Department of Homeland Security

Exclusive: Here is the New Homeland Security Report on 'Sovereign Citizen Extremist' Violence

Does it live up to CNN's hype about domestic right-wing terror? You decide.


Click the pic & read the report.
Department of Homeland Security

Reason has obtained the federal government's recent report on the sovereign citizens, a largely unorganized subculture whose elaborate legal theories say they do not have to follow most laws. Members of the movement are infamous for filing nuisance lawsuits, making their own drivers' licenses and license plates, and sometimes attempting to form their own parallel institutions of government. Some of them are also prone to violence, and it is this hotheaded subgroup that is the subject of the report.

The intelligence assessment, which the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) prepared in coordination with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, was circulated to law enforcement on February 5 but was not released to the public. (DHS did not respond to repeated requests from Reason for comment.) CNN revealed its existence last Friday, but the network quoted only a couple of lines from it and did not post the full document for everyone to see.

We've posted it here. If you've seen the sensationalized coverage the sovereign citizens have been getting in some quarters—CNN announced its find with the front-page headline "Bigger threat than ISIS?"—the report's rather measured contents might surprise you.

The document declares on its first page that most sovereign citizens are nonviolent, and that it will focus only on the violent fringe within a fringe—the people it calls "sovereign citizen extremists," or SCEs. It describes their violence as "sporadic," and it does not expect its rate to rise, predicting instead that the violence will stay "at the same sporadic level" in 2015. The author or authors add that most of the violence consists of "unplanned, reactive" clashes with police officers, not preplanned attacks.

When sovereigns do plan an attack in advance, the report suggests that this tends to be "in direct response to an ongoing personal grievance, such as an arrest or court order." It argues that sovereign citizens are unlikely to pick a symbolic target—like, say, the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City—and that in this way they are distinct from the killers who attacked two randomly selected cops in Las Vegas last year or three TSA officers at an L.A. airport the year before that. While some police assessments of the movement may give officers the impression that anyone asserting their rights or videotaping an encounter might be a sovereign citizen, the DHS report draws its distinctions fairly carefully.

The report also includes an interactive map of 24 cases from 2010 to 2014 in which sovereign citizens planned, threatened, or actively engaged in violence. A static version of the map is below; to see the interactive version, click here.

Click the map for an interactive version.
Department of Homeland Security

There is some variety in these events, from threatening letters to murder plots. But the incidents typically involve a traffic stop or another police encounter gone bad, and they frequently end with the sovereign citizen dead. (In two of the 24 cases, the sovereigns succeeded in killing people.) The incidents do not come substantially more or less frequently over the course of the half-decade covered—though I should note that the report does not claim its list is exhaustive, and that I've seen other lists that include incidents the federal report leaves out and vice versa. (In part, that reflects different definitions of who qualifies as a sovereign citizen.) I'd therefore be wary about using this data to judge whether these little eruptions are becoming more common.

In short, the DHS report presents sovereign-citizen violence as a fairly rare risk that officers should nonetheless be prepared for should it arise. It does not claim that the threat to police is growing, it does not conflate the sovereigns with other anti-government groups, it makes no broad claims about terror on the right (the word "right-wing" appears nowhere in the document), and it does not compare the sovereigns to ISIS or to any other foreign terrorists.

So where did CNN get the headline "Bigger threat than ISIS?" By also citing a completely separate study published last July, in which the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism surveyed state and local police. The cops ranked sovereign citizens as America's most serious terror threat, with Islamists coming in second. The survey did not ask specifically about ISIS, and it's unlikely that the group was on many officers' minds: The poll took place in late 2013 and early 2014, before the Islamic State started to dominate the headlines. (The results may also reflect the fact that the police are the group by far most likely to be affected by SCE violence.)

Citing the Southern Poverty Law Center as its source, CNN also claims that "by some estimates, there are as many as 300,000 people involved in some way with sovereign citizen extremism"—more than the Amish!—and estimates that around 100,000 people form the movement's core. I very strongly doubt that there are 300,000 sovereign citizens by any definition of the term, but there certainly are not 300,000 "sovereign citizen extremists" under the DHS's definition, since the Homeland Security paper explicitly distinguishes SCEs from "their non-violent sovereign citizen counterparts."

Below the jump, you'll find the 24 incidents listed in the Homeland Security report, as described in that document and in media coverage. (In some cases there are disputes over the facts; the list presents the incidents as the police see them.)

• March 2010: Brody James Whitaker shoots at the Florida State Highway Patrol after a traffic stop.

• April 2010: Walter Fitzpatrick plans a "citizens' arrest" of a Knoxville jury foreman who refused to indict President Barack Obama.

• May 2010: Jerry and Joseph Kane get into a shootout with the police after a traffic stop. They kill two officers and are themselves killed.

• June 2010: A sovereign citizen begins a multi-year series of written and verbal threats against law enforcement officials in Sweetgrass, Montana.

• September 2010: Victor Dwayne White of West Odessa, Texas, shoots and wounds two sheriff's deputies and a utility worker who came onto his property to access an oil well. A 22-hour standoff ensues.

• January 2011: David Russell Myrland is arrested after threatening to use "deadly force" if necessary to "arrest" the mayor of Kirkland, Washington, and other officials.

• March 2011: Francis Shaeffer Cox conspires with confederates to kill a judge and an IRS officer in Anchorage, Alaska.

• June 2011: A domestic disturbance call brings police to the home of William Foust in Page, Arizona; Foust is shot and killed in the ensuing altercation.

• July 2011: James Tesi of Colleyville, Texas, fires on police after an attempted traffic stop.

• November 2011: A property dispute brings the authorites to Rodney Brossart's home in Lakota, South Dakota. He threatens to shoot the officers, and a stand-off follows.

• February 2012: Vahe Ohanian visits a California Highway Patrol station and a sheriff's station in Santa Clarita, California, threatening to "snipe" officers. (*)

• February 2012: Matthew O'Neill pleads guilty to sending an envelope containing white powder to the Colorado Department of Revenue.

• August 2012: In LaPlace, Louisiana, a traffic stop leads to two shootouts with members of a small sovereign-citizen group headed by Terry Lyn Smith, one at the vehicle and the second at a trailer park. Two police officers are killed and three wounded.

• September 2012: Phillip Monroe Ballard attempts to solicit the murder of the judge presiding over his tax trial.

• March 2013: Jeffrey Allen Wright of Navarre, Florida, threatens officers with a gun when they try to serve a warrant. He is shot and killed.

• June 2013: In Snellville, Georgia, a man sends police a letter threatening death if they interfere with members of a sovereign-citizen group called the "Embassy of Granville."

• June 2013: Lewis Pollard points a gun at officers at his Fruita, Colorado, residence. He is shot and killed.

• July 2013: Eric Stanberry Jr. pulls a gun on a security guard outside a Nashville strip club, identifying himself as a "sovereign peace officer." Police tase him.

• July 2013: An incarcerated sovereign citizen plans to kill a federal agent and a witness.

• July 2013: David John McCormick refuses to let the Coast Guard board his boat. After lunging at one of the crew, he is arrested for assaulting a federal officer.

• August 2013: David Allen Brutsche and Devon Campbell Newman are arrested for allegedly planning to "arrest," "try," and "execute" police officers.

• March 2014: Israel Rondon of Middleburg Heights, Ohio, fires at deputies serving a warrant. He is killed.

• June 2014: When deputies try to serve an eviction notice on Earl Carlson Harris of Ashland, Oregon, he threatens them with a rifle and is killed.

• June 2014: On federal land in Nevada County, California, Brent Douglas Cole allegedly fires at employees of the Bureau of Land Management and the California Highway Patrol as they attempt to tow vehicles from Cole's unsanctioned campground.

(* This bullet point has been updated to add the sovereign citizen's name and to clarify the incidents' locations.)

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  1. Unless the sovereign citizens are planning to take over the internet in the next few days, they’re not the immediate concern.

    1. They’re MY Series of Tubes, you can’t have them!

    2. “Sovereign Neutrality”

        1. Yes, but only within the confines of your house. 😉

  2. So the DHS report comports with reality and not with CNN’s fevered reporting based on Mark Potok’s fevered fear of libertarians? Color me shocked.

    1. As a sovereign citizen, I will color you however I like, including outside the lines!

      1. Noooooo, not outside the lines!

        Someone help!

        1. No one help her! Being the worst, she doesn’t deserve it.

          1. I can’t just sit back and watch Nikki get colored outside the lines… without a drink and some popcorn to take in all the fun.

            She really is the worst.

            1. Someone get Bob Ley to cover this.

              1. RBS said “Ley.” *snicker…giggle*

        2. Mwu-hah-hah-hah-ha!

          (adjusts monocle and pinches mustache)

          1. *Hands Catafish a box of 64 Crayolas*

            1. (accepts Crayons from Switzy, rattles ice expectantly in direction of EDG)

            2. I hope they’re Racist Crayons with the pale pink labeled “Flesh” and Indian Red.

              1. And ‘migrant worker brown’?

          2. Mwu-hah-hah-hah-ha!

            (adjusts monocle and pinches mustache)

            Pfffft…..real libertarian one-percenters have “people” who perform those adjustments…..usually barely presentable orphans!

            Get back to us when you qualify to be on this side of the velvet rope.

        3. Witness the violence inherent in the system!

      2. No one needs assault crayons. A box with a 52 crayon capacity with a built in sharpener only has one purpose: to color outside the lines.

  3. Look, the libertarian menace must be stopped.

    1. Of course. The libertarians will let those people do what they want if you know what I mean.

    2. they are not libertarians they are selfish people who do not want to abide by any societal laws, not even a libertarians respect for his fellow man. prime example is the last one on the list is in my neck of the woods and those people are not socialable in any form. Luckily they trust no one including their own ilk hence their inability to organize to do anything constructive.

      1. You are not allowed to make distinctions like that. Libertarian is Republican is right wing is conspiracy nuts is nazi party is right wing is conservative. 🙂

  4. The cops ranked sovereign citizens as America’s most serious terror threat

    Well, yeah. Anyone who doesn’t grovel at the feet of a police officer is a deadly threat. Duh.

    1. I am surprised the cops didn’t just stop at “citizens”…

      1. Yeah, let’s see, what’s the body count from “sovereign citizens”? What property damage have they inflicted?

        Compare and contrast to non-SovCit terrorism. Why, I bet just two incidents and three terrorists have the SovCits beat all to hell: Fort Hood, and Boston.

        I’d really like to stop believing most cops are idiots. But I need them to give me a reason, first.

        1. …”Compare and contrast to non-SovCit terrorism.”…

          I can’t breathe!

          1. Stop resisting!

    2. This is precisely what LEOs are now using for anyone that disagrees with them: Are you one of those…?

      In truth, cops know full well REAL “sovereign citizens” are nothing but irritating idgits that don’t wish to pay taxes.

      1. So if I’m irritating and don’t wish to pay taxes does that mean I have to claim SCE status?

  5. I very strongly doubt that there are 300,000 sovereign citizens by any definition of the term


    1. There are like 8 of us and no chicks.

      1. and 34 sockpuppets

      2. Dude, some of libertarians do admit to being chicks. They are, naturally, the worst.

        1. Yeah right. I’m sure you’re the kind of guy that takes a girl’s profile pick at face value. Pro-Tip: it is always a gay black man, always.

          1. How many times are you going to fall for that?

            1. I figure I’ll eventually work my way through all the catfishing gay black men and eventually find a real woman or at least a post-op tranny.

              1. And have a good time in the process!

                1. You know it!

          2. it is always a gay black man, always.

            Curses, you found me out. And here I thought the “Lady” in my name was a fabulous misdirection.

            1. “Fabulous”. Dead giveaway!

              DEAD GIVEAWAY

              1. Damn. (slinks off to take a new selfie in dim(mer) lighting and thicker makeup while ‘tucking’)

                1. Don’t forget to spool up Goodbye Horses while you tuck.

            2. Oh we could prove ourselves to these men, but I doubt they have the stomach to handle a 400 post thread about menstruation and childbirth.

              1. Ha! I laugh at your threat. I work OB once a week. I’ve seen….things.
                *hundred yard stare*

                1. More like a 10 inch stare.

                2. Never mind the things. You walk into a group of L&D nurses and walk out again alive.

                  L&D nurses are terrifying. Like H&M shoppers.

          3. I read that as “a girl’s profile prick” and thought it must be a Florida thing.

        2. By “the worst” you mean, they are the best shots?

      3. Yikes, my gynecologist is going to take this hard.


    Don’t forget the Georgia hillbilly terrorists!

    1. I live in Atlanta. Funny how this gets more press in LA than it did here.

      1. It isn’t sentient. Best to ignore.

  7. I didn’t do my part and now FL is tied with TX and CA. For shame.
    *hangs head*

  8. I’m surprised that we don’t get any of these fools trolling this place. The closest we come is LRC type idiots, and they’re annoying enough.

    1. What’s so funny is that the LRC type idiots can’t but help expose themselves once pushed. The mask is just too loose.

      1. Just ask them about allopathy.

        1. I would rather pull my teeth out with a rusty pair of pliers.

      2. You leave DiLorenzo alone!

    2. Hey if all the definition requires is believing the government is illegitimate…

      1. Oh god, don’t get the retards started about how anarchy is evil. I don’t want to deal with any more retards quoting half-understood Jefferson quotations at me.

        1. Love, lovely love,
          You got a way that’s so exciting.
          I don’t mind the pain
          Of that burning flame.
          You know it’s true

      2. Believing that the government is illegitimate is just good sense. It’s the people who think that their odd legal arguments are legitimate in the context of the existing governments who are foolish.

        1. Not only that, but they seem to believe that their nonsense legal arguments are going to protect them from the illegitimate government that they say acts unlawfully.

          I wonder what the rate of traumatic brain injury is among these people.

          1. Ass burgers.

            Of the few libertarian/anarchist types I know in real life, most have some kind of kooky ideas either of the sovereign citizen variety or odd ideas about medicine or nutrition like you mention above.

            It’s still nice to have the occasional break from the usual cultural conservative or progressive nonsense.

        2. So, your government is illegitimate and here are my circular legal arguments, based on your law, explaining why that is, now get off my lawn?

  9. The cops ranked sovereign citizens as America’s most serious terror threat

    “‘Al-Shabaab’. ***snort*** Ring-a-dang-dingie, shake that thingie!”

    1. They would hardly put themselves in first place.

  10. 24 cases

    24 cases? That represents like a 100% increase since 1994, the year the Republicans conveniently took over government!

  11. Citing the Southern Poverty Law Center as its source, CNN also claims

    Hahaha, oh CNN.

  12. ? July 2013: Eric Stanberry Jr. pulls a gun on a security guard outside a Nashville strip club, identifying himself as a “sovereign peace officer.” Police tase him.

    This had me laughing out loud. Evidently he brought a gun to a taser fight.

    1. That’s usually an automatic W. What an idiot.

      1. IMO, pulling a gun and declaring yourself a peace officer in a dispute with the staff at a strip club sounds pretty ‘Officer of the law’ to me.

  13. If this article was some kind of attempt to downplay the risk posed by domestic groups prone to violence, it does a poor job of it…seems like it confirms it.

    1. To what extent is this even a “group”? How many of these people were in contact with one another, or with some organization?

      It seems like a remarkably small “threat” to “national security.” I could call urban gangs a threat and come up with a far longer list of violence over the same period. I’ll bet MS-13 alone tops the sovereign citizen record.

      But I guess they’re only a violent gang we’re letting in from El Salvador, so they don’t count as a “national security threat.” Not like some nut who makes his own license plate. That’s what’s really scary.

      1. PapayaSF|2.25.15 @ 2:26PM|#
        “To what extent is this even a “group”?”

        Got to point out, you’re dealing with a commenter with an intelligence slightly higher than the average rock.
        Help yourself, but….

        1. Using that sort of language against rocks could be classified as a hate crime.

    2. Considering you’re more likely to choke on a spare rib and die than you are ever to be caught up in or killed by a sovereign-citizen ‘attack’, I think the ‘risk’ is overblown.

    3. IF they are right that there are 300K SovCits, then at the rate of one “incident” every two months, they are probably one of the most law-abiding groups in the country.

      1. Except if it’s like any other U.S. “terrorist” group, about a third the members are undercover officers from one of the alphabet agencies, and another third from state drug task forces.

        You get more property damage in an average month from environmental groups than you do in a year from the citizens. And the greens actually talk to each other enough to coordinate protests.

    4. If that is the domestic group most prone to violence, then we are doing pretty damn well.

      As Papaya says (albeit with an unnecessary reference to immigration policy), ordinary street gangs have higher death tolls than all sovereign citizen types put together.

      1. I don’t think it’s an “unnecessary reference to immigration policy.” It illuminates the ideological idiocy in this “report.” The whole point of this is to diminish the perception of a threat by Muslims, at a time when Obama is allowing unprecedented Muslim immigration. The report is one big tu quoque fallacy. “Well, we have dangerous terrorists, too! White guys! And don’t forget the Crusades!”

        I referred to MS-13 because it was a largely avoidable problem, and creates far more violence than “sovereign citizens” do, but our mania to import the poorest Latin Americans prevents many people from seeing any problem.

      2. Anyone, truly, believe that cops cited these disparate groups as a bigger threat of violence than the Occutard types, the Freguson (and everywhere else) rioters, those idiots in the Guy Fawkes masks, etc. that come out for every “demonstration”?
        I think not.

    5. Name the groups asshole.

  14. Most of those incidents are a stretch at best, and some… just seem to not be true at all.

    “? February 2012: A sovereign citizen visits two police stations in Valenica, California, where he threatens to “snipe” officers.”

    There are ZERO police stations in Valencia, CA. Not 2. Zero.

    1. I was unable to find any press accounst of that incident. It’s possible that the sovereign citizen was from Valencia and the stations were nearby.

      1. Makes one wonder why they said “police stations in Valencia”

        1. Not really, I’m sure they made up or exaggerated/modified stuff to bolster their already insanely weak premise. We see the government and police lie on a daily basis. We see them lie when they don’t even have to. Why would anyone assume that this report isn’t full of lies as well?

          1. Why assume they lied when it could just be massive incompetence and laziness? Are you some kind of conspiracy theorist?

      2. Probably an LA County Sheriff office or a CHP office. Technically police stations?

        1. Apparently it was the Santa Clarita Valley sheriff’s station and the CHP station. Also, I found the guy’s name. I’ve updated the post.

          1. Thanks. And my apologies.

            I didn’t realize those were your words. I thought that was a summary from SPLC.

            My bad.

            1. Episiarch also apologizes for his harsh words against our beloved LEO’s.

          2. I think the Santa Clarita Valley sheriff’s office is a greater threat to me and mine than ISIS, sovereign citizens and unicorns.

      3. There are ZERO police stations in Valencia, CA. Not 2. Zero.

        OMG! He wiped them out!

    2. By ‘police station’ they meant the guard shack at the Chamber of Commerce.

      1. by ‘police station’ they meant the Dunkin’ Donuts or Crispy Creme, or wherever cops hang out in California besides stripe clubs.

        1. Stipe clubs? Oh, prison.

          1. It’s where zebras with ED hang out.

          2. Stipe clubs?

            I guess if REM wants to play a gig now they have to own the joint first.

            1. What about AC/DC’s?

    3. Pl?ya Manhattan.|2.25.15 @ 2:16PM|#
      “Most of those incidents are a stretch at best,”…

      This is my fave:
      “? April 2010: Walter Fitzpatrick plans a “citizens’ arrest” of a Knoxville jury foreman who refused to indict President Barack Obama.”

  15. Is CNN even relevant anymore?

      1. Anything….they’re about as meaningful as MSNBC.

        1. Speaking of MSNBC, the other night one of my wife’s proggy friends went absolutely ape shit when my wife said she had never heard of Rachel Maddow.

          1. *makes note of future dinner party conversation*

          2. Yeah with a viewership of just about 600K everybody should know who she is!

          3. I’ve heard of her. . . . but I thought it was Meadow.

    1. They provide bright colors in the airport. That might keep people’s sense stimulated.

  16. Ah, Southern Poverty Law Center.
    Scaring (and extracting money from) the Liberal Gentry since 1971.

    Always go for the long con.

    1. You can always tell a worthy non-profit when the CEO makes enough to buy an opulent mansion, and the organization stashes some of their money in offshore accounts.

  17. Historically speaking I’ve always feared left-wing revolutionaries more. Their track record of killing beats anything the right has ever done… even if you include “You Know Who Else” as a righty.

    Mao and Stalin did a good job of pumping those numbers up.

    1. Wreckers and middle peasants deserved what they got!

    2. Do you know who else was also on the “You Know Who Else” list?

  18. I very rarely drink beer. But I just drank an Abita Jockamo IPA, and it was delicious.

    1. Stay thirsty my friend!

  19. These comparisons should be done against a random population sample. You could evaluate violence among blue eyed people and get a positive number. The question is whether it’s statistically meaningful. It could very well be these people commit less violence than anyone average.

    1. and if your going to go by numbers of violent encounters I’m sure you will find more violent police to unarmed citizen encounters making the police more dangerous than just about everyone. Of course I’ve been saying all along that i fear our government more than any terrorist organization

  20. I’m actually from West Odessa, Texas and I remember the Victor White ordeal. It certainly doesn’t seem like 5 years ago. He shot at news helicopters and demanded that the sheriff step down and went on some tirade about the entire corrupt government. It was all quite entertaining.

  21. So, sovereign citizen extremists have killed two people in five years in the Homeland.

    That said, CNN is right because ISIS has not attacked the Homeland (yet).

    I suppose the US should just go ahead and declare martial law. Lock the whole country down like they did in Boston.

    1. “US Strong” ™

  22. Judging from the interactive map, most of the violence seems to have been inflicted upon the SCEs rather than by them.

  23. Paranoid government agencies create distrust in government and cause civil unrest.

  24. WTF has become of my beloved Michigan Militia? Not one fertilizer bomb. Not even one skimpy pipe bomb. Can you even buy urea anymore?

    1. One can purchase urea from Dharma Trading in Northern California. It is used to lengthen the time fabric stays wet. This is where I buy all my Tie Dye supplies.

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  26. I’ve made $64,000 so far this year working online and I’m a full time student. I’m using an online business opportunity I heard about and I’ve made such great money. It’s really user friendly and I’m just so happy that I found out about it. Heres what I’ve been doing,,,,,,,,,

  27. Sweet. So, if each of those incidents resulted in the deaths of 40 people (which they didn’t, of course) they would still pale in comparison to the estimated number of Americans killed by police officers annually.

  28. So when the Washington Post says, “Your odds of dying in a terrorist attack are still far, far lower than dying from just about anything else,” I suppose that doesn’t apply to sovereign citizen violence.

  29. I’d make the icons even much larger to exploit the very small number to the absolute max.

  30. In my attorney days I had a good ten of these people as clients. My two cents (or “ferns” as they would say – i.e. money is green worthless paper like a fern)

    1) I fucking hate these people with every ounce of my being
    2) They are generally NOT violent. Just annoying to level 15/10 and deluded as fuck.
    3) They are stupid to an almost infantile degree. Best way to spot their silly court filings? Check for misspellings in: every: sentence: (yes they love using colons for some fucking odd reason.)
    4) Almost uniformly they are religious fanatics.
    5) What they are about 99.9999% of the time is simple, petty fraud. Ripping people off. Not blowing shit up.
    6) Hate to break the usual media narrative of white angry milita members, but there are quite a lot of them from the African-American community (at least where I practiced.) These people actually got on pretty well with the militia types also.

    Also don’t ever let them get your phone number. They will call you forever and ever and incessantly want to discuss their nutbar factor 100 theories (many of which are straight out of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, BTW.)

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  32. Honestly I just prefer speeding on on government ROADZ. And getting away with it. You know. The little things.

  33. There’s also sovereign “Moorish” citizens. One was in the news here locally in St. Louis, because she tried to claim a person’s mansion.

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  35. I wanna see a map of all the Muslim honor killings, stabbings, beheadings and attempted beheadings, bombings and bomb threats, mass shootings and other “workplace violence” acts committed in this country since 2010.

    1. Those are man created un comfort zones.

      Nothing to list, move along…toward Mecca in the name of the most merciful

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  39. Apparently, any one can be called a “sovereign citizen”. Sorta like we can be labeled “terrorist” if we want smaller govt & a return to the Constitution’s restraints of the fed govt. Public expression of these ideals is getting a bit more dangerous every day.



  40. I’m so happy the truth has come out.
    Since islamo terrorists are barely a threat, we can end the whacked out war on terror on our soil.

    Yes government, you truly are the most pathetically naked joke now.

  41. One needs to keep in mind that anything anybody utters against this administration, our weakened military, currant stance in the middle east, muslim activities here within our borders, illegal immigrants flooding our work forces and a hundred other statements is used as an excuse for the DHS, FBI ,CIA, NAS and who knows how many other covert operations, as an excuse to publish propaganda articles to those that believe them to be the answer to all questions regarding a need for their continued existence.

  42. Hmmm funny; That “sovereign” word is used quite a bit in the US Constitution.

    Seems violence among the “right-wing” is provoked by government. Maybe if the government would stop “sectionalizing” belief groups and deeming them threats, harassing them, and killing them we’d have a whole lot of more peace in this country.

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