Police Abuse

From Being Judged by the Content of Your Character to Seeing a Cop Shoot an Unarmed White Teenager in the Back: A New Vision of a Post-Racial Society

Setting the table for more police violence as a solution to racist police violence


Angela Radulescu/via Wikipedia

In an interview with The Telegraph, Pulitzer- and Nobel-winning author Toni Morrison, now 84, was asked, as elderly black cultural figures generally are by young white reporters, her thoughts on racism and when it might end. Via The Telegraph:

"People keep saying, 'We need to have a conversation about race,'" she says now. "This [the shooting of black people by white cops] is the conversation. I want to see a cop shoot a white unarmed teenager in the back," Morrison says finally. "And I want to see a white man convicted for raping a black woman. Then when you ask me, 'Is it over?', I will say yes."

It's unclear which police killing of a black person by a white cop Morrison is referring to—Michael Brown, it turned out, wasn't shot in the back, and Walter Scott is not a teenager. There are other recent cases of controversial police shootings but none that I know of involve a teenager getting shot in the back, unarmed or otherwise. Wishing for the death of anyone as proof that racism is over is borderline sociopathic.

You could chalk it up to Morrison choosing her words poorly, but the idea that if more white people were victimized by the criminal justice system the way black people are that would signal racial progress is not a new one—a Bronx councilman admitted as much to me while trying to protest the killing of Ramarley Graham at the same time as he supported the drug war policies that contributed to his killing.

There are some statistics that might warm Toni Morrison's blood-thirsty heart. Based on data reported to the FBI, in 2009 41.7 percent of people killed by cops were white. At 1,000 police killings a year—as fair an estimate as is possible to make with incomplete data—even assuming white deaths in police custody are over-reported to the FBI, that's at least 200 white people killed by cops a year. For maximum racial retribution, Morrison can take comfort in the realization that, statistically speaking, at least one of those people was killed by a black cop.

The killing of white people by police generally doesn't get the same attention in the media and the community as the killing of black people. A big part of that is that "white communities" aren't sensitive to police violence in the first place, whether its directed at black people or at other white people. But from Seth Adams, shot by an undercover cop while checking on a suspicious car on his parents' business property, to Chris Roupe, shot in the chest after opening his door holding a Wii controller, white people are shot by cops in controversial situations too. If she's looking for a teenager shot an inordinate amount of time—18-year-old Joseph Jennings was shot by cops 16 times. He was suicidal and cops prevented his father from intervening. In Utah, a state that's 88 percent white, you're more likely to be shot by a cop than by a gang member or drug dealer. White privilege isn't bulletproof. Even the teenage daughter of a judge can be killed by a cop. Would it be too much to wish Morrison and others judged victims of police violence by the content of their character* and not just the color of their skin?

*not that poor character warrants an extrajudicial death penalty, as some supporters of police violence seem to suggest

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  1. You could chalk it up to Morrison choosing her words poorly

    Well it’s not like words are tools of her trade or something, sheesh!

    1. +1

    2. *nods aggressively*

    3. My sentiment precisely. You just beat me to it.

    4. To be fair, maybe we could chalk it up to a poor choice of words, since Morrison is in fact a pretty lousy writer who owes her fame more to being a semifinalist in the victim-hood Olympics than to any actual talent.

  2. Progressives are truly from the Bizarro World. They’re hateful hypocrites who have no empathy for anyone but their ‘chosen’ groups, and believe the opposite of everything that good people do. Utterly loathsome and despicable creatures…

    1. The Sheriff is a ni….

      1. +1 blazing saddles. The best civil rights movie of the century.

        1. Where are all the white women?

    2. “who have no empathy for anyone but their ‘chosen’ groups”

      White Communities don’t even have that, apparently.

      1. “White Communities don’t even have that, apparently”.

        That would be racist.

        1. “That would be racist.”

          Not sure what racism has to do with the question why White Communities tend to accept police brutality and violence. I’d say they were more authoritarian, and would blame the victim, regardless of colour.

  3. You could chalk it up to [Pulitzer- and Nobel-winning author Toni] Morrison choosing her words poorly

    No. No, you could not.

    1. Well, I’m a charitable guy, so I’ll give it a shot.

      She didn’t necessarily mean that more white people murdered by cops would be a positive thing. Just that more parity in being-murdered-by-cops would be a sign of less racism. The major flaw in what she says is her assumption that white people being questionably shot by cops more often is extremely rare compared to blacks being shot and that there is more public outrage when it does happen. Which, at least recently, is the opposite of what really happens.

      1. Of course I’ll have to be the one to give voice to the unspeakable crimethink: considering the high disparities in rates of violent crime between whites and blacks, one could expect statistics on police killings to mirror the overall incidence of violent crime (obvious caveat that many of the people killed by cops are not embroiled in the commission of violent crime, though some *cough Michael Brown *cough are).

        Perhaps I should bitch and moan about the disparity in men being killed by cops as opposed to women?

        1. Perhaps I should bitch and moan about the disparity in men being killed by cops as opposed to women?


        2. Oops. I think I just said the same thing.

          1. Essentially echoed my sentiments on both points even. Eerie.

            1. Hold me, I’m frightened.

              1. You’re frightened?!? My doppleganger is a man in Florida.

                I’m contemplating taking flakka and committing suicide by cop.

        3. It is certainly true that, for whatever reason, young black men do commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime. So I don’t think it is racist or unreasonable to expect that more blacks would be killed by the police.
          But what she seems to think is that white people being questionably shot by police is extremely rare. Which just isn’t the case. It isn’t in proportional parity to the number of blacks who get shot, but it is far from unusual or rare.

          1. My guess is, when you look at it from a poverty/socioeconomic paradigm instead of a racial one, you’ll see a clear correlation. The fact that a disproportionate percentage of the african american community is at or near the poverty line is a different problem altogether.

            1. In most cases where a cop kills a human being, the human is doing something non-compliant. Now in the vast majority of those cases, that non-compliance doesn’t warrant being shot. But there is some behavioral non-compliance at play. Garner was struggling. Scott was running away. Hat tip to Tamir Rice, he didn’t have a chance since he was murdered instantly. None of these are valid reasons for killing a person, but FFS, convincing all black men that cops are bloodthirsty demons intent on murdering them for no reason only increases the incidence of them fleeing or demonstrating hostility or non compliance and thus being more prone to being murdered by cops.

              It’s a goddamned feedback loop.

              1. well, then cops shouldn’t be bloodthirsty demons intent on murdering them for no reason. Problem solved.

                1. Realistically, the best course is still to comply, comply, comply, do whatever they say. It may be humiliating, but it’s better than being dead.

                  Encouraging black people to be less compliant with police (which is what some “activists” seem to be doing) is a sure way raise the body count even higher. But maybe that’s the point.

                  I will say, with admittedly nothing but anecdotal evidence, that there does seem to be a slight cultural difference that may explain some of the racial disparity: amongst us white suburbanites, it is convention to just be nice and submissive and wait until after the cop is already out of earshot to start calling him an asshole. Black men seem less likely to take the conflict-avoidance approach. Again, purely anecdotal.

                  1. “Realistically, the best course is still to comply, comply, comply, do whatever they say”

                    Just making a wild guess here, but I bet you’re white. Actually, it’s not so wild, and there are good reasons why whites tend to put their faith in the police and why blacks don’t. Still, I think you’ve a good point. Do you figure this white willingness to tolerate humiliation is related to their unwillingness to raise objections when one of their number (or anyone else) is subject to police violence? If so then you might want to rethink this comply, comply, comply strategy.

                2. well, then cops shouldn’t be bloodthirsty demons intent on murdering them for no reason. Problem solved.

                  That would deprive the thugs at PoliceOne from organizing a Flash Circle Jerk Gizz Feast under the statue of J. Edgar Hoover every time a cop shoots either person or dog.

                  1. Did you mean Feast or Fest?

          2. “It is certainly true that, for whatever reason, young black men do commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime.”

            Did you hear that? Zeb just said that all black people are criminals and he wants to throw them all in prison!! RACIST!


            1. Zeb just said that all police have the right to shoot any black teen they encounter in the back. Shame on Zeb.

          3. commiting a crime amd being charged with a crime are two very different things. when most major metropolitan cities have closing rates for violent crimes over 50-60% then we can begin accounting for all of the wrongful charges and convictions. ONLY then, IF there continues to ve a racial disparity in crime statistics your statement would be appropriate.

            Until that time racial disparity claims in violent crime are baseless.

          4. I have absolutely no patience with poverty and race pimps (or, in the case of Morrison, whores), but the constant repitition in some quarters of the factoid that young black men commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime bothers me. Is it true if you adjust for poverty level? Is it possible that they are ARRESTED more?

            I’m in my 50’s. The factoid FEELS true, based on my experience living in so-so areas of several cities. But I wonder, for example, how it might change is we ashcanned the disgusting War on Drugs.

            And, even if true, I’m not sure it really MEANS anything.

      2. *** gives Morrison’s Nobel prize to Zeb ***

      3. Well, I don’t think it’s any secret that blacks commit a disproportionate number of crimes, which means they have more run-ins with cops and more opportunities to get shot. But there are plenty of white victims of cop violence and/or misconduct, even so. And, of course, as bad as cops can be, it’s not like a decent number of those shot didn’t initiate the violence.

        I don’t hear anyone bitching about more women getting shot in the back. Same, exact issue–men commit violent crimes out of proportion to the percentage of the population that’s male.

        1. She seems to be suggesting more than just a disproportionate amount of shooting of blacks. She seems to think that police never shoot unarmed white people in questionable circumstances. Which is just not the case.

          1. Well, in fairness to her, it never gets any national media play when it does happen. I seem to have missed the MSNBC continuous coverage of the Kelly Thomas trial. But she’s not someone who bothers researching police violence on a regular basis or even stumbling upon Balko’s blog. She’s a race hustler, so she’ll only view things that conform to her narrative.

            1. And it’s pretty hard to change your narrative in your 80s.

              1. And it’s pretty hard to change your narrative in your 80s after it has been so lucrative for you over the decades.


            2. I was thinking that. She’s likely just looking at this superficially, based on what pops up in the news. That, coupled with her racial lenses, makes it seem to her like it’s all about black children being executed by cops.

              It’s not that this is a nonissue, but it’s a whole lot bigger than black/white. Our police and our government are totally out of control.

            3. Well, in fairness to her, it never gets any national media play when it does happen.

              No fairness to her. People like her are the reason the national media hones in on “white shoots black” scenario over all others. From her perch in the lofty lefty towers of academia, she has played no small part in promoting that perpetual victim class narrative.

              That same race hustling narrative she promotes rises to prominence at the expense of those who work to solve the actual problem; a draconian body of law and the bloodthirsty law enforcers immune to accountability.

          2. What she seems to be suggesting is that the state’s only flaw is that they don’t shoot enough white people rather than that they kill too many people in aggregate regardless of the demographic makeup of the state’s murder victims.

            Even while being brutalized by the state, statists will state and find some other cause of the problem. It isn’t the state’s application of power that’s the problem, it’s who the state uses that power against that is the problem.

            Identity politics is nothing but a huge apology for state action.

        2. Always fun to see a progs head spin around when you compare black people with men. Black people, cops are horrible, we need social program, blah blah blah; men, we need more jails and longer sentences. Black people commit more crimes, evidence of marginalization, men commit more crimes, evidence of privilege.

          Just take a story and change the word “black” to “male” and every prog reading it immediately turns from Clarence Darrow into Judge Roy Bean.

      4. Just that more parity in being-murdered-by-cops would be a sign of less racism.

        Interesting metric.

      5. There is racial parity in people getting killed by cops. It reflects the racial parity in violent crime.

    2. I do, in fact, think her words were poorly chosen, not because she flubbed the wording but because the line of thinking in which she and others engage is so muddied that any clear articulation is impossible. She can’t possibly acknowledge that authentic racial bigotry, to the extent it exists within the ranks of cops, is abetted rather than caused by the institutional drift of policing from a reactive role to its current proactive role. Acknowledging that racism is subsidiary to the manifold institutional defects of modern policing rather than the overriding concern would unseat the entire edifice of racial politicking.

      1. Just using big words doesn’t get you the Nobel.

        1. This is correct, which is why Dick Van Dyke didn’t win.

          1. +1 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

        1. Fair enough. My only point is that highlighting racial disparities in policing really misses the point as to why the policing is so screwed up in the first place. So Morrison and those she’s parroting come off exactly the way she came off: supporting bad policies just as long as they’re applied indiscriminately. Which makes the media’s take on events doubly aggravating, because the racialists get to claim police reform as their prerogative while getting it totally wrong.

          1. Agreed. It’s like that memepic showing protestors getting pepper sprayed by police in riot gear, with an arrow pointing to a protestor with the caption “Wants more government” and an arrow pointing the cop spraying them that reads “More government”, just totally oblivious. Lack of awareness.

            I’ll let her slide due to old age, her generation seems to have some legit racism but we can all just laugh it off as “Grandma’s talking silly again” and not really care because she’s going to die soon.

            1. Oops, didn’t even see that. IE on my work computer is so outdated that h&r comments don’t even thread. It’s… frustrating.

              1. I was wondering why you seemed to respond so earnestly to what I thought was obviously just a little ribbing with a movie clip 🙂


      2. I chalk it up to a poor choice of words to give her the benefit of the doubt. How about “she’s getting senile”?

  4. I guess a homeless white thirtysomething getting savagely beaten to death by a hispanic officer who is then acquitted is insufficiently blood thirsty for her?

    1. He was homeless, therefore a minority, therefore not numbered among the elect class of white men Morrison would prefer to see extrajudicially executed.

        1. *beat kelly thomas to death*

        2. * whacked Vince Foster *

  5. Here, Toni, you stupid cunt. I guess we can agree that racism is over, then, and you can shut your pie hole. My I never here of your name again.

    1. Doesn’t count, that was a white woman, so she didn’t have Male Privilege.

      1. Abd it was Randy Weaver’s wife that got the bullet to the head.

  6. We need to have a conversation about race.

    OK. Please say something meaningful to start it off.

    1. By “conversation” she means “shut up and agree with me while I lecture you”.

      1. No by “conversation” she means that whites everywhere must accept their inferiority to non-whites and acknowledge the inherent racist demons dwelling within their sick white soul.

  7. “Chalk”


    1. Why does the paper have to be white?

  8. For maximum racial retribution, Morrison can take comfort in the realization that, statistically speaking, at least one of those people was killed by a black people.

    Really, Ed?

    1. Pulitzer’s in the mail!

  9. Didn’t she write at least one novel with a, shall we say, less-than-flattering portrayal of black men?

  10. An Asian Woman Says Terrible Things To A White Man. By The End, I Was Cheering Her On.

    1. You’ve never used the “your ancient traditions are so majestic” line when hitting on a girl? I am disappoint.

      1. I once hit on an asian girl by asking, “Is it true that you pee pee’d in my coke?”

        turned out she was korean, but she thought it was funny.

        1. Yeah, and I once saw Bigfoot. No really!

          1. Didn’t he go by, “Shaq”?

        2. I don’t believe this story and I think you’re lying to me.

          1. I didn’t say her pussy tasted like ice-cream, i said i made her laugh.

            Then again, she was a member of an improv comedy group, and those people will laugh at pretty much anything, the stupider the better.

        3. Hey, baby, you’re looking really scrutable

    2. The only thing I found funny about that was the PBR line.

      1. It wasn’t shared out of any intent to be “funny”. Its just that i think Upworthy is always apropos to include in any idiotic discussion about race-hysteria.

        1. I’m with you, G. I kept saying to myself, “is this supposed to be a commentary on how every white male approaches every Asian female at bars and absurdly asks them questions about their stereotypical identity in an attempt to pick them up as sex objects? Because that’s a real thing that’s happening?”

    3. stars Joy Regullano as the woman with the white fetish

      Millennial progressives: Always self-involved but never self-aware.

  11. Truth is nuanced. Ain’t no time for that.

  12. Someone should tell her to Google it. Why should we enact her labor on her behalf.

    1. That’s never going to get old

      1. Okay, help me out here. I don’t get the joke and/or reference.

        1. Its a quote from Suey Park, and has been chosen as the ultimate in “SJW”-speak in “how to dodge questions” and evade actually providing any substance to an argument about ‘oppression and race’.

          all you have to do is declare something “oppressive” and “patronizing” and then you never have to justify anything. If anyone says, “explain yourself”, just go, “It aint my job to educate your white male oppressing ass!”, only say it in the most boring way possible, e.g. “i will not enact that labor for you”

          The “google it” is another expression used by the SJW to replace any actual “evidence”. They make a wide range of accusations and assertions, then cap them with “DONT BELIEVE ME!? GOOGLE IT.”

          1. Now I understand. Faux intellectualism with a sprinkling of asshattery.

            I finally stopped reading the first link when I came to this nugget of nonsense, “The Asian model-minority fits in well with ‘White innocence’ because Asians are feminized, understood as weak, not authoritative or threatening.

            Yeah that is totally why Bushido and Sun-tzu’s Art of War are worshipped by leadership experts, and why kids want to be badass ninja’s.

  13. “And I want to see a white man convicted for raping a black woman. Then when you ask me, ‘Is it over?’, I will say yes.”

    So, it’s over then? Because that has definitely happened.

    1. Yay! Racism is over! Toni Morrison said so!

      Oh, wait, did she mean she had to see it personally?

    2. Not only that, it ended like 100 years ago!

      Saints be praised! I didn’t know all that Jim Crow shit happened AFTER racism had ended! The timeline no longer makes much sense, but who am I to question Toni Morrison?

  14. “You could chalk it up to Morrison choosing her words poorly…”

    Or you could chalk it up to her being a statist twat whose entire worldview is about having her preferred thugs in power so she can have her preferred targets of retribution subjected to violence.

    1. statist twat = stwatist

      1. I am definitely going to have to use that in the future. Well done.

      2. Twatist? No?

        1. Def Twatist. A card carrying member is a Twatista. Ironically some favor Rick Santorum, so Twistorum-ist.

  15. A Crazy Black Woman Wants People Like Me Shot In the Back. And She’s Totally Right

    1. trigger warning: progressive emoting newthink contained within

  16. Then when you ask me, ‘Is it over?’, I will say yes.”

    Then she’d have nothing to write about anymore. All her books depend on skin color.

    Remember, this is the one who came up with”first black president” about Clinton.

  17. Someone should send her the article about what happened to Keith Vidal.

    Unlike the cops who executed him, she may have time for it.

  18. I don’t know, I think 84 year old black women should get some slack when it comes to word choices and racial animosity. The same way we cut 84 year old white women a little slack.
    They grew up in a different time.

    I don’t see much benefit in stirring up racial bullshit over obliquely racist things that anyone over the age of 60 says.

    1. Except we generally don’t treat the 84 year old white woman as a cultural icon. We write her off as someone whose time has passed.

      The world would be a better place if Morrison got the same treatment.

      1. Someone should ask Betty White what she thinks.

        1. Or Barbara BOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!!

        2. Does anyone treat Betty White as anything other than another mindless celebrity?

          1. She called to invite you to her nice house on Lake Placid – something about her pet reptile needing feeding.

            1. That is a ridiculously underrated movie.

              1. I agree. Here is the link to the scene I mentioned: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTaaSz3v6FM

    2. Cutting slack is racist.

    3. Yeah, I agree. I think it is worth people trying to point out to her that her view of racial disparities is a bit out of date and out of line with reality, but no need to attack her. The kind of racism she is talking about has been common and prevalent within her lifetime.

      1. And I really really doubt she really meant that it would be better if more white people got killed by cops. It was an offhand comment. There’s no need to get all spun up about it and start wailing about reverse racismn.

        1. It’s not reverse racism. It’s just racism. Isn’t reverse racism where you treat someone nicely because of their race?

          1. “Reverse racism” is a pretty stupid term in any situation. But people do use it to refer to racism perpetrated against whites by blacks.

            1. Which inherently implies that whites are the only ones capable of “real” racism. Which is a load of shit.

    4. Kind of like how 80 year old “white” Donald Sterling was “cut some slack.”

      1. Oh, but that’s different, IJ. Sterling was a white male. And therefore privileged.

        Not like someone who has a Pulitzer and a Nobel.

      2. Totes agree there.


        1. Lol, Sterling was just a punk who didn’t want everyone knowing his rent-a-whore girlfriend was cuckolding him with giant mandingo studs.

          1. Sounds like a win-win for everybody!

      3. I cut him some slack. Even though he isn’t an old white woman.

      4. I didn’t think Donald Sperling deserved what he got either. Although what he said was much more overtly racist than what Toni Morrison said.

        1. People really ought to be encouraging others to spout their racist views at every opportunity. It really lets your identify the horrible assholes in the crowd.

          1. But that would be so insensitive and othering!

        2. An overtly racist thing said in private.

        3. No, it wasn’t.

          He asked his black girlfriend to not bring the black guys she was fucking to his games.

          He didn’t even seem to mind that she was fucking them–only that it not become public knowledge.

    5. Yeah, I don’t expect her to be on the internet every day reading about the stuff we read from Balko or whatever.

      She probably just hears about cases like Eric Garner or Tamir Rice.

      1. She should educate herself.

      2. If it’s not in the news, it didn’t happen?

    6. We cut old people slack for antiquated word usage, i.e. granny referring to a “negro” or a “colored”, both acceptable and PC terms through much of her life before PC police narrowed the range of acceptable terms. But we’re also much less inclined to do so in cases where the person in question made a career writing, including winning a Nobel for such writings.

      Toni didn’t make a faux pas of saying some antiquated term for white folk: she suggested that she wants to see people actually get murdered. So she can kindly go fuck herself.

      1. ^THIS^

      2. No she didn’t. She wasn’t really saying that she wants white people to be murdered by cops. Someone asked a question and she made an offhand response and now Ed here is going to jump down her throat and get all racial on her for a poor word choice.

        1. She wasn’t really saying that she wants white people to be murdered by cops.

          I want to see a cop shoot a white unarmed teenager in the back,” Morrison says finally.

          Seems like that actually is what she said.

        2. I guess the nice thing about speaking without thinking is you get to hear an unfiltered message about what a person really believes.

        3. Did you read the whole interview? She brought up race well before being asked a logical follow up question. She was hardly baited into making the statement, and was lucid for what must’ve been an hour of interview before getting to that moment.

          1. I read it, Sudden, and I still have the impression she wants us to reach the point where things are “fair” and we’re all being abused – or held accountable – equally.

            How is that?

            1. If a Jew said they wanted to see six million Germans killed, I’d say they probably belong in a mental hospital.

              Imagine if a white person said “I want to see black people getting mugged or robbed by gangs of white kids. Then the world will be fair.”

              I think Morrison is just an old (maybe senile) racist revanchist turd. I’m not inclined to forgive her especially when white people get boiled alive by the media for far less. Unless they’re Joe Biden. Or Robert Byrd.

        4. Someone asked a question and she made an offhand response

          The entire goddamned interview was her talking about race. To suggest that she was baited is not merely accidental misinterpretation, it is deliberate and willful deceit.

          1. Her entire career is predicated on race. Her every breath and every word she prints on the page is about race. It’s no surprise that she has these opinions.

    7. That is such a charitable interpretation that I nominate you for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    8. We cut older white women slack, when they say foolishly racist things? Must be news to Paula Deen, who got personally destroyed because she used the N-word decades ago living in the South.

      1. Not to mention that old frat mom from just a few weeks ago.

        1. The one who was singing along to a rap song? Yeah, that one is even more hilarious. She was one who “adapted” to the times and was a cool old woman because she was all down with hip hop and black culture. But she didn’t realize that you’re not allowed to karaoke the stuff verbatim.

    9. I’m finding this a better way to not waste any hate on her.

    10. When she says “Bless your heart”, she fucking means business.

  19. “Oh, Mammy, you’re so funny!”

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  21. Kind of OT: I love how whenever there’s a “Bad Cop” story in the news (like with the Baltimore killing), the local cop-fellator news outlets just have to counterbalance that with a “Hero Cop” story, no matter how insignificant. “Cop Sees Kid Drop $5 Bill, Gives it Back to Kid. HERO!”

    1. I suspect most people here have seen the video of the cop running down the guy with his car at about 80 MPH. I was at my brother’s house this weekend and as he’s flipping through the channels he stops on the Lou Dobbs show for a few moments. Ole Lou is just cutting to commercials but throws up a teaser of what’s coming next. Sure enough they show a bit of the clip with this caption:


    2. The bit over the weekend about a cop refusing to grant a murderer’s death wish was pitched as a HERO COP story, which seems to suggest that declining the opportunity to kill an unarmed man is the low bar we set for heroes.

      1. Damn, i ain’t killed any unarmed men in weeks. I’m, like, SUPER heroic.

        1. Good afternoon, NonMurderMan

  22. We’ll call it even when blacks have been able to oppress whites for a couple hundred years.


    1. Exactly. She doesn’t seem to be interested in seeing an end to racism. She would rather even the tally on her racist scorecard.

      1. All people who view things first and foremost through a racial lens are merely tribalists who want to see their tribe elevated or avenged. Justice plays no role whatsoever. This is why identity politics is easily the most troubling development in modern American political culture. It’s about score settling more than equalizing.

        1. Well, you know, in their world vengeance = justice.

          1. And then they wonder why many white people are hesitant to “participate in the conversation.” Black racism is the best way to perpetuate white racism. After all, contrary to progressive wisdom white people are no more causa sui than black people.

            Btw, how do I do italics? Wanted to put ‘causa sui’ in italics cause it’s foreign but there are no buttons at Reason.

          2. And then they wonder why many white people are hesitant to “participate in the conversation.” Black racism is the best way to perpetuate white racism. After all, contrary to progressive wisdom white people are no more causa sui than black people.

            Btw, how do I do italics? Wanted to put ‘causa sui’ in italics cause it’s foreign but there are no buttons at Reason.

  23. There isn’t much support in the “community” for legalizing hard drugs. Libertarians should be asking themselves why.

    1. I often do.

      I think it is because most people believe in what Sullum has called “voodoo pharmacology”. That the drugs themselves are bad and cause people to do bad things. They see prohibition related crime and violence as “drug related”. Most people just assume that drug prohibition is just how it has to be. Something like marijuana is different because it isn’t so bad, not because people have the right to decide for themselves and be left alone.

      1. If you tell a libertarian that there is a product and that product suddenly becomes an order of magnitude cheaper and of better quality, what will happen to the consumption for that product? It will increase, they will say, basic economics.

        Black people are more likely to see the negative effects drugs have on other Black people, making them violent, lazy and promiscuous. They don’t want to see drug use increase and they believe it will if it is legalized.

        1. You are making two assumptions that are not justified. The first is that cost, quality, and legality are the key factors preventing most people from using drugs. I’m sure that’s true for some people, but I suspect that even if safe, legal drugs were given away for free, usage would not increase dramatically. The experience of Portugal seems to support that.

          The second is that the negative effects of drug use are primarily due to the drugs and not the preexisting habits of the people that use them.

        2. Black people are more likely to see the negative effects drugs have on other Black people, making them violent, lazy and promiscuous.

          Well they probably feel that way because it’s easier than admitting the causation flows the other way, which is the truth. Violent, lazy, and promiscuous people get involved with drugs; but owning up to that fact would involve recognizing that your son/grandson/daughter/cousin/etc. is actually not a good person.

        3. The idea that drugs make people do anything is what I am talking about with “voodoo pharmacology. Yes, some drugs are a lot more likely to be associated with addiction and its attendant problems. But that is a complex phenomenon that is not just a property of some drugs.

          I suspect you would see some increase in use of hard drugs if they were legalized. But you would also see the harms associated with them drop.
          I get that most people don’t buy the pure personal liberty argument against prohibition. But there are still terrible consequences to prohibition that you can point out to people to try to change their minds.

        4. Black people are more likely to see the negative effects drugs have on other Black people, making them violent, lazy and promiscuous. They don’t want to see drug use increase and they believe it will if it is legalized

          Black people and white people use drugs at similar rates so this is hogwash. What black people are more likely to see are the negative effects of drug prohibition.

        5. “Black people are more likely to see the negative effects drugs have on other Black people, making them violent, lazy and promiscuous. They don’t want to see drug use increase and they believe it will if it is legalized.”

          Can I get a ruling: Is this American?

          1. I think the handle is probably a giveaway

        6. It will increase, they will say, basic economics.

          Basic economics aren’t in play with a vigorously prosecuted black market. You wouldn’t use simple ‘supply and demand’ analyses to evaluate economic output in the Soviet Union for the same reason. It becomes much more complex when you outlaw any and all legitimate means conflict resolution and in fact outlaw the very principles of economic liberty that voluntary transactions are based upon.

          So distorted is the picture when looking through that lens that you’ll be completely unable to address cases like Portugal where drug decriminalization has resulted in a decrease in usage and vices associated with it’s use.

      2. I think the argument may relate in part to the effects drugs have on how people behave toward others. I tend to assume people aren’t that altruistic, that it’s not ‘for their own good’ but to protect themselves from others. People view heroin use or LSD use as being akin to drunk driving. We accept, more or less that a drunk person is basically innocuous, but in a car they are too dangerous and need to be stopped. Potheads, likewise, are generally accepted to be innocuous. A drunk guy won’t kill you just to get enough money for his next shot, a pothead won’t kill you for his next joint, but a heroin addict just might kill you for his next fix; or the LSD user might mistake you for a malevolent alien and kill you in “self-defense”, whereas the drunk and the pothead most likely will not. So goes the perception, I have not read the literature on any of this though so I abstain from comment.

        But that, as I see it, is the real, self-interested argument regarding hard drugs: that they render their users dangerous (like alcohol+car renders a person dangerous) enough to warrant prohibition.

    2. I was recently introduced and somewhat swayed by moral foundation theory. In this paradigm, drug use violates sanctity and promotes degradation. If this really is a widespread foundation of human morality, it would naturally follow that people would be against drug legalization.

      I think a lot of people also have an uninformed view of addiction, shaped in large part by misinformation campaigns in the war on drugs. I was taught growing up that trying drugs even once could ruin my life, trapping me in a cycle of dependency that I would be lucky to break out of. In fact, not all drugs are addictive, not everyone that tries drugs becomes addicted, and lots of people are able to beat their addiction with time.

      1. I’ve just never wanted to personally try drugs, since my family has a history of alcoholism (both paternal grandparents, and maternal great grandfather), I’ve always figured if I started, it’d be much harder for me to stop given the rather good odds I would become dependent upon them, even if the dependency was only psychological (as in marijuana) rather than an actual physiological addiction. Psychiatrists and rehab are too damn expensive for my blood.

        1. From what I have read and observed, I think that some people are prone to addiction and some are not. Some people who drink or smoke heavily or use cocaine can stop fairly easily and some struggle with it for their whole lives. Even with drugs like opiates that have severe physical withdrawal symptoms, some people can just feel sick for a bit and then get on with their lives and some will always have the addiction nagging in the back of their minds.
          It seems to me that it has a lot more to do with individual psychology than with properties of certain drugs.
          So I think you made the smart decision given your background.

    3. The “community” tends to be against many things they find scary. Unfortunately, they’ve sold out freedom for a false sense of security a long time ago.

  24. Maybe we can appease her by exhuming Thos Jefferson and trying him for rape.

  25. was asked, as elderly black cultural figures generally are by young white reporters, her thoughts on racism and when it might end.

    To be fair, she was asked an idiotic question.

    Racism will end when when we all have the same number of stars on our bellies.

    1. +1

      1. +2

        1. -0.667

    2. At the end of The Sneeches there was not equity in the number of stars on bellies. There was equity in poverty that made them realize the their racist view were pointless. In this way, capitalism and income inequity are shown to be the cause of racism and everyone lives happily ever after in abject poverty.

      1. Uh, I think you are reading a lot into that story that isn’t there. It’s a satire on people’s obsession with pointless superficial characteristics like race and how hucksters can exploit that kind of idiocy. The point isn’t that capitalism causes racism, it’s that racism is stupid and wasteful.

        I suppose it could also be seen as a satire on elitism, fashion and hipsterism.

        1. I was being facetious. You are correct on it being a satire of elitism and how it is sold by hucksters.

          1. I see. So hard to tell sometimes.

  26. I think Morrison’s Song of Solomon is as good a contender for best book, 1950-2000 edition. I mean, Pilate’s misquoting of the Bible alone… Then, somewhere around ’92, she went all “The Personal Is Political” and has been unreadable ever since.

    Disclaimer: took senior-level seminar on her that was invaluable. 1994, a 60-something Brandeis-educated Jewish woman explained to the class exactly what Morrison really meant to nods and awe. I figured I had no future in academe and started on my own.

    1. Beloved was a great read.

    2. “I wish I’d known more people. If I had, I would have loved them all…”

    3. As far as 1950-2000 I don’t see how she can hope to contend with Cormac McCarthy and Flannery O’Connor.

      Then again I’m biased; basically my whole life I’ve only known Toni Morrison as third rate peddler of identity politics. I put her in the same class as Susan Sontag. Literarily, when I hear her name, Picoult and Grissham come to mind, not Fitzgerald and Faulkner.

      I personally can’t stand contemporary literature though. It’s all just another theater of the leftist political circle jerk. A few like Cormac McCarthy seem to view their art as more than just a tool for self-righteous sermonizing, but that’s a dying breed it seems at least in the elite circles.

      Speaking of modern lit, Gunther Grass just died. All I can say in eulogy is, well, I was generally underwhelmed by him but at least there were others I hated more than him.

  27. 41.7 percent of people killed by cops were white. At 1,000 police killings a year?as fair an estimate as is possible

    Ed, wouldn’t that be about 420 white people killed by cops, not 200? Not that it makes that big a difference seeing as how she’s a horrible human being and probably want’s the number to be even higher.

    1. Hispanics are counted as White when they commit crimes, so that complicates things.

      1. This is true. They have to aim lower.

      2. Indeed, they are. And they are counted as non-whites/minorities when they are victims.

  28. careful about that rape, it can sneak up on you anytime

    In February 2012, during a team party in which both Yu and his fellow team member consumed alcohol, the two engaged in sexual intercourse. Yu lost his virginity that night.

    One year later, she would accuse him of sexual assault over the incident.

    Between the time of the encounter and the accusation, Yu and his accuser exchanged multiple friendly Facebook messages. One message from the accuser said: “I’m really sorry I led you on last night I should have known better then [sic] to let my self [sic] drink yet, I really don’t want this to effect [sic] our team dynamic or friendship. I don’t think any less of you at all I had a wonderful time last night I’m just too close to my previous relationship to be in one right now.”

    He was convicted in a campus tribunal which he then challenged in court and the judge ruled against him

    1. of course, the fact that his accuser was the “‘daughter of a Vassar professor”” had nothing to do with the school’s decision.

    2. JFC. Never stick it in anything.

      1. We need some liberty up in here, some laws changed or struck down, so that I may aid these young males with my next business venture: Hoes for Student Bros!

        Eh, doesn’t quite have that pizzazz. Maybe, Sexy Study Buddies?

    3. Who wants to bet she only “realized” she was “raped” after 1) some aggressive conversion therapy by a “rape” counselor, 2) a gender studies indoctrination class, or 3) a surreal conversation with her bitter radical feminist fugly friend.

  29. Even under its most charitable expression, this essentially suggests that anything besides complete parity in racial statistics is evidence of racism — a redefinition of racism to something that, rather than being a specific instance of an individual character flaw (bigotry), is egalitarian politics in drag.

    1. anything besides complete parity in racial statistics is evidence of racism

      SOP in progressive circles for decades now. See NYC schools telling administrators they have to stop punishing so many black kids for a recent example.

      1. Progs are always throwing shit about the dearth of white guys in the NBA and the hip hop industry. /sarc

    2. It’s the same story with “income inequality”. If two people don’t have the exact same income, progressives see this huge inherent evil in that. They never consider that a rich person may be rich because he made a popular product or service, and they never consider that a poor person may be poor because they constantly make stupid decisions.

      But yea, it’s out of touch with reality to expect that crimes, arrests, and shootings will be distributed completely evenly among every ethnic group.

  30. . I want to see a cop shoot a white unarmed teenager in the back,” Morrison says finally.

    This reminds me of that 76/100 store that the idiot feminist in Philadelphia opened that charged men more than women because WAGE GAP.

    Proglodytes aren’t interested in creating a peaceful world, a just world, or even a better world. They want the equal distribution of misery and suffering, except for the brainworkers and Inner Party Members.

    1. Even when they can’t even define misery and suffering correctly (“The choices women tend to make result in lower overall earnings!” probably wouldn’t look as solid in the business plan.)

  31. This is the same shit we complain about when SJWs do it. Someone says something easily misinterpreted, and they are quick to seize on the worst possible interpretation and get all “OMG!! RACISM!!! BLARGHHHH!!”

    Let’s not be like that, please.

    1. Easily misinterpreted? She said the cops killing white people would end racism. How should it be interpreted?

    2. I think I gave Morrison her due. It’s pretty obvious what she’s getting at, an argument that statistical parity will mean an end to racial disparity in policing, but the entire racialist aim in critiquing institutions is flawed at its core. This isn’t the south circa 1960 with German shepherds and firehoses.

    3. If what she said wasn’t mindnumbingly stupid, she might get a pass.
      If what she said couldn’t be attained by taking 30 seconds to search, she might get a pass.
      If she could be something other than a “my people are oppressed by the white man” asshole, she might get a pass.

    4. “I want to see a cop shoot a white unarmed teenager in the back,”

      What part is being misinterpreted?

      1. What part is being misinterpreted?

        Exactly. This was not a comment about statistical racial disparities. It was a comment about “social justice”.

      2. I understand your point WTF, and if I take her words at face value/literally you are of course correct. Yet I really think she said this being mindful only/mostly of her perception of reality, which seems to exclude the numbers or even the existence of white people being shot by police or held accountable for particular crimes.

        I don’t agree with her views nor yet her vision of what will create an end of racism (where we’re all being shot/abused equally).

        I would have to read some of her work or otherwise delve into this to form a better opinion, but I don’t care enough to do so.

    5. So a bunch of Reasonoids are flooding her Twitter and FB page and screaming insane crap at her? Calling for a boycott of her work? Demanding she be kicked out of whatever literary groups she belongs to and that her Pulitzer and Nobel be rescinded? No? Then no, not the same at all really.

      1. ^ DING DING DING

        Once in a while we’ll shit on someone on these boards and somebody (usually Bo) will say we’re being just like the leftists we claim to hate.

        Except when we shit on people on these boards, it stays on these boards. There’s no attempt to stop them from speaking at colleges. No personal threats. No twitter mobs. No attempts to get them booted from their jobs.

        Mocking someone who said something stupid is not the equivalent of what you tend to see from SJW and right-wing lynch mobs.

        1. AND THIS. Is the whole Reason why I come here.

          Sorry, bad pun.

      2. So, where’s the problem?

    6. Sorry, but if you think she gets a pass on this, you’re nutz. Or you’re being paternalistic.

      ENOUGH!!! She said it, she owns it.

    7. Collectivism – telling US how to act. Just who the hell do you think you are? The manners police?

      Let’s not tell each other how to act, Bubba. Lest you be exiled from libertarian island.

    8. Well, at least we’re not calling for her to be arrested.

      And btw, I’m basically a political nihilist at this point. These people can’t be fixed and they’re too entrenched to be removed. So I say, tit for tat, eye for an eye, let’s treat them like they treat us, just for the sake of reciprocity.

  32. As much as she has been revered for her words in the past, she should be reviled for her current statements.

    Oh, I forgot: Principals, not Principles …

  33. Remember when Obama was going to heal the country and usher in our post-racial society?

    1. Well, at least the planet is cooling and the oceans are starting to recede….

    2. Not only that, but it would be a golden-age of Bipartisanship! BUT THOSE DAMN REPUBLICANS GOT IN THE WAY

    3. Post? Like a whipping post? YOU RACIST BASTARD!

    4. Post? Like a whipping post? YOU RACIST BASTARD!

      1. Apparently the squirrels think you’re a double racist bastard.

    5. I remember when people said that peace in the Middle East will now be doable after the ’08 election.

      Oh, how I laffed….

      1. Now there’s not even peace in Europe anymore. At least we know Fukuyama was wrong about that end of history bullshit.

  34. Obligatory

    (ignore the anti-obama commentary added there)

    Trivia: the person playing guitar is Hiram Bullock, who was a legitimate badass.

  35. OT: with a full understanding of the arguments against state-financed mass transit, this is still pretty cool. Japanese maglev train hits 600 kph:


  36. “In an interview with The Telegraph, neo-NAZI Pulitzer- and Nobel-winning author Toni Morrison, …”


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  38. So rather than “I’d wish for a day when unarmed black teenagers aren’t being shot by cops” she would rather see “a day when unarmed white teenagers are being shot by black cops.”

    That reminds me of the parable where God grants a wish to an American farmer, and the farmer says “my neighbor has a great new cow. I’d like you to give me a cow like his.” Then God grants a wish to a Russian farmer, and the Russian farmer says “my neighbor has a great new cow. I’d like you to kill it.”

    1. To be fair, I think she wants both. No more black people shot, but hey let’s start offing white children in droves. The woman is fucking despicable.

      1. There is something a little hard to swallow about the ultra-dramatic chestbeating that some notable black figures do about how deeply they feel the pain of every black child that is killed…

        ….yet somehow manage to never breathe a critical word about the fact that most young black males are killed by other young black males, and that the blame for this is not “racist cops” so much as Shitty Black Parents. But to suggest that poverty and criminality has any source other than “oppression” is impolitic.

        1. People like Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams are the ones who are most sincere about improving the lot of black people, and they’ve done (or tried to do) a hell of a lot more than the community’s established ‘leaders.’ It’s kind of tragic to seem them get largely ostracized and condemned by the ‘representatives’ of the black community they’ve genuinely tried to help. There’s a special place in hell for Al Sharpton. Hard to find someone who has more egregiously betrayed his own people.

      2. She is a hater, for all of her book learning, accolades and laurels.

        Time to boycott her body of work.

        1. Well, given that I’ve never bought or read anything by her, boycotting her would be both easy and pointless.

          1. Well, then I guess you should start selling her books short.

    2. I would bet a lot of money that if pressed on the issue she would say that obviously the thing to really hope for is not to see anyone shot for no good reason. But that on the assumption that police do sometimes murder people and will continue to do so, it would be a signal that racism has waned if she saw a white person murdered by police.

      I really don’t think it is useful to look at what people say in the worst possible light.

      Her problem isn’t that she wishes for horrible things to happen. It is that she is not in touch with reality on the issue of police violence. As we all know, the police murder plenty of white people.

  39. “Wishing for the death of anyone as proof that racism is over is borderline sociopathic.”

    No, it is not.

    1. Are you saying it isn’t borderline?

      1. That’s how I read it.

      2. Yes, sorry I got busy.
        Nothing borderline about it.

  40. I’ve always thought post-racial America began when a jury in Los Angeles let a (obviously guilty) black guy off for killing his pretty white wife. And there was no riot. No lynching. Nothing. Story of OJ is Emmett Till full circle the other way.

    1. I didn’t think he was obviously guilty. I had some reasonable doubt.

      The prosecution blew that case by going for the show-stopping, gorilla slam-dunk instead of the easy lay-up (manslaughter? accessory to murder?).

      1. I had some reasonable doubt.

        You gotta be kidding me? There was DNA evidence, deoxyribonucleic aka DO NOT ACQUIT. I realize that this case occurred in the infancy on DNA technology being used in the court room, but what happened to the benefication of science?

        1. Yes, DNA at its infancy. He probably would’ve been found guilty today.

      2. Your logic falls apart with Ron Goldman. Just who slaughtered him? Santa?

        1. I’m sure he was part of the murders. .

          The Juice lucked out with a friendly jury, incompetent prosecutors, weak evidence, and the racist LAPD.

          Hence, reasonable doubt.

          1. ‘Reasonable’ doubt? Do you know what reasonable doubt means? And there’s that word ‘reason’ again. Reason, part of ‘reasonable’. Reason, our raison d’etre.

            Don’t make me violate NAP and slap some common sense into your head.

          2. There’s nothing reasonable about a friendly jury. Nor about a cop being racist as evidence he planted evidence. Nor does the absence of a charismatic prosecutor reasonably negate evidence.

            Are you sure the word you’re not thinking of is ‘unreasonable.’

  41. Wishing for the death of anyone as proof that racism is over is borderline sociopathic.

    I’d say that’s beyond just “borderline” sociopathic.

    Would it be too much to wish Morrison and others judged victims of police violence by the content of their character* and not just the color of their skin?

    Yes. Yes it would. How else will she be able to keep the perpetual grievance mongering going?

  42. If “blood for blood” is the standard then racism has been over for a long time:

    Recent media coverage…search for :
    “‘Justice for Dillon Taylor’ sought for white Utah man fatally shot by black officer”
    “White teen killed by black cop in Alabama mirrors Ferguson”

  43. So you want vengeance.

    Got it.

  44. Liberalism is based on a sense of group grievance, which generally involves hatred of some other group blamed (without regard for individual responsibility, which is irrelevant to liberals) for that grievance. The irony is that people who live to hate nevertheless affect to be against hate. This sort of contradiction is itself very liberal.

    1. Liberalism is based on a sense of group grievance, which generally involves hatred of some other group blamed

      So is social conservatism. They only differ in which groups they blame and the bizarre theories they use to support their hate.

  45. Haters gotta hate.

  46. I expect Bo will show up any minute now to accuse Toni Morrison of being a psychopath/gamergater. Aaaany minute now.

  47. So, leftists don’t really want equality, they want collective revenge? What a shocker.

  48. Talking with one of our suspects in the hospital
    After he got perforated – unarmed and yes it was justified… He lamented that thrust would be no protests, and hardly any media interest whatsoever because ‘I’m just white trash speaker, so nobody cares…’


    he told me the reason he ran at our officer who had his gun drawn and was issuing commands for him to prone out is that he ‘learned’ in prison that ‘cops CANT shoot if you have your hands up even if you are running towards them’


    That’s one REeducated kidnapping suspect, perforated for ignorance

    As the article points out, cops shoot blacks disproportionately, but almost EXACTLY proportional to NCVS offender rate AND as has never been refuted at almost exactly the disproportionate rate that officers are shot by offenders – by the trinity of factors – gender, race and age

    What idiot like Toni and the reason bigorati can’t grok is cops shoot offenders disproportionately to population but proportionately to VIOLENT OFFENDER rate as per NCVS (iow VICTIMS not cops reporting) AND correlated with the rate cops are shot disproportionately

    Cops shoot men far far far far more often than women (the majority) but almost exactly equal to the disproportionate rate we get shot by them

    Reason never addresses these robust stats because they are an ‘uncomfortable truth’

    1. Yep, it’s rough out there, what with it never being safer to be a cop than it is at this moment in time.

    2. You are so full of shit. There are NO stats for police shootings because there is no requirement that they provide them, and you know it. You lying cop-sucking jackbooted dirtbag.

  49. Ugh, ‘SPRACKER’ not speaker

  50. ‘Hands up don’t shoot’ – the thoroughly debunked anticop lie of 2014


    and polling data yet again shows the American public loves cops

    Not journalists and lawyers (near the bottom)… Cops

    Warms the cockles (hu hu huh huh) of my heart!!!!!


    1. “and polling data yet again shows the American public loves cops”
      Because that’s who the TV shows tell them to love. The American public, frankly, is retarded.

      And though prosecutors, judges and legislators may be chiefly to blame, the steady erosion of individual rights in this country, “we”, the citizenry, are in fact losing. When people love authority figures, this is a problem.

  51. This is why there can be no alliance between libertarians and the left. Even when proggies appear to be on the side of human liberty, a deeper examination reveals that their concern is not with government violence per se, but merely that it is insufficiently wielded against rival demographics. They are vile, mendacious, sociopathic partisans hellbent on imposing their will over humanity.

    To these people “gay marriage” means abrogating business owners’ property rights, “anti-corruption” means unconstitutional John Doe raids, “campaign finance reform” means repealing the First Amendment, “women’s rights” means purging white men from public discourse, “multiculturalism” means victim blaming the targets of Islamic aggression, “closing Guantanamo” means replacing AQ inmates with the Koch Brothers, “national conversation” means attaching “phobia” as a suffix to every victim group du jour. And now, apparently, “racial equality” means gunning down more white kids.

    As such, all people with any shred of sanity must unite against the leftist menace. We must oppose their cultural and political encroachments by every non-violent means necessary, no matter how distasteful. We must abandon our pitiful naivet? that these people respond to reason and begin appropriating their tactics of mockery, contempt, and ostracism.

    1. (CONT):

      Our allies in the corporate world must adopt more assertive tactics in dismantling the leftist political apparatus. Instead of funding cute little PC think tanks like “Institute for a Humane Society,” for instance, the Koch Brothers should be buying off judges, sending headhunters to recruit troublesome bureaucrats, and purchasing media outlets to take the strain off Rupert Murdoch. Visionaries like Peter Thiel should purchase stakes in defense contractors and heavy industry rather than engage in utopian pastimes like the “sea steading” initiative. Make all the proggies’ wildest fears about the oligarchy come true.

      Middle-class libertarians should migrate to unstable districts and form organized lobbies. Take control at the neighborhood level and create informal mutual aid societies. Provide each others’ children with homeschool lessons in economics, history, and philosophy to counter the propaganda of teachers’ unions. Verbally harass cops, vandalize their homes (which really belong to the taxpayers), and exclude them from polite society as one would common criminals.

  52. My family loves to tell a funny story about how a FOB family friend broke down when a cop pulled her over. She couldn’t speak English, so she sobbed hysterically and repeated “I’m sorry” as she fumbled around to get her driver’s ID. She was so traumatized that the cop assured her that “It’s OK” and let her go.

    My mom was once pulled for driving past a school bus unloading kids. She barely understood the officer and took a long time to realize that the cop wanted to see an ID. After he saw the ID he told her “Don’t do that next time” and let her go with a warning.

    Why didn’t the cop pull a gun on those women? It helped that they complied. But America also puts immigrants on a pedestal, and Asian are universally accepted as “model citizens” that earn high grades and income. They also commit less violent crimes. The cops have no reason to fear some 50 year Vietnamese female driver who was brought up in Confucius culture to respect authority.

    So there’s a lot of factors behind why some minorities aren’t in jail as much as the others. The Ferguson crowd is concerned only with punishing racism like they would whack a mole, but that’s only one aspect of improving racial relation. It’s just not American to say “We have to emulate the other culture’s success” as Japan did after the war was over. But they do love saying “We have to respect the other culture”

    1. This also goes a long way in disproving the bullshit narrative that ‘white supremacy’ has anything to do with it. Asians even have an easier time getting loans than white people. Do Asians have Asian privilege? Of course not, they’re just better than everyone else. Who’s ever been mugged by an Asian in this country?

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  54. Yes cause whites are raping black women in record numbers…..Or is it the other way around?
    This woman is a lunatic anti-white piece of trash.

  55. Clearly the IRS is racist. For example, despite the fact only 70% of the US is non-Hispanic caucasian, caucasian run businesses account for over 95% of audits. And, much much more money is extracted from white run businesses this way. In fact, very, very few black people are audited by the IRS.

    I can’t see any reason other than racism for this. Can you?



  57. That was Alice Walker

  58. This is just another reason these are the last days.

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  60. http://www.philly.com/philly/n…..spect.html

    Here ya go, Ms. Morrison. The victim isn’t a teenager, but really, does his age matter? A white cop shot a white man who was face down in the snow.

  61. Clearly, the post-racial society is here: white women like Hillary no longer have a monopoly on being bitter old b*tches in public.

  62. And like, stop being so ignorant?

  63. Face it that she bitch nigger is a racist.

  64. It burns me up to see this entire trigger-happy police issue crammed into the category of racism.

    But I guess it makes sense: these types of confrontations will only be maximized by the progressive notion of the Divine Right of Bureaucrats. If people see a government agency (police departments) out of control, they might start to question the holy righteousness of government.

    Therefore, their answer to trigger-happy police is “end racism!” And of course, they tell people to do that by religiously pulling the blue lever, because the Democrats paint themselves at The Anti Racist Party?.

  65. Bleh. Demographics will render her anger irrelevant and her group impotent, politically.

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  67. I didn’t realize Toni Morrison had been appointed the Empress of black people. I would have figured that would be Michelle Obama, or Oprah, or maybe Madea.

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  69. The writer of this article sucks, he knows dang well she wasn’t wishing death on anybody, she was being facetious. Secondly if 38% of whites are shot by cops with the population being 77% of the US and they by sheer numbers commit more crimes, therefore having more encounters with the police, the percentage of them being shot is way low, we’ve seen the videos of gun totting white men being talked to for hours, then taken in without a shot fired and eve seen videos of black men being shot in the back. Every criminology expert, every investigate reporter has said and proven black men are convicted at a higher rate than their white counter parts, it’s no surprise that largest number of men in prison for non violent crimes that get them harsher longer sentences are black .

    Last but not least, if hundreds of unarmed white citizens are being killed, why aren’t white people the last bit interested in justice for them? A 19 year old girl had a cop jump on her hood and shoot her 4 times because he claimed to be in fear of his life, no outrage from the white community, but y’all will gather by the hundreds and empty your wallet to support anti gay, anti immigration, hell, anti anything and in the end y’all still manage to point fingers and tell everybody else they have a problem? Hmmm..

  70. In 1959, when I was in 8th grade in Tallahassee, Florida, an alumnus of the school (which had no blacks) was charged with raping a black woman. He was convicted.

    Does this conviction still carry weight with Toni Morrison or other race hustlers? Is it over now, Toni?

  71. Morrison says finally. “And I want to see a white man convicted for raping a black woman.

    I’m not trying to start crap here but do white men rape black women? I’m serious. In 63 years of living in this country, I have NEVER heard of that happening. Someone please correct me.

  72. Let me also add, if someone does find a case of this having happened before, the number is so small that it would have to be considered insignificant. It just doesn’t happened folks.

  73. I’m sorry, I forgot about the Duke rape case. OK, that’s one. Can I get a second?

  74. OK. A friend just reminded me of the the Tawana Brawley rape case?so that’s two documented cases where white men raped black women, but that’s it, only two case in the last 63 years!

    I don’t think white men are all that attracted to black women. And from what I’m seeing, more and more black men aren’t either.

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