Cop Pulls Gun on Unarmed Black Kids at Pool Party

Wrestles bikini-clad teen to the ground



The police department of McKinney, Texas, launched an investigation after a video was uploaded to Youtube showing an officer pulling his gun on several unarmed black kids and wrestling one of them—a bikini-clad teen—to the ground.

The incident happened at a community pool in McKinney, Texas, on Friday, where an end-of-year party was being held. According to the officers, several of the attendees did not live in the area and had no right to use the pool. Some of them were fighting, police told The Huffington Post:

Police on Friday evening were called to the Craig Ranch North Community Pool in McKinney, roughly 40 miles north of Dallas. McKinney police said in a statement they were responding to a disturbance "involving multiple juveniles at the location, who do not live in the area or have permission to be there, refusing to leave," and that some of them were fighting.

The video shows several black teenagers ignoring police demands to sit still, or move to the other side of the street—although none of them appear to be doing anything wrong besides that. Indeed, it's not clear why the officers were even interested in them in the first place: Several said they had just arrived when the cops grabbed them. They argue with the three officers, and plead to be let go, but don't resist violently. Still, one officer becomes more agitated than the other two, and eventually draws his gun in an apparent attempt to scare the teens. This officer eventually grabs a girl in a bikini, throws her to the ground, and handcuffs her hands behind her back.

All three officers shown in the video were white. The arrested teens were black. The area is predominantly white, which begs the question: did the people called the police have a problem with black kids using a white neighborhood's pool? (The kids claimed to have guest passes.) All the kids were released, and none were charged, according to Mashable.

One of the officers was suspended pending an investigation, though it isn't actually clear which one. The officer who pulled his gun and tackled the girl shouldn't have done either of those things; at the very least, he should face the appropriate punishment for overreacting. Beyond that, it's hard to judge what seems like a messy situation in which no one, thankfully, was hurt. But there does seem to be a racial aspect. BuzzFeed News spoke with Brandon Brooks, the 15-year-old white male who filmed the video:

"I think a bunch of white parents were angry that a bunch of black kids who don't live in the neighborhood were in the pool," said Brooks, who is white. …

"Everyone who was getting put on the ground was black, Mexican, Arabic," he said. "[The cop] didn't even look at me. It was kind of like I was invisible."

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  1. I think we’re winning! Here’s a cop that might get a whole three years for kicking someone to death.
    A whole three years! Now, that’s progress!

    1. Cops are scary but so is the average “teen protester” I’ll lay 5-1 odds that “protesters” will be a racist word in 1 year.

      1. timbo — You may be correct. They’re trying to make ‘thug’ a racist word. And ‘nigger’ is a racist word unless of course you are one. Then you can say it all you like.

        1. In poor taste. Really unnecessary. Zero stars. Would not read again.

  2. “Huh? What’s that? Oh, just black kids you say? Probably had it coming.” And with that The Great Sleeping Dragon of Libertarian Outrage dozed back off into its yokeltarian slumber.

    1. I am outraged at your snotty derision of other people’s lack of outrage

      1. I know, I know. But I could probably write this whole thread myself given how predicable most commenters are on this subject.

        Let me hit the highlights, at least…

        Why’d you have to mention they were black, Robby?
        If these were white teens no one would say anything.

        Good. They were trespassing.
        They said they have a pass.
        Yeah, that’s what they say.

        KIll all cops!
        /police plant

        Kill all cops!
        /Democratic underground supporter

        [South Park quote]

        FYTW reference

        Bomb Balitmore!
        This is Texas.
        Bomb Baltimore!

        [Tulpa sock]
        [Tulpa sock]
        [Tulpa socks argue]
        [Someone calls them Tulpa socks]

        [Someone wonders where dunphy is]

        1. Wow…that’s pretty damn accurate. I’m impressed….and I don’t impress easy.

          1. Of course, by observing the experiment I have changed it.

            1. Would.

        2. They were causing a disturbance.

          If they had just obeyed orders, this wouldn’t be a problem.

          1. Funny that he grabbed the girl in the bikini.

            1. “Grab the teen in the bikini” is standard procedure. Procedures were followed.

              1. Frag baby

                Shoot dog

                Grope teen.

                …got it.

            2. Annette Funicello was always the first to get grabbed, thrown to the ground and handcuffed.


            3. She tried to kick him

        3. The only thing I would say you got wrong is the ‘Kill all cops!’ guy being a police plant. I can assure he’s not, he’s just an internet fuckwad.

          1. I’m a “bill all cops!” guy.

            1. If police officers had to pay civil awards from their own paychecks and pension funds, this shit would stop really quick.

              1. No it wouldn’t. Cops benefit from qualified immunity. Many are shielded from the consequences and are either put back on the street, or work from a desk after committing murder, or violating the liberty of others.

                1. I tend to agree with this. If you made the cops personally financially culpable for their actions, you raise the incentive and likelihood that fewer cops would get conviction and increase the power of their Unions. The only way to deal with this is to drastically scale back police population and decriminalize non-violent crime across the board – starve and shrink the beast, rather than beating and enraging it.

              2. And if you had to do their job for a day you would have a different attitude.

                1. No reasonable person would take employment as a cop while so many crack whore jobs go unfilled. That would be a travesty.

        4. I think you’re terribly unfair. There is no mention here of either Warty-dick-pics, Winston complaining about how Reason are all sellouts, or Eddie changing the subject to something about religion.

          Also = i think my suggestion about the Deer-causing-car-crashes video game was a valuable contribution

          1. +1 May two men marry one woman?
            May one man marry six refrigerators?
            May Noel marry Christmas?
            If not, why not?

            1. Six refrigerators? Five I can understand, but six is immoral.

              1. Those body parts add up quickly

          2. “Eddie changing the subject to something about religion.”

            I’m glad that you have a broad interpretation of “religion,” since this helps the case for religious freedom – the more things are branded religious, the broader the scope of the 1st Amendment right to the free exercise of religion.

            But really, outside of responses to religion-related posts, and mockery of people who obsess over my supposed religious obsession, where have I actually *introduced* religion into a thread in the past couple years?

            Usually when I come in, religion is already in there.

            As with the comment I’m replying to now.

            1. I should have said, “Eddie posting links to Tag Team”

              1. He really needs to upgrade to Trina.

              2. I’m no stranger to Tag Team


          3. Eddie doesn’t actually talk about religion very much, between all the Lincoln posts and…whatever else he’s constantly talking about. Nazis getting Social Security?

          4. Also, he forgot the Mexican butt sex and pot

        5. You know who else…

          1. George Bernard Shaw?

    2. Sugar — I’ll bet they DID have it coming! You’re the one sleeping.

    3. They were engaged in a fight so serious someone decided the police were needed. Yeah I would say their ACTIONS were to blame and the color of their skin is irrelevant.

      1. Are you a Texas cop? If you are, I understand all of your moronic comments. Cops in Texas are a rare cop-mongoliod hybrid I’ve never seen outside of this truly fucking horrible state.

    4. Are you suggesting libertarians don’t care about black kids? If so, check your facts/brain. Also, you’re ignorant. In addition, I’m a libertarian and care deeply about this sort of situation – it must be stopped!

  3. It’d save everyone a lot of time if we just had a law declaring not properly respecting a cop’s authoritah to be a capital offense.

    1. Yeah, I know you’re being sarcastic, but just imagine what would happen if dissing a cop carried the same penalty as killing a cop? It wouldn’t be good for the police, I can tell you that.

  4. Well, yeah – the kid was BLACK! What’s a cop supposed to do, REASON with them?

    Sheesh. Thank goodness the officer was able to go home to his family. That’s what’s really important here.

    1. so it’s impossible to consider that cops and teens alike were wrong?

      1. NO! No no no nonononono.

        Only on side can be right, only one side *is* right. There’s no gray here. Its the forces that represent all that is good and holy pitted against the legions of corruption.

        1. so that’s why it’s called Reason. It’s libertarian irony.

      2. There are differently kinds and levels of “wrong.”

        1. There are different kinds and effectiveness of “sarc detectors”. THIS ONE IS MINE!

      3. Are you holding teenagers at a birthday party to the same standard as a trained law enforcement agents entrusted by the community to keep the peace?

        Also, if I were there I probably would have broke out laughing at the cop doing a barrel roll and pointing his flashlight at people pretending it was a gun. I don’t know if they would have appreciated that.

        1. Are you holding teenagers at a birthday party to the same standard as a trained law enforcement agents entrusted by the community to keep the peace?

          I’m holding people who have no respect for private property to the same standard as trained LEOs. But hey, I guess it doesn’t matter as long as it’s not YOUR private property, right, you solipsistic retard?


    Even more important = Here’s a game where you can play as a deer trying to cross the highway, and get points for causing violent car crashes

    1. I think you’re doing well at this game if you can average better than 1000 points per deer-death.

      My best so far on round 1 is around 7500

    2. This is awesome.

      1. Yeah, you also get exponentially better the longer you play.

        I think 10,000 per death is now completely fair. You start to understand that trucks crush you without slowing down and *then flip*… but cars *swerve* and hit other cars. Make cars swerve into trucks?… BIG POINTS

  6. What’s this about teenagers in bikinis?

    1. Pics, or it didn’t happen. I said pics!!!

      1. Watch the linked video.

  7. this should be interesting: the Libertarian debate between a dislike of cops and a belief in private property rights. And would this be somehow different if the kids were white?

    1. Apparently the neighborhood is about 10% black and 20% percent Hispanic. So their property and persons are also now being threatened thanks to a bunch of Dindu Nuffins trespassing on the HOA pool’s property and fighting.

    2. The only thing that may have happened differently is that there wouldn’t be video or a race narrative.

    3. This thread will separate the real libertarians from the right winger . Even if you support the cops, some of the commnts hre are juvenile and resort to namecalling.
      Watch the more complete videos here:


      Look at the video in the second link. A white kid is filming without being shooed away.

      1) What is the need for that cop to curse young kids but thenwhen kids are walking away heatedly, he can’t handle it and hasto escalate it further by going after a teen girl waking away and throwing her around on the ground and needlessly rsk injuring her.
      2) Funny howthe adult white woman who started the fight, including slapping a teen girl , was never held accountable. Even a white teen girl told her she was racist.
      3) Those two youg kids sitting on the ground. Really, that’s the way yo deal with two kids who were polite with the cop? Does the cop expect people to be trained in how to respond to such a heated situation? What about the war movie like somersault by the cop early on.
      4) It’s easy to say obey whatever the cops says. But when you are cuffed for merely venting whle walking away, guess what, you would be flustered too.

      1. Funny how you left-wing POSs don’t give a crap about the minority residents of the neighborhood that had their private property trespassed on. Take your DAS RACIS bullshit back to Kos.

  8. at the very least, he should face the appropriate punishment for overreacting.

    Three or four weeks’ paid vacation, and a letter of commendation in his personnel file?

    1. Sadly, you are most likely correct.

      A non-cop pulling this stunt would still be trying to raise bail like a motorcycle rider.

      1. Hey croaker, if you see this drop me a line as soon as possible.

  9. By the way, there’s no way that Tulpa can resist this thread. Be the first to out his new sock and I won’t tell STEVE SMITH your home address.

    1. I don’t want to handle his sock.

    2. I thought all of us were Tulpa socks?


  11. The Great Sleeping Dragon of Libertarian Outrage

    This is a bagpipe band, right?

    1. No, no. If it were the “LOTHIAN AND DISTRICT Great Sleeping Dragon of Libertarian Outrage”, then it might be a pipe band.

    2. It’s the next Harry Potter installment

  12. Craig’s Ranch is an exclusive neighborhood just north of where I live. I can easily imagine white parents there getting pissed at the kids, but not necessarily because they were black. Most likely it is a class issue rather than race. But, those may be the same for some of the complainers.

    McKinney is a relatively small town, but happens to be the county seat for one of the reddest counties in Texas. Also one of the wealthiest. And one of the fastest growing counties. Collin county is north of Dallas county where a lot of the wealthy and semi-wealthy move to avoid the Dallas area schools and corrupt politics. Here are some statistics.

    1. There is a great burger place just up the road in Denison, birthplace of Dwight D Eisenhower.

      Watsonburger, it’s kinda like a cargo-cult Whataburger only 10 times better.

      1. Thanks, I’ll check it out.

      2. Damn, I was just out there this weekend. I’ll have to go back and check them out.

    2. “Most likely it is a class issue rather than race.”


      Having loud, rowdy hooligans running around and fighting isn’t the sort of behavior tolerated in a place like that. If it were white kids behaving in the same manner they would have been treated the same way.

      Still, clearly Captain Badass is a problem.

      1. After watching the video a few times I’m convinced that Cpl Badass is in the wrong profession. He pulled his gun to frighten the kids into submission and blew his authority. These are hysterical, hormonal kids. Calm authority is much better than chaotic gun slinging.

        It seems that some parents were working in the background to calm things down–which they should have done. But it seems that the police might have been more effective by getting the parents involved from the gitgo. Pulling his weapon only added to the chaos.

        1. The kids are clearly all friends, white and black. Whatever the disturbance, everything was well in hand except for Sgt. Tackleberry.

          He was clearly way, way out of control from the moment he arrived on the scene. Although his fellow officers moved in to potentially restrain him as he drew his weapon, they did not actually do anything as he saw them and thought better of that choice.

          They did not get him aside as he lost his mind and began randomly assaulting people (verbally, then physically). They completely abdicated their responsibility to control the scene. And after the gun incident the ran away in seconds, leaving him to his own devices. Had this been a real dangerous situation this idiot and his too-timid-to-rock-the-boat coworkers very likely would have gotten someone killed. With the number of people involved, very likely several someones.

          People lose it sometimes. That’s understandable. I’ve been there when coworkers have lost their cool and gone into insane rant-land. It is uncomfortable and difficult to know when to step in. But then again, these folks were not carrying a handgun and a badge. And neither was I.

          Officers should be well trained in what to do if a colleague loses control like this. And backing him up as he makes multiple contempt of cop arrests is not the right answer.

          1. I agree. It will be interesting to find out what happens since there were parents (middle to upper-middle class) there to witness and testify. This will not be like a poor/working class neighborhood where the parents have no power. This cop will not likely get away with drawing his weapon and acting like an emotional ping pong ball.

            At least I can hope.

            1. This will not be like a poor/working class neighborhood where the parents have no power. This cop will not likely get away with drawing his weapon and acting like an emotional ping pong ball.

              The neighborhood is going to be on the cop’s side for trying to get these goons off of the community property. Some of them are already going online talking about what actually happened.

          2. Whatever the disturbance, everything was well in hand except for Sgt. Tackleberry.

            And you got that impression from about 7 minutes of video of a 30 minute incident?

  13. Nobody got shot? Nobody even got arrested?


    * drift back into yokeltarian slumber*

  14. Wrestles bikini-clad teen to the ground

    I’m sure there was nothing prurient involved there.

    1. I’m sure he couldn’t hear his partner trying to stop him because of his throbbing erection.

      1. Handcuffed girls in bikinis? I think they need a body cavity search. Unfortunately my hands are full with my gun and my taser, so I have to use what’s available.

  15. couple of points for some optimism:

    1. One of the officers in the video is calmly reasoning with the kids when Capt Chaos starts throwing people to the ground.

    2. When Capt Chaos draws his weapon, his fellow officers move to restrain him.

    3. Capt Chaos is suspended. Likely a formality but there is now video evidence that he is a financial, political, and potentially moral liability.

    maybe, just maybe…nah. Give me a beer.

    1. I noticed #1 and #2. It’s a shame but not surprising that the cops didn’t reign Capt. Chaos in earlier. I doubt this is the first time he’s acted like this.

    2. I could be surprised, but I really don’t think the authorities will put up with that behavior, here. There’s a fairly high voter turnout (65%, I think) and the voters are independent and educated (49% with bachelor’s degree or above. And many highly educated immigrants.

      But I could be dead wrong!

      It’ll be interesting to see whether this firecracker gets away with this, or gets his wings clipped. Like many suburban neighborhoods, people here take the safety of their kids very seriously. It’s already popped up on my FB feed with stupid claims of misogyny and racism. But my point is that local people are pissed at the cops.

    3. What’s with the barrel roll at the beginning of the video? He’s running around like he’s hopped up on coke.

      1. Saw that too. He’s a reincarnation of Tackleberry from Police Academy.

        Dollars to doughnuts his fellow officers (off the record of course) are a bit afraid of him and would rather he worked somewhere else.

        1. Yeah, well, Duck Dodgers would get into trouble for shooting his colleagues.

        2. I was hoping he tripped.

        3. Supposedly he’s a corporal and basically the other cops boss. Which would explain why they were hesitant to do anything.

  16. Ten seconds into the video we’re treated to Officer Dickless running full-bore with a pistol in his hand and tripping/tumbling on the sidewalk in one of the most bizarre displays of policing I’ve seen.

    “which begs the question”

    Stop that.

    1. Seconded!

      That is an enormous verbal speed bump. I stopped reading the article right there.

      Robby should know better.

      1. Hopefully, that usage will not become normalcy.

    2. That isn’t a pistol … its his night stick. Probably got distracted by all the teenagers in bikinis.

      1. Or maybe just befuddled at a cop who thinks that a suburban pool party merits the full Jack Bauer treatment.

        1. Public pool parties are well-known terrorist hangouts.

    3. A magazine named Reason should be a little more careful about begging the question.

  17. “an officer pulling his gun”

    That morning the officer’s nightstick shattered when it was impacted by the skull of a homeless man, and his taser was expended in the afternoon when a senior citizen spent too long in a public restroom stall.

    There was no choice but for the gun to be pulled.

  18. Somewhat on topic, in a general sense: has it been noticed around here that Marilyn Mosby is refusing to release the Freddie Gray autopsy results? Perhaps they don’t support the prosecution’s case…? Anyone have other news on that case? I’ve been too busy recently to follow it.

    1. I guess I don’t understand. The defense must have those reports. Why don’t they release them?

      1. Eh, its generally not in the defense’s best interest to litigate a case in public.

        The prosecution can get away with perp walks and the like because there’s no real consequence to the prosecutor, for the defense its best to keep mum until its time to play that card.

        Not that I think the defense has autopsy data favorable to its case but they’re not releasing it is not a red flag.

        At the same time, I don’t think the prosecution can release the autopsy results unilaterally either – in this case I think they would need the NOK’s/executor’s permission.

        1. I was being a bit facetious, but I can see how the non-state attorneys probably have to be a bit more careful about data dumps. For me, were I an eager young prosecutor with a case against cops, I would play it all close to the vest. Look how the lawℴ-cons are already using this as “evidence” that the case is light. Don’t give the cops’ attorneys any room to manuever with potential jurors. You don’t have to convince Fox News, just the jurors who sit in the box.

          1. Considering that the entire case is essentially serving as a campaign platform for the prosecutor, her sudden reluctance to “try the case in the court of public opinion” is a bit… interesting, regardless of what side you line up on. It’s entirely possible she’s having an “oh shit” moment because the autopsy doesn’t support some of the charges she brought, which many commentators thought were a long shot in the first place.

            1. She just happened to get the one grand jury that would indict six cops for murder with sketchy evidence? I am skeptical.

              1. Well, we know for certain there couldn’t have been any political pressure exerted on the grand jury in light of the fact that half of Baltimore was a smouldering crater when the indictments were announced…

                I’m just saying, some of the charges were considered tenuous from the outset. Considering the prosecutor in this case is a shameless attention whore who has used the case as a platform to appear on national television, in Vogue magazine, and at a protest concert with Prince, I don’t necessarily think her suddenly clamming up about publicly discussing details of the case is indicative of the strength of the evidence. I suppose we’ll find out for sure in a year or so when the trials finally wrap up and we’re in the grips of a new national outrage.

                1. Only the driver of the vehicle is facing a murder charge btw.

            2. PM: That was my thought, too.

    2. So you’re saying *he’s actually an alien*?

      1. *vigorously nods head in agreement*

        /Ancient Aliens big-hair guy

      2. Gray… alien… it all makes sense now!

  19. *looks upthread, marvels at SugarFree’s prescience, and how I played right into it!*

  20. Where’s Dunphy?

    *booyah! smooches*

  21. OT: “Why I Defaulted on My College Loans”

    Cause you’re a giant douche who expects everyone else to pay for your bad decisions and personal problems because KULTUR WAR, teh patriarchy, the One Percent? and KOCHOPUS??

    Fuck you. I hope you die slowly, in front of your family, who are powerless to help you, and require years of psychiatric treatment after your death, only to commit suicide anyway.


      1. And that lame-assed insult was the best he could come up with?

          1. I am *not* a cannibal!

          2. Part of that is correct, at least.

          3. Stuff and nonsense!

    1. Typical proggie. He touches on the real problem by accident but never recognizes it.

    2. When all those people take his advice, and few people can then get college loans, not to mention all the money legitimately owed to other people.

      fuck this asshole.

    3. I thought you couldn’t default on student loans.

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  23. Lee Siegel is the author of five books who is writing a memoir about money.

    “Money”? You mean that stuff that doesn’t have to be paid back?


  24. There was a time when a police officer who used the Lord’s name in vain in front of children would have been fired without further ado.

    1. Oops.

      1. This will probably count as my *introducing* religion into a thread, despite the officer specifically saying G__ D___ on the video.

        1. The more I think about it, the madder I get.

          He would have been fired in a heartbeat if he’d said “in the name of the holy undivided Trinity, submit yourselves to arrest now!”*

          So why should he get a pass for erring in the opposite direction?

          *or if he’s used the n-word, but that’s a given.

          1. Congress once impeached *and convicted* a judge for the following behavior:

            “ART. 4. That whereas for the due, faithful, and impartial administration of justice, temperance and sobriety are essential qualities in the character of a judge, yet the said John Pickering, being a man of loose morals and intemperate habits, on the 11th and 12th days of November, in the year 1802, being then judge of the district court in and for the district of New Hampshire, did appear on the bench of the said court for the administration of justice in a state of total intoxication, produced by the freeand intemperate use of intoxicating liquors; and did then and there frequently, *in a most profane and indecent manner, invoke the name of the Supreme Being,* to the evil example of all the good citizens of the United States; and was then and there guilty of other high misdemeanors, disgraceful to his own character as a judge and degrading to the honor of the United States.”


            What shall we say of a law-enforcement officer who, while running around waving his phallic symbol and arresting teenage girls in bikinis, invokes the name of the Supreme Being in a profane and indecent manner?

          2. A similar thing is how much “your ass” is uttered in commands. E.g., “Get your ass out of here!” rather than “Carefully walk across the street.” This is not respectful. It would be interesting if someone had said to the cops “Officers, thank you very much for getting your asses over here so quickly.”

            1. 1) Interference with an officer in the performance of his duties
              2) Assault
              3) [depending on jurisdiction] use of profane language
              4) resisting arrest
              5) Possession of items from the evidence locker…I mean illegal drugs…with intent to sell and deliver

  25. Can you imagine what what have happened if he would have shot one of those kids? Yes, you are correct. Nothing.

  26. Here’s the charming young lady who “hosted” the party.

    1. “Keef Cakez”? Really?

      1. ‘Cakez’ doesn’t really work. It’s hard to force a zzzzzz in there.

    2. The twitter account is private now. The tweet is a flyer that advertised a DJ, some bush league promotions company, and something about money. Certainly not the kind of thing that goes on in any gated community I know of.

      1. That’s because it started in a private home that resulted in a brawl, which ended up spilling into the gated community where the pool was located.

        The kids were wrong on every conceivable level. The neighborhood is going to send the cop a plaque for trying to keep their community quiet and safe. The media and certain special interest groups are going to chimp out about RACIST AMERIKKKA!!11!1 Count on it.

  27. Anti-nut punch: Islamist party loses majority in Turkish parliament, Kurds gain 79 seats, 40% of them women.

    Ataturk’s old party looks like it’s going to form a coalition with the Kurds and the Nationalists, so Turkey’s parliament is once again run by secularists.

    1. “Ataturk’s old party looks like it’s going to form a coalition with the Kurds”

      And Ataturk turns over in his grave enough to power Turkey’s electrical grid for months

      1. Well, the alternative is the fundamentalists maintaining power, so…

        1. Hey, I *like* the idea of Ataturk being offended!

  28. There are no words:

    “I am a white, male poet?a white, male poet who is aware of his privilege and sensitive to inequalities facing women, POC, and LGBTQ individuals in and out of the writing community?but despite this awareness and sensitivity, I am still white and still male. Sometimes I feel like the time to write from my experience has passed, that the need for poems from a white, male perspective just isn’t there anymore, and that the torch has passed to writers of other communities whose voices have too long been silenced or suppressed. I feel terrible about feeling terrible about this, since I also know that for so long, white men made other people feel terrible about who they were. Sometimes I write from other perspectives via persona poems in order to understand and empathize with the so-called “other”; but I fear that this could be construed as yet another example of my privilege?that I am appropriating another person’s experience, violating that person by telling his or her story. It feels like a Catch-22. “

    1. “Write what you know and risk denying voices whose stories are more urgent; write to learn what you don’t know and risk colonizing someone else’s story. I genuinely am troubled by this. I want to listen but I also want to write?yet at times these impulses feel at odds with one another. How can I reconcile the two?”

      How progressivism destroys art and renders its adherents anti-intellectual dipshits, exhibit 300,270,000

      1. How can I reconcile the two?

        Pen a suicide note and then kill yourself.

      2. I am a white, male poet…

        You know, there was a time in our not-too-distant past when those words weren’t synonymous with “simpering, weak-kneed milquetoast hack”. Sad to think of it, really.

        1. there was a time when those words were redundant.

            1. -2 Omar Khayyam

              -3 Rumi

              -4 Basho

              -5 Li Bai

        2. “I am a white, male poet” is the new “I am an alcoholic”, maybe.

          These people – I don’t understand them…

      3. Guilt-craving white boy
        Wants to be a poet but
        He’s no Robert Burns.

      4. “Write what you know and risk denying voices whose stories are more urgent”


        Art is not about political or social urgency. It’s about creating a monument to life as you understand it, and legitimate art is always a meritocracy determined by markets or, if you’re really an artist, your own sensibilities. Every actual artist understands there’s no voice whose stories are more urgent than his own; if there were, he’d stop writing and go into editing or publishing or patronship or something other than mediocre scribbling.

        This is what happens when 21st-century university sensibilities take root in someone who’s in love with the idea of being a poet, but who would rather complain about the modest imperfections of the human condition today, when the world is overwhelmingly peaceful and rich, than wonder over the brutality of the world as portrayed by Dante or Homer.

        That’s assuming that he bothers to read Dante and Homer when he’s not too busy spitting in his own face for failing to be born on the right side of the identity-politics wall.

      5. Seems to me that he is admiting that either his experience isn’t relevant enough to put it into words or he doesn’t have the skills to do that.

        The sad part is that he doesn’t seem to be using his own point of view to define how relevant his experience is – he swallows whole the point of view somebody else told his to swallow when they provided it.

    2. Let me surpass his “poetry”

      There once was a white male poet
      Who Truly Cared and wanted to show it
      Blah blah blah blah blah
      Blah blah blah blah blah
      And then I gave him the mother of all wedgies.

    3. I feel terrible about feeling terrible about this, since I also know that for so long, white men made other people feel terrible about who they were.

      White People’s Problem #100022.

    4. It’s cute how they’re completely unaware that they’re dressing up the exact same old colonialist White Man’s Burden bullshit in anti-colonialist language and being equally as patronizing.

    5. despite this awareness and sensitivity, I am still white and still male.

      *** rising intonation ***

      Looks like *someone* doesn’t know how to “self-identify”.

      1. “despite this awareness and sensitivity, I am still white and still male”

        Let’s see…call yourself a woman and you’ll stop being male.

        As to your race, just call yourself transracial or something.

        Don’t be held back by conventional categories, man!

        1. Exactly.

          And to think he calls himself a “poet”!

    6. “Everywhere I go, I’m asked if I think the universities stifle writers. My opinion is that they don’t stifle enough of them.”

      1. This is a sentiment I can get behind.

        1. Pervert.

    7. Sounds like someone’s realized poetry doesn’t pay (or that he has no skill at it), but can’t admit to himself that that’s the reason he’s quitting, so instead he’ll blame minorities for putting him out of a job. Class act.

  29. As difficult as it has been, I’ve never looked back. The millions of young people today, who collectively owe over $1 trillion in loans, may want to consider my example.

    Thievery. You are a credit to your race.


    author of five books who is writing a memoir about money.

    The monumental ignorance on display in this excretion, in book length? How droll.

  30. Robotize policing. Humans suck at this shit. A robot doesn’t give a shit about your goddamn skin color or tattoos and if it did the skank programming it could be vested adeptly with wrenches in a dark alley off West Elm, any city, Precious U$A.

    1. Good Evening, A C! I hear you; but recall the malfunctioning officer in THX 1138 — it seems there is no perfect world.

      1. Love that was fucking before bizarrely named white males making billions off code snippets and shiny mall stalls literally ripping white rapids of brain tissue like tons of universe cum into parallel universes.

  31. I am a white, male poet

    If I WERE a poet; even a wildly, fabulously successful one, I wouldn’t admit it.

    1. Dude should be beaten with a trillion pages of shit that will be stream.-peed from fucking brain stems that have yet to be sploodged from hairy fat-lipped vagina squirming like a trapped beaver in an old Alaskan trap.

      1. Yikes! That sounds worse than “the boats”!

  32. Wow, the New Yorker is getting into the nut-punch business.

    Young man spends three years in “pretrial” detention. Never convicted. After release, his cause is taken up by, inter alia, Rand Paul.

    Now he’s just killed himself.


    1. Good Lord. 8-(

    2. Fucking Christ.

    3. Yet another reason to end the drug war. Get all those people out of the court system and you don’t end up with multi-year pre-trial detentions due to court backup. Also:

      “During that time, he endured about two years in solitary confinement, where he attempted to end his life several times.”


      1. New York’s “boldest” strike again.

      2. You know why.

    4. Holy shit. That’s absurd. A combination of every police state horror story, all dumped on one guy.

      1. Imagine all the stories you haven’t heard about.

    5. Goddamn it.

  33. For one, McKinney is an affluent city. Rated #1 in Money magazine. For another, virtually every neighborhood in McKinney has closed pools that belong to the RESIDENTS of that particular neighborhood, Craig Ranch (the neighborhood in question) is no exception. The residents of each neighborhood pay several hundred, sometimes a thousand plus a year in home owners association fees to use the PRIVATE facilities of that neighborhood. It doesn’t matter what color the perps skins were if they were trespassing at a private pool.

    And for those who just HAVE to bring in race… McKinney is only 10%-ish African American, so yes, especially with recent news of African American rioting in major cities I wouldn’t be surprised if the local police force was on edge if all of a sudden a very large population of African American youth showed up in a predominantly white neighborhood and crashed a private neighborhood pool. That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had reacted similarly if an ALL WHITE gang of youth crashed a private neighborhood pool and were running around ignoring commands from the police force.

    1. Still no excuse for pulling a gun.

      1. Yeah, it’s easy to be sanctimonious when it’s not your neighborhood. Some of the black residents of the community are being interviewed and said the police weren’t out of line. I guess their safety and property rights don’t matter because some the commentariat have to get their cop-hate boner raging rather than examine the situation rationally.

        1. You know why there’s no excuse? Cause the two other cops (in the video) didn’t feel threatened enough (or that he was in sufficient danger) to pull theirs out too.

          /cop-hate rage boner off

          1. See jumpfish’s comment below and then STFU.

      2. Except for the guy charging at the officer with his hand in his waistband. Funny how once the guy backed away, the officer re-holstered his weapon. No one was shot, no one was harmed. However, don’t let the facts get in the way of a good video outrage.

  34. Cut the racist crap; it makes no difference what color those kids were.

  35. From the “what if Republicans had done this” files…

    “A little-known private foundation controlled by Bill and Hillary Clinton donated $100,000 to the New York Times’ charitable fund in 2008, the same year the newspaper’s editorial page endorsed Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary, according to tax documents reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon.”


    1. Would the Times do that for just 100K? Seems like such a small amount compared to the size of their organization.

      1. I only asked “what if Republicans…”

        1. Then MSNBC’s 600K viewers would be hearing about it for weeks.

          1. With calls for a MINITRUTH “campaign finance reform”

  36. Police officers are vocational sociopaths.

    A sociopath is someone who displays a “disposition to violate social norms of behavior” through “deceitfulness ? impulsivity ? irritability and aggressiveness ? [a] reckless disregard for safety of self or others,” and a “lack of remorse, as indicated by being indifferent to or rationalizing having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another.”

    Law enforcers have official permission to employ aggressive violence and escalate it to lethal levels if they meet resistance. They are clothed in “qualified immunity” that protects them from accountability and liability for committing acts that would otherwise result in prosecution.

    Owing to the nature of the job, law enforcement selects for sociopathic personalities.

    Will Grigg, 4/11/2015

    1. Grigg is a national treasure.

    2. Law enforcers have official permission to employ aggressive violence and escalate it to lethal levels if they meet resistance. They are clothed in “qualified immunity” that protects them from accountability and liability for committing acts that would otherwise result in prosecution.

      They do, but by choice; one can argue whether it’s a good choice (I think it’s not), but Grigg’s self-righteous indignation isn’t going to change any minds.

      From a libertarian perspective, you should realize that police effectively act like a property owner on “their” private property. In a libertarian world, police would get replaced by home owners and private security guards acting in self defense on private roads and private land. I think that’s better for various reasons, but I’m not sure it would actually reduce violence. And it certainly would not remove the requirement that you obey the property owner when on their property.

      Police officers are vocational sociopaths. … Owing to the nature of the job, law enforcement selects for sociopathic personalities.

      Yes, police attracts “sociopaths”. So does surgery, the military, and politics. But “selecting for” just means that they are a bit more common than in the general population, not that every member is a sociopath. That’s also not a reason to get rid of any of those professions.

      Grigg talks politics like a progressive: all outrage, all signaling, and no substance.

  37. Fucking robots will demise the parts of humanity that makes it problematic, awkward, cool, pretentious, and generally offensive in the most svelte and shocking ways. Robots will end macho and sexy. Probably the most systemically issue-ridden parts of wholesome and feminized society. Frankly, I will miss humans and their issues because the imperfect is the volcanic ash of brilliant millions of days setting on billions of lives distinct, impetuous, and dancing like livers in grandma’s iron skillet on the top of a lonely mountain not a single fucking star gives a shit about. Robots are coming and they are better at all sorts of shit- but not macho and sexy.

  38. In the officer’s defense, some of those kids may have had their towels rolled into a rat tail.

    I’m just sayin’.

  39. I’m surprised that the situation even got that hectic in the first place. Why the hell did the cops RUN like that after ANYONE? What the hell? If the issue is people using the pool who don’t have the right to, then them running off is you having done your job as a cop. Why the hell didn’t they just go from kid to kid checking for permission passes or whatever?

    However, on the other hand, the cop withdrawing the gun wasn’t THAT unreasonable. Probably wasn’t necessary, but there was almost good cause. All the kids came running back at him when he tried to make an arrest. That is and always will have to be a BIG no-no. That’s is massively threatening in most situations. It was only in this instance that it was obvious that it was a bunch of mostly-law-abiding kids who wouldn’t actually do anything. For more serious calls with adult men (and women), drawing the gun would be warranted if a bunch people people run at you in an apparent attempt to help their friend from being arrested, which may involve harming the you (the cop).

    1. Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

  40. A lot of people elsewhere on interwebs seem to be reacting to this as if the cop actually shot someone.

    #liberty&justice; is all good.

    #blacklivesmatter is probably uncalled for.

    No one was killed in the making of this video.

    1. Hyper.reaction in the police station indicates overpowering urges to control society. The irritated blacks in the hoods are easy to fuck at. After all… Poor ass niggers on welfare. Fucking dogs really. Who the Fuck are they to demand all this police leave.alone? Bitches are raising gangstas, killers, and drug peddlers…. Fucking nigger villages are rotgut potholes on society… Ghettos deserve police bombings, man. Clean those filthy pig sties off the pretty cities, man. Praise the Lord we got cops who don’t mess with this goddamn filth. Elite society will roll out of their super-threaded sheets in the morning knowing full well the ghetto is under the gun. Poverty has no right.

      But…. If poverty, niggers, and crackers can be bullied by the broken windows government why are the wages and privacy and children of the ‘elite’ classes so fucking special?

      1. So, if I understand what you’re saying? You’re saying that an overreaction is perfectly appropriate–’cause it was never really about Rodney King anyway.

        No, we can’t all just get along–not so long as the police state keeps making victims out of so many, many, many of us?

        Do I have that right?

        Calling wolf makes us look closely at the trees–but, meanwhile, who’s talking about the forest?

        Racism by the police is one. But what about the fact that prosecutors and city councils nation wide are scared to death of the police unions that protect criminal cops from justice? What about the forest of the Drug War? Why aren’t more people using these incidents to talk about the Drug War?

        Part of it’s because incidents like this don’t seem to have anything to do with the Drug War. Cop pulls a gun. That’s all that happened. The land of the free has the highest incarceration rate in the world, and black people, by the millions, are disproportionately suffering the brunt of it, and we’re talking about some cop maybe overreacting in breaking up a pool party.

        1. So, if I understand what you’re saying?….

          You’re doing it wrong.

  41. Cop Pulls Gun on Unarmed Black Kids at Pool Party

    Judging by the choice of adjectives, it was immediately clear that Robby Soave wrote this. You couldn’t defeat the purpose of journalism any harder if you tried.

    1. Robby, like just about anybody younger than 55 or so, has had racial sensitivity injection molded into his skull by the education system from kindergarten onward and by news media, the entertainment industry and the control mechanisms of “polite” society every day of his life. It’s congealed his limbic system and very little can be done to fix that.

      1. Suave also writes in an industry where if one leaves out that the story’s subject is black, people cry that there’s a cover-up, and if one puts in the subjects race then one is obviously inciting another Ferguson.

        We do this on purpose, because it’ll make a man of him.

        1. Good idea, he might be salvageable.

  42. “All the kids were released, and none were charged, according to Mashable.”

    Let’s see…if you’re cursing a child, using the Lord’s name in vain, and slamming her to the ground and manacling her…there are two possibilities

    (1) She committed a crime, in which case she should be brought before a judge to adjudicate the allegations


    (2) she did *not* commit a crime, in which case why is she being assaulted and manacled?

    I say: If the prosecutor refuses to charge someone a cop arrested, the cop has 30 days to file an ethics complaint against the prosecutor for failing to prosecute a guilty criminal…if the cop doesn’t file a complaint, that’s an admission that the arrest was unjustified.

    1. The girl who invited everybody should be arrested for that video I posted upthread, if nothing else.

  43. Did you guys catch that badass roll in the beginning of the video the guy did?

    1. He might have been impressing the trespassers with some sort of ninja move.

  44. Balko claims the guy was a supervisor, too. Great.

  45. After more reading of local sources it now seems that these kids regularly crash private pools by way of social media (Twitter, I think). They are considerably arrogant in their related social media posts and seem to enjoy pissing off the locals.

    This is, it seems, a matter of aggravated trespassing–not confused identity. But this doesn’t justify an LEO unholstering his weapon.

    So we have trespassing teenagers and an out of control local cop.

    1. This is, it seems, a matter of aggravated trespassing–not confused identity. But this doesn’t justify an LEO unholstering his weapon.

      What about the home owner? If a dozen youths trespass onto my private property and start taking my stuff, can I, as a home owner, pull out a gun and tell them to get off my property?

      1. Were they taking stuff?

        Were they charged with trespassing?

  46. Can we PLEASE return the discussion to race?

    1. It’s not about race. It’s about a group of teenagers who flash crash private pools, take them over and run off the paying customers with their aggressive antics.

  47. I’ll put this right here, but it is very sad (no snark or sarc). Kalief Browder, 1993 – 2015, “…who spent three years on Rikers Island without being convicted of a crime.”

    1. It’s bad enough seeing that story *once*…

      1. I apologize. I did a quick scan to see if anyone had posted it and missed yours.

        1. It’s OK…the more views of that page, the better…just take your blood-pressure medication first…

  48. ” shows several black teenagers ignoring police demands to sit still, or move to the other side of the street?although none of them appear to be doing anything wrong besides that. ”

    Nothing wrong besides “ignoring police demands?!?!

    You WILL Respect My Authoritah!

    That’s always the money shot in these scenarios. Someone doesn’t instantly bend over for a cop, and the cop goes berserk.

    Law is irrelevant, dominance and submission is all.

    1. He’s on leave for now. Corporal Eric Cartman I mean Casebolt.


    2. Yep. It always comes down to failure to obey.

    3. That’s what it seems like to me. It wasn’t so much that they were black, but that they were mouthing off and not doing what the police told them to do. That seems to be more important than any laws that might be broken.

      But it’s high time the police learned that you don’t get respect merely for wearing a uniform–you still have to earn it. In this case, the police seemed to do more to aggravate the situation than settle it.

      1. That seems to be more important than any laws that might be broken.

        The job of the police is not to enforce the law. That’s secondary. The primary function of their job is compliance. As in making people obey. Doesn’t matter if the commands are lawful or not, since they will be defended by their superiors and the court system.That’s why cops get away with most anything, because their job is to do whatever it takes to force people to obey them. And that includes killing people simply for failure to obey.

  49. McKinney is just north of Dallas, where the Klan used to assemble by the thousands on the fairgrounds. Klan oaths and documents generally include endorsements of all manner of prohibition laws–laws many would say are linked to selective enforcement colored by racial collectivism. We should be thankful the kids weren’t listening to earphones or the ku-klux cops might have simply gunned them down without warning like that youngster in Utah.

  50. What a shock, a short guy is a hot head.

  51. The police have been invested with the authority to take control of situations and figure out what is going on…

    Asking some one to move a distance from you is not a unreasonable request and when they refuse they then become a threat to you. You have no idea what their actions might be.

    Then again, so many people don’t get that 20 people can take down a cop with no problem…

    Cops have every right to protect themselves, not everybody they interact with behaves in logical manner.

    1. It appears that teen protesters have been acting a bit aggressively lately. Almost as if they have been given license by their grand Pooh-Bah. Almost as if a revolution of the proletariat is being encouraged by a marxist somewhere in high power. The similarities are quite remarkable.

      1. Or maybe they’re mad about being treated like deep-fried dogshit by the people who are sworn to serve and protect them, and they’re not taking it anymore.

        1. Agreed but this is yet another slippery slope. Tolerating lawlessness by thugs becomes every bit as dangerous as allowing the police to abuse their powers.

          All I know for sure is that the pattern is repeating itself with only a few select groups. I say both sides need some serious introspective. But americans are too wimpy to have that conversation.

          1. Tolerating lawlessness by thugs…

            When the police face no consequences for breaking the law, then they become nothing more than lawless thugs that should not be tolerated.

            All I know for sure is that the pattern is repeating itself with only a few select groups.

            Actually it’s not. It only gets media attention when it happens to blacks, but cops are more than happy to behave like lawless thugs against white people as well. I’ve watched it with my own eyes.

  52. So have I but the only people who are given a pass for their behavior by the sheep herd are the black population. Everyone cheers their protests but for some reason, with only a few exceptions, these protest turn violent every time. Why is that not worthy of discussion?

    I certainly do not offer excuses for cops’ behavior. I find them to be mindless thugs on the same order most of the time. But, what would you do if you had a gun and were surrounded by a mob shouting your demise? I would be fucking scared and hope that I can get a few rounds off to scare the mob and get out of there.

    Thus, the beauty of politicizing the issue by the pols to throw out rational discussion and make the subject worthy of absolute vitriol instead of calm, thoughtful examination.

    1. Why is that not worthy of discussion?

      You can discuss the symptoms; I’d rather discuss the cause.

      The media reports focus on racism within the ranks because it’s easier to say there are a few bad-apple cops than to admit that the entire enforcement arm of government is nothing more than a bunch of lawless thugs who deserve to be lined up and shot.

      1. So, all muslims ARE terrorists then.

  53. I do not disagree that the gov’t is absolutely abusive and terrifying. Cops are the microcosm of the corruption and abandonment our individual rights.

    However, you mention the causes. Since free market, free minded, liberty seeking people believe in individual responsibility, all I am saying is that blame can and should be assigned to violent individuals as well. Is there no culpability for young, poor, angry people when they break the law, threaten and/or inflict violent acts, and jeopardize other people’s security under what is left our legal rights in this country?
    I can see the argument that the needle sometimes needs to swing in the other direction for true reform to happen, but as a business owner in a bad neighborhood, I can certainly see the dangers of giving a pass to moron thugs for their frustration. Granted the cause of the lot in life for poor and minorities in America is fostered in dipshit social experiments, I would just like people to think of the consequences of excusing the actions of stupid thugs based on some perverted image of principled uprising. Most of these folks that are rioting have no principals. The conundrum is that either side of the fight in the spotlight right now is not worthy of trust so who would you rather be with when the rioting starts? Would you rather be with the lawless animal cops or lawless animal average “teen protester”?

    1. I’m not excusing the damage that the rioters have done. But focusing on it is a red herring. Had they not been systematically abused by the police, then they wouldn’t have rioted. Just as focusing on racist cops is a red herring. That’s like arguing about what kind of cough medicine to give to someone with tuberculosis. The spotlight needs to be on police culture, on police lawlessness, on qualified immunity, on prosecutors and judges who give bad cops a pass, and on public sector unions.

      1. Again, fully agreed on the police abuses and broken system.
        Law and order is also a vital part of a free and functioning society and economy. Hopefully we will not allow the savages, regardless of color, to abuse their role in this at the behest of reigning in gov’t abuse.
        Baltimore is a shining example of total abandonment of law and order. Perhaps the best answer is for everyone to be armed or free to arm and carry to deter the lawless a bit. I certainly do not advocate excusing police action out of fear of the lawless but we are heading into uncharted territory here and I don’t want to be a victim because I am white. Obviously the perspective is completely opposite if you are always the subject of suspicion by white cops. Is that the fault of the police or the fault of a system(public schools, welfare, free stuff) that condemns people to poverty? That said, poverty is no excuse for breaking the law. I just want the class warfare argument to be curtailed because these running issues are what offers forgiveness in the name of a bullshit invention of inequality. The world is a tough place but everyone has a chance to make themselves great if they are not brainwashed.

  54. “[The cop] didn’t even look at me. It was kind of like I was invisible.”

    Count your blessings kid…

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  56. The cop pulled his gun when two guys ran up to him while he was pulling the girl down. He was also pushing back the girls on his left. They ran up to him on his right, maybe touched him, but were definitely close to him. Now the cop is nearly surrounded.

    Reality check, if you run up to an officer like those guys did, the force level will be elevated immediately. If your close enough to touch, your close enough to kill.

    1. Maybe those kids were just reacting to the insane amount of force the cop was using on a 14 year old girl?

      1. Yeah, it clearly looked like a reaction. Regardless, if you run up on an officer like that, you will be taken as a threat until proven otherwise. I’m not attempting to justify the cop’s actions; you need to understand and acknowledge what the training for cops tell them to do in situations like that.

    2. The guys were unarmed and the cop had two of his fellow cops who were armed too as baqckup just in case his worst fears came true. There were also two big whit civilians who were clearly on the cop’s side who had his back in case he was outnumbered by unarmed black teen civilians. The cop didn’t take his gun out because he feared getting shot. It was just the easy way out to control a situation without having to make any real effort. What if that girl getting tossed around had her dad nearby. What dad would allow for aguy to throw his daughter around for no reason? (venting as you walk away is not a good reason for the cop to do what he did).

      1. Did the cop know they were unarmed when they ran up? No, he didn’t. The fact that they did not have guns is irrelevant; a knife is just as deadly standing that close. The officers own weapon becomes a danger to him if a person takes it from him.

        Get it through your Monday morning QB skull, if a person runs up to an officer while he is subduing a person, they will be taken as a threat. That’s it, that’s their training, that’s what you can expect every time.

  57. That was a sweet trip, tuck and roll the cop did in the first few seconds of the video.

  58. I actually live in Craig Ranch and want to give some background of what occurred:

    A party promoter called ‘Dimepiece X TWNZ Promotions’ and a DJ called DJ REIGN decided to set up shop at our neighborhood pool and have an illegal party. I’ve found Tweet references for this event, #dimepiececookout, going back to May 17th. This was all very unauthorized by the community HOA.

    When I got home Friday evening there was a DJ, food, and a bounce house set up in the park next to the pool. I almost called the cops myself on the DJ because he was playing extremely loud music that was filled with profanity (one song dropped 6-8 F*** bombs in about 10 seconds), but didn’t when I eventually saw the police there. Dozens of teenagers, both black and white, were coming to the pool by the carload. Kids were climbing over the fence around the pool, cursing, acting rude, and generally acting like an unsupervised mob of teenagers. One teen actually got into a fight with a resident in front of her children. The behavior got so bad the cops were called.

    From community members that were there, the issues with the teenagers were not due to race (although it seems most of the kids that showed up were indeed minorities), but those that were misbehaving, mouthing off to the police, and refusing to follow orders. I’m not saying the one police officer didn’t overreact, but I’m not exactly upset about a mob of abusive and self-entitled teens getting manhandled either.

    1. It’s a shame that Reason has devolved this story to propaganda levels. I expect better of them. Thank you for the facts. I would have called the cops too, but in all fairness to the cops I would also have wrestled a bikini-clad teen to the ground.

      1. The only person to blame, if we are to believe TexasChris account of the incident, would be the host of the party. I highly doubt a DJ would still keep playing music if the cops told him what the law was. The kids who came don’t have a responsibility to double check if the host and her daughter overreached and invited too many people. If people expect the host to be a responsible grownup(which she may not have been), then they should act like grownups too. And what would have been the responsible thing to do? Approach the host calmly and list out the violations. If she didn’t comply, call the cops and what would the right thing for the cops to do? Take ove rthe DJ booth, make an announcement to the crowd that the event is not authorized and they needed to end the party and if there were any minors from outside the cmplex who needed to go home, the host has the responsibility to call up their parents.

        Then the cops calmly go to each teen and ask them if they live here. If they run away, let them. Good riddance. There is no overaching legal reason to round them up and make them answer. For all we know, a lot of them were just following thr crowd with no way to know the intricacies of an HOA authorized party. You don’t get thrown to the ground for just being obnoxious. There is no citation that the girl didn’t belong to the complex. The cop didn’t even bother asking her that. He just got pissed that she did not bow down to him out of extreme deference.

        1. Dozens of teenagers, both black and white, were coming to the pool by the carload. Kids were climbing over the fence around the pool, cursing, acting rude, and generally acting like an unsupervised mob of teenagers.

          I guess you missed that part, you moron. Another example of left-wing mendacity in action.

    2. You know what. If that’s the case, call the cops and the cops should act the way they do in any other suburban neighborhood where white teens are partying. What is the story about the white lady who went and told people to go back to their section 8 housing. She was obviously obnoxious enough that a white teen girl went up to her and told her she was racist. A white kid who took the video gave us enough of a narrative that only minorities were targeted despite the fact that people of all races were partying.

      And no matter what happened, there is absolutely no excuse for a cop to take down a thin teen girl the way he did and pull a gun out on unarmed kids. I have no problems with the cops trying to break up the party. All the cops had to do was approach the DJ, ask him if he had permission, and then kick him out if he didn’t. Cite the mother who organized the party(or the HOA could have done it easily with their rules and penalized the resident who broke the rules). There is no need for the kind of behavior we saw from the cop on the video.

      1. Fuck your concern trolling. An asshole that threw a party that spilled into the PRIVATE pool owned by the HOA because the asshole didn’t give a shit about the community. The cops got called because the party-goers refused to leave when asked.

        You obviously know jackshit about what happened and think this is some “teachable moment” because, hey, fuck safe and quiet communities, right?

  59. I love how so many people have reacted without actually watching the video, but rather become outraged by what they think they see. The cop pulled his gun after being shoved by a young man who immediately runs away. It is obvious the reaction was instinct, not malicious intent, as soon as his partner touches his shoulder, he realizes he has his gun out and immediately reholsters his weapon. So many hear are no different than those on the radical left in that you want to attack every action by police as having some malicious intent. I have never been a police officer, but I have worked jobs where I found myself in similar situations. When there is a melee underway and your job is get control of the situation, that is bad enough. But when you are required to enter the melee and immediately you become the target of both sides of the fight, it is 100 times worse. It is easy to sit here an Monday Morning Quarterback based on what you THINK you see in the video. However, numerous studies have shown that people only see what they want to see based on their experience and often critical information is missed. How many of you missed seeing the person running up and shoving the officer prompting him to pull his weapon as well as him immediately reholstering the weapon the moment his partner touched him?

    1. If you actually watched the video, you would kmnow the cop was NOT shoved by the young guy. When as cop goes berserk and manhandles a skinny teen girl just because he was pissed off and not because she was a threat to anyone, guess what, any citizen with common decency would want to protect that girl from a thug. Because that is how the cop behaved. Like a common ghetto thug. Like I said before, I am not saying the host was blameless. Then you cite her because then she was at fault. All the fights people mention, the only specifics i have seen is it was provoked by a white lady using racist language and she engaged in slapping a black teen who was defending a white teen arguing on the party’ s behalf. It was obvioous the party was enjoyed by people of all races and yet the only people targeted were black even those who lived in the complex. I did not see the cop mouthing off at any white kids for being too close. The cop was obviousl;y trying to escalate things, not control things. The guy was a moron because he is supposed to know better than the common immature teen. Yet he was engaging more than they were in provoking the other party.

  60. The article posted is missing a lot. Cops were called because of fighting. When the first cops arrived they encountered teens fighting (video exists), a couple of teen girls punching an older woman (video exists), and a crowd that would not leave.

    The initial officers tried to get the crowd to disperse. Many of the teen girls wouldn’t leave. One mouthed off to the officer. He had her on the ground trying to handcuff her when two other teens came up behind him — at that point he had a right to be concerned about his safety. He pulled his gun and — get this — determined after a few seconds there wasn’t a a threat and he holstered it again!

    There is a lot of confusion about the party. McKinney is about 50% white, 40% Hispanic, and less than 10% black. There are blacks (and Hispanics, Asians, and caucausians) living in this development. Some people invited others to join. HOA rules set a limit of two guests per owner. Some of these teens live nearby but not in the community; some were invited, others crashed the party.

    The Dallas Morning News had a good article about it this morning. In it they mention a local radio personality (a black man) who lives there and was at the pool when this took place. He witnessed it and said the officer acted properly. A lot of people that weren’t there say otherwise.

    1. Maybe the author should learn to read the local sources. What am I thinking that would gum up his confirmation bias.

    2. Say the teen girl mouthed off. Are you seriously going to justify his response even remotely? The way he threw her down after dragiging her? How about let the girl just walk away which she was doing. AN officer’s job is not to make everyone cater to his ego. What he did with the girl had nothing to do with law and order because if you watch the video , his actions at that moment made the situation more heated and dnagerous. That is DUMB policing. I know it probably makes you feel good on one level to see a black teen with a smartass mouth being taught a lessoin, but that does nothing to improve law and order. If the cop doesnt stupidly do what he did, then you wouldnt have people concerned for the girl approaching the cop and the girl which led to the cop feeling so ffearful that he drew his gun.

      1. Well, he could have just resorted to TX Ranger tactics (you know, that which buttressed the One Riot – One Ranger motto): Pick out the one with the loudest mouth and just shoot him.
        That will usually get the attention of the mob.
        One guy, trying to control a mob of 10-20 teens who all seemed to be more into self-gratification than willing to acknowledge, let alone follow, instructions.

  61. I shot two unarmed coyotes going after my Shih-Tzu one evening. I sleep like a baby.

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  63. This afternoon three teenagers were playing keep a way at the bus stop. I wanted a non-eventful bus ride home. But they were engaged in tom foolery. And bothering a lot of people. So when no one else intervened, I did. First with a hard hand, I needed to get their attention. Then with a soft hand: hey, I understand you’re bored, and it got out of hand. It was all good.

  64. Given what has been going on recently this could have been a lot worse. I know this sounds crazy, but unless a cop tells you to take off your clothes or have sex with him, the best thing you can do is do what he says.

    Today, for instance I had an interaction with my city’s police department and a cop pointing a taser at me. I made sure I followed his directions and made sure he saw my hands the whole time. I didn’t start yelling “I DIDNT DO ANYTHING” or get crazy. I did what he said until everything could be sorted out. I walked away without being tased, shot or arrested.
    I am not saying these cops did everything right here, but neither did these kids. People get killed by cops almost everyday so why do so many of these incidents look like people making dumb decisions. Yes, cop violence is out of control but so are people doing really stupid stuff in front of poorly trained cops who shoot first and ask questions later.

    1. No kidding. Just do what they say and hope someone is filming. Apparently, the average teen protester thug dipshit does not understand that the gestapo can kill without repercussion.

      You would think the uneducated morons in the public schools system could be successful in brainwashing them not to run or smart off to the SS.

  65. Other videos have surfaced (some 45 minutes long) that the pool party was crashed. Black and white residents of the property were the party was held, were assaulted, the crashers refused to leave, it was only then the police were summoned. White and black teens who refused to disperse after been repeatedly ordered to leave were then arrested. The black “victim” was given several chances to leave, instead hurdled obscenities at the police, and was rightly arrested. The thugs, yes thugs, who rushed the officer almost got shot, and it would have been a justified shoot. This is a non-story of idiot children smoking pot and drinking alcohol who got exactly what they deserved. Stop creating a false narrative were none exists.

  66. It’s not enough that this pig with a gun and badge has resigned.

    He should be charged with assault and battery for viciously and needlessly attacking the 14-year-old girl, whom he’d originally wrestled to a sitting position, left to chase some other kids, THEN came back to and violently wrestled to a face-down, fully prone position on the ground from the sitting position he’d put her in to begin with.

    This thug with a gun and badge should do prison time for that. Personally, I’d like to see him beat to death.

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  68. the cop while trying to subdue one person was being rushed by others on one side of him, while being distracted with them two males were trying to sneak up behind him. he turned on them and the others started moving in on him from the other side again when he turned to deal with them the two males again tried to rush him from behind, thats when he pulled his gun. in this case the cop did what he had to do. cops are often corrupt, but this case is not one of them.

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