Sex Club Rebrands as Church to Thwart Nashville Zoning Laws

Do not deliver us, oh Lord, from temptation...


Stephen Romay/Flickr

Last fall, The Social Club of Nashville left its current quarters for an isolated office park a few miles away. Owners spent $750,000 on the building and began renovations fit for "a private club for the enjoyment" of sexual activity. But when neighbors figured out the nature of club members' intended socializing, they packed the city council in support of a zoning change which would prevent The Social Club from opening. 

"The new building is geographically isolated at the end of a dead-end street," AP reports, "but it is near the back of Goodpasture Christian School, a large private school serving pre-school through high school children." Under the new zoning law, private sex clubs are prohibited from operating within 1,000 feet of any schools, parks, daycare centers, or churches. 

So The Social Club re-branded: It will now open as the United Fellowship Center, a house of unorthodox religious worship. The dance floor is now a "sanctuary." The dungeon is now a choir room. And dozens of small, private spaces have been designated "prayer rooms." The United Fellowship Center has even gotten a city permit to meet as a church—and "a church is something that cannot be defined under the U.S. Constitution," its lawyer, Larry Roberts, told AP. 

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  1. …”a church is something that cannot be defined under the U.S. Constitution,” its lawyer, Larry Roberts, told AP.

    Oh, I’m sure that even now, bright and eager minds are considering doing so.

    1. “We can’t define it but we know it when we see it.”

    2. The IRS begs to differ:

      [stupid fargin character limit prevents link. Google “IRS definition of church”]

      To define churches and other religious entities, some of the IRS guidelines consider whether or not an institution has:

      ?a distinct legal existence and religious history,

      ?a recognized creed and form of worship,

      ?established places of worship

      ?a regular congregation and regular religious services, and

      ?an organization of ordained ministers

      1. I’ve found if you post a link with the h**p:// it’s over the limit, but often if you start with www it isn’t, and it still becomes a link.

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  2. As a former altar boy, I think I have to consider that picture a microaggression.

    1. Were you triggered?

      1. My cassock got tight (if you know what I mean).

        1. I had to pull out my prayer beads, if you know what I mean.

          1. *prayer* beads?

            *widens gaze*

            1. The Holy Spirit was in me, if you know where I’m coming from.

  3. That’s a picture of Sister Mary Impassionata, right?

  4. I’ve been waiting for someone to bring back temple prostitutes!

    1. You’re going to church? I thought you were atheist!?!

      No, not in Nashville. In this town, I believe.

  5. Should have been called the Fellowship United Center for Kama.

  6. That actually explains a lot about why the confession booth had a hole in the wall instead of a screen.

    1. “Bless me Father for I am about to sin.”

      1. I’m too lazy to look it up, but The Onion has a great video of a politician publicly asking forgiveness before his infidelity.

  7. The Social Club re-branded: It will now open as the United Fellowship Center

    Can you still be a throbbing member?

  8. Worked for Scientology.

  9. I’ve been calling for the forming of ‘the first church of the latter hedonists’ for some time now. Booze, hookers, blow, all that you know, but in a strictly religious context. First commandment is:

    Thou shalt do what feels good, brothers! Now pass that blow!

    1. Well, provided that there aren’t any crimes committed, like prostitution or illegal drug use, you could pretty much have a church for anything.

    2. There actually was a Christian sect in ancient Egypt that believe the Second Coming would only happen once every possible sin had been committed, and they decided that they therefore had a moral imperative to commit as many original sins as possible in order to hasten the blessed day.

      I’ve always had a soft spot for that sect.

  10. So, in a less snarky vein, if this flies, can you use the same principle to bypass all zoning regulations on businesses?

    1. That’s an interesting question, PZ. According to some of the more religious folk here religion is a magic way to bypass any and all laws because otherwise it’s oppreshuns. Every right has some limits; fire/theater to use another 1A example. But it will be extremely interesting to see this case wend it’s way through the courts, which I suspect it will for a rather long period. I also predict this will cause a fleeting coalition of anti-religionists and hardcore religionists.

  11. Gosh, I hate to interrupt a good piece of comment bait, but did you notice this in the AP story?

    “Roberts said church members will “meet and have fellowship” in the new building, but no sex will take place there. “If people have something else in mind, they will go somewhere else.””

    So if we take them at their word, they’ll simply *talk* about kinky, perverted sex in the church but actually do it elsewhere. Like Epicopalians.

    1. Episcopalians

      1. You mean the JV squad. There, I said it for you. You’re welcome.

    2. Of course their lawyers is going to say that. I’m sure there’ll also be signs everywhere. However, the “prayer rooms” will have locks, soft beds and incense because it’s easier to pray that way.

      1. I dunno. Has this been cleared with the Penguin?

      2. Then if they’re caught they’ll have trouble doing a RFRA lawsuit, since their sincerity will be in doubt.

        1. Or a RLUIPA lawsuit

        2. “Sincerity, Your Honor? Look at our attendance. Many of our faithful members come several times a week! Match that with the mainstream denominations.”

  12. And lo, there was a great knowing and knowledge therefor, and upon the belly of the woman who was not the man’s wife was seed spilled.

  13. To be clear, there are plenty of people for whom eroticism fills the same place in their spiritual life as traditional religion does in others. Such people are, under the 1st Amendment, just as entitled to form their own church as anyone else.

    My question is as to the sincerity of these particular individuals. I can’t know their hearts, but their timing is…suspicious.

    1. And how do you measure “sincerity,” Eddie? Srsly?

      This is going to be delicious because if the government or the nearby competing church raises that we’re going to get testimony about: catholic girls who get abortions, catholic girls who perform a certain sex act to final and absolute completion, christians of all stripes who have buttsex, etc, etc. This case is going to make certain segments of our society very uncomfortable, and that’s a good thing.

      1. “And how do you measure “sincerity,” Eddie? Srsly?”

        All I know is, I know a guy who persuaded his draft board of the sincerity of his pacifism. If a draft board can differentiate between sincerity and insincerity, anyone can.

  14. Okay. But, I have one question. Can they refuse to service gay patrons?

    1. Niiiiice. That would be delicious. Especially if they sublet to a sect that forbade PIV. This could be the gift that keeps on giving, and giving…

  15. whoa.

    1. Yeah, srlsy, Aly. This may not be the test case that either ultrareligious or nonreligious wanted, but then Miranda wasn’t the case that 4A people wanted, either.

  16. The Social Club Synod preaches Aphrodite risen and uncrucified , and baptism by internal immersion.

    1. I don’t know what you just said, Russ, but I like the sound and cadence of it.

  17. Everyone on their knees to receive the sackrament!

  18. Damn. ENB does not disappoint.

    1. If you know what I mean, that is…

  19. I Believe!

  20. Little detail about Nashville from when i was a resident there (mid 1990s) =

    this “distance between churches and porn-shops” type of regulation was just starting to become popular back then….partly because the city had – at least in the 1990s – the highest density of porn-stores, strip clubs, bars, and *churches* in the downtown area of any comparably sized small city.

    you could walk out of church, get your drink on, and get a handjob on the same block.

    This is what happens when you mixed a very bible-belt city, where “christian publishing” was the #1 industry for years… with a big “tourist/business conference” industry which dragged in thousands of out of towners annually, mainly to get drunk during the day and leer at strippers at night.

    A favorite destination for college kids = “The Worlds Largest Adult Bookstore

    This piece has a little ‘splainer

    “By the late 1990s, Nashvillians had had enough of businesses masquerading as “massage parlors,” “saunas” and “spas” that were really no more than houses of prostitution. “In those days, Nashville had a problem with whorehouses,” says Council member Adam Dread.

    1. There would have been no problem if it wasn’t illegal.

  21. “a church is something that cannot be defined under the U.S. Constitution,” its lawyer, Larry Roberts, told AP.

    Yeaaaah, the courts would beg to differ.

    Amish and Social Security exemptions
    Native Americans and drug use exemptions

    They love them some adjudicating on whether or not your religious beliefs are ‘genuine’.

    1. No kidding. But somehow, a government that determines what is, or is not, a “real” church is not violating (if you know what I mean) the Establishment Clause.

  22. But when neighbors figured out the nature of club members’ intended socializing, they packed the city council in support of a zoning change which would prevent The Social Club from opening.

    Tyranny isn’t just for top men. I think these are analogous to the kind of people who say “I believe in free speech, but …”, where they’ll say “I believe in private property, but ….”

    Under the new zoning law, private sex clubs are prohibited from operating within 1,000 feet of any schools, parks, daycare centers, or churches.

    We can’t actually ban the organization, so we’ll just make it impossible to exist anywhere in our city.

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  24. Sex clubs are treated worse than gays… by far…

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  26. Don’t the owners have some sort of constitutional claim here since they spent all that money on the building in reliance of the previous zoning regimen?

    If I was to buy a plot of land, spend $750,000 building a 3 story house on it, and then the locality zones it commercial only, saying I cannot use my house, I feel like that’s a lawsuit.

    1. Which is why cities back off on church related issues. It’s why we see churches operating in tilt up, concrete office condos without need of getting a CUP. While all the other occupants of said office condos, had to receive the sacramental blessings of the city’s community development department before they set up shop, lest they be run out of town.

      Too many people think the only restriction that cities and counties have on land use is zoning. In fact, it goes way beyond that.

      It’s part of the reason I have opined here in the past about the more direct and consequential impact of state and local laws are on each of us than federal regulations. Even as bloated as all of those federal agencies are.

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