French Lawmakers Want Their Own Surveillance State, Huckabee Wants the Presidency, Everybody Wants to Know More About the TPP: P.M. Links


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  1. Mike Huckabee launches his second try for the GOP presidential nomination with a populist campaign…


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  2. Iowa PoliticsIowa PoliticsJoin in your security state? We’ve already got one! Oh yes, it’s very nice. French lawmakers move to adopt a sweeping, oversight-free surveillance bill of their very own.

    Security, liberty. France lacks neither.

    1. What?

      1. Typo. Both.

  3. The PM links seem a bit early

  4. Evaluate the truthfulness of this statement I saw on twitter. I say it’s true.

    A liberal, who does not change his views, will in 30 years be considered conservative.

    1. LOL. Very true.

      Progressive goal posts and desert sand dunes have one thing in common – they shift.

    2. You mean like Zell Miller?

    3. That statement really says a lot about liberals doesn’t it?

      It shows that they’re convinced that their ideas are the future, and do to the inherit rightness of their ideas that they will win out eventually.

      It shows that they see their opponents as backwards. People just behind the times unable to adapt to a changing world. Or as Obama called them “bitter clingers”

      It shows their ignorance of history, because the New Deal, and war on poverty and Marxism are not exactly new ideas.

      It also shows how terrible they are a with self awareness, because they will use that quote without realizing any of this.

      1. Says more about true conservatives. Their position at any time is the “liberal” position from 30 yrs. previous. That’s what conservative means, right? Conserving the gains of…uh…everyone else?

  5. … Hillary Clinton takes a thumping in the polls after a flurry of interesting revelations about her in the press.

    Well, yeah, a candidate isn’t going to look very good if you actually check into him or her.

    1. Best news in the article:

      Her tightest margin comes against Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.), who only trails her by 3 percentage points, at 47 percent to 44 percent.

      1. Well, hey, very understandable. One told a joke about Baltimore and the other has a thirty year career of sleaze, lies, and lack of integrity. Obviously, the American electorate is going to support the latter candidate.

      2. Too bad she’s not going to be nominated.

  6. On the other side of the aisle, likely Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton takes a thumping in the polls after a flurry of interesting revelations about her in the press.

    While Hillary takes a thumping, Bill goes a humpin’

  7. Hello.

      1. It was a good game. Did you?

        1. Yes. Very entertaining.

  8. For all of you Glock lovers out there – Texas shooting: Outgunned traffic officer stopped 2 attackers

    Think of what a civilian in Mumbai could have done in 2008 if armed with this.

    1. It was a good shoot, but its not like either of those two clowns did anything to use the advantage rifles give. All of their knowledge of shooting appears to have come from watching TV.

      1. They should have brought a Winchester. I hear there’s an old Mexican proverb to that effect.

    2. I’ve noticed Texas cops seem to actually be capable of hitting what they aim at with a consistency much higher than cops in other parts of the country. There’s this guy and then there’s that cop in Austin who shot a man from horseback in the head with a single shot.

      1. Theory: Improved cop aim is due to Texas football culture.

        1. I think baseball may have more to do w it. Texas baseball culture is way ahead of their football culture. Texas is big on varsity HS football, somewhat big on varsity college football, only avg. or less for everyone else’s football. By contrast, Ohio and a belt about 100 miles around it in neighboring states is fairly big on football for everyone: varsity, JV, children’s, men’s & women’s adult amateur. That area was the center of pro football at the beginning too.

      2. True. And this was a fluid situation too. High stress, moving targets, unknown number of assailants. The cop did a great job.

      3. I assume that Texas cops expect everyone to be armed and baseline competent shooter, so they figure, if they miss, they go down.

    1. It’s because the left, all of the left, are barely functionally retarded. And racists.

      1. To be fair, some of them are just mendacious cunts.

    2. In 2012 Janine (sp?) Garofalo argued that Republicans were supporting Herman Cain because they were really racists but supporting Cain would make non-Republicans think they weren’t racist.

      And, whatever you think about Palin, the assaults on her in 2008 should have proved to everyone that the left is pro-leftist women, not pro-women.

  9. Baltimore leaders hosted new U.S. Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch, who will surely be able to heal the city’s wounds and set things right.

    How many lady of color attorney saviors does one city need?

    1. How many lady of color attorney saviors does one city need?

      The same number it takes to change a light bulb.

      1. Oh, new contest…

        1. Two. … and one to hide behind Al Sharpton.

          1. Two. … and one to hide behind Al Sharpton.

            Did you mean “to approve asset forfeiture targeting Al Sharpton for tax delinquency”?

    2. 8s the concept of an “attorney savior” somehow related to the concept of an “idiot savant”?

  10. I know we say we can never achieve peak derp but this is one hell of a candidate for contention.…..rine-timpf

    1. It’s derp, but it’s not peak derp. It’s not even the first time I’ve seen that particular idiotic sentiment expressed.

      1. “Bosiljevac writes that she’s been dealing with the oppression of this culture her whole life ? beginning with having to endure relatives kissing her cheeks “even as I winced and turned away” ? and that it continues to influence her sexual decision-making abilities, almost to the point where she doesn’t seem to think she really has any ability to make those decisions at all.”

        I’m not sure if there is another quote that could further reinforce the Borat “woman have brain of squirrel” position.

        1. We all had to take that kiss on the cheek from the crazy aunt or uncle.

          As long as no tongue was involved what’s the effen problem?

        2. If I ever have a daughter, she will be taught to say “no” early, often, and firmly. If you don’t want to do something, say “no”. A fucking 2 year old can grasp this concept. Some people won’t like that. Fuck them. Does this young lady have a mental list of all the people who have said no to her in any context?

          1. Trust me, you won’t appreciate that.

            “Get out of bed.”


            “Get dressed.”


            “Sit down.”


            “Eat here.”


            “Go to the bathroom.”


            “Take a bath.”


            “Go to bed.”


            1. “Look both ways before crossing the street.”


              “Stop teasing that chained Pit Bull.”


              “Stop hitting me.”


              “Put down the gun.”


        3. Bosiljevac also throws racism and homophobia into the blame-game mix, asserting that “consent is a privilege, and it was built for wealthy, heterosexual, cis, white, western, able-bodied masculinity. . . . When you’re poor, disabled, queer, non-white, trans, or feminine, ‘no’ isn’t for you.”

          Slap a burkha on her, it’s the only way to protect her, from her own decisions.

        4. I like that she apparently believes her sexual dysfunction has its roots in relatives giving her innocent, totally non-sexual pecks on the cheek like 15 years ago.

          Here’s a hint: They weren’t trying to sleep with you.

        5. …and that it continues to influence her sexual decision-making abilities, almost to the point where she doesn’t seem to think she really has any ability to make those decisions at all.

          Is she hot? If so, I can help her make sexual decisions involving lots of practice.

          1. Is she hot? If so, I can help her make sexual decisions involving lots of practice.

            Never stick it in crazy.

    2. “We coined the term ‘raped by rape culture’ to describe what it was like to say yes, coerced by the culture that had raised us and the systems of power that worked on us, and to still want ‘no,'” she writes in the April 30 article, titled “Why Yes Can Mean No.”

      I’d rather punch myself in the dick than spend one second with the person that wrote that sentence.

      1. Back in my day when a woman thought like this the only cure was my penis.

        1. That teaches a woman how to say “no” unequivocally?

    3. I read that a few days ago. So, basically any time a woman determines that a certain sexual activity was rape, no matter how long after the fact she decides this, it is rape and you are a horrible human being… even if she probably initiated. Because PATRIARCHY!!! Stop trying to mansplain!

      1. Their end game is quickly moving towards “the only way to end rape culture is to end sex”.

        1. End sex except for the purpose of procreating loyal servants to the State.

          1. How silly the Junior Anti-Sex League sounded in that book by that crazy guy.

            1. Not so crazy after all, eh, Ham?

          2. I honestly think most of these women want to completely end sex between women and men, especially PIV sex. In their perfect world, women would only have sex with other women, which would greatly improve these authors’ chances to get a hot girlfriend.

            1. You are wrong. It isn’t just about sex. What they are trying to destroy is rational thought. Go back and watch the Yuri Bezmenov video where he talks about demoralization. The feminists are nothing more than useful idiots, thats all.


          3. They don’t even know what sex is and what it means to humans anymore. They’ve destroyed it.

            1. What they have destroyed is their connection to normal, healthy sexual relations. As long as they keep it to themselves (which I have no reason to believe they will) the rest of us would get along fine.

        2. Not even close. You have to end the stares, the sneak peeks, the furtive looks, and of course the whistles.

          Then they will move to the facial expressions, and ultimately the very thoughts.

          1. And since THEY won’t wear the burqas, it will mean our eyes must come out.

            1. Reverse negative-burqa, men wear nothing but blindfolds.

              1. Fun in Saudi Arabia, where only the men can drive and only the women can see.

        3. Except lesbian sex.

    4. The original article falls into the “not even wrong” category.

    5. I remember reading about that a little while back.

      These people are mentally ill.

  11. Yemeni rebels upped the ante by shelling a town across the border in Saudi Arabia.

    Is it a good or bad scenario for us if Iran/Yemen/Saudi Arabia/Syria just start fighting each other? Because it looks like it might happen at some point.

    1. Oh, I think it would be wonderful for the Saudis to have to fight a real war on their own. Of course, “on their own” is relative. I understand that the Saudi nationals are great parade ground soldiers, but worthless once shit goes down.

      1. *Wonderful in the sense that this should keep ’em busy for a while and might make them have to face the real world issues which other nations do.

      2. From people I knew who taught Saudis tactics, when it comes to individual/small unit skills, like tank gunnery, they do great, but when pressed for larger group stuff, like attacking an objective, they would fail.

        Something to do with the individual glory and valor being the driver, and not the team success.

    2. Arab. Spring.

  12. Yemeni rebels upped the ante by shelling a town across the border in Saudi Arabia.

    This movie is going to turn out great.

    1. “Awrence! Awrence!”

      1. He likes your lemonade.

      2. “I shall be at Aqaba. That iswritten.”

      3. “Our streets were paved and lit when London was still a village.”

        – Obi-Wan Kenobi, in regards to Mos Eisley.

        1. Of course, the proper response was “Well, what happened since then?”

  13. a populist campaign that downplays his social intolerance while emphasizing economic imbecility

    So this could be any of the candidates from either TEAM?

    1. Not if the candidate is Hannibal, and not if the team is The A-Team.

      1. I miss that show so badly.

        1. +1 Mini 14 causing a military vehicle to actually capsize.

          1. Mini 14AC556


  14. St. Louis area moms seek decades old hospital records amid baby selling probe

    Mothers in the St. Louis area were told by hospital staff that their babies died after delivery. But, instead, the hospital was selling the children to be adopted.

    1. Must be a libertarian-run hospital.

      1. monocles are part of the uniform

        1. Imagine a hot nurse wearing with a low neck shirt, push up bra, and…. a monocle!

          1. There’s a…thickening.

          2. I’ll be in my bunk.

    2. I linked that already, but needs repeating. I want jail time for the surviving docs and nurses who took part in this.

      1. Indeed, but you’re looking at 40 to 50 years after the fact. I doubt very many are even still alive.

        1. Good point. But there should be a few of the younger ones left.

  15. …downplays his social intolerance while emphasizing economic imbecility.

    Winning. Strategy.

    1. It’s basically downplaying his downright hostility to abortion, while emphasizing his economic approach to regulating abortion clinics out of existence.

    2. He’s running as a democrat?

    3. Unfortunately, just like last time the media will give the Huckster a pass while secretly hoping he gets the nomination. Because they know he can never win the general election, not even against a con artist like Hillary.

      1. What makes you think he couldn’t win? Think about where Carter was at this point in the election cycle.

        1. Huckabee is a Republican–the rules are different. The media will be merciless (as they should be with every politician) and I don’t believe most Americans will embrace his in-your-face religiosity.

  16. Neither Congress nor the public is so thrilled with that approach when it comes to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

    For all they know, at the end of it the IRS will be able to tax everyone who hasn’t seen Pacific Rim 2.

    1. You down with TPP?

    2. the IRS will be able to tax everyone who hasn’t seen Pacific Rim 2.

      That’s silly. The Supreme Court would never permit it.

      1. It’s a penalty?

    3. “…the IRS will be able to tax everyone who hasn’t seen Pacific Rim 2.”

      The only reason I am opposed to this is because not seeing assured amazingness of Pacific Rim 2 is punishment enough.

  17. Social housing to have separate entrance to Vancouver high-rise

    It won’t be the first multi-use building in Vancouver to have separate entrances, but the proposal comes at a time where cities like New York and Seattle consider banning what some have called ‘poor doors.’

    1. From the article:

      “You can actually see it turning into separate or segregated society based on your economic level in the same building.”

      Holy shit! Segregation by economic status – this is unprecedented! Stop it now, or my monocle will pop right out!

      1. That’s not your monocle, PZ.

        1. I…um…how did that get in there


    2. These people are really, really addicted to control, aren’t they?


    Apparently, Millenial Christians prefer traditional forms of church service to modern ideas of worshiptainment.

    1. The American Taliban, they are.

    2. The article says “recent research” but can we trust it? I think it’s time for a poll!

    3. At least Millenials are doing something right compared to their parents.

  19. Extreme secrecy eroding support for Obama’s trade pact

    “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s …. never mind, you can’t even find out what’s in it *then*.”

  20. French lawmakers move to adopt a sweeping, oversight-free surveillance bill of their very own.

    So they can keep an eye on all the publications provoking disadvantaged minorities into violence?

  21. French lawmakers lay out plans for an intelligence maginot line…

    1. The inspiration for ‘D’oh’:

      France: Behold la Ligne Maginot!

      /German air force fly over.

      France: D’oh!

  22. Chinese May Day celebration criticised for pushing pigs off bridge

    “The piglets are carefully trained to perform this special stunt and they get well rewarded with food. And once they get over their nerves they clearly enjoyed it.”

    So, is *that* offensive to Muslims?

      1. Is that why they’re being forced to bake wedding cakes in here the United States?

        1. In a way yes basically.

          1. Except the “they” in the US are Christians.

      2. and promote them in “eye-catching displays,”

        Wink-wink, nudge-nudge,….

      3. There was a BBC story on the Uighur uprising a few months back. The WaPo version is much milder than what the Beeb was reporting.

    1. Lok Chiang, writing online, said: “This was clearly animal abuse. It may well be the case that pigs like water, but not jumping into it from the top of a huge platform.
      “That just isn’t natural for any pig, there is no way you can claim they enjoy it.

      Why does it seem like the people who claim to know what animals are thinking are always on the side of “no fun”?

      1. Implicit in that is a claim that you know what they are thinking and that the animals are not terrified. But thanks for living down to the worst stereotypes of libertarians shilling for pointless cruelty.

        1. There is nothing implicit in my statement, merely pointing out that a lot of the animal cruelty people seem pretty miserable themselves, when really nobody knows what those animals are thinking. But thanks for living up to your reputation as a tiresome windbag.

        2. “Implicit in that is a claim that you know what they are thinking and that the animals are not terrified.”

          He didn’t say that. He said you can’t tell what pigs are thinking based on still photographs without seeing video or further information. I looked at the pictures and there’s literally no way to know what the pigs are feeling. It’s very possible the pigs are terrified, but there’s no reason to assume that’s the case – and ‘it’s unnatural’ isn’t evidence of anything since the computer I’m typing on is unnatural and I’m particularly frightened of it.

          “But thanks for living down to the worst stereotypes of libertarians shilling for pointless cruelty.”

          He didn’t support animal cruelty, he said we can’t tell if this IS animal cruelty based on still photographs.

        3. Yes, nobody actually knows what those animals are thinking. But we can recognize a terrified animal.

          And you’re right that he didn’t actually shill for cruelty.

          My bad.

        4. Children are terrified the 1st time they jump in too.

          1. We are animals’ parents. They benefit from our making them do stuff, just as children do.

        5. Sigh.

          You’ve done this many times before, and you always look like an ass.

          Also, want to know how I know you aren’t actually a libertarian? Shit like this.

      2. You know what else happened when pigs flew?

        1. Hitl– wait a minute….

    2. That is a bridge? Looks like some pallets and sticks stuck together with duct tape to me. The cruel part is putting the pigs in danger by making them get on that monstrosity. Of course the pigs want to jump off of it. I would too.

    1. “Cheapen,” by which they mean “draw uncomfortable attention to the violence of Muslim extremists,” which is the real crime here.

    2. CNN isn’t as well armed as Texas.

      1. You would think Atlanta would have plenty of guns.

        1. Sherman burnt them all.

  23. French lawmakers move to adopt a sweeping, oversight-free surveillance bill of their very own.

    Pourquoi pas? The French can enjoy their own slew of domestically and diplomatically embarrassing revelations.

  24. Top 100 SNES games of all time.

  25. I’ve posted this before, but can anyone fact-check this?

    The “Evil” Koch Foundations
    2013 charitable distributions: $7,542,598
    2013 managerial overhead: $487,213

    The “Benevolent” Clinton Foundation
    2013 charitable distributions: $8,865,052
    2013 “managerial overhead”: $84,684,494

    (And again, why does the left so often seem to have the best graphic design skills? The typography and overall design are amateurish. Even the writing is heavy-handed.)

    1. Your comparing apples to eggshells. You’re discounting all the good work the Clintons do courtesy of their lavish travel budget, like drawing attention to important issues through their speaking engagements and collecting payments for their foundation.

      1. And they spent that $84M so it was multiplied by the 9999 ClintonianKeynesian factor.

    2. “And again, why does the left so often seem to have the best graphic design skills?”

      As someone in that industry, graphic designers are generally not very intelligent so they’re drawn to feel-good politics (aka liberalism) if they are political at all. I think I’m maybe a bit above average, intelligence-wise, and some of the designers I’ve met make me feel like an intellectual giant.

    3. Yeah, even the United Way boots you when overhead is equal to or greater than distributions.

    4. What’s the source?

      1. The link is where I got it, but the ultimate source is what I’m too lazy to research, so I thought I’d crowdsource that work here.

        1. The Clintons aren’t even anywhere near as efficient as Lenny Bruce.

          1. And he got arrested for it.

  26. The trade description is a bit deceptive. This isn’t a “you have to pass it to know what is in it.” This is Democrats trying to block it. All the vote would do is give the president the authority to negotiate then Congress to give an up or down vote without amendment.

    1. I’d kill myself if I was a graphic designer. Having to go to meetings all day where people tell you how they “feel” about the pictures you create would be horrible.

      I’ve built web sites that did really, really cool things only to hear people complain about the background color or the font used. (Or worse yet, complain about how it prints out. It’s a fucking web site moron).

      I could only imagine how bad it would be to have to go to a meeting full of marketing people and listen to them debate for hours about the right amount of drop shadow on a logo.

      1. You might enjoy this site, which is hilariously true in my experience:

        1. Yeah, those all hit a bit too close to home.

          I worked with the CTO of one company who would always use terms like “flashify” this component (meaning she wanted a flash plugin for some dynamic element) or more “ajaxy” for async components.

          I actually felt bad for her because she was an older gal who had been super hot in her younger years and now that she was on the downhill slide, no one cut her any slack and she wasn’t smart enough to make it on her brains.

      2. I left a six-figure graphic designer job at Western Digital two years ago precisely for this reason. Utterly deplorable environment combined with the fact the end product bore little resemblance to my initial design. Very demoralizing to produce work you don’t feel good about, no matter how much you get paid.

  27. Libertarians Can Stop Worrying and Embrace Rand Paul’s Strategy

    You know who else told the citizens of their country to just go along with it?

    1. England?

    2. Linky no workee.

    3. Emperor Caligula?

    4. Michele Obama?

    5. Dag Hammerskjold?

  28. Surprise! Women trump men on CEO pay

    A woman CEO is basically a male. So this doesn’t count. Or should it count given that said CEO is transgendered?

    Which grievance class takes precedence here?

    1. She’s “acting male”

    2. Me. Where’s my trigger warning!

  29. You can’t get a more ironic headline.

    The profession that depends on the 1st amendment doesn’t get the 1st amendment.

    Yet more journalists not grasping the First Amendment

    1. People who write uncontroversial opinions and draw pictures of pretty flowers aren’t usually found on the front lines of the free speech fight.

      No, but the columnists to whom he addresses his criticism would argue that free speech is better represented by disenfranchised artists or authors taking on privileged organizations?for example, frat culture, or Christians, or Republican senators, or the Kochs, or…

    2. Oh, they understand the part that counts — freedom of the press. It’s the rest of it that their brains can’t grasp. Like a chihuaua who only has enough brain power to recognize one master.

    3. Moral of the story: Heckler’s veto wins.

      If libertarians were as violent when offended, would journalists treat libertarians with more respect?

    4. “The views being expressed at the conference could be seen as social commentary. Political and social speech should be protected. You are arguably talking about social commentary.”

      How is “social commentary” distinct from social or political speech, and what makes that determination?

  30. CBS/New York Times poll says Americans believe that race relations are at their lowest point in more than 20 years.

    Great job managing our “post-racial America”, mister president (I know, try not to laugh too hard). Add that to his lengthy list of failures.

    1. You missed this one:

      Savage: Obama Will Arm The Crips And Bloods In the Coming Race War…..g-race-war

      1. SO the NYT is now a right wing news site?

        God you are a fucking retard. Just do the gene pool a favor and die

        1. John, every time you give the ant your secretions, you only encourage it to vex you more.

        2. Oh, I don’t doubt race relations have deteriorated. Every redneck in the country is pissed that a black man is in the White House.

          1. I’m a bit more pissed that there is a retard in the White House.

            1. I’m not pissed, because mediocrity is all our political system can produce. Unless you mean pissesd in the British sense. In that case, I’m very pissed.

          2. You can tell Buttplug’s right because of all the instances of mob violence in which whites attack random blacks in the streets.

            Oh wait, it’s the other way around.

          3. So you’re excusing Obama for being ignorant and naive, not for being incpmpetent. Good work, son.

      2. Shriek derp de derp. Derp de derpity derpy derp. Until one day, the derpa derpa derpaderp. Derp de derp da teedily dumb. From the creators of Der, and Tum Ta Tittaly Tum Ta Too, Shriek is Da Derp Dee Derp Da Teetley Derpee Derpee Dumb. Rated PG-13.

    2. Comically, race relations continue to improve.

      It’s just that Obama uses allegations of racism to dissuade people from listening to criticism of his policies. It’s a massive give-away as to how vacuous and shallow thinker Obama is. And since much of his policies are incredibly stupid and driven solely by short term efforts to punish his enemies and divert money to his cronies he and his psychophants cry “racism” so much that one could say that to the Obama admin “racism” is the tootsie roll of rebuttals.

      I look at my kids and they literally don’t give a shit about the color of each other’s skins. And that’s the future that will win eventually.

      1. Not caring about skin color is racist! Not caring about sexuality is bigotry!


          It’s the law.

    3. The unspoken message seven years ago was that if we elected a black president then all would be forgiven. Not only did that not happen, now we’re told we can’t even defend ourselves if a young thug assaults us because we might hurt him, or worse. My white guilt is officially dead. If I’m going to be branded a racist then I might as well act like one. Who’s with me?

      1. You used the “t” word, which we know just means you were thinking the “n” word, so you are outed yourself, Captain Racistpants.

        1. The way I see it, if words like “thug” and “socialist” are just thinly-veiled, racist euphemisms for the dreaded word that begins with the 14th letter of the alphabet, then we might as well just go ahead and use THAT word from now on. Problem solved.

          1. You are probably the whitest and malest white male there ever was. You people…

            1. Guilty as charged. Serves me right for choosing to be born this way…

      2. I remember when I first heard the word “white guilt” it was on an episode of 3rd rock from the sun. I remember because it filled me with a rage thats hard to describe. Just the very notion that I should feel any guilt, that I should feel like I’ve committed a crime due to being born a certain ethnicity is just infuriating. And the idea that some people might actually feel guilty it is both sad that one could feel that way, and infuriating that some people have made them feel that way.

        I was in 5th grade by the way. It was my first real encounter with the perversion that is leftist thinking, and probably one the main reason I never became a leftist or voted Democrat.

        1. Perhaps I’m just a naturally guilty person. But when I saw ‘Roots’ on TV in the 70s I felt personally responsible. That, combined with all the anti-white and anti-male propaganda in California’s public schools effectively brainwashed me. The OJ verdict was the first thing to make me question the logic of my ‘guilt.’ But as I said earlier, subsequent events have allowed me to finally cast those feelings aside.

        2. “White guilt” is just the secular version of original sin.

          1. Yeah for some people I suppose. Perhaps some people have an innate need to feel guilty about something, and if they don’t get it through religion they get it from something else. Like “eco guilt” or “white guilt”

            Or maybe whites are just a stand in for the Bourgeoisie that the little Marxists have always hated. Their language may have changed but not their thinking.

  31. What are the Lyrics to Louie Louie? The FBI figured it out, finally?.

    Would you believe that the FBI conducted a two year investigation into whether someone should go to jail for “Louie Louie.”? Yeah, the song. A threat to national security and order!

    The FBI documents are here.

    Can you imagine what kind of blueballed hall monitor dipshit fuckhead decided that there should be an FBI investigation at all much less one that lasted for two years?

    I can.

    They’re the kind of people who now find themselves as administrators at colleges and law schools. They’re the kind of people who have decided that “that kind of thing” bothers them ? even if the “thing” has changed (but not really by a lot). Although this letter was most certainly not written by Catharine MacKinnon, you can find her spirit in between the lines. (Will over-privileged bored white women always be the bane of liberty?) See also Catharine A. MacKinnon, Pornography, Civil Rights, and Speech, 20 Harv. C.R.-C.L. L. Rev. 1, 3 & n.2 (1985).

    See also: The Raunchy Version of Louie Louie ? Lyrics Are Public Domain?

    1. Can you imagine what kind of blueballed hall monitor dipshit fuckhead decided that there should be an FBI investigation at all much less one that lasted for two years?

      The Chip Dillers of the world, one could say.

      1. Someone who wants to sit around and listen to old LP’s all day instead of work?

    2. I’ve heard that one before. What’s odd is that the lyrics were published long ago, and with them in front of you, it’s pretty obvious that they are, in fact, singing the written lyrics.

    3. I 5think Berkeley Breathed satirized this when the news of the FBI investigation came out In like, 1987.

      1. You’re old now- and it’s new again…

    1. The end of civilization?

      1. Or its glorious apex?

        1. I dunno….

          When they find me, starved to death, in my recliner, is that a plus or minus to civilization?

          1. Well if it leads into one of my favorite Larry Niven stories, you may have to take one for the team.

            Plus, sexbots!

  32. I recently re-watched Zodiac (great movie). Question: Am I the only person who strongly suspects that Zodiac was multiple, unrelated killers? The Paul Stine killer was the only person to provide actual evidence linking him/her to the crime scene.

    Plus, the Stine killing was greatly different from the Lake Berryessa event.

    1. I second the fact that it is a great movie.

      1. I like how all the Zodiac violence gets crammed into the first hour and the last 1.5 hours is just Graysmith being totally obsessed with what happened during that first hour.

        1. Fincher is a great director. I also like how all of the actors were pretty subdued, which helped make the story more realistic.

    2. I agree and I think it’s just human nature to detect patterns. Plus it’s easier to stomach that there is just one unusually evil guy out there doing all of the crimes than to accept that evil people are more common.

    1. Thine link hast been rent asunder.

  33. Oh Christ. Obama, not content with the massive damage he has already done to economic growth, now wants to regulate even more jobs out of existence by doubling the overtime pay threshold.

    1. “We need a national wage floor that that rises each year, so that its purchasing power doesn’t erode with time,” Labor Secretary Tom Perez wrote

      Sheesh, just tie the wage floor to the debt ceiling and be done with it. 8-(

      1. Or they could stop inflating the currency.

        1. Now THERE is a good idea!

      2. He’s advocating a pancaked building?

    2. Not sure if this is related, but I was recently demoted from a salary position to an hourly one at my job because of new federal guidelines. According to the new rules, you can only be salary if you’re a manger and supervise at least two people. So, I’m clocking in and out for the first time in 26 years. Plus, some days I can’t finish my work in an eight hour shift (and my company never authorizes overtime) and have to clock out and continue working for ‘free.’ Does anyone know if this rule applies to everyone, or just to government contractors (which I unfortunately am)? It’s very demoralizing and infantilizing….

      1. Keep track of your “free” time and when you are ready to leave your job, demand they pay you for it. When they say no, Dept. of Labor will give you a free lawyer and, in such cases,
        your keeping track of the time will trump any denials on their part and you’ll get a whopping big check.

        1. Great tip. Although I hate to be one of those people who run to Big Daddy Government and tattle on others. But I suppose desperate times call for desperate measures, huh?

      2. Demoralizing and infantilizing? I’ll trump that. I used to work for DoD. We were once told to track what we worked on during the day — in FIFTEEN MINUTE increments.

        1. I suppose it’s my own fault for taking a job at a company that works for the DoD. You should have seen the information I had to provide before they’d give me a security clearance (something I had years ago in the military, but that didn’t matter since I recently vacationed in Russia). But it was the only place that called me in for an interview after nine months of being unemployed. I should update my resume…

        2. Try working in a law firm….tracking every 1/10th of an hour…


    A couple of ISIS wannabes tried to shoot up an exhibition of cartoons in Garland, Texas, and the police put them down before the civilians could get to them: a triumph for duty and marksmanship. What didn’t happen next?

    There is a mosque in Garland, Texas. It was there yesterday, it’s there today, and it will be there tomorrow. After two radical Muslims attempted to massacre some infidels down the road a bit, there was no angry mob of Texans storming the place with F-350s and rifles. If any vehicle full of armed men rushed to the Muslims’ place of worship, you can be sure that it was the local police exercising an abundance of caution and nothing more.

    It’s easy to be snarky?”Oh, yay for us! No massacre, give Texas a cookie!” But only those parochial minds with the narrowest of experience could fail to appreciate how unusual that is in the world.

    1. If any vehicle full of armed men rushed to the Muslims’ place of worship, you can be sure that it was the local police exercising an abundance of caution and nothing more.

      This is coming from NR? Ok, maybe there is a seachange going on.

    2. But John, WHAT ABOUT THE CRUSADES?!!!!?!!?!!

      I’m amazed at how many Islam apologists are convinced that Christians in Texas are just as intolerant as the terrorists. “Oh yeah? Well what if the mosque held a draw funny pictures of Jesus contest?”

      Probably a peaceful protest, at most.

    3. But only those parochial minds with the narrowest of experience could fail to appreciate how unusual that is in the world.

      Except it’s worse than that. Because when those parochial minds observe the inverse occurring elsewhere in the world, their first response isn’t censure or condemnation. It’s exculpation. Foreigners aren’t responsible for horrendous transgressions. It’s just expected. The world was pure and whole and virgin until European colonialists marred it in their indefatigable greed, and the reverberations of their reign of terror continue to echo through the centuries.

  35. Louie Gohmert Sounds The Alarm About Possible Military Takeover Of Texas

    Tea party darling Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) on Tuesday demanded that the U.S. military alter a planned training exercise that some conspiracy theorists believe is cover for a possible takeover of the Lone Star state.

    Gohmert said in a statement that he understands Texans’ concerns that the exercise, dubbed “Jade Helm 15,” may be a precursor for martial law. He directed his criticism specifically at what has been reported to be a map of the training exercise, which labels Texas, among other states, as “hostile” territory:…

    1. Pretty sure Texas citizenry would rout the US military in a fight.

    2. a map of the training exercise, which labels Texas, among other states, as “hostile” territory

      Something like this?

      1. Or this?

  36. Join in your security state? We’ve already got one! Oh yes, it’s very nice. French lawmakers move to adopt a sweeping, oversight-free surveillance bill of their very own.

    All the cool kids have one!

  37. Hillary Clinton takes a thumping in the polls

    Phrasing… phrasing.

    But seriously guys, are we not doing ‘phrasing’ anymore?

    1. “… but still pegged to win.”

      1. This statement makes Bill Clinton squirm, just a little.

    1. Sweet, I’m just reading Alistair Horne’s “France 1940: To Lose a Battle” and supposedly, one of the pre-war bourgeois sayings was “Better Hitler than Blum” (French socialist politician)

      I’m glad to see the attitude in France hasn’t changed since then. Makes the book more believable*.

      *seriously, the book is awesome, but description of between Wars French politics reads like a badly written farce

      1. To be fair, a description of pretty much any European politics between the Wars would read like badly written farce.

        1. I think it’s less depressing to read about the Spanish Civil War than to read about the five years of politics preceding it… and the SCW is seriously fucking depressing.

        2. To be fair, a description of pretty much any European politics between the Wars would read like badly written farce.

          One could probably argue the same of American politics.

          Having lived in Europe and seen just how fucking banal and ridiculous socialist v. nativist socialist is, I don’t think American politics could compete in the Farce Olympics.

    2. I’m not going to watch the video, but my guess is his reasoning is that Charlie Hebdo is a highbrow sophisticated publication for highbrow sophisticated Frenchmen. Whereas Pam Geller is a stupid hillbilly racist. So basically she probably was just going to accidentally walk into traffic and get run over by that bus anyway.

      1. stupid hillbilly racist

        I believe the term is “le Cowboy“, and you are basically correct.

      2. It’s basically 50 seconds of Gallic mumbling about how there is no comparison because all we did is draw a cartoon “when Mohammed was in the news, we didn’t have a contest.” There is literally no discussion whatsoever of freedom of speech, expression or the press.

        1. “It’s basically 50 seconds of Gallic mumbling about how there is no comparison because all we did is draw a cartoon “when Mohammed was in the news, we didn’t have a contest.” There is literally no discussion whatsoever of freedom of speech, expression or the press.”

          The French, for all their hysterical claims of intellectual superiority, have had a really rough time figuring out this ‘free expression’ thing. It’s not surprising French socialists at Charlie Hebdo wouldn’t get it either, especially given their mindless love of the state.

          The rough thing about defending free speech for everyone is that you frequently end up defending the free speech rights of people who themselves are anti-free speech as apparently these Charlie Hebdo writers are.

          1. Hell, Geert Wilders wants to ban the Koran, so I guess you could throw him into that category too.

          2. I know we say it a lot around here but that 50 seconds could basically be summed up with “principals, not principles.”

            Why it is so difficult for people to understand that ALL speech/expression should be unfettered just so we don’t have someone picking and choosing what’s worth protecting is beyond me. But to your point, if someone sucks state cock 23 hours a day, believing a state employee can making that sort of determination isn’t a stretch by any means.

            They really do think the government won’t come for them someday. *sigh*

            1. Because in Europe, they literally have whole organizations dedicated to picking and choosing what’s worth protecting and what’s hate speech. They can’t comprehend living otherwise. Blame Hitler – they decided that millions died because he was allowed to speak.

              UK is slight exception, but that won’t last long. Next government will probably implement Leveson inquiry recommendation, which will end in officially licensed “media” having free speech privileges, provided they tow the lion, and commoners getting bunged up.

          3. The French, for all their hysterical claims of intellectual superiority, have had a really rough time figuring out this ‘free expression’ thing. It’s not surprising French socialists at Charlie Hebdo wouldn’t get it either, especially given their mindless love of the state.

            It ain’t just the French.

            It is literally every single other country/culture on Earth outside the US.

            And the dumb fucks revel in mocking and chastising Americans for being free to have controversial ideas and express them publicly.

            All the folks here (HnR) who fret about how awful America is really need to get out more. That isn’t to say we aren’t marching down the path to folly, but everywhere else (everywhere) is well down that path ahead of us already.

        2. There is literally no discussion whatsoever of freedom of speech, expression or the press.

          That’s because those things don’t exist in France.

          The Press Law of 1881, as amended, guarantees freedom of the press, subject to several exceptions. The Pleven Act of 1972 (after Justice Minister Ren? Pleven) prohibits incitement to hatred, discrimination, slander and racial insults.[91][92] The Gayssot Act of 1990 prohibits any racist, anti-Semite, or xenophobic activities, including Holocaust denial.[92] The Law of 30 December 2004 prohibits hatred against people because of their gender, sexual orientation, or disability.[93]

          An addition to the Public Health Code was passed on the 31 December 1970, which punishes the “positive presentation of drugs” and the “incitement to their consumption” with up to five years in prison and fines up to ?76,000. Newspapers such as Lib?ration, Charlie Hebdo and associations, political parties, and various publications criticizing the current drug laws and advocating drug reform in France have been repeatedly hit with heavy fines based on this law.

          1. It’s funny how we have to keep repeating this about those countries European.

            1. It’s funny how “enlightened” Europeans have no concept of Freedom of Speech. Or maybe it’s just sad. Kind of makes you realize just what rare a thing freedom is.

              1. The horrible Demon-spawn Ronnie Raygun said that this (America) was the last place holding the line. That after this, there is no place that respects individual liberty. He was absolutely correct. At least insofar as it’s codified in the Constitution.

                1. Panama?

  38. Glenn Beck Wants Ted Cruz’s ‘Velvet Hand’ In Control When America Descends Into Martial Law

    1. Didn’t he mean “marital law”?

      I kill me.

      1. Martian Law!! Sir Deimos beater of asses.

    2. Today’s thread is missing something…


      I feel better now.

  39. Just got the call, no school on May 19th because teachers are woefully underpaid, even with special housing subsidies paid for by yours truly!

    1. Paul, you obviously need to pay more. Quit being selfish!

      1. So… this isn’t even enough?

        1. Duh, if it were enough, they wouldn’t have to cancel class, now would they?

          I mean, I don’t even….

        2. “Service?” Fuck teachers and other public employees. I do more good as a parasitical attorney than they do, and that’s saying something profound.

          1. Whatever we give them for free isn’t enough. Besides, we all signed the Socialist Contract, did we not?

            1. Yes. I signed it in urine I rented from a homeless guy.

  40. Gohmert joins the Greg Abbot, Ted Cruz, and Chuck Norris in the “Obama is going to invade Texas and kill all the Christians” conspiracy movement:

    Gohmert Statement on Jade Helm Exercises

    Meanwhile, Walmart has had to issue a press release to dispel rumors the military is building secret invasion tunnels under their stores:

    Wal-Mart: ‘No Truth To The Rumors’ Of Tunnels Being Built To Take Over Texas

    1. I don’t know what Gohmert, Cruz and Chuck have said but Abbott said no such thing.

      1. Well I suppose mobilizing 2 thousand state guard soldiers doesn’t cound as “saying” something:

        Abbott orders the State Guard to protect Texas from Special Forces troops

        1. Your ‘substantiation’ was a picture and one sentence.

          1. It’s a dog-whistle.

        2. Sending your state militia to monitor a military exercise by federal troops within your state’s borders might be rare but it’s hardly outside the bounds of a governor’s prerogative. And it’s certainly not a statement that “Obama is going to invade Texas and kill all the Christians.”

        3. That initial report came from NPR and their facts turned out to be completely wrong. Abbott sent the guard to observe and at no point did anyone say they were there to ‘protect’ Texas from special forces troops.

          There is no quote from Abbott suggesting any such thing.

          As for Gohmert, I just read his statement and literally all he says is that he doesn’t like the ‘tone’ of the exercises. Here’s the quote:

          “Once I observed the map depicting ‘hostile,’ ‘permissive,’ and ‘uncertain’ states and locations, I was rather appalled that the hostile areas amazingly have a Republican majority, ‘cling to their guns and religion,’ and believe in the sanctity of the United States Constitution. When the federal government begins, even in practice, games or exercises, to consider any U.S. city or state in ‘hostile’ control and trying to retake it, the message becomes extremely calloused and suspicious.”

          What a lunatic! He’s clearly saying he has an issue with the message being sent and at no point does he assert that this is a conspiracy to attack Texas and ‘kill all the Christians.’

          I will say Gohmert has a poor grasp of the English language (not particularly surprising from a Texas Republican) given that he’s whining about calloused messages, but he’s hardly engaged in a conspiracy theory.

          You have a difficult time reading your own sources don’t you?

          1. I don’t think either of them actually believe Obama is going to invade Texas. But they all want to pander to the people who do.

            1. *Goalposts accelerating*

    2. Right, and chemtrails aren’t real.

  41. downplays his social intolerance while emphasizing economic imbecility

    That sounds like a platform that is twirling, twirling towards freedom.

  42. Who the fuck is Pam Geller? Some washed up ’80s actress? Does she bend spoons via mentation? Has she fallen down, and now unable to arise?

    1. No idea, and don’t want to know. Don’t need to deify the speechifier. Just need to concentrate on the right to speechify.

    2. She’s a Jewish writer and speaker from New York who doesn’t like Islam. She’s largely right, but she’s widely hated because lots of people don’t want to see that Islamic violence is actually very Islamic, and not some sort of strange anomaly that “has nothing to do with true Islam.”

      1. She’s largely right about there being serious problems with Islam but has moments where she goes bugfuck crazy like when she claimed Barack Obama had sexual relations with a crack whore with no evidence.

        1. Those batshit crazy moments make up most of her…career or whatever it is. She’s one of those morons who seriously believes Sharia is coming to America.

      2. After 9/11 I read a lot about Islam, and was shocked to discover that the jihadists were not some people who “hijacked a great religion” but instead were people following Islam by the letter. It was really hard for me to explain that to people, who never did read anything about Islam, when the subject came up. Often I was simply dismissed as some “ignorant bigot” which is ironic because I’ve actually read much of the Koran while the people dismissing had not.

        Years later when the subject comes up, and I explain how Jihadists are following Islam by the letter, people now agree with me instead.

        I think people are waking up.

        1. And let us all give thanks that Christians do not follow their “word of god” by the letter.

          1. I know could you imagine if all of them “turned the other cheek” and forgave those that have wronged them? Complete chaos.

            1. Lets just pretend that Old Testament doesn’t exist! -how Xtian Cons really go through life.

              1. A few points: the Old Testament is in many ways superseded by the New. The Bible was also written by many people “inspired” by God, in different languages over many years, and usually read in translation. That’s rather different from the Koran, (supposedly) written by one person, taking dictation from Gabriel at the order of Allah. Every word of the Koran is supposed to be direct, perfect, unchanging word of Allah. (Allah speaks archaic Arabic, you see, and there’s a master copy of the Koran in Heaven.) And, of course, Muhammad was a caravan robber/murderer turned prophet and war leader. Jesus was rather less violent.

                Add all that up, and a few more things, and the two religions are quite different, not only theologically, but in practice. As anyone with any knowledge of world events should know.

                1. Add all that up, and a few more things, and the two religions are quite different, not only theologically, but in practice. As anyone with any knowledge of world events should know.

                  What a load of shit. Christianity in the Medieval ages was every bit as barbaric and cruel as the worst of Islam today. The only reason it isn’t today is because the Christians aren’t very Christian-except for the evangelists who support criminalizing homosexuality in Africa.

                  1. If you have to go back hundreds of years or to parts of Africa for your “equivalence,” you lose.

          1. Just like Jesus. Yup, those two religions are nearly identical!

    3. She’s a pseudoscholar hack whose main purpose in life is to make up hysterical shit about Islam so she can sell books to ignorant yokeltarians. She stands for free speech except when Muslims want to exercise it.

      1. Name one thing she has “made up” about Islam.

        1. Here she seriously claims that Norquist is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

          Geller said the reason she and the other panelists ? including fellow anti-Muslim activists Frank Gaffney and Robert Spencer ? were barred from CPAC because of the nefarious influence of board members Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan.

          The three anti-Muslim activists have for years accused Norquist and Khan of being members of the Muslim Brotherhood and secret Islamist agents, but Geller took her rhetoric against Khan, a Republican consultant and former Bush White House official, to new heights today.


          She has also stated that Muslims see Park51 as ‘conquered ground’ without so much as a shred of qualification. I’m sorry that you have no standards but I have no reason to indulge your lack of standards.

          1. So why did Geller claim that the attackers represent large numbers of American Muslims ? as she puts it, “your everyday, run of the mill moderates praising mind-numbing savagery” ? although her only evidence for that are a few Twitter accounts linked to ISIS, one of which may have belonged to one of the attackers, and none of which represent any American Muslims?

            Because she’s full of shit.


            1. No, you’ve got her beat there. Yes, it’s a common Muslim view to see mosques as “conquered ground.” Grover Norquist is a bit suspect, being married to a Muslim woman and having been very pro-Muslim for many years. Yes, many American Muslims support terror, death for blasphemy, etc.

  43. At least four Florida companies approved for ferry service to Cuba

    For the first time in five decades, at least four companies have received U.S. government approval to ferry passengers between Florida and Cuba.

    All four companies were notified Tuesday of approvals by the U.S. Treasury and Commerce departments, the first since the U.S. imposed a trade embargo on Cuba.

    Approved were Havana Ferry Partners of Fort Lauderdale, Baja Ferries of Miami, United Caribbean Lines Florida of Greater Orlando and Airline Brokers Co. of Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

    A Treasury spokeswoman confirmed approval of ferry licenses but would not say how many were approved.…..-83465209/

    1. I wonder what the new excuse is going to be for Cuba’s crappy economy, now that they can’t say it’s due to the US embargo.

      Fun fact: in the early 1950’s Cuba and Japan had nearly equal per capita incomes.

      1. But wasn’t Japan still recovering from the war in 1950? Not sure if that’s the best comparison, even though it’s obvious that Cuba’s problems all stem from their destructive Communist system of government.

        1. Yes, and the fact that Japan had more to overcome is a point in favor of Cuba’s economic system?

          1. A series of craters to global economic juggernaut vs. strong regional economy to, well, a series of craters.

        2. The best comparison: when Castro took over, Cuba was the richest country per capita in Latin America. Now it’s the poorest.

      2. It will be, first, all the years of embargo.

        Then, best and brightest fleeing to US on these ferries.

        Then, US tourists turning Cuba into their playground.

        And then Castros will die already, Cuba will collapse, and the left can proudly point out: “See, without Castros, Americans ruined once great island.”

      3. There’s a movie on youtube that’s 80 minutes long. Search on “cuba before fidel castro”. It’s unbelievable how freakin developed Cuba used to be. If you don’t have the patience for the whole thing, the first 5 minutes gives you the gist of it. Amazing stuff.

    2. Wait, a ferry from Orlando?

      1. Cape Canaveral. Come on ProL. Orlando metro greater than sign Tampa in area.

  44. It always surprises me to find this on CNN.

    This guy is a credit to his profession.

    Of course, we do have an idea floating around that I find loathsome — those who blame the victims. Those who ask, “Why be provocative?” My answer, “because we can,” and not only that “to ensure that we can keep doing so.”

    Because the day that we say that there is one idea that we cannot mock, that is the day that we lose much more than a life, and much more than a debate.

    That is when we lose freedom itself.

    So draw. Mock. Point and laugh. If you do it to me, I will not draw a gun. Because my beliefs are strong enough that they can withstand the power of a cartoon. Are yours?

    1. Editor’s Note: Marc J. Randazza is a Las Vegas-based First Amendment attorney and managing partner of the Randazza Legal Group. He is licensed to practice in Arizona, California, Florida, Massachusetts and Nevada. His paper “Freedom of Expression and Morality-Based Impediments to the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights” will be published in the next edition of the Nevada Law Journal. The opinions expressed in this commentary are his.

      Shorter CNN – Don’t come shoot us, we like muslims.

    2. “This guy is a credit to his profession.’

      A 1rst Amendment lawyer… in Vegas.

      I want to party with that guy, and his clients (i.e. the porno companies)

  45. not only that “to ensure that we can keep doing so.”

    Excellent statement.

    1. I am so, so, so sick of these fucking little Quislings and the sanctimonious airs they put on as they pretzel logic a justification for their moral cowardice.

      1. Me too. Even though Yuri Bezmenov enlightened me to the existence of demoralized useful idiots, I still so enraged when I read them.

    2. Two assholes who wanted to kill people for disagreeing with them got shot dead and one cop got a walk away wound? I’d be happy to be “morally culpable” for that.

    3. Dr. George Tiller ran a “late-stage” abortion clinic in Kansas- he surely knew he would be killed…

  46. Nebraska woman claiming to represent God sues all homosexuals in federal court:

    Driskell v. Homosexuals

      1. Gotta respect some good ol’fashioned crazy sometimes.

  47. Cytotoxic, how’s Alberta’s libertarian moment going?

    1. It isn’t. Why are you such a tedious cunt? What do you think you’re proving? Do you really think you’re anything but a tedious cunt?

    2. Ooh, election results should be coming in soon! Let’s see if they elected Commies!

      At least according to CBC, Commies have real good chance to totally win and fix Alberta forever!

      1. Everybody’s going nuts over these elections and for no good reason. Alberta has had NDP governance in all but name for several years now.

        1. Oh, kid, you don’t know what NDP governance is really like. Get your ass ready just in case, because those guys don’t lube up!

          1. I experienced it first hand in BC. I know what’s it’s like (although it wasn’t that bad in Manitoba under Gary Doer because he was basically a Liberal). The Alberta PCs have been friggin’ awful just awful. The royalty mess they made several years ago was as bad as anything the NDP would do.

            1. Don’t despair! There’s nothing wrong with Alberta that a few million poor Muslim immigrants can’t fix!

              1. True. We need all the immigration we can get. Just like everywhere else.

    3. How would he know? Psychotoxic isn’t libertarian, he isn’t a very good Objectivist (which, IIRC, is what he claims to be).

  48. Also PEI elected a gay premier who prohibited the Mohammed cartoons when he was running a university.

    1. Who says PEI is not on the cutting edge of global trends! If he were a millennial, that’s Reason greatest hits parade right there.

  49. French lawmakers move to adopt a sweeping, oversight-free surveillance bill of their very own.


    1. Wasn’t he mayor? What exactly did he do as mayor?

      1. I wan’t alive at the time, but he won by something around 15 votes the first time. He started the progressive party. They had a good chunk of the city council too. Something to do with cable?

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