House Passes Budget, Saudi Arabia Bombs Yemen, Shape-Shifting Frog Discovered: A.M. Links


  • Amphibian Survival Alliance

    The Republican-controlled House passed a Republican budget bill that's seen as a victory for House Speaker John Boehner (R). It includes an increase in the "war fund," the only portion of defense spending not capped by sequestration, which the bill does not repeal. The Republican-controlled Senate is still working on a bill, with a budgetary reconciliation process that could encompass issues like the tax code or Obamacare to follow.

  • Saudi Arabia and its Sunni allies in the Gulf began air strikes against Shi'ite rebel targets in Yemen. Saudi Arabia blames Iran for the unrest to its south.
  • One of the pilots of the Germanwings flight that slammed into the French Alps was locked out of the cockpit in the minutes before the crash, with the other pilot not responding nor communicating with traffic control. Neither pilot's identity has been released by Lufthansa, the parent company of the airline. A prosecutor in France says te co-pilot sought to "destroy the plane."
  • Gov. Dannel Malloy (D-CT) promised not to raise taxes to get re-elected but now that he has been that's just what Connecticut Democrats plan to do.
  • A Russian railroad tycoon is proposing a 13,000 mile superhighway from London to New York City, mostly connecting roads and byways in Russia, plus 55 miles of new road across the Bering Sea connecting Russia to Nome in Alaska and then a new highway to connect Nome to Fairbanks.
  • NASA plans to pull a boulder off an asteroid and place it in orbit of the Moon by 2019.
  • A new species of frog was discovered in Ecuador that can change the texture of its skin.

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  1. 38) Sometimes at a party or other gathering I don't mind talking politics. As you can tell from some of my other Thoughts Not Sermons I'm willing to entertain all kinds of speculations and hypotheses about society and politics. But I do find it tiresome sometimes how I so frequently find myself on the defensive. Look, my philosophy boils down to "leave me alone, and I'll leave you alone." Your philosophy boils down to "give me some money, or I'll send men with guns to make you," or "follow my religious / sexual / dietary / drug preferences, or I'll send men with guns to make you." Why is mine the crazy talk that'll never work in the real world? Why is yours so easy to accept, while mine requires extensive explanation and justification, drawing people from across the room who can't believe the insanity this lunatic is proposing? Is it really so hard to understand the concept of "mind your own business"?

    1. But Thought, what if they want to do something right thinking people don't like? /sarc

      Many, many people want to be told what their opinions should be. They are uncomfortable with thinking for themselves and don't want to find themselves on the edge of the herd.

    2. People get really uncomfortable when you tell them that your way still allows them to practice their beliefs, but their way requires your participation.

      1. ....but their way requires your participation.


        ....their way compels your participation.

    3. When the banning smoking in restaurants stuff was going on, people caimed they had a "right" to clean air. What I suggested was that they wanted the "right" to tell other people what to do with their private property.

      Unsurprisingly, people were shocked by that assertion.

      1. The retort I received was that restaurants were not private property; they were public accommodations.

        1. All for the state, nothing but the state!

        2. Yup. And then try to explain to them that "public accommodation" is a meaningless term made up by the government to justify intruding on private property and violating free association.

          1. RACIST!!!11111!!!!

            1. That's pretty much the level of discourse.

      2. Several peple I talked to about that were shocked about why I thought that would matter. They were ex-smokers who thought they had a right to be led not into temptation as it were.

    4. It's really quite simple. In every age and place there are, and always have been, groups of people deeply convinced that they were put upon Earth by Providence to tell the rest of us what to do. Thses people are always much or a muchness; would be-aristocrats with largely imaginary qualifications to Lead.

      The progress of Civilization, shakey and erratic, can be measur d by the degree to which the Common Man cantell these people to go climb a tree, and make it stick.

      The idea that the Common Man doing anything of the sort is right and natural, instead of an attack on The Natural Order?, is very new. It is only a couple of hundred years old, and the Good People? Have been fighting it bitterly the entire time.

    5. Perhaps you need your own "men with guns". Oh, Wait ....

      Now I see the problem....

    6. Read the last chapter if Parliament of Whores. Heck, read the last 2 pages.

      It answers your question.

  2. A new species of frog was discovered in Ecuador that can change the texture of its skin.

    But it's still as rude as the rest of them.

    1. Good one, Fist. Still on top.

    2. And it should be noted that the frog is referred to as a "shape shifter" in the headline, which is a marginally accurate description.

      1. Like Soave's article about Bill Ayers yesterday...

        1. Link?

  3. NASA plans to pull a boulder off an asteroid and place it in orbit of the Moon by 2019.

    It's moons all the way down.

    1. And the Moon is a harsh mistress.

      1. [golf clap]

    2. That's no moon....

      It's a space patent violation. Pro Lib, you're up.

      1. I suspected you immediately.

        1. I am a bit wary of what his retaliation will be...anyone live near Cape Canaveral?

      2. Auric, if we sue "by the book," like Episiarch, hours could seem like days.

    3. NASA plans to pull a boulder off an asteroid and place it in orbit of the Moon by 2019. study the feasibility of dropping large boulders and asteroids on somebody from space as a weapon.

      1. Pfft, they can just subcontract that out to Auric and Pro L.

        1. We merely offer an insurance policy to protect you from the unlikely and unfortunate event that your uninsured (or behind on the premium) property is randomly destroyed by kinetic bombardment.

          1. "Things break, Colonel".

  4. Man Punches Williamsburg Resident for Having a 'Pussy Dog'

    A young man walking his pit bull in Williamsburg was so convinced of his pet's superiority that he decided to show it with a knuckle sandwich. When a fellow dog walker approached the man and his dog and began to pet the pit bull, the suspect punched him in the face, reportedly saying, "I got two pit bulls and your dog is a p---y." Unfortunately, police haven't revealed what type of dog the victim owned, but judging from the suspect's colorful language, we assume it was actually a cat.

    1. "I got two pit bulls and your dog is a p---y."

      Every time I show my pussy, it wins a cup

    2. Yeah, and pitties are actually big wusses unless you're really, really mean to them. While not to be feared for practical reasons those little rat dogs are often psycho vicious.

      1. I'll admit, pitbulls make me uncomfortable to be around.

        But I am beginning to wonder if it is them or their crazy owners.

        1. Mostly their owners, thought that is changing. For a long while only assholes owned them. Now more and more normal people are owning them. They can be great dogs. They were America's most popular dog back in the 20s and 30s. Petey, the dog in the Little Rascals was a pit. The breed is a victim of the media. The media took a few isolated cases and manufactured a "crisis" back in the 1980s. This became a self fulfilling prophecy as cruel assholes all over America saw the media reports and decided to buy a pit bull and abuse it and make it mean.

          1. Exactly this. And my neighbor has a Maltese, and that little fucker is the most vicious, spiteful dog I have ever been around. I have two rescue dogs: one is a Dachshund/something mix and the other is a mix of basically every inner city dog you can think of, and every time I walk them and encounter that fucking Maltese it goes insane. Thank god it's owner has it on a strong leash because that thing would probably bite me and my dogs, then get torn to shreds by my inner city mix dog

            1. I dated a girl in law school for a while who had a Maltese. That little fucker was evil. It was the classic case of the single woman owning the small dog as a substitute child. She spoiled the dog terribly. The dog learned to associate a man showing up at her apartment to her leaving for the evening so it hated men and any man she dated in particular. Its favorite trick was to walk up to you and lure you into petting it and then biting the shit out of you when you least expected it. I have seen dogs that were fearful and aggressive, but those dogs at least gave you warnings to stay away from them. That Maltese was the only dog I have ever seen that actively planned and lured people in in order to bite them. I hated that little fucker and I am about the biggest animal and dog lover there is.

              1. That Maltese was the only dog I have ever seen that actively planned and lured people in in order to bite them.

                Our dog in Turkey did something like that once.

                He was tied up outside and in the summer, my parents started finding stones around the doghouse when they came home.

                Then one day my mom was sick and she let him loose. She suddenly heard screaming, swearing, & the sound of our dog howling with murderous glee.

                According to a neighbor, when the gang had wandered by, the dog had pretended to be tied up and tangled so that he couldn't hide (apparently he used to hide in the doghouse during their attacks). The kids got closer and closer to improve their chances at a hit. Because we lived on a steep hillside, that meant going down a pretty steep gravel and sand slope. Which meant that with each step they made their escape that much more difficult.

                When my dog decided they were close enough, he sprang out at them. He raced up the slope and bit every one of those fuckers as they scrambled frantically on loose gravel. Didn't kill them, but sent them home bleeding and in pain.

                We never had any problem again.

                He was half beagle, half bodrum shepherd, and the best damn dog I ever knew. Saved my dad's life when a Grey Wolves assassin came to kill him. Affectionate and loving towards the people he cared about, deadly towards the people who threatened them. And very, very, very smart.

            2. And should that ever happen, kick the Malty yourself - as in kick to launch it away from your dogs. Because if you do that you're defending yourself and your property; if your dog injures the malty then your dog gets labelled as vicious and put down.

              1. Unfortunately Tonio, giving that little SOB the beating it deserved would not have been good for my sex life. I got a couple of blows in but had to carefully pick my spots.

                1. PHRASING.

                  1. John and the dog...

                  2. I'm starting to think John does it on purpose.

                2. would not have been good for my sex life.

                  If you only got a couple of blows and had to carefully pick your spots, it wasn't much of a sex life to begin with

                  1. It wasn't bad IFH. She was cute. But kicking a woman's dog is right up there with telling her that you think her sister is prettier than she is as a way to end the relationship. So I was careful. When it ended, however, knowing I would never see that dog again made dealing with it much easier.

                3. My GF has a dog that in the past hated all her boyfriends, and I made it a point to make friends with the dog right away.

                  So while it growled at all the previous boyfirends, when *I* come by I get attacked with kisses.

            3. I worked for a while in a tourist town that was home to one of the biggest Black Great Danes I have ever seen. Huge beast named Thor. Like most really big dogs I have known, Thor didn't have an agressive bome in his body. Which was a good thing, because any summers' day you walked down the street you were likely to find Thor being told off my some yappy little horror, his huge head cocked to one side as if to say "You're kidding. I pick bigger things than you out of my teeth."

              1. There is a guy in my neighborhood that has a huge bull mastiff. Like the great Dane you talk about, it is the sweetest most timid dog in the world. There is a long haired dachshund in the neighborhood that is a real nasty piece of work. Barks at and tried to attack everything in sight. Once in a while I will see the dachshund straining at its leash barking at the mastiff and the mastiff with this perplexed look like it wants to say "why don't you like me?".

                1. this perplexed look like it wants to say "why don't you like me?".

                  We got a dog from the pound that was the friendliest dog I've ever known (except he really, really feared black people and would snap at them). The first time we encountered a cat, he went running up to it wagging his tail at his new friend. The cat arched its back, fur went up, it hissed. My dog wiggled with excitement that his new friend had noticed him! Then the cat slashed my dog in the nose.

                  For the rest of his life, my dog would see a cat and practically cower in fear. Even kittens scared him.

                  1. For the rest of his life, my dog would see a cat and practically cower in fear. Even kittens scared him.

                    Did you call him Willie, instead of William?

                    1. Wow.....didn't expect the "Patton" reference!

                      hat tip!

          2. What John said, for awhile it seemed like every asshole I saw had a pit.

        2. Crazy owners. A well-trained pit is an awesome dog. I actually have a pussy dog. She's 10 pounds of love, a kinda of specialized shih-tzu that was bred and neglected until I ended up rescuing her. Her best friend in the world is an 80-pound pit, not fixed. The big guy chases after her, attempts to mount her, my dog whips around and yips at him so he races away. Then my dog will come over and try to attract his attention again.

          /She's fixed now. It's hilarious.
          //Mock me, Call me names. I walk her on the beach in FL during Spring Break.

          1. I am a great believer that there is no bad dog just bad owners. People freak about about large dogs, but small dogs can do a lot of damage if they want to. Even your ten pound shih-tzu, could leave a hell of a wound on your hand if it was angry or afraid enough to do it. And a good sized terrier like a Caren or a Scotty could maim your hand if they wanted to. Also, small dogs since they are more easily frightened are often bigger dangers to bite someone, especially small children, than a large dog. A small terrier is generally not a good dog for a child under the age of four because children at that age don't have very good motor control and a dog that small is likely to bite out of fear where a large dog isn't going to feel threatened by the potential of the kid falling on them or something. Bottom line is any dog can be dangerous given the right circumstances.

            1. And a good sized terrier like a Caren or a Scotty could maim your hand if they wanted to.

              I can attest to that. We've got a Scotty who sometimes accidentally catches my hand with his teeth when we play. He's not biting or anything, and I bleed. I couldn't imagine the damage he would do if he meant to.

              1. We had a little terrier mix growing up. He was about the size of a Scotty. He had the most viscous set of teeth. Terriers are tough little dogs. They were breed to go into holes and duke it out with rats and foxes and racoons and such. They are nothing but little balls of muscle and teeth. And they are independent minded and can be aggressive little bastards when they want to. I really like them. They are very cute dogs and I like how they are independent and not quite as needy as other dogs. They are, however, not the easiest dogs to own.

              2. Makes me think of my GSD. Just turned two. Wouldn't dream of biting me, but my hands and arms are pemanently scarred from playing with her as a puppy. Puppy teeth are sharper than just about anything. She still takes my hand in her mouth (gently, it's just her "talking" like wolves do), but if she ever had the mind to do so, she could bite my hand off at the wrist. Beautiful dog. Her father was flown in from Germany to mate with her mom. She's not from the showdog line; she's from the line bred to actually herd sheep. Knows over 30 commands. I am so lucky to have her as a friend.

                1. My childhood GSD was dumped on the side of the road near a hobby farm in VT. The woman who owned the farm was a friend of my Ma's and already had more dogs than she could handle. He was way better than the purebred Bouvier we had before.

            2. Yeah, we had to keep our Papillon away from our son from the time he started walking until he figured out that the dog would probably bite him if he wasn't careful.

            3. We're dogsitting for my sister's friend. It's a mutt, but mostly italian greyhound. This dog never listens to any commands and is apparently only partially housebroken. We're fairly sure she's peeing on stuff out of spite. Yet we aren't blaming the dog, we're blaming my sister's friend for being spineless with her.

              1. Yup, whenever a dog is behaving badly 99.9% of the time a human is at fault.

              2. My Father's first dog was beautifully trained. He could be CALLED out of a dog fight. But onece, when a family emergency meant Father had to leave the dog alone for a week (with strangers coming in to feed and walk) he came back to find the dog sitting defiantly in the wreckage of what HAD been a chinese rattan sofa.

            4. Small dogs may indeed be much more likely to bite and it would not be reflected in stats because many people might not report it. I've been bitten on the shoes and lower leg a couple times by small dogs. I didn't report those. The difference is when a pit bull bits you it can really lock its jaws down and cause some damage. A girl I used to hook up with got killed by her pit bull a few years back. There is no way this chick was abusing her dog. Claiming that it is only the owner's fault is completely buying into the fallacy that nurture is the principal deciding factor relating to behavior. It is not true with dogs and it is not true with humans. Yes, I have known a number of very sweet pit bulls, and having a caring owner that bothers to train it well is going to make the likelihood of a bit go way way down. But if it does bite it can be a very big deal.

              1. It is terrible about your friend. That said, I don't not believe that dog just one day went berserk. It had to have shown signs of uncontrollably and aggressiveness before that that she choose to ignore.

                You are correct, there are exceptions that prove the rule. Some dogs like people for whatever reason just can't be controlled and are dangerous. Those dogs do not just one day become that way. They show signs of it for a long time and generally engage in increasingly aggressive and dangerous behavior. When one of those dogs finally hurts someone, I still blame the owner for allowing the situation to ever get to that point by either training the dog or sadly putting the dog down.

            5. No, there are bad dogs.

              Not necessarily vicious dogs but bad nonetheless

              I have owned a good number of dogs over the years and fostered a good number more, most were wonderful, even the most neglected or abused fosters we took on only took some time to adjust to the household, learn the rules, and realize that no one was going to hurt them anymore before they settled down to being pretty good dogs.

              There were 2 dogs however that were not like that. Both suffered from anxiety disorders. One was a weimeriner that we had to have put down because her anxiety just kept getting progressively worse and no treatment we tried was helping. It got the the point where she was self harming and biting at anyone but my wife who went near her including the kids.

              1. The other, a Boxer-Basset mix, I'm not certain what happened to, we returned him to the people we got him from as a puppy because we were renting and could not afford a dog that destructive. He simply could not be left alone, ever. He couldn't handle being crated (100% of the time he lost bowel control and hurt himself if you left him in the crate) and if you left him free to roam he destroyed thing. Like (and fortunately this was after we returned him to his mothers owner) he was left home alone with no humans around (there were other dogs present so he wasn't totally alone) he ate the refrigerator. Not the contents, he literally shredded the sheet metal and door off the fridge. A few weeks later he was left alone outdoors and he proceeded to remove and shred all of the vinal siding from the ground to 6 feet up from the home. That was the last update on him that we ever got.

                1. I have a very good friend who picked up a pit bull/rott mix from some people selling puppies outside a grocery store in Chico. He treated it very well and brought it almost everywhere he went. It was a really friendly dog and I liked it a lot. Around age four it started to act strangely. It snapped at people that it knew and finally one day my buddy came home and it took an aggressive position against him and wouldn't let him in the room for several minutes barking and growling at him. He put it down a few days later.

                  1. I had a rescue German shepherd I had to put down. Broke my heart. The dog had been terribly abused and hated everyone in the world but me. He was a bit like the Maltese I mention above in that he was a sneaky biter. He fortunately didn't hurt anyone. But he bit a couple of people lightly and finally nailed a trainer pretty good. There was sadly, no fixing him.

                    He was a bad dog but I believe a bad dog because of a horrible owner or owners.

        3. Agree that it is bad owners, but I'm personally not a huge fan of the breed.

          1. It's probably a dog owner thing in general, but it seems pit owners get very defensive when you tell them you personally would never get one.

            1. They are a sensitive bunch.

              1. Well, having whole towns suddenly decide theynahve a right to pit down your dog brefore it's dome anything, simply because of its breed, will do that to you.

                Mind, I'd vote for a law,mandating the euthenasia of any purse dog ... Along with the owner.

        4. Pitbulls are great dogs. They used to be called "nanny dogs" because they are so good with kids.

        5. I'll admit, pitbulls make me uncomfortable to be around.

          Me, too. And I'm a big dog fan.

          Because you never know whether the dog is a rescued ring dog (ie, one that was abused and rescued from dog fighting scum), one who belongs to a thug wannabe, or one who was raised from puppydom by a nice family. And as much as I sympathize with the plight of those former ring dogs, I don't think the ring dog rescue people are doing the breed any favors.

      2. Totes agree Tonio. Chihuahuas are the real hellhounds

        1. I had an 8-pound miniature Dachshund that used to go after our 102-pound German Shepherd. Doxies are truly crazy-ass little maniacs.

          1. I had one when I was in middle school. I think he killed every wild rabbit in the neighborhood.

            1. Yeah, because they look so cute people don't realize they were actually bred to be little killing machines.

          2. They were bred for killing badgers Dachs=badger.

            1. Yup, and that is why they are batshit crazy - they were bred that way. Their entire purpose was to go down into badger holes and drag the badger out so humans could murder the shit out of it.

          3. Doxies are truly crazy-ass little maniacs.

            You haven't lived until you've taken your Dachshund to a Doxie Derby only to have him try and attack the other seven participants as they made their way down the course.

            Me and the wife beat a hasty retreat as the crowd started to turn ugly....

        2. Varies by individual. It's almost always the owner (current or former) that makes a dog bad. There is a definite pattern of hateful women who seek small yappy dogs and don't properly socialize them.

          1. In my experience, big dog owners take care to socialise their mutts, and they're very aware when they have a reactive one. Small dog owners are often totally fucking oblivious.

            "Oh, Fifi's a little angel, isn't he? Yes he is, he's mommy's little angel." Meanwhile, Fifi's sizing up your ankle for lunch.

  5. ...with the other pilot not responding nor communicating with traffic control.

    Maybe the copilot was on his break.

    1. That's quite interesting. I'm wondering if that fact will be disappeared in light of the speculation that other recent crashes were also consistent with the pilots losing consciousness.

    2. So union rules caused the crash?

      1. A prosecutor in France says te co-pilot sought to "destroy the plane."

        Maybe he thought the plane had a demon inside it. And he was right.

    3. Apparently for US carriers, when a pilot or co-pilot leaves the cockpit, another member of the flight crew enters and stays until the pilot returns, so no one is ever alone in the cockpit. I guess this is why.

      1. Interesting. Because with automation and cost-cutting you don't have navigators or flight engineers anymore. So that means you're relying on a steward/stewardess.

        1. My MIL was (technically still is) a stewardess. DO NOT WANT.

        2. A stewardess should be capable of pulling a passed out co-pilot off the controls and re-opening the locked door for the pilot when he's done in the toilet.

          1. The door to the cabin was not lockable. So if dude passed out then at the same time the door to the cabin jammed so badly that it could not withstand the pilot desperately trying to break it down.

  6. Gov. Dannel Malloy (D-CT) promised not to raise taxes to get re-elected but now that he has been that's just what Connecticut Democrats plan to do.

    What did you expect? He's very malloyable.

    1. Apparently not, as Democrats are hardwired to raise taxes and to lie about whether they plan to raise taxes.

      1. Malloy cooked the books by purposely overestimating the amount of reimbursement for Medicaid by the feds. He calculated using billing dates, not actual dates of service, which they're now "fighting" (wasting more money fighting an unwinnable battle). Then they claimed clerical error for another discrepancy. Ooops. Fucking ridiculous.

        Another lie was to tell CT that our power company's merger with Eversource, a much larger Massachusetts carrier. would not result in an increase in electricity costs. LIE! I just got a letter from Eversource telling me as of January 1, 2015 (3 months ago) that my rates will be raised 26%.


        1. OMG an ad for Eversource just popped up on my Reason home page. I think I'm going to lose my shit.

  7. Poo scandal: Parents 'disgusted' as Australian daycare centres order toddlers to take their soiled undies home

    1. Is the woman in the picture wearing a human mask?

      1. It does look like the 'Jack' face collected from killing Jack and the warrior in B2.

        1. Exactly. I can't quite figure out what's wrong with her face - is it the makeup? the hair? the high forehead? - but something is not correct. I'm not fooled.

    2. I don't understand what else they should do with the underwear.

      1. According to TFA the mother had given them standing orders to simply dispose of the soiled underwear.

        So are you saying the daycare should have just let her sit in her own poop all day?

        1. No. They put clean underwear on them, but some people might choose to simply wash the underwear at home. I don't think the daycare's job description includes laundering or disposing of shitty clothes. They are, according to the article in plastic bags. So, again, I'm not seeing where the daycare is in th wrong. This sounds like #suburbanmomproblems to me.

        2. Well, that presupposes that the daycare has a supply of undies. Now, I can see them requiring parents of preschoolers to supply them with a spare pair and replenish as necessary.

          Laundering, no. Disposal, yes. Because quite frankly that's easier than packaging it up and sending it home which is just a dick move; don't know what those legislators were thinking. And disposal isn't anything out of the ordinary because if they deal with kids in diapers they have a changing room, step-open trashcans, wipes, gloves, etc.

    3. This is international news?

      1. Well...It is australian poo, so it's probably deadly poisonous.

        1. DROP-POO!!!

  8. Prosecutor Says Co-Pilot Seems to Have Deliberately Caused the Crash
    Brice Robin, the Marseille prosecutor holding a news conference on the investigation into the crash, said that the most likely theory is that the co-pilot made the plane crash deliberately.

    The co-pilot initiated the plane's descent for an unknown reason while he was alone in the cockpit, Mr. Robin said, describing the action as deliberate. Mr. Robin said he had opened an investigation for voluntary manslaughter.

    This is much crazier than expected, isn't it?

    1. Yep. So much for terrorist-proof cockpit doors.

    2. considering that this is also the leading explanation behind MH370 disappearing, that makes 3 commercial planes going down in a year due to malevolent people.

      1. "Thank God it wasn't terrorism!"

        1. Or maybe it was.........

        2. Clearly workplace violence, or something. Needs more training, regulations, etc.

      2. Spot-on, Trashy. The airlines are shitting themselves now. Because the public will stop flying if it comes out terrorists, or Dr. Evil, or whoever have been downing planes by compromising the aircrews.

    3. It crossed my mind when I saw the first graphics of the flight path leading to the impact site.

    4. Missed Galt's Gulch by thaaat much. Let Daphne pilot next time.

    5. That was a holy shit moment this morning. Holy shit. Was the guy just crazy, or is this a terrorist attack? How fucking evil do you have to be to kill people like this?

      1. How fucking evil do you have to be to kill people like this?

        It's not like evil is in short supply or anything.

        1. No, we definitely aren't approaching Peak Evil.

      2. Unfortunately, it's not even close to the first time. Seems like it all started with Egypt Air and really got rolling with Silkair.

    6. This is much crazier than expected, isn't it?

      No. Assuming this is the deliberate work of bad actors, it's much easier to compromise cockpit crew than to try to bring the plane down by passenger sabotage.

      [Adjusts foil headcover, winks at Switzy]

      1. The question is, which bad actors?

        1. Exactly. From what I've seen, the co-pilot was a normal, well-adjusted German dude. What the hell makes a dude like that decide to kill himself and 150 others?

          1. Could he have been an adherent of Illinois Nazism?

            1. I'm gonna nail that sucka. If it's the last. Thing. I. Ever. Do.

        2. As I commented downthread, the biggest threat is the pilots being coopted by the bad actors through blackmail or threats against loved ones.

    7. Unless the copilot's name was Muhammad

      1. Allah was his co-pilot.

  9. Furious American Apparel models hit back at clothing giant's leaked email that said it would be hiring 'real models' and no longer 'Instagram hoes or THOTS' for its rebrand
    A leaked email by American Apparel casting director Phira Luon written on March 18 said the company would no longer be hiring 'Instagram hoes'
    THOTS is an acronym for 'that ho over there'
    American Apparel apologized publicly for the email and posted an image of 'curvier models' to their Facebook page on Tuesday night
    One 'curvy model' in the Facebook post named Barbara wrote that she hadn't modeled for AA 'for months' and that it was a 'slap in the face'
    Models Megan Fay, Valerie Chris, and model/ porn actress Jessie Andrews also took to Twitter to express their disdain for the leaked email
    The company has been trying to rebrand their image after the former CEO Dov Charney was fired following the company's willful misconduct claims
    John approves.

    1. I want models shaped like a Klein bottle.

      1. With their head up their ass? Look in Washington.

    2. I prefer my models to be shaped like a Klein bottle.

      1. Are the server squirrels acting up? When I hit "submit" on the 9:12 comment, it didn't show up the first time.

        1. I've had that problem twice. For a while the Lynx was completely gone.

          1. Yeah. Same here.

            1. moi aussi

          2. Same with me.

    3. Who cares? Overpriced crap for morons.

      1. I wouldn't buy it, but I think the old soft porn ads were great.

    4. Phira Luon phucked up. As a publicly traded company, they should act swiftly and fire his ass. This will lose them customers and money.

  10. Jeremy Clarkson's next move: Ex-Top Gear star could land ?20m-a-year deal as offers flood in from as far afield as Russia...and he could even be welcomed back by the BBC!
    ITV and Netflix said to be in pole position to sign the sacked presenter
    But Sky 'not interested' because punch-up damaged family appeal
    BBC boss Alan Yentob not ruling out BBC return for Clarkson in the future
    Russian broadcaster linked to Putin said to have offered him Moscow job
    Looks like punching his producer was a good career move.

    1. There's no such thing as bad publicity.

    2. Disappointed that Sky is taking a pass. Any word on if they're thinking of recreating the show, or if they're just hiring Clarkson to be a grouchy, non-PC blabberer?

      1. I would be happy with netflix. My worry is that the three of them sign with some screwy Euro network that you can't get over here.

        1. Ditto - I'll be happy with any network we can get in the US.

        2. I never got into Netflix, and after their dickish actions regarding NN, I don't think I ever will. Fuck them.

          1. Probably 95% of the companies you buy stuff from engage in cronyism of some sort or donate to total fucksticks. That doesn't absolve any of them, of course, but if you try to make your daily purchasing decisions based on the tiny marginal impact you will have on their efforts you will be miserable. The only difference between most of them and Netflix is that Netflix was transparent about its lobbying.

            1. Nah, I put this sort of bullshit in a different category, whether that's reasonable or not.

              They managed to get most of the same group that was leading the way on exposing government malfeasance in the electronic communications world to advocate for that same government to control one of the most important and free forms of electronic communication. That's a special sort of evil, to me (that, and an abiding idiocy and naivete among the target group). It also seems apparent (according to someone's link on HyR several days ago) that they may have staged the entire "throttling" incident that got public opinion firmly on their side.

              And since I never got into it, I don't really feel that intensely like I'm missing anything.

              1. They managed to get most of the same group that was leading the way on exposing government malfeasance in the electronic communications world to advocate for that same government to control one of the most important and free forms of electronic communication.

                If Netflix got anyone to do anything, it was not anyone who was "leading the way", it was the apathetic. Tech activist types have been stupid about net neutrality for a long time.

                It also seems apparent (according to someone's link on HyR several days ago) that they may have staged the entire "throttling" incident that got public opinion firmly on their side.

                I've not seen the link; I'd be interested to see if it contains any new information. The whole thing, though, was a clusterfuck: one side being idiotic by acting like not upgrading exchange points was equivalent to throttling, and the other side acting like Comcast's and Verizon's motivation in not upgrading the exchange points wasn't to fuck with Netflix, when it obviously was.

          2. I don't "get" video streaming. Why would anyone want to pay to watch a choppy picture that has a 50/50 chance of going kaputt? Get off my lawn!

            1. I think the point is that it has gotten to the point where it works a hell of a lot better than it did when I was desperately hunting for tiny streams in standard definition of MLS games, that were constantly buffering.

              Now, even shitty, backward colleges manage to stream even obscure sports relatively well. High schools, even.

              No one on the NN side seems to be able to make the connection that things really used to be pretty awful in comparison not that long ago, and that some of the credit goes, in part, to the ISPs they hate so much.

              1. The last thing I streamed was a pre-season NYCFC match, and while better than a few years ago, the quality was still nothing that I would pay for.

                I am probably not their target customer anyway. I don't require instant access to whatever content they have. I am reasonably happy with cable; I have no desire to pay extra for Netflix.

                1. Well, also I suppose it depends on who you're streaming from, and whether it's live. Streaming live is much harder than streaming stored content. And YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon have top-tier infrastructure, whereas others may or may not.

            2. choppy picture that has a 50/50 chance of going kaputt

              If you have a mildly good connection (e.g., cable, maybe you'll have trouble on ADSL, I dunno) this is not common nowadays.

            3. I caught up on all seasons of Archer and the first season of Vikings on Amazon Instant Video - the quality was great.

    3. He's so awesome and beloved that he might be rewarded for hitting someone and bloodying their lip. The power of charisma.

      1. Producer probably had it coming. The pussy. You don't promise a carnivore a steak and then offer him cold cuts...

        1. That's some nice NAP consistency right there.

          1. I got yer NAP right here...

            *dusts off the knuckles*...

  11. A surprise from the skies: Owl swoops through the air before perching on top of unsuspecting man's head
    Unusual behaviour by bird captured on camera by Dutch photographer
    he peculiar owl spends on average one minute perched on people's heads
    Innocent walkers pictured desperately ducking as the bird aims for them

    1. "Doctor, can you remove this giant wart from my ass?"

    2. That kid in VA who tried to buy beer?

      1. The fuck? SKWERLZ!!

  12. You know who else got a good pounding?

    U.S.-led coalition, Iraqis pound Islamic State in Tikrit

    U.S.-led coalition warplanes launched their first airstrikes against Islamic State targets in Tikrit on Wednesday, officials said, coming off the sidelines to aid Iraqi forces fighting alongside Iran-backed Shi'ite militia on the ground.

    The decision to give air support to the Tikrit campaign pulls the United States into a messy battle that puts the U.S.-led coalition, however reluctantly, on the same side of a fight as Iranian-backed militia in a bid to support Iraqi forces and opens a new chapter in the war.

    1. Um your... Nope, too easy.

    2. That kid in VA who tried to buy beer?

  13. Defect from McMuffin-stan: New Taco Bell advert blasts McDonald's as a communist dictatorship where boring breakfasts rule
    The new TV advert aims to build on Taco Bell's new breakfast menu items
    Appears to show rivals McDonalds making people boring and miserable
    The ad features a dictator-type character who resembles Ronald McDonald

    1. The Taco Bell "shit yourself before 10:30am" media blitz.

      1. Micky D's does the same thing.

        1. But is not "muy caliente!"

          1. It is when you put their hot picante sauce on it. Which they don't carry around here. Mild only. No thanks.

    2. The Burger King Croissanwich is the superior breakfast sandwich.

      1. If you like soggy, greasy, fake "croissants".

    3. I thought Taco Bell had styled themselves as a banana republic dictatorship. Or was there a coup and that's why the rat dog went away?

      1. At one time, they were pretty heavy into the Che allusions.

      2. I thought Taco Bell was purposely styling themselves as lazy Mexicans. I see their breakfast ads but haven't tried them (since leaving CA long ago), because none of their locations are open at 6:30 when I'm driving to work.

  14. NASA plans to pull a boulder off an asteroid and place it in orbit of the Moon by 2019.

    "Son, did you know the pyramids on the moon were built in 35 trillion years?"

  15. That's just nuts! Squirrel plays pool and gets to grip with a sniper rifle in bizarre set of pictures set up by taxidermist
    Pictures created by Teeters' Taxidermy studio in Halifax, Pennsylvania
    Show stuffed squirrels dressed up as Star Wars characters and Thor
    Owner Colin Teeters says: 'We are always trying to think outside the box'
    The guy's got talent. I'll give him that.

    1. Tableaux with taxidermied animals used to be a big thing in the victorian era. Every parlor with any aspirations towards respectability had one. Stuffed squirrels, mounted standing, wearing kilds and tam-o-shanters were popular. No, please don't ask me to explain this.

        1. Thanks. That's incredibly creepy.

  16. Headlights that follow your EYES: Vauxhall smart system beams light in whichever direction you are looking
    Vauxhall/Opel hope to introduce the technology to vehicles in future years
    The system uses in-car camera and infrared sensors to track driver's gaze
    Headlights automatically adjust to follow the focus of the motorists sight
    The technology will compensate when drivers are distracted or look away
    System will detect oncoming vehicles and reduce intensity to avoid dazzle
    LEDs closest to oncoming traffic deactivate but rest of road is illuminated

    1. The system uses in-car camera and infrared sensors to track driver's gaze[.]

      Great. There's a database at Ithaca college to track my male gaze, now there's an infrared system in my car to track my driver's gaze. Why the fuck can't I just gaze in peace?

      1. Especially since I have trained my eyes to operate independently like a lizard.

        All so I can make the eye that my wife can see stare straight ahead while the eye she can't see is free to ogle any good looking gal that the wife and I are passing.

    2. Yay. More shit that can break.

        1. Swiss Servator... Switzy! narrows gaze. "Why the fuck do the headlights keep turning off?"

    3. So where do they point when I'm looking down at my cell phone?

  17. One of the pilots of the Germanwings flight that slammed into the French Alps was locked out of the cockpit in the minutes before the crash...

    9/11, the gift that keeps on giving.

  18. Report: Radio Shack To Sell Customers' Personal Information In Bankruptcy Sale
    I quit shopping there a long time ago. A salesman wouldn't let me buy a $3 set of headphones without purchasing the replacement plan, and I never went back.

    1. Yeah, Radio Shack has been useless for a while now. It was great when you could actually go there when you needed some electronic component for something.

      Having sales people work on commission isn't a great way to go for a small retail setting like that. You just end up with pushy and annoying sales people like you describe.

      1. I worked there for a couple months. They baited me by quoting sales figures from a shop in a city mall, then switched me to a small town store. The only way to make money was to get people to buy cell phones. Shitty job.

        1. I did a 3-4 month bit at Radio Shack too.

          The store had good traffic at certain times, but those times were monopolized by the manager and two of his toadies. The rest of us were fill ins.

          I was also saddled by the fact that I was the only one who knew anything about electronic components, so I got the lucrative sales for the resistor/capacitor/coil customers.

    2. It's amazing they stayed in business as long as they did, when their entire philosophy seemed to be to make shopping there as unpleasant as possible. Good riddance.

  19. Officers caught on dashboard cam brutally beating man and repeatedly using stun gun after he was stopped for traffic violation(and lawyer claims one planted drugs in his car)
    Floyd Dent, 57, was pulled over after police claimed he ignored a stop sign in Inkster, Michigan in January
    In dashcam video, police can then be seen ripping him out of his car, throwing him on the ground and then putting him in a chokehold
    The man is then punched 16 times, kicked, and an officer uses a stun gun on him three times before he is cuffed
    Officers claim he bit one of them on the arm and screamed at one point 'I'll kill you,' though there is no evidence for either claim
    Police said he was trying to flee the scene and resist arrest, but a judge threw out both of these charges
    They also say they found drugs in his car, but his attorney says a new video shows one of the officers planting the bag of crack cocaine
    That officer, William Melendez, was accused in 2004 of lying, falsifying reports and planting evidence but ultimately acquitted
    And nothing else happened.

    1. Jesus Christ, THIS AIN'T MAYBERRY!!!

      Fuck, didn't it use to be that smaller towns were folksy, everyone knew each other, and cops DIDN'T nearly beat senior citizens to death?!?

      1. I had a cop friend from a city from the martial arts school we both went to. He always said that small town cops were the biggest assholes.

      2. I think it really depends on the town. The distributon of good vs bad cops in small towns probably looks like an inverse bell curve with some towns having really good cops and others having the most corrupt power hungry sociopaths on the planet and no one in the middle

    2. If they had managed to plant the bag of crack, the issue wouldn't even have gotten as far as the daily mail.

    3. That officer, William Melendez, was accused in 2004 of lying, falsifying reports and planting evidence but ultimately acquitted

      And look for an encore of the same a few months down the road.

  20. Is Russell Brand really one of the world's greatest thinkers? Intellectual magazine faces ridicule after it votes comedian fourth in list of influential minds
    Comedian Russell Brand is rated the fourth greatest thinker in the world
    Intellectual magazine Prospect asked readers to vote for the best minds
    Others in the top ten are economists, philosophers and a US surgeon
    But Brand's ranking among 'great thinkers' has been mocked online

    1. Thomas Piketty, French economist.

    2. Yanis Varoufakis, Greek finance minister.

    3. Naomi Klein, US author.

    4. Russell Brand, UK comedian and campaigner.

    5. Paul Krugman, US economist.

    6. Arundhati Roy, Indian writer and activist.

    7. Jurgen Habermas, German philosopher.

    8. Daniel Kahneman, US-Israeli psychologist.

    9. John Gray, UK philosopher.

    10. Atul Gawande, US surgeon and writer.

    I'm surprised they didn't put Tony on the list.

    1. No David Suzuki???

    2. "Most influential" if you have the mind and memory of a goldfish

      1. I think they are talking currently active thinkers. Which still seems like a stretch for a lot of those.

    3. Make that list into a deck of cards and send it to Chaney.

      1. Why would Lon want the list?

        1. He knows a good zombie when he sees one. (bad spellz 🙁

    4. Influential != great

    5. This is comedy gold. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard reading a list.

      1. Actually, Krugman might be a respectable choice on the list. When I was in graduate school in the late 90s we had to read several of his papers and I found them quite clever and well-done. But I doubt any of the people voting for him on this list did so on the basis of his academic output.

        1. Krugman hasn't been an economist for a long time.

          1. And something tells me that the people who chose him were looking at his recent propaganda work and not his serious economics work.

          2. My time in grad school was about the last era when he could be taken seriously.

        2. Krugman used to write academic articles that completely conflict with the political arguments he's making today.

          Hell, he wrote an article for Slate as recently as 1998 arguing that sweatshops are a necessary stage of economic development and that outlawing sweatshops stops countries from effectively developing. Can't imagine him making that argument today.

    6. Holy fuck almighty

    7. This is hilarious. If anything, Brand deserves to be on the list more than the Greek finance minister.


      That is a bigger embarrassment...

      1. I don't know, it's pretty clear that Piketty is first merely because he wrote a book that confirms the readers' biases.

    9. Habermas is still alive? Huh.

      That's a stupid fucking list. Could they have meant something else, like the most prominent dumbasses on Earth?

      1. It gains some sanity near the end. Kahneman probably belongs on such a list, and while they might not be on mine, Gray and Habermas are not ridiculous choices.

        1. I know, I was just annoyed and exaggerated for effect.

    10. Krugnuts & Brand. I weep for the future.

    11. No Melissa Harris-Perry? Clearly they are racists.

  21. LA's 'Grim Sleeper' serial killer may have murdered 180 people as cops turned a blind eye because victims were drug addicts and prostitutes, explosive documentary claims
    'Grim Sleeper' Lonnie Franklin Jr will go on trial for murdering 10 women
    But a new documentary claims Franklin may have killed around 180 people
    It claims police turned a blind eye because his victims were drug addicts
    A number were black women, living in LA, and working as prostitutes
    Why am I not surprised.

    1. Okay, lets be realistic. Drug addicts and prostitutes have lists of people who could have killed them a mile long, their social networks aren't terribly fond of cops and not likely to cooperate, and they tend to go through a lot of effort to make it so everyone around them doesn't know how they spend their days. The show CSI isn't real. DNA only really work if you already have a suspect and you just want to confirm. We most definitely do not track folks down based upon the imprint of their shoe or the pollen they left behind on the victim.
      The cops could probably have done a better job, but pretending this is just a matter of not caring and not also a heavy dose of logistics problems is stupid.

      1. Wait, they still have the "zoom and enhance" camera technology right?

        Please don't tell me that those are cop show BS too.

        1. +1 Not a real snake

      2. If by "better job" you mean something more than filling out a report and never looking at it again, then yeah. I agree.

      3. A while back my apartment was broken into, and I knew who did it, so I called the cops. They came by, ran me for warrants, asked for permission to search the apartment for drugs, and then left when I refused. I told them I knew who smashed my window and stole my stereo, but they didn't care. They saw it as an opportunity to bust me, not as a crime to be prosecuted. And when they didn't have an excuse to arrest me, they left. All because I was a young guy with long hair and shabby clothes. Had I been clean-cut I'm sure they would have quickly nabbed the guy who broke into my place. So I'm quite sure that when a druggie or hooker is murdered, they shrug their shoulders and move on. After all, the person is dead. Can't bust them.

        1. I had a similar experience when my car was broken into. They wanted to search my house and when I refused they had no interest.

        2. Nah. My ex and I were burgled by a contractor's assistant. He'd grabbed some jewelry of hers, some cash, some coins, and fled. We were sure of him, knew his name, where he was headed (coinstar box, duh), where he was likely to be that evening.

          They did squat, and we were 30-something professionals who had owned a home in that DC suburb for a decade.

          Cops exist to grant the state revenue.

        3. What Maurice said. If you were a 35 year old professional looking sort they probably wouldn't have asked to search for drugs and they would probably have been a bit more polite but their actions would have ended at taking your statement

      4. My brother was a LA area homicide detective. They've known about someone doing this for some time, but Illocust has nailed the real issue. They did keep it quiet, with at least LA Times cooperation, to avoid any kind of panic, since the evidence was so sketchy, it was really hard to even tie cases together.

        We talked about this years ago. Basically that there was probably a very prolific killer out there, but the only people who knew anything were street people,

  22. Romney on Barack/Bibi Blowup: 'Hell Hath No Fury Like Obama Scorned'

    "Well there's a lot going on here," Romney began. "I think the first thing that comes to mind is, hell hath no fury like Obama scorned."

    The former Massachusetts governor was referring to the White House's anger over Netanyahu's March 3 visit to Washington, D.C., to lobby against an Iranian nuke deal ? anger that was magnified after Netanyahu then won reelection in Israel two weeks later.

    Romney added that part of the friction stems from a deeper source. "What this is really about is Iran," he said. "And I think that the White House is trying to minimize Bibi Netanyahu and minimize Israel's concerns at the the same time they're trying to push through an agreement with Iran."

    1. Binders. Full of WOMYN.

  23. Australians will have two years of their metadata stored by phone and internet providers - but it's still unclear how much will be added to internet users' monthly bills.

    1. It's for your own good.

  24. Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson gives shocking speech at a religious meeting using rape, murder, child rape and castration to criticize atheists
    Duck Dynasty patriarch exercised his First Amendment rights again at Florida Christian meeting
    Spoke out on Friday against atheists and told a story bemoaning their ability to tell right from wrong
    The 68-year-old 's graphic story illustrated how atheists lack of faith is dangerous to society
    Sorry, Duck-Douchebag, but I don't need an invisible man to tell me what is right and what is wrong.

    1. Well, John says you do (last nights evening links if you are curious). Or more accurately, that there can be no right an wrong without God.

      1. There can be right and wrong. It is just in your head. If there is no God, Nietzsche is absolutely right. The only meaning in life is what your will makes it. You go beyond good and evil and create your own will and meaning, whatever that is and avoid being a slave to other people's rules and will. Its a dark thought but pretty much a true one, if God is indeed dead.

        1. Yeah, we already did this. I understand your point, but think it is irrelevant.

          1. To Robertson or in general? All I think Robertson was doing was pointing out the moral chaos of a Godless universe. He did it in a vulgar and crude way. I think it is reasonable to disagree with him that a Godless universe results in moral chaos or that he made his point in a stupid and vulgar way. What is not reasonable, however, is to claim that he really wants to do such a thing and was engaging in revenge fantasy rather than trying to make a larger point.

        2. You are wrong.

          In a godless universe morals still have a source.

          They were an evolutionary development that allowed our species to work together in groups while not becoming total herd animals incapable of being separated from the group.

          Therefore morality can be defined as those rules of behavior required for a functioning society to exist. Now what specific rules fit that criteria change from time to time and place to place but that doesn't mean that there is no basis or framework to determine good from evil.

          Further the whole god being the ultimate arbiter of morality is in and of itself problematic because it means that ALL acts are both potentially good or potentially evil depending on what god says about that specific act. Murdering your child is generally evil, unless that is god sends you a message and tells you it is required in which case it becomes automatically good (there are several places in the Bible where god orders just this) .

          However since there is no independent verifiable way of determining exactly what god wants it makes it impossible to judge the moral rightness of any action because you can never know if that guy screaming that god told him to kill that kid is actually telling the truth, is a raving lunatic, or is just trying to get away with murder by invoking the ultimate moral arbiter.

          1. In the end people who claim that god is the ultimate source of morals are just deceiving themselves because it is amazing how often gods moral commands match just exactly what they want it to be. In the end they are still deciding morality on the fly just like athiests, the athiests are just more honest about it.

          2. They were an evolutionary development that allowed our species to work together in groups while not becoming total herd animals incapable of being separated from the group.

            That just assumes that the advancement of the species is the highest good. Why should I beleive that? What do I care about who lives or dies after I am gone?

            Moreover, that thinking is nothing but utilitarianism. If the advancement of the species is the highest good and morality is the best way to do that, what about the other things that also advance the species? If it turns out the killing the weak and sick does that too, would that be okay? By your logic it would be.

            Your argument assumes that anyone should care about the future or anything but themselves. And that is nice and all but not something that any individual has to or should believe.

            1. Where did I say anything about advancement of the species? I said that was where the moral sense we all share evolved. The actual components of morality however merely need to not promote the extinction of the species by making coexistence impossible.

              And again, the argument from god is just dressed up utilitarianism as well.

              If X is the highest good and if Y achieves X then that too would be okay?

              X = advancement of the species, Y = Killing the sick and weak
              X = Gods Will, Y = Killing the sick and weak

              Exact same argument, You are just asserting that your X is somehow different from any other X in that argument.

      2. Fuck John. Seriously. I couldn't give a shit about what he has to say about anything.

        1. And yet you talk about him constantly...

          1. Only when I find pictures of fat women, which isn't exactly a constant thing.

        2. Good for you. Apparently, what I said hit a nerve, which it should.

          1. You hit a nerve when you insisted that proving something is not Constitutional is not proving a negative. If you're going to insist that proving a not is not a negative, then nothing you say is of any interest to me.

      3. there can be no objective right an wrong without God.

        I would agree with the above statement. Without an "anchor in the sand," human agency and dignity are premises that are difficult to defend, except on utilitArian terms.

        1. Ransom caps notwithstanding (and entirely unintended)

          1. Fuck, I think I just had a johneurysm.

            1. Seek. Help. Now.

        2. I have to admit ultiliArian is a bit of an interesting word spelled like that. It is like some kind of technical term for Nazi eugenics or something.

          1. Maybe it's some kind of power tool that denies the doctrine of the Trinity?

            1. No. It is a power tool that claims all religions have an equal claim to the truth and gives the user the strange urge to vote Democrat.

        3. There's always the NAP.

      4. But remember that John is in no way a closet Christianist.

        1. And Stormy isn't a proggie troll.

    2. I'm a practicing Christian, but I believe that God is completely irrelevant to human morality.

    3. Jesus Christ, we had this fight yesterday.

      1. Wasn't Jesus drunk on blueberry infused moonshine yesterday?

      2. I left work at like 5:10 and there were maybe 15-20 comments about the Robertson and morality. When I got home 9 minutes later there about 100.

      3. Warty, question for you. Any advice on protein supplements? I feel like a need to add more protein to my diet but am unsure how much to add. I assume the guys at GNC are lying to me when they say 2 scoops twice a day (yeah, sure, just so I have to buy more of your overpriced, likely poor quality supplements...).

        1. Get the cheapest whey protein you can find. I use this, but be aware that unflavored whey isolate has an awful spoiled milk taste that is probably not worth getting used to if you're a Normal. Optimum Nutrition tastes all right and is almost as cheap per unit of protein, and Costco now carries it, so I'd recommend trying that.

          It's safe to assume everything at GNC is garbage and everything the clerks tell you is bullshit. As far as how much to take, the standard advice is to eat one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight per day. That's probably a slight overdose - a lot of people say a gram per pound of lean mass is enough.

          I'm not sure how much protein is in the GNC crap, but two scoops twice a day would probably be in the neighborhood of 80-100 grams of protein, which is an awful lot unless you're a vegetarian or your diet just sucks. And you're generally better off getting all nutrients from real food sources than from a supplement. A lot of strong guys have made a habit of snacking on a dozen or two hard-boiled eggs throughout the day, for example.

          1. snacking on a dozen or two hard-boiled eggs throughout the day

            The farts must be blinding...

            Also, how can you guys talk about protien without at least one juvenile crack about getting a shake straight from your tap?

            It might take Restoras a little exercise to get 200 grams this way, but if he maybe wore a little make-up, he wouldn't have to work so hard?

        2. 2 scoops twice a day

          The amount of protein in those 4 scoops could vary wildly( 100 g total to as little as 40) depending on the brand and the integrity of that brand, how much do you need? True Nutrition has good stuff, for regular store bought Optimum is good. There are a couple of others but protein powders for the most part suck these days.

        3. Supplement to the point you're getting a daily total of 1 gm of protein per pound of at least your lean body weight, if not your total bodyweight; So if you're lean mass is 150 lbs, 150grams of protein is your goal. If your meat intake doesn't meet that, then add basic whey powder and stay away from the fancy overpriced crap. Of course it depends a lot on your current composition, what your training is and what your training objectives are.
          BCAAs are also wise pre/post-workout, particularly if you do low carb.

        4. Thanks all.

          What I've started doing is having a one scoop supplement with 12 oz. of whole milk after working out. I usually eat 2-3 eggs a couple hours later and this gets me to about 50 grams. Lunch is usually a salad with avocado, chicken, and feta cheese as protein sources. Dinner varies but when I am preparing it myself chicken or fish with black beans and peas, or sweet potato, or some kind of lean meat chili/stew.

          How much of this is experimenting to find what works for you?

          1. Partly, but like any experiment it all comes down to accurate measurements before making adjustments.
            But the bottom line is if you're making progress (and you should be on a program that tracks progress) no need to tinker. If you're stalling out, regressing, or otherwise not being where you should be, tweak the variables.

          2. More good stuff, thanks everyone!

            As far as goals, I'd like to add 5-10 lbs of muscle over the course of the next 6-9 months while trimming a bit of body fat. Nothing too drastic on a 155 lb., lean/runner frame, 50 year-old male.

            I can add more eggs easily and I do mix in a steak now and then.

    4. Robertson is really just echoing Friedrick Nietszsche, the atheist philosopher, who proclaimed that Christian morality was linked to the Christian religion, and since the Christian religion is false, Christian morality should be rejected, too - mocking various other philosophers who wanted the equivalent of a Christian moral code without Christianity.

      However, there are of course plenty of atheists - virtuous pagans, I suppose you could say - who believe in morality and think it has an objective source - though of course I myself find their explanations of the source of morality unpersuasive.

      Theists generally say (much to atheists' infuriation) that the virtuous pagans get their moral sense from God, without acknowledging it. Contrariwise, atheists assert that virtuous theists get their moral sense from evolution or whatever rather than from God.

      1. I think I am going to adopt Norse theology. Odin kicks ass.

        1. Besides, our days of week are named for the pagan Norse gods.

        2. To start you on your way, the nine noble virtues of the Asatru:

          1. Strength is better than weakness
          2. Courage is better than cowardice
          3. Joy is better than guilt
          4. Honor is better than dishonor
          5. Freedom is better than slavery
          6. Kinship is better than alienation
          7. Realism is better than dogmatism
          8. Vigor is better than lifelessness
          9. Ancestry is better than universalism

          1. Those sound better than the "hate yourself, cut your children's genitals, and throw rocks at homosexuals" tenets of the great monotheisms. But how do they square 7 with believing in a bearded dude with a hammer who lives in the sky?

            1. Um, because the bearded dude with a hammer who lives in the sky is AWESOME!?

              1. Isn't it a chick who's throwing the hammer now?

            2. Because if Thor (or Crom) doesn't listen, then to hell with him!

              1. This is a proper Asatru answer.

            3. Because the bearded dude said he'd get rid of the Frost Giants, I don't see any Frost Giants do you?

            4. Well how do you explain the thunder?

          2. Jesus - why wouldn't you adopt this as your daily mantra?

        3. Your God is the best God.
          In fact, he's the only God.
          All other Gods are ridiculous, made up rubbish.
          Not yours though. Yours is real.

          1. Of course my God is real. Even though I am familiar with the creeds and belief systems of most neo-pagan "denominations", I am in fact a sun worshipper. Or are you one of those silly atheists that denies the reality of the giant ball of fusing hydrogen in the center of the solar system that gives us life?

            1. Oh and while it's true He lives in the sky, He is most definitely visible*.

              *Not applicable in the State of Washington

      2. virtuous pagans

        Nice band name.

        1. see also: residents of Limbo

  25. A new species of frog was discovered in Ecuador that can change the texture of its skin.

    You see should see me bristle when someone pats me on the back.

  26. Bella Thorne looks chic in denim jacket and tall suede boots at JFK Airport after spending time with new beau Brandon Lee
    Youth continues to be wasted on the young.

    1. I thought of the other Brandon Lee. And now I feel old.

  27. I suggest we drown the Arizona GOP in their own piss and shit.

    Arizona Legislature Passes Bill to Keep Cops' Names Secret After They Shoot Civilians

    1. Just to clarify-- legislators count as civilians for purpose of this bill, right?

      1. I sure hope so, but since they are helping cover up murders, they are, at a minimum, co-conspirators.

    2. You are a generous man Mr Free. I would suggest they be drowned in someone else's piss and shit. Say, a cholera victim's.

      1. I would say they should be drowned in their children's blood, but they were probably all cuckholded in the first place.

      2. Were you at the game?

        1. Nah, it was a day-night and I had to work. Did you watch online or in a bar or something?

          1. No, too late - started at 10:30pm. Watched some of the highlights this morning.

            Glad Australia and the Black Caps made the final but really felt South Africa's pain. I don't have any feelings towards them either way normally but, wow, they were clearly crushed.

            1. You're nicer than I am. I thought, "oh, fuck 'em for choking". Also I love the idea of Aus v NZ in the final. I was watching the YouTube footage of Trevor Chappell and that delivery last night to get me in the mood for the final

            2. I'll admit I didn't exactly know what was going on with the run target in NZ-SA (I'm only recently into cricket, and I still don't understand the calculation they use there), but that was pretty dramatic for NZ.

              I actually stayed up and watched Australia's innings last night, then collapsed and woke up in time for the last few overs for India. That was sheer domination by the Aussies.

              I'm guessing the Aussies win on Sunday.

              1. Don't worry Andrew, you're not meant to understand the Duckworth-Lewis Method. Also the name of a jolly good band

    3. But if they shoot someone on active military duty their names would be released?

      1. Slate tried to feign outrage, but their use of cop lingo reveals where their loyalties lie.

    4. The use of "civilian" versus LEO pisses me off.

    5. Worse state party: Arizona GOP or California Democrats?

      1. Opposite sides of the same fascist coin?

      2. Bleah, can I not think about either of them, plz?

      3. Can't we sell both of them back to Mexico?

  28. The US Navy's 'ghost hunter' hits the water: Robo-boats set to track down silent enemy submarines for months at a time
    Designed to hunt down silent and deadly diesel-electric submarines
    Robot boats will go to sea for us to three months at a time

    1. Something something one ping only.

      1. Give me a ping, Vasily...

  29. WH won't say Yemen has failed as a counter terrorism model

    Yemen's president is reportedly on the run amid rebel advances, but the White House insisted Wednesday that the country continues to be a model for its counter terrorism initiatives and that the U.S. continues to have extremists there "in the cross hairs."

    White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said he could not confirm the whereabouts of Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi ? "I have my hands full confirming the whereabouts of one world leader," ? but said the country remains a template for thwarting terrorism.

    "We would greatly prefer to have U.S. personnel on the ground in Yemen that would enhance our efforts. But the fact that they have had to temporarily relocate does not mean that we are unable to continue to apply pressure on extremists who may be plotting against the United States and the West inside of Yemen," Earnest said.

    1. They don't need to say it's failed. It is patently obvious it has failed to everyone with a brain.

    2. "Arab Spring."

    3. "temporarily relocate"

      Mere retrograde maneuver, nothing to be concerned about - remain calm, all is well!

  30. Jesus would hate you all ? and you didn't build that: The truth about the ultra-rich and their New York Times apologists

    There they go again. Conservatives are back again with their "war on poverty," which is to say, their war on poor people and any liberals, or sympathizers, who try to help them.

    Unlike Lyndon Johnson's War on Poverty, which despite 50 years of demonization and policy reversals has cut U.S. poverty by 40 percent (see No. 3 here), the conservative version has little hope of doing anything about poverty. But that's not the point. Neither is attacking poor people and liberals, for that matter. The point is defending the obscenely rich, and the massive upward redistribution of wealth America has seen going on since the 1970s. At the same time the broad-based increase in affluence of the early post-World War II era has been decisively shut off.

    uh... Jesus didn't hate anyone.

    1. He wasn't a fan of the money-changers.

      1. "This is a house of worship!" {Angrily overturns table}

    2. No 3 is just a larger steaming pile of No 2, right? I didn't click.

    3. He didn't, but he may very well be critical of the very rich if he were alive today. And in many cases rightly so.

      But you know what he wouldn't have done? Stoked class warfare and encouraged people to steal from the rich so that they can get theirs. Instead, he would have encouraged people to turn away from worldly desires, including envy, and to instead focus on redeeming themselves and others.

      1. I'm sure he (the character in the book) wouldn't have thought much of the goal of accumulating wealth. But I'm also pretty sure that he wouldn't call for forceful redistribution. Calling on his followers to voluntarily redistribute their wealth seems likely though.

    4. Oh god. A change in the distribution of wealth is not redistribution of wealth. Though I suppose there is some upward redistribution of wealth going on. But I don't know that I would call most "pro-business" Republicans (I mean the crony capitalist kind) conservative.

    5. He hated those poor fucking pigs, didn't he?

      1. Not necessarily. How would *you* get rid of demons?

        1. Idea: an animated show about Jesus and his disciples written by the Archer people.

          "Do you want demons Mary Magdalene? BECAUSE THIS IS HOW YOU GET DEMONS!"

      2. And the fig tree.

        1. I still want to go to a westboro demo with a GOD HATES FIGS sign.

    6. Unlike Lyndon Johnson's War on Poverty, which despite 50 years of demonization and policy reversals has cut U.S. poverty by 40 percent

      U.S. poverty which was already crashing prior to LBJ even reaching office, and has since plateaued?

      1. I'm a big fan of this argument because progressives assure me the poor have gotten poorer since REAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNN!

        Therefore, apparently poverty must have fallen like 60% in the 17 years after LBJ (which, of course, it didn't), and then start slowly creeping back up over the last 30 years.

        I'm not quite sure I follow their timeline.

      2. Yeah, once I saw that idiotic assertion I knew it had to be Salon.

  31. I can't imagine it would be cost effective to drive through Russia for a month compared to taking a plane or putting freight on a ship. London and New York aren't very far from each other.

    1. It would be a hell of a road trip though.

      1. Could be. I imagine the Steppes get pretty old pretty fast, though.

        1. You've just got to rape and pillage every now and then to spice it up.

        2. I imagine there will be a lot of rest stops with hookers and vodka along the way.

          1. hell yeahz.

            I once watched a documentary on the Trans-Siberian Express - it just seemed like an excuse to drink vodka while being on a train.

            1. I'm pretty sure everything in Russia is an excuse to drink vodka.

  32. Northern Ireland's gay cake case is about to start. Bert and Ernie could not be reached for comment

    1. You can hire willing idiots to do your bidding...

    2. She is the Ron Burgundy of politics. If you put it on a teleprompter, she will read it.

      1. Except she knows damn well she's lying.

  33. Rand Paul introduces amendment to boost defense spending over next few years

    Just weeks before announcing his 2016 presidential bid, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is completing an about-face on a longstanding pledge to curb the growth in defense spending.

    In an olive branch to defense hawks hell-bent on curtailing his White House ambitions, the libertarian Senator introduced a budget amendment late Wednesday calling for a nearly $190 billion infusion to the defense budget over the next two years?a roughly 16 percent increase.

    Paul's amendment brings him in line with his likely presidential primary rivals, including Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who introduced a measure calling for nearly the same level of increases just days ago. The amendment was first noticed by TIME and later confirmed by Paul's office.

    The move completes a stunning reversal for Paul, who in May 2011, after just five months in office, released his own budget that would have eliminated four agencies?Commerce, Housing and Urban Development, Energy and Education?while slashing the Pentagon, a sacred cow for many Republicans. Under Paul's original proposal, defense spending would have dropped from $553 billion in the 2011 fiscal year to $542 billion in 2016. War funding would have plummeted from $159 billion to zero. He called it the "draw-down and restructuring of the Department of Defense."

    Christ, grow a pair Rand.

    1. That is just a $95 billion per year spending increase! Low for the GOP.

      But Rand is reaching out to the blacks!

      1. Let us turn the whole country into a socialist fairyland by the joint operation of the army and people!


    2. You can either be pure and unelectable, like Gary Johnson, or compromise on some things to make yourself electable.

      1. Keeping the defense budget flat would be a compromise. Adding $160 billion is something else.

  34. YA glitch in the Matrix.

  35. 'You hold women in contempt': Frat culture isn't an aberration, it's everything men learn about being a "real man"
    A top researcher on masculinity tells Salon what's wrong with the idea of "real men" -- and how to change it

    "You have broken something about the community, you have betrayed this community. You signed an agreement when you came to Penn State that you would abide by the student code of conduct. Well, you violated that. We now believe that you need to repair the damage you have done to this community. You've rent the fabric of the community and you have to repair it in some way."

    Frankly, this is something that campus judiciary can do because it's a legal procedure, you have a constitutional right to due process in a criminal case. But you don't have a constitutional right to go to Penn State. Penn State can decide you've blown it, you have now done something we find so egregious that we will now say you should separate yourself from this school; do something educational around the issues for which we are asking you to separate yourself, and then we will consider bring you back. You have damaged the community, and now you have to do something proactive to repair it.

    1. Considering the state of disrepair of US universities, I imagine there are others that will happily take that tuition check.

    2. "A top researcher on masculinity" So this person's an expert on Maculinity but only conducts research on bottoms? Something's wrong here.

    3. A top researcher on masculinity

      Sure, it only makes sense that women get to decide what a "real man" is. It is a sad commentary that this sort of stupidity isn't universally laughed at and dismissed out of hand.

    4. I'll tell you how to tell a real man: start with Ron Swanson as your baseline 10/10, then subtract points from there (like, if he drives a Prius or if he drinks Michelob Light)

  36. The U.S. Is Experiencing a Boom in Foreign Students

    Foreign students are arriving in the United States in droves. The total number of foreign students actively enrolled in the United States has increased by more than 14 percent since February 2014, according to a new report from the Department of Homeland Security.

    A majority of the roughly 1.13 million foreign students residing in the United States hail from Asia, including more than 300,000 students from China, according to the report. The top majors foreign students choose are business, engineering, and computer sciences, and the number of students pursuing degrees in STEM fields ? science, technology, engineering, and mathematics ? is substantially increasing. Since 2010, the report notes, the number of foreign female students studying in STEM fields has increased by more than 68 percent, and the number of such students pursuing master's degrees has increased by 114 percent.

    1. I wonder how they pay for the tuition.

      1. Asian parents spend ludicrous sums of money educating their kids. Chinese middle class family, making say $12k a year, would easily spend $4k annually on their son or daughter. Richer families, hell, it's an easy visa JIC.


        1. Uh. womyns, of course. And of course, a "real man" is whatever serves the interests of womyn.

    2. I'm just salivating at the thought of some Muslim student violating campus PC speech codes, then being given a pass. That will be when they can't hide the double standard.

  37. Here Are The Words Hillary's Supporters Won't Let You Say

    "We will be watching, reading, listening and protesting coded sexism," the pro-Hillary group HRC Super Volunteers warned

    OK, let the uncoded sexism flow, bitches!

    1. What a cunt.

      1. Hard to get more uncoded than that...

        1. Well, at least it's gettin' hard to uncouple the code from the ah, uh thrust of the matter. We might as well go all in and force the issue: Has innocuous terminology as a category become the standard encryption for oppressive polemicals?

          1. Looking for a narrow gaze over here...

  38. Restaurant sign featuring bull's extra-large genitalia sparks outrage, city petition

    The sign, placed Saturday across the street from Hurricane High School, is prompting fierce backlash from angry residents who are calling the sign offensive and inappropriate, saying the depiction of the bull's genitalia is blatantly overdone.

    "It looks terrible," Hurricane City resident Denise Mackelprang said. "I could see the bull, but not the details of the sex. It's R-rated to me, especially with young school kids seeing it and talking about it."

    Several residents said they think the bull would look good if it were anatomically correct and the dimensions and proportions were appropriate throughout ? more bull and less genitalia.

    1. *Hilarious*! Thanks, Lord!

    2. God for bid TEH CHILDREN see a sign depicting poorly scaled representation of a bull's dick.

      JFC. Will the idiocy never end?

    3. Actually, a bull's penis can be nearly three feet long.

  39. The Central Banker Who Saved the Russian Economy From the Abyss

    It was Dec. 16 -- the day Russian traders would later christen Black Tuesday -- and the ruble was in a freefall.

    "Intervene! Intervene!" a central bank official shouted.

    Governor Elvira Nabiullina watched the currency on her tablet screen react to her emergency rate increase. No, she said, not this time: Russia would no longer fight the market. Speculators needed a cold shower, she said.

    That daring decision, related by two people with knowledge of the meeting, has begun to pay off for Nabiullina, 51, and her patron, President Vladimir Putin. Despite sanctions meant to punish Russia for its foray into Ukraine a year ago, the ruble has stabilized. Since Black Tuesday, when it plunged to a record low, the ruble has rebounded 19 percent against the dollar, the most among 24 emerging-market currencies.

    1. Interesting. We're all speculators now, though.

  40. I noticed my comment on a previous thread about Kennedy's show sucking got deleted. Or was it because I said her shirt made her arms look fat. Hm. Guess Reason don't like people dissing on Kennedy.

    1. It did? That seems...strange.

      1. Must have hurt someone's feewings.

        1. Any mention of Kennedy's lunchlady arms will not be tolerated!

    2. Did you forget to say that not giving is taking?

    3. Interesting. I thought there was something going on with that.

  41. Tunisian government insists Star Wars sets are safe from ISIS

    Really, I'd rather they expend the security and have those guys kill hadjis instead of protecting a decaying movie set.

    1. "These aren't the terrorists you're looking for?"


    Yoga instructor gives kid greatest bar mitzva ever.

    Police say Radomski was a guest at a home bar mitzvah - the Jewish coming of age ceremony - Saturday and reportedly flashed her revamped breasts to adults.

    After most of the guests went home or were asleep early Sunday, Radomski allegedly invited seven boys ages 11 to 15 into a bedroom, allowed them to touch her breasts and performed a sex act on a 15-year-old.

    1. Well, any of them there that were at least 13 had become men under Jewish law...

    2. And that is why a lot of people are angry at the Jews: it's because of the boobs!

    3. I imagine all she had to do was lightly stroke it once and the kid blew his load immediately.

    4. Would have met my standards at 15.

      1. Mine too. She is a bit of a butaface. But as 30 year old Yoga instructor she most likely has a smoking body.

        1. Besides, if she's a yoga instructor, why would you be looking at her face while doing her?

          1. No. And as a 15 year old who has probably never seen a woman naked in person before, would you be looking at any woman you were doing's face?

            1. Maybe if I was doing her face?

              Some people not named Clinton consider that a sex act.

    5. #minyanfail

    6. What is that?!? Kill it with fire!


    Causality Effects of Particles That Travel Faster Than Light

  44. Remember back a few weeks ago when they were estimating first quarter GDP would be 2.5%? Yeah, not quite so much: those numbers have been revised downward. WAY downward. The Atlanta Fed now estimates just 0.2%.

    And it hardly needs to be said that 0.2% absolutely fucking sucks, especially five or six years into a so-called "recovery".

    1. Yep. We all had high hopes for this GOP Congress.

      Same old shit.

      1. ROFL. That's really the best you could come up with Weigel? You're a joke.

      2. Speak for yourself - maybe everybody you know was stoned and not thinking straight, but most sober people and even plenty of the high ones weren't high enough to have hope.

      3. Yeah, put it on the GOP congress, dipshit. That must be it. Goddamn you must type one-handed because your other is jiggling Obama's balls will you coax a little more of his cum down your throat...

        Palin's Buttplug|2.25.15 @ 9:21AM|#
        I am a radical classic liberal Ayn Rand supporter. Atheist/secularist, pro-gun, pro-capitalist, pro-recreational drugs, pro-prostitution, pro-euthanasia, pro-immigrant, pro-science.

        Tell us again how you are "pro-economics".... dipshit...


    2. The recovery is just hiding in the deep ocean.

      1. Have it send chilli my love.

    3. Given that the government is borrowing something like 7% of GDP the growth rate should be at least 9% if there was a real recovery.

      1. It's a good thing when debt continuously grows faster than the economy, right?

    4. I am sorry, you can't miss it by that much unless you are trying to miss it. Obama has politicized the entire government such that you can no longer trust the economic numbers it gives. That is a huge problem that of course the media will never mention.

      1. They have sunk to Soviet-level depths of fakery and falsehood and manipulation of statistics.

      2. Yeah I don't think this is just an Obama Problem.

        It is something that started with Clinton and has been growing more and more egregious with each passing year since.

  45. Followup: Yesterday I bought a six pack of Oberon. Drank one poured out with a small orange slice. It does seem less fruity than before with even less coriander. Quite a bland wheat beer - didn't really do much for me either way. I remember this beer having way more flavor. Even my homebrew Saison was better.

    1. Ugh. I had some on tap and it was good. The bottled stuff has been disappointing lately. Anyway, if you get a chance, try Oddside's Jesse's Party IPA. It's fantastic.

      1. I was very disappointed to find that the only craft beers stocked by the local Costco were ipas. Would a nice American lager or a stout kill them?

        1. Stout season is over. The snow pile next to my driveway is only a few inches tall now. Time for IPAs...

      2. I was very disappointed to find that the only craft beers stocked by the local Costco were ipas. Would a nice American lager or a stout kill them?

    2. Oberon has always been bland. Without a hefe yeast (or a wit) you are gonna get bland.

      American wheats suck as an entire category. Gumballhead is best of breed and it is marginally acceptable.

  46. Idris Elba rumored to be cast for Star Trek: Into Redundancy

    Idris Elba is in early talks to play the villain in "Star Trek 3," sources tell Variety.

    Justin Lin is directing the pic, with Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Simon Pegg, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana and Anton Yelchin all on board to return.

    J.J. Abrams will produce along with his producing partner Bryan Burke and Skydance's David Ellison. Production is set to start in June.

    Details of Elba's role are being kept under wraps. Early rumors suggest that Klingons would be the main villains in this movie, as they have not had a full presence in previous installments, but sources would not confirm if that was the case. Paramount and Skydance had no comment.

      1. I'm thinking more Kor or Kang.

    1. I really wish Abrams would stop ass-fucking the Star Trek franchise.

  47. http://profootballtalk.nbcspor.....nced-soon/

    Falcons and Browns to face severe punishments for 2014 rules violations.

    1. The Browns are so incompetent so team of Roy Hobbes' couldn't save them

    2. I'm not sure how Ray Farmer sending a retarded text is supposed to have given the team a competitive advantage. But apparently the NFL considers that a big deal, and between his stunning lack of judgment here and his hilariously bad picks of Manziel and Gilbert, I have no idea how he still has a job. It will be fun to watch the trainwreck continue on Hard Knocks this season, won't it?

      1. The Browns have to be on Hard Knocks this season. It will be so entertaining.

        1. I watched two episodes of the Falcons and stopped. They were very boring.

      2. Why did they fire Lombardi again? He seemed to have some idea of what he was doing.

        1. Haslam fired him and Banner for firing Chudzinski after a season and then bungling the coaching search so badly that they had to hire someone that no one in the league thought was ready to be a head coach. The funny thing is that Pettine actually seems to be a decent coach.

        2. The Browns and Raiders are beyond hope. They are looking for quick fixes. They could hire Belichick, and he could post two consecutive 7-9 seasons, and they'd still fire him for not winning immediately.

          1. It's the Jerry Jones "Do enough dumb shut and eventually it will somehow work out" school of thought

            1. After Al Davis died, I had hoped the Raiders would make a turnaround.

              David traded Gruden to Tampa Bay because he was dissatisfied with the horizontal passing game Gruden was running. He wanted a traditional vertical passing game like the Raiders of old.

              Can you imagine a dumber reason to get rid of a coach?

              1. And even before that he took Marcus Allen, maybe the best player in franchise history, and ordered the coach not to play him for several years while Allen was still in his prime. Explain that one. Allen ends up going to Kansas City and having two very productive years. This after he rotted on the Raiders' bench for four or five years. And Davis never explained why. Allen was one of the best players in football and Davis decided one day that he didn't want him to play anymore and he wasn't going to trade him. It was just fucking bizarre.

          2. Which is distinguished from the Chip Kelly "Every decision is good on enough cocaine" school of thought

            1. I read a blurb about some Philly fan who was complaining about the damn GM, but that Chip was a great coach. He had to be told Chip was also the GM...

  48. So, after watching Back to School...

    Could someone explain 80s female hair to me? It has not aged well.

    1. You mean big massive piles of hair held in place by a mound of hairspray? I remember walking down the high school halls and seeing girls leaning over to spray half a can of Aquanet into their feathered locks.

      At the time I had a short hair thing so the big bouffant never did anything for me.

      1. most of the girls at my HS had hair like this:

      2. We did all want to fuck Wynona Rider as a reaction to this.

      3. I would bring in pics of Simon Lebon for the hair stylist to emulate. Actual pic. Of me. In 1986.

    2. Is was an over-reaction to the limp, flat hair of the 70s. It was crunchy and looked especially terrible-looking the next day. I will say that day to day styles we rarely that extreme. All the women in Back To School are wearing "Friday night fuck-me hair."

    3. 80s male hair could be pretty spectacular too. Rod Stewart joked that everyone's hair extended out a few inches overnight - "Something to do with the economy, probably"

    4. Violent ground acquisition games such as football is in fact a crypto-fascist metaphor for nuclear war.

      1. Thanks for that.

      2. Kinda funny given that the game of Football predates the development of nuclear weapons by several decades

    5. Now if only men would stop it with the hair gel already.

    1. Now is the winter of our disinterment. . . .

    2. Turned out he really did have scoliosis, and it wasn't just Tudor propaganda.

    3. My kingdom for a hearse.

  49. Huffington Post black writer slams Stephen A. Smith for daring to suggest blacks leave Democratic Party

    The black GOP cheerleaders trot out endless studies and reports that purport to show that black poverty, education and health care disparities, prison incarceration rates, homelessness, and joblessness have soared during Obama's tenure in the White House and in the major cities run by Democrats....

    Smith, and the other black GOP proponents, omit one, actually two small facts. The Democrats did not wreak the social and economic damage, race baiting, and neglect that characterized three decades of Republican rule in the White House and the sledgehammer attacks on or malign neglect of civil rights leaders and concerns when Republicans were out of the White House. There has not been one waking moment during Obama's six years in the White House that they have not turned vilification, obstructionism, hectoring, badgering, and barely disguised race baiting of him into a fine art. The party that Smith and others think blacks could have a temporary home in topped this with the invite of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress. He then promptly turned around and nakedly race baited to win reelection in the recent Israeli elections. The GOP then showed a near treasonous disregard of Obama by attempting to make its own foreign policy with Iran.

    1. There's the endless foot in the mouth, racially insulting gaffes, racially loaded campaign ads by Republican officials and politicians and the refusal by mainstream GOP leaders to loudly condemn them and even defend them. This has continually ignited black fury the last three decades. The fight of House Republicans against the Affordable Care Act, affirmative action, the slash and burn of job and education programs, and the inflammatory attacks on Obama, time and again reaffirmed that the GOP is chock full of bigots.

      The flip side of this is that blacks vote Democratic not solely because of GOP reaction and bigotry but simple pragmatism. Most blacks still look to them to fight the tough battles for health care, greater funding for education and job programs, voting rights protections, affirmative action, and against Reagan, Bush Sr., and George W. Bush's draconian cuts in job, education, social service, funding and programs, and their retrograde nominees to the Supreme Court who have done everything possible to roll back the civil rights clock, and peck away at affirmative action, civil rights and civil liberties protections....even at its worst the Democratic Party is light years ahead of the GOP in what it has done or will do for black voters.

      Yeah, how dare Smith point out Democratic failures?! Doesn't he know some Republicans disrespect our Messiah?!

      1. As long as race baiters can argue that disagreeing with Team BLUE = racism without having to qualify their statements or explain why Team BLUE policy has worked so well (can they really argue that intergenerational poverty with multiple generations of blacks on welfare simultaneously has been a good thing for blacks?), blacks will never leave Team BLUE.

        1. Articles like this make me wish I was black just so I could go punch that guy out. I swear, Obama in particular and the Dems in general have been DISASTROUS for african-american culture, society, mobility, family, - you name it.

          But LBJ was more or less right when he said that his plan would "keep 'em votin' Democrat" for the next two-hundred years...

      2. And Obama and his shills haven't used race baiting to their advantage? Fuck off, HP writer.

      3. Reagan, Bush Sr., and George W. Bush's draconian cuts in job, education, social service, funding and programs,

        I must have missed all of that. I guess the real issue is that as long as the left can get away with just making shit up and not get called on it, nothing will change.

    2. I have never liked Smith. I about fell over when I read that. He is of course absolutely correct. Black interests are utterly ignored in this country because one party knows they will get their vote and the other party figures they can't get their votes no matter what. The progs at Huff Post of course went insane upon hearing that because nothing hurts them more than the truth.

      I honestly think that the days of the Democratic party getting 95% of the black vote are numbered. Nothing lasts forever and Smith's statement shows that blacks are starting to wake up to how little good always voting Democrat does them.

  50. Deep Space Nine or Babylon 5? Discuss.

    1. Fuck all Star Trek spinoff series. There can be only one.

    2. Well, both had bad actors and a preposterous premise...

      But only one had some respect for Newtonian physics so... B5 for me.

      1. You can only have so much respect for a person who formulated an incredibly special case of the theory of gravity.

        Einstein and general relativity is where the action truly is.

    3. DS9 was absolutely terrible. Its only redeeming quality was its emphasis on Space Jews.

      1. Its only redeeming quality was its emphasis on Space Jews Jadzia Dax.

        I'll be in my bunk.

    4. DS9 is my vote, though I didn't get all the way through Babylon 5.

    5. Babylon 5 is probably the best sci first show ever made, content wise. Religion, race, philosophy-all dealt with exceedingly well.

      Also, it didn't shut the bed at the end. Season 5 was a step down but that was because Season 4 was basically 2 seasons jammed into one due to cancellation fears.

      Effects wise... Christ, if only it had been done a decade or so later when chi didn't suck.

    6. BSG

    7. I like both, for different reasons. Babylon 5 was quite ground-breaking, though, influencing TV in general quite a bit.

    8. Babylon 5.

      Some of the dialog was a bit painful and a few of the actors were probably overmatched by their roles however Andreas Katsulas and Peter Jurassik gave 2 of the best performances in any science fiction base show regardless of it's medium and Babylon 5 was truely groundbreaking showing how you can have a episodic television series that actually tells a story with a beginning, middle, and end.

      Without Babylon 5 almost none of the awesome tv shows we have today would exist

    9. B5 was supposed to BE DS9. JMS tried to sell it to Paramount.

      And it's pretty obvious. They're variants on the same theme.


      Even the weird quasi religious theme.

      But only one managed to finish.

  51. Campus protest at UNC Chapel Hill. One of the buildings on campus is named for a guy who compiled the state's colonial records. Oh, and also, Col. William Saunders took the 5th a hundred times when Congress questioned him about his alleged Ku Klux Klan activities in 1871. (Prompting Congressmen to say, "what's the matter, Col. Saunders - chicken?"). The words "I decline to answer" are inscribed on his tombstone. I'm not making this stuff up (well, I made up the chicken joke).

    And there's a statue of a Confederate soldier at UNC, too, and it is distinctly missing a plaque putting the Civil War in context.

    Student activists demand that the Board of Trustees so something about these things.

    "Dylan Su-Chun Mott, another student, said the campaign is about more than renaming a building. "This movement is about the future of this university," he said. "It is about facing the violent, racial history of UNC-Chapel Hill, of the state of North Carolina and of the United States. This is about power. This is about a struggle over who belongs at this university and who gets to make decisions about what happens here.""

    Col. Saunders:

    1. But let's get to the good part. They want Saunders Hall named after the African-American author Zora Neale Hurston.

      A few years from now, when one of the more literate students discovers a 1955 letter to the editor by Ms. Hurston, they'll protest to take *her* name off the building,too. The letter is about the *Brown* decision against school segregation:

      "...How much satisfaction can I get from a court order for somebody to associate with me who does not wish me near them?...

      "It is most astonishing that this should be tried just when the nation is exerting itself to shake off the evils of Communist penetration. It is to be recalled that Moscow, being made aware of this folk belief, made it the main plank in their campaign to win the American Negro from the 1920s on. It was the come-on stuff. Join the party and get yourself a white wife or husband....Seeing how flat that program fell, it is astonishing that it would be so soon revived. Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows....

      "In the ruling on segregation, the unsuspecting nation might have witnessed a trial-balloon. A relatively safe one, since it is sectional and on a matter not likely to arouse other sections of the nation to support of the South. If it goes off fairly well, a precedent has been established. Govt by fiat can replace the constitution."

      1. I was just in Fort Pierce, FL, and learned about Hurston for the first time. (They have a historic trail marking important places during her time living and writing in Ft. Pierce.)
        Not surprisingly, they downplay this aspect of her philosophy.

      2. Hurston was a great writer and a great woman. So, I am all for naming the building after her. The complaints about the colonial guy seem pretty idiotic. I can, however, see taking the Klansman's name off the building.

        1. To be clear, the Klansman *is* the colonial guy, sorry for the ambiguity. He compiled and published a lot of NC colonial records.

          1. Okay. If he was in the Klan and he apparently was, fuck him.

            1. Apparently, they have no documentary proof he was a Klan leader - it was a *secret* society, after all - but from a real-world perspective, his taking the 5th is very suggestive, not to mention the FU he put on his tombstone.

              Taking the 5th can't be held against you in a criminal trial, but I say that historians can consider it as evidence.

              1. There was so much overlapping membership between the Democratic Party and the Klan during Reconstruction, the Klan could be considered the Democrats' paramilitary wing. Or maybe the Democrats could be considered the Klan's political wing - Sinn Fein to their IRA.

            2. So then Robert Byrd's name should also come off of every fucking thing it's on. But I bet the left won't be making that argument.

      3. She sounds a'ight to me. I hope those SJW students don't discover she was an actual lover of liberty and an anti-Commie!

        1. She was forgotten for decades because the other writers associated with the Harlem Renaissance ran her out of literary society for the crime of being anti-Communist. She only came back into vogue in the 80s and 90s and started to be read again thanks to the efforts of Tony Morrison of all people.

    2. The Kochs should drop a $50M donation to UNC and get it named after them.

  52. UnCivilServant,

    I replied to you on the sexbot thread a while back, but you probably did not see it.

  53. Hey! It's the 14th anniversary of my 29th birthday! Whatdya git me? A solid diamond monocle with a 24k gold rim?

    1. Take one of my orphan sweet shop workers as your personal slave for the day.

      1. You let your orphans have sweets? No wonder they are so fat and delicious!

        1. No, he works in John's candy store. Learn to read, moran!

          1. You would be amazed what getting the little bastards sugared up does for productivity.

          2. I find it hard to take a guy named SugarFree's candy opinions seriously.

            Sorry, that was a low blow. Right in the pancreas.

            1. I can look, even if I can't touch.

    2. Let me guess - the 14th anniversary of your 29th birthday, and you still give your age as 29?

      Just busting your balls.

      1. I could pass for even younger than 29. That's why I haz no problem giving my real age. Then people are shocked I'm so fucking old.

        1. Me and my wife still get carded, despite having celebrated our 29th over ten times. Lately when I am carded I ask if they want the real ID or the fake one. When they give me a puzzled look I tell them the fake one says I'm younger.

          1. My 29th just turned old enough to drink.

    3. Have fun celebrating the anniversary of your liberation from the uterus!

    4. Happy Birthday Anniversary!

    5. You share a birthday with Leonard Nimoy, And Nancy Pelosi. But only one of them has a birthday song for you

      1. Let's not mention....her.

        How about Santino Corleone?

        1. I'll see your Santino and raise you a Christufuh! from the Sopranos. Gosh you do have a birthday crew of crazy paesans to play with

    6. Happy Birthday! Please enjoy a deep-dish pizza accompanied by a fruity cocktail.

      1. And Mexicans, ganga, and ass sex.

    7. Happy Birthday, KK!

    8. Happy Birthday!


    Black business owners back GOP proposal to repeal the estate tax. Since black people are under represented among the super rich, the estate tax very much affects them more than others. The estate tax is very effective at capping the ability of the poor and middle class to accumulate wealth over generations. Since blacks started out behind the rest of society, it is effectively a way to ensure blacks as a group don't accumulate generational wealth and catch up with the rest of society.

    I wonder how many black owned business Warren Buffet has bought at a discount because the family couldn't afford to keep the business and pay the estate tax? That is one of those interesting questions the state run media won't ever be asking.

    1. Mumble mumble uncle toms mumble mumble party of racism...

  55. Germanwings Co-Pilot Deliberately Crashed Airbus Jet, French Prosecutor Says

    "At this stage, the co-pilot is in control, alone," the prosecutor said. "It is when he is alone that the co-pilot manipulates the flight monitoring system to activate the descent of the plane." The prosecutor said that this action could only have been "voluntary."

    The captain is heard begging to get back in to the cockpit, but the co-pilot, heard breathing normally until the plane crashed, did not react, Mr. Robin said.

    "You can hear the commanding pilot ask for access to the cockpit several times," the prosecutor said. "He identifies himself, but the co-pilot does not provide any answer."

    "You can hear human breathing in the cockpit up until the moment of impact," he said.

    Before the plane crashed, he said, the sound of passengers screaming could be heard.

    1. I am dying to hear the back story on this. I can't believe he just decided to do something like that. He had to have planned it and left some kind of clue as to why.

    2. the sound of passengers screaming could be heard

      And I have a whole bunch of flying coming up... *warily eyes the flight crew*

      1. The first officer of the flight I took from BWI to SLC looked EXACTLY like Sten Molin. I was a little concerned that a) we had a ghost pilot and b) he would rudder us into oblivion.

    3. So we can add this one to Egypt Air and Silkair and possibly MH370 (though I'm doubtful on that one). There's gotta be some clues in this guy's history that suggest disgruntlement or mental stuff.

      1. I'm wondering if "they" are compromising pilots using blackmail or similar threats.

        1. I think when you put someone who may be slightly mentally more fragile than the rest of us, and put them in a job that is both high-pressure and deadly boring at the same time, you get shit like this. I don't think it has a thing to do with the Islamic terrorist flavor of the month.

  56. Here's a real dog bites man story:

    Barton in high-stakes fight over allowing online poker
    -- Dallas Morning News headline

    Rep. Joe Barton (R Tx) pushing to legalize online poker despite the religious right's objections and Sheldon Adelson's money. Rep. Barton reportedly play poker in Oklahoma.

    The final paragraph of the story has the nanny-statist's usual refrain: "Online poker opponents cite concerns for children ..."

    For once it is good to see something other than the usual nonsense from a Republican.

    (For some reason Reason does not show hyperlink in preview even though I tested it on another site)

    1. The Children? Do they think kids are going to steal their parents' credit cards and start playing?

    2. CatoTheElder said @09:50:09:

      (For some reason Reason does not show hyperlink in preview even though I tested it on another site)

      It looks like they changed the color of the link, so it appears black instead of orange..
      Fwiw, now overriden in greasonable

  57. And we have a new record in SPORTS!!!!!

    Major League Soccer announced yesterday that they have awarded a new franchise to Minneapolis. They literally did not finish the press conference for that announcement before the commissioner threatened the city with the loss of their franchise if they did not build them a new stadium.

    Within minutes of Wednesday's raucous public celebration of Major League Soccer's move into Minnesota, the league's commissioner said the expansion decision isn't final until a plan for a dedicated soccer stadium is secure.

    "We all know they've got to get a project done," said MLS Commissioner Don Garber. "And if not, then we'll have to take a step back, mutually, and assess whether or not it makes sense."

    1. Yesterday on the local sports talk station the new owner Bill McGuire said he wants a dedicated $25M or so stadium and does not want to play in the new Vikes stadium.

      He also said that the last two MLS franchises paid something like a $95M and $110M franchise fees for the privilege of joining the league.

      Hmmm... . What if they just dropped the franchise fee for $25M and told the owner to build his own stadium?

    2. What would make the MLS worthwhile is if they had a relegation system, but I think that the money is too big at this point for any sports league to consider it

      1. Ain't gonna happen. You'd at least need a significantly-sized and STABLE 2nd division that didn't suck balls.

        We haven't had that...well, ever.

        Now, if MLS takes it upon themselves to form a semi-closed two-league system over the next few decades, you might see that, but there are LOTS of barriers to that.

    3. And it should be pointed out that the MLS team will just be the current semi-pro team that is going to be promoted to the new league.

      I can't find figures, but the numbers I hear is that the team currently pulls in 5K fans for a game in their current stadium.

      No idea why they need a new stadium.

      1. Jimbo,

        Orlando was almost exactly like that (drew ~5-7k in D2). They filled the Orange Bowl a couple of weeks back.

        Seattle was also a "promoted" club, and they didn't draw THAT great in D2. Now, they fairly routinely get 30k, which is one of their main arguments for STAYING in the football stadium.

    4. Jimbo,

      MLS has been doing that for more than a decade. The aim is to incentivize, as much as possible, the building of their own stadium that the team controls, usually built by the owner(s). Most of the time, they get done with more private money than the NFL (Columbus Crew Stadium was the first, and Lamar Hunt paid for it completely with his own money).

    5. You would think they would let the fans develop an emotional attachment to the team before holding it hostage for a ransom.

  58. connecting Russia to Nome in Alaska

    Great, another fucking BP checkpoint.
    Alternatively: "Am I being detained, Comrade?"

  59. Maybe UNC can erect a statue to this guy's dad:

  60. Next up:
    What do we do when the sun don't shine?

    "California's push for clean energy has a problem: no place to store it"

  61. Also, I tried watching Steve Martin stand up on YouTube. Not impressed. Good physical comedian, but not matching the level of success/reputation that stand up got.

    Seriously, how much come and pot did people in the 70s do?

    1. Seriously, how much come and pot did people in the 70s do?

      Stop appropriating John...

    2. He was always a lousy stand up guy. I like him as an actor but even in the 70s couldn't stand him as a stand up act. He was like Robin Williams and Jonathan Winters' really dorky little brother who always tried too hard.

        1. This. ...along with the 'wild and crazy guy' stuff I just. don't. get. I doesn't even get as much as a smirk from me and I'm always left with the feeling I just heard a laugh track. One of the most highly overrated comedians/actors eva.

            1. Well, even a broken comedian can get a laugh twice a day

              1. The King Tut thing was incredibly popular among my fellow students in elementary school.

                /God, I'm old.

    3. Steve Martin didn't really do "stand up comedy" so much as absurdist performance art in the shape of stand-up comedy.

      Similarly, his book Cruel Shoes isn't so much a "humor book" as a collection of absurdist ramblings. Sometimes it's hilarious, sometimes it's actually sad.

      1. Sometimes it's hilarious, sometimes it's actually sad.

        And it was meant to be...


    On the tenth day before the Mad Men final premiere, T Lo gives to you?


  63. Sequestration: A drunk hiding his liquor bottles from himself but writing a note to remind him of where he hid them.

  64. Wow, the University of North Carolina system sure doesn't like Democrats:

  65. Deeply troubled that I have not seen anyone mention the Super Troopers 2 crowdfunding campaign.

  66. A Russian railroad tycoon is proposing a 13,000 mile superhighway from London to New York City, mostly connecting roads and byways in Russia, plus 55 miles of new road across the Bering Sea connecting Russia to Nome in Alaska and then a new highway to connect Nome to Fairbanks.

    Shades of the Russian-American Telegraph & the New York-Paris Race.

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