Police Abuse

Elderly Man Ends Up Topless, On His Knees, and Handcuffed After Cops Mistake His Collector Car for a Stolen One

Nevada highway trooper didn't enter the license plate number correctly, and then a dispatcher entered the VIN number incorrectly.


dashcam screencap

Officers from the Nevada Highway Patrol pulled over a senior citizen and his wife because they misread the license plate on his car and wrongly believed it to be stolen, and then a dispatcher wrongly entered the VIN number and so did not find out the car wasn't stolen. The misunderstanding could've been easily resolved if cooler had prevailed, but they didn't. Cops ordered the man to put the keys on the roof of the car and to step out of the automobile.  8 News Now reports:

Multiple officers were shouting commands Robin Bruins said he found conflicting or confusing.

One trooper said: "OK. Turn around slowly. Turn around slowly."

Bruins told the I-Team: "He was telling me to do something and I had my hands in the air and he said to do something again and I looked at him and I said, 'are you talking to me?' You know, what's going on?"

Trooper: "Turn around. Turn around the other way."

Bruins: "Me?"

Trooper: "Yes, you!"

Bruins to the I-Team: "And it wasn't until I had taken my shirt off and told to get on my knees and handcuffed and I said, 'What's going on? Do you think this car is stolen or something?' And he said, 'exactly right. And their car is going back to its rightful owner.'"

Beverly Bruins said the troopers treated the couple "like we were Bonnie and Clyde." She was removed from the car at gunpoint with a broken leg at the time.

More troopers showed up but the situation was not resolved. One trooper told a supervisor Bruins seems "legit," but a female cop told Beverly to "say goodbye" to her husband and he was taken to jail where, he says, he was denied his nerve medication. He was eventually released and the couple is now suing over the incident.

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  1. Pants-shitters will shit pants.

    It’s the weirdest combination of abject cowardice and sadistic yet spineless bullying. Like, they’re bullies, but they can’t even do that without a contingent of their fellow gang members because even old people, children, and cripples scare the shit out of them. Not to mention dogs.

    I mean, you literally couldn’t ask for a worse type of person to be in the job of police officer, and of course that’s precisely who gravitates to the job with the attraction of a supermagnet.

    1. Have you ever been in a life and death situation like those law enforcement professionals?

      1. I have never created a life-or-death situation by threatening to kill people who don’t obey my contradictory commands fast enough, no. I guess I should do that before I judge these fine goons professionals.

      2. You mean one totally devoid of actual,threat? One that exists entirely in their paranoid heads?

      3. Pay attention to the over-reach and drama going on.

      4. Have a met an old guy with a classic car? Yes.

        1. You’re a fool if you didn’t make him strip.

      5. Yes. I drove a taxicab many years ago. We picked up whoever and let then ride in the back seat.

        And we were specifically not allow to carry weapons.

        And it was a mostly cash business.

        I have no sympathy for a scared cop.

  2. Conflicting commands? Pfft! Certainly our Homeland Warriors are trained better than that!

    1. Homeland Warriors

      Please tell me that phrase is your creation.

      1. It is for that comment but I would not be surprised to find out someone came up with it before.

        1. From Beirut and Baghdad to Los Angles and New York, the war on terrorism knows no boundaries. What is your police department doing to prevent a terrorist attack in your city? Do the police officers in your community know about the terrorist groups roaming your streets?
          Steven Rogers answers the above questions and explains what kind of terror is being spread by violent terrorist organizations worldwide and how these organizations plan to bring their terror to America.

  3. This couple should thank their lucky stars that it’s not the 19th century. They used to SHOOT horse theives.

    1. Get a rope!

    2. Might still be legal to hang them in Montana.

  4. What’s great is how every law enforcement professional likes to act like any law breaker or possible law breaker has wronged them personally.

    1. It wouldn’t be surprising to find some truth in that. I’m sure some people get into the job because they’ve got an axe to grind about some crook who screwed them.

      1. I think instead it’s how in their minds justify the actions they take. To be dispassionate participants engaging in transactions with the public, it would be difficult to amp each other up in the daily battle they wage with the scum of the earth.

  5. “And their car is going back to its rightful owner”

    I am guessing that the Nevada Highway Patrol figured they were the rightful owner. They were gonna steal it fair and square, weren’t they?

    1. Ass-hat forfeiture!

      1. *borrows glaze*

          1. *gunwales raze*

  6. I am guessing that the citizens of Nevada are going to be making Mr & Mrs Bruins’ retirement years a little more financially comfortable.

  7. You would think that any cop with a brain would know that when a couple in their 60s(?) is driving an old car in really nice shape, that the chances that they are car thieves is slim to none.

    And didn’t they have their registration card? Wouldn’t that give the cop pause? Thieves rarely forge those. License plus registration plus common-sense profiling should have been enough to at least make him be polite, double-check the numbers, and not send the guy to a holding cell. Sheesh.

    1. You’re asking a lot of community college graduates.

      1. More like GED.

        1. More like compassionate peer promotion for the mentally handicapped.

    2. The article says they mis-entered the VIN.

      1. I saw that, but given the other factors, you’d think the cop would have had them double-check it before hauling the guy to jail. And did he have a valid registration?

  8. “The misunderstanding could’ve been easily resolved if cooler had prevailed, but they didn’t.” Perhaps, but I’m still glad Goku and Vegeta won.

  9. These cops just got so excited because they thought they were going to actually solve a real crime. Seeing as police only solve about 10 percent of all property crime, the excitement is understandable. Instead they committed crimes themselves, as usual. Assault. Kidnapping. Fortunately, they didn’t murder the guy or steal his car like often occurs.

    1. Am I the only one thanking the gods these gray panther agitators did not have a vicious Brittney Spaniel or Border Collie asleep in the back seat?


  10. No amount of shirtless, innocent old men on the side of the road will make the people less dependent on the power of government and its superior violence to enforce the public’s petty will on others- no matter what that turd-chewing GOP cock-sucking governor in Wisconsin screams.

    Voting results are proof of the mainstream intention and this beast will never take responsibility for ruining liberty en masse’.

  11. Mr. And Mrs. Bruins refused to do further business with the police department, and pulled their funding. They are instead going with a top rated security agency. There was also an outcry from numerous customers, who dropped this security agency and are employing others.

    The backlash caused the CEO to issue a statement stating “We are so sorry for the horrible actions taken by these security agents. Their behavior was deplorable, and they have since been fired after review of the incident.” This is not the first time the company has subjected its customers to “horrible actions”. They have been responsible for violence against their customers before.

    As of now, the companie’s stock has plummeted. Current customers are looking to competitors. The road companies have begun issuing letters to the agency to cease all services, and any acts of aggression will be defended against. Notices have been sent to customers that any agent from the company are to be considered rogue agents and to disregard any interaction with or commands to pull over as the agents are no longer employed.
    Sadly, folks must pay and fund the totalitarian police force against their will, with no choice of competition. If they peacefully revoked their money, and decided to go with a competitor, the violent state would fine them, and eventually confiscate their things. Any resistance will be met with violence, because that is what the “state” is. The state’s very existence violates the NAP.

  12. Obviously, the cops totally mishandled this and I hope the couple soaks them in their lawsuit.

    On the other hand, there’s so many goofy license plates in this country that I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often. The plates were a new Washington State variety that just appeared last year, and the arrest of course happened in Nevada. In this case the “wrong license plate” was a matter of not entering a plus sign that could only be found on the registration.

    And this is cops dealing with a stationary vehicle with access to the registration and VIN. Imagine being the victim of a hit and run and having to figure out a goofy out-of-state plate number in half a second while it’s moving away from you. Let alone the dark license plate covers that people are allowed to get away with these days.

    1. Yes, heaven forbid people who start at license plates for a living actually understand how to read them.

      1. Or, you know, validate that the description of the vehicle associated with the plate and VIN match the vehicle they are looking at.

    2. I commented earlier that I liked your handle, it’s clever.

      Quit sucking cop cock, Tulpa.

  13. Warning: anecdote showing police in good light by contrast with this story…

    I was once in a traffic accident, the police thought the rental car I was driving was stolen. But there was no frisking, no handcuffing, no guns drawn, it was just they had me and the other driver in the back of their cruiser (so detained I suppose, but politely and they had jurisdiction to investigate the accident so I was legally obliged to stick around and provide insurance info etc. anyway) while they double-checked. Within under 10 minutes they cleared up the mistake, and in the meantime they just proceeded with the normal questions about the accident so there was no wasted time. The mixup was that it was the other driver’s car that had been reported stolen, so he was still detained when I left, but politely (it was in Canada…).

    1. So because an organization that is funded through violence “acts nice” we are supposed to justify it and force others to be enslaved to it? Nonsense.

      If you like the way an officer does their job, there should be no reason why you couldn’t reward that individual with your own money voluntarily. To attempt to justify the existance of any entity that uses force, coercion, or theft against others because you’re insecure about your ability interact voluntarily with others in the market, or select the best service for the best performance and price, is ridiculous.

  14. I think the police were fully justified.
    From all appearances this guy was obviously a member of the urban boulevard gang ‘The Moobs’ http://www.urbandictionary.com…..erm=moobs.
    Moobs sometimes also go by the label ‘Snowbirds’,drive cars like this, go shirtless to show off tattoos of ship anchors with chains and sometimes ‘Mom’ on their arms and many received specialized military training when conscripted by their government.
    The Moobs have established turf in Arizona and Florida and must be expanding their territory. They must be stopped because they can sometimes pose a real hazard to other drivers.

    1. Urban Dictionary says it’s like dividing by zero.

      1. Or you need a bro-ssiere.

  15. …and protected!

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  17. I normally cooperate with police, but in this case, I wouldn’t be able to resist saying:

    “Which is it, Sonny? If’n we stand still, then we can’t drop to the ground, but if’n we drop, then we’ll be in motion.”

    Yes, I would take a beating and a weekend in jail, but it would be worth it.

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