Benjamin Lawsky, Wall Street's Latest "Sheriff," Trades in His Badge To Take Money From the Companies He Used To Regulate

New York's top financial regulator prepares to turn his Rolodex into gold.


The Village Voice |||

Benjamin Lawsky, the superintendent of New York State's Department of Financial Services, announced on Wednesday that he's leaving to start his own consulting firm—a move that will likely make him a very wealthy man. Lawsky has spent his entire career up until this point working in government—he started his career as an aide to Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y)—so he won't have many business insights to share with his clients. But his Rolodex should come in handy.

Lawsky was appointed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) in 2011 and he quickly earned a reputation for elbowing his way into regulatory issues typically handled at the federal level. When a financial firm got in trouble with federal regulators, Lawsky would step in and threaten to revoke its banking license. That would force the company to pay New York State an enormous settlment on top of whatever punishment was meeted out by the feds.

Benjamin Lawsky speaking at a public hearing on the BitLicense on January 29, 2014. |||

Lawsky will also be remembered as the father of the so-called BitLicense, a regulatory regime he created specifically for digital currency firms that do business in New York State. (The final version of the BitLicense is expected later this month.)

The BitLicense should help with business development at his new firm. The most recent draft gives state regulators discretion over whether to grant on-ramp exemptions to startups. As Coin Center's Jerry Brito and Peter Van Valkenberg wrote in a recent critique of the BitLicense:

Discretion…generates regulatory uncertainty: a citizen never knows whether conduct she has freely engaged in before will suddenly become punishable simply because a government official changed his mind, or was replaced, or—in the worst case—was influenced by a competitor or someone who wished our hypothetical citizen harm.

When regulators can make or break your business, who better to make a phone call on your behalf than their old boss?

Check out my recent Reason TV video, which looks at how the BitLicense further complicates an already maddeningly complex regualtory process for cryptocurrency firms:

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  1. It’s an Ayn Rand villain come to life.

    1. Threadwinner.

    2. The spirit is certainly the same, but I don’t remember AS capturing the utter pathology of bureaucrats/legislators becoming consultants/lobbyists. Rand seemed to view the two groups as separate, however much aligned.

      1. You know it’s bad when villains go beyond even her imagination

  2. Around heresky… I am the Lawsky.

  3. he started his career as an aide to Sen. Charles Schumer

    Well, that just says about all we need to know, doesn’t it.

    1. He started out as Schumer’s chief bra-fitter.

      1. His push-up bro.

        1. Are you mansierreious?!

          1. Million to one shot, Doc! Million to one!

            1. Serenity now! Serenity now!

              1. We are all the ASSMAN.

    2. Schumer hasn’t done any work in the productive sector, either. Graduated law school in 1974, elected to New York State Assembly (I think; it might have been the Senate) in November 1974; elected to US House in 1982; elected to US Senate in 1998.

  4. I’d also add that that Voice cover of the guy is so perfectly indicative of the left’s fetishization of anyone who attacks the people they hate: in this case, “Wall Street” (meaning “rich people”). What’s even funnier is they use a stereotype (the rugged cowboy lawman) that they would otherwise normally eschew. It’s amazing how worshipful they are. TOP MEN YO

    1. That’s a lot of reading into what’s a pretty common trope (painting someone claiming to ‘get tough’ on anyone as a western sheriff). It reminds me of something Amanda Marcotte would do. You’ve become the flip side of what you claim to hate.

      1. Wouldn’t being on the flip side of something you hate be a good place to be?

        1. Be nice to him. He’s not very smart.

          1. Law school, Warty. LAW. SCHOOL.

            1. Remember how we’ve both had Jewish girlfriends? You know, ones that existed? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

              1. *smacks Warty on the back* OH MAN DO I HAVE A STORY OR TWO TO TELL ABOUT HER.

              2. Yes, dating a Jewish girl at law school is pretty fantastic, like your calling it about how college students don’t have sex. Cleveland must be an interesting place…

              3. I thought Bo’s girlfriend lived in Canada?

        2. The absolute funniest part is that it’s been clamping for Epi to respond to it for months now. Poor thing.

          1. Fuck you autocorrect. Clamoring*

            1. Fools rush in…

          2. For anyone to respond. ANYONE.



                “Lol look at the infighting within the clique lol so $tupid.”


              2. What would be better would be something like your consistent need to comment about me to them?

              3. Not me. Just for standard insults.

                Even though he’s trying his hardest, which isn’t good enough. Maybe he should accuse me of being racist. That worked for Irish.

                1. But how much I bench, Playa?

                  1. That’s your area of conversation Warty. I’m still curious as to your Donkey Calf Raise personal best. Come on, you’ve shared so many others, let’s know this one!

                  2. I think we have enough data to call it a day. It’s exactly what we thought it was.

                2. Even though he’s trying his hardest, which isn’t good enough. Maybe he should accuse me of being racist. That worked for Irish.

                  You shut up, Playa! That was one time!

        3. Perhaps mirror image would be better.

        4. “I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast!”

          1. It’s funny how incredibly fast this crew rushes to attack any criticism of Episarch. I mean, pathetic Doyers does that for anyone in the crew, but look at Warty and Playa *jump!* Epi’s the queen bee, that’s for sure.

          2. Huh? Y’all eat pieces of shit?

            1. I can’t remember which Sandler movie it was, but I felt like blurting it out.

              1. It’s Happy Gilmore, and I imagine you feel like blurting that out quite a bit.

              2. So wait, Kanye ripped that line off from an Adam Sandler movie?

                1. What hasn’t Kanye West ripped off?


    2. Not sure whether they eschew. From what I understand, Western sheriffs liked to confiscate guns.

      1. It’s a pretty silly comment all around. I mean, maybe, just maybe, they used the popular imagery of the lawman largely because his name was LAWsky?

        Really, if a SJW did something similar they’d be giving her the Gamergate treatment. But, as I said, Epi’s kind of the Queen Bee for this set of the regulars here. Principals over principles.

        1. I have no clue what your argument even is here besides trying to insult Episarch. It makes no sense. SJW’s mock the imagery of the sheriff in many instances (mainly, when conservatives do it). Pointing out how they then turn around and apply it to their own heroes isn’t in anyway contradictory or hypocritical.

          1. Shh, he’s getting his hate on.

  5. Unpossible! Who could have seen this wholly unexpected, never-before-seen development?

  6. “he started his career as an aide to Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y)?Lawsky was appointed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo”

    One of the stronger guilt by association arguments I’ve seen in quite a while. I know as a technical matter of logic I shouldn’t conclude this, but it’s hard to see anything less than awful coming from that background.

  7. Oh look, it wants to play. Have fun with it.

    1. Shall we pick up where we left off?
      Spot the Bo

      I’m going with the retarded looking guy.

      1. I’m in a gamblin’ mood today. I call the cute black chick.

        1. That would be an interesting twist. We should be so lucky.

          1. Working on a Sunday Playa? Or did the family go on a daddy-less Memorial Day vacation?

            1. Genre: Formal
              Female = 367
              Male = 433
              Difference = 66; 54.12%
              Verdict: Weak MALE

              You don’t say.

              1. What does the informal one say?

                1. Genre: Informal
                  Female = 451
                  Male = 699
                  Difference = 248; 60.78%
                  Verdict: MALE

                  1. Interesting. We’ll have to feed as much text into it as possible to confirm and replicate these results. I’m not turning of my fascr to do it though. My browser doesn’t need to get GRIDS AIDS.

      2. Hmm. I dunno. What’s the over/under on the fat neckbeard with the even fatter preacher’s wife?

      3. University of South Carolina and “retarded looking guy” graduating?

        You’re gonna have to be more specific.

  8. What I don’t get is why crypto currency users give a fuck about regulatory schemes. Why not tell them to pound sand and continue doing what you do from another country?

    1. Global economy. Everyone has connections and assets all over the place.

      1. So what? Does that mean you have to have an outside group regulate your activities…for a fee, of course?

        Bullshit. Markets self-regulate. This is an extortion scheme.

        1. You know how this works. Life will be made hard for them if they don’t submit to some regulatory scheme. It’s like how organizations are forced to work with ‘accreditory’ agencies because it deflects government agencies somewhat. It’s part of the shakedown.

          1. Yeah. Like I said: an extortion scheme.

            1. I can see some enterprises willingly contracting with outside non-government ‘regulators’ if they think that would be important to customers. But in many industries its something that often involves a more or less government threat.

  9. Guess what? This isn’t a low-wage job recovery. Listen to the media, and you might think that the only kind of jobs being created are in fast-food restaurants and retail chains. It turns out that this is wildly misleading and that the economy’s employment profile ? the split between high- and low-paying jobs ? hasn’t changed much since the recession or, indeed, the turn of the century.…..story.html

    Another Peanut myth debunked.

    1. That’s the opinion of one economist from a left-leaning org that wants the government to keep shoveling money at “jobs programs”.

      The guy from Moody’s in the article completely contradicts her yet the author ignores him.

      Nice try though.

      1. You could also spin it to mean that the left’s nonsense about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer is just nonsense.

        1. Good point. So either their “income inequality” argument is bullshit or their “it’s a good recovery” argument is bullshit.

          I’m sure PB will address that right away.

          1. Income inequality is real, but the cause is largely due to government policies. It’s a win-win for the left; a society with a large number of dependent poor people to extract votes from, a few rich people to extract favors from, and not much in between is perfect for statism. The damn middle class gets in the way.

          2. I don’t argue for “the left” you idiot. My single argument here is that Obama is a far better POTUS than Dumbya. The numbers support me.

            Obama is pressing ahead on the biggest free trade deals in history and has a lot of GOP support – while the stupid “left” progs oppose him.

            Free trade, free minds, free markets.

            1. “Obama is pressing ahead on the biggest free trade deals in history ”

              While calling for ‘free college.’ Come on.

              I’ll give you Obama might be better than the GOP in some areas, but not in a lot. And who cares whose better between the two, both are awful if you truly value free minds and markets.

            2. This isn’t free trade, shithead. Free trade is a government opening its ports of entry to any ships, trucks or planes regardless of departure point and allowing exporters to send their wares out of the nation at their own discretion.

              Free trade? Ask anybody with a vineyard growing grapes for raisins if he supports free trade.

              1. No free trade agreement is pure free trade. The TPP is about lowering THEIR tariffs on US made goods.

                One example I read about lowers a Japanese tariff from 16% to 2%. Protectionist instincts are still strong.

                I know. You want a Rand Paul GOP and distorting Obama’s record is a tactic to help RP.

                It won’t happen though. RP will never crack 10%. You will get a Bush/Christie/Huck type instead.

                1. “I” won’t get shit as I’m not a GOPer.

                2. The TPP is about lowering THEIR tariffs on US made goods.

                  Who fucking cares what their tariffs are? High tariffs in a trade partner are a *subsidy* of the American consumer. Let ’em put up 100% tariffs, let ’em forbid imports – we’ll still buy their shit cheap and be better off for it.

            3. I notice you ignored my point. So is “growing income inequality” bullshit or is “it’s a good recovery” bullshit? You can’t have both.

              Is Obama right or is that hack from WaPo right?

              1. I don’t know if income inequality is “growing” nor do I care very much other than the fact that our country and financial markets reward innovation handsomely – as it should be.

                Hey, Buffett earned his $50 billion unlike the Kochs who inherited theirs. Good for him.

                1. He isn’t a Leftard, he just worships Soros and Buffett and claims that the Koch’s inherited their money.

                  1. He’s left. He’s right. He’s a whirling dervish of idiocy.

                    Tulpa/Bo/PB: performance artist extraordinaire.

            4. The bar that Bush left is underground.

            5. That’s hilarious considering how much demcock you suck on this website.

            6. Obama is pressing ahead on the biggest free trade deals in history . . .

              God you’re an idiot along with being a statist arse-kisser.

              There’s absolutely no need for Obama to do *anything* except open the borders to completely unilateral free-trade. *That* would be the ‘biggest free trade deal in history’.

              What he’s doing is more of the the same ‘we must have Top Men *negotiate* this for you’ because otherwise his crony’s and other ‘special’ industries might be harmed by people being allowed to choose who to buy from without restriction.

              ‘Free trade deals’ protect *producers* – and only a tiny subset of producers – while harming *consumer*.

              And we’re *all* consumers.

            7. My single argument here is that Obama is a far better POTUS than Dumbya.

              How boring and stupid.

        2. Not sure about that. His measure is the share of the jobs that are high wage and low wage are comparable to what they are in the past. That could be so while it also being the case that the share of total income each group makes has taken different paths.

    2. PB, what’s your view of the administration’s ‘free college’ initiative?

      1. I ask because one of the excuses often given for the declined labor force participation rates is that more people are choosing college over work. That plan, among it’s other faults in my opinions, is going to exacerbate that, right?

        1. I am opposed to “free college” since it would distort markets and be impossible to pay for. I doubt that term accurately describes any legislation though.

          1. It’s the most irresponsible disaster of a proposal since the ACA in my opinion. It of course won’t be ‘free,’ those of us who pay taxes will pay for it. As you note markets will be even more distorted in that area, and students will have less incentive to value it. And it will exacerbate labor force participation declines.

    3. PB, what’s your view of suck my balls?

      1. It’s interesting, you’re really on a trajectory of correlating sadness and obsessiveness. If you really do have a family, I’m honestly, seriously feeling bad for them right now. In your anger with me, your need to ‘police’ the place and keep it ‘pure’ I’ve seen your participation on this site just skyrocket, that is one ignored family. I know you’ve told me what an ‘incredible resource’ you see this online community as, but might I submit that if you gave them a chance and equal time you might find your family to be the same?

        1. Playa says he is an anarchist yet criticism of the GOP really pisses him off.

          1. Yes, very true. What touched him of in my case was when I told him I no more believed the Israeli government’s reports (in its various military conflicts) than I did my own governments. An odd point of outrage for an anarchist I’d say. He’s been on the warpath ever since.

            Or take this fellow ‘tarran.’ He constantly tosses it out there that he’s an anarchist. He went ballistic with me when I suggested that I judge a foreign intervention primarily on the scope of the intervention. He said that international law compels an intervenor to engage in nation building and we had to follow international law. An odd position for an anarchist.

            Like a lot of self describe anarchists on the site to be honest they really just don’t exhibit much interest in politics either way. I think you said it best one day, they’re more likely just using this site with its easy registration requirements as some sort of online community. Most of their interactions seem more like little comedy routines more than anything else.

          2. He only gets pissed at 8% of the criticism.

            1. Bo ffinally found someone to talk to.

              How cute.

    4. From the “study” that piece is based on.

      Let’s look at this by industrial sector. If we identify sectors as low-, middle-, and high-wage, there are several ways to cut the data. Here’s one way:


      They arbitrarily divided up sectors into those three buckets. The opportunities for cherry picking are enormous. And even then, it still shows a 4% increase in the proportion of low-wage jobs.

  10. Look at that, shreek’s here. So that’s a coincidence, huh?

    1. Yet another data point.

      1. I’ve long held to the theory that it’s MNG. Could they all have a unified obese neckbeard behind them?

        1. A paid OFA hacktivist.

        2. I’ve long held to the theory that it’s MNG

          MNG couldn’t run a sock to save his life. His feeble attempt was fucking hilarious as he blamed his confusion over which handle he was commenting with on some spoofer taking over both to make him look like a dumbass.

    2. What a terrific, epic blunder. I’m astonished they’re that stupid (well, not really). It’s 100% confirmation.

      1. Almost as much of a blunder as when he made it clear that I struck a nerve when I called him a virgin, right?

        1. If by ‘struck a nerve’ you mean how much I laughed at you, yes. I’m sure you’d like to forget that story or spin it someway. It’s pretty embarassing for you that your first association with someone telling you they were a college student to be ‘oh, so you’re a virgin.’ At any other site you’d have been laughed off the board.

        2. Don’t you love how he tries to hide behind group identity? You call him a virgin, and he accuses you of calling all college students virgins.

          Most college students are not virgins, that is correct. But Bo, being a loser, is a virgin, unlike most normal college students. It takes a special kind of idiot to not understand that.

          1. For a cadre who purport to demand equality and appreciation for all sexual decisions, orientations, preferences, and statuses, you sure do give off a junior high locker room vibe when it comes to some things.

            1. You forgot to switch back your handles.

              Didn’t you learn from the Rollo incident?

              1. No, that was me. As I’ve been “accused” of the same thing many times. You guys have an insult menu that doesn’t exactly match Baskin Robbins level of selection.

                1. You did it in Bo’s voice, you dumbfuck.

                  1. Seriously? My God you are paranoid. Cancel your v-ball practice and get to a shrink quick.

            2. Tulpa, how did you get so pathetic? At what point did you decide “it’s totally normal to keep going back to a website where everyone hates me and change my handle once a week!”

              You could just keep your old handle. Everyone finds out it’s you pretty quickly so it’s not as if anything is gained through your ridiculous switching of handles.

              1. You could just keep your old handle.

                This way he can get at least 3 people to respond to him as if he were human before the game is up.

                1. Don’t be mean .

                  He may never post here again, again.

              2. You misunderstand me. If I were trying to hide my identity I wouldn’t have made that Passover Coke reference below.

                1. Nothing’s better than Tulpa’s bonecrushingly stupid and pathetic denials after he gets busted. Again. Oh man you can’t buy this in a store. It’s too good.

  11. There’s a lot of blank spaces on this page for me. Reasonable and its filter is a wonderful gift.

  12. Anybody want to guess this guy’s foreskin status, affinity for bacon, or preferred sweetener for spring holiday beverages?

    1. You used to pretend not to be a Jew-hater, Tulpa. What’s the matter, get rejected on another tenure review?

      1. There is no pretense. I include people of every race and religion in my diverse rainbow of hatred.

    2. This is just too good to be true.

      1. It’s a trifecta of idiocy.

        1. Wrong number prefix.

          1. Right, there’s no way that more than one person could ever disagree with the Reason groupthink.

            1. It’s not te disagreement you all share. It’s the same mannerisms, the same argument style and the same griefing. You finally stepped on your dick by burning up all three handles in a boring, half-dead thread on a holiday weekend.

              What an asshole.

              1. Fucking up so spectacularly and stupidly…it’s so…Tulpical.

              2. He really did fuck up badly. Now he’s going to have to start over again.

                1. If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that Tulpa will fuck up anything eventually. He’s just too stupid not to. It’s so wonderfully hilarious.

                  1. It is hilarious.

                    That you would think three people who have totally different political viewpoints, two of whom have longer commenting histories on this site than any of you, are all the same person, is confirmation of your sad paranoid state.

                    If PB and I are the same person, that means we’ve fooled all of you for close to a decade, since the days when he was shrike and I was cunnivore. That would be pretty impressive if true. Sadly it isn’t.

                    1. Holy shit, you’re stupid. Congratulations on fooling us for a decade, and congratulations on being so stupid that your denial is clearly just you gloating.

                      So do you still live in Pittsburgh? Let’s meet up for a beer. I promise not to drown you in a bar toilet.

                    2. It’s nearly impossible not to gloat when repelling idiocy of this magnitude.

                      You, Epi, and SF are far more similar in your styles than any trio on this blog, but as I’m not a paranoid lunatic, I just assume you’re three assholes who happen to come to the same place.

                    3. Dig. That. Hole, moron. Dig it.

                      (throws shovel at Tulpa’s feet)

                      This should help.

              3. So when every team’s manager calls an extreme infield shift on Ryan Howard, that means all those managers are really the same person? The gaps in reasoning common at Reason are pretty consistent, so you can expect the same argument style from people who disagree with its positions.

                The paranoia here is hilarious.

                1. No. An infield shift is a strategy. If three anonymous, faceless players all fucked around with their batting gloves exactly like Big Papi before every fucking pitch, it would be logical to think they were all Big Papi.

                  1. I seriously doubt whatever “evidence” you think you have is that specific.

        2. Or a shut-in troll with chrome, IE and Firefox on three screens in his moms basement, jerking off to the reactions he’s getting out of us with his schizophrenic rambling.

  13. Bo

    Where’s Tony?

    1. There have been some… developments.

      1. If you guys keep this up he may never post here again, again.

        1. “I”, not “he.”

          1. I ?

            Was that supposed to have meaning or have you been partying with Agile Cyborg ?

  14. Jeb Bush Calls on U.S. to Save Christians Around the World, Spread American ‘Values’…

    100% Bushpig.

    1. That’ll show all the Jeb supporters round these parts!

      1. Well, if PB can anger all the Jeb supporters, would it be okay if I anger all the Hillary supporters at Reason?…..-benghazi/

    2. I’m no Jeb fan, but that’s still better than our current strategy of “import Muslims from around the world, spread anti-American values.”

  15. Pack your bags, honey. We’re going to Korea!

    “Gerd Trubenbach, 71, believes he would be dead if his Korean wife hadn’t taken him to South Korea for life-saving surgery, after B.C. doctors discharged him from the Abbotsford Hospital with a huge malignant tumour growing in his neck last August.”…..-1.3079619

    1. But letting people buy the care they want when they want is unfair!

      1. But letting people buy the care they want when they want is unfair!

        We also would have accepted, “He’s lived a full life”, “Medicine for profit is immoral”, and “Everyone deserves access”.

      2. I braved the comments and #1 is “and you just take his word for it!!!!”

  16. was meeted out by the feds.

    meted out by the feds.

    1. Meated by the feds.

      1. F?ted for its meads.

  17. Discretion?generates regulatory uncertainty: a citizen never knows whether conduct she has freely engaged in before will suddenly become punishable

    Oh I’d say there is plenty of certainty. “Pay up or get out” is a pretty sure bet.

  18. I dream that all your heads are mugs and I drink your brains from them.

    1. Don’t drink Tulpa’s brain. It’s abnormal.

      1. Abbey….something?

      1. Love your brain mash.

  19. Man, Bo/PB/Nazi guy must be very sexually frustrated today. Blowing the load of 3 handles all in one thread.

    1. Scroll down. Make it 4.

      1. I was hoping not to have to write qualifiers. No race or ethnicity is superior to another. Continually breeding within the same race or ethnicity is, in the long term, a poor survival strategy. I just wanted to no if I use the diversity argument do I then shield myself from the bigot charge.

  20. I am an American of Irish ethnicity. I plan on only marrying a person with the same ethnicity. I will encourage my children to do likewise. I know that by this statement alone polite society would call me a bigot or a racist. However, what if I claim I am doing it for diversity? America is a melting pot. As all the varying races and ethnicities continue to breed together there will be fewer “pure” folks of Irish ethnicity. Is my behavior now acceptable? I need help understanding the rules.

    1. If you breed with one of your own race/ethnicity, than you are a racist/bigot.

      If you breed with one of another race/ethnicity, than you are fetishizing/culturally appropriating.

      The only correct answer is for you to check your privilege, then paint the back wall with your brains.

      For teh childrenz.

      1. Also, it’s oppression to not date someone just because you find them fat or otherwise unattractive. (I have read this argued. Seriously.)

        1. Also, it’s oppression to not date someone just because you find them fat or otherwise unattractive.

          What if I use to be fat and being around fat people increases the chances of me falling into my old habits? Is this an acceptable excuse? Does logic work on these people? Can I hold my head up high when my craigslist MSW add states, “no fat chicks”?

      2. One more sock. Don’t engage it.

    2. You are narrow-minded and an originalist- not a bigot or racist. The pope is narrow-minded and a massive fucking chunk of humanity loves him so don’t run with my assertion and the term originalist is fucking pulled from the air of letters. But I believe I have pegged your Irish bullshit adroitly. And it is bullshit. Bullshit marked with veins of intelligence and historical ruminating blood balls but bullshit nonetheless. Marrying a single person is also bullshit. Also making children is bullshit. Everything is bullshit if you ponder this fucking world for a goddamn fucking second. blank will be rotting in a box soon. None of your decisions make a fuck suave of difference more than mine or that dude but it is all exceedingly blinding in a most delightful and temporal way, tho.

  21. It is nothing short of amazing to me how one Reason writer can have such a good understanding of this type of shady deal, yet another (Ronald Bailey) can completely ignore similar dealings in other areas of government (the FDA and pharmaceutical/biotech companies) while he waves the flag for the companies that benefit.

    1. Rich M|5.24.15 @ 9:05PM|#
      “It is nothing short of amazing to me how one Reason writer can have such a good understanding of this type of shady deal, yet another (Ronald Bailey) can completely ignore similar dealings in other areas of government (the FDA and pharmaceutical/biotech companies) while he waves the flag for the companies that benefit.”

      Cite(s) missing. And I’m looking forward to them, since I have a strong suspicion that you don’t like biotech and you’re hoping someone will give you support for that luddism.

        1. So, as suspected, you’re a luddite and hope that guilt by innuendo is sufficient to carry the point.
          Well, I got a hint: Fuck off, asshole.

          1. Resorting to personal attacks when you run out of arguments. Classic.

            I said nothing about anyone’s “guilt”. All I said was that a conflict of interest similar to the one described in this article exists in another area and the Reason writer that covers said area chooses to ignore it. You wanted examples, you got ’em. You’d have to come up with some pretty twisted logic to explain how it isn’t the same thing.

            I’d tell you to go fuck yourself, but your head is so far up your ass you’re well into the act.

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  25. Google pay 97$ per hour my last pay check was $8500 working 1o hours a week online. My younger brother friend has been averaging 12k for months now and he works about 22 hours a week. I cant believe how easy it was once I tried it out.
    This is wha- I do…… ??????

  26. Google pay 97$ per hour my last pay check was $8500 working 1o hours a week online. My younger brother friend has been averaging 12k for months now and he works about 22 hours a week. I cant believe how easy it was once I tried it out.
    This is wha- I do…… ??????

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