Rand Paul

Republican Party in Nevada Might Change Rules, In a Way Imagined to Harm Rand Paul's Chances

But Nevada being a caucus instead of a primary didn't really end up doing Ron Paul that much good.


Washington Post reports on GOP machinations in Nevada that seem designed to hobble Rand Paul in that early state:

the Ron Paul supporters who basically took over the state party in 2012 have largely been replaced, and now, the state GOP is moving toward replacing the Paul-friendly caucus process with a regular primary…..

Caucuses favor candidates with more devoted supporters and tend to draw from a smaller pool of voters, allowing for someone with more of a niche base to be more competitive…..

The Post goes on to discuss how libertarian-leaning Nevada is understood to be (though it doesn't mention that Ron Paul grossly underperformed his campaign's expectations in 2012) and its importance in setting the field as an early state.

But I'm not sure a switch to a primary system will make that much difference in the end result for Rand. As far as momentum goes, media reports the mass caucus popular vote on the day of voting and pretty much ignores what happens at the later convention–for example, no one understood that Ron Paul "won Iowa" until months later, so he got no frontrunner advantage from it. (Won in the sense that the vast majority of the actual convention delegation was for him.)

That Nevada was a caucus rather than primary state technically didn't end up mattering much in terms of helping Ron Paul last time except for a small circus on the Tampa convention floor, as the state interpreted the rules to mean that their delegates had to vote in accord with the mass caucus vote, which favored Romney. Regardless, many of the Paul-loving Nevada delegates tried to cast their votes from the floor for Paul, and were pretty much ignored. And in 2008, the party more or less shut down its own convention to prevent a Paul takeover.

Some old clips explaining Paul's caucus/delegate strategy with a focus on Nevada toward the end, when he actually won Nevada in 2012, delegate-wise, the sadder end result of all his delegate battles, and from early 2013 when his  influence on the Nevada party seemed like it might have more legs.

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  1. The GOP did much the same thing when the Robertson people got organized and tried to use the system against Bush. The kingmakers one time got screwed out of their jobs and they’ll never let that happen again. The only vote you have in the GOP is to vote for who you’re told to vote for.

    1. As opposed to the Democrats (the alleged party of the little people) and the extensive use of superdelegates. Same mouthwash, other cheek.

    2. It’s why I don’t understand why the ‘libertarian-leaning’ GOP still exists. There is no chance the establishment will let them take over or even substantially influence the party. All while folks like McCain/Graham/King/Huckabee/etc snipe constantly (while being careful not to use the word RINO). All while the message itself gets hopelessly polluted in with all the other ‘wings’ of the party which are anti-libertarian to their bones – and sniped at by the Dems/media for being the ‘hugest possible threat to the country’. How can this lead to ‘electability’?

      The reality is that libertarian-leaners already know how to build a political party. They took over much of the grassroots apparatus of the GOP. Now repeat that outside that decrepit corrupt party where the message isn’t hopelessly muddled and attacked. Read a bit of Dale Carnegie so you can actually talk to those who aren’t already in the choir. And provide voters with an actual choice.

    1. Can a party Fist fit in your lovely ass?

      1. You’re worse than Hitler,

    2. There is party unity.

      Democrats and Republicans working together to screw America.

  2. Gee, didn’t see that coming.


  3. Let’s discuss the final edit phase of Reason writers. It seems to be missing lately. Are they in a hurry, or something?

    1. It’s Brian. Brian often submits articles that are…shall we say…not up to, say, Nicole’s editor standards. He usually fixes them when prompted.

      1. I’m delighted to discover that high standards for submission is a quality Nicole and I share.

        You hear that, Doherty? High. Standards. Leave the typos for us mouth-breathers.

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        1. Excellent, glad to hear it. People don’t often realize how sweet parmesan actually is. And Mexican-fusion stroganoff with cilantro pesto and cumin-lime sour cream…whoa. That’s my kind of mixing of cuisines. Though my attempt to make cilantro-tequila gravlax, while not bad, didn’t result the way I wanted it.

          And I’d be careful about equating Nicole and yourself. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but she’s the worst.

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        1. Hugh, I can’t believe you’re still upset Nicole refused your friend request on Facebook. Get over it, she’s just anti-social.

          1. It’s nice of you o make excuses for her Epi, but I know the truth. I mean, even the Russian spam-bots on facebook turned down my friend requests.

    2. Didn’t Reason advertise for a proofer recently? Did they chain the poor sap up in the basement of their LA compound to polish shoes and come up with a dozen headlines for the stories du jour?

      1. They only needed to ask, we would have let them borrow a few orphans. Mine are trained to shriek in F sharp at “per say”, for example.

  4. Wasn’t there a book about Ron Paul?

    1. The Declaration of Independents or something?

  5. They should have fired the cover designer. He was dyslexic or something.

  6. Between the Democrats and Republicans this American thing should be fucking bounced around into all sorts of predictable fucking madness. Every year. Until the pong of this shit inverts and the political code goes awry and tipping calculus owns the demo fabrics… could happen next gen. Let’s fucking hope goddamn evangelicals or old school fucking progs aren’t the release of a nation.

  7. Given the idiocy and outright time wasting crap that happened at the last two causes I went to, I can’t help but wonder how a typical primary election could be worse.

    1. *caucuses

        1. Pronounced cockeye…

          1. Iowa Cow’s Eye doesn’t really work, does it?

    1. Is that how cauci really work? I did not know that.

    2. That is an accurate portrayal of the election of 2008

  8. What’s up with the hard-on for Rand Paul? Is this the libertarian version of Dynasty when we need a tag team like the Bush, Clinton, and Kennedy families do?

    What became of the Reagan, Eisenhower and Coolidge clan? Nothing much, as it should be.

    Me and my questions. Scott Walker is worth considering. Who else will stand up to Levaithan?

    1. The Tafts could’ve been a good dynasty.

      1. Taft comes up second on Yahoo (my primary source for history) as the most likely gay president, behind Buchanan. God love the gays but this no way to build a dynasty.

        1. Robert would probably disagree.

    2. What’s up with the hard-on for Rand Paul?

      I don’t know, maybe libertarians like candidates with a record of standing for liberty in votes and rhetoric.

      Scott Walker is worth considering. Who else will stand up to Levaithan?

      Scott Walker is good for putting PubSec unions in their place, except for cops and firefighters. He’s not going to stand against Leviathan like Rand will.

      1. Rand Paul is a self-loathing white man, or plays the part. Even MIchael Bloomberg resists holding council with Al Sharpton.

        1. Good grief.

          1. For once in my life, I’m compelled to agree with Bo. WTF is this world coming to?

            1. I agreed with him once too, and then found myself scrutinizing my motivations for holding a Bo-approved opinion in the first place.

        2. …what? Please tell me this is sarcasm. Please tell me you’re not this stupid.

        3. I don’t mean to give you the vapors my fellow, but I am not a doctor.

          1. So you’re a regular moron.

        4. Sarcasm?

          1. I saw in a thread a few days ago you saying you lived in South LA for awhile. Whereabouts? It better be somewhere south of MLK.

            1. Nah, University Park (I’m just finishing up at USC, although I’m staying in the area another year with some friends who are doing an extra year).

  9. They’re probably going to do to Rand what they did to Ron. Christie or some other douchebag will wind up with the nomination.

    1. Ron was and is primarily a victim of Ron.

      1. His point stands.

    2. No way Christie gets the nomination, no way. Christie could get the Democrat nomination before he’d win the GOP. Paul will be attacked in the same ways his father was (not ‘realistic’ enough on foreign policy and the WOT and therefore allowing us all to fall under Sharia law, not a big enough booster for Israel), but he’s much more politic in dealing with things.

  10. Rand Paul isn’t Ron Paul, he doesn’t have the same weaknesses or aura of kookiness that prevents him from being taken seriously by the party or the media.

    He can win Nevada outright with no need for the guerrilla delegate campaign.

    1. Rand doesn’t have the same weaknesses, but he does have a lot of the same strengths as his father. One of those was he would do well in caucuses. This news stinks.

    2. The kookiness was hardly just an ‘aura’.

    3. he doesn’t have the same weaknesses or aura of kookiness that prevents him from being taken seriously by the party or the media.

      Which, I’m sorry to say, may be all the more reason why the GOP Establishment rigs the game against him. The reality is that a Rand Paul administration would threaten the Establishment’s interests only somewhat less than a Ron Paul administration. But, there’s an order of magnitude or more higher a probability of a Rand Paul administration happening. So, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them pull out all the stops to prevent that from happening.

  11. The Stupid Attack on Bud Light

    “This week’s installment of “no, really, what was that marketing team thinking?” is brought to you by Bud Light, which is getting shredded on the Internet for a new slogan on bottles. The tag line: “The perfect beer for removing ‘no’ from your vocabulary for the night. #UpForWhatever.” Reformulated slightly, the slogan basically translates to “no means up for whatever,” and it didn’t take long for others to begin pointing out that such a statement can be interpreted as an endorsement of rape culture. ”


    Anyone who has seen any Bud Light commercial in the past few years should get that the slogan is part of a YOLO type ‘upforwhatever’ branding, and is not supposed to mean ‘go rape someone’ any more than Red Stripe’s ‘Hooray Beer!’ meant ‘Hooray, let’s drink beer and rape someone!’

    1. “The perfect beer for removing ‘no’ from your vocabulary for the night. #UpForWhatever.” Reformulated slightly, the slogan basically translates to “no means up for whatever,”

      That’s not reformulating slightly, that’s reinterpreting the substance and spirit of a dumb beer slogan to wring five hundred words from it to write another forgettable Slate article.

      1. At least this isn’t as bad as Anheuser Busch’s old slogan, Nothing Beats a Bud, given that slogan’s obvious reference to domestic abuse.

        1. None of their slogans have ever been as bad as the beer itself.

          1. 4 out of 5 Bud drinkers prefer beer.

            1. Bud is the wizard of tum bloat.

    2. Imagine how they’d interpret the Schaefer slogan today: the one beer to have when you’re “having” more than 1.

      1. I had a Shaeffer Beer neon sign once. Squirrels destroyed it.

    3. Meanwhile, can anyone explain to me what it was in “Blurred Lines” (the parody of “Word Crimes”) as a song or video that linked to rape culture? Was it just the most momentarily-popular sexy song?

      1. The girls danced around half-naked while the lyrics made it sound like Alan Thicke’s son was giving them just what they needed, even if they didn’t want it. Or something.

        Uncensored video is worth watching if you can find it. Also, Emily Ratajkowski (NSFW).

  12. New NC poll shows Bush, Paul faring best and Walker faring worst of GOP nominees listed, vs. Clinton


  13. University of Maryland comes to a conclusion regarding American Sniper that proves they might actually understand this ‘free speech’ thing after all.

    Now, two student groups — College Republicans and College Democrats — are working together to screen the film Monday at 6 p.m. in Hoff Theater. They will also convene a panel discussion of the film afterward.

    Show the movie, then talk about it afterwards! What a novel idea!

    1. HERESY!

      This is why real progressives need to boot those corporate boot-lick mainstream democrats to the curb, and retake our party!

      1. I’m gonna lick this boot and shove it right up your ass for snubbing my email.

        1. Who the fuck is this Los bitch?

        2. What email?

          If you sent it to the address in the handle, that’s just some dump email I use to register for things.

    2. I wonder if there will be protests against this new Avengers film, as it looks like it revels in violence towards robots.

      1. Steed’s a robot in this?

    3. Talk about it? Next they’ll suggest cuddling after sex.

        1. It’s called scuddling.

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          3. and naked sandwich-making is irresistable bait

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  18. Black people disciplining their children is a tool of White Supremacy.

    This distracting conversation turns the spotlight back to black youth. If only Freddie hadn’t run; if only his parents had beaten him; if only he was perfect, maybe he would still be with us. And the praise of Graham reflects a belief shared across race lines that beating black children is the only way to keep them safe from the dangers of a racist society, or from stepping out of line. Rather than embracing her son Michael, rather than hearing and seeing his pain and assuring him that she’s got his back, Graham beat and shamed him in front of the world

    1. To be fair, I celebrate the beating of any child.

      Especially ones that aren’t entirely human, like retards and cripples.

      1. All children, then.

    2. Alpha males are needed in the prides of ghetto hellholes. Sorry, but, alpha males are useful in the fucking white prides. Women are amazing. Mothers are awesome. But lionesses cannot control the big clawed teenagers in the pride… and, alpha males in the burbs and ghettos and cities keep the young power focused. When this is lost, the young male brain blows fringes and streams.

    3. That woman is pretty much the hero of the protests so far. Your son goes out with a mask on that night, there’s no good coming of that. This comment is right on the nose:

      Nice– with all the negative stereotypes of black parents out there, here one steps up and does the right thing, and she is criticized by another black woman.

      It’s amazing to me how good behavior by African Americans invariably gets criticized by other African Americans as somehow being evidence of white supremacy. This woman saw her kid at a fucking riot and did everything she could to remove that idiot from the situation – like any good mother should. For her trouble, she gets demeaned as a tool of the white man. Clearly it would have been better if she’d just stayed home and let her kid participate in a potentially dangerous criminal activity.

      1. Well, clearly, she lacked empathy for the rioters.

      2. Dude, its Leftytown. They NEED someone to be all Visigothy, otherwise how else would they get people to give them the power to bribe them away?

    4. ….this morning I predicted to a co-worker than the “Mom smacking thug-junior upside the head” currently being ‘celebrated’ by Fox news and others was going to last all of a hot minute before the whiplash effect occurred, and she was going to be crucified by the left and the right for various reasons.

      I actually expected the proggy-SJW angle to harp more about the fact that ‘violence doesn’t solve violence’….

      …but then i should have realized = racial oppression has to be ‘internalized’ and shit, and that they’d quickly find a way to blame whitey for Smack-Happy Black Mothers.

      It appears the current faux-outrage is over anyone daring to call people who smash cars, throw garbage cans through windows, beat up on random bystanders, set fire to buildings, loot businesses, etc., “Thugs”. Which, last i checked, Tupac had made something of a ‘self-aggrandizing’ label that has been popular in urban media for over 2 decades.

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      2. Well you forgot the other favorite meme going around. That when sports fans riot and destroy a city, they are all white college kids. But when black people riot about “institutionalized racism” they are deemed thugs.

        How many fallacies in that setup?
        1) Strawman
        2) False equivalence
        3) ?
        4) Profit??

        1. I recall someone making that comparison, and then i realized that no sports fans have ever really ‘destroyed a city’, and then tend to go home as soon as they’re sober.

          not that it matters – they’re assholes too. i’ve never given much credit to the “BUT LOOK AT THE OTHER PEOPLE”-justification for shitty behavior.

          1. What’s especially idiotic is that you never have anyone trying to defend white rioters. I have never heard anyone come up with defenses for sports fans who burn shit.

            1. Why can’t we learn to understand the college sports rioters?!

            2. Still, i really do enjoy watching the relish with which White People lecture other White People about their horrible Whiteness and Why they’ll Never Understand

              these “race riots” are making all the hyperprogs just go Squeee! with glee at the opportunity it gives them to wave their nannying finger at everyone and disgorge all the Cultural Oppression B.S. they learned about in college.

            3. What’s especially idiotic is that you never have anyone trying to defend white rioters.

              The arguments that I’ve seen is that describing sports rioters as “drunk,” “revelers,” “idiotic,” while describing race rioters as “thugs,” “terrorists,” “animals” is implicitly defending the actions of the former by writing it off as not a big deal. So basically, goalpost shifting. Because we don’t label them the same, we therefore condone their actions.

              1. “Condone” is the wrong word.

                its that we know that sports rioters are going to sober up and go home.

                rioters tend to require some forceful dissuasion to do so.

                Acknowledging a ‘difference’ is not ‘condoning’ anything. its just a bullshit rhetorical method to do what i described above = try and create a justification through false equivilence

  19. The alpha male in the fam serves a purpose no matter how fucking feminist your fucking Columbian religion is…

    Alpha males are quiet, deep, pondering, and don’t like getting fucked with. Which is why the world home likes Alpha males. We are the lions of the future. We tolerate to a point while all the mamas stress over the minor details and do their amazing shit to create great people on the ruler… But when daughters and sons cross final lines alpha males step up and roar the bitches onto the human transcript.

    When the alpha male is not there- no single mama at home can replicate the roar of a king. Sorry, I love equality. I think women are equal to men. But women have different exquisite qualities… and the alpha male doesn’t let the young fucking own the planet until that child earns it. No alpha man sits the fuck around playing games while his boy or girl runs the fucking routes without a reason. And most alpha males are relaxed about sexuality and worldliness… just find your fucking place offspring or we will help you find that shit…

    Alpha males make mom’s life easy. At least around this fucking non-ghetto.

    1. AC is hammered on God knows what. Yet he’s still more insightful, logical and perceptive than WAPO by orders of magnitude.

      1. You didn’t even bother setting the bar huh? Just dropped it on the floor.

    2. A truth accepted, and a Baltimore is solved.

    3. No alpha man sits the fuck around playing games while his boy or girl runs the fucking routes without a reason. And most alpha males are relaxed about sexuality and worldliness… just find your fucking place offspring or we will help you find that shit…

      This…it’s beautiful.

      1. alpha males step up and roar the bitches onto the human transcript.

        I generally skim AC, he loses me with the intergalatic hooey, but this sentence is awesome.

  20. You show me another politics blog with an LSD-tripping cyborg poet laureate AND a rapping vampire.


    1. It’s like a “best of” Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode.

      1. I second that. The stuff about us alpha males is so priceless I want to hang it on my wall…. I don’t need no help cause thankfully I’m tall.

  21. Now there’s a report out that the other arrestee in the van with Freddy Gray is claiming that Gray was trying to injure himself during the ride.
    First instinct: that got to that guy, probably will say anything you tell him to.

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