Police Abuse

Brickbat: Justice Delayed


Elijah Bosley

A Dover, Delaware, police officer was charged with second-degree assault just days after dashboard video was released of him kicking a suspect in the head, breaking his jaw. The incident actually happened in 2013, but the police department refused to release the video until a federal judge ruled that it was not confidential.

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  1. “The president of the Central Delaware Branch of the NAACP criticized the police department’s decision to release the video, saying he feared it could lead to unrest before his group has had a chance to meet with members of the community.

    “”This premature release I don’t believe sends the right message, and it places unnecessary risk on members of the community,” said La Mar Gunn.

    “Gunn said the release of the video was an attempt by police to “control the narrative.”

    “Police said they had not received any tangible threats of violence, but that they had notified store owners and local schools that the video was being released.

    “”This is just us being pre-emptive. … It’s obviously a concern with the lawlessness that we’ve seen across the country,” said Lt. Jason Pires, the police department’s patrol unit commander.

    “Mayor Robin Christiansen said at a hastily arranged news conference that the city will honor the First Amendment rights of citizens to protest.

    “”But I must assure the members of our community that lawlessness and violence will not be tolerated,” he said.”

    1. before his group has had a chance to meet with members of the community

      Translation: before they were able to rally their fellow grievance mongers

    2. Taken together, Notorious, everything you’ve quoted shows me just how specious and perverse many of our fellow countrypersons have become.

  2. DOVER, Del. ? A police dashcam video released Thursday shows a black suspect being kicked in the face by a white police officer who was charged this week with assault.

    Can we get dash cams that film in sepia? Maybe an Andy Warhol lens that randomly colors humans.

    1. Instragram filters, straffinrun, they can go on anything.

    2. This is merely a brilliant idea. I demand rainbow coloring – for teh gaiz.

      1. +1 Rainbow Randolf

        (“Friends come in all sizes.”)

  3. Attorney General Matt Denn, who took office in January, reviewed the case last week and instructed prosecutors to present it again to a grand jury.

    So, they didn’t try for an honest grand jury presentation (if that’s what this second go around is going to be) until the video was released to the public, but the NAACP is criticizing the release of the video? How does the release of the video help the police’s narrative? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here.

    1. “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here.”

      Like I wrote to Notorious, it’s sheer perversity.
      Police releasing the video = them controlling the narrative.
      Yet from the perspective of the police they are “just us being pre-emptive” by showing evidence they are already guessing will cause protests and likely riots as well.

      It’s people like these men who make me feel like I’ve woken up in one of the old Twilight Zone episodes.

  4. He was arrested by Dover police last July after a traffic stop for expired tags and was charged with DUI and several weapons charges, including possession of a firearm by a person prohibited, carrying a concealed deadly weapon and receiving a stolen firearm.

    All of this is as material as whether Freddie Gray’s knife was legal/illegal.
    “The brutality’s okay since the perp was a really bad guy after all”

  5. I’m not going to be online today. If someone posts this in the AM links I’d be grateful.

    1. The school should really have said – we’ve put the exact same amount of cash into both facilities – $0.

      But, as per the article, “we’re not dealing with reasonable people here, folks. We’re dealing with public school administrators”.

    2. Reminds me of when my father went to put an addition onto his house, only to discover that the greenhouse that was on the property when he bought it twenty years ago was built without permission. The petty tyrant who issues permits made him tear the thing down before giving permission to build the addition. We’re talking about a structure that would cost ten grand to rebuild.

      People like that deserve to be shot.

  6. the police department refused to released [sic] the video until a federal judge ruled that it was not confidential.

    WTF? Why should they release it even then?

    1. There’s probably some FOI law lying around, and they’ve noticed that if they let a false narritive build up, it’ll be even worse for the department as a whole when the video does come out. The racists are both right and wrong about the police motives

    2. Translation: They were hoping they could find a judge that would exonerate him.

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