Sex Trafficking

Teen Recruits Friend for Sex Work With Her, Gets Slapped With Federal Sex-Trafficking Charges

Another reminder who really gets targeted under U.S. sex trafficking statutes.


Julia Haner/Myspace

Here's another case exposing who really gets targeted under U.S. sex trafficking statutes. Far from the cartoonishly evil kingpins or sociopathic perverts of political lore, it's people like Oregon resident Julie Haner, who as a 19-year-old drove her 17-year-old friend across state lines so they could both make money via sex work. Haner and the girl has previously attended high-school together and been on the same cheerleading squad.

Multnomah County Sheriff

In April 2014, Haner was indicted on federal sex-trafficking charges, along with 30-year-old Konrod Steven Mason. After reaching out to her former classmate on Facebook, Haner and Mason had driven the 17-year-old from northern Oregon, where they all lived, to a motel in nearby Vancouver, Washington, about 30 minutes away. There Haner and the girl allegedly engaged in prostitution. Later the threesome moved on to Portland and eventually Eugene, Oregon, according to federal court documents. Ultimately the young women performed sex acts for money on at least two occasions, prosecutors say.

Multnomah County Sheriff

The teen, whom police discovered via an "escort" ad posted on, was not a captive, nor forced into performing sex acts for money. After Portland, she had returned to her home in Lake Oswego, then chose to re-join Haner and Mason.

This week Haner, now 20, pleaded guilty to violating the federal Mann Act, a 105-year-old law which "helped push along the massive expansion of the federal government via an unrestrained reading of the commerce clause," as Nick Gillespie explains here, and prohibits transporting anyone across state lines for prostitution. Haner won't be sentenced until September, but the U.S. Attorney's Office is recommending a four-year prison sentence.

Mason, who pleaded guilty in April, will be sentenced in July and is expected to get a 10-year prison sentence.

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  1. Pimpin’ ain’t easy…or legal.

    1. She didn’t apply for the right permit from the top men. That’s what the problem was here..

      1. I get what big daddy was talkin’ bout now! Pimpin’ ain’t easy because of all the red tape.

  2. So the pimp was the “30-year-old Konrod Steven Mason”, who “is expected to get a 10-year prison sentence”? And his accomplice was the poor dear 19-year old?

    I am no fan of anti-prostitution laws, but a prosecution for pimping a 17-year old girl seems appropriate.

    1. If there was any coercion, they should both go to jail for kidnapping and rape. If there was no coercion, then Washington state law says you can consent to sex at 16.

      Of course, they also went to Portland and Eugene, and the age of consent in Oregon is apparently 18, so if any of this prostitution occurred in Oregon you could hammer them with facilitating statutory rape, or something of that nature.

      This is a more gray area than most of the stuff Reason posts, but I have qualms with the existence of sex-trafficking laws in the first place given that it makes absolutely no sense that transporting someone across state lines for prostitution is somehow a worse crime than prostitution itself. If they engaged in any crime such as facilitation of statutory rape or any degree of coercion, they should get in trouble for that, but neither prostitution nor transportation across state lines should be illegal provided the girl is of legal age in the state where the sex occurred.

      1. Well, I guess this answers my question:

        “The two performed sex acts for money on two separate occasions in Vancouver and Eugene before police found the girl in Portland and returned her to her family, prosecutors say. Haner and Mason were arrested in April 2014 with a 20-year-old woman that Haner also allegedly recruited into prostitution.”

        So they did do this in Oregon, in which case they were in violation of statutory rape laws. Still have a problem with the Mann Act, but don’t see how you can get around the fact that they’d be screwed no matter what for whoring out someone under the Oregon age of consent.

        1. don’t see how you can get around the fact that they’d be screwed no matter what for whoring out someone under the Oregon age of consent

          By saying age of consent laws are rights violations, and that pimping should also be legal?

          No one’s rights were actually violated here unless the youngest person involved is claiming she was coerced.

          1. I agree that coercion is the main determinate here. Quite frankly it’s hard to feel sorry for anyone that fucking stupid though. Not exactly a full nut punch here. Maybe a wet willy.

      2. The Mann Act isn’t even about prostitution per se, but just xporting someone across state lines for sex, period. That’s how they got Hurricane Carter.

        1. lol!
          I don’t remember that from the Bob Dylan song.

          You mean Jack Johnson?

          1. Jack Johnson.

            Hurricane Carter was put in prison for falsely being accused (and convicted) of murder.

            1. You don’t even remember when the Germans shot Pearl River.

  3. Apparently the age of consent in Washington is 16, which makes this pretty ridiculous. So if I went to Washington and bought a 16 year old some jewelry and then we had sex (and the jewelry totally wasn’t payment for sex, I swear! It was just a present and the sex was unrelated!) I would be totally in the clear. However, if I directly gave her 30 bucks for sex, I would now be guilty of buying a prostitute and possibly would be guilty of buying a ‘trafficked woman’ if she’d come across state borders.

    It seems to me that this is a point about prostitution that’s never mentioned – at base prostitution just makes it illegal for poor people to do what rich people are doing in a slightly round about way. Rich people pay to fly super models to their private island and then have sex, but because they claim they weren’t ‘buying’ the sex with the trip to their island, it’s not illegal. Since poor people (or even middle class people) don’t have the means to buy women expensive shit, if they just pay for sex directly, they’re arrested for it.

    And then you add to that the fact that transporting a legally aged woman across state lines to engage in an activity that shouldn’t even be illegal if you’re over the age of consent and you get clusterfucks like this.

    1. Subpoenas incoming investigating John Doe AKA “Irish” AKA “Viscount Irish” for conspiracy.

    2. Well in all fairness you can’t just fly off to Whore Island anytime you feel like it

      1. I would swim to ‘Whore Island’ if the fairy ran late.

        1. Tell that fairy to get his ass in gear, this ain’t no highway rest stop.

      2. It’s not really Monster Whore Island…it’s really a peninsula.

        1. But nobody wants to drive across that part of Florida.

    3. Fred Cherry pointed out that being attractive (appearance-wise or otherwise) is the way most people get around the prostitution laws. They criminalize the only way the unattractive people get sex.

  4. So the guy gets the maximum and the girl gets 4 years for the exact same crime? Seems legit.

    1. Sounds as if the 19 year old woman was worse than the 30 year old guy. She talked her 17 year old friend into it.

  5. Remember: to prosecutors, the easy target is the best target. Finding sex trafficking kingpins is hard, since they don’t really exist, and if they do, they are almost assuredly a few steps ahead of the cops. But finding people who engage in victimless “crimes” in order to make some money are a dime a dozen.

    Who is the standard lazy, grandstanding prosecutor and cops going to go after?

    1. You mean they’re not already too busy investigating the photographic habits of teenagers? For the children.

    2. I have it on good authority that eastern european mobsters who are involved in real estate development love kidnapping people and selling them.

      1. Are you Liam Neeson?

  6. Unintended consequences of child labor laws as well.

    Teen needed money and resorts to “illegal” activities because 18 is the minimum for a lot of jobs.

  7. I feel a lot safer now.

  8. OT: Remember the story last week about the raid on the medical marijuana shop in California where the cops were, among other things wrong, snacking on the edibles? It just got crazier.

    Via PINAC, it looks like the mayor may have been in on it too, and he may have ordered the raid due to a bribe (of sorts) from a competing medical marijuana shop.

    1. I’ll tell you what won’t make the evening news: a blatant display of criminality under the guise of official business.

      1. Are you sure? It’s all over my news.

  9. Why does the Mann Act still exist? I mean, I know why it was used a century ago, to prosecute the darkies for bringing their white girlfriends across state lines, but why does it exist now?

    1. Since when is Congress in the habit of repealing laws?

    2. Because nobody wants to go on record for legalizing some “immorality”, let alone “immorality” that’s been illegal over a century. Cases like this are just as likely to be used as examples for keeping it as for repealing it.

    3. Because it does serve a purpose in regards to prosecuting cases of abductions involving persons under the age of consent across state lines. The original purpose of the Mann Act was patently racist…it’s actually evolved (weirdly) into something less so now.

      Personally, for this case, I don’t really have a problem with the prosecution. The 17 year old was under the age of consent in one of the states where they had her working and I do believe states have a legitimate authority to set age of consent. We can go down the rabbit hole discussing whether a 17 year old has a right to engage in prostitution, but I don’t see the laws in this case nor their application as particularly abusive.

  10. At least it didn’t involve dolphins. Then they would have nailed her for transporting a minor over state line for immoral porpoises.

    1. For all intensive porpoises they might as well have.

    2. Where’s Swiss when you need him?

      1. A man with eyes like Steve Buscemi could surely step in.

        *narrows gaze*

    3. Oh man that was awful. PUNishable by Woodchipper?

      1. Fuck you buscemi! You can’t narrow your gaze and then make a pun!

        1. People these days! NO respect for The Rules. I tell ya.

    4. Doesn’t everyone need a porpoise?

      1. I have a special porpoise. It’s wonderful. You should see it.

        1. Doesn’t this reference fit better under the article about the NAACP chick?

          /Never dreamt she was adopted.

        2. Oh, no. I’m not getting in your van again.

    5. Didn’t this all start with transporting a minor over state lines to get nailed?

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  12. The streets are safer with these hooligans locked up, that’s for sure.

    1. Ya reckon she swore in public, too?

  13. There’s so much fear-mongering about sex-trafficking, and here’s the face of it. Sex-trafficking is apparently giving someone a ride to another state. And I guess she trafficked herself since she also sold her services.

  14. You now hanor has meth mouth from the way she is holding her mouth closed in that mugshot. Also, smile in your mugshot, it will get you a sympathetic jury maybe.

    1. Now=know. Fuck!
      *pays fine*

    2. Gimme an M! Gimme an E! Gimme a T! Gimme an H! Gooooooooooooo METH!

    3. smile in your mugshot, it will get you a sympathetic jury maybe

      This sounds like the voice of experience,

      *nods admiringly*

      1. Doesn’t it depend on how many people in the jury have meth-mouth as well?

        Jury of your peers and all, hmmm?

    4. I thought that was just her bitchy/defiant face.

      How does your mugshot affect the jury? Is it usually shown in court? I’m asking for a friend.

    5. Not always meth though… Oftentimes white girls trying to wear black-face accidentally make a ‘duck-face’ instead… I bet she changes the way she talks depending on the skin-color of the person she is talking to. She seems like reverse-racist trash…

  15. Any correlation between giving the women the vote and the criminalization of booze, drugs, and prostitution?

    1. Please no. Collectivizing is always dumb.

    2. Given the view Muslim countries take on booze, drugs, and prostitution, I’m going to say there’s not much of a correlation unless you think Afghanistan’s problem is too many rights for women.

    3. What about the correlation between women voting and global warming?

    4. There was little or no drug use when women weren’t allowed to vote. We gave them the vote and look what happened.

  16. So am I to understand that this young lady is NOT carrying around a mattress to protest her repression by the state? Just want to be clear. I can’t keep these stories straight any more.

    1. high-five for that one…

  17. Did they still get her for beastiality, at least?… That is an UGLY looking primate in the second photo… and if he squirted some g0ri11a-milk up in the 17 year-old, the LAST thing we need is more fatherless ‘progressive’ activist welfare-voters…

  18. wooh-ooh-ooh… waAHHHHHH!!!!… AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!… AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

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