Videos Show Cops Tasing, Pepper-Spraying Man After Alleged Jaywalking

The Schenectady Police Department is investigating the incident, though the police chief says the officers' use of force was justified.


Schenectady police Tase, pepper-spray man after alleged jaywalking
The Daily Gazette / YouTube

Two videos, taken by bystanders, show cops in Schenectady, New York, pepper-spraying and tasing a local man.

According to The Daily Gazette, police attempted to stop 22-year-old Shaquille Parker for crossing the road against the signal on June 3. Parker told the Gazette officers asked for his identification, which he provided.

The trouble started when Parker refused to consent to a search. Instead, he says he began walking away from the officer, who Parker claimed "told him to stop or he would be pepper-sprayed," according to the article.

Parker didn't stop, and the officer pepper-sprayed him. Parker continued walking, and shortly thereafter several other officers arrived. One of them tased Parker, dropping him to the ground. Another officer pepper-sprayed Parker.

Parker admits he had marijuana on him at the time but claims the officers involved didn't know about it until after the arrest.

In a follow-up piece, Schenectady Police Chief Brian Kilcullen told the Gazette he "believes the officer's actions were justified."

But not everyone is convinced. From the original article:

Shown the longest available video, Melanie Trimble, executive director of the local chapter of the [New York Civil Liberties Union], said there didn't appear to be any reason to physically engage Parker for what amounted to a ticket. Regarding Parker's account that the officer wanted to search him after the jaywalking, Trimble said officers can only do that if they have probable cause to perform a search. Jaywalking alone would not provide that, she said.

Parker "was charged with felony second-degree assault, misdemeanor resisting arrest, and violation-level disorderly conduct and marijuana possession," per the Gazette.

Though Parker has not filed an official complaint, Kilcullen said the department is investigating Parker's claim that excessive force was used. In addition to the two bystander-shot videos, "surveillance cameras and police cars' cameras [will] be reviewed."

View the two videos below:

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  1. The evidence clearly shows that this thug pepper-sprayed himself. If he’d just followed orders, this wouldn’t have been a problem.

    Did I cover all the bases?

    1. totality of circs

    2. Well of course. As we all know, jaywalking is basically trespassing on the government’s road against its direct orders (walk signs and markings), so he needed to be arrested. Because reasons.

      1. Luckily the police weren’t too intimidated by the SJWs yet to challenge this thug.

        1. That’s good, because I know I am.

          1. Is that a mattress on your back or are you just terrified to see me?

  2. Though Parker has not filed an official complaint, Kilcullen said the department is investigating Parker’s claim that excessive force was used.

    Why? He already determined “the officer’s actions were justified.”

  3. Let’s sprinkle some crack on him and get the hell out of here…

  4. Where the hell do they get a second-degree assault charge? Did his taser convulsions cause him to accidentally brush against a cop’s leg? Or maybe walking away from the cops assaulted their feelings?

    1. Refusing to consent to a search is an assault on police authority.


  5. What really puzzles me is why is it taking so long to get the idea that someone with a camera could be anywhere and what they video will be on the news worldwide in minutes?

    1. Because they must still get away with it at a staggering rate. Getting caught is still a statistical anomaly.

      And besides, say you do get caught… Paid time off is the horrible punishment you will face.

      1. True dat. Nevertheless, there’s a limit to how much crap people will put up with. How many more high-profile incidents will it take where the official statements are fiction in comparison to the video evidence before even hard-core supporters start moving away?

        1. Cops are astonishingly oblivious to the messages they send to non-cops, probably because they’re so blinded by arrogance. Consider two incidents in New York not long ago: the cop who murdered Eric Garner on videotape got away with it, and then shortly thereafter some guy murdered two cops and the entire NYPD stopped harassing people for weeks. To a non-cop, the obvious message the cops are sending was, “There’s absolutely nothing you can do to stop us from murdering you with impunity by working within the system, but kill a couple of us every month and the rest will leave you alone.”

          1. This is very true. I have noticed time and time again that the things cops think people care about–which are obviously things cops care about–are absolutely not things that “normal” people care about. It’s why they eventually always end up telling you a story where they brag about having hurt someone who gave them a hard time, and get the “cop look” on their faces in the process. Because they think that everyone wants to be able to hurt or even kill people who annoy them, without consequences, and not just the power-hungry pants-shitting bullies who become cops (and politicians).

            1. And they have no idea why “normal” people recoil in disgust when they brag about hurting people. No idea at all.

              1. Based on the comments you see on some of these stories in the media I think I need to correct that.

                “And they have no idea why normal abnormal people recoil in disgust when they brag about hurting people”

                You are not the norm.

      2. Paid time off is punishment for a cop. Being a cop isn’t just a job. It’s a lifestyle. You strut around like a peacock, doing whatever you want (who’s going to stop you, the cops?), and you get to use violence on anyone who doesn’t immediately obey your every whim. Taking that away is indeed great punishment if your life is defined by doing whatever you want and forcing people to do whatever you want. Great punishment indeed.

        1. I won’t spoiler it too much–because you should watch the show–but the end of The Shield is essentially the main character (who is an utterly corrupt cop) managing to stay out of jail but he is stripped of his power, his ability to arrest, and even his gun. He is given–and the implication in the show is clear that this is basically a worse punishment for him than going to jail–a true desk job. One where he will never, ever again have what he had when he was on the street. He’s basically now become a “civilian”. And that’s the true punishment.

        2. I don’t know — the cops I know love their time off. They like to go up to the lake and jet ski all or take cruises.

    2. The prohibitionists have certainly noticed. This very minute all of Both Parties’ telescreens are screeching that 1) “multiple” assailants attacked the po-lice for no reason in Dallas, a few minutes south of McKinney (fortunately they just happened to miss), and [get this!] 2) “the” assailant’s “social media” were searched and showed “the” assailant had “threatened a judge.” The spokesman they trotted out is the same color as most of the recent “suspects” who were “killed by gunfire” with “police involvement.” The politicians who pass the laws ordering these cops to search people’s pockets and ashtrays and confiscate their homes over seeds must be giggling up their sleeves at the god-given opportunity to order a quad to put those godless liburterrians in their place.

  6. Schenectady Police Chief Brian Kilcullen told the Gazette he “believes the officer’s actions were justified.”

    No shit?
    Also, look at those pathetic quivering pussies. You’d think they had some sort of ravenous inhuman monster like the goddam

      1. He’s at a loss for words.

  7. WTF?

    Also, look at those pathetic quivering pussies. You’d think they had some sort of ravenous inhuman monster like the goddam PREDATOR or Preet Bharara on the ground in front of them.

    1. You don’t know that Predator wasn’t there.

      1. The pepper spray would have outlined the Predator’s basic shape.

      2. We have witnessed an action taken on your part in proximity to specific coordinates.

  8. Everyone call down and enjoy the nut massage.


    Your welcome

    1. That’s a nice start. When does he start serving the remainder of the original sentence?

  9. “Schenectady Police Chief Brian Kilcullen told the Gazette he “believes the officer’s actions were justified….(he walked into the spray).”

    I think they learn this load of crap in police spin bull shit class.

    Keep being tone deaf cops!

  10. The victim here acted 100% within his rights as recognized by SCOTUS.

    He coughed up ID as requested (which you can be made to do according to SCOTUS, regardless of the Constitution).

    He has no obligation to consent to a search, and the cops can’t detain him without a warrant unless they have a reasonable suspicion of criminal activity (absent here) and can’t search him without a warrant unless they have a reasonable and articulable suspicion that the person detained may be “armed and dangerous” (also absent here).

    What we have on tape is assault and battery, and likely an aggressive DA could run up some additional charges. I fully expect that Nothing Else Will Happen, because booyah! thug! just do what the police tell you and nobody will get hurt!

    1. just do what the police tell you and nobody will get hurt!

      Their job is not to enforce the law. Their job is to enforce compliance. As in doing violence on anyone who doesn’t immediately obey their every whim. They don’t know the law, nor are they expected to. Their only function is to force people to bend to their will. Right or wrong, legal or illegal, it doesn’t matter. That’s why nothing else happens when they illegally assault and arrest people for failing to comply with illegal orders. Whatever they say is a de-facto legal order, simply because of the mouth that gave it.

      I don’t see this changing either. Ever. It’s the way it’s always been, and always will be. By virtue of being the people charged with enforcing the law, the law will never be enforced on them.

      1. You know what you are? You’re a beard with an idiot hanging off it.

        1. Fuck off, Tulpa.

    2. It is truly amazing how similar the socons and progressives are. On one hand you have proglodytes suggesting reason commentators are getting what they deserve for daring to get uppity to the man over the wood chipper incident. On the other you have socons declaring anyone who doesn’t suck cop dick deserves what they get.

      Not surprisingly progressives and socons continue to hate each other in the way an ugly teenage girl hates a mirror. What they really ought to do is join forces and start their own party.

      1. They did, and they’ve been fighting for the past 100 years over whether it should be called the Republocratic Party of the Demopublican Party.

  11. “Department is investigating the incident, though the police chief says the officers’ use of force was justified.”

    1. Then why are they investigating?

    B: I thought the one thing you east coast denizens had was you didn’t get ticketed for jaywalking. I thought that was primarily a west coast thing. Way to be completely douchey, east coast!

  12. So 2 people caught this on camera? Nice. Maybe it means people are faster to pull out their phones whenever cops are around. I know I am.

  13. You know, when I saw the picture and not the video I could still pretend that the victim was white. I mean, I kinda had my suspicions, but I was like, “No, not this time, this time it’s just cops being dicks. There’s not gonna be a race angle to complicate this shit.”


    Thanks, fuckheads. Hell called to confirm your reservations for the Woodchipper suite, by the way.

  14. I have a suggestion for the American people. Double the size of the police units that investigate robbery and murder. Then fire the rest. The vast majority of cops are little else than revenue generators. Cops do not stop crime. By Supreme court degree they are not even obligated too. Take SWAT teams away from local law enforcement and make it so only the sheriff department or state cops can form SWAT teams. Reasoning is that your county Sheriff is elected by the people therefore answerable to the people and State police seem to be better educated. With everyone from 10 to 100 with smartphones it is nearly impossible for anyone to get away with anything so why do we need aggressive illiterate revenue generators making lives miserable for 20 years then collecting pensions for the next 40 years all of which we pay for. If you lived out in the county like I do you would see local police are not really needed. No speed traps . No illiterate asshole with struting around gun taser pepper spray and club trying to feel important. Just neighbors helping neighbors and a deputy coming out only when called.

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  16. Seccond degree assault, hmmmm? I think those officers need a personal demonstration of second degree assault.
    I’d like to see six husky guys with aluminum baseball bats pound on each and every one of them until they’re nothing but bags of mush.

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