in a hotel room are going to be pointless when it comes to mud-slinging. He’s already got one Mexican drug lord in such a tizzy that he threatened to kill Trump and called him a fag over Twitter–as if that’s going to make most Americans any more supportive of open borders rather than further encourage Trump to ramp up the rhetoric about the Brown Criminal Horde. The milquetoast neocons at NR are pulling their hair out over him because he clearly doesn’t give a crap if they like him or not, and he’s obviously having a ball mocking them relentlessly.

    1. I would never vote for Trump, but I said the other day that he’s the clown candidate that this clown country really deserves. Welch calling him the “Idiocracy candidate” is fitting for reasons that I don’t believe Welch grasped. As long as his shit-stirring generates attention, he’s going to make this election season one of the most fun in living memory because he’s clearly an agent of electoral chaos. With any luck, he could very well blow up the Republican party, and I have a hard time seeing why libertarians and Democrats don’t hope he stays in the race as long as possible.

    2. “‘Im honestly baffled as to why Reason’s staff are getting so worked up about this guy”

      “If you don’t over-react hysterically to perceived incongruity with politically-acceptable attitudes, you’re contributing to a worldview that justifies a broken immigration system, mass incarceration, divestment from inner city communities, that rationalizes inequality and buttresses persistent segregation and violence. If you’re not part of the denouncing-mob, then you’re part of the problem. Your lack of outrage is a sign of your complicity”

    3. Cocktail parties.

  21. Trump is the clear choice for president by any serious libertarian.

    He’d be hated by all sides in DC, the media would be out to get him from day one and he’d be incompetent at governing.

    So basically it t’d be blessed absolute gridlock for four, and with a little luck, eight straight years.

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