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After Losing Custody of Her Son, Medical Marijuana Advocate Could Lose Her Freedom

Shona Banda faces decades in prison because her son questioned anti-pot propaganda.



Shona Banda, the Kansas medical marijuana activist who faces three felony charges for making cannabis oil to treat her Crohn's disease, had her first court appearance this week. In my latest Forbes column, I explain why her case has attracted attention across the country and around the world:

In Live Free or Die, a 2010 memoir recounting how cannabis oil saved her life, Shona Banda emphasizes the importance of "self-taught knowledge," acquired by constantly asking questions and "looking at all of the angles of any information given." Her son may have learned that lesson too well. Had he been less inquisitive, less prone to question authority, he might still be living with his mother, and she might not be facing criminal charges that could send her to prison for decades.

Banda, a 38-year-old massage therapist who appeared in criminal court for the first time on Tuesday, is free on a $50,000 bond while her case is pending. She was able to pay a bail bondsman the $5,000 fee necessary to stay out of jail thanks to donations from supporters across the country who were outraged by her situation. The case has drawn international attention partly because it features draconian penalties and a mother's forcible separation from her 11-year-old son but also because of the way it started.

Read the whole thing.

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  1. That’ll learn ya. Drugs r bad, mmkay? If she’s done nothing wrong, then she has nothing to fear. If she has – well – don’t do the crime if ya can’t do the time, honey. Compliance is the price we pay for civilization, amirite?

  2. Read the whole thing.

    If you’re going to be so demanding, at least give me a link.

    1. Oh – that one hurt!

  3. Your Future Reptilian Overlords are amused by such oppressive force used to silence those who challenge your ruling class.

    We are relieved the pointy eared logic mammals found you too troublesome to handle warp drive technology.

    1. *unplugs mr lizard’s heat lamp, throws dry ice into his tank*

      1. Uncivil indeed….jerk

    1. While I’m on Shona’s side here, isn’t it GFM’s new policy not to raise money for people accused of something that might be illegal, or is that limited to cake based crimes?

      1. I’m almost certain it’s the latter.

    1. She should paint half her face blue. Then they could never take it away.

  4. Need it be said:

    The war on drugs is the most pernicious and vile assaults on our natural rights ever put forth by centralized government.

    And yet the vast majority of presidential candidates support this vile war.

    The Origins of Cannabis Prohibition in California
    by Dale H. Gieringer

    Although marijuana prohibition is commonly supposed to have begun with the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937, cannabis had already been outlawed in many states before World War I during the first, Progressive Era wave of anti- narcotics legislation. California, a national leader in the war on narcotics, was among the first states to act, in 1913. The tale of this long-forgotten law, predating the modern marijuana scene, casts light on the origins of twentieth- century drug prohibition.

    More at……..mjproh.pdf

    1. Vile? Throwing people in prison and taking away their children for growing a forbidden plant? No. Internet commenters making unfavorable comments about federal officials on a blog, that’s vile.

      1. Obedience is freedom!

  5. Live Free or Die

    The govt clearly chose ‘die’.

    1. If she goes to prison, Kansas may end up having to provide her with cannabis oil to treat her condition.

    1. Um, *catchy*! Needs subtitles, though.

      1. You don’t speak Jedi?

    2. +1 for the soundtrack

  6. Banda emphasizes the importance of “self-taught knowledge,” acquired by constantly asking questions and “looking at all of the angles of any information given.”

    Oh, Shona. That’s just crazy talk.

  7. It takes a village to persecute sick people for trying to heal themselves.

    1. We have to completely destroy her life to help her.

      1. Government is just the name for the innocent lives that we destroy together.

    2. That wasn’t the crime. The crime was disobedience. The worse crime was spreading disorder by encouraging disobedience in her child.

  8. This is what evil looks like. The people who are doing this wake up every day thinking they are good and righteous people doing good and righteous things for the world. What starts out with the noble goal of protecting society from criminals and doing justice for the victims of crimes through a process of rationalization becomes threatening a gravely ill person with decades in prison for trying to medicate herself.

    1. “Crohn’s disease is a gateway illness.”

    2. And at no point will they look at the actual results and ask “what the FUCK am I doing?” Nope, rationalization is a powerful, hideous psychological process.

      1. No of course not. This is why the Calvinists are totally right when they say man is a innately evil creature. It is not that man tries to be evil. It is that he just can’t help himself. Even when he most tries to be good, he ends up doing monstrously evil things.

        1. If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself.

          That worked out well.

        2. Calvinism is a dead end.

      2. They’re just following orders.

    3. You think you know better than legislators and law enforcement what will effectively treat various maladies?

    4. The people doing this are the moral equivalent of Nazi death camp guards in my opinion.

    5. Sometimes that path is amazingly short, as in the teenage sexting cases.

  9. One way to keep Banda out of prison may be to challenge the actions that police took before obtaining a warrant to search her house. Banda initially turned away the officers and CPS employees who came to her house, ostensibly to “investigate the safety of the residence for the child.”

    Police, CPS and the lady prosecutor is going to take that personally.

  10. Lesson learned: If you’re going to teach your kids to be assertive with the truth, do not engage in illegal activity in the home, else you kids will be taken and you will be locked in a cage.

    1. This country is rotten.

    2. Someday this child will realize that there is no moral difference between what happened here, and what happened in the Stalinist USSR where kids ratted their parents out and got them sent away to gulags.

  11. The U.S. government’s war on drugs: Pure evil.

  12. Read the whole thing needs a link to the whole thing.

  13. Government is just another word for the things we do together.

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