Freddie Gray

State of Emergency in Baltimore, Governor Calls Out National Guard

"To address the growing violence and unrest in Baltimore City"


CNN Screen capture

In response to riots in the aftermath of the death of Freddie Gray in police custody, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan declared a state of emergency at about 7pm Eastern Time.

The official announcement reads:

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan today, at the request of Baltimore City, has signed an Executive Order declaring a state of emergency and activating the National Guard to address the growing violence and unrest in Baltimore City.

The governor, along with Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford and National Guard Adjutant General Linda Singh, will hold a press conference at the Maryland Emergency Management Agency this evening at 8:30 PM.

The full executive order declaring the state of emergency is here (PDF).

As Jesse Walker noted earlier, initial protests over the treatment and death of Gray, including both peaceful demonstrations as well as scattered violence and vandalism, were largely a local affair. Today, the Baltimore Police Department claimed evidence of a "credible threat" that street gangs had joined together to "take-out" law enforcement officers—marking either an escalation of the violence in the streets, or just of the police department's public relations effort. Either way, today's violence overshadows the Saturday protests, and now the National Guard has been called in to, hopefully, calm a conflict that started with allegations of lethal police abuse.

More Reason coverage of the situation in Baltimore here.

NEXT: Rioting Is a Threat to Public Safety. Police Unions Are a Worse One.

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  1. Poor Freddie Gray. You go from a Labour Minister to a Conservative ministers and how do you get repaid? Killed by some pigs.

  2. Don’t worry, folks! Loretta Lynch is on the case!

  3. You Know Who Else didn’t like a Baltimore riot?

    1. That guy whose car just got torched?

    2. “Light-Horse Harry” Lee? Abraham Lincoln? Spiro Agnew?

      1. “Light-Horse Harry” Lee?

        You Win

        1. I mean I didn’t know that, that’s why you win…

        2. All 3 were correct answers.

          1. Yes they are, I didn’t know about Light-Horse Harry Lee’s death though.

            1. Light-Horse Harry Lee is dead?!
              Why didn’t Reason beat his death horse to death?

        3. Light-Horse Harry Lee should be a hero to Reason readers, as he died of injuries sustained defending freedom of the press and opposing a stupid war.

          1. Except for Bo….

            1. Jimmy Hoffa’s?

    3. Ray Lewis?

      1. Thing is, if it turns out the six police officers that murdered Freddie Gray are decent defensive backs and sign with the local team, the rioting would stop and turn into a Ravens rally.

    4. Francis Scott Key?

    5. Michael Orr?

  4. You Know Who Else didn’t like the Baltimore PD?

    1. Poe?

      1. Your response tells us a tale.

    2. Avon Barksdale?

    3. The Bloods?

    4. Everybody who ever lived in Baltimore?

  5. National Guard Adjutant General Linda Singh

    A Sikh General!

    Now get out there and shoot those looters like they were Indira Gandhi.

    1. Just give them Room to loot and things will be fine

      1. Earlier there was coverage of looters running into a store and then right back out.

        I imagine the owner had taken Joe Biden’s advice.

        1. Two shots Joe?

          1. “Stand up, Chandra!”

            1. I don’t own a shotgun but I imagine that the sound of a shotgun being readied/cocked (if that’s the correct term) would deter many individuals from continuing their illegal activities.

              1. I don’t own a shotgun

                You should rectify that immediately.

                1. Noted. However, there are devices which mimic shotgun-loading sounds.

                  And I can keep any “No Trespassing” and/or “Beware of Dog” and/or “alarm company-“X” protects this property signs (et cetera).

                  I think deterrence can be useful.

                  1. You know what sounds like a shotgun?

                    A shotgun.

              2. Yeah, nothing like the unmistakable sound of a pump shotgun. You can get one for a few hundred. I highly recommend it.

                1. I got a Maverick 88 (Mossberg, rebranded) for $180 brand new IN CALIFORNIA.

                  It gets the job done, and it’s quite handsome.

                  1. Oddly enough, when I lived just outside of west Baltimore I had to clear my house with a 12 gauge Mossberg. Didn’t like going around corners of with that barrel protruding a bit in front of me. The next time I had to do it, about a year later, I had a Glock in .357 Sig.

                    1. My boom stick has an 18″ barrel, with some unusual mods. A street sweeper, really. No problems cornering. Pistol grip and folding stock, so you can pull it in close to the body if needed.

  6. Funny how Martin O’Malley is running for President and completed eight years as governor just a few months ago, but no one in the media wants to ask him about this.

    1. I said it before, being mayor of Baltimore should automatically disqualify you from higher office.

      1. Or the sister of the mayor. That would have spared us Pelosi.

      2. Why? Baltimore is Charming! Bring some marshmellows and we’ll make s’mores.

    2. You know John that’s an excellent point that never crossed my mind until you just brought it up.

      It’s almost like the media has some kind of agenda or something.

      But that can’t be right.

    3. The looting should be called the Martin O’Malley & Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Stimulus Package.

      1. The bearded hobbit team of Krugman & Reich will be pleased.

  7. I hope somebody writes a song about these riots since You Know Who Else wrote a song about a Baltimore riot?

    1. James Ryder Randall?

      1. + 12 Patriotic Gore

        1. Rage Against the Machine?

    2. Francis Scott Key?

    3. Rick O’Cassick?

  8. The mayor says they just need room to loot.

    1. I think she said room to destroy, not loot.

      Jeez, John, racist much? Or something.

    2. I think she said room to destroy, not loot.

      Jeez, John, racist much? Or something.

    3. I think she said room to destroy, not loot.

      Jeez, John, racist much? Or something.

      1. Well, damn. Twice is never enough.

        1. Never destroy a CVS until you’ve cleared the cabinets of Schedule II drugs.
          Rookie mistake.

          1. You do if you’re an uneducated thug. I’m sure they all just grabbed some skittles and a soda and then lit the place on fire.

            1. What a damn shame. A lot of opiates and amphetamines burned up for nothing.

        2. Chain comment. You’ve got a good franchise going.

  9. Hogaaaan!!!

    1. Damn you.

    2. “I know nothing.”
      -Sgt Schulz
      -Stephanie Rawlings-Blake
      -Martin O’Malley

      1. -Ronald Reagan

  10. You know who else was in opposition to Hogan?

    1. William Murray McPherson?

    2. The Alliance to End Hulkamania?

    3. Jake the Snake? (RIP)

    4. Colonel Klink?

    5. The Australian Taxation Office?

    6. Bobby “The Brain” Heenan?

      1. Gorilla Monsoon would be proud.

        1. A totally relevant photo of former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader and WWE diva Stacy Kiebler.

          1. Miss Hancock, of Standards and Practices.

              1. You take your WCW elsewhere!

    7. That guy with not-a-knife?

    8. Ric Flair. Wooooooooooo

      1. Arn Anderson would be proud.

        1. Alternate answer was the twin towers (and I’m not talking about Akeem and Big Bossman):

    9. I know nothink!

  11. Hogan’s only doing this because he’s a racist and/or sexist.

    They just need space.

  12. Today, the Baltimore Police Department claimed evidence of a “credible threat” that street gangs had joined together to “take-out” law enforcement officers?marking either an escalation of the violence in the streets, or just of the police department’s public relations effort.

    “Now, look what we have here before us. We got the Saracens sitting next to the Jones Street Boys. We’ve got the Moonrunners right by the Van Cortlandt Rangers. Nobody is wasting nobody. That… is a miracle. And miracles is the way things ought to be.

    You’re standing right now with nine delegates from 100 gangs. And there’s over a hundred more. That’s 20,000 hardcore members. Forty-thousand, counting affiliates, and twenty-thousand more, not organized, but ready to fight: 60,000 soldiers! Now, there ain’t but 20,000 police in the whole town. Can you dig it?


    1. “Credible threat.”

      And now the circle begins to close. The police are using terrorist jargon.

      1. I wonder if they could slap some speakers on the first wave of drones and have them play “Ride of the Valkyries” on their way in.

    2. “Warriors! Come out and play!”

  13. I blame the Republicans for all of this because they hate gays.

    1. Agreed. It’s 100% a race issue! It has nothing to do with unchecked government power! Just vote Democrat and they’ll erase racism forever!! BLACK LIVES MATTER!!111


      1. Yes, yes!

        Racist Republicans + Hate Gays = Riot.

        Solution = ObamaCare + Gay Marriage.

        1. And endless stimulus.

          1. That sounds like a lifetime supply of blue pills.

    2. This is actually going to be interesting in that regard.

      AFAIK, pretty much the entire government of Baltimore if Democratic and Black.

      1. The cops included.

    3. Do not forget climate change please!!!

  14. Free clothes at the Mall!

    1. Clothes? I don’t buy (or steal) clothes. Heck, now that I think about it I may own one shirt that I bought for myself. That’s what women are for. Moms, girlfriends and wives. They usually have better taste in clothing than I do anyway. They see me wearing worn threads and then buy me new ones!

      1. so your mother still dresses you ?

        I bet you look cute.

        1. I do, actually. She, and my wife, have good taste in clothing.

    2. Free hoodies and baggy pants.

  15. I used to go to Mondawmin Mall to meet my probation officer. It was always a scary fucking place, but it’s a long way from downtown unless they’re taking the subway or something. There are scenes from University of Maryland at Baltimore, right next to the O’s stadium.


  16. This is the right thing to do. An example of government doing its job.

    1. If government did its job and conducted actual investigations instead of shams when people in its employ abused the people they are sworn to protect and serve, none of this would be happening.

      1. I am painfully aware of that. Perhaps we should put the NG in charge of that too. And maybe everything else.

        1. Perhaps we should put the NG in charge of that too.

          Now that is funny. The usual way that would end is the chief investigator is sent home for “medical” reasons. Three others get reassigned and/or demoted and a E-5 gives birth six months later. Oh, and several sensitive items are still missing.

      2. Or, if parents raised their children better, none of this would be happening.

        Me – I hope the whole city burns.

        They want chaos, they got it.

  17. Dr. Ron Paul’s big warning to U.S. seniors: blowback!

    1. Blowback from the Gulf War and 1953 Iranian coup no doubt.

      1. Something about mossy decks at the Culinary Institute of America?

    2. Blowback to not charging six people that at a minimum look guilty of wrongful death much less homicide within a similar time table of when charges are filed against non-LEOs that are potentially guilty of the same.

      1. Not enough Foreign Policy for Ron…

        1. Not enough ‘AMERICA IS EVUL’ for Ron.

          1. Non-strawman version is that US’s foreign policy is broken.

            1. Ha ha no that’s not a strawman. It is damn funny having the non-interventionists talk about ‘strawmen’ when they can’t get enough of accusing those who don’t buy their dogma of ‘imperialism’ or ‘neoconservatism’.

              1. Citation missing regarding Rom Paul saying America is Evul (sic).

                1. Oh okay he just says America is ‘imperialist” (bullshit) and that America’s terrible terrible interventions are the reason ‘they hate us’ (flagrant bullshit). And that the Ukraine revolution was cooked up by ‘The Banks’.

                  Actual quote from that senile retard: He said of his countrymen: “Americans always wants their hands in things,” because “they have an empire to build.”


                  1. If you want to manipulate foreign governments, have at it. Please use your own dollarloonie.

                    Why do they hate us?

                    1. Way to dodge the point. You can’t defend RP’s insane comments, so it’s diversion time.

                      Why do they hate us?

                      In their own words: for our freedoms.

                    2. Bzzzt. Because we bomb their villages and kill their kids.

                      As said before, if you want to go overseas and shoot at people gave at it. But I’d prefer not to be coerced into payong for it and to have folks not wear the flag of the country where I live on their uniform.

                    3. Bzzzt. Because we bomb their villages and kill their kids.

                      Right. That’s why Hebdo is dead and there hasn’t been any blowback for TEH MURDERDRONES since the counter-terror campaign started in 2001. It’s your religious dogma just don’t get butthurt when people who are smarter than you-such as myself-call you out on it.

                      As said before, if you want to go overseas and shoot at people gave at it. But I’d prefer not to be coerced into payong for it and to have folks not wear the flag of the country where I live on their uniform.

                      Tough shit. If a military op is needed to defend the rights of Americans then the USG carries it out and you have to pay a fee-tax for it. That’s how a nation-state works. You can’t have freedom without it.

                    4. “You can’t have freedom without it.”

                      Is being forced to cede the wages I earn each and every Monday the freedom that the terrorists are trying to kill me over you keep talking about? And again, if you like it so much why aren’t you over there on your own dime.

                      “…people who are smarter than you such as myself…”

                      Don’t forget to file your MENSA International election ballot by May 15.

                      “There hasn’t been any blowback…since 2001.” Hillary Clinton thanks you for ignoring Benghazi.

                    5. Aren’t you being a bit extreme? We’re not going out to bomb their villages and kill their children just for the heck of it. We may be naive, but if we wanted mass slaughter, we would just nuke them . And we could nuke them – and no one could stop us. No one. We don’t, however, because we’re naive but not evil.

                    6. We know our intelligence sucks. Or the government lies. Or the peopl that carry put the missions suck. Or a combination.

                      Obama just killed two hostages.

                      To continue to do this is akin to allowing Boo Radlwy to perform brain surgery.

                    7. Aren’t you being a bit extreme? We’re not going out to bomb their villages and kill their children just for the heck of it. We may be naive, but if we wanted mass slaughter, we would just nuke them . And we could nuke them – and no one could stop us. No one. We don’t, however, because we’re naive but not evil.

                  2. Suck my choad.

  18. A large group of clergy is praying in the streets.

  19. How many people must the cops kill before people will stop protesting the cops killing them?

    1. They’re not sure, but they’re eager to find out.

      1. The beatings will continue until morale improves.

    2. All of them?

  20. Anyway, the National Guard being called in didn’t do anything for the riots in St. Louis. They guarded the nicer areas of town (Clayton).

    1. How come the authorities never seem to be around when a store gets attacked in one of the poor parts of town?

      They’re always available to break some suspect’s spine, but protecting businesses? Not so much.

      1. Because corporations aren’t people and they don’t have any rights. They deserve to be stolen from and destroyed because they didn’t build that. Down with the 1 percent!!


      2. Once you’re in the public sector long enough, everyone in the private sector is looked upon as suspect. Especially businesses. Being that in the public sector you accomplish everything by coercion, you can’t imagine it any other way. So being a predator, you view everyone else who accomplishes things as predators. A business in the shitty part of town must be preying on those poor people. Why does it deserve protection? It extracts profits from poor people, while you protect them. Letting it burn is doing the people a favor. After all, you, as a member of government, are the people. Businesses are your enemy.

      3. Isn’t it obvious? There aren’t enough police!

        1. Exactly. And in addition to not having enough personnel, they don’t have the most basic tools they need to sufficiently protect us and go home safe at the end of the day. I mean, did you know that some police departments don’t even have MRAPs, full-auto .50 BMGs, fighter jets, or even a single nuclear warhead?

      4. Isn’t it obvious? There aren’t enough police!

        1. I’ve heard that before.

  21. Maybe, CNN is pursuing a report that one of the Kardashians died her hair blond.

  22. Let’s hear it for Frederick Douglass High School!!!

    I wonder how Frederick Douglass would feel about all of this.

    1. I wonder how Frederick Douglass would feel about all of this.

      Send in the army and arrest the Police chief, police board, mayor, city council and congressmen and state legislators?

      1. And arrest anybody who complains about the preceding behavior?

      2. Douglass attempted to talk John Brown out of the attack on Harper’s Ferry, you might recall.

        1. Douglass’ postbellum remarks suggested he later agreed with John Brown’s actions:

          “His zeal in the cause of my race was far greater than mine?it was as the burning sun to my taper light?mine was bounded by time, his stretched away to the boundless shores of eternity. I could live for the slave, but he could die for him.”

  23. Mayor announces week-long curfew.

    Suburban malls closing immediately.

  24. Anyone heard from Hyperion yet? I trust that he is taking this opportunity to get some nice things for the house.

    1. Oh, well done.

    2. New skis.

      Always get new skis in a riot. Or a snowboard.

      1. Wouldn’t that make you stick out in the crowd?

        (am I racist for wondering about that?)

        1. See: It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia.

    3. I’ve been here all night, right here on the computer! Ok, I admit, I did wait outside that CVS to try and get some drugs after the looting was over, but the idiots set the damn place on fire!

  25. “I do not think much of the good luck theory of self-made men. It is worth but little attention and has no practical value. An apple carelessly flung into a crowd may hit one person, or it may hit another, or it may hit nobody. The probabilities are precisely the same in this accident theory of self-made men. It divorces a man from his own achievements, contemplates him as a being of chance and leaves him without will, motive, ambition and aspiration. Yet the accident theory is among the most popular theories of individual success. It has about it the air of mystery which the multitudes so well like, and withal, it does something to mar the complacency of the successful….

    “When we find a man who has ascended heights beyond ourselves; who has a broader range of vision than we and a sky with more stars in it in than we have in ours, we may know that he has worked harder, better and more wisely than we. He was awake while we slept. He was busy while we were idle and was wisely improving his time and talents while we were wasting ours….

    1. “I am certain that there is nothing good, great or desirable which man can possess in this world, that does not come by some kind of labor of physical or mental, moral or spiritual. A man, at times, gets something for nothing, but it will, in his hands, amount to nothing. What is true in the world of matter, is equally true in the world of the mind. Without culture there can be no growth; without exertion, no acquisition; without friction, no polish; without labor, no knowledge; without action, no progress and without conflict, no victory. A man that lies down a fool at night, hoping that he will waken wise in the morning, will rise up in the morning as he laid down in the evening.”…..e-men.html

      1. Meant as a response to “I wonder how Frederick Douglass would feel about all of this.”

        1. “From these remarks it will be evident that, allowing only ordinary ability and opportunity, we may explain success mainly by one word and that word is WORK! WORK!! WORK!!! WORK!!!! Not transient and fitful effort, but patient, enduring, honest, unremitting and indefatigable work into which the whole heart is put, and which, in both temporal and spiritual affairs, is the true miracle worker. Everyone may avail himself of this marvelous power, if he will. There is no royal road to perfection. Certainly no one must wait for some kind of friend to put a springing board under his feet, upon which he may easily bound from the first round of their ladder onward and upward to its highest round. If he waits for this, he may wait long, and perhaps forever. He who does not think himself worth saving from poverty and ignorance by his own efforts, will hardly be thought worth the efforts of anybody else.”

          1. Now there’s a guy who did NOT understand Privilege.

          2. They sure don’t make ’em like they used to.

            Meh. Just like there are old dead white guys, he’s just another dead black guy.



        2. Meant as a response to “I wonder how Frederick Douglass would feel about all of this.”

          That was my assumption. It certainly didn’t sound like any 21st century American politician.

  26. Councilman calls for citizens to confront the rioters.

    1. Someone’s momma did just that.

  27. So we finally have have America’s attention concerning excessive police behavior. Let’s go out and fuck that up immediately.

    1. It’s fuck-ups all the way down!

    2. I hope this doesn’t cut into the coverage of Bruce Jenner’s tribulations.

    3. On the one hand, I hear ya, and on the other hand, I think threat of riot is the only reason “we” finally have America’s attention momentarily on the issue of police abuse anyway. I definitely am not advocating taking it out on some innocent store-owner, but writing angry letters to the editor ain’t cutting it either.

    4. Exactly this.

      Really, you can’t blame the protesters for this. The looters and rioters are just opportunists who were looking for any opportunity to loot and riot. They don’t give a fuck about Freddy Gray or anyone or anything else. In this case, the cops would be doing the protesters a favor if they lock these idiots up quickly.

      Also, it’s incredibly stupid for anyone to burn down what’s left of their own decaying and impoverished neighborhood.

  28. This is really going to screw up Bill Rawl’s numbers.

  29. OT: People were talking about Georgetown wanting to edit students out of the Christina Hoff Sommers video so here’s the video so you can see what they were doing.

    I personally don’t see anything that bad beyond the idiots with signs like ‘Feminists against rape apology.’ One of the feminists actually has a sign saying ‘I respect your right to speak but completely disagree’ which is shockingly mature for someone running with that crowd. There’s hope for her yet!

    It’s possible things get balls crazy during question and answer but I haven’t gotten there yet. Thus far Georgetown students seem notably put together and reasonable compared to the lunatics at Oberlin.

    1. ‘I respect your right to speak but completely disagree’

      That must be some new strain of feminist trolling. Was it written with an eye-roll and a sneer?

  30. So it looks like most of this was the work of a single high school.

    Students from 1 high school brought an entire mid-sized city police force to its knees.

    Ponder that for a minute.

    1. Why do you think they want all that hardware and are so willing to shoot people?

    2. So what you’re saying is, rounding these fuckers up, putting them in boats, and setting them adrift would be one of those things that was so fucking easy once we started, that we would wonder what in the hell took us so long? Is that what you’re saying?

      1. You Know Who Else complained about police brutality only to take power and kill a bunch of people who opposed them?

        1. The Dead Rabbits?

        2. W. Wilson Goode?

        3. Douglass MacArthur?

  31. Heh, my daughter just called me to see if I’m ok.

    I asked her why. She was like ‘Dad, omg, like what’s going on in Baltimore?!’

    I said, well, honey, it’s just another lovely day in Balmer, nothing going on here.

    1. I’ve seen the photos…you have a few armloads of toilet paper and maxipads.

      1. That’s not me man, it’s some dude that looks like me.

        1. Are those maxipads for Bruce Jenner?

          1. *narrows eyelinered gaze*

  32. All of the looting and burning so far, far as I can tell, are happening in the worst parts of the city. Maybe they are doing us a favor. Burning down most of west Baltimore can only improve the city.

    1. So Bastiat was wrong?

      1. About what?

        1. Broken windows.

        2. Broken windows.

        3. He was famously opposed to burning down west Baltimore.

          1. Well, when Bastiat was still alive, I’m sure that west Baltimore was a nice place.

            1. Shows you how short-sighted he really was.

          2. Did someone say something about broken windows?

            1. I did. About broken windows.

        4. Broken windows.

        5. Broken windows.

        6. It really is an echo chamber.

          1. What? I can’t hear you over the sound of shattered glass.

            1. Kristallnacht, Jr.

        7. Perhaps we should put the NG in charge of that too.

          Judging from Google Streeview, a bunch of the windows were already broken.

          1. How the hell did that first line get in there?

            1. It came in through one of the broken windows.

    2. Via Instapundit. The best thing about the Obama era has been all of the racial healing

      1. Also another brilliant Gillespie moment. And Is Anchorman 2 the most important film of 2013?

      2. They don’t call him the great divider in chief for nothing.

    3. Exactly. Now a beautiful gentrified community can arise from the ashes!

    4. I used to work in Pigtown and to be honest it kinda looked like it had already been burned.

      1. Pigtown in on the way up now. I went down there to look at a house one time. There was this entire block of beautiful renovated houses on one side of the street. On the other side of the street, all the houses were boarded up and there were shady looking characters sitting on the steps of some of those.

        My wife totally freaked out before the real estate guy even showed up to show us the house and I had to leave.

        1. It was almost a decade ago. I lived in Hamilton at one time and thought that wasn’t too bad (comparatively).

        2. I got lost in Pigtown last week, looking for a shortcut to Washington Street. Turns out there’s a giant train yard down there that cuts off streets in one direction, the direction I wanted to go.

          It’s still shady.

          1. +1 candle in the rain

  33. How many more riots will it take for police to stop being extra suspicious of blacks?? /sarcasm

    I agree that Gray’s death looks inexcusable, but the rioting is so incredibly counterproductive that it’s almost funny. We want police to be less abusive and trigger-happy, but rioting is going to do the exact opposite. Every cop now says: “See? These are the sort of people we deal with every day. They are dangerous.”

    The last time we had this many riots, Nixon got elected. Riots help law and order candidates. They hurt Democrats and libertarians.

    1. The police are going to be more abusive and more trigger-happy in all scenarios.

      1. No, the ones in bad neighborhoods are more likely to be that way. The ones in good neighborhoods, not so much.

    2. I don’t really know what you can do at this point. I live in Baltimore and I’ve worked in the city for more than 7 years. The attitude of a lot of young black kids here is just pure shit for lack of a better word. The result, in my opinion, of growing up in an environment so impoverished and dumbed down because of generations of welfare on the Democratic plantations, that I think most of them see no escape or any hope of their situation improving. So they basically just turn into uncivilized animals.

      What’s happening now, if you’ve been around here for a while, you could just see this coming.

      1. And Democrats want to “help” them even more, by raising the minimum wage. Fools.

        One thing that would helping the long term is end the idea that you can and should have kids on Uncle Sam’s dime. But that would be nearly impossible to do, politically.

      2. most of them don’t see escape is a possibility. When you grow up with multiple generations on the dole, few people if any working, and all the rest, this seems a foreseeable consequence.

  34. Large building totally engulfed in flames.

    1. *East* Baltimore. 8-(

      1. Link? Or are you burning things down personally?

        1. I just heard a report of some hoodie wearing thugs with guns spotted on the streets in east Baltimore. I’m not sure how this is out of the ordinary.

          1. But how is that possible?? I thought Maryland had strict gun laws!!

            1. Surely, they drove out to the gun show in Frederick!


              1. Probably those rednecks out in Frederick armed these poor sweet innocent people and then coaxed them into violence! We all know it was the teabagger gun nuts who incited these riots!

      2. Parts of east Baltimore are very bad also. West Baltimore is the worst. But parts of East Baltimore are like mini West Baltimores.

        1. Read that it was a senior center or supposed to be housing for seniors. Pic.

          1. Let’s burn up grandma, that’ll teach em!

            1. That is a lot of church crowns.

            2. Grandma got burned up by a riot, dear!

  35. Mencken:

    Under the pressure of fanaticism, and with the mob complacently applauding the show, democratic law tends more and more to be grounded upon the maxim that every citizen is, by nature, a traitor, a libertine, and a scoundrel. In order to dissuade him from his evil-doing the police power is extended until it surpasses anything ever heard of in the oriental monarchies of antiquity.


    HLMencken|4.27.15 @ 7:41PM|#

    It seems like “Violence is violence, and it’s wrong” is not only *not* “a foundational principle of libertarianism, but it’s closer to the opposite of foundational principles of libertarianism, because it doesn’t distinguish between the initiation of violence and retaliatory violence.

    Surely it’s conceivable that riots and looting in the face of decades of systematic, structural racism and police violence could be considered retaliatory, right? And even if you argue that such violence is misdirected (i.e., at property owners instead of police per se), it could further be argued that such property owners enable the police (who, in fact [on libertarianism, anyway] exist to protect those property owners).

    You might not buy that reasoning, but it begs the question to simply wave your hands and assume that by definition looting is violence that libertarianism doesn’t tolerate.

    1. How can there be structural racism in Baltimore?

      The whole government is black. Did you see the mayor’s press conference? It’s been Democratic since before most of us were born.

      It’s like here in St. Louis, people crying about racism in Ferguson, even those literally the same sort of behavior happened in neighboring Pine Lawn, which was entirely black (in terms of government).

      Dragging up racism just obfuscates the real problem, which is corrupt government, and police having too much power in stopping people..

      Police should be used to stop violent crime, period. Expanding their powers to things that are no violent leads them to pointless confrontations with citizens, and their focus on non-violent crimes allows violent crimes to go unpunished (because there is a finite amount of policing).

      1. Dragging up racism just obfuscates the real problem, which is corrupt government, and police having too much power in stopping people.

        Which is exactly why they do it. If it isn’t racism’s fault then the look in the mirror might be just unbearable. Crying racism, no matter what, is a way for people to divorce themselves from any responsibility for the circumstances.

        1. Exactly. The whole entire ‘fight the power’ class are miserable failures.

      2. “Dragging up racism just obfuscates the real problem, which is corrupt government, and police having too much power in stopping people”

        That is in no way justification to loot and destroy private property.

        Not only that, mentioning it while there is looting is irresponsible because it apologizes for the looters. Imagine someone looting your house and the government saying “well, the police did this and that”

        If you don’t stop the looting it will only grow.

      3. Ferguson’s PD was mostly white and from out of town if I recall correctly and they basically used Fergusonians as a cash cow.

    2. Collectivism at its finest. Truly disgusting.

  37. Jesse Jackson is already here and Sharpton is on his way. We’re saved!

    I hope they both get caught in a police/gangbangers crossfire.

    1. Sharpton knows all about calming tensions

    2. Hymietown Jackson, you mean.

  38. I’m really starting to enjoy Hillary.

    “As Baltimore Burns, O’Malley Speaks Out, Hillary Tweets About Bumper Stickers”…..32072.html

    1. Has Jeff Tucker endorsed her for being a crook?

    2. Hillaryous!

      It would be *awesome* if she’s not the Dem nominee.

  39. This is proof that the Republican-controlled municipal government in Baltimore needs to be routed and a Democratic progressive government should take it’s place.


    1. Exactly. This kind of shit never happened before Hogan was governor.

      1. There has to be somebody somewhere who has already said that with a straight face. If only O’Malley were still governor!

        1. Well it can’t be the mayor’s fault, or any municipal programs. There has to be a republican somewhere in the state we can blame for this.

        2. I know! Proposition 2 1/2!

  40. You know what’s really at fault here? The Orioles and lead poisoning.

    1. Has to be global warming.

    2. the slow terror of expulsions from schools


  41. Personally I blame the Dutch and Portuguese.

    1. What are the English, chopped liver?

      1. Can’t forget the Scots either.

      2. Pussies?

    2. No, you see, we’re talking about Baltimore here, not Brazil.

      1. Do you live in Balmer, or just work there?

          1. Not worried about this shit though as far as where I live. By the time the looters make it out this far and can even find my neighborhod, the city will be lost and everyone will have long since fled for the hills.

            Now driving into work, that does worry me a little, as all of my clients are downtown now. I may just decide to work from home the rest of the week, or until this shit blows over.

            1. You should hang out with JW sometime. He has my endorsement. No homo

              1. Without getting too specific, I think he works (goldbricks) near Penn Station.

                1. I can get to Penn from here in about 10 minutes if the JFX is not too bad. Since most of the times I’ve picked up people there who came in on the train was late at night, 10 minutes. In traffic, maybe 15 or 20.

                  1. He has been notified.

      2. Well the Dutch and Portuguese did introduce African slaves to the US…

        1. The Portuguese also introduced slaves into Brazil, lots of them. And they were notoriously mean slavers. They also pretty much drove the Dutch out of the country.

        2. Bah. They all had a hand in the trade. From the Brits to the Ports to the Dutch to the Italians to the Spanish to the Muslims and so on.

          1. Those were the WHITE Ports and Dutch and Spanish and Muslims who you speak of, Rufus. It was ALL whitey.

              1. Damnit, you whitey racists are all alike, always trying to reinvent history to excuse your white patriarchy.

  42. This is what happens when you don’t drink Dracula’s blood.

    1. Those Hammer Films movies were great. As a huge Shaw Brothers fan, The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires was a thing of beauty.

  43. Or force Ben-Hur to row.

  44. Baltimore RISING!

    1. Any coverage of the Balto festivities up there, Rufus?

      1. Of course.

    2. Why do you think they call it Charm City?

      1. Charm City.

  45. I don’t recall their names, but there city officials in Fullerton said some incredibly stupid things in response to the Kelly Thomas beating. I think one of them invoked his Vietnam experience and insisted that Kelly wasn’t that beat up. One of them actually compared the protesters to a “lynch mob”.

    Of course there was no rioting in Fullerton. But the voters there recalled 3 officials and made their presence known.

    These rioters are less concerned with police reform than lashing out at the establishment and venting their racial grievances. The union that apparently frustrates them has unending support from the Dem party.

  46. CVS and other stores need to start hiring Koreans.

    1. The Koreans around here won’t be seen working at a CVS and most of them live in Howard County, and all of them that I know are highly successful professionals and business owners. I think they own like half of Ellicott City now.

      1. Racist.

        1. Koreans are notoriously racist. They’ll tell you as much.

          1. My Chinese buddies always said they were the most racist.

            1. My Korean friends will argue with your Chinese friends about that.

              1. Are we being racist?

                I think we are!


      2. I love going to the Columbia Costco and scoping out their adult daughters. It’s a very nice spread there between the Koreans and the Indians.

    2. “All we really need to do is take the chains off…the front doors of the CVS so we can start looting.”

    3. CVS probably opposes gun ownership.

      1. WTF is a CVS?

        1. Cytotoxic

          CVS is Ron Paul’s non-interventionist foreign policy as interpreted by Bo. Ypu should be celebrating that it has been looted then burned down.

  47. Baltimore cancelling school tomorrow. Wonder if that’ll help or hurt. It’s not like they aren’t going to be in touch with each other via cell-phone anyway.

    1. Poor Frederick Douglass High School.

    2. Maybe they’ll lock down the city tomorrow and I’ll be forced to stay at home. That would be terrible, but I’ll deal with it.

      1. Baltimore Strong?

        1. I’d suggest strong shocks and some off road tires to drive in the city.

          1. I’m from Pennsylvania, I can handle nearly anything roadz-wise.

            1. Where you at in PA? I think I’m going to start spending some time in Pittsburgh.

              1. Assuming you still live there.

                1. Nah, I live in Portland these days. Grew up in the Allentown area. Used to live in MD, as well.

                  1. Portlandia … damn. I get out there once in a while for some IT conferences. There’s a guy I work with on some projects quite often out there. In fact, I’m working with the guy on an 18 month project right now. I’ll probably be out there again sometime this year.

                    It’s really beautiful there. I plan on taking my wife next time, she’s never been out west.

                    So what the fuck is it with no left turns in the city?

                    Also, why does everyone drive the speed limit? That really freaks me out. I’m too used to MD drivers now, where the speed limit is how fast that you can go at any given time.

  48. Is this a good time to mention I have Orioles-Tigers tickets in August?

    1. In Balmer?

      1. Yup.

        1. Well, before you come down, you got to learn how to say it right.

          It’s Oryuls, man, the Balmer Oryuls. Got it, hon?

          1. Got it.

            Balmir Iryils.

            1. Oh no, let’s start over…

          2. You need to bring back the Charlie Eckman pronunciation. OWE- ree-owels.

        2. And just a week ago you’d think the shithole of the two places to go was Detroit.

          1. It is. Baltimore is a beautiful city. The good parts. The bad parts are hell. Nothing much has changed.

            1. Streets of Baltimore.

              /Cue Graham Parsons.

              1. Have you been here before, Rufus, or will it be your first time?

                1. Driven through but have been to Maryland/D.C./Delaware and in that neck of the woods enough times.

                  My nephew finally convinced his father – egged on by his uncle – to take the three hour trip from Delaware to catch a game.

                  1. Camden yards is nice. Make sure to get down to the harbor and spend some time. Baltimore is a beautiful city. It’s a damn shame what is happening. I’ve had a love hate relationship with Baltimore since I’ve lived in MD. I’ve only lived in the city for 2 years, but I’ve been doing work in the city for nearly 8.

                    When I see how beautiful this city is and what it could be and everything that is wrong, it’s really quite depressing . Baltimore is every bit as beautiful as Seattle, but the bad side is killing it. The potential is being lost.

                    That reminds me of how much I hate east coast democrats with the passion of a thousand burning suns.

                    1. I had the exact same feelings about Buffalo the 8 years I lived there.

                    2. I hear ya. Thanks.

                      Dunno how much time we’ll get to spend given the tight schedule.

  49. They just burned down a senior center. Brilliant. Can we start shooting arsonists yet?

    1. and they’ll be portrayed as misunderstood or otherwise victimized.

      1. I doubt that. They’ll be portrayed in shackles if they get caught. Anyone died in that fire and they’re up on multiple first degree murder charges.

        The Baltimore City prison is a place you do not want to be in awaiting trial, period.

        1. when have looters ever been charged that seriously? Come on, man; Sharpton led a riot that resulted in a business being burned down and a Jewish guy dying in Harlem and nothing. It took shooting a cop in Ferguson, albeit accidentally, for someone to be arrested. This is like that movie where people can commit mayhem one night a year in real life.

          1. This is like that movie where people can commit mayhem one night a year in real life.

            The Purge is supposed to be an attack on conservatives and libertarians since they think that killing poor and black people is the solution apparently.


              1. Are you fucking kidding me

          2. No money to be made arresting looters. Too much work.

          3. People are getting tired of this shit. Like Hillary, Sharpton is yesterday’s news.

            The stupid fuck had better be careful coming down here and stirring the pot. He could become a victim of his own race baiting.

        2. I think it was under construction.

  50. Damn. As a neutral I’ve been deprived of a Rangers-Islanders series!

    Caps did well.

    1. Islanders sucked tonight.

      1. Except for Halak.

  51. You know, I’m starting to feel like a victim. I’m a Raiders fan and I live in Baltimore. Is there any other combination of things that can make you more an object of ridicule?

    1. Being a Bills fan anywhere.

      1. *Narrows gaze*

        1. I am a Bills fan; I was speaking from experience.

          1. Ok… I sympathize.

          2. Remember when the Raiders and Bills where a big rivalry, before they both sucked?

            1. Enh, I only really followed them during the glory days and the big rivalry was always the Dolphins.

              1. Holy shit, man, was that back in 1852 when the Bills lost like 5 straight super bowls?

                1. Yeah, pretty much. I don’t even care much for the game – except if the Bills are in the Super Bowl.

                  1. I still like football, but the NFL is really trying my patience with trying to turn the NFL into something like Sweden.

                2. Believe it or not, Bills fans used to brag about “going to 4 straight super bowls” back when I lived in upstate NY. As a Patriots fan, I couldn’t even mock them out loud, it’s like kicking a retarded dog with 3 legs, just morally wrong. I let them enjoy their fantasies of Jim Kelly being anything but a repeat loser.

    2. I hear Oakland is nice this time of year.

      1. It probably is, as seen from across the bay.

        1. It probably is, as seen from across the bay outer space.

      2. I remember us getting lost in Oakland. We got those ‘wtf cracker?’ looks from the locals.

        Good times.

        1. Could have been Balmer. Except that I’ve heard that the Balmer gang bangers are not ‘black enough’ to hang out in Oaktown.

      3. Hey, once we get that Coliseum City built everyhying will turn around.

    3. Browns fan in Cleveland?

  52. Ugh. “We don’t have enough cops!” Fuck off, slaver.

    1. who else is going to arrest people for no good reason and drive them around like a maniac? huh? you? huh? I think not.

    2. CNN in full navel-gazing mode. What else is on?

      1. Don Lemon is there…things are going to become more entertaining.

    3. That’s one take. A small high school brought the Baltimore Police Department to its knees.

      Maybe they should make less enemies.

  53. Hi,

    I’ve got my gun and my Gun Owners of America membership card. Is it time yet to shoot it out with the police? I’ve been told that’s the ultimate purpose of the 2nd Amendment. Let me know if this is the Time.

    Can you all compare and contrast how libertarians should feel about people throwing rocks and bottles at police in Baltimore and people throwing rocks and bottles at police on cliven bundy’s ranch? You know, besides the obvious.

    1. Up your nose with a rubber hose.

      1. I’m ambivalent about the former, pretty sure on the latter.

    2. Shut up you Stalinist Stooge.

    3. Oh, hi!

      Are you here to lecture me about race again? I’m sure your insights will profoundly compliment my lived experience

        1. No, you had it right the first time. No worries… Yes, I’m a Nazi– or so I’ve been told– but not on matters of grammer. Err, I mean grammar.

          1. No. It’s just that you choose to have an ideology associated with scores of millions murdered as your handle.

            1. In order to make an omelet…

    4. You have to answer for Santino, american socialist.

    5. people throwing rocks and bottles at police on cliven bundy’s ranch

      Citation needed.

      You know, besides the obvious.

      Is ‘you’re retarded’ too obvious?

      1. You are right, the protesters at cloven bunds ranch were threatening police with rifles and the protesters in Baltimore we’re throwing Avian bottles at the police.

        1. the protesters at cloven bunds ranch were threatening police with rifles

          Citation needed.

          1. No problem. My cite is from foxnews so you guys won’t get the vapors.


            1. You lying piece of shit there is not a single thing in that article corroborating your claim.

              He said that while details were still sketchy, the Millers’ conduct was the problem. He called the couple “very radical” and said they did not “align themselves” with the protest’s main issues.

    6. You’re a prime candidate for shooting it out with the police.

      You have nothing to live for, right?

      1. Nah… I’m just giving you right-wingers shit. I’ve done well under Obama. According to Forbes he’s the best economic president in history. My 401k is doing great. That’s why I’ll leave taking up arms against my local army group up to you guys. Good luck.

          1. Silly Mulatto.

            Taxes are for other people.

            1. Fuck it. I’m going to watch more Space Buddha.

              See you all on the flip side!

          2. Libertarians are making arguments that people should pay more in taxes?! I consider that progress. I’ll pay a little more if jobz creatorz pay more.

            1. I’m not sure if you qualify as ‘people’. Apparently you’re too stupid to appreciate being sardonic but that’s no surprise.

            2. I’ll pay a little more if jobz creatorz pay more. I ever get out of my mums basement and get a real job, you know, if someone would hire me despite the fact that I have no skills

        1. According to Forbes he’s the best economic president in history.

          Stop lying.

          My 401k is doing great.

          Sure it is.

        2. The fact that the market is doing so well is an indication of how poor the economy is doing.

          You can’t make money anywhere else, so you HAVE to put it in the Wall Street Casino. Don’t worry, you’ll lose 80% of what you have when it crashes. Cheers!

          1. You can’t make money anywhere else, so you HAVE to put it in the Wall Street Casino. Don’t worry, you’ll lose 80% of what you have when it crashes. Cheers!

            To be fair, I’m sure by “401k,” he meant “Dogecoin wallet”.

            1. No, he meant, that his mum got an increased monthly balance on her EBT card.

          2. The idea that the market was any indication of how the wider economy is performing ended years and years ago.

          3. Yeah, because people are making a killing in the market means they don’t want to put their money in gold and silver. You inflation nags must be taking a fucking bath. No wonder you guys always sound like you are depressed.

            1. I made 6 figures in dividends in FY ’14. Try again.

              1. Is it just me, or does american socialist sound a hell of a lot like buttplug?

              2. I made 6 figures in dividends in FY ’14

                One percenter!, Kochtopus puppet! robber baron,)(@#()U$)(U@!!!!!!!

                1. A lot of that was from a healthcare fund. Thanks, Obama! I’m glad you forced people to do business with me!

            2. You inflation nags must be taking a fucking bath.

              Not if they bought gold anytime before March 2010. Do you enjoy being retarded? Were you born this way or did it happen to you?

    7. Hi amsoc

      Baltimore has been run by progressives and weath redistributers (for education, healthcare, and supporting seniors and kids) uninterrupted for a period longer than you have been alive. You’d think abfailed paradigm would be abandoned but ot perpetuates.

      Maryland is ranked 43rd safest state (using FBI violent crime data) and has substantial gun control laws. The safest state has constitutional carry. And the police aren’t murdering kids in that street and the disenfranchised aren’t taking their aggressions out on businesses.

      1. Are you saying that the city has been run by …. ding ding ding … let me guess here … American socialists?

    8. Please go shoot it out with the police.

      Also, please explain to us, retard, exactly what the folks at Bundy’s ranch burned and looted, or what innocent civilians they attacked?

      1. You mean besides the two police officers they gunned down in cold blood?


          1. I think it’s a sockpuppet of a sockpuppet.

          2. Your the liar, liar. Hey, if you want your line in the sand to be supporting the cause of a neo-nazi and outright confederate sympathizer than you are the fool too, fool.


            1. Are you drunk again, Shreek?

              1. You don’t get it. A guy spoke somewhere, so they’re linked forever. It’s genius that we’re too stupid to appreciate.

                1. I didn’t think I’d have to argue about the relevancy of someone who went to the Bundy ranch and directly used that experience as a pretext for gunning down two police officers. But, yeah, the Bundy’s are acting like thugs too…


            2. It’s the guilt by association tactic! I bet you can’t wait to send them all to the gulags right?

        2. Links, retard. No one was killed at the Bundy ranch. The government and Harry Reid pussied out and went home.

        3. Hi amsoc

          Citation missing. And after you dodge that, how about relocating to the socialist paradise that is west Baltimore. Be sure to bring your wife and kids.

          1. Nah, I’m moving to burlington. It isn’t a shithole like Texas.


            1. Sure you are. You better watch out for those libertarians in NH who are out to get you. Boo!

            2. Before you go, I just wanted to thank you again for the bike path that you paid for which happens to run through one of the wealthiest communities in America.

              Thanks, sucker! Public transit FTW!

              I’ll be here if you need me!

            3. Hi amsoc

              Baltimore is more socialist than Burlington. Burlington has constitutional carry. Baltimore has gun waiting periods and magazine bans. So I insist, move to the location with a 45 year socialist track record.

              And still waiting for the cite regardin the two LEOs gunned down at the Bundy ranch.

          2. I think american sock puppet of shreek is more suited for Venezuela. In Venezuela, the ex bus driver champion of the people is really sticking it to those evil capitalists. It’s getting so good there that you can actually get toilet paper by standing in line for only 10 hours on a good day! Forward, comrades!

  54. I suppose this rioting is proof that ISIS isn’t so bad.

  55. Did you know that the Crips and the Bloods are conspiring to kill Baltimore cops?

    Also, there are cannibals in the New Orleans Superdome.

    1. +1 babies stuffed in freezers.

    2. Don’t forget the “Black Guerilla Movement” who is a marxist gang.

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  57. How embarrassing. You go to a riot. Your mom shows up.

    1. What’s worse? That or your mom walking in on you jacking off – to a gay poster?

      1. Depends. Who is the gay poster of?

        Let’s say it was A.C. Slater…the answer would no, it is not worse for her to catch you jacking off to your poster of A.C. Slater.

        1. Eeeeeeew! I mean, heyyyy!

          /teenage girl

        2. I don’t know. He seems so…. synthetic… and vapid.

          Zack Morris and you got yourself a deal.

              1. OK, it’s getting a little gay around here.

                1. If Zach Morris is gay, I don’t want to be straight.

                2. But I agree. That creepy hairless latino fellow who never ages seems a bit gay.

                  1. You leave Ricky Martin out of this.

                3. OK, it’s getting a little gay around here.



                  1. And I am gay. Ponder that for a moment.

                    1. I stand by my Zach Morris comment.

        3. James Carroll Pickett?

      2. Glamour magazine?

    2. “Come on, Mom, not in front of the other hooligans!”

      1. “But all the other young thugs are doing it, they’ll think I’m not cool. You never let me go anywhere!”

  58. Herbert marcusa (“The New Left” inspiration ) must be smiling in his grave right now.

  59. Her Honor definitively is an affirmative action hire.

    Way to go, Baltimore!!

  60. Damn! I didn’t know Rick O’Cassick lived in Baltimore.

    But, there you have it. Burning down the house.

  61. **************************************************
    When there is a complaint of POLICE MISCONDUCT, DO NOT ALLOW THE POLICE and the COURTS to INVESTIGATE. We need a completely separate body to investigate, prosecute, and fire police and other government officials that commit misconduct.
    The POLICE is the only institution in the American society in which there are NO CHECKS and BALANCES. And, as we can see, IT SUCKS !!!
    The Police commissioner should only handle personnel matters.
    All criminal, brutality, and misconduct should NOT BE HANDLED BY THE PEOPLE that commit it. This is silly

    1. Needz more CAPS.

      1. *******************

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