Watch Anthony Fisher Talking Israeli Election Tonight on FBN's "Kennedy," 10p ET


I'l be a guest on Kennedy's eponymous show on Fox Business tonight at 10p ET, talking the latest on the Israeli

5 more years?

 election, where polls just closed with inconclusive results

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's right-wing Likud party is neck-and-neck with the center-right Zionist Union for seats in the Knesset, but Bibi's job may be saved because he seems likely to build a right-wing coalition after making the bold if unsurprising last minute campaign promise that there will never be a Palestinian state as long as he is prime minister.

We will break down the election's implications on the future of Israeli/Palestinian relations, as well as U.S./Israeli relations, and if we have time, try to imagine what a congratulatory phone call from Barack Obama to Netanyahu might sound like. 

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  1. I am maintaining an un-official boycott until the show is renamed “Kmele and Friends”

    1. They’re going to do that right away, only it won’t actually include Kmele or any friends.

      Kennnedy’s legs sell man, Americans are fucking shallow and stupid, and nice legs and rudely interrupting all your guests are what they want, it sells.

      1. I watched her first show. Guests were all great. Unfortunately they were all joined by Kennedy.

        1. My father watches Kennedy. He thinks she is funny. “She says crazy things”

  2. “…the bold if unsurprising last minute campaign promise that there will never be a Palestinian state as long as he is prime minister.”

    Really? Because it really seemed like there was going to be a breakthrough just now. I mean last year. I mean, 10 years ago. Oh, wait = i mean Never.

    But really, all Israel’s neighbors really want a palestinian state soooooo bad, too. That meany, bibi!!

    1. Kerry has it all under control man, he’s brilliant, can’t you tell by that lurch like and totally dumbfounded and clueless like durrrrr facial expression?

      He just exudes brilliance.

      The Secretary of State position just seems to attract the most brilliant on earth.

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