Police Abuse

NYPD Cops Shot and Killed Bodybuilder They Asked For Help, Told Family He Was Stabbed to Death, Lawsuit Alleges

Suing for $25 million



According to a lawsuit filed in Brooklyn court, last year cops asked 51-year-old bodybuilder Rafael Lauereano to help break down the door of his girlfriend's home to stop an ex-boyfriend from attacking her and her two children. After Lauereano broke down the door, the ex-boyfriend, Francisco Carvajal allegedly charged at them with a knife. Police fired 18 rounds; nine hit Carvajal and one hit Laureano, who was between Carvajal and the police. Both men were killed.

Police dispute the narrative, saying they broke down the door and then Laureano rushed in, even saying one of the cops tried to grab the man by his arm. The police, however, lose credibility because of their response to the incident. They told family members Laureano had been stabbed to death by Carvajal. Via the New York Daily News:

"When I got to scene I asked three cops what happened to my father, no one wanted to tell me anything," his heartbroken son told The News.

He said he had to show his military identification at the hospital to learn his father was stabbed "multiple times" to death.

"I couldn't believe it. It was hard to hear," he said.

"I thought he was strong enough to survive [getting stabbed,] but Rafael said, 'No he died.' I couldn't believe it," said another son, Jonathan Sanabria, 27.

A few days later the city medical examiners determined the dad was not stabbed but was shot by the NYPD.

"The NYPD and the city has yet to provide the Laureano family with the truth of what led to [their father's] death," said George.

The family is suing for $25 million. Among other things, they say police did not follow protocol, which would be to use a battering ram from Emergency Services, not the boyfriend of the victim or doing it themselves, as they allege. An internal review has been ongoing by the NYPD since October.

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  1. He was probably a steroid user, and so probably deserved it. Drugs are bad.

  2. Police fired 18 rounds; nine hit Carvajal and one hit Laureano

    That’s a better than 50% hit ratio if you count the guy they weren’t supposed to be shooting. That’s above average for cops.

    1. He didn’t have a badge. That alone is a death warrant.

    2. The targets were larger than normal.

      1. That being said, I remember a story where two cops emptied both of their 9mm magazines at a guy from a few feet away and not only missed him, but didn’t even hit the fucking suburban he was standing in front of.

        1. +1 Pulp Fiction

          1. So what do the cops call a whopper?

            1. A fuckyou with cheese

            2. Double baca cheeseburger, it’s for a cop.

              1. Does that look like spit to you? Aww fuck it.

  3. “Sorry son, but your father was stabbed multiple times by a bullet.”

    1. “Sir, I’m so sorry, but I think I hit your dog… with my swords”

    2. “Seems there was a little controversy there regarding your father’s death.”

      “Yes, the police said he fell down an elevator shaft. Onto some bullets.”

  4. Every single time there is evidence about some kind of police shooting, it’s never the way the cops described it. Never.

    You know, I’m starting to think that pathological liars might gravitate to the position of cop. Call me crazy, I know, but…just maybe.

    1. That sound like some kin’a terrist talk.

      1. The cops are terrorists.

  5. So will this one get any media traction?

    And I haven’t seen anything about the unarmed guy the LEOs shot in the head in CA after he waved them down. Anyone see any updates on that one?

    1. Living in NYC, nope, haven’t heard of this till now.

  6. “Oh, shit. The son has a military ID. We can’t just stonewall. Let’s just lie to get rid of him. ”

    It’s so stupid only people completely used to never being called to account could think they’d get away with it.

    1. You act like they won’t get away with it here. What’s the worst thing that will happen to these cops? They won’t be punished, and the taxpayers will write the check.

      1. Yep. They’ve been lying their asses off on reports and in court for this long, what rational basis would they have to believe this time, perhaps they had gone too far?

        The only pucker factor the cops are feeling is whether the bosses are going to cover them, just like all the previous lies that were covered. If these cops face any consequences at all, the message other cops will take away is: Next time, smarter lies.

      2. It’s too early in the holiday weekend for a nut punch like that.

  7. Warty…..? You okay…?

    1. so.. Warty’s..dead?

      (runs away sobbing)

      1. It would take more than one bullet.

        1. I see no tentacles.

          1. So the Doom Cock lives?

          2. Well, the picture’s only from the waist up.

      2. This happened last year. He would be fine if SF had never given him the timesuit.

  8. Are we going to talk about the last episode of True Detective or what?

    I’m a fan. I was a bit ify on the first episode but the second got things rolling nicely. It provided just enough character exposition with an ample amount of plot movement with a nice surprise at the end.


    1. It also had just the right amount of creep factor. The dead guy was into some weird stuff, and his apartment expended that into the freaky deaky category, but the plot is still grounded in mundane political corruption. We’re getting both icky violent sex stuff and typical municipal and gangster politics.

      Nice combo.

      1. freaky deaky ?

        Now that is a phrase I have not head in many years.


    2. I’m not sure how I want that surprise ending resolved. It might feel cheap if episode 3 begins with the equivalent of “haha, we were just kidding, that didn’t REALLY happen!”

      I liked the scene in episode 2 when Vince Vaughn quickly goes from innocent bystander who just witnessed a beating, to basically coming out and saying he arranged the beating. “Wow, you must have really pissed those guys off! Can you think of anything you did?”

      1. I liked the scene in episode 2 when Vince Vaughn quickly goes from innocent bystander who just witnessed a beating, to basically coming out and saying he arranged the beating. “Wow, you must have really pissed those guys off! Can you think of anything you did?”

        That was a great scene. I do not get all the snarky internet hate for the show. I figure after the first season the creator of the show deserves a few episodes before he can be judged.

        1. Episode 2 was vastly better than episode 1 so this season might be on the right track. The problem is that episode 1 was a fucking trainwreck.

          Vince Vaughn’s monologue at the beginning of episode 2 was also so terrible that I was worried it would stay as bad as the first episode, but the rest of the show was far better. Vaughn’s scenes when he started actually being a criminal rather than talking about his tortured soul were tremendous, especially the scene where they beat the guy up at the underpass.

          1. I don’t think episode 1 was awful. Everything that occurred was a set up for the very last shot of the True Detectives eye each other as they eyed the dead body by the side of the road. Pizzolatto needed to get them from unrelated locations and agencies into the same place, same time. Everything in the episode led up to that encounter. Clunky though it may have been, It included the necessary back stories.

            I’m hopeful.

            1. Yeah, the entire design of the show is to disorient the viewer, kinda like everything is out of focus. Then as the story develops everything slowly comes into focus.

              Season one was muddled and confusing at the beginning as well. It also had a lot of very detailed character development that didn’t attach to the main story line, or was abandoned, similar to what we’ve already seen.

              The mess is part of the art. It does make for some high-attention viewing though. You really can’t multitask on this show – it definitely isn’t “General Hospital”, despite the soap-opera-esque storylines.

              1. I have to pay attention to understand it? Fuck that.

    3. “I’m a fan. I was a bit ify on the first episode but the second got things rolling nicely. It provided just enough character exposition with an ample amount of plot movement with a nice surprise at the end.”

      You’re just happy because you know I’m weeping about the turn of events at the end of that episode.

      How could they do that to such a beautiful and well-acted character?

      1. I am assuming they were bean bags, or am I alone in that? It would be great if the ending was permanent, though.

        1. I hope he’s dead, actually. That would be a massive twist and it would be especially brilliant if they did that to a major character at the end of the second episode. That’s pretty ballsy.

          1. Yes. That is what I was trying to say.

          2. No, he’s not dead. Why waste so much time developing a character and all his back story only to kill him off in the second episode. It is’t GoT after all. I doubt they would have invested as much time money in promotion with Farrell only to kill him off so quickly.

            Lame as it will be, he’s wearing a bullet proof vest. His shooting will add to mystery and drama. It will motivate the other characters. Yada, yada, yada.

            1. I just realized that in one of the True Detective trailers you can see Colin Farrell going up an escalator in a scene that hasn’t happened yet. He is either not dead or that’s a flashback.


              Also, you have to admit Colin Farrell is great in this. Taylor Kitsch is awful, Vaughn and McAdams are up and down. I don’t know what they’re going to do if they actually killed him off.

              1. Good catch.

                The head cop, his lieutenant, say’s something about ‘one of his guys getting shot’ in the preview for episode 3. He would’ve clearly said dead if he were dead.

                He’s not dead. Because we’re talking about Colin Farrell, I’m guessing just permanently cognitively impaired.

                1. Farrell is actually a very fine actor when given good material. He’s worked on some awful projects – never to be forgiven for A Winter’s Tale– but he’s talented, in my humble opinion.

  9. For the “There’s never anything wrong with immigration” files:

    A Dutch organization which campaigns against forced marriages is on Thursday issuing hundreds of girls in Rotterdam with a special pen containing tips on how to avoid being married off during the summer.

    The pen contains the contact details of organizations which can help if they fear their parents plan to force them to marry during the summer break.

    It also contains tips such as concealing a teaspoon in their clothes so they will set of alarms at airport security checks and can then call for help.

    A similar campaign was carried out in The Hague last year. Femmes voor Freedom founder Shirin Misa told news agency ANP last year’s campaign generated a lot of positive feedback. In particular, the fact the information is disguised in a pen makes it easy to circulate, she said.

    The most recent figures on forced marriages involving Dutch girls date from 2011 and 2012 in which a total of 181 cases were reported.

    1. It also contains tips such as concealing a teaspoon in their clothes so they will set of alarms at airport security checks and can then call for help.

      I don’t know, couldn’t you just tell the screener ‘help, I’m being kidnapped’ even if you didn’t have a teaspoon?

      1. It’s complicated. Plus, teenage girls.

        1. And I mean not the cool kind of American teenage rrrriot girrrrl who wears Doc Martins and is vocal and expressive and can fend for herself.

          I assume (didn’t rtfa) these are muslim or african immigrant girls being sold into marriage.

          I’m alittle drunk. Time for Thai food.

          1. Agile Cyborg has hijacked your handle!

            1. Absence of lurid sex details indicates this is not the case.

              1. Lurid? Hold your tongue. His provocative messages enlighten and inspire. I have never been more interested in another man’s wife.

                1. Lurid: adjective, very vivid in color, especially so as to create an unpleasantly harsh or unnatural effect.
                  (of a description) presented in vividly shocking or sensational terms, especially giving explicit details of crimes or sexual matters.

                  We want pics, and he’s doing an admirable job with words alone. E.L. James should be properly mortified that she could never dream of such eloquence.

                  1. Fair enough. He paints psychedelic landscapes. Like Monet meets Escher meets a bottle and a half of absinthe.

      2. The teaspoon thing seems credible. Wholly repressive culture + constantly being chaperoned + the fear that your plan backfires. The teaspoon gambit at least provides some cover.

        1. Of course we’re assuming that, in a country with a large enough Muslim population that this sort of endeavor should even be undertaken, your screener is not himself Muslim…

      3. If the alarm goes off they take you into a room away from others.

        I guess

    2. So….. these Dutch girls.

      Are they really Dutch girls ?

      Ive never heard of the Dutch being so into forced marriage.

      I’m just wondering…could these girls be Dutch immigrant Dutch girls ?

      Dutch immigrant Dutch girls of a particular Religious Political System.

      You know, a Religious Political System that would kill you if you disagree with them ?

      1. You know, a Religious Political System that would kill you if you disagree with them ?

        Progs? Or Muslims?

        1. No, progs just get you blacklisted and shunned from society, like McCarthy or the Amish.

      2. Or, you know, Dutch girls, *born* in the Netherlands and growing up in a ‘particular Religious Political System’.

  10. So, he helped them kick the door open and then rushed in ahead of them, and they opened fire with him standing in the way? What the hell?

    1. I’m picturing him kicking the door in with his momentum maybe carrying him a little forward. The police see the other guy with the knife and quickly backpedal while firing. Now he’s really in between and their poor aim makes it all but inevitable that he will get it.

  11. In addition to the cops’ laughable lie about being stabbed with a bullet, we have only their word to go on that the perpetrator did, in fact, rushed them.

  12. Did anyone bring up Baltimore PD vans supposedly having stickers on the inside of the back door of the vans saying, “Enjoy your ride cuz we sure will”? I can’t remember where I read it. I’m google lazy right now.

    1. But they have cameras now, so all is forgiven.

  13. I’ve looked this story over.. and I don’t see any mention of how many times the “girlfriend and her children” had been shot. Out of 18 rounds, 9 struck the intended target.. 1 stabbed the good guy. so I figure the children were probably struck by ~2 each, 3 strays penetrated the walls.. striking bystanders and the dogs they were walking, and the girlfriend was executed with the final shot.. as a witness.. she knew too much

  14. Over on the east side of St. Louis, a 11 year old boy is arrested for playing with a toy gun


  15. Among other things, they say police did not follow protocol…

    That’s a pretty serious allegation. Protocol is cop law. It’s the only law applicable to police.

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