Police Abuse

Swedish Cops on Vacation in NYC Stop Assault, Hold Homeless Man Until Police Come, Without Escalating the Situation

De-escalation, what's that?



Four cops from Uppsala, Sweden, were on a New York City subway headed for a Broadway show when they heard a subway conductor over the intercom ask if there were any police officers aboard. Going over to investigate, the four cops found a homeless man assaulting another homeless man who was offering no resistance. The four broke up the fight, with two holding the attacker until police arrived and the other two tending the victim. The incident was caught on video:

Pretty standard stuff, except that we know it could've turned out differently. De-escalation is far from a universal tactic taught to American police, although a number of departments began training it after Ferguson became a national news story. The failure to de-escalate increases the likelihood of deadly force being used, and is rooted in the failure to differentiate between the ability of the police officer, technically a trained professional, to act toward de-escalating the situation and the ability of the suspect, often someone in a poor state of mind, to do the same. That failure leads to situations like this

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  1. Has their been any coverage here about all the protests in Baltimore? I haven’t seen anything, but this has been going on for a few days now.

    1. Nope. The protests in Baltimore have been peaceful, hence the lack of coverage.

      1. If it bleeds it leads.

        1. +1 Dirty Laundry

          1. Dirty Laundry

            Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down.

            1. Totally appropriate for a police abuse thread.

    2. I heard about it a bit on NPR this morning.

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  2. Another “blame America first” article.

    Sweden is socialist, therefore, whatever they or their people do, is axiomatically wrong.

    1. Hmmm. There are no good guys?

    2. Well, they’re encroaching on the turf of American union workers. And interfering with the free exercise of a black man.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if that racist anti-working class monster Scott Walker sent them there himself.

      1. And working on a tourist visa to boot.

    3. @ PM: our heroes in blue are the only good guys. Well, them and anyone in the military.

      @ Sudden: all excellent points.

    4. First of all, Sweden is not Socialst: http://www.heritage.org/index/ranking

  3. Deescalate? Where’s the fun in that? These Swedes obviously don’t have what it takes to be an American cop. Being an American police officer means you, with depraved indifference, use violence on anyone who doesn’t immediately obey your every whim. Simply breaking up a fight without sending someone to the hospital is for pussies. Real cops bash heads and break faces. These guys aren’t real cops. Pussies.

    1. Look, if you love the Swedish way of doing things so much, why don’t you move there and pay 110% of your income in taxes to support Muslim immigrant drug addicts.

      Socialism breeds pussy men, who therefore look to pussy solutions for things, such as, “not fighting”. Fucking weakling fags.

      1. I’m trying to do my John impersonation from when he lost his shit on that Muslim bus advertisement thread the other day, but I’m not very good at it : *(

        1. You had me at Muslim immigrant drug addicts… A-

          A white slavery reference would’ve put you over the top, but well done regardless. I still had to check your handle

        2. Well-done, Gojira.

      2. Norway Cops handling a drunk. Definitely not USSA style.

        1. Dammit. Forgot the link. Another shot of tequila will help, I’m sure.


  4. Like you could resist if NSYNC took you into custody.

  5. Dae le Sweden?!??

  6. Well at least they aren’t Stockholm cops. Didn’t they ticket cars burnt in riots?

    1. But they did it without escalating to violence.

  7. I’d say the Swedish cops were lucky their NYPD counterparts didn’t decide “they were a bunch of pansies impersonating real police officers” and take out their frustrations on them.

    1. THey do have that cop look to them. I think it’s like gaydar. They are also fit young white guys with serious haircuts, so that probably helps.

      1. Oh, I’m talking about after they realized they were cops. Who do those guys think they are, not beating the shit out of the suspect?!

      2. They have the look of the cops from police TV series, not the look of the cops from Dunkin’ Donuts.

  8. One thing I do want to note:

    The man the Swedes restrained said a rather infamous phrase that members of this forum absolutely castigated NYPD for not adequately heeding:

    I can’t breathe

    And he said it repeatedly and frantically.

    1. At least they had reason to use force to restrain the guy. That makes it a bit different.

      Interesting observation, though. What is the appropriate response to “I can’t breathe” when forceful restraint is actually called for?
      I also wonder if that’s going to become the thing that people say when the police are manhandling them.

      1. Also, this guy didn’t die . . .

        1. Both men, regardless of the underlying reason they were being detained (and I blame not NYPD for having to enforce stupid laws, I blame dipshit NY progressives for passing them), were resisting the arrest itself. It looks like the Swedes had a better grasp of how to make such an arrest, but it’s also noteworthy that Garner was quite a bit bigger with more weight making such restraint difficult.

          1. Stupid laws against fighting? On a train?

        2. We should take note that first one and then another Swede asked the man if he was injured. Aside from the painful looking arm twist and general restraining of the man, they seemed to be trying to soothe the man whom they forced to the floor.

          It’s a bit of a shame we didn’t see what started the interaction.

          1. I’m not saying that they didn’t handle the situation better than the NYPD officers involved in the Garner debacle, but I’d imagine the take down we don’t see carries with it some risk of bodily harm to the arrestee.

            And the real thing I’m getting at is that people being detained and arrested will do or say anything and everything they can, including lying about their air passages, in an effort to get the grip loosened enough where they can make some efforts at breaking free of it.

            1. This is especially true if the grip that’s being applied is illegal and closing their air passages.

              1. 17 seconds. Can you not hold your breath for 17 seconds?

                1. Can you not hold your breath for 17 seconds?

                  If “you” are a 350 pound asthmatic fatass who was probably also a smoker…probably not.

            2. And the real thing I’m getting at is that people being detained and arrested will do or say anything and everything they can, including lying about their air passages, in an effort to get the grip loosened enough where they can make some efforts at breaking free of it.

              I’ve heard people who are being killed will also say things to attempt to convince their killers not to kill them. Sometimes the things they say will even be hilariously illogical to those of use who aren’t in the process of being killed.

              I think some shitty T.V. series even had an episode about it. Something about seeing four lights?

      2. Agreed that what Eric Garner did to initially warrant arrest was non-violent and an idiotic thing to even be considered a crime, but I frankly don’t blame the police too much for having to enforce stupid laws. They don’t write the legislation themselves.

        And it’s worth noting that Garner, while the “crime” he was being detained for was non-violent and his response itself not entirely violent, it was also resistant and non-compliant. The cops are put in an awkward position of having to enforce a stupid law against a non-violent behavior when the act of arrest is itself likely to lead to at the very least resistance.

        My central point is that I think the actions of some genuinely fucked up insane cops (i.e. the guys that shot Tamir Rice or Walter Scott) have unfairly prejudiced many in this pool to where they can’t see the difficulty involved in cases like Garner (who again I cannot stress enough committed a crime that’s a farce on its surface). There were people here screaming for the Garner cops to be tried for murder because a guy was yelling he couldn’t breathe. The reality is that a person being physically restrained is going to yell and scream bloody murder in an effort to get any slack he can whatsoever, and the things he’s yelling may have no relation whatsoever to reality.

        1. Hell, Garner died of cardiac arrest, not asphyxia IIRC. I’m unsure the chokehold killed him as much as the fact that he was a morbidly obese man struggling and resisting an arrest (no matter how BS the causus arrestis is) and thus strained himself more than his heart could take.

          1. Sudden,

            I’m not with you here except for your general distaste (if that’s a strong enough word to describe your views) regarding the types of laws passed which officers must enforce.
            Where we disagree, I think, is the personal responsibility of the individuals who must enforce those laws.

            Now, it is my understanding that officers were told a few days or weeks before the tragic encounter with Mr. Garner that they were to “crack down” on the types of illegal activity that Mr. Garner was accused of conducting at the time. I think it stands to reason that most if not all of the officers who approached Mr. Garner were not only aware of the directive but felt compelled to comply with it. Even so, I still hold them accountable for their actions. Note also that according to the video evidence available to us they never told him that he was under arrest (if you have contrary evidence I would like to see it). If the man was not under arrest, he couldn’t have been resisting arrest.

            “Garner died of cardiac arrest, not asphyxia IIRC.”

            The coroner ruled his death a homicide.

            1. In the end, all forms of death may be classified as heart failure. -Heinlein

            2. Yes, the coroner ruled the death homicide. And it is homicide insofar as Garner wouldn’t have exerted himself well beyond his physical abilities in the absense of the entire struggle that was going on. Noteworthy however is that homicide is not asphyxiation. Fuck, homicide isn’t even a clinical cause of death. A cause of death is asphyxiation, or cardiac arrest, or gunshot wound regardless of who administers it. In the Garner case the cause of death was cardiac arrest, resulting from a history of diabetes, sleep apnea, bronchitis, and obesity. Yes, the chokehold and his overall resistance to the custodial interrogation (one need not be formerly arrested prior to custodial detention and the reality is that arrest and mirandizing doesn’t occur until after a suspect has been successfully detained) exercerbated these medical conditions that did ultimately cause his death. There was no damage to his windpipe or throat.

              1. I’m not without symapthy for Garner and his family. And I’m not without my fair share of contempt for the cop involved in that incident in particular. And I’m fully aware the law enforcement often attracts a certain type. I don’t care to revisit Garner as much as make a wider point that where all such instances are concerned that there is disturbing lack of nuance among this commentariat where issues of police brutality are concerned. The job cops are required to do is often riddled with such difficult circumstances as resistance, fleeing, and outright combativeness. Some people become a cop specifically because they want those confrontations. Some people become a cop out of some misplaced sense of virtue. And some become a cop because you work 3 days a week and retire at 50 with a six figure pension. And sometimes when you have a guy dying in an altercation with cops, its because of the first group being dicks. And sometimes when you have a guy dying in an altercation with police, its one of the cops from the second two groups who doesn’t wanna kill anyone but doesn’t wanna get fired or shitcanned himself.

              2. Copsucker

                You linked to the “preliminary autopsy results”.

                The actual autopsy determined neck compression, chest compression and being forcefully held ion a prone position were, in descending order, the cause of Garner’s death by asphyxiation. His poor physical condition and health were lesser contributing factors.


        2. Yep, certainly no room to blame the cops since they consistently enforce every single law and come down equally hard on every infraction regardless of the race, sex, or economic class of the suspect.

          And there’s also no reason to necessarily believe believe a guy with another guy’s arm around his throat when he says he can’t breathe. He probably just wants attention or something.

          1. As is often the case, your attempt at sarcasm just comes across as hopelessly fucking dense and misses the entire point.

            1. You’re right of course. I don’t know how I got the idea that you don’t blame the cops for lethally enforcing a law that they had wide latitude not to enforce from your multiple posts repeating that you don’t blame the cops for lethally enforcing a law that they had wide latitude not to enforce.

              1. Do we really know how wide their latitude on enforcing these laws is?

                1. Honestly yes, we do. In the recent case of Taraji Henson’s son, read the below article. The cop, while certainly being respectful, essentially shows that he can pick and choose how and what to charge the man with.


                2. Are you making the claim that they enforce every infraction of every law with equal intensity? If not then the amount of latitude they have in enforcing the law is “some.”

                  So maybe they could have combined that latitude with some common sense and held off on physically accosting an unarmed guy who was walking away from them. His failure to do so makes the cop wholly responsible for Eric Garner’s death.

                  1. In Garner’s case, the NYPD was specifically ordered (probably by progressive shitstains lusting for tobacco taxes) to crack down on loosie selling. A guy trying to do his shitty job so he doesn’t get canned will have to go out and follow those orders. Sure, in an ideal world he says “fuck this” and resigns because he realizes people are asking him to be a paid enforcer of progressive dickishness. But let’s be real.

                    And my point isn’t about fucking Garner at all. I’m generally in the reason consensus that that situation is fucked up and that arresting a guy for such is overbearing.

                    What I’m getting at is the broader issue, whether it’s petty theft, domestic violence, or murder (all crimes that I think we can agree warrant arrest): most people are going to resist, and in the course of that resistance, they will say and do anything they think will buy them a bit of slack, as the guy in this video did (in saying the exact same thing Garner did). Just put yourself in that situation, not as a cop, but as a guy trying to restrain a dude from beating the shit outta someone on a subway. Just cuz he says he can’t breathe, do you automatically give him the benefit of doubt?

      3. It’s a tough call, Zeb. Pretty much from now on anyone in restraints is going to say “I can’t breathe.” I’m not being cynical or hateful here, but it’s an inevitable consequence of the Eric Garner murder. So, yeah.

        1. Kinda wish people would opt to follow the Michael Brown “hands up don’t shoot” meme instead. If they did, there would be so much less of this senseless dying.

          And you really think it’s only happening in the aftermath of Garner? You ever watch the show COPS in your life? People have been saying things like this when getting detained forever. Obviously, an arresting officer should have enough of a brain to analyze the circumstance and see when it’s a 400 pound man who was wheezing prior to any escalation that it may have more bearing than a 19 year old kid who could start at OLB for Ohio State, but people in these situations will always claim to be going through trauma to get a more relaxed approach, whether for ill intent or mere comfort.

          1. Police brutality is real and its affects disproprotionately ravage poor and minorities. But the kneejerk the “cop was wrong” ethos here is as absurd as the kneejerk “cop was right” ethos at pigblogs. And it’s fucking counterproductive because every time a full investigation is completed and it turns out “oh shit Michael Brown actually did try to take a cops gun, getting so far as forcing it to discharge in his patrol car… and then he charged him later in the episode”, it becomes boy who cried wolf so that by the time a Tamir Rice situation that is a brutal fucking execution occurs, people line up in defense of the cop thinking “these assholes were wrong about Officer Wilson so they have no credibility.”

            For fucks sake, why does this issue always cause reason to emote like Veruca Salt getting her first period.

      4. What is the appropriate response to “I can’t breathe” when forceful restraint is actually called for?

        “Fuck your breath?”

    2. a friend’s basic training story:

      On a morning run the first week:
      some dude: “I can’t breathe”
      drill sgt: “What?”
      dude: “I can’t breathe”
      drill sgt: “What?”
      dude: “I can’t …. breathe”
      drill sgt: “I can’t hear you”
      dude: “I CAN’T BREATHE”
      drill sgt: “You’re talking a lot for a guy who can’t breathe.”

    3. The lady whose son was kidnapped said it too.

    4. YEah, I have noticed that since people have seen the Eric Garner video, they are screaming it whenever the police have them restrained – the woman whose kid had been taken was SHRIEKING it in the video the other day of the cops hassling her.

      Dunno if this is a good or bad thing. CLearly, this guys ARMS were being restrained (by double chicken-wings) and the two guys were NOT on his torso, so it was obviously bullshit.

  9. The Swedes restraining those homeless guys must have been much easier for the NYPD to come along and empty to mags into each of their backs.

  10. Why is this news American cops do that sort of thing everyday.

    1. Because they’re Swedes.

      1. I don’t think they’re actually Swedish cops. They’re the guys from Kraftwerk getting publicity for their NYC show.

        1. Or maybe the grandchildren of the guys from Kraftwerk?

          1. +1 Bahn, bahn, bahn, der autobahn…

          2. Get off my lawn, millenial.

            1. Runter von meinem Rasen, tausendj?hrigen.

  11. The failure to de-escalate increases the likelihood of deadly force being used, and is rooted in the failure to differentiate between the ability of the police officer, technically a trained professional, to act toward de-escalating the situation and the ability of the suspect, often someone in a poor state of mind, to do the same. That failure leads to situations like this.

    English, plz.

    1. plz

      English, please.

  12. OT: NYT starts paying attention to wind direction.


    And related: Hilliary seeks help fighting allegations of shady cash donations by…. Soliciting more cash. This mammal has bigger balls then any other candidate. Your Future Reptile Overlords are amused


    1. OK, that part is brazen enough to merit…respect? Admiration? Not sure what the correct term here is, but you have to recognize when you meet a master in an area of human activity, even if activity and the person performing it are hideous.

      I guess it’s what I’d feel if I saw Warty mate.

      1. Actually that was on the Directors cut of Event Horizon….and Sqlrs

  13. The guy apparently did not die, so the Swedes obviously don’t know how to properly asphyxiate a suspect.

  14. I frankly don’t blame the police too much for having to enforce stupid laws. They don’t write the legislation themselves.

    Bullshit. This apology doesn’t fly. They lobby their asses off for stupid and evil laws all the time. Especially for drug laws and disarming the citizenry.

    1. You know who else said they were just following orders?

      1. The waiters in the restaurant scene of a gangster picture?

    2. Their union does.

      I know teachers that are voluntaryist anarchists, but they’re forced to pay union dues. You blame them for electing democrats?

      Keep collectivizing there.

  15. I’m unsure the chokehold killed him as much as the fact that he was a morbidly obese man struggling and resisting an arrest (no matter how BS the causus arrestis is) and thus strained himself more than his heart could take.

    Obey or die.
    Lick those boots clean.

    1. Why you have to be an anti-cop bigot, Brooksie?

    2. Or look at a fucking autopsy saying that there was no throat damage dipshit.

      Facts and narratives do not compute. Way to Rolling Stone your way there buddy.

    3. I’m unsure the chokehold killed him as much as the fact that he was a morbidly obese man struggling and resisting an arrest

      I don’t recall a physical struggle initiated by the corpse-to-be. I recall a man protesting, mostly verbally, a bullshit arrest for no reason whatsoever, who was assaulted nonetheless by the cops, who immediately went to a high-risk restraint, supposedly prohibited by policy, and, whaddayaknow, the guy died.

      Saying it wasn’t caused by the chokehold is like saying a guy who just got shot in the chest died from heart failure, not a gunshot.

      1. You’re welcome to watch the video again. Here you go

        Two things to note: the officers try grabbing his hands to cuff him and he keeps pulling his hands away and saying “don’t touch me.” Look, I’ll not pretend that is some crazy resistance to arrest and the guy wasn’t getting violent at all. But he wasn’t complying…. yes, not complying with a stupid law (that the cops were scolded for not enforcing by their superiors only days prior, which would explain why he said “you guys know me” as though they had seen him and let him off with warnings before since they probably couldn’t care less about loosies).

        Also note the choke hold: 17 seconds total. It begins at the 1:39 mark. Ends a 1:56. And I dunno if you realize it, but Garner wasn’t a small dude. In order to get him in cuffs, after he is waving his hands away, they have to get him onto the ground.

        It’s a wretched law and a dude who wasn’t being violent but wasn’t being cooperative. It’s a shitty situation all around. But a 17 second choke hold didn’t kill him (as corroborated by a fucking autopsy showing no throat or windpipe damage). The guy had a heart attack because of the whole struggle. It’s tragic and it’s evil.

        The evil is the fucking state and it’s nannying presense in all facets of life. Not some dude doing a shitty job.

        1. He also said they liked to harass him frequently. So, yea, he knew the cops and vice versa. They liked to dick him around.

          And my biology may not be up to snuff, but if you deprive a morbidly obese man of oxygen for 17 seconds, doesn’t that impact his heart? Just saying…

          I don’t care about removing the focus from individual cops. Their training sucks. Their are too many laws they are asked to enforce. But at the end of the day, we see plenty of them who, as individuals, don’t seem to mind any of that and go along in lockstep while rationalizing the behavior of one another.

          Gardner was not violent. The cops were. That is what’s called escalation, and that’s the issue most people have (on top of the stupidity of the law in question). The police need better procedures and more oversight.

  16. ‘Hello. I am Sven….Please remain calm.’ I found another clip from a different angle:


  17. DE-escalate equals a motherfucking goddamn zero reason for the fuckin F.O.P. to exist with real blood. If all the fucking whores working in the law enforcements woke up one day and were taught that same day that we don’t fucking get arrogant and demonic with citizens breaking the rules…

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  20. Threads wind like steps into human ass brains.

    1. Indeed. I’m the furthest thing from a cop apologist, my friends and family think I’m hiding a serial killing habit based on my outright hostility towards police, but when I try looking at a situation and apply clear headed observation from an impartial view, I’m called a bootlicker. It’s tiresome and make libertarians look like knee jerk children.

    2. Put down the laughing gas mask and step away from the keyboard.

  21. The evil is the fucking state and it’s nannying presense in all facets of life. Not some dude doing a shitty job.


    1. Sloganeering? When did you their your lot in with the progressive left. Maybe try actually responding to the substance of the argument instead of emoting like a petulant child.

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  23. Maybe try actually responding to the substance of the argument instead of emoting like a petulant child.
    The “substance” of the argument is this: any refusal to submit to the baboon dominance displays of the subhuman scum who infest this nation’s “law enforcement agencies” is likely to be met with lethal force, because they have been schooled to do so. And they are willingly enforcing every awful law they can because that is exactly what they want to do.

    As for your hero Wilson, let’s back up a few moments; are you really asking me to believe he was inexorably compelled to enforce the jaywalking laws in their most minute detail? I think that whole shitshow happened because he decided to fuck with those two guys just for his own amusement, and he picked the wrong guy on the wrong day. It’s too bad Brown didn’t choke him out and steal his goddam cop car.

    1. “It’s too bad Brown didn’t choke him out and steal his goddam cop car.”

      I think cops and their unions should be treated like the green eggs in a seuss novel… who the motherfucking fuck eats or considers the normality of this green eggs? None.. so green eggs reacted to like battery acid and all cops should be reacted to like battery acid….. nasty fucking horrible slime paste.

    2. There’s no point in trying to impartially discuss the issue with someone who clearly has no interest in engaging a discussion in good faith.

      As was pointed out above by myself and others, the NYPD was specifically instructed mere days prior to being enforcement of a stupid law. Your use of loaded language about the baboon dominance display obviously shows that you’ve never had to do something in your line of work that you otherwise would prefer not to. Watch the fucking video. There was no “baboon dominance display” only an effort to detain Garner. He resisted the initial effort and they had no choice but to get him to the ground to meet the requirements of the job.

      Wilson may have been a meddlesome jerk by instructing Brown to stop jaywalking. But Brown got all riled thinking he was being apprehended for his strong arm robbery of a diminutive Indian chap (and yet you canonize him and want him to be a GTA character). So he escalated the situation to the point where things spiraled into a fiasco, being the party that escalated it at every level other than the initial conversation occurring.

      But facts don’t your narrative so they get swept aside like you had an SJW lobotomy. Instead you argue like some mutant bastard spawn of Shrike and Bo. I seriously had a lot of respect for you before this. But you can’t shake a collectivizing impulse where this is concerned. Good day sir.

      1. I don’t think you are any kindof bootlicker. I do think the cops in the Garner case could have waited and talked a lot longer before doing anything physical. Even if he ran away (which seems unlikely given his physical condition), they knew who he was and where to find him in the future. Yeah, getting physical is part of the job sometimes, but I’d say they got forceful way too fast.

        That and “just doing the job” is only an excuse to a point. I’ll admit that it’s not the most realistic view, but at this point I don’t think that enforcing stupid laws like those forbidding loose cigarette sales or drugs is excusable. They are using violence against people for no good reason. That’s wrong whether you are getting paid to do it or not. If being moral and decent requires you to get a different job, then get a different job. Maybe some of the individual officers oppose such laws. But they don’t seem to be making much effort to do anything about it if they do.

  24. He resisted and was killed.
    The End
    Repeat as needed.

  25. I don’t like how Jacobinical many people here get about the cops. I suppose libertarian TOP MEN will ensure that no innocents get harmed by the mobs, death squads and show trials and they will not turn into just another way to kill dissenters. Lenin, Castro and Khomeini weren’t very fond of the cops…until they came to power that is. And we got Toni Morrison bemoaning that cops don’t shoot enough white people since apparently thugs cops are only a problem when they are killing the wrong people. Not to mention that anti-cop violence didn’t do very much to turn Northern Ireland and Detroit into libertarian places.

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  27. Fuckin’ Swedes. Breaking up a perfectly good bum fight.

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