Donald Trump, Potential Presidential Candidate, Takes on the Conservative Media


Donald Trump is just maybe running for president and don't you forget it. He's also weighing in on big issues involving the conservative intellectual movement, because he's a man of many parts. National Review's Jonah Goldberg wrote of his public dust-up with Trump over whether the flagship conservative intellectual fortnightly has lost its former greatness, thanks to Goldberg.

Gage Skidmore / Foter / CC BY-SA

Goldberg finds a collection of Trump taking Twitter aim at taking down right-wing pundits and reporters for no obvious reason stated, except that they are failures and losers and, coincidentally, all seem to have a record of not taking Trump the politico very seriously.

Goldberg, Stephen Hayes of Weekly Standard and even the venerable George Will ("exhausted, boring and not even a little relevant!") are yesterday's news in the Age of Trump.

As Goldberg concludes:

I guess Trump's Olympian self-regard can lead him to never forget a slight, harbor grudges against critics for a very long time, and drive him to engage in childish name-calling late into the night, which are obviously some of the attributes we all look for in a presidential candidate. A huge ego and a penchant for spite is totally the kind of guy we should entrust the nuclear football to.