Is Reason Trying to Make the GOP 2016 Field Look Like a Bunch of White Males?

Short answer: No. Long answer: Et tu, Greta?


You may have seen within the conservative commentariat some complaint these past few days that the cover on the new issue of The New Yorker is trying to portray the Republican 2016 race as a club for white males only. As Mollie Hemingway headlines it over at The Federalist, "Latest New Yorker Cover Erases Women, Minorities From GOP Field." Here's the cover:

That's Mike Huckabee in the back, believe it or not. ||| The New Yorker
The New Yorker

Leaving aside the complication that Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are Latinos (who typically fall into the "minorities" category), let's grant some of the visual evidence here: It's a men's locker room, Hillary's on the outside looking in, why exactly would you have Mike Huckabee instead of Ben Carson, and so on. The magazine explained that it was going for electability here, that "somehow, one of these seven men is almost certainly right about his chances for the nomination," but you can understand the skepticism.

Well, this afternoon, Fox News anchor Greta van Susteren alleged on Neil Cavuto's program that the same skeptical analysis should be applied to this month's cover of Reason, holding up the offending issue to illustrate her point. I'm trying to locate a clip and transcript; one emailer described it as "She thinks Reason…slighted the woman (Carly Fiorina) and the black man (Ben Carson) in the field.  She thinks Reason did it to increase subscriptions." Take a look at the cover:

No Huckabees allowed. ||| Reason

This would help explain emails I received today like this:

Disappointed not find Carly Fiorina & Dr Ben Carson on the cover of your magazine.

Happy I didn't purchase

Alert readers will note that the candidates here are not in a boys' club of any sort, but gathered at the same table with Hillary Clinton, stuffing themselves with cake. In fact, you could even say that the cake—think of it as a metaphor—was more the focus here than the ethnic and gender makeup of the candidates, an argument bolstered by the fact that the headline reads "Can They Stop Themselves?" You see, we here at Reason are interested in "whether any of the 2016 presidential hopefuls would actually cut government"(again with the headlines!), and so made that the visual emphasis.

But how did we select the candidates? As the person who made the final call, I can exclusively reveal that we included on the cover…the people we think have the biggest chance of becoming the next president. If Greta or Neil Cavuto or anyone else wants to wager with me that the excluded triumvirate of Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, and Bobby Jindal is more likely to produce the GOP nominee than the gaggle of three non-minority white dudes on this cover (Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, and Rand Paul), then just name that Bitcoin amount, sister.

Until then, I'm looking forward to On the Record's Carson/Fiorina week. After all, there's so much catching up to do

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  1. Leaving aside the complication that Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are Latinos…

    Excuse me, but any man who lives south of Tallahassee is a Latino, Yankee, Hispanic, or some creature of the same sort. Jeb ‘Burrito’Bush is included. What’s complicated to you, Matt Welch, ain’t so complicated to me.



      1. Fuck the Yankees and their little league ballpark.


        Royals fans everywhere today.

      2. Well Broward is … but I am just so damn tired of telling them that I-95 has a North-bound lane, too.

      3. For real! My family has been in Florida since before the United States existed; even the Seminoles are illegal immigrants to us.

        1. I jest about Floridians. You too will look at back and wonder. My grandparents took me to Florida when I was a boy of nine. We did, in fact, pull off the new 95 Interstate to watch Seminole Indians wrestle with alligators. This was 1969 or so.

  2. I would be less likely to buy that Reason print magazine because that picture is disturbing.

    1. Yeah, good thing I’ve mostly digested my dinner. Ecch.

      1. They othered me by putting it in my mail-box.

        The micro-horror!!!

  3. The New Yorker is trying to portray the Republican 2016 race as a club for white males only.

    What then is the symbolism of having Hillary peering through the window, looking excluded?

    Does Hillary secretly want to be part of the GOP machine? Is Hillary considered a weak outsider in the DC political machine?

    And what about the fact that the Democratic machine is a club for white women only?

    1. War on Women, dude.

      Hillary is the hard-working woman who hits the glass ceiling and doesn’t get the promotion she deserves because it went to the boss’s golf partner. And they play golf at an exclusive golf club where females are rigidly excluded. And where they don’t sell birth control in the clubhouse anyway.

    2. I’m pretty sure their calculation was simple: do anything possible to try and heighten the identity politics aspect of the race, because the only way their guy/gal (Hillary) is going to win is with the help of “first female president”. So…paint the GOP field as all white males.

      It’s so simple Paul, I can’t see why you wouldn’t see that. Well, except for your learning disability that your mom mentioned the other night…

      1. It’s not a learning disability. It’s a learning challenge.

    3. What then is the symbolism of having Hillary peering through the window, looking excluded?

      She just wants to see if their peepees are bent like Bill’s …

  4. I think the bigger issue is the obvious fat shaming going on on that cover.

    1. You mean fat-celebrating?

    2. Or wait, that the economy is a finite pie, and there’s only one piece left?

    3. We need to know if the cake was baked by a gay wedding friendly baker first.

    4. Don’t be so sensitive, fatass.

    5. This is why I’m going long on Mike Huckleberry, Hucklabee, or whatever his name is. I want a President who has taken advantage of modern surgery to make him fit for the job.

      1. Huckleburger – the country’s first *transhuman* president!

  5. The Reason cover is funnier, more accurate and does not inaccurately portray Chris Christie wearing gym shorts.

  6. Rand doing his hair.. haha that’s pretty good.

    1. Pretty telling that Rand is the only one portrayed as a stud, giving his best Blue Steel to the camera.

  7. Why does The New Yorker consider Rubio to be overly effete?

    1. Also, I am guessing Jeb is more of a tighty whitey sort of guy.

      1. Leopard print thong.

        It’s always the ones you least suspect. plus Florida is known for exhibitionist and nudist republicans.

        1. Could he be freballin? Strutting around, flipping and flopping and sucking the life out of his useless campaign.

          1. The proper term is “going commando”. Learn it. Live it. Love it. I know I do.

            1. Unlike you I choose not to sully the name of one of the two good movies Rae Dawn Chong starred in.

              1. You had better be including Soul Man as the other one.

                1. Soul Man? Really?

                    1. CJs response is the joke apparently

                    2. In his defense, Soul Man, if I recall correctly (it’s been a while) is actually a decently written movie about lying to people about who you are to get acceptance/stuff. People get all freaked out when they see the blackface but the movie itself is not meant to be nasty or racist at all.

                    3. Only always sunny can do blackface and get away with it.

                2. Surprisingly Epi was right. Much love.

              2. +1 Quest for Fire

                1. Quest for Fire is not even in Everett McGill’s top 5.

                  1. Everett McGill is not the reason to watch QfF.

      2. What the hell is wrong with you people?

  8. That’s because Black Republicans are too smart to run for President. I’m looking at you Williams (and Sowell).

  9. I enjoy the subtle visual allegory in the Reason cover involved in Jeb Bush stabbing Rand Paul’s hand with his fork — as if to suggest that Rand’s caution in government excess is the result of differentiating between other candidates in the GOP primary. Or it’s just another WTF moment.

    Awful. Therefore, perfect.

    Also: in before Bo/Tulpa/PB tell us how inspired the New Yorker cover is.

    1. Yes, Hillary is outside looking in. She’s not part of the elite at all. Just a down home country girls trying to make it this crazy world.

    2. It’s teeny tiny because technically you have four names.

      Yeah, plus all the nicknames that we don’t talk about.
      I mean, Epi only has one name like Pocahontas or Hitler.
      Or Moby or Bigfoot.

  10. Hillary’s a perv

    1. Yeah, but we all already knew that. You know she’d watch you poop if she could.

      1. I guess at least you can see both her hands in the picture

      2. So that’s why she supports the NSA.

  11. While Hillary herself is white, emphasizing the whiteness of her opponents is supposed to (a) reflect badly on the opponents while (b) making Hillary look more like an oppressed victim.

    In theory, showing a bunch of men in the clubhouse, including black and asian guys, would still make the point: Men *in* the clubhouse, Hillary *outside.*

    But they reflexively make the men all white, because we know that black and asian guys can never be sexist.

  12. Remember: “Latino” or “Hispanic” is a flexible word according to the OED,

    It clearly states that Latinos are trodden upon minorities if they’re on TEAM Blue, but they’re affluent, white men if they’re on TEAM Red.

    On TEAM Donk they’re poor immigrants just trying to make their way through a racist society, on TEAM Elephant they’re racist white men doing everything they can to NOT be Hispanic.

    It is known.

    1. Soooooooo, an Uncle Tomas?

  13. Why is the New Yorker cover art style so shitty?

    1. You just outed yourself on not being a good fake intellectual. Sad.

      1. Thanks for ruining the only part of the New Yorker I cared to read!

        1. Which makes you…

            1. Was that supposed to be a link, or is it just another orange highlighted phrase?

                1. On the Internet, no-one can hear you scream.

                  1. They can’t hear you masterbate either. I hope.

                    1. Masterbate – is that how Thomas Jefferson spelled masturbate?

                    2. Well, if you owned slaves at the time…

                    3. Orange you glad somebody got it?

      2. I thought that comment was normally directed at the writers and editors (and readers) of the New Yorker.

  14. Wait, I thought the point of Reason’s cover was that you might be screaming “No, no, no” and all [the 2016 presidential candidates] hear is “Who wants cake?”

    1. We would need Wilford Brimley on the cover too for that to really work, though.

      1. DIABEETUS

    2. That’s what I immediately thought too.

  15. It’s a men’s locker room, Hillary’s on the outside looking in,

    Yeah, nothing creepy about that.

    Imagine the uproar if somebody ran a cartoon of a bunch of top-level female CEOs in a locker room, with some guy leering at them through a window.

    The good news is, the New Yorker is pretty much irrelevant to anybody who isn’t already in the tank for the Iron Vagina, anyway.

  16. New Yorker cover vs. Reason cover:

    New Yorker – Hillary on the outside looking in.

    Reason – Hillary in the middle of the table, grabbing the cake with as much gusto as the others.

    Any questions?

    1. The Reason cover is obviously false. We’ve seen all of her emails and there was nothing about cake in any of them!

      1. How about the one where she said, “don’t worry, defending Benghazi will be a piece of [redacted]”?

  17. Ya know, if you want to make it clear that Rubio and Cruz are Hispanic, maybe you should just draw them with sombreros?

  18. You could have pretty much the same New Yorker cover, only with the 2008 Democratic primary contenders:


    Not sure where Obama was in May of 2007. He’d announced, but I don’t recall if he was on anyone’s short list.

  19. Also, are those supposed to be Rick Perry’s boots in the corner? What is that supposed to symbolize?




  22. Robert Reich brings the full tilt crazy.

    Corporations aren’t people, despite what the Supreme Court says, and they don’t need or deserve handouts.

    When corporations get special handouts from the government ? subsidies and tax breaks ? it costs you. It means you have to pay more in taxes to make up for these hidden expenses. And government has less money for good schools and roads, Medicare and national defense, and everything else you need.

    You might call these special corporate handouts “corporate welfare,” but at least welfare goes to real people in need. In the big picture, corporate handouts are costing tens of billions of dollars a year. Some estimates put it over $100 billion ? which means it’s costing you money that would otherwise go to better schools or roads, or lower taxes.
    Kkkorporations are picking your pocket!
    They sneak into your home at night and take the money right out of your wallet.

    1. A hundred billion? Is that all?

      1. but…widows and orphans!

    2. We should eliminate corporate subsidies and the corporate income tax.

    3. All this from a midget that has spent the majority of his adult life drawing a paycheck made up of tax dollars.

    4. “Corporations aren’t people, despite what the Supreme Court says, and they don’t need or deserve handouts.”

      Why do these thoughts go together? Corporate welfare has nothing to do with the legal person status of corporations, but a lot to do with unions symbiotic relationship with large corporations.

    5. Oh, Reich is against things like money to Solyndra and tax breaks for upper middle class yuppies buying electric cars? Hey buddy, welcome aboard! Wait, why is your face turning purple?

  23. “was more the focus here than the ethnic and gender makeup of the candidates”

    There’s your mistake. Nothing is more important than gender and race. Identity politics is all that counts.

    If our aspiring Reindeer du Jour had been white, no one would have given a shit, just like no one gives a shit about all the white guys that get abused by the police in Reason’s daily nut punch.

    White guy gets abused by cops. Yawn.
    Black guy gets abused by cops. Racism! Outrage! Protests! Riots! Mayhem!

    1. “like no one gives a shit about all the white guys that get abused by the police in Reason’s daily nut punch”

      That’s total bullshit

      1. I think our friend may be joking.

        1. I think he’s referring to the general public, not the H&R commentariat. The public at large takes little notice when it’s a white guy getting his brains beat in.

          Does anyone think even 5% of the public knows the name Kelly Thomas?

          1. No they don’t. I thought he was talking about folks here, but I could see that take on it especially since 90% of what I post is sarc:)

  24. White is a skin tone. America will continue to have “too many white people” for quite some time, but the people who share that sentiment can kiss my white ass. And if Reason contributors think they’re enriching the conversation with talk about how this or that skin complexion is on the way out, then the magazine is becoming a joke like the rest of the MSM.

    1. Que, mijo?

  25. The atom-thick reprinted quite well done art of cake-facials is missing a mushroom bat.

    1. well finally someone makes sense in this imbroglio.

    2. Mushroom Bat would make an excellent name for…a whole bunch of stuff.

      *tips bong at Agile – takes hit*

    3. I was a bit worried about AC’s absence, and I’m happy he, she or it is back. Whatever that stuff is, for the sake of what’s left of your sanity, be careful with it.

  26. Does Reason believe that even Senator Rand Paul is stuffing his face with cake?

    1. Look closely. Rand has no cake on his cheeks. Draw a line through the cake bits, and look at his facial expression. He’s about to puke. This is why we stand with Rand!

  27. Nice try at mansplaining, Matt, you cis-privileged white patriarchal shitlord!

    You lose.


    Enjoy your Cosmo, you…..Cosmo!

  28. It’s funny watching this play out. The Republicans are pulling healthy competition from deep benches and the primaries are gearing up to be a battle of ideas and nuance. Meanwhile the Dems are advancing a single candidate to her coronation and holding their noses tightly. And we’re meant to think it’s the GOP being exclusionary.

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