General Motors

Court Lets Government Motors Keep its Liability Shield and Screw Over Crash Victims

The GM bailout is a gift that keeps on giving to the company.


As I noted last year, the GM bailout is a gift that keeps on giving to the company. It cost the taxpayers more than $10 billion to prop up the company. And now a federal judge has ruled that thanks to a liability shield that the company


obtained as part of the bailout package, it does not have to pay damages to victims of crashes caused by faulty switches in Cobalts and a host of other GM cars.

As I wrote at that time:

GM knew there was a problem with the cars, now linked to at least 31 crashes and a dozen deaths, before the launch of the 2005 Chevy Cobalt. An accidental bump could push its key into the "accessory" or "off" position, shutting down the moving vehicle and preventing its air bag from deploying as it crashed.

But GM ignored the problem and put the Cobalt on the road—followed by six other models sharing a similar design—because of the "lead time, cost and effectiveness" involved in any redesign, according to a timeline GM submitted to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA).

GM ultimately recalled about millions of vehicles but the families of two teenagers killed in a 2006 Cobalt crash in Wisconsin, filed a class-action lawsuit last week seeking $6 billion to $10 billion in damages for GM's alleged negligence. GM, however, refused to pay claiming that it had immunity for all cars involved in crashes prior to 2009, when it was restructured.

It is not unusual for companies in bankruptcy to obtain a shield. However, what was unusual about this bankruptcy was that the company wasn't required to put money in special trust funds for prospective victims. So the only way that the victims could collect full damages was if they could prove in court that GM had knowingly concealed information about the defective switches when it obtained the shield, a very high burden.

They couldn't. Reports the Wall Street Journal, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Robert Gerber, has handed down a 134-page ruling saying he could find no instances where GM had committed fraud upon the court when it was going through the bankruptcy process. GM executives claimed that they were not informed of the problem by their subordinates until late 2013 and the court bought that. This raises all kinds of questions about the culture of silence in the company so that executives can maintain plausible deniability.

But for now, as Texas attorney Bob Hilliard, one of the lawyers representing the plaintiffs, noted:

"This ruling padlocks the courthouse doors. Hundreds of victims and their families will go to bed tonight forever deprived of justice. GM, bathing in billions, may now turn its back on the dead and injured, worry free."

But hopefully the president will go to bed and get a good night's rest. After all, he has more people to screw over both at home and abroad tomorrow.

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  1. This is what fascism looks like.

    Congrats American voter. Now run out and vote for the Hildebeast.

  2. Worth noting that the guy who engineered that deal is currently negotiating with Iran about its nuclear program.

  3. Had GM liquidated back in 2008-09 the result would be the same.

    1. And this is what the rational of a fascist looks like.

      1. Rationale….geez.

      2. You’re the one advocating that the government intervene into the affairs of a corporation.

        1. How does being against bailing out a company equate to advocating intervening into that company’s affairs? Oh wait, you’re a mendacious cunt.

          1. They are separate issues is why. GM reorganized and got a liability shield. Without the federal government they would have been liquidated and so the issue is moot.

            So now GM haters are complaining about valid legal reasoning.

            1. Ahh, and there it is. It’s all due to our hate.

              I knew the punchline would be in there somewhere.

            2. Maybe next time read the article, dipshit:

              It is not unusual for companies in bankruptcy to obtain a shield. However, what was unusual about this bankruptcy was that the company wasn’t required to put money in special trust funds for prospective victims. So the only way that the victims could collect full damages was if they could prove in court that GM had knowingly concealed information about the defective switches when it obtained the shield, a very high burden.

              1. And there is no way in hell that a special trust fund would have been set up for an unknown mechanical flaw. Especially with all the creditors GM had.

                1. Well, I attempted to parody you below, but I see such an effort is futile, so I’ll just repost it here:

                  But the Federal Government had no choice but to give them a sweetheart deal!


                2. It says “trust” right there is the name. Duh.


                  That isn’t how it works, but details, details, details. Amirite?

            3. Really? When my company filed bankruptcy, it was required to put millions into a trust fund to compensate alleged illnesses allegedly caused by one of its products.

            4. You should change your handle to OOOO or 8888 because your mind wanders in such circles.

              Perhaps we should call you AteStraw or StrawCircles.

              But mendacious cunt is good enough.

        2. I am not sure how to respond to a statement that has no basis whatsoever in fact. I will give it a try though…bear with me.

          An onlooker makes a truce with a toothache. A looking glass is loud. The cleavage near a girl admonishes the visage. Some slovenly tenor panics, and the ridiculously self-actualized trombone procrastinates; however, a saintly cream puff recognizes the guardian angel.

          1. Many enraged psychiatrists are inciting a weary butcher. The butcher is weary and tired because he has cut meat and steak and lamb for hours and weeks. He does not desire to chant about anything with raving psychiatrists but he sings about his gingivectomist, he dreams about a single cosmologist, he thinks about his dog. The dog is named Herbert.

          2. Cyborg award winning performance.

            1. Ditto – well done, Suthenboy!

    2. At the minimum it would have been within standard bankruptcy law and secured creditors would have not gotten the shaft.

      1. It was a Delaware bankruptcy court that decided the size haircut creditors took.

        1. Yes, and secured creditors got screwed because of the government structuring of the bailout, undermining what should have been standard chapter 11 proceedings and throwing all of bankruptcy law into uncertainty.

        2. Delaware — Joe Biden — Shithead — ButtSraw — the path is complete!

    3. Yeah, as it stands, it’s like GM got to go bankrupt, without actually going bankrupt.


    4. Had GM liquidated back in 2008-09 the result would be the same.

      I doubt it. Big corporations who liquidate are generally required to set up funds for contingent liabilities, including tort claims.

  4. I find it amusing that the same people who cried about a “shakedown” of BP for their criminal negligence in the Deepwater Horizon spill are now advocating for a similar government intrusion into corporate liabilities.

    1. I find it amusing that you not really consistent, yet whine about other people’s consistency.

      Commenting about the commentariat never gets old, does it?

      1. I find it unamusing that so many people interact in good faith with mendacious trolls.

        1. TOMORROW is Troll-Free Thursday, Ted!

          Course, every day is Troll-Free Thursday for me, so….

          1. That “Troll-Free Thursday” leaves one hell of a troll hangover on weekends.

        2. So’me people j’ust cant’ help themselves..

    2. Sometimes I wish we had someone here who could give a thoughtful alternate point of view. I keep hoping, but this is the shit we get.

      1. This is what happens when people respond to sockpuppets and trolls. If you ignore them, you starve them. They hate it. It’s really very simple.

        1. I know, I know. It is like giving a typewriter and a jug of moonshine to a monkey. Guilty as charged.

          1. Moonshine Monkey Band – this might be my next band’s name….thanks, Suthen!

    3. are now advocating for a similar government intrusion into corporate liabilities.

      See, I thought we were bitching about a government intrusion into corporate liability, this time in favor of BigCorp, rather than adverse to BigCorp.

  5. Haha, suckers!

  6. “This ruling padlocks the courthouse doors. Hundreds of victims and their families will go to bed tonight forever deprived of justice. GM, bathing in billions, may now turn its back on the dead and injured, worry free.”

    Perhaps it’s time to remind the Trial Lawyer’s Association that according to the Democrats, what’s good for GM is good for America.

    1. I’m old enough to remember the Lefties laughing at the “conservatives” about the phrase “what’s good for GM is good for America.” And then, the Leftiest of the Lefties — Obama — actually said it! And people wonder why I never bother calibrating my irony meter.

      1. It was the former-CEO of GM, Charles Erwin Wilson, who said that and it was actually “what was good for our country was good for General Motors, and vice versa”. As Ike’s Sec of Defense he cut the military budget while strengthening our defensive capabilities.

        1. You are correct. In fact, what Obama said is “What’s good for the UAW is good for America.”

  7. I see Jordan beat me to it. GM’s “specially tailored” pre-packaged bankruptcy had a few unique features.

    1. I’m not sure I’d call it a ‘bankruptcy’… perhaps one could call it an “Obamaruptcy”. What with all the normal rules of bankruptcy being fouted because of a union constituency.

      1. flouted*

        I swear the l on this keyboard isn’t working…

        1. I think the word you’re looking for is “recovery.”

    2. But the Federal Government had no choice but to give them a sweetheart deal!


  8. I see the fascist libertine has invaded the threads.

  9. U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Robert Gerber, has handed down a 134-page ruling saying he could find no instances where GM had committed fraud upon the court when it was going through the bankruptcy process.

    There’s an old adage from law school that went something like, “if the judge’s opinion is that many pages long, it’s probably wrong.”

  10. “if the judge’s opinion is that many pages long, it’s probably wrong.”

    “That’s a lot of ‘insofar as’ and ‘howsoever’, Your Honor.”

  11. Palin’s Buttplug|4.15.15 @ 7:31PM|#
    “You’re the one advocating that the government intervene into the affairs of a corporation.”

    You’re a lying piece of shit; the government HAS intervened, giving Government Motors special protections.
    I repeat, you’re a lying scumbag.

  12. GM executives claimed that they were not informed of the problem by their subordinates until late 2013

    Holy shit. I am . . . flabbergasted.

    I thought the question wasn’t whether individual executives had knowingly lied.

    I thought it was whether GM, as a corporate entity, had information that it should have disclosed.

    This decision just seems flat wrong on the law, to me.

    I know for a fact that when a hospital executive swears on a CMS form about various things (compliance, etc.), they will get strung up if what they swore to was not in fact true, regardless of whether they had actual knowledge that it wasn’t true.

    1. Yes, but I suspect if the exec is from a big enough hospital chain, they won’t get in trouble. I love how kickback and Stark laws don’t apply if your hospital has at least $50MM in capital assets. They’re flat out telling you the rules don’t apply to you if you’re rich enough.

    2. They read about the faulty switches in the newspaper. They’re as shocked as you are, really.

  13. GM executives claimed that they were not informed of the problem by their subordinates until late 2013 and the court bought that.

    Gee, you’d think there might be an opportunity for a mammoth suit against the Board of Directors for failure to exercise even the most cursory oversight.

    1. And relitigate the entire case only to get the sane result? It seems as though they’re shielded from past misdeeds whatever angle you take.

  14. It’s almost 9 p.m, but here’s the funniest thing you’ve read today:

    Aside from the complicated forms, tax season generates $300 billion in tax refunds each year, a significant boost to the U.S. economy.

    1. Oh AP, you lovable retards, you.

    2. No words

    3. Come on. No one is that stupid. Not even ProL.

    4. It’s almost 9:15 and check the keepers of public education defend one of their own who had her students write a card for murderer Mumia abu-Jamal:…..abu-jamal/

      Top that.

      1. Will be interesting to see how much money is raised. Lefties are usually very, very generous (when they’re spending others’ money).

    5. Not to mention all the windows broken by frustrated tax payers. Why, without income taxes, we wouldn’t even have an economy.

  15. Sarah Silverman invents a fake story about wage discrimination, gets called out by the person she lied about, then calls her critics ‘maniacs’ for not taking women’s issues seriously enough.

    It turns out she wasn’t paid very much for the appearance because she wasn’t actually booked and it was a guest spot rather than a booked spot. The pay differential was therefore the result of normal pay scaling in comedy clubs but she felt the need to lie about it FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE.

    1. Plus, she got a gift of $10 for a cab. Probably because she’s a “chick.”

      1. It was payment for services rendered but the payer took one look at her and decided otherwise.

    2. Well, Jackie’s strategy worked out so well for the rape culture aspect of their narrative they have decided to apply it to all the other aspects as well.

      Actually, I don’t think we are seeing a calculated strategy here but rather the inevitable result of leftist brainwashing. They simply can’t help it. When reality doesn’t conform to their narrative they simply lie about what reality is. In their minds they are forcing reality to conform to the narrative, which they must do, because if the narrative turns out to be false their entire sense of being evaporates.

      Bezmenov yet again – “They are programmed to think and react to certain stimuli in a certain pattern. You cannot change their mind even if you expose them to authentic information, even if you prove that white is white and black is black you still cannot change their basic perception and the logical behavior. For these people the process of demoralization is complete and irreversible.”

    3. The only time Sarah Silverman was ever funny was when Ryan Phillipe slugged her in the opening of The Way of the Gun.

      Bonus, it apparently actually happened and he knocked her out. Truly. Fucking. Hilarious.

      And yeah Bo-Bo, I’m laughing about violence against a woman, go fuck yourself.

    4. SILVERMAN: My regret is that I mentioned Al [Martin] by name- it should have been a nameless, faceless anecdote and he has always been lovely to me.

      Erdeley wept.

      1. You’d think a fairly successful comedian like Silverman would understand the power of reputation, but being an SJW rots your brain, it appears. She not only burned a bridge with a colleague, she exposed herself as a liar. Oops.

        1. I honestly don’t think they engage in any cognition at all. They just spout – oh I mean spew – the bullshit with the expectation that it will be lapped up absolutely without question. I don’t think the cognition kicks in until someone unexpectedly dares to call them on it and suddenly they’re in the middle of an oh shit moment.

          1. “They just spout – oh I mean spew – the bullshit with the expectation that it will be lapped up absolutely without question.”

            Well, in their defense, their expectations are accurate about 99% of the time.

        2. That explains why she played Ned’s bitchy girlfriend in ‘School of Rock’ so well.

          1. Dammit – I have always liked her… in that appearance, in ST:VOY, Seinfeld, some sitcom she had… I actually *do* think she is funny. What is wrong with me.

            1. It’s OK, we all have irrational guilty pleasures. Myself, for example, I confess I like the new Star Wars movies more than the original three, which is probably way worse than your problem. Attack of the Clones is the best of them all.

              1. I once killed a prostitute because I thought the blood washing over my hands would allow me to feel the emotions I’d last felt when my mother left me at the age of 8, and even I think this is sick.

            2. She’s pretty funny and usually does good work; her show was really good (but it had a lot of talent behind it). And she’s cute.

              But activism is so hot right now, and lots of funny and talented people have really dumb opinions.

      2. The real problem progressives are going to have now is this: They’re inveterate total liars about virtually everything. The number of leftist hoaxes DWARF the number of hoaxes from anywhere else on the political scale. What’s the right-wing or libertarian analogue for Tawana Brawley, the Duke Lacrosse case, Sabrina Erdely, the Duke Noose, this black kid who sent racist texts to himself, the feminist from Oklahoma who sent herself rape threats, the multiple Oberlin college hate crime hoaxes…once you start actually making a list, it gets pretty absurd.

        Unfortunately, the Rolling Stone article was such a massive and well-documented hoax that now every time a leftist makes any sort of claim about this bullshit there are people fact checking it. I think it’s going to be very hard to get one of these lies under the radar in the near future.

        Oh, I also forgot the LGBT hoaxes like the waitress who wrote an anti-lesbian message on a receipt and then claimed it was from the customers. That was fun.

        1. The Duke Noose is actually my favorite because Duke apparently knows who it is but is claiming that ‘privacy concerns’ are preventing them from telling us.

          There is no way on Earth it was a white kid. If a white kid had done that, we would know his name and he would currently be the subject of a nationwide lynch mob. So by not releasing the person’s identity, Duke is pretty much confirming it’s not real.

        2. “They’re inveterate total liars about virtually everything.”

          It has always been SOP for them. These are people for whom the end justifies the means. Every leftist monster has touted the value of deceit. When you don’t have sound reasoning lies are all you have.

          It has never been a problem in their eyes before so I doubt they will see it as one now. Even when they have zero credibility and fail at everything they will simply blame it on ‘maniacs’. They will simply dream up new lies and pretend yesterday never happened. Tony and shreek do it all the time. Harry Reid personifies it and openly admits to it.

          What I find remarkable is that we have not gone down the road to leftist hell the way so many other cultures have. We have all of the ingredients but one in play, yet we have not. Obumbles is truly cut from the same cloth as all the other great leftist monsters (see his individual salvation depends on collective salvation comment) and his sycophants have all thrown off their masks. Yet they remain mostly stymied.

          I blame the second amendment. The one strategy they can’t use is mob violence. They can’t use the terror of the mob to intimidate the populace into submission. They know they will be shot if they try that. This is why disarming the populace is so high on their ‘to do’ list, why they never shut up about it and just. won’t. let. it. go.
          Also why we can never give even the smallest concession to them on this issue.

          1. Everything else to one side I don’t think Obama has the work ethic necessary to be a dictator.

          2. I think there is a validity to that, and speaks to their tireless efforts to disarm people. But there are also other factors. It’s a huge country (I was in eastern Washington this past weekend, and let me tell you, this fucking place is huge and empty) with 330 million people spread out in it. Mob violence or intimidation can’t work very well on most of the people spread out through the country. Guns + space = hard to intimidate.

        3. 1833

  16. The union representing the GM auto workers here is demanding a bail out.

    They claim, among other things, GM generates $5 billion for other companies associated with the automobile industry.

    Problem is, the conservative government handed them $13 billion last time.

    According to my math, that’s an $8 billion difference.

  17. The Onion really has the pulse of the nation.

    Justice At Last! When This Girl Was Cyberbullied By A Classmate, The Internet Came Together And Got Her Bully To Commit Suicide!

    Thanks to the teamwork of thousands of internet users working together to communally condemn the actions of the seventh-grader, any hopes she might’ve had of getting into a good college or landing a job someday were quickly dashed. Not only that, but her reputation was irrevocably marred.

    If you’re keeping score, that’s internet: 1. Kendra’s bully: 0. Awesome!

    But it was one persistent redditor’s decision to post her address that really sealed the deal. As soon as the death threats started rolling in, it was only a matter of time before the immense stress would lead Daniela to consider taking her own life, which she ultimately did on Saturday.

    And the internet took a well-deserved victory lap:

    1. I need to remember to stop by more often: What Would It Be Like If A Real Woman Had Furby’s Proportions?

      The True You Project, a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote healthy body image in young women, has launched a new awareness campaign depicting what a real woman would actually look like if she had the physical dimensions of a Furby doll. And the result is a body type that’s not only unrealistic, but downright impossible.

    2. Clickhole has really revitalized The Onion. It’s always been good for a laugh, but Clickhole has been consistently spot-on since it started.

  18. I was putting my groceries on the fucking conveyor bitch belt at the local walmart the other afternoon… I had like a fuckton of groceries and there existed two cashiers ( i guess this is what we call them) for a line of 20 machines. I had too many fucking foods to contend with that sucky self checkout and all so I’m standing in this line with this poor single mom in front the fuck of me and darling is going through all sorts of fucking machinations to get the shit bought for her kids… and. I have everywhere to fucking go but here. ANYFUCKINGTHING is better than here behind this… lovely lady with her government coupons and all… I have literally zero judgment of the poor female bastard in front of me but I noticed my fucking nerves like going all to hell because this single female and the little 75 year old lady decided to lapdance each other on the ills of their lives and I’m….

    wanting to leave this prison as soon as fucking possible… happiness for my face lies beyound those fucking detectors of stolen merch and the front fucking doors but…. sigh… no…. the elderly wizard woman who looked like she was hatched from the ice of goddamn planets nasa never found is having this astounding conversation with this bleak freak of multi-childed mamasita and as much as I . have. empathy. and love. and… I found myself dancing the emotional fucking rumba…

    1. I hated that old witch at the altar of money keys for not getting that fucking dumbass loser through but… I also experienced soft patience with gritted teeth and I waited patiently while the old hobbit gave the tired cheetah her savannah caress and perhaps I waited angrily with a million volcanoes erupting inside this muscular big man figure and when my time came up the tiny hobbit old lady started my groceries and my heart softened and a tiny old lady at walmart owned my heart while she passed all the shit I bought into bags and into my wheeled instrument… and there is love

      In the midst of a painful tired busy torturous world let us not forget the poetry of life… the deep spaces beneath us underneath the now.

      1. Look buddy, do you have any bottle return slips or not?

        1. Tomra irks me. That is all.

          Also, I’m apparently best best buddies with the guy who empties and reboots the Tomra devils I clog with the aftermath of my vices? because we drive the same model same color car. This is the promise of American equality.

          Yet mine has a spoiler. Tocqueville understands.

      2. Beautiful, as always.

  19. So in other sordid news: Responding to concerns from activists across the political spectrum, the Clinton Foundation board voted Wednesday to tighten its policy on accepting foreign donations — and to make its operations more transparent.

    Foundation spokesman Craig Minassian released a statement at 8 p.m. announcing that going forward, the foundation will accept large donation only from a limited group of foreign governments — those that have supported Foundation programs related to health, climate change and poverty. The new restrictions would permit future large contributions only from Australia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Canada, Germany and Norway.

    But: However, it does nothing to restrict donations from foreign individuals or companies, including those affiliated with foreign governments. A Washington Post review found that a third of the foundation’s largest donors came from out of the country.

    1. the foundation will accept large donation only from a limited group of foreign governments — those that have supported Foundation programs related to health, climate change and poverty

      So… a mixed bag of issues that Hilldog doesn’t actually give two shits about.

  20. Who has sat at Wrigley? What seats should I avoid? Looking to go catch a game.

      1. Fuck. And I have a 10 year old girl with me. I heard the upper decks are better?

        Feel free to chime in CHICAGO Irish.

        1. I was planning on staying out of this since the correct answer is ‘go to a White Sox game.’

          1. White Sox fan, huh.

  21. “Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street backers: We get it

    “Populist rhetoric, many say, is good politics ? but doesn’t portend an assault on the rich.”…..z3XQowmy00

    1. It is the same horse shit every dem pol spews. They keep spewing it, things keep going in the same direction, and their supporters keep believing them and voting for them.

      See: Obumbles and the accelerated increase in ‘inequality’ since his reign began.

  22. Part of me feels outraged, but at the same time, they bought a Chevy in the first place. You don’t buy that for safety or quality.

  23. Dog bites man, yawn:

    “Secret documents reveal New Zealand’s electronic eavesdropping agency shared intelligence with state security agents in Bangladesh, despite authorities in the South Asian nation being implicated in torture, extrajudicial killings and other human rights abuses.”


  24. these brains and fingers all over this site are like a gem machine you all know this right? reading these steps into the various fields the characters machine like a beautiful vice streaming a multifaceted gem of effulgent risings into a deep beyond the special minds may not meet at the perfect frescoes but humans are painted in these expressions on the atomic font

      1. The mullato shines into the rainboo from his lullabies

  25. The minds here trail as lost stars winding into parallels sought by the russells and socrates and goghs smashing the reach out like special pinstripes on the first Ford…

    1. Can we get William Shatner to record this stuff?

  26. Am I a bad person? I’m already on the verge of feeling sorry for Hillary!

    1. We were told that referring to her by her first name was sexist — yet she comes out with a logo that is a big capital “H”.
    2. She goes to see the “real” people at an Iowan college, and students get “locked down” so that she can walk through the hallway.
    3. Pictures of the meal she had at a fast food restaurant.
    4. Claims that she didn’t tip at the fast food restaurant.
    5. Suspicions that the van she’s traveling in doesn’t even exist.

    I sense that she’s already on the verge of a nervous breakdown and I’m — dare I say it? — feeling sympathy.

    1. Her typeface indicates she has no idea what she’s doing or where she’s going.

      1. If she gets her heart’s desire, Madam President is going to shit a brick. First Bush’s ears in ever political cartoon ever, then Obama’s, I mean, her cartoon Madam President is gonna have cankles like whoa.

        1. I never really understood what “cankles” were, until I looked it up just now:

          The area in affected female legs where the calf meets the foot in an abrupt, nontapering terminus; medical cause: adipose tissue surrounding the soleus tendon, probably congenital, worsened by weight gain and improved in appearance only by boots. From the English “calf” meaning wide portion of the lower leg, and “ankle” meaning slender joint of leg with foot.

          Add face, forever.

    2. Nope. No sympathy on any level for the Clintons.

    3. Who tips at Chipolte?

      1. Not me. I’m so tired of seeing tip jars. Apparently there is one at that Chipotle. I hope the right-wing bloggers can stay the course during the campaign and not exaggerate her mistakes, but my hopes are not high.

      2. It is always appropriate to open carry at Chipotle.

    4. Libertarian|4.15.15 @ 9:46PM|#
      “Am I a bad person? I’m already on the verge of feeling sorry for Hillary!”

      Yes, you are.
      But I’m also having a hard time believing that the walks through the restaurants aren’t staged. When was the last time a Clinton went anywhere without a posse? And I don’t see a purse; where’s the card or cash she used for paying?

      1. Sevo is a razor of the universe cutting through the hungers of all minds collapsing in the winds of the old lights from the expanding stars

        1. I’ll take that as a compliment!
          I think….

      2. She has people for that.

        1. ‘People’.

          How cute.

    5. “I sense that she’s already on the verge of a nervous breakdown and I’m — dare I say it? — feeling sympathy.”

      You, Sir, are going to hell.

      I keep hoping that just as she believes she has a realistic shot at winning, that she can see the light at the end of the tunnel, she will have a stroke, discover she has cancer, or develop some other life crushing health problem.

      1. I love hell. Hell is where we work out. building musculars against the roar of the clouds , bro.

        1. Never change AC. Never change.

      2. Call me cynical, but I can see her begging Bill to divorce her so that she can pick up the sympathy vote.

        1. I think she comes out as bi-sexual first.

          1. I would harvest hillary clit like a hungry junk yard dog, troll prancer….. I’d munch old wise clit like I found an old highway to the tired spanish fighting the vikings….

          2. So you think she is going to admit to having sex with men?

          3. She’ll pull that card out if she starts dipping.

            ‘Did I mentions I’m bi-sexual? Yeah. Part Sioux too!. 1/16th more than that bitch Cherokee. I’m a real Indian because I know what it’s like to be poor. To be shunned and thrown onto a reserve. Oh yes, I do. I’ve been shunned at many a Country Club. Climate change literally made me a midget before I climate change became trendy. I know what’s like to not be paid a fair wage and to have a good for nothing walking penis as a husband. I was raped by him, did you know that? Yeah. Sorry Chelsea. Anyway, it’s true. In fact, it was a gang rape at a frat, in, erm, New York. My home state. In closing, I fight for all women all the time. Thank you.”

            1. Rufus mines the drunken space of feminism and it fuckin suks like a horrible disease.. man, yo fuckin bright child never do that with all the mathowords I am living in the tunnel to save you … don’t go ever that deep in the places where prisons scream for the innocents

      3. As a Nexus-6, she’s built to burn out sometime in the next four years. Sooner rather than later, by the looks of it.

  27. Is the world a place? I mean is this thing we all live on a thing where the future isn’t a concussion from thoughts playing tornado to the music elves. The notes create spatial connection between the living and the dead… that is why the whisper is so muscular on my letters here on the clacking of presses and whatever the fuck bros and baby mama rockets….

  28. Mark Steyn sticks his dick so far up Garry Trudeau’s ass that whoever pulls it out will be crowned King of England.

    Ah, the deft satirical jest for which “Doonesbury” is renowned! But, as I’ve been saying for over a decade now, if you’re going to be provocative, it’s best to do it with people who can’t be provoked. Whether or not targeting the GOP base is “punching up”, they’re not going to punch Garry Trudeau up, assuming he ever runs into any of them. “I thee rape” is pretty funny, huh? In Sweden, and the Netherlands, and Rotherham and Rochdale and other unlovely towns of northern England, the fellows doing the raping, and the grooming, and the sex slavery, are young Muslim men. But, if you were to essay “I thee rape” gags about them, they’d kill you.

    Best to stick to that GOP base, don’t you think? Garry Trudeau doesn’t “afflict the comfortable”. The preening twerp is “the comfortable”, and he’s careful to afflict only those who won’t discomfort his comfort.

    Charlie Hebdo dead, Vilks in hiding, Hedegaard shot, Rehman firebombed, Nekschot vanished, Molly Norris fled, Kurt Westergaard attacked by an Islamic axeman… But Garry Trudeau is on stage congratulating himself on “afflicting the comfortable”. You can’t “punch down” much lower than sneering at the dead and those no longer able to speak, can you?

    1. Gary never understood the worlds. He penned weak man cum for decades and still his cum dribbles like tired whines in old junkyards in toledo, ohio.

    2. Daaaaamn. That is going to leave a mark.

      Also, penning a satirical cartoon in Europe is most certainly not punching down, since in doing so you run the risk of having violence inflicted on you by both Muslims and the State.

    3. “I don’t think I’ve read “Doonesbury” since the Eighties, although I assumed it was still out there somewhere – like “Blondie”, but less edgy and with worse draftsmanship and drearier characters.”

      And that’s one of the friendliest remarks Steyn directs at Trudeau.

      1. I read this today and thought you might appreciate it, Eddie.

        1. Oh, I’ve heard worse about Mr. Booth. Thank you!

    4. Punching up? Yep, those creationists are really taking over the government, right?
      “Gary Trudeau (Doonesbury) on creationism”…..S8u2coe264

      No, Trudeau is punching the lefty ticket everywhere and that only.

      1. That’s a poor example. Creationists, especially those who put it in public schools, deserve to be mocked.

        1. Apatheist ?_??|4.16.15 @ 1:02AM|#
          “That’s a poor example. Creationists, especially those who put it in public schools, deserve to be mocked.”

          Fail. Sorry, you’re talking to a confirmed atheist.
          Yes, they deserve to be mocked. By someone who *doesn’t* claim to ‘punch up’.
          If there was ever ‘punching down’, it’s that. You might just as well pick on the flat-earthers.
          ‘Punching up’ indeed.

    5. For my money, Steyn is the best political commentator of our age. Sort of a modern Mencken with his prose and devastating observations. While I certainly don’t agree with him on everything, he makes his case as persuasive as any divergent viewpoint.

  29. Though one time my old dad took me to a famous black man’s junk yard in toledo ohio in the mid eighties and…. this black man was handsome and chiseled as any alaskan blizzard and this muscular ebony in a white t-shirt was like a fucking slow motion zeus to me at 9 and his junkyard dogs were fucking violent as fuck and i ran into the bathrooms and cried and my dad sought me out and said you must be a man in this black superhero’s junkyard… the dogs will be owned by the brother of the metals and my dad and I went deep into the black muscular man’s junk and got a stack of steel and dad paid this bro well and I wish to offer idols to the blackman that scared my ass as a youngster and we survuved your junkyard dogs… no film could capture this reality…..

  30. Who wrote this article? There’s not a single damn Messican in it.

  31. A million dreams can be laddered when the stars cry like old human stories because humans can never travel space until our genocides are cried for….

    what if we find life out there?

    1. What we’ve done is what we’ve done. Learn, yes. Prepare for the devolution of manners and the quiet exponentiation of madness, yes. Panning for a present status of righteousness from the sluice of the past is keeping us suborbital.

      1. The artz speak in the keyboard rockets… can the deep cry lonely without guilt? can humans on the lonely planet live strong? Can they live broad and unhinged without ethical qualm? Can I fuck your girlfiend with mystrong dick if she wants if you die on Mars?

        1. Marslings, squealing, are a proof, guiltless by virtue of celestial location. Huddled under the dust as the Van Allen’s are absent. Get there, or bust.

          1. Is this a sweet man fucked up in the clouds of rainbow fury?

            1. What sweetness I have is reserved for cats. I am clouded but unfurious, and especially unholding. As to the rainbows, they appear but are inscrutable, personally uninformative. Live prismatic, die prismatic.

      2. The suborbital is a glimpse of the Q mountain rising into the outwardseas 12 all these tangents are math of the light voice crying for raisings up on the irish power…. but I have found the irish are the newsih weak so I my head is hurting with violent trips and I don’t want to trip wit irish so i am mind pathing new places….. bye i must go

  32. I have a big tough dick but i don’t want all the girl aliens to come to me cuz maybe some of these bitches are without all the loves and all..

    1. Well thought out. You never know how sex things work with aliens. You might get knocked up.

      1. Hamster lovely, what a fuckin glowering monster on tiny feet… you r battleship of rat is welcome …….. i was going to keyboard that your hamster is welcomes in my asshole but i thought maybe not … but then again naturallz I love the boy hamster doomy but it’s not like i have to push steaks down your manboy throat cuz all the hamstrez are rexpos on the lightommorious… no way this shit know waht all thatz abou

        1. I love tthe bamster… and all this typing shit is Not fucking working but i love all these cloud tears and the tiny legged fuck whore and all the fucking sluts and and fukin sluts and dragons

    2. But I my streams fall on the space cunts with all the colored pains braided in the sweet star syrup and I will massage the special labias on thunder rolls because all the shining waves I love in the landscapes of beaut lovers I’ve loved in multitude and all millions are perfect…

      all women i love are perfect in every way and i married perfect thunder and she loves her boy in chicago and she loves my loves and all the flesh in like a new earth of perfect geographico…

  33. Our old place in the planes are keys on a prancing snake
    and the vapor I saw turned into a loving retreat from smiles
    tired with fucking without smilar and planes so geometry and
    all these lines harmonuca like a drinking john and his stake
    in bullies goading his goats because john is me and the goats
    don’t exist and john is fucked up on booze and pills in the hills
    but not really john or jon is fucked on booze and pills in the flat
    ohio lands where the waves of lights spring from the the
    vegetation and tired farmers and jon listens to the moon while
    the farmers managae their fucking john deere spaceships becuase
    have you seen the newest fucking seed planters? …….

  34. the beast is priviledge muscle for not getting lost in the math where universes claim ownership….

    visit me and your harvard will make the sun not wrinkle time like what yo been smashed…..

  35. sporadic pain held the pause
    this vessel felt the tired weight of old songs
    the stream called needy streams of
    lost aliens on the calls where my
    fucking arms actually felt this fucking

  36. does this site have dream makers?

    1. Nicotine-patched and twitchy, I have dreamed the best movies Spielberg never made, more real to me than my first cup of coffee. The beige fairy is the future of cinema,

      1. what so this special creature made a a cup of all the coffee whawaws….. you do understand the lines never intersect in the moist spaces where moss on the old fields lifts the granite of sea clouds so this places isn’t found by all the voices but the ship mate launches his vessel on the mists of pirates angry for stories and dolldrums and those right decks brighted and intersection of me as a dude on this computer and you the pirate with billowing charms and hides sewed to perfection for the long voyage but I am trapped in this place and I don’t know if this is real or am I hallucinating in the sparks of the seas…. I am so fucked up that all the stories can be lived for real on this data

  37. I understandt the logistics of making all the white new york people chattery…. but what about at least a couple writers on this site waiting round the bend cuz they are fucked up like me on all sorts of drugs and booze cuz even this great place is getting tired old like gawker and salon and slate and all those shiitty places where trips like I’m writing about right now…. cuz my face is feeling all the worlds like a fantasia in my brain streams..

  38. the flowers cry for the lights and their effulgent loves sweep at altars

  39. I do think this face is a magnet fro the deep cries…… in the dark

  40. Jim Nabors and my booze and pot and pills walk on into the streams of atomic methamatics! and you fucking bitchs will never walk alone cuz all the math …. bands and aliens and smooth fucking jazz and my cocaine habit… lovya…

  41. There was a girl on the old thunders called enb and hazel… in the majestic tired jazz records in portland and cleveland….

  42. Hows abouts some good, old-fashioned concern trolling with barely veiled racism charges thrown in.

    The most recent cautionary tale comes from North Carolina, where professors at Duke have traced a troubling trend of resegregation since the first charters opened in 1997. They contend that North Carolina’s charter schools have become a way for white parents to secede from the public school system, as they once did to escape racial integration orders.

    “They appear pretty clearly to be a way for white students to get out of more racially integrated schools,” said economics professor Helen Ladd, one of the authors of the draft report released Monday.

  43. Annnnnd … AC finally crashes.

    1. He’s gotta breathe sometime.

    2. That’s what you think.

  44. I felt sprinkels on my fingertips from these true ball.

  45. Argentine man and his Samurai sword: 1
    Burglars: 0…..=CrimeFeed

    1. Slash n hack crime fighting.

  46. so the demons from the old teens strum the streams of all the guitar into my lonely and tired vectormash and these atoms of fonts write the tunes for old wolves hunting in the space of stars

  47. the lights seek my heart and I refuse the nimble cuz i am soft with drugs and i will fly that lonely metal intopeace wher clouds wisp but calculate as interspacial locale i will be found ever beyound in the farthest future yet if i sleep i will be sliced into place on piece tunes

  48. well the solo of peaceful loves on the special giants oin the reason threads this disciple of the starts realizes that great love power is due the great thread princes of all thespatials..

    my mind is going to deeper planes and i love my loves in theorange places… all the tunes want and vortex my emotions and my tears and cum willflow soon like the rivers of all the geniuses…..


  49. so the march of the gaze of tired nights hella npts on the light voices where the sweet ends open forever in the screaming violnad relaxed strums of bridges and fairs and lsd and pot…. the obediant at scarborough are tripping on peyo and rosemary and this all things and the spice s with be like planescoparsley and odd drugs and boos a boos……

  50. It is Regulators duty to approve right product and reject wrong products.

  51. They should knock off the charades and just replace the GM emblem with a big red star, the bow tie with the hammer and sickle.

  52. Yup. Democrats the anti-corporation party.

  53. well there goes my urge to buy a Camaro.

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