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Mexico Condemns Death of Unarmed Immigrant in Texas Police Shooting; Second Illegal Immigrant Shooting of the Month

Rubén García Villalpando was reportedly unarmed with his hands up, but, say police, approaching them when they shot him twice in the chest.


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Mexico has condemned the death of a second illegal immigrant this month at the hands of U.S. police. Fox News Latino reports: 

The most recent death occurred February 20 outside Dallas. Grapevine Police were searching for a robbery suspect and encountered Rubén García Villalpando, 31, in his pickup truck while he was in the parking lot of a shopping center. He led police on a short chase but then stopped his vehicle, emerged from the pickup and began approaching police officers with his arms up.

Police repeatedly ordered him to stop, but he continued advancing toward them – so they opened fire, police said.

Villalpando was shot twice in the chest. Local activist Carlos Quintanilla told Fox News Latino Villalpando was not believed to have been involved in any criminal activity when police approached him. "You have to understand that when someone is undocumented and is stopped by police, he gets scared. He has children, he is in fear, he thinks he is going to be separated from his family," he said.

Antonio Zambrano-Montes, the orchard worker shot and killed by police in Pasco, Wash., after hurling rocks at cars and the police, was reportedly also an illegal immigrant. He was shot at 17 times by police as he appeared to try to run away from them on video. At least 6 shots him. Police say the official autopsy found no shots in the back, while the family attorney says a private autopsy found Zambrano was hit in the buttocks and the back of the arm. The family is suing for $25 million. A regional unit is investigating the shooting, including whether the video of the incident showed Zambrano holding anything in his arm.

The Mexican government claims it should have been notified about both shootings, per the Vienna Convention, and condemned the Texas shooting as a "possibly unnecessary use of police force." Police in Texas say they have dashcam video of the incident but don't want to release it yet because, they claim, it would "contaminate the investigation."

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  1. “Rub?n Garc?a Villalpando was reportedly unarmed with his hands up, but, say police, approaching them when they shot him twice in the chest.”

    We protect and serve, but please don’t approach us without permission.

  2. Police in Texas say they have dashcam video of the incident but don’t want to release it yet because, they claim, it would “contaminate the investigation.”

    IOW they need time to get their story straight.

    1. In other words, it shows them blowing away an unarmed man with his hands up. So they will try to avoid releasing it as long as possible, hoping interest dies down.

    2. The police treat illegal aliens like American citizens and they still complain.

  3. If the cops draw their guns at this point, someone is getting shot. The pants-shitting cowards are afraid of…everything. Everyone. Hands up and walking towards them to surrender? BLAM. Hands up and walking away, and therefore no threat whatsoever? BLAM. Furtive movement? BLAM. Holding a cell phone? BLAM. Sneeze? BLAM.

    When does this end?

    1. When the cops have no one left to shoot but themselves.

    2. When the cops are held accountable. So basically, never.

      1. Hey baby. . .wanna play some LOL?

  4. Why would police (sounds like multiple) need to shoot a man with his hands up if he continued to advance.

    Was he charging at them at full tilt, or walking towards him?

    If it was the latter, it’s possible he didn’t understand english. why wouldn’t one officer cover while the other holsters his weapon and subdues the suspect?



    2. Charging them with his head down.

      Soon the story will be that he was 6′ 3″ and 250 lbs, had used marijuana sometime in the last 6 months, and had stolen something just prior to the encounter but the officer’s stopping him didn’t know that.

      1. Don’t forget possessed by a Djinn.

        1. The genie shot the unarmed immigrant!

    3. My guess is they were pissed off at having been led on a chase.

      They had to actually WORK, and probably spend a few hours doing PAPERWORK.

      He deserved to die. Why do you hate the children?

  5. I’m no friend of the police, and haven’t delved into the details of either of these cases.

    That said, fuck Mexico. They can shove all their indignation right up their fucking asses.

    1. I thought States were supposed to be interested in their citizens being killed in other countries under dubious circumstances, or is that just something for Americans?

      1. Just something for Americans. We’re *exceptional* after all.

      2. Considering how the Mexicans held Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi 214 days in a Mexican prison for making a wrong turn that put him in Mexico accidentally, shooting a suspect who led the police on a chase seems like a proportional sentence.

        Perhaps the Mexican authorities will learn, if they want their citizens treated fairly by US authorities, then they should first be willing to do the same for US citizens.

  6. “The Mexican government claims it should have been notified about both shootings, per the Vienna Convention”

    Even I could verify this:

    “Article 37…

    “If the relevant information is available to the competent authorities of the receiving State [in this case the USA], such authorities shall have the duty:

    “(a) in the case of the death of a national of the sending State [in this case Mexico], to inform without delay the consular post in whose district the death occurred”


    1. I mean, the USA has been warned time and again to respect the Vienna Consular Convention (specifically in the case of prisoners), but still we haven’t gotten around to it?

      What if an American died abroad but the authorities didn’t tell our government it happened? Wouldn’t we have the right to make a fuss?

      1. There’d be a drone headed for whichever country it happened in.

        1. OK, say Sam the American Tourist is walking down the street in East Buttholia. His tourist visa is expired, he’s a little stoned, and he has a doobie in his pocket.

          Suddenly some uniformed men run towards him. Sam doesn’t know they’ve mistaken him for a robber. All he knows is he doesn’t want the cops to bust him. So he makes the dubious decision to run.

          Several bullets later…

          Sam’s dead body lies in a pool of its own blood. The cops go through his papers and find he’s an American.

          The police chief says: “OK, as far as we’re concerned, this never happened. If anyone asks, we don’t know anything about this Sam the American…maybe he just disappeared.”

          Not so fun if it happens to us, right?

          1. Any convention, treaty, etc., is only as good as the ability of the parties involved to enforce it.

          2. I’m not entirely sure you’ve been paying attention.

            This is America. We do not give a shit about other countries.

            This is America. We do not give a shit about civilians, ours or theirs.

            This is America. Go Fuck Yourself.

  7. Police in Texas say they have dashcam video of the incident but don’t want to release it yet because, they claim, it would “contaminate the investigation.”

    Why do I get the feeling that if the dashcam video would exonerate the officer, the police chief would be hand delivering it to the local TV stations?

    1. By which they mean “It would contaminate our attempts to cover up and justify the brutal murder of an unarmed man with his hands up”.

  8. They should build a border fence. It’s not safe up here.

    1. Just build it around the police stations, sans doorway.

    2. you mean around Texas, right?

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  10. News Flash:
    Mexico upset that Texas Police treats Mexican campesino in the same manner as Mexican Police.

    1. How true – Mexico treats neither their citizens nor any other citizens with any respect. Asking the US to do so, while they leave a Marine Sgt. in a Mexican prison 214 days for making a wrong turn that puts him in Mexico accidentally, and who fully cooperated with the Mexican police, is hypocritical.

  11. They way you see this will be altered (I’m not suggesting which way) if you read the much more detailed article in the FW Star-Telegram (“‘Are you going to kill me?’ driver asked Grapevine officer”), which includes description of the dash video, and the sad fact that 4 young children are left without a father.

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