Ted Cruz' Costly Promise to Secure the Border


Sen. Ted Cruz announced his presidential bid this week by vowing to "finally, finally, finally secure the borders." This no doubt plays on the notion popularized by restrictionists that Latinos are welfare queens who come to this country

Border Fence
Tony Webster / Foter / CC BY-SA

to live off American taxpayers.

Nothing could be further from the truth, but what is true is something that  Cruz & Co never talk about: The massive costs that their own plans to create the Great Wall of China on the Rio Grande will impose on Americans both in terms of money and lost liberties.

What's most laughable about Cruz' plan to assert "100 percent operational control of the border," I note in my column at The Week, is not just that it is a totally ridiculous goal: Even the Berlin Wall, the most fortified border in modern history, was successfully breached 1,000 times a year, after all. It is that Cruz plans to create a Border Leviathan while also promising to "stand for liberty."

If you like your liberty, don't plan on keeping it under President Cruz, folks.

Read the column here.