Police Abuse

Florida Cop Allegedly Left K-9s in Overheated SUV to Die

What happens when a cop kills a cop?



Police dogs (K-9s) are treated like police officers, and intentionally harming such dogs (or other police animals, like horses) is in fact a federal offense, punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Shooting a police dog, even a retired one, earned one Florida teenager a 23 year sentence in prison last year.

This week, a cop in Hialeah, Florida, allegedly left two K-9s living in his house in Davies in their crates in his SUV for at least six hours in the middle of the day, where they died of overheating. He won't be charged with killing a cop, as the Broward Palm Beach New Times explains, because while the two K-9s will receive a police funeral, they're not technically considered police officers in Florida. Long sentences for killing police dogs, like the one the Florida teen got last year, are produced by multiple charges, and the New Times speculates it's unlikely prosecutors will charge him with anything other than the state's third-degree felony law against harming or killing police dogs, which can come with up to a 5 year sentence.

Via the New Times:

Considering that two other recent cases of officers killing their K-9s resulted in no prison time, the maximum penalty is unlikely. As the Herald pointed out yesterday:

In 2007, Miami-Dade police Sgt. Allen Cockfield was charged with animal cruelty after prosecutors determined a kick he administered to his German shepherd Duke during a training session was a fatal blow. Cockfield was later acquitted at trail. 

Then in March 2008, Miami officer Rondal Brown was arrested and charged with animal cruelty after his bloodhound Dynasty starved to death… Dynasty was discovered starving and emaciated. Brown later left the police department and agreed to serve probation on animal cruelty charges. 

Things tend to work out differently for civilians charged with harming canine officers.

So far, Nelson Enriquez, the Hialeah cop who allegedly killed his K-9s, has been suspended with pay. The Davies police department is investigating the deaths of the dogs, while the Hialeah police say they're conducting an internal investigation. One of the K-9s killed was the department's only bloodhound, trained to search for missing children.

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  1. Police dogs (K-9s) are treated like police officers,

    And we thought the pilgrims were psychos for believing in witches.

    1. https:puppycidedb.com – nonprofit for tracking pets killed by cops. so many police K9s are killed, and so much disinfo surrounds their deaths, that they have to be tracked separately. Found many cases where police open fire on someone, shoot their own K9, then claim the shooting victim had shot the dog

  2. the two K-9s will receive a police funeral

    My eyes just rolled up and spun all the way around.

    1. Like this?

    2. And remember who is paying for that “police funeral”, dude. Never forget that.

      1. The guy who killed them?

  3. Cockfield was later acquitted at trail.

    He was acquitted at a dog park?

  4. What a piece of shit.

  5. Just remember civilian, you are legally LOWER than a dog.

    1. That’s the message I got loud and clear

    2. Only if it’s an aristocratic police dog. If it’s your dog, the police will shoot it, but might refrain from shooting you.

      1. Some dogs are more equal than others.

      2. Uh. no. We still treat cruelty to animals-we-wish-we-could-have-as-pets as worse than crime against non-government-employee-humans.

  6. OT: In an election result that will surprise absolutely no one, Sepp Blatter wins the FIFA Presidency.


    Someone needs to nuke Zurich from orbit. Sorry Swiss Servator.

    1. The funniest thing about that John Oliver piece that was posted yesterday was the bit about FIFA making a movie about itself, starring Tim Roth as a harried, principled Sepp Blatter.

      1. I was sad to see that. I like Tim Roth, and this made me think much less of him.

    2. “Blatter could not be reached for comment at his penthouse swimming pool full of C-notes and hot blonds.”

      1. With a name like Sepp Blatter and conference room out of Kupricks wet dreams – I’m going with FIFA being Spectre or Cobra.
        Somekind of evil global organization.

    3. BTW, anyone know anything about the challenger? When I think president of soccer, “Jordanian prince” does not exactly spring to mind.

      1. When I think “president of soccer” what springs to mind is “another lying douche like Bud Selig.”

        1. Blatter is much, much worse than Selig. And far more delusional.

          1. As a Twins fan, Selig can rot in the fiery depths of hell. Fuck that guy.

      2. He seemed like a halfway decent businessman who truly wanted to reform the organization, but I’m sure he’s corruptible like the rest of ’em.

        1. With the yachtfuls of money tossing around that organization, it’s a certainty.

          Just read an article that explained how easy it is for Blatter to win: every country gets an equal vote. And most of them are pretty easy to buy off.

        2. Why? He’s already stupid rich and royalty? What could they offer him to corrupt him? That’s why he didn’t win the election.

  7. Erst while that department kicks in the door of the wrong house and shoots someone’s puppy and the cop doesn’t even get charged with so much as misconduct. It couldn’t be any more clear that the justice system is thrives on injustice.

    1. You don’t really get, like, words, do you?

  8. I love dogs, but I hate cops. This story leaves me utterly conflicted…

  9. He’ll do some time, but fortunately Tommy Chong will be there to prot – what, he’s getting out in a week?


    “Kim’s Korean Barbecue, can I help you?”

    “Yeah, we got another ‘funeral’ for ya”

    “Come by and drop it at the back door like before.”

  11. Cop kills a dog without good cause: under no circumstances will they be charged or do time.

    Cops kills a person without good cause: unlikely to be charged, and highly unlikely to do time.

    Cop kills a police dog: More likely to be charged and do time than if they kill a person.

    Explain to me how this isn’t completely fucked up.

    1. Future generations will be laughing at us.

      Current generation SHOULD be laughing at us but is mostly too stupid. Which makes me wonder what even stupider shit the future generations will believe in.

      1. makes me wonder what even stupider shit the future generations will believe in.

        “Brawndo’s got electrolytes. It’s what plants crave.”

        1. +1 trip to Starbucks

  12. police
    dog killed
    danger of leaving brood in hot vehicle

    It’s like mix & match HyR headlines!

  13. Don’t get me wrong–cruelty to animals is reserved for psychopathic mofos and is never acceptable…but these aren’t people who died. They’re dogs. Just because you call them K-9 cops, doesn’t make them any different from regular dogs.
    They still lick their own nuts and dirty ass holes.
    The only real difference is that they get little bulletproof doggy vests.
    Oh, and they’re hooked on cocaine.

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