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In Oregon, teacher Linda McLean is suing the Pine Eagle School District and several of its officials, claiming a surprise active shooter drill left her with post-traumatic stress disorder. The drill happened on a day when children were not at school. A man wearing goggles burst into her classroom, fired a gun at her and said "You're dead." She later found that was the school safety officer.

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  1. If they had warned her beforehand, she never would have learned how to be unprepared for being dead. I mean, what kind of teacher is against learning?

    1. Those who can’t die, teach?

      1. Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Ms. McLean schoolhouse wgah’nagl fhtagn.

        1. I like the way you think, db, and may you be among the first to be eaten – and eaten quickly at that.

  2. I’m continually flabbergasted that drills like this are planned well in advance, and yet no one sitting at the table thinks that scaring the hell out of his coworkers might, possibly, be a bad idea and that no one will mind?

    1. I’m thinking that they see the scaring the hell out of the hoighty teachers as a feature, not a bug. They are, after all, two steps down the thug heirarchy from cops, and not particularly respected by anyone.

      1. *they being those school “resource officers” who are not merely cops on easy assignment.

  3. for those too lazy to RTFA, the best bits:

    One teacher wet herself, another was injured in a scuffle and others fell trying to hide or escape from the “attacker.”

    McLean claims that “panic ensued” and that the Monday after the drill, when she tried to return to school she felt “extremely emotionally and physically ill.”

    The lawsuit states that being “assaulted and terrorized by a man armed with a gun lies well outside the scope” of her employment.

    The Oregon reports that the drill concluded that “not many” of the elementary school teachers would survive in the case of a real attack.

    1. +1 Red Dawn

      1. In a follow-up newspaper story, Linda McLean was quoted as asking her lawyer to, “AVENGE ME!”

    2. “not many” of the elementary school teachers would survive

      But the kids? Oh, they’ll be all right…

    3. Or in case of a real job.

    4. “The Oregon reports that the drill concluded that “not many” of the elementary school teachers would survive in the case of a real attack.”

      This does not warrant being called a “drill”. A drill as when the teachers practice responding to an emergency situation according to some developed procedure. By practicing (drilling), the idea is that they will perform better if/when under the stress of a real emergency.

      In this case, they can conduct this “drill” every day for 10 years with the same result. That being “not many” teachers surviving.

      1. I think the “drill” concluded just what they wanted it to: Needs Moar Cops!!111

  4. With some calling for the ability teachers to conceal carry in the classroom, it’d be interesting to see how these surprise drills might go another way in the future.

    1. Halfway, population 288,….

      DeCastro has heard some criticisms of the drill from townsfolk, but is convinced it was valuable. “For us not to know how we were going to respond is leaving us open,” she said.

      The district’s Safety Committee and the School Board now will critically evaluate policies and procedures and decide what to do next, said DeCastro.

      Armed teachers is one possible outcome, she said. Or the district may get armed and trained volunteers from the community to watch over the school in shifts, she said.

      Gover said the teachers tend to favor having one or two armed teachers in the building at all times.

      Population 288. Is there something in the water in the Northwest? I remember Wenatchee.

    2. Ya it would be funny if one of them were following natural laws. Meanwhile this daytime laser tag match would gotten bloody real fast

      1. It’s just a matter of time.

        “The drill showed that the teachers are prepared.”

  5. If a real shooter was inside the cops would hide outside behind their cars.

  6. Oh, yous just *wait* until her husband, John MacLean gets into the action. Yippee-kay-aye.

    1. He won’t show up until around Christmas

      1. “Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho.”

        1. “SHOOT. The GLASS!”

  7. One teacher wet herself, another was injured in a scuffle and others fell trying to hide or escape from the “attacker.

    Sounds like the way they reacted to Walker.

    1. The zing heard round the internet.

  8. This is why brandishing a firearm and assault are criminal offenses.


    1. Criminal law only apply to peasants.

  9. For your consideration:

    “The drill was scheduled at Pine Eagle School District No. 61 in Halfway just a few months after the Sandy Hook massacre.”

  10. A man in googles ran into her classroom, pointed a gun her, pulled the trigger, smoke filled the air and the man yelled, “you’re dead!”


  11. Let’s try a similar experiment to see if the “school resource officers” are prepared for an emergency. Have several “actors” tackle them, tie them up, and lock them in the broom closet.

    And if anyone remembers, let them out at the end of the day.

  12. If this isn’t Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, I’d be hard put to say what *would* be.

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