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"Fat Cat Bill de Blasio vs. New York's Poor and Middle Class"


So it turns out that New York City's progressive-minded Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio makes enough money to put him in the top-earning 10 percent of the Big Apple. Worse yet, he's a proud member of the rentier class, pimping out his family's house while living for free at Gracie Mansion.

In my new Daily Beast column, I write that while there's absolutely nothing wrong with de Blasio being wealthy, 

it's important for at least two reasons. One is the simple joy of seeing progressive politicians who spend so much time vilifying the wealthy have to cop being part of the 10 percent or, in the case of characters such as Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren, the dread 1 percent.

The other reason is more important, because it says a lot about de Blasio's poor grasp of how to grow a flourishing, inclusive economy that actually makes things easier for the poor and middle class about whom he's always flapping his gums.

De Blasio is what might be called the "working rich." That is, even though he's pulling in beacoup bucks—before becoming mayor, he made a healthy $165,000 as the city's "public advocate"— he doubtless feels pinched, even to the extent that he only could only spare a measly $7,215 for charity last year (this, despite the massive, year-over-year salary increase and the windfall of getting free public housing at Gracie Mansion).

Yet for de Blasio, New York City's massive and inefficient government apparatus is delivering for him and his, which helps to explain why his entire political agenda is about growing the size, scope, and spending of government rather than freeing businesses and individuals from it. What he doesn't grok is that his experience of how city government delivers services and opportunities is atypical and can't be remedied by top-down mandates that simply decree hikes in the minimum wage, increases in the number of "affordable" housing units, and boosts in salaries for teachers in traditional public schools.

Oh yeah, de Blasio may also be trying to sabotage Hillary Clinton's run for the White House, so he can emerge as a dark horse candidate. That fantasy is more credible, I argue, than his plans for making life easier for New Yorkers when it comes to school, jobs, and housing.

Read the whole thing here.

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  1. i cant wait to leave this city

  2. the beacon school is my high school!

  3. Is de Blasio eating pizza with a fork?

    1. This is the best pizza in a cup I ever tasted.

      1. This guy is unbelievable. He ran the old Cup ‘o Pizza guy out of business. People come from all over to eat this.

    2. Yes, and it’s deeply unsettling for anywhere west of Europe and east of Chicago.

    3. Yes. It’s not uncommon when the pie is very hot and very thin crust. Not that you would know anything about that, deep dish lover!

      1. Just wait for the goddamn pie to cool down!

        1. Hey, sometimes you’re hungry and the pie looks so good! Plus you don’t want to burn the roof of your mouth.

    4. It’s not deep enough to be pizza.

    5. yeah jon stewart already did a whole segment on that

    6. As long as it’s the pizza fork, it’s okay.

  4. Is he eating some sort of pita or Ethiopian dish in that first pic?

    1. Is he eating some sort of pita or Ethiopian dish in that first pic?

      He’s a politician…..he’s using the fork to steal toppings off somebody else’s pizza before it goes into the box and out for delivery!

  5. Terrible, terrible hit job. I think i might like de blasio a little more, now.
    I thought the right wing and/or libertarian wing were not ones to cry about the wealthy, and polinting out that a democrat is rich and making a fuss is still crying over it.

    Jesus, no wonder people may mistake “libertarians” as “republicans”
    Hes not running for re-election yet, but hillary clinton is fair game! theres already a hack hitjob book about her wealth. how dare a dem be wealthy? dont they all hate america and capitalism?
    or is that just the bullshit it sounds like?

    1. So you have Hinh’s Syndrome too? Read above and try to comprehend.

    2. Democrats: How dare anyone else but us be wealthy?

    3. Any accurate description of de Blasio is, by definition, a hit piece. This is the guy who has done everything in his power to keep children from getting quality education so he protect overpaying, overpensioned jerbs for the unionized teachers. He’s a piece of shit. Even most Democrats outside of NY wouldn’t bother to defend him (and the ones in New York are probably mostly certifiably insane).

  6. Oh yeah, de Blasio may also be trying to sabotage Hillary Clinton’s run for the White House, so he can emerge as a dark horse candidate.

    People I would rather see elected President than Bill de Blasio:

    Hillary Clinton
    Elizabeth Warren
    Palin’s Buttplug
    Dzokhar Tsarnaev
    The corpse of Bobby Fischer
    Charlie Crist
    Camryn Manheim
    That guy in California who lives on welfare while surfing all day
    Sandra Fluke

    1. As a resident of NYC, I would *love* to see a President Deblasio.

      1. As someone who lives in a district where several local bigwigs went national, I can say this: No you don’t.

      2. Understandable: you’d do absolutely anything to get him out of the city.

        But before you foist him on the rest of us, first try using candy to lure him onto a barge headed for Thailand or wherever. Worth a shot I’d say.

  7. the windfall of getting free public housing at Gracie Mansion

    Yeah, and that is a nice $60,000 yearly gift. Asshole.

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