Police Abuse

Brickbat: The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia


Clayton County, Georgia, Sheriff Victor Hill has been charged with reckless conduct after shooting a real estate agent inside a model house. Hill has refused to talk to investigators. But when he called 911 to report the shooting, he told a dispatcher he had been conducting a training exercise.

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  1. Thank God he went home safely.

    1. And better-trained.

  2. He and his victim, who is “in critical condition”, were acquainted. She has not yet been able to give statement and he remains on duty as sheriff.

  3. Lesson no. 1: Never carry on an affair with a cop.

    1. If you followed the rule of ‘never speak to a cop’, wouldn’t that prevlude ending up in an affair? Or have you had consentual liasons without a single word being exchanged?

      1. I suppose it’s possible without saying a word to have a sexual affair on the sly in vacant homes to which you, as a real estate agent, have access. But since she was shot in the abdomen, I’m guessing she did speak, telling him that she was pregnant and keeping it.

        1. Good God, Fist. It’s Monday morning. Save that sort of depravity for Wednesday, at least.

          1. I only go where the evidence leads. And this led to a

            [dons sunglasses]

            subprime meltdown.

  4. Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council Executive Director Ken Vance said Hill’s misdemeanor charge is unlikely to have any immediate impact on his ability to serve as sheriff, but the organization is opening an investigation into the case.

    Now they’re just trolling FoE.

  5. “Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter has said he has fundamental questions about Hill’s statement to the dispatcher that he accidentally shot McCord during training exercises….

    Porter said he was told by Hill’s lawyer that the sheriff would not be speaking with investigators.
    ‘It would certainly assist the investigation if we had his side of the facts, but that’s his choice to make,’ Porter said. “I can’t force him to.'”

    (Wink wink, nudge nudge)

    1. You forgot slurp, slurp.

  6. on TV it is a sign of guilt when a “perp” gets all “lawyered up”
    Here its like, oh well……

    1. In real life, too, far as the pigs are concerned. Expect to get smacked around when you lawyer up.

    2. Regardless of the general opinion of law enforcement, I can’t regard the retention of legal council as a sign of guilt. Legal aid is often required just to be able to properly respond to court proceedings because the system is so badly jumbled.

      Is my inclination that this case was no accident? yes. Is the retention of legal council an admission of guilt? no.

      1. UnCivil, I’ve the sense that croaker was pointing out hypocrisy.

        1. Oops – I meant Mainer2.

      2. I thought the comments were merely referring to the double standard. Suspects who retain counsel are “not cooperating,” while the cop here is merely asserting his constitutional rights.

        1. Which set, their rights as citizens under the Constitution or the special set of rights afforded by their state assembly that only cops get to enjoy?

        2. Precisely how the Mayor of Philadelphia characterized that AMTRAK engineer.

          Stirring up a lynch mob.

  7. “No alcohol or drugs were involved, according to a police report obtained Thursday by The Associated Press.”


    “Hill was allowed to leave the scene without giving an official statement, investigators have said. Porter said he was told by Hill’s lawyer that the sheriff would not be speaking with investigators.”

    Call me cynical, but it’s hard to believe the he was given either a breath or blood test before leaving the scene.

    1. professional courtesy (the lower case “p” was intentional).

      1. Uh, yeah…. guy shoots unarmed woman in empty home. No dispute over who did the shooting. No arrests made.


        Does “badge” really supercede “attempted murder” by this much? There isn’t even a claim of self defense or line of duty or anything.

        Let’s go with full benefit of doubt on accidental shooting. Let’s say Charles Oliver, national reporter and all-around good guy, was at a local coffee shop with the head waitress (not his wife) after closing. She ends up shot and unconscious. He calls 911 and mentions that he was teaching her about firearm safety, but refuses further comments to police.

        Is there any chance at all that he goes home that night? Or before a formal bail hearing with his lawyer arguing for reduction of bail to only 100k because of his ties to the community?

  8. Sounds like a pretty good plan dude. Wow.


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